Raniere and Russell Sentencing Postponed; Clare Bronfman Sentencing Still Set for April 23

Will Clare Bronfman be sentenced on April 23? Will the media attend if she is?

Of the six Nxivm defendants, only three are under consideration for sentencing.

Nancy Salzman, Lauren Salzman and Allison Mack have no sentencing dates.

Allison Mack, during happier days, at Necker Island

It has been of some interest to me that the three women who turned on their leader, Keith Alan Raniere, have not been given any dates for sentencing.

This has caused me to speculate that there may be more in store for Raniere and other Nxivm members – and that the three women might be part of the line up of prosecution witnesses in a future prosecution.

There could, of course, be other reasons for the long delay. Still, it was nine months from the date of their conviction even before the advent of the coronavirus, which has stalled most court proceedings in America.

The other three defendants – Raniere, Clare Bronfman and Kathy Russell all had sentencing dates set last December. They were originally to be held in January, then for various reasons, largely to do with their presentencing reports, they got delayed until April.

The quicker road to sentencing is perhaps coincidentally tied into their attitude toward Raniere.

Bronfman and Russell reportedly remain steadfast and loyal to their Vanguard.

The Vanguard circa 2009

As of right now, Raniere’s sentencing is set for May 21. Russell’s was recently adjourned with no new date set and, curiously, Clare Bronfman’s sentencing date remains in place for April 23.

This is curious because with the massive shutdowns of almost everything that requires people to convene and be within coughing distance of each other – something that is almost definitely going to last until past April 23 – one would expect a motion by either the prosecution or the defense or the court itself to postpone this sentencing hearing, scheduled for just 22 days from now.

There may be some solid reasoning behind the defense not seeking an adjournment. Clare might want to be sentenced during the pandemic for no other reason than the estimated 100 alleged victims of hers – many of whom planned to crowd into court at sentencing to decry what she did to them – will be far less likely to travel to the epicenter of the pandemic, New York City – just to tell the judge to sentence Clare to a long prison sentence.

Will Clare Bronfman be sentenced on April 23rd?

A very quiet courtroom will likely be the result if the judge actually holds the sentencing on the April 23 date.

On the other hand, an argument could be made that Clare might want to postpone the sentencing until after the pandemic’s worst nightmares are over, since anyone would be justifiably terrified about going to prison under these dreadful conditions.

It is not unlikely that, at least during normal times, Clare would be remanded immediately after sentencing.

However, it might be likely, since Clare does not present an immediate danger to society, that the judge won’t send her right off to prison until the pandemic passes. She has been subject to home arrest in her Manhattan apartment since August 2018 and has not apparently violated any of her bail conditions. She could be sentenced to home confinement until it is safe for her to go to prison.

It remains to be seen if Clare’s sentencing comes off as scheduled. As it stands now, if people wish to speak at her sentencing, the court must be informed no later than April 21st.

But who will go?

New York City is on lockdown. People are dying and reportedly being placed in refrigerator trucks because the morgues cannot keep up. How badly do the victims want to be there to tell their tales of woe caused to them by this woman with sadly too little brains and too much money?

Keith Raniere weaponized her wealth to destroy many victims, but the coronavirus is working in her favor it seems. My guess is that if the hearing does take place on April 23rd, almost none of her victims will show up to speak.

I am one of her victims and I know I won’t be there.

My best guess, however, is that sometime soon, either the judge or the prosecution will make a motion to delay her sentencing and it will likely be delayed.

As for Raniere, he was supposed to be sentenced on April 16. That was adjourned to May 21.

Raniere’s lawyers made the application to adjourn his sentencing. It was granted.

Here is the order from the court:

ORDER re: Keith Raniere’s 858 Application to Adjourn Sentencing Deadlines. The Application is GRANTED. The court adopts Mr. Raniere’s proposed briefing schedule. A Fatico hearing, if necessary, will be held on May 18, 2020 at 10:00 am in Courtroom 4D South. Mr. Raniere’s sentencing hearing will be held on May 21, 2020 at 10:00 am in Courtroom 4D South. The parties are DIRECTED to provide the court with the names of individuals who may wish to be heard at Mr. Raniere’s sentencing hearing by no later than 10:00 am on May 19, 2020. Ordered by Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis on 3/18/2020. (Kelly, Daniel) (Entered: 03/18/2020)

The possibility of his sentencing date coming off in May is hard to predict at this point. Some medical experts believe things will start to open up again as early as the beginning of May. Others believe that all of May and possibly longer will be a period of continued social distancing – and that any non-essential business will be postponed.

It can easily be argued that Raniere’s sentencing is non-essential business. He is currently in custody. Any time he spends in prison awaiting sentencing will go towards time served. He is facing an absolute minimum of 15 years for the sex trafficking charges alone.

According to a source close to Raniere, he and his team have long felt that Judge Garaufis is going to sentence him to life in prison – and they are pinning all their hopes on an appeal or a declaration of a mistrial.

Kathy Russell at V-Week with two Nxivm friends

As for Kathy Russell, her sentencing hearing has been “ADJOURNED sine die.”  Adjournment sine die means “without assigning a day for a further meeting or hearing”.

I would suspect that it will be rescheduled when things calm down in America.  In the meantime, she is living in Georgia with her sister, under light home confinement rules: she may go out by day but must be home by 8 pm at night.

Russell is a sad case. A rather hapless woman, she was the bookkeeper for Nxivm for years and likely believed the mission of Nxivm was a good one. It was revealed in court that she was involved in a lot of the sexual activity at Raniere’s behest, often being the pimp for his threesomes in which she participated.

I have seen little evidence of any real malicious nature on the part of Russell.  For years, Raniere misled her with the promise that the Nxivm tech would help her become a top-flight ballerina – despite the fact that she was in her 50s.

Despite it being called Executive Success Programs – and despite the fact that Russell had been taking the ESP courses for more than 15 years – when she was arrested in August 2018, she declared that she was broke.

And, worse yet, she had still not appeared on stage as a professional ballerina.



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  • Reposted with love, especially for Bankok, the man who always has the facts:

    March 24, 2020 at 5:55 pm

    What you will see in the US over the next 14 days is state after state going into lockdown.

    “Reopening the economy” is what you won’t see,” because these states going into lockdown and the Coronavirus spreading like wildfire throughout the US will make it impossible.

    Everything that could have been done to prevent this happening hasn’t been done.

    And now, it’s too late.


    • Paul when you’re through punishing folk with your ‘I-told-you-so’ routine. As a doctor, what do you think of convalescent plasma treatment, as a potential solution for this novel virus? Or is this question too ‘nursey’ ie: ‘stupid’ for you?

  • Seriously, WTF is taking so long to put these criminal idiots behind bars? Stop wasting my tax dollars, get off your asses and do your jobs.

  • I hope you are doing well, Frank.
    Did you personally meet Kathy? What was she like? When is your trial happening?
    Praying for you. Good reporting

  • Back on topic, I just checked (below), and as I suspected, it appears that adaptations to minimize or avoid court appearances, and handle things electronically so that the system can continue to function at some level, may be the new normal, at least for the time being.

    I suspect that eventually they will probably have to find a way to carry on jury trials, perhaps by quarantining jurors before deliberations.

    I’m currently busy trying to help churches and other organizations I’m involved with adapt, and one of things I’ve concluded is that there are likely to be significant restrictions or limitations on operations until a vaccine is developed, especially when older and more at-risk demographics are involved. Moving to video is simply inevitable in the near term.

    Federal courts shuttered by coronavirus can hold hearings by video and teleconference in criminal cases


    COVID-19 bill permits phone, video hearings in most federal court cases


    • Wow, positively frantic to spam the board with off-topic rationalizations and denialism this morning – you seem to have caught Shadow’s hysteria. What’s up with that? Having trouble dealing with the fact that all your long-winded theorizing and speculation last week about how coronavirus was no worse than the flu, replete with armchair theorist numbers out the ass, has been proven wrong by reality – including even what the White House, now belatedly, accepts?

      And you’re as likely to be wrong this week, as you were last, but unfortunately people like you are potentially dangerous, as shown by the spring breakers now coming down with COVID-19 – burdening the healthcare system, even if most will survive – and even the nuts now doing things like driving trains off the tracks, because of something crazy they read on the internet treated as if it should be taken seriously.

      Whatever is going on with Newsom is a trivial sideshow that proves nothing, particularly as the federal government is prematurely about to run out of emergency supplies to share, anyway. Also, given that Trump has made it clear he may punish governors who criticize him by withholding assistance, they have little choice but to cowtow.

      Trump tells governors to ‘be appreciative,’ threatens coronavirus aid for Michigan and Washington


      More relevant, in the case of California, people like you – and quite possibly you yourself, I don’t have time to try to check your frenzy of postings under various aliases – were criticizing the state for overreacting as recently as about last week, and yet now their approach is turning out to have worked – which a bunch of red states like Louisiana, Florida and Georgia in line to become the next outbreak hot zones:

      Social distancing works. The earlier the better, California and Washington data show.


    • You mean kinda like this? (thanks for providing an opportunity to post these inconvenient truths)

      Jan. 22: “China has been working very hard to contain the Coronavirus. The United States greatly appreciates their efforts and transparency. It will all work out well. In particular, on behalf of the American People, I want to thank President Xi!”

      Feb. 2: “We pretty much shut it down coming in from China. It’s going to be fine.”

      Feb. 6: “Just had a long and very good conversation by phone with President Xi of China. He is strong, sharp and powerfully focused on leading the counterattack on the Coronavirus.
      …Great discipline is taking place in China, as President Xi strongly leads what will be a very successful operation. We are working closely with China to help!”

      Feb. 13: “I think they’ve [China has] handled it professionally, and I think they’re extremely capable,”

      Feb. 25: “China is working very, very hard. I have spoken to President Xi, and they’re working very hard. And if you know anything about him, I think he’ll be in pretty good shape. They’re — they’ve had a rough patch, and I think right now they have it — it looks like they’re getting it under control more and more. They’re getting it more and more under control. So I think that’s a problem that’s going to go away.”

      Trump Stops Saying ‘Wuhan Virus’ After Xi Strokes His Ego


      Trump’s contradictory views on China shift as crisis grows

      “We have a great trade deal and we would like to keep it. They would like to keep it and the relationship is good,” Trump said Wednesday. He noted that some of China’s numbers on COVID-19 cases seem a bit “low,” but he insisted his relationship with Xi remained “really good.”


    • According to the actual source, “Due to delays in reporting, recent data are incomplete.”


      So on the one hand you’ll claim that we don’t really know what’s going on until reporting catches up, and on the other hand you’ll make claims that you know what’s going on based on clearly labeled incomplete data that hasn’t caught up to what’s actually going on.

      And if the rate of increase is slowing, it’s because of the containment measures that you’ve decried – so, typically, you’re not thinking things through, and talking out of both sides of your mouth.

      Once again, what’s actually happening on the ground disproves many if not most of your various claims:

      Grim New Rules for NYC Paramedics: Don’t Bring Cardiac Arrests to ER for Revival

      The elderly aren’t the only ones who get heart attacks, but now, in an overwhelmed system, other survivable conditions like that suddenly become fatal – just the sort of spillover effect that starts to increase mortality over all age groups, including the younger, that I’ve been talking about.

  • Holy shit.

    Here are the NY death rates broken down be AGE.

    The death rates in NY contradict the media’s narrative.

    The media is trying to imply that 20-50 year olds are heavily ‘fighting for their lives’ in NY hospitals (LOL) but the NY death rates shown below don’t back that up.


    Holy cow. 🙂

    Media was just exposed as lying again.

    Have a nice day. 🙂

    • Yet more illogic.

      Just because the death rates for young people are low, does not mean that they are not ‘fighting for their lives’ in ICUs – and being saved, but using up lots of resources in the process, which then results, as I just posted, in others who might have been saved being denied care.

      Coronavirus’ frightening profile: Who is more likely to die from COVID-19?

      ‘deaths of healthy young people – are becoming more frequent, making the profiling process even murkier.

      “We are only now starting to look at such markers. In some ways, we need to look at those who were young and otherwise healthy who succumbed to the disease as well as older persons with co-morbidities,” ‘


      COVID-19 New York Update: Doctors Alarmed Over High Rate Of Young Patients

      ‘newly-released data from the New York City Health office revealed that over 40 percent of positive COVID-19 patients are between the ages of 18 to 44. Of these numbers, 1 in 5 patients who are hospitalized for coronavirus are under 44 years old.

      The figures from NYC Health compounds the idea that, while those over 60 years old and above are vulnerable to COVID-19, no one is actually immune’


  • Holy cow.

    The ‘model’ which the USA is using to forecast hospitalizations (and shut down the nation) has just been proven wrong by a factor of 4x.


    This ‘model’ predicted that NY state would have 50,000 hospitalizations by April 1 (today) but the ACTUAL DATA shows that NY has only 12,000 hospitalizations as of today.

    What a joke.

    How can we trust these ‘models’ if none of them ever work?

    And they’re always wrong by LOTS. lol.

    Everybody is eating crow.

    But it’s good that AnonyFaker and Joe O’Hara are trusting these models.

    Have a nice day. 🙂

    • Note to Frank: I hope you read the piece at the bottom.

      Bangkok, regardless of your endless quibbling over numbers – which often skirt around the inconvenient truth that COVID-19 puts an extraordinary number of people in the hospital. If you think some of us here are wrong, then why have POTUS and the White House accepted largely the same numbers as us, and sent a hospital ship to New York City – in your view then, Trump is no better than any easily misled “libtard” armchair internet theorist? (many illogical conspiracy-type theories break down like that when actually fleshed out)

      The reality-check is, as always, is the truth on the ground, which shows you dead wrong:

      Coronavirus in NY: City has fewer than 400 free intensive care beds [as of 2-3 days ago]

      The Race for Beds, Ventilators: How U.S. Hospitals Are Bracing for a Surge in Coronavirus Patients

      This one’s for you – HAND:

      Conservative amatuer sleuths deny New York hospital crisis
      Apparently, you can tell how many ICU beds are open from across the street.

      ‘New York City Councilman Joe Borelli, a pro-Trump Republican from Staten Island, responded thusly to City & State’s inquiry via Twitter direct message as to what he’d say to those who deny the reality of what’s happening in New York hospitals: “It’s hard to imagine the ignorance of saying it’s some over-exaggerated hoax. I can assure them, real people who two weeks ago were as alive as you and me are now are in the morgue. I have seen some of these dumb hot takes and I’d love to invite them to Staten Island for a quick smack and a long education.”

      Rep. Peter King, a Republican from Long Island, agrees with Borelli. “It’s dangerous; it’s wrong,” King told City & State regarding coronavirus conspiracy theorists. “It’s inexcusable that they’re trying to spread this around. I’ve spoken to any number of people who are in health care: They’re not just overcrowded, they’re over-burdened to the verge of collapse. I hate even discussing this (conspiracy theory) because it’s absolute BS. The health care workers are getting sick, one after another. The medical equipment shortage – we’re trying to get it from anywhere in the world.” ‘


  • Sorry to disturb the liberals again, LOL.

    But due to COVID, the number of ICU patients (in a particular NY hospital) has doubled.

    Holy shit. This is a PLAGUE. Oh my god. Doubled? Oh shit.

    What’s the total number of ICU patients in this hospital?

    Is it 1,000?

    Is it 600?

    Is it 260?

    Are there mass graves in the works?

    Nope. 🙂

    It’s just 26 total ICU patients —- and only 14 of them are COVID patients. LOL.

    So much for the apocalypse.

    AnonyFaker will love this article.


    Have a nice day. 🙂

    • Her only crime was spending six, seven, or whatever amount of years in this worthless cult. That’s enough of a stay for self-induced mental imprisonment.

  • Could it be that Clare is going ahead with the sentencing date because the news coverage will be lost among the Coronavirus headlines?


    NEW YORK CITY is offering prisoners at Rikers Island jail $6 per hour — a fortune by prison labor standards — and personal protective equipment if they agree to help dig mass graves on Hart Island, according to sources with knowledge of the offer. Avery Cohen, a spokesperson for the office of Mayor Bill de Blasio confirmed the general arrangement, but said that it was not “Covid-specific,” noting that prisoners have been digging graves on Hart Island for years.

  • As a Public Service to Allison Mack’s Superfan, I informed her of how Nicki Clyne’s body will be disposed of if she passes away.

    If you wife Nicki passes away a forklift will remove her body to a refrigerated truck at Brooklyn Hospital. Brooklyn hospital uses truck for body removal

    • Do you even think before spamming the board with gruesome off-topic stuff like that – which I presume are the ideological currency at other sites where you hang out? And would you want Nicki to gloat over you, and perhaps your demise, the way you do over her – particularly if your positions were reversed?

      And given that Nicki is young and healthy, and from a low-risk demographic, it’s much more likely to be you in a body bag in a couple of weeks, perhaps as much as a hundred times more so. Have you thought that through?

      That wouldn’t be the case if our leadership had done what was done in other countries like South Korea, Taiwan and Singapore, which are now on the far side of the curve with little damage or threat to their people and way of life. Can you consider that seriously – or does your cultist-like thought stopping kick in, resulting in typical reflexive denial and scapegoating?

      • You mean like the LEADERSHIP of the World Health Organization back in January?

        Read their (bungled) response to COVID on January 14th:


        LOL. No ‘human to human transmission’, they said?

        This tweet was made by the SUPREME health organization that’s supposedly looking out for the WORLD’S HEALTH —– and they’re supposed to be staffed with the brightest doctors.

        How can anybody view them as ‘credible’ anymore?

        How can anybody take advice from an organization that made the above tweet? LOL.

        Sorry to make your blood boil, Mr. liberal. 🙂

        Have a nice day. 🙂

        • Very simple. They were lied to by the Chinese. The WHO isn’t claiming anything, they are just relaying bad info from the Chinese.

          “Preliminary investigations conducted by the Chinese authorities…”

        • So you’re saying, then, that the Trump White House “bungled” their response, and is as bad as the WHO?

          You’re essentially agreeing with me, then, about the gross failings, with your typically sloppy and erroneous arguments, in this case falling into the fallacy of false equivalency – and not even thinking it through.


          And as further evidence:

          Intelligence officials were warning Trump about a pandemic as early as January, but they ‘couldn’t get him to do anything about it’


      • “Do you even think before spamming the board with gruesome off-topic stuff like that” AnoyMaker

        Life is GRUESOME, Cupcake.

        “would you want Nicki to gloat over you, and perhaps your demise,” AnonyMaker

        A woman who uses the Pseudonym “Pea Onyu” would gloat over my corpse in a New York minute.

        And AnonyMaker , these women (Allison Mack and Nicki Clyne) engaged in a GRUESOME BRUTAL Ceremony where women were branded by hot irons while screaming “Bad Ass Warrior Bitches.”

  • I would expect that Bronfman’s attorneys will be working furiously to keep her from being sentenced and sent to prison under current circumstances.

    And I have trouble imagining how the courts can incarcerate anyone who’s currently out on bail and thus presumably low risk and under some supervision, until it’s certain that taking them into custody is not exposing them to unacceptably high risk. Plus I would imagine that prisons are pushing back against getting any new intakes unless they’re real dangers to society, until they have a handle on the health situation.

    If prisons restrict intake of prisoners for an extended period, I’d expect there’d be some consideration given to making an exception and giving credit for time served under home confinement. And it’s even possible that the situation will spur some long-term adjustments to incarceration and parole policies.

    • As of yesterday, all federal prisoners were put on a 14-day quarantine. That will basically translate out to a “lockdown” for most of them.

      The feds are still taking in new prisoners. Hopefully, they will be quarantined separately from the existing population (That is not what they had been doing).

      The feds don’t have “parole” but if you substitute “probation” in your comment, I think you’re right.

      • For Clare, you’re right, they probably don’t want new prisoners. She could be asymptomatic and still cause community spread (so Bangkok below is not seeing the full picture as usual).

        I toured some women’s prisons for a college project I was working on. The women’s prisons are much, much different than men’s. It’s more like a sleeping porch and they are all in the same room. It’s like impossible to physically distance in there. So when they have to quarantine in prison, I’m not sure how they can. There are no cells, just open rooms. I could see that being very dangerous. I’d be interested to know how that 14 day quarantine is going to work for the women.

        Plus you cannot get the guards sick. If there is an outbreak at the prison and the guards are sick, you’d have another major problem. Along with full a infirmary and we all know prisons would be the very last to get ventilators.

  • Frank is wrong, as usual.

    He’s hedging his bets towards her attorneys filing a motion for delaying sentencing.

    In my opinion, Clare’s attorneys will almost certainly wanna keep the scheduled sentencing date.


    Cuz the judge is more likely to go lenient on her in these hysterical times, regardless of how many people show up to testify how bad she is.

    Plus she knows that she likely won’t be sent to prison until the pandemic is waning.

    **However, even IF she were to be sent to prison immediately —– she’s only 39 years old and in perfectly good health, which means her chances of even having a ‘fever’ (due to c-virus) is less than her chance of having a fever from the flu.

    That’s right. She likely wouldn’t even have a fever is she got the virus, based on her age and health status. LOL.

    Whereas most people who get the flu, even younger people, get a fever.

    Also… Based on her age and health status, her chances of actually dying from c-virus are even less than the chances of her dying from the flu. Less than 1 in 1,000 chances.

    This hysteria isn’t really warranted except for really old and sick people.

    This virus isn’t wiping out younger people except in RARE outlier cases.

    There will always be outlier cases where younger people die. Just because CNN reports on these outlier cases doesn’t mean they are normal. It’s called cherry picking.

    The data says that 1 out of 1,000 people die from c-virus IF they are younger and in good health.

    …and that number is likely to go WAY down once serology testing verifies that even more people got infected than we had assumed, making the death rate even less than it is today.

    If I were in her position, I’d wanna be sentenced this month when the chances are highest that the judge might take pity on her in some fashion.

    There’s virtually no risk for her in prison even if she gets the c-virus. Not sure why everybody is treating it as ‘ebola’, LOL, since if you’re not old or sick then it has the SAME threat as the flu.

    • Bangkok, if Clare is still subjecting herself to severe calorie deprivation, it might have an effect on her immune system.

    • Considering what you look like, I imagine you have some underlying health issues and wouldn’t do well if you got the virus, just like Frank who is diseased already.

    • “The data says that 1 out of 1,000 people die from c-virus IF they are younger and in good health.”

      Stats like this always sound good until you apply them to the real world. Since there are about 220 million people in the U.S. under the age of 45, that 1-out-of-1,000 stat translates to 220,000 of those people. Assuming that 50% of that population becomes infected with the coronavirus – which is on the low side of most projected ranges – that means 110,000 of the people in that age group will die. Does that sound like a small number to anyone?

      People like you who play with people’s lives are dangerous. That’s one of the reasons I think you should be banned from posting comments on this blog.

      • How does anyone know where Clare Bronfman is right now? I doubt any Romeos have been in front of her highrise serenading her, since she’s got severe hagbag cooties. As seen on tv.

        Maybe she has a body double and got the hell out of Dodge already. Maybe Clare’s body double cannot wait to be sentenced because it knows that it’ll get more to eat in prison than it gets playing Clare.

        “Here’s yer six soggy peas and a quarter cup of quinoa. Stop calling it snot.”

        Clare Bronfman will be 41 on April 8th. DOB: April, 8, 1979. Her sentencing date of April 23rd, 2020 looks to be impractical for now unless the Court decides to convene in Wyoming.

        • Yeah I have this sinking feeling she’s already escaped – helicopter off a roof long time gone.

      • Hear! hear!

        We know that there are people who are still not practicing social distancing and taking other necessary precautions, and as a resulting infecting themselves and others. Given currency to talk downplaying the risks, only feeds into that. There’s the very real possibility of harm coming to people because of irresponsible things published here – and especially giving them the platform of “Guest View” pieces. Here’s an example of the result of cavalier attitudes:

        Coronavirus infects dozens of University of Texas spring breakers who chartered plane to Mexico

        Even if they’re not at much risk of death themselves, since 15% of even young people with symptomatic COVID-19 cases require hospitalization, that just puts more strain on a healthcare system that’s approaching the breaking point, such as:

        Some hospitals are facing an oxygen shortage amid coronavirus crisis

        At some point, like in Italy, resources will become stretched so thin that doctors will be denying them to the elderly in order to save the young. At that point, any young patients there unnecessarily, such as due to having become infected by taking irresponsible risks, will be responsible for elderly people dying unnecessarily.

        And as far as the elderly – or anyone – dying, let’s remember that it’s particularly cruel at this point, and thus especially inhumane to add to the toll unnecessarily, because due to the overload of the hospitals patients have to be left to die alone without their family, or even a clergyman.

    • Bangkok, you’ve been wrong so often in the last couple of weeks that you’re the one “usual” now applies to.

      But you’re still spreading provably false misinformation, that’s easily debunked by reliable scientific sources, such as:

      ‘”Even though the fatality rate is low for younger people, it is very clear that any suggestion of COVID-19 being just like influenza is false: even for those aged 20–29 years, once infected with SARS-CoV-2, the mortality rate is 33 times higher than that from seasonal influenza,”‘


  • Raniere might well be dead before his turn comes around.

    The probability of that is increasing day by day.

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