Nicki Clyne: What Led to My Leaving Keith Raniere; 30 Controversies to Consider

Nicki Clyne After Leaving Keith Raniere

By Nicki Clyne

After sharing my recent statement, announcing I was leaving Keith Raniere, I did not have any follow-up posts planned.

However, I want to acknowledge the body of evidence I finally confronted that convinced me to leave Keith and not look back. 

Previously, I had ignored most of it or, to be more accurate, I believed Keith’s defenses and that the allegations against him were lies, fabricated by his enemies, and further distorted by Frank Parlato on this website.

While I don’t agree with everything published in it, the Frank Report was by far the most influential in the break up of NXIVM, even before the New York Times story, and the subsequent criminal prosecution. His exposure led to people leaving NXIVM and DOS almost immediately after his first story about DOS in June 2017.

I thought it would have greater personal significance to Keith, and to his remaining supporters, that I announced my departure on the Frank Report over any other publication.

I understand that many of Keith’s supporters despise and fear Frank and believe he (not Keith) is the cause of Keith’s woes, the destruction of NXIVM, and the reason some of their lives are in shambles.

I used to feel the same way.

In this post, I intend to share with those who still think Keith means well some areas of my research that led me to change my view.

Many have sacrificed years of their lives, as I did, believing Keith had noble intentions and was a victim of the government, powerful and vengeful enemies, dishonest mainstream media, scorned ex-lovers, and more.

I encourage those who have an interest to examine the subsequent 30 controversies and question whether each is a falsehood, conspiracy, or misinterpretation, as Keith alleges:

  1. The fantastic claims, lies by omission, and outright embellishments found in Keith’s biography  (and this one) and public statements about himself.
  2. The context of his self-administered (take-home) IQ test and his assertion that he is one of the top three problem solvers in the world.
  3. The claims of statutory rape made by various accusers over decades, and Keith’s defense that all these unrelated accusers are lying.
  4. The numerous allegations of intimidation, aggression, and violence from Keith’s ex-partners, as well as his refusal to let women end relationships with him amicably.
  5. The story of his failed MLM company, Consumers’ Buyline, and the circumstances surrounding its collapse.
  6. The circumstances surrounding his loss of over $66 million of other people’s money in the commodities market.
  7. What was the purpose of his civil litigation against multiple targets, primarily those with little to no wealth, fueled by almost unlimited funding? He often spent exponentially more in legal fees than the amount of damages he sought to recover, showing that the ostensible purpose of the lawsuit – monetary damages – was not the real purpose of the litigation.
  8. His use of well paid and politically-connected lawyers to convince prosecutors to investigate and indict his “enemies,” most of whom were former friends, ex-lovers, and past business associates.
  9. How does one man initiate so many lawsuits and criminal complaints against people he once claimed to care for? How might this have psychologically affected the people closest to him when considering whether to stay or leave?
  10. The boomerang impact of his litigation on his own companies and the people in them: Negative press starting in 2003 hindered ESP’s growth due to revelations during lawsuits he brought against multiple parties. Most of these lawsuits were unsuccessful, but exposed many unflattering details about Keith’s life through the discovery process, depositions, and at trial. Much of the most damaging disclosures became public due to his intervening in the bankruptcies of four women, all of whom prevailed, and where the amounts at issue were far lower than the legal fees. This adversely affected the main company he led because an online record developed that made recruitment increasingly difficult.
  11. His lawsuit against AT&T and Microsoft, in which he claimed to have invented teleconferencing technology, and the subsequent sanctioning by a judge for lying under oath.
  12. Keith’s advice to the Bronfman sisters to invest more than $26 million in a Los Angeles real estate venture, and how it collapsed because his chosen developer (a personal friend) stole millions of dollars. Note the developer was the same person who was the commodities broker who previously handled Keith’s commodities loss of tens of millions of dollars.)
  13. As you examine Keith’s track record, consider whether he can be seen as an innocent victim when he initiated so many activities that led to significant failures — mostly to the detriment of others.
  14. Concerning his firstborn child, Keith and others lied about the identities of the parents to the rest of the community. What honorable father denies his paternity? Not only that, he instructed the mother to deny she was the mother of her own son. Was this extraordinary parental denial based on some hard to understand ethical reason, or was it so he could maintain the lies he told other women with whom he was intimate?
  15. After the mother left him, Keith refused to provide financial support to his firstborn son because he claimed the mother was crazy and a liar. Even if he didn’t want to give money directly to the financially struggling mother, he could have provided funds for the child through a trust to ensure he was properly cared for.
  16. His relationship with Camila: Was his “mentorship” an act of goodwill or abusive and selfish? Even if you ignore the evidence that he began an illegal relationship with her when she was 15 (and he was 45), their adult-age relationship, as evidenced by chat, email, and text messages, shows a manipulative dynamic between the leader of a community and a young woman who lived and worked in the community, who was 30 years his junior.
  17. The ethics and circumstances surrounding Daniela’s stay in her bedroom for almost two years. Even if the door was unlocked, what type of man allows a young woman to languish indoors, in a bedroom for over 22 months? Even if it had been, as Keith said, “a battle of wills” between him and Daniela, shouldn’t he have been the wiser, more humane, and mature leader and encouraged her to leave her room? As Keith has good reason to know, being confined indoors without fresh air, sunlight, and exercise harms the health of the body and mind. Daniela’s hundreds of letters to him, most of which he did not read, showed her mind was becoming increasingly unstable and her health was waning. Almost any other form of discipline or punishment would have been preferable, and likely more effective.
  18. The false promises Keith made to women regarding motherhood, monogamy, and spirituality, and his harsh and deceptive tactics to prevent them from leaving when they were unhappy or discovered his lies.
  19. His feigning illnesses so others would sacrifice for him and feel guilty about not prioritizing his needs. Keith told women he had everything from cancer to life-threatening heart conditions. If he was so close to death, as he often told women, how has he survived the harsh prison conditions for five years?
  20. His creation of DOS and his deception about his role as the leader. Even if some aspects of DOS helped some women, his plans and the execution of those plans show extreme recklessness and poor judgment.
  21. Keith’s secretive lifestyle choices brought controversy to his organization. Simultaneously, he propagated a belief system that he was infallible. The record shows his judgment was often wrong and destructive to others.
  22. His claims of mystical powers and control over nature were dubious, at best. They were more likely told to manipulate and confuse followers and create a myth-like persona.
  23. He demanded secrecy and monogamy from his partners while having numerous relationships, condemning most women to a lonely life, and denying many women the opportunity for motherhood.
  24. Was his sexual relationship with three sisters for his welfare or theirs? He kept his relationship with the youngest a secret from the oldest and, at times, pitted one against the other. He promised Camila a child and, instead, had a child with her sister. Without listing all the sordid details, his conduct caused a 10-year plus schism in the family that exists still today.
  25. Keith had sexual relationships with more than two dozen women who worked for his company. This created impossible dynamics and inequities, especially since many didn’t know about each other, and it was withheld from the rest of the company and the public.
  26. He claimed to some that sex with him provided spiritual growth, and that his semen had mystical properties. He told women that having sex with another man could have fatal consequences for him. Yet, many women left him and had relations with other men, seemingly without directly impacting his health.
  27. The promotion of the belief, through organizations he founded and their leadership, that questioning his teachings stemmed from personal weakness or issues, and the ensuing culture of shunning and punishment for dissent. Was this meant to enhance lives or manipulate individuals into compliance and self-doubt?
  28. Since his arrest, he has shown a lack of concern for his followers’ welfare. Instead, he demands they focus intensely on his issues, and sacrifice their own well-being, finances, and reputation.
  29. The high percentage of people who relocated to Albany to work with the company and pursue spiritual growth under Keith’s guidance, but ultimately became less productive, earned less, and accrued significant debt. Where was the “Executive Success”?
  30. The numerous individuals who claim to have been severely harmed by him, even before his arrest and exposure by the Frank Report, the New York Times, and subsequent media coverage. While many historically significant saints or prophets have faced persecution in their time, how many have left so many disillusioned former disciples in their wake?

Individually, some of these points may not be compelling. However, when considered together and weighed against the word of a man who promotes himself as the epitome of ethics, wisdom and nobility, they create a conflict.

If you dig deeper and consider the above controversies carefully, as I did, I think you will find that the only resolution to the conflict is that Keith Raniere is not the man he claims to be.

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  • 1). He is absolutely physically repulsive
    2) He is completely idiotic and says nothing of import with word or action
    3) he is a lazy loser.
    4) he is a bold faced liar
    Those are the main ones that negate any reason for a relationship.

  • I hope you have seen him for who he is – you will be set free by using your mind and critically thinking through things

  • If true…good she came to her senses. Maybe its the cynic in me but something tells me this might have something to do with AM getting released soon.

  • Ms. Clyne,

    I am getting to this post late, due to the twitter algorithm. I just wanted to express my support for you in what I am sure is a rough time emotionally and socially. You’ve been strong, stay strong.

    A long time fan

  • Nicki, I’m so glad you’ve survived. The journey through the darkest night to the other side of abuse, manipulation, and coercive control is difficult, painful, long, and unbearably isolating, but you pushed through and you are still standing thanks to your own inner goodness and strength. Nobody can ever take that away from you. They can blind you and confuse you and silence you, but they can never truly conquer you. Deep down you will always have that courageous heart that led you home. It’s not your fault that you were abused, deceived, and manipulated. Everyone is vulnerable under the right circumstances. Take good care of you, now. I wish for your continuing healing journey to be peaceful, empowering, and filled with ease.

  • Glad you’ve finally woken up. I was concerned you never would. It’s quite sad looking on at Keith’s followers so indoctrinated when you all have potential to change the world in your own way, under your own recogisance.
    Hopefully Marc, Michelle and the others will one day wake up too.

  • Ms. Nicki Clyne. Thank you for your bravery and your public turn around. Fellow Vancouverite here. Understanding narcissistic abuse freed me from my abuser. I felt shame for being so “all in” with him. My recovery was aided by your actions. Thank you Nicki Clyne.

  • So happy for you nicki, very proud you realized what keith really is, I wish you the best in you’re recovery and future, Good luck

  • Frank: is it true that (redacted) camped out at (redacted) and had (redacted) ? Confirm or deny?

    • I do not answer questions like this no more than I’d answer questions about your sexual orientation. You have the right to keep that hidden.

  • It doesn’t matter how long it took. What matters is that they were finally able to wake up. says:

    If Sarah was as brainwashed as Nicki,

    AND Sarah woke up more quickly than Nicki
    AND “Sarah’s parents had both been mental health professionals. The language of self-exploration was familiar to her” AND that might have helped her wake up sooner …

    It doesn’t seem fair to blame Nicki for taking longer to wake up.
    Nicki seems mature, but a little less worldly than Sarah.
    Sarah also seems like she had a stronger (smarter) team of friends when the NXIVM project was imploding.

    “SARAH EDMONDSON: And if you’re trusting that what you’re doing is a good process, the indoctrination happens very easily and very… You wouldn’t know it was happening at the time. In fact, they might even say, sure, this is brainwashing, but we’re washing the bad stuff out, you know what I mean?

    SARAH EDMONDSON: It’s literally as if your belief system is being superimposed by another belief systm.“

    SARAH EDMONDSON: I personally brought in around 100 people who brought in other people, who brought in other people, who brought in other people. So in my – what they called – my ‘organization’ was around 2,000 people.”

  • If Nikki doesn’t believe she is a victim, no worries. But I’m not sure what better word there is to describe someone who has been manipulated, under false pretences, to live a self-harming existence, and has lost 18 of her most productive years to this lies.

    Taken out of the new age context, victim is a useful word to describe a stage a person goes through as they heal from narcissistic manipulation. It’s a way-station, not a destination.

  • Nicki Clyne is a leader, a strong and very intelligent woman, we can tell.
    Keep up your healing journey. Take your time, be gentle to yourself… Your story will impact many, no matter what happened in the past. I know it’s very unfair and hard that your personal situation was used and displayed in documentaries, but now, you’re in control and you can reclaim your narrative.

    • A leader…? Nicki may be many things but a ‘leader’she is not.

      That could change in the future but Nicki is the very definition of a follower. A very devoted follower.

      Did you read her statement? Nicki followed Keith. That’s not a ‘leader’

  • This entire blog should be called: Women who refuse to take responsibility and the people who make excuses for them.

  • “… 22. His claims of mystical powers and control over nature were dubious, at best. They were more likely told to manipulate and confuse followers and create a myth-like persona …” Nicki Clyne, Frank Report

    “… This special issue of the International Journal of Coercion, Abuse, and Manipulation is dedicated to articles about Scientology and NXIVM, so it offers an opportunity to present evidence, in an academic setting, about Scientology’s possible influence on Keith Raniere (b. 1960) and the organization that he founded …”
    Stephen A. Kent, Introduction to the IJCAM Special Edition: Comparative Reflections on Scientology And NXIVM

    “… Scientologists believe that human beings are vessels for the ghosts of brainwashed aliens …”
    Matt Davis, “4 psychological techniques cults use to recruit members” in BigThink

    “… The Babalon Working was a series of magic ceremonies or rituals performed from January to March 1946 by author, pioneer rocket-fuel scientist and occultist Jack Parsons and Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard … The rituals performed drew largely upon rituals and sex magic described by English author and occult teacher Aleister Crowley …”

    “… Peaches Geldof, former dabbler in Scientology and present owner-operator of a heart-shaped “OTO” tattoo …“

    “… L. Ron Hubbard began Scientology’s “Project Celebrity” in 1955, offering a list of 63 high-profile targets and a “small plaque” as a reward to anyone who successfully brought the likes of Bob Hope and Ernest Hemingway into the church. “There are many to whom America and the world listens…” Scientology’s blustery founder wrote in a newsletter announcing the plan …”

  • I am so glad that you have come to this conclusion and walked away from him. I hope that you are caring for yourself mentally and emotionally after all of those years under his tutelage. Did your participation in Season 2 of the vow have any bearing on your change of heart?

  • I never NEVER ever thought Nicki would be the first to be liberated.
    Thought it would be Michele.

    I put decades into my narc. Today, three years free they still slip uninvited into my thoughts. Even while doing something as innocuous as eating a banana. My narc once snatched a banana from my hand as I was peeling it. ‘You don’t peel a banana like that’ they snapped ‘You do it like this’. They begin to peel the banana from the bottom up. ‘I read a primatologist’s report about food gathering in apes. And they demonstrated how food is peeled , distributed and better resourced’ she continued.
    A f*cking banana.
    All insidious of course. Designed to remind me about the superior intellect I was lucky to be exposed to, to learn from.
    One day I will not remember them at all.
    But I forget their influence at my peril. It could happen again.
    So I remind myself that I forgot.
    And I smile. Inside.

    I hope you find your smile Nicki. I wish that for you. Seriously.

    • I’m hoping Michele will be next. Once another wakes up, the rest will wake up …🥇 🥈 🥉

        • Michelle salzman is not supporting keith raniere….you’d know if you watch the vow season 2 🙄

      • Doubtful. Keith still calls her with the, ‘my life is in your hands’ talk. Michele feels like she has an important life mission. The most important man in history since Jesus, and Michele wants to be the one to save humanity. Getting Vanguard released.
        Michele needs to sit in a room in front of one of the Mexican girls and listen.

        How can someone so intelligent be so dumb?

  • Unfortunately, Nicki isn’t the only one who’s been hoodwinked. To finally confront and acknowledge evidence is a difficult thing to do. Many have seen and heard the phrase, “You’ll own nothing and be happy.” and think nothing of it.

    Other words for hoodwinked:

    “… led astray having been deceived deceived baited bamboozled betrayed conned culled duped fooled gulled had hoaxed lured played snared taken trapped victimised victimized cheated conned duped tricked swindled bamboozled beguiled bilked burned burnt deceived finessed overcharged scammed ripped off taken in defrauded imposed upon done taken for a ride fooled misled betrayed trapped deluded gullible mistaken ambushed inveigled snowed hornswoggled outfoxed lured culled baited had snared taken hoaxed gulled played flimflammed sucked in to be cunningly tricked into doing something, usually in an incriminating way set up tricked conned deceived coaxed manipulated used exploited had cajoled cheated controlled disinformed gulled double-crossed duped ensnared entraped fooled framed hoaxed leveraged misled sweet-talked flimflammed bamboozled deluded put one over on cozened suckered …

    more ❯

    ‘There are many wolves in sheepskin whose mission is to hoodwink the people at every turn with sugar-coated good-for-nothing promises.’ …” For example:

    “Dear love, couldst thou and I with fate conspire
    To grasp this sorry scheme of things entire,
    Would we not shatter it to bits, and then
    Remould it nearer to the heart’s desire! …

    … Fabianism is a radical London-based movement initiated in the 1880s for the purpose of subverting the existing order and establishing a Socialist World Government controlled by its leaders and by the financial interests associated with them. …”

  • I take Nicki Clyne at her word.

    She says she’s not a victim (that’s always kinda been her mantra, the not-victim thing). She says she made her own choices and if they proved to be misguided, they were still her choices.
    She’s not blaming anyone for the choices she made.

    I vehemently disagree with just about everything she has done, but I gotta admit she has integrity.

    So it’s funny to me that some of Clyne’s staunchest defenders insist on saying she’s a victim. She’s got a heart of gold, it’s said, she was just brainwashed. NLP’d. none of the things she did in Nxivm and DOS were her fault.

    They send their thoughts and prayers for her journey to recovery. Recovery from what? She’s not sick. She made some misguided choices (her words). Listen to her. Read what she actually wrote.

    She was the victim of an abusive relationship? Not according to her. She’s nobody’s victim. Read what she wrote.

    A lot of the things Nicki Clyne has said over the past few years have made me either seethe or laugh. But I always have agreed with the not-a-victim thing. Though I hate to admit I agree with her on anything.

    So it makes me cringe (or laugh) when I see folks who think they’re her allies descend into therapy-speak when they talk about her. Like she’s a small child with a learning disability or a doe with a busted leg.

    “You’re starting long road of recovery from your trauma, but as Rumi said…”. Barf.

    Like I said, I dislike the woman intensely. I think she should’ve been indicted for her role in DOS. But don’t push her into the role of victim. It’s condescending and it’s insulting.

    And I loathe the therapy-speak that has infiltrated public discourse. As if we were all basket cases, “in recovery” from one goddam thing or other.

    We’re adults for god’s sake. Act like one, and start taking responsibility. It’s not your parents fault, it’s not your teachers fault, it’s not society’s fault, it’s your fault. Hold others responsible too. It’s not the fault of “gaslighting” or “brainwashing” or “love bombing” when people fuck up. It’s because they’re fuckups.

    And if you think you’re on Clyne’s side, pay attention to what she’s actually saying. She’s owed that much.

    • Sounds like you and Alanzo played a round of golf together. (Or watched a Star Wars movie together. Or went bowling together. Or traded stamps with each other.)

    • I think the overwhelming amount of sketchy Vanturd stuff was with willing participants. Sarah E. is not a victim. DOS women are mostly not victims. They were adult women willingly giving collateral. They knew the risks.

      I feel bad for the woman who was raped as a child by Vanturd. I think Dossier and Nicky need to specifically address that issue and not lump it into Vanturds non criminal behavior.

      We need to separate Vanturd criminal and non criminal deeds.

      • “Sarah E. is not a victim. DOS women are mostly not victims. They were adult women willingly giving collateral. They knew the risks.”
        Have you actually bothered to watch The Vow Pilgrim??? Pretty much ALL Raniere’s deeds were criminal -even his breathing because it was keeping him alive.

    • Whether someone sees themselves as a victim or not may have little to do with whether they are: subjective perception does not always equate to objective reality as special relativity clearly illustrates. But certainly, she has always had great integrity.

      Ultimately, I have always believed we are all victims…of circumstance. In the turbulent sea of our existence we are thrown around by forces often beyond our control. The success of our responsive actions and decisions is determined by fate according to waves of probability. Put simply, life may bring us to places where we never had any intention of going.

      So what really did Clyne do in NXIVM and DOS? Did she recruit many people? No. Did she directly hurt anyone? I’ve seen no evidence of that. Did she ask anyone to seduce Keith? No, I think she was appalled by it. Did she feel she learned anything from it? Yes, but that was probably more down to her aptitude for learning, and smart people always learn through life. Did she actually believe it could help people? Yes, though she now realises she was misguided in important respects.

      I believe it was not easy for her to come to this decision to finally leave her community, to admit that she has sacrificed the best years of her life to someone so undeserving of her love and loyalty, to place herself even more in the glare of public scrutiny, and to expose herself (like others who have deserted) to the potential dirty tricks of the Bromfman playbook (Clare gets out soon).

      Now she’s out, there’s a whole range of thoughts, beliefs, values, perspectives and ideas that will be questioned. We are all human, and however strong we think we are, it’s not going to be a walk in the park. It never is. Having close friends and family to support you is important, as is seeking professional help if you feel you need to; she may or may not.

      However, I do agree that it can be counterproductive to see yourself exclusively as a victim, because you’re also a survivor, and yet there’s no doubt in my mind that she WAS a victim, as were all the other people who gave so much of their lives and resources to a psychopath’s ego trip over so many years.

      However much we might try to deny it, each and everyone of us are “fuckups” at one stage or another in our lives, though there are few of us with the humility to admit it.

        • Far as I know, he was fucked up his whole life. He was after all a psychopath, and that’s something you’re born with – it’s in the genes. Same with Raniere. Same with Trump.

    • I think it’s a mix — she was definitely manipulated by deceit and many other classic, intense manipulation techniques, which, in my opinion, makes her a victim. It’s like falling for a con. Yes, you made the decision to empty your bank account and hand it over to a fraudster, but you’re still their victim. However, that doesn’t give a person carte blanche to harm others.

    • Integrity? Um. No. Maybe integrity in the last two weeks. She lacked integrity for like the 10 years she was in nxivm and the 5 years out of it.

  • Some of the comments here are interesting.

    How many and what kind of people are afraid of Nicki having her own thoughts? 🤔

  • I think I went to brand my girlfriend and her friend with my initials ‘GG’. So like why is that illegal? Like she said she would do it. So why can’t a man brand a woman? I’m missing something. To me a woman is way more attractive with some adornment. Keith had good ideas. Just stupid women. Not these dossier women but the ones who split.

  • The Future For NXIVM DOS
    Brought to you by Allison Mack
    Laser Pointers Up Their Butts “Drag Show” Is Coming To Your Library

  • “He claimed to some that sex with him provided spiritual growth, and that his semen had mystical properties. He told women that having sex with another man could have fatal consequences for him. Yet, many women left him and had relations with other men, seemingly without directly impacting his health.”
    I could never understand how anyone could’ve believe this, fast forward to today with the marxist-communists pushing to convince everyone that a man can be a woman just by declaring it on Instagram and it begins to make some sense. Gaslighting is a powerful thing.

    • He confirmed his questionable 100 yard dash speed by sprinting into the closet and letting Lauren deal with the gun to her head.

      • Keith can sprint faster than a fired pistol bullet. Who’s to doubt it if Keith said it, if he would have said it. Always these notorious doubters who have a problem with themselves believing what they are told. Belief is everything, knowledge is nothing when a prophet is speaking. Keith was the prophet, so stop nagging; start believing and you will be blessed.

    • “obtuse”? 🤔

      Lacking quickness of perception or intellect. 🤔
      Characterized by a lack of intelligence or sensitivity. 🤔
      Not distinctly felt. 🤔

      • He literally left her. In hand cuffs. By Mexican cops. He left 1700 other people too. He left Nicki and the world he built. He left her for all the other women. He left and he ain’t cummin back to 🐔 her down ever again.

  • Keith sounds pretty damn smart. Tons of poontang lots of luscious pussy and he the only man. What wrong with dat.

    Btw where is Keith now ? Does he still have his pussy collection even though this Nicki chick has flown?

    • He is in prison in Tucson Arizona. In solitary confinement at this moment. Sentenced to 120 years in prison and he recently lost his appeal. Things are not looking good for a man formerly known as Vanguard.

  • So let me get this straight, it took this person analyzing and/or living through 30 separate events to realize this guy was “trouble”? Not 29, 28, 26, 22, 20, 18, 17, 14, 10, 5 or just 1?

    Just ten days ago she was defending the guy. So in ten days she finally went through these 30 events which she obviously knew about since at the very least the trial (but probably many of them since they actually happened) and said mmmm yeah this is a bad guy.


    • Opening yourself up to civil liability may be the impetus for dumb dumb to finally renounce King Ding A-Ling.

      At civil trial, “Look! Look! I denounced him; please don’t take my 2017 Subaru and my Bee Gees record collection.”

    • Obviously she was aware of many of these things for some while. There comes a moment when you just snap and it all comes flooding out

    • Supposedly this list of 30 items is aimed at helping the die-hards Dossier people to ‘see the light’.
      These facts (for they are facts, backed up with plenty of corroboration and written/recorded evidence) have been reported on for years now. There is no new discovery, all NC has done is collate widely known info into one place.
      If the die-hards have not looked at any of it critically so far, what makes Nicki think they will be swayed just because the info is in one place?
      Hope for N’s sake her sudden ‘conversion’ is sincerely meant and she is not playing games. Only time will tell. In the meantime despite niggly questions, we have to take N’s at her word and I wish her well for her future.

      • “If the die-hards have not looked at any of it critically so far, what makes Nicki think they will be swayed just because the info is in one place?” Because:
        1. It’s coming from her
        2. She’s worded the arguments to make them more convincing to her target audience

    • I think Clyne finally realized there was no future for her continuing to support this guy.

      • That’s certainly one reason. I suspect she also believes he’s a total cunt and has done for a while.

  • What was the catalyst for all of this acceptance of things that have been public knowledge for years. Nicki was at the trial, she heard some of this stuff from the horses mouths. Two weeks ago she had just done another interview defending him, so while I’m glad she’s now ready to see facts as facts, I’m not reading how she came around to this conclusion. Just reading back to us what we already know feels a little trolling. Old habits die hard, I guess.

  • Why are individuals attacking Clyne?

    What do any of you benefit from attacking her?

    1. She shouldn’t have to repent

    3. She had a change of perspective.

    3. She shared why she changed.

    What do, you, people want Nicki to do, put on a hair shirt and perform self-flagellation?!?!

    Nothing is going to change the past.

    Contrition and a mea culpa won’t change anything.

    Are any of you so pious as to cast the first stone?

      • Exactly!

        I actually wrote the “thee be judged”,

        Nicki Clyne changed her opinion via
        freewill & agency.

        I don’t think she’s a bad person. The meanest thing I’ve ever said about her was, “her vagina needs glasses”, because she was sleeping with Kieth.

        Nicki Clyne is a tough cookie. She stuck to her guns and fought, after Raniere’s conviction for over 2 years. She’s going to be fiend – she’s got determination and grit just like Frank.

        I just object to attacking someone who just left a cult. Her heart was always in the right place. Nicki wasn’t making money off of people like Mark Vincente was….

        • “I just object to attacking someone who just left a cult.” So do I. For God’s sake, people, have some humanity. If she is pulling a scam on us, it will out at some point. Better to kindly grant the benefit of the doubt. Which you did.

          Thank you, Nice Guy.

    • Judge Not:

      Clyne made a public statement, and the public is responding. Why the surprise? She has like five social media platforms she devoted to defending a notorious criminal for the last five years.

      You like quoting the Bible. So here’s one: sow the wind, reap the whirlwind.

    • Look man. This is America, and the only god is mammon. She’s cashing in late, but that’s likely what it is. Ultimately, I don’t judge it.

  • Well done, Nicki, and thanks for putting forth points for the remaining loyalists to consider. Some posts on here are chilling, such as, “If you let it happen that someone abuses you for almost two decades this is upon you.” Clearly there is little understanding of how the narcissistic abuser can inflict that.

    Keith’s biggest tell, in my eyes, was a pattern of never lifting a finger to truly help anyone or any cause in his “mission” to make a better world. He appears to have spent his life manipulating others into meeting his needs of daily sustenance, bill paying, and constant self-gratification. I asked long ago for anyone to put up an example to prove me wrong. A parasitic lifestyle is an alarm bell. Most altruists work very hard (often at their own expense) to move their good intentions forward.

    He rejects his children (born, and aborted at his urging), lovers past and present, former supporters, and those with a different view of his self perceived magnificence.

    The important thing now is that you have friends (yes, friends) and those who wish you well. He has none, other than a few who have not yet seen through the veil, or are too stubborn to look deeply.

    That said, I still do not want to see Keith harshly abused in our prison system, which is so arbitrary in the punishment it metes out.

    • Well said, Nancy. Great advice, as always.

      I’ve consistently felt that the teachings of Keith that delivered the most value were the modules on behaviors that he himself practiced. Parasites, levelers, suppressives, psychopaths, etc. He was entertaining himself by playing hide-n-seek while teaching about these types of behavioral patterns, but imo it is valuable information to learn from somebody who was a master of those strategies/mindsets. .

  • Truly happy for you Nicki. It took a long time to get all the way under Keith’s thumb and it understandably took some time to get out. I’m rooting for you the most.

  • Well! An exquisite case of the student becoming her own Master (of herself). This was so well conceived and written, that I must stand back and praise this individual for freaking slaying (Raniere).. Most well written, succinct summary of this dummy. Indeed, each action over the years hurt the company that he professed to want to grow and change the world! When watching clips of him speaking of the organization growing exponentially, i would wonder is that a true goal or is it just a lie? His laziness, disorganization, obsession with himself and the talent to triangulate people against each other paints the true portrait of this person. I believe that is part of the fascination about it all. A psychopathic display that when looked at in its totality… just shows the carnage of many of the pain and wrecked lives of anyone who got tangled up with him. Ms. Clyne, I feel, has had scales fall from her eyes to reveal a very intelligent soul with more power now than ever. Well done. This recent writing is so effective and hits so hard that it gives me hope for anyone else still under that spell. Rock On Nicki. I’ll never know ya, but you made me proud via the power of those words!

    • How easy it is for those not hypnotized to see:

      1. How ordinary the two “NLP masters” Vanguard and Prefect were
      2. How foolish the victims were who starved, didn’t sleep and gave their bodies and souls away

      How often are we all mesmerized, fooled and convinced to do stupid, foolish things?
      Just look around at politics.

      • James Lindsay can tell you how deep and wide the victimization has gone. If you listen to his podcast, you might learn how you too, have been as fooled as Nicki Clyne used to be.

        If you read a few FR articles about family courts, you’ll see how good parents are absolutely shocked that family courts favor early sexualization of children. They wonder: “How can it happen?” and “Why isn’t anyone doing anything about it?”

        “Drag Queen Story Time” and “Drag Queen Family Shows” baffle most Americans, too.

        Citizens of every country wonder why American Embassies fly American and rainbow flags together, now.

        Most readers and commenters here, wondering how ESP/NXIVM victims could have been so easily fooled are probably among the billions all over the world, who lined up to be injected with whatever that was. May those still sleeping wake up as quickly as Nicki did. Our house is on fire and this is an emergency.

  • How are you falling for this?

    “Almost any other form of discipline or punishment would have been preferable, and likely more effective”. Likely more effective? So in your mind she deserved to be punished?

    No mention of the collateral situation.

    This is another con.

    • I don’t think it’s saying or implying she should have been punished. I think she means that the punishment Daniela received was one of the worst types she could have gotten.

  • That’s a lot of realizations for someone calling all the other women liars for years. I hope Nikki reaches out and apologizes to every single woman she said was lying.

    • Same. And also, I hope she gets some help, because these are very tough awakenings for someone brainwashed for literally decades.

    • 6:07 …

      Don’t you think they were ALL victims of very sophisticated mind warp? “Experts” have been refining NLP etc. for years.

      ESP/NXIVM victims should reach out to each other, apologize, forgive and find out everything they don’t know yet.

      • “ESP/NXIVM victims should reach out to each other, apologize, forgive and find out everything they don’t know yet.”

        Well said. Whenever there is sharing by those isolated by a narcissist’s lies, there is potential to scrape off a little more of that patina of deceit and let light in.

  • Nikki I am so happy you have woken up to who Keith really is. I wish you nothing but the best going forward. You’re still young and you’re beautiful and intelligent you can do whatever you want.

  • Nicky. your 30 well defined points paint a detailed and accurate picture of Raniere’s psychological profile. To summarize, there are at least 10 distinct general character traits corresponding to your points below:

    1-2 – narcissistic
    3-4 – exploitative and aggressive
    5-6, 12 – financially incompetent
    7-11 – spitefully litigious
    13 – all of the above
    14-17 – psychopathic to those close to him
    18-19 – dishonest and immoral
    20-21, 29 – wilfully deceitful
    22-23 – delusionally paranoid
    24-26 – deviantly sex-obsessed
    27-28 – coercively controlling

    Just on that last point (30), I’d like to make my own point. Historically, significant saints or prophets are all people we don’t really know. They exist in ancient writings and holy texts, and as such are mythical. Fact is, we don’t really know them at all, and as Churchill once said, history is written by the victors.

    The advice I’d give anyone – if someone is claiming to be any kind of special, holy, mystically powered prophet or supernatural being, especially if they sound wise and convincing, is just turn on your heel and move quickly in the opposite direction: chances are their intentions are less than honorable.

  • All your points are compelling. Why? Because they are yours.
    Whom of us, has a more knowledge about Keith and his behaviour? You or me?

  • Way to go Nicki! I know that this time must be difficult and scary for you. It’s clear that you are very intelligent and thoughtful and I know you’ll thrive in your post Raniere world. Best of luck to you!

  • Hi Nicki, this is the critical thinking I’ve been waiting for from you. You always appeared to be quite intelligent and I couldn’t understand how you couldn’t see past all the realities that were right before you. I do understand that quite often someone from the outside can see things more clearly than the person involved in the thing outsiders are judging. I’m glad the veil has/is falling away and hopefully you can get back to acting or whatever you want to do with the rest of your life.

  • I believe that Nicki Clyne’s postings of pictures from Puerto Vallarta on Instagram were clues to the FBI of exact locations of Raniere’s whereabouts.
    I believe Nicki was already working for the FBI before Raniere was arrested.
    That is why Nicki has never been deported.
    Nicki is a double agent.
    Tell me I am wrong!

  • Nicki:
    Are you going to restart NXIVM under a new name with reformed teachings?
    Are the Bronfmans behind your endeavors and decisions?
    Is Doctor Brandon Porter behind your decision? and plans?


    • Shadow-

      Have you considered mummifying your victims instead of taxidermying them?

      That way your work will live on forever. Plus isn’t life about trying new things?!?

      I hope all is well!

  • Nicki Clyne referred to herself and the other dead-enders, “looking crazy” on The Vow 2 months ago.

    It was clear that the documentaries have really gotten to Keith’s remaining followers. Sometimes seeing yourself through other’s eyes or once removed by a camera can be a very eye-opening and revealing experience.

    No matter how many wise words are said to encourage a person to walk away from a physically abusive relationship sometimes it’s that photograph of themselves with the black eye that really does it in the end. And sometimes seeing yourself dance outside of a prison for a cult leader is just what the doctor ordered to start a journey healing

    Marc Elliot getting confronted albeit in a more comedic way was very effective on a recent podcast.

    One would think and hope it would have been the trial and their beloved community testifying that shook them conscious.

    Treating everyone in a cult as a highly breakable object who cannot tolerate any honest feedback isn’t always the key to shattering beliefs.

    No one should be deliberately cruel. But not saying anything that involves critical thinking at all is just irresponsible.

    Sometimes being irreverent and funny is helpful. Sometimes holding up a mirror and showing a person themselves reflected on screen can lead to an awakening.

    Or it can take a combination of many different experiences.

    It will surely take a very long time for the slower to defect from Keith to admit it, but it was likely a whole confluence of sources and multiple impetus that are waking the remaining cult folks up.

    Some of the most pointed and unflinching portrayals in the media have obviously really gotten under their skin and made them extremely angry and reactive but they also have probably been quite effective.

    • “Treating everyone in a cult as a highly breakable object who cannot tolerate any honest feedback isn’t always the key”

      Exactly. Nor is making excuses generally helpful. These people are adults for chrissake. A little brutal honesty is sometimes needed.

      And even a degree of mockery. Marc Elliott getting roasted on the podcast is a case in point. Impossible to know of course, but the timing is interesting. Clyne’s renunciation of Raniere followed pretty soon after that righteous humiliation.

      These dead enders defending Raniere make asses of themselves. They’re also shooting themselves in the foot. Prospective employers Google names before hiring. It pays to not make yourself a pariah by taking part in some loony crusade to free a notorious sex trafficker from prison.

      Maybe Clyne just got sick and tired of losing out on job opportunities.

      • Because it’s not a comment that she made here it’s a comment Nicki made previously elsewhere.

  • Congratulations, Nicki. I’m so incredibly happy for you and I know how difficult this must be for you. Please look into your sources to help you as you navigate these waters. Sending you love and light. -KL

  • “Since his arrest, he has shown a lack of concern for his followers’ welfare. Instead, he demands they focus intensely on his issues, and sacrifice their own well-being, finances, and reputation.”

    Yes, even the devil himself deserves a fair trial, but I wish the remaining followers would fully realize they don’t need to devote/hinder/destroy their lives by putting on a dog and pony show for Keith Raniere, even IF they truly believe the trial wasn’t fair. They don’t need to hold meetings day and night to discuss strategy etc, which I suspect they might feel compelled to do at Keith’s behest.

    He has the best legal team money can buy. If anyone can get him out/help him, they can. The circus sideshow of remaining followers is unnecessary and does seem like a control maneuver by Keith. It has been five years. Keith should let them go with his blessing. That he won’t is testament to the fact he is indeed a cult leader–the hallmark of a harmful cult is that the purpose of the cult is not to help/empower/enrich the followers, but to help/empower/enrich the leader at the followers’ expense.

    I am so happy for your Nicki for making the decision to get out!

  • Clearly she is writing this for current members of NXIVM. They need things explained very very simply and plainly. And yes Nicky has moved from Keith to Frank. Frank, don’t be creepy and don’t let her get attached to you. Cause she will.

  • #9 is the most chilling. Clare and Keith had literally evil intentions with those frivolous lawsuits against his ex-lovers and others. As I’ve always
    said, Clare is the most dangerous. But she had enough $$ to buy friends and influence for Keith and herself, so she has die-hard supporters and asswipers who will do anything to remain in her favor for money. I loved the “I see good in her” people, who were never at the receiving end of one of her brutal attacks.

    Which brings me around to the Dead-Ender slogan of “my experience with Keith was good…”: NEWSFLASH: NOT EVERYONE HAD YOUR FUCKING EXPERIENCE!!! Just such a myopic, short-sighted view of reality. I mean the guy had a sexual relationship with three sisters. Illegal? No. Absolutely deranged and fucking creepy as Hell? Yes.

    Keith thought he was a tough-guy until he fucked with an American street-brawler of Sicilian lineage named Frank Parlato. Keith ain’t so tough any longer and Clare is alone in cold, cramped jail cell. Funny how the world works, isn’t it?

    Dead-Enders, EAT A DICK!!

    • “ I mean the guy had a sexual relationship with three sisters. Illegal? No.”

      Illegal? Yes! Should be the answer: statutory rape with Camila, age 15, youngest of the sisters….

      • StevenJ, yes you are correct. I totally did forgot she was 15. Thanks for correcting me. Yea, Keith did rape at least one minor we know of. Maybe more? Anyone know how many times he raped Cami when she was a minor?

  • Bless you, Nicki!

    I am seriously impressed by this post. It takes courage, strength, and honor to admit when we were wrong — nevermind in such a public way. It is also very hard for a person to come to terms with that fact they were manipulated and were, yes, a victim of another’s manipulations and lies, nevermind for years.

    I am rooting for you Nicki! Cheers to your next chapter in life!

  • You list some excellent points, which I believe have all been made at different stages in the Frank Report, both in articles and by commenters. Your summary here is comprehensive and reveals what must have been an intense and painful, though necessary, reflection. The fact that you make them so eloquently and succinctly still seems somewhat surreal.

    It might seem easy for those of us who’ve been around the block and come to this case after knowing what happened to be sceptical of Raniere’s claims. For much younger and more impressionable people, seeing someone like Raniere on the cover of Forbes magazine with an A-lister clientele endorsing his programs, things must have seemed quite different. Once you start to believe and formulate an impression, and are surrounded by others who fervently do likewise, confirmation bias kicks in, as well as cognitive dissonance to any detracting evidence.

    And of course you are also correct about the fear aspect: manipulation is not just about the carrot, but also about the stick. Detractors, or those suspected of even being a potential threat, will be silenced or dealt with using a panoply of coercive control measures, both legal and illegal, whatever one can get away with. For Raniere it was never about the money, which was Bromfman’s in any case; it was of course about power and control, the real sustenance of the psychopath.

    What does strike me though, Nicki – and I have watched most of your interviews – is that the interviewers never really asked you the hard questions that might have prompted you to rethink some of your views at an earlier stage. I’m wondering whether this was something that you had a hand in controlling, i.e. “Don’t ask me anything about x y z, or whether the interviewers themselves were not sufficiently well briefed.

    Finally, please try not to ever blame yourself for any of the bad stuff that went on, and never reproach yourself for not having twigged sooner. The unfortunate truth is that we are all susceptible to that which is inside of us interacting with that which is external. Carpe diem, Nicki Clyne, and may your future sparkle:

    • Peter, I’m glad you shared this song, which is one of my favorites in difficult times. “There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.”

      Nicki, there are so many people around the world who have never met you and yet are rooting for you. Please take the time you need to heal. Every survivor’s story is important, and you can tell yours when you are ready.

      • Thanks, Felicity. I believe this song is particularly relevant to Nicki’s predicament: she should not dwell on the past or worry about the future, but reconcile herself to the here and now, and her own healing.

  • I am immensely proud of you for allowing yourself to at last see the truth. As soon as I saw that you’d awoken, my heart soared for you. I can see that the truth is setting you free. Sending you all the love and positivity on your healing journey, the only way is up ❤️🙏❤️

  • Amazing! I can only imagine how hard it must be to have had all this information but then putting it all together and it finally clicking. What a mind fuck. I hope you are taking extra good care of yourself and getting all the support you need. We are rooting for you!!

  • — He claimed to some that sex with him provided spiritual growth, and that his semen had mystical properties.

    Why do women fall for this garbage over and over again? This isn’t a modern phenomenon. Both old (and obviously false) religious and modern day cults always emphasize sex with the leader as primary.

    How often does this have to be pounded into women’s heads until they get it? This is the reason the institution of marriage between one man and a woman exists.

    Women are the gatekeepers to sex. Unless a man forces themselves upon a woman, it is the woman’s fault if she falls for this shit.

    • While your statement may have some merit, it doesn’t help victims when you shame them by pointing out their gullibility. No one knows what goes into someone’s decision to trust someone untrustworthy. Society as a whole creates vulnerabilities, particularly in women, which leave them open to predators. We should all choose our words more carefully. Support, not victim blame. It’s hard enough to walk away from abusive conditions.

      • Probably Neurolinguistic Programming + sociopathic skills + pheromones + spiked drink/food …

        The video of Mr. Vanguard and Alison Mack sitting at a table while he interviews her/she interviewed him — shows he was a total loser. He was talking nonsense and poor Alison was so smitten, she was almost crying — like she thought he was everything and she felt worthless.

        From an ad online: “… Pherazone is one of the best pheromones for men to try and attract women and potentially improve their sex life. The product claims to unleash your true sexiness and triggers instant chemistry in women who catch a whiff of your scent.

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        Androstenone: One of the natural pheromones secreted by alpha males to attract potential partners.
        Androsterone: It makes you appear masculine and has a mood-elevating effect on women.
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        Alpha-androstenol: Women will feel more comfortable with and more attracted to you after inhaling this hormone.
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        Androstadienone: It sexually stimulates women and makes them more caring toward you.

        Nexus Pheromones is ideal for men who want to feel more raw chemistry when they go on dates. Having great chemistry with your date will make her more receptive to your advances, and she’ll likely keep thinking about you long after your time together …”

    • It is not the woman’s fault, your comment sounds very insecure.
      Research could explain to you why people believe such claims. Keep in mind, 63% of the US identifies as Christian–believing in a God with mythical powers sans proof. We are not infallible to persuasion and, I would argue, there’s even the possibility of these claims being true, (i.e., I’m not going to tell you there is no God.) So, their “God” turned out to be a shitty dude named Keith. Would we blame all Christians for tithing, judging, and fighting for their right to faith regardless of the many millions who have suffered because of Christianity? I hope not.

      • Lolwut? God doesn’t have “mythical” powers. God has ultimate power over everything and all of the Abrahamic faiths in their traditional interpretations find sex before marriage as sinful. God may be considered a myth, but only stupid people would consider Raniere a god. Ethel most celebrated religious person in history by sheer numbers of religious adherents who is considered the “son” of God and performed miracles people allegedly witnessed didn’t manipulate women with sex and said you will know false “prophets” by their fruits. And clearly, Raniere’s lies about celibacy and abuse of sex and much more, more than testified to the fact that he was a false “prophet”. I don’t see how your example does anything more than further make the point.

    • It’s a wonder that anyone shares their experiences with victim blaming and shaming comments like these. Both men AND women can be susceptible to sexual abuse and manipulation, and no one’s words and actions – even if they said YES or complied – constitute CONSENT if that conduct was elicited via malicious means such as force, fear, fraud, coercion or exploitation of incapacity. The offense lies in the CAUSATION of a bad actor, not the EFFECT engendered in the victim. CONSENT is #FGKIA: freely given, knowledgeable informed agreement by a person with the capacity to reason. It is evident that the survivors of KR did not consent. Nicki, the Consent Awareness Network applauds your courage and wishes you well in your continued recovery. You are very brave.

    • You ladies seem pretty insecure because my statement never victim blamed women IN GENERAL. It was said within the context of a cult and its leader and such obviously BS claims.

      But in general, women most certainly are the gatekeepers to sex. You choose who you have sex with unless you are coerced to. In the looser morals of modern society, an average women can easily get sex from dozens of men before an average man can even get sex from one woman. This is seen in bars everywhere across the world.

      If you are willing to give out sex before a commitment such as marriage then you most certainly are increasing the risk of manipulation by men. That’s not to say that women who are married can’t suffer from abuse, but the risk for that from a man who has committed to the dictates of the institution and its responsibilities is simply less than the former. It just is.

      Facts simply don’t care about your victim blaming feelings.

      • You think we, women are the gatekeepers to sex? If only. We’ve been forced and coerced into sex throughout history with physical, social, and economic consequences if we refuse. Most of us have had our “no” ignored by men at one time or another. Please don’t shame victims when the power dynamic is clearly not in our favor. It’s hard enough to speak out as a survivor without such judgment from strangers who don’t even try to empathize with our experience. Please the blame squarely where it belongs: With predatory men.

        • Do you actually read what someone writes? I’m talking about today, not about a hundred years or centuries ago even if a dubious overgeneralized patriarchal “women were dominated” historical record is accepted. I also said multiple times that when a woman is NOT FORCED, they are the gatekeepers to sex. If a woman chooses to sleep around without real commitment, she increases her risk of being used. It’s just a fact, and no amount of blaming “predatory men” in general is going to change this reality.

          There is being a real victim and there is constant excuses and not accepting your portion of the responsibility by playing the victim. Raniere was described as a cult leader starting in 2003 and people like Edgar Bronfman, Rick Ross, many anonymous authors on his website forums, John Tighe, many journalists from the Times Union and other local Albany media outlets, were saying this person was shady and had a sordid history for so many years after that. Frank was actually “late to the game” even if his journalistic efforts were crucial in help taking him down.

        • Sexism requires unfair discrimination based on nothing other than the sex of a person, e.g., a woman has the exact same qualifications and work quality as a man, but she gets paid 10K less per year.. It has nothing to do with pointing out facts about reality.

    • “… he claimed to some that sex provided him with spiritual growth … mystical properties …”

      “… Hubbard wrote Dianetics just a few years after his Pasadena escapades, and founded the Church of Scientology in the mid-1950s. His son Nibs has said that the OTO’s ‘black magic’ was the ‘inner core’ of Scientology, and Hubbard is also on record calling Crowley a ‘friend.’ …”

  • Everyone saw it, this is not profound. He is and always was a self congratulating freak.

    Sincerely, good for you, but you don’t need Frank, you need therapy.

    Good luck.

      • Cults are for political power. Law is supposed to be for freedom. Bullying isn’t funny. says:

        Scientology big shots use law suits to attack their critics. If the Bronfman sisters in NXIVM used lawsuits to bully their critics, which federal office allowed that bullying?

        Were “C.B. and S.B.” involved in those first court filings in some way? Who let them identify themselves in the court filings with only their initials? Did an anonymous office somewhere then totally hide the Bronfman involvement in the initiation of those lawsuits? If Bronfman friends in high places attacked one of the most effective “NXIVM” critics with taxpayer-funded lawsuits ever since, that’s not funny. 🤨

        “… Journalist and blogger Frank Parlato says he worked for Nxivm between 2007 and 2008, but was never himself a member of the Upstate New York-based group. In recent years, Parlato has written more than 1,700 critical posts about Nxivm and Raniere on his website, and says he has been sued multiple times by the group, which he along with one former member describe as a ‘cult’ …”

  • Your next mistake is thinking you have a friend in frank, frying pan meet fire. Congrats on escaping the cult.

  • Did Nicki actually write this? This is a solid, thoughtful post. It explains her rationale beautifully. I hope she can make a new life of her own beyond NXIVM. If she does not return to acting, she might want to take up writing. Either way, I hope whatever she does next, she is successful.

    • I have always been impressed with Nicki’s verbal and written ability. I think once she receives some therapy, then she will be formidable in whatever career she chooses.

    • NCGirl – read the blogs on her website; she’s a fab writer. Just hope she puts all this into a book. Not only will it net her some dosh, it should help others and add to our understanding of how guys like Raniere get away with it for so long

  • The question many have is this: what caused the sudden change? because all these facts are out in the open for years now..
    It’s real positive you finally did break free. Plenty of good years ahead of you!
    However, you did say publicly that Camilla is a lyar. That poor 15 year old girl raped by Keith. He distroyed her life. And you called her a lyar. She deserves a personal and public apology from you. ASAP.

    • I’ve noticed her tone on Raniere changing gradually over the last 2 years in interviews etc. Also strongly suspect Kevin played a part…

  • Very powerful. Thank you, Nicki! Sending you lots of love and light!
    I’m hopeful this will really help those still loyal.

  • “22. His claims of mystical powers and control over nature were dubious, at best. They were more likely told to manipulate and confuse followers and create a myth-like persona.”

    Last week Clyne wrote that Raniere’s claims to supernatural powers were so ridiculous she was embarrassed to admit she had ever believed them. Now these claims are merely “dubious”

    I think she’s backsliding.

    Seriously, are you kidding me with this shit? She has thirty “controversial questions”?

    Raniere is a sex trafficker, a blackmailer, a racketeer. He’s a lifelong con artist. All of this was proven in open court. He was convicted of his seven felonies not by the government, not by the media, but by a jury of twelve independent citizens.

    The issue is settled. There is no “controversy”. That’s stone cold reality, and that Nicky Clyne has finally partially, reluctantly, and tentatively accepted that reality signifies little So excuse me for not praising her supposed bravery or wisdom or spiritual growth.

    She can go to the devil for all I care. She still hasn’t issued an apology for the harm she caused through her years of involvement with this criminal organization.

    • She’s a defendant in a civil lawsuit. I’m sure she has to be very careful what she says. Also Erica Durance is never going to fuck you.

      • Ice Nine-

        —Also Erica Durance is never going to fuck you.

        OMFG! Try again! Get with the times bitch! Sausage was totally on team Mack for 8 years. It’s not an obsession it’s called dedication.

        BTW dearie!
        Sausage isn’t trying to fuck Allison. Hello!!! He named himself after a 2000 year old old penis. He likes sausage not fish tacos!!!

        Jesus Christ! Leave Sausage alone!!!! The man hasn’t found a F’buddy on Grinder for 3 months.

        Lastly: I’m not Nice Guy….

  • The 30 points you made here (and more) have been well publicised on FR and elsewhere for years and you must have had an idea this was going on. What suddenly made you ‘see the (blue?) light’ and change your mind? What was the catalyst?
    You have now clearly said KR had sex with an underage Camila and also her sisters. Did it not bother you at the time? Why does it bother you now, when not so long ago you were pretty much accusing C of lying?
    Publicly denouncing KR on FR is a deliberate, calculated act, a fu to KR (not that he doesn’t deserve it) – you could just have walked away without fanfare. You said: “I thought it would have greater personal significance to Keith, and to his remaining supporters, that I announced my departure on the Frank Report over any other publication.”
    Just hope for your sake that you really have walked away emotionally from this situation. As per your point 4 above, KR doesn’t like being ‘dumped’: “The numerous allegations of intimidation, aggression, and violence from Keith’s ex-partners, as well as his refusal to let women end relationships with him amicably.”
    Be that as it may, I wish you all the best and that you find peace and can move forward with your life.

  • Good luck! I can’t imagine how hard it has been for you to “wake up.” You have a bright future ahead. Life can only get better from now on.

  • Let’s hope this clears up any confusion the members of the Dossier Project had about your leaving

    Taking back the power you gave to Keith Raniere is true women’s empowerment.

    Continuing to support Keith Raniere, a man who has abused women since at least college & continues today to do so, has nothing to do with being an empowered woman.

    It’s a complicated confusion the women who follow Raniere have.

    They can never be truly free while under his leadership. He is always right, in control, and it’s his way or the highway.

    Healthy relationships are a two-way street. Both people have a say with the ideas, have equal power in the relationship, and respect each other’s feedback.

    Raniere doesn’t fit that profile.

    It’s never that way with the Vanguard.

    You’re free at last Nicki. You own nothing to anyone. Write what you feel is best for you when you’re ready & want you want.

    Your payment has been paid. It’s the living hell you spent with Raniere.

    Anything else you share with the rest of us is a bonus.

    Those that say you owe “us” more of your story. Shut your front door. I’m being polite here. I’d like to tell you what’s in my head.

  • Are you finally going to disavow and leave the Salzman 3 and never contact them? Until you do, you are still corrupted scum. What about actually saying sorry to the thousands you hurt and manipulated?

  • I’m happy you’re eyes are open to see the lies abd damage he is still causing to others. I hope the best for you on your new journey to heal.

  • “The problem is all inside your head”
    She said to me
    “The answer is easy if you
    Take it logically
    I’d like to help you in your struggle
    To be free
    There must be fifty ways
    To leave your lover”

    She said, “It’s really not my habit to intrude
    Furthermore, I hope my meaning
    Won’t be lost or misconstrued
    But I’ll repeat myself
    At the risk of being crude
    There must be fifty ways
    To leave your lover
    Fifty ways to leave your lover”

    You just slip out the back, Jack
    Make a new plan, Stan
    You don’t need to be coy, Roy
    Just get yourself free
    Hop on the bus, Gus
    You don’t need to discuss much
    Just drop off the key, Lee
    And get yourself free

    Ooh, slip out the back, Jack
    Make a new plan, Stan
    You don’t need to be coy, Roy
    Just listen to me
    Hop on the bus, Gus
    You don’t need to discuss much
    Just drop off the key, Lee
    And get yourself free

    She said, “It grieves me so
    To see you in such pain
    I wish there was something I could do
    To make you smile again”
    I said, “I appreciate that
    And would you please explain
    About the fifty ways?”

    She said, “Why don’t we both
    Just sleep on it tonight
    And I believe in the morning
    You’ll begin to see the light”
    And then she kissed me
    And I realized she probably was right
    There must be fifty ways
    To leave your lover
    Fifty ways to leave your lover

    You just slip out the back, Jack
    Make a new plan, Stan
    You don’t need to be coy, Roy
    Just get yourself free
    Hop on the bus, Gus
    You don’t need to discuss much
    Just drop off the key, Lee
    And get yourself free

    Slip out the back, Jack
    Make a new plan, Stan
    You don’t need to be coy, Roy
    Just listen to me
    Hop on the bus, Gus
    You don’t need to discuss much
    Just drop off the key, Lee
    And get yourself free
    Paul Simon

  • Keith seems to have a gift for turning people’s astonishing assets into liabilities. Every time. This is solid accounting, Nicki,
    you- and your friends – are so much better than this man. May the road rise with you and may others follow in your trailblazing wake. Sliante!

  • “His claims of mystical powers and control over nature were dubious, at best.”

    No. They were outright lies.

    “He claimed to some that sex with him provided spiritual growth, and that his semen had mystical properties. He told women that having sex with another man could have fatal consequences for him. Yet, many women left him and had relations with other men, seemingly without directly impacting his health.”

    Why explain or justify an outrageous claim….did you once logically believe this nonsense?

    • So many “logically believe” …

      violent wars killing hundreds of thousands are good for freedom and democracy;
      the good governments of the “First World” have always cared about the poor people of the “Third World”
      genetically-engineered mRNA injected into billions of people will save humanity;
      Americans needed The Federal Reserve to monitor and save a crashing economy;
      Jeffrey Epstein was a brilliant entrepreneur and a friend to science;
      The Ku Klux Klan, LDS, Bolsheviks, Scientology, Red Guard, AFCC, ISIS, NXIVM, BLM and Antifa were grassroots;
      there are no such things as conspiracies and …

      “… In 1940, Hubbard was commissioned as a lieutenant (junior grade) in the U.S. Navy. After the Pearl Harbor attack brought the U.S. into the Second World War, he was called to active duty, sent to the Philippines and then Australia. After the war, he married for a second time and returned to writing. He became involved with rocket scientist Jack Parsons and the latter’s Agape Lodge, a Pasadena group practicing Thelema, the religion founded by occultist Aleister Crowley. Hubbard later broke from the group and eloped with Parsons’ girlfriend Betty. The Church of Scientology later claimed that Hubbard’s involvement with the Agape Lodge was at the behest of the U.S. intelligence services, although no evidence has appeared to substantiate this (sic). In 1952, Hubbard would call Crowley a “very good friend”, despite having never met him. Although the Church of Scientology denies any influence from Thelema, Urban identified a “significant amount of Crowley’s influence in the early Scientology beliefs and practices of the 1950s” …”

      • “violent wars killing hundreds of thousands are good for freedom and democracy”
        As Pádraig Pearse said – wars are not evil, but the things that make them necessary

    • She’s not writing this letter to the public, she’s writing it to the friends she’s spent the past 5 years with defending Keith with who still believe in him. She knows what they believe and what they need to hear to break the spell.

  • Extremely proud of you Nicki! Hopefully your story can help give others the inner courage to assess their own personal situations and lead them to the clarity needed to get out of bad/abusive situations. The articles you write are very well written and show that inside you are a deeply caring and Nobel woman. All of us make bad choices and fall, but only a few are able to pick themselves up and climb up out of the hell they have been in. Best wishes God Bless

  • My darling Nicki, I know you know I’m proud of you, but I wish you could see just how proud. It’s taken time and effort for you to get here, and reading this my heart breaks for what you’ve been through. But I’m also so extremely grateful that you are the person you are and you’ve managed to come out the other side. You are incredible and I will never let you forget it.

  • this is conclusive proof that nicki clyne’s renunciation of raniere is real and not some attempt to dodge liability.
    there’s more she could have mentioned — mysterious suicides, brainwashing children in “rainbow” schools, trafficking the “teachers”, etc.
    but this is a devastating indictment of raniere from the inside.
    very significant:

    The high percentage of people who relocated to Albany to work with the company and pursue spiritual growth under Keith’s guidance, but ultimately became less productive, earned less, and accrued significant debt. Where was the “Executive Success”?

    all those deadenders who still truly believe they became enlightened and superior human beings through nxivm: the whole world has seen the profound truths you were taught
    all of it was manipulative garbage at best
    not even a single decent aphorism
    instead, “rapeable babies”
    and other perversions
    free your minds
    well done again, nicki clyne

  • Thank you, Nicki for sharing!! It was fascinating to read your perspective and get a view into how you are untangling things. Such a good reminder that anyone’s shelf can break, even after years of abuse. I hope you can maybe find some meaning in all of this and if not, that’s okay too. Wishing you the best

  • This is fucking amazing. Any honestly logical and self protective that you waited and took all the actions you did. Look forward to seeing Nicki without the shadow of Keith. We’ve gotten glimpses of how bad ass you are—but I trust there is way more to come.

  • I feel like this is the end of the nxivm saga.

    With the exception of maybe Clare, who garners some public interest I suppose, the rest of them are just ordinary regular folks at this point. I truly do hope they wake up and move on with their lives as Nicki has done and they find happiness. But frankly, as I have stated before, from a global publicity standpoint, they just aren’t that interesting.

  • Bravo Nicki.

    Though I hope she never reads this and has put keith and nxivm so far in the rearview forever that this statement she has made is the last one she ever does. I hope she gets back into acting which you can tell she desperately misses. She likely has some reparations to make with some folks, and I hope they all work that out together. I wish nothing but happiness for her.

    Really nothing is more gratifying after more than five years following this story than seeing people wake up.

  • Uh…she didn’t really answer the question. She listed reasons that support why leaving was good. But all those reasons have existed for years now. They are not new and does not explain why she now believes they are worthy after spending five years dismissing or disbelieving them.

    So once again “What Led to [Nicki] Leaving Keith Raniere”? What triggered this re-examination and decision to accept what she previously found unacceptable. I suspect reason #28 is probably closest to maybe answering the question but would rather here more from her or is she following in the footsteps of others and waiting for monetary opportunities to reveal more?

    • My thoughts exactly. Nothing new was revealed, these ‘facts’ have been known for years. Any FR reader could have come up with this list, and more.
      Why, after spending years ‘believing’ that KR does not get wet in the rain and accusing Camila of being a liar, has NC suddenly changed her mind?
      Also what about her famous ‘vow’ to be a slave for millennias to come? What would your master do, Nicki? (Just being silly here, anyone sane would consider that ‘vow’ – and the ‘lessons’ a huge joke).

      • Think you’re both missing the point. It’s not the points that matter, the point is Nicki had made them.

    • I see nothing wrong with Nicki seeking ‘monetary opportunities’? Is she to wear sack cloth and ashes to atone for the rest of her days? The way I see it is that everything she has experienced, knows and thinks is her intellectual property, she should prosper as much as poss. from this, quite apart from deserving restitution, which imo, she does.

      I hope she gets well paid for her acting skills, I think she’s more interesting as an actor after all she’s been through. It’s up to her if she seeks to qualify in any legal capacity to continue fighting legal injustice or does so on a voluntary basis. I would certainly read the book. I read all the others.

    • What sort of an answer do you want? I guess its none of your business how she got there biut she has answered the whys and she has done that in the hope that other KR faithfuls will join the dots too. You are looking from the outside having never been in a cult. She has been in it, not knowing it was one( as with all the others). I’;m giuessing there has been therapy and probably still is. Im not here to judge her cos i havent walked in her shoes but to come on here where she knows there will be people ready to drub her is really brave.
      To all those about to write: but I would never end up in a cult….. dont bother.

      • Everyone keeps writing that it’s not intended for the readers here and it’s none of our business but this is where she’s posting it and she’s doing it publicly she could privately contact them. It’s really silly to think that you can post a piece and that no one is going to respond except for the handful of people you want and they’re going to respond exactly how you want. Without the Frank report readers and commentators there wouldn’t be a place to post this now. People are actually being pretty cool about things. If she gets a little bit of push back it’s way way less than how savagely she’s pushed back on others for 5 years and she can handle it. Why is everybody acting like they are her parents or something? It’s more than a little over the top

    • Erasend – She didn’t write this for any of us, nor does she need to. This is a message to the other loyalists and FR was totally the right venue to do it.

    • Nicki, I want you to know that in addition to the support around you, there have been plenty of strangers pulling for you, and we’re so glad to see you making this change. Be assured that for every blaming response you receive, there’s someone else happy to know that you are free. Please remember that. Take good care and be gentle with yourself.

    • I am not Nicki, but let us not argue about details. Never met her to be honest. I do not feel sorry for her either. If you let it happen that someone abuses you for almost two decades this is upon you.

  • So much depth to this article as it’s written by one who’s an expert on Keith. Nicki, so glad to see this continuing progress towards being better from you! All the support and love to you in this new journey 💕

  • Nicki, I know this realization has been difficult, but I am so thankful you are no longer in his controlling grip and mind games. I am always keeping you (and the others still under his manipulation) in my prayers for full recovery and wonderful days always.

  • “ultimately became less productive, earned less, and accrued significant debt. Where was the ‘Executive Success’?” The executive success aspect fell by the wayside as y’all pivoted to focusing on winning Raniere’s attention and approval – for him to love you and treat you right. You were suckered by a con man.

  • I’d like to see a point by point refutation of these 30 controversies by any one of those individuals still supporting Raniere, NXIVM or DOS.

    • Suneel has been working on his analysis of Keith’s “intuitive grasp of calculus” for almost two years now and hasn’t published a single word on the topic.

      So don’t hold your breath.

    • I imagine the response would be the usual brushing off with “so what if it’s true, even the devil deserves a fair trial.”

  • This is astonishing to read from your perspective, Nicki. Thanks for allowing the readership in to your thoughts. Of course there are a million other things and the first that leaps to mind is what Mr. Parlato covered in The Lost Women of NXIVM. All of the women intimately connected to Keith who died in mysterious ways. Gina Hutchinson, Kristin Snyder, Barbara Jeske, and Pam Cafritz.

    Also, when Keith got involved in the whole a cappella episode and went on the a cappella message board to try and convince the community to trust him and his group, Keith admitted that NXIVM was spending more on legal fees than it was earning. There are, peppered throughout NXIVM’s history, a number of glaring red flags like that and finding these nuggets is one of the reasons I keep following this story.

    Godspeed, Nicki Clyne.

  • No, Raniere’s claims of mystical powers and control over nature were NOT dubious, at best. At best, they were laughable, unbelievable, ridiculous, unfounded, and numerous other adjectives I can’t think of right now. Calling them dubious would indicate there was at least a small chance that they did exist, when there’s zero chance they did.

    That said, I appreciate this expansion of your previous statement. I hope that you are able to heal and find peace, and perhaps help others involved in NXIVM to do the same.

  • Congrats!! Nicki you are untangling yourself from this spider’s web. I applaud your courage, and encourage you to seek compassionate, skilled support from a cult recovery specialist, and be very gentle with yourself as you heal. Wishing you all the best.

    • Still buddies with Michelle and Lauren. Still a believer in cults. Just not keith’s at the moment.

  • Well, a follow up was certainly in order. People will want to know how you got into this mess, and why you backed it for so long, all evidence to the contrary. What parts of it were real — like the marriage, for example — or was it all a sham? Like it or not, you have become a public figure.

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