Part 1: Keith and Cami Texts: The Perverted Mind of a Monster

This is Part 1 of the Keith and Cami texts [and emails.] There will be several parts in this series.

Some may wonder why I am publishing these putrid [by Keith] and pathetic [by Cami] exchanges, considering that already Keith has been convicted and is likely facing life in prison.

It won’t change the outcome of his life.

The reason I publish these is simple: He has followers. And there are numerous people on the fence who are not sure if they should continue to follow and support Raniere, or renounce him and try to rebuild their lives.

Some of these read Frank Report – for they are trying to come to grips with what happened to Raniere and are seeking information. I want them to read the texts between Cami and Keith; exchanges between a teenage girl and a nearly 50-year-old man.

I want his followers to put it in context – of what you were told about him. Compare it to what he is writing to a teenage girl [many of you know her] and see how it squares with what he taught and what people told you about him.

I know it’s a hard thing to come to grips with the fact that you may have spent years – and in some cases decades – of your life following a monster, all the while thinking he was uniquely good.

To repudiate him, I know, is to repudiate yourself; to doubt your own sensibilities and good judgment. You prided yourself on having the good judgment to follow him. To surrender your thoughts to his higher thinking. It was a mission you believed in.

Now you must – in order to repudiate him – admit it was poor judgment – and that is hard.  Should you do so, I know, you will ask yourself if this does not negate all your trust in all your future judgments.

So it is for those who still follow and those on the fence that I publish these texts between your Vanguard and a girl you know.


I also publish them for those who study this case, for those who want to learn how a devil can pretend to be a compassionate man and deceive hundreds. There are lessons to be learned somewhere in the throes of belief and the mysteries of the mind.  Raniere was a predator. He did something remarkable: using deception, he hurt women and men who believed his lie that he intended to do good for them and the world.  This we must not lose sight of. He used the earnest desire of people who wanted to do good – and, instead, convinced them to do evil, to themselves and others.  He got some of them to do things they knew were evil in the name of a greater good. Cami, though she began as just a child, was one of these, as we shall learn.


There are thousands of emails and texts between Cami and Keith Raniere.

Many were read in court. Frank Report obtained copies of every email and chat read into the record and many that were not.

Cami, a Mexican woman, who lived in Clifton Park, often as an illegal alien, first had sex with Raniere when she was somewhere between 13 and 15 years old. [Statutory rape in New York]. Keith had sex with both of her older sisters as well. The oldest of the three sisters, Mariana, had a child with Keith – the baby Kemar, born in 2017. Dani, the middle sister [she testified at the trial] was imprisoned by Keith for nearly two years. Some of these texts were written between Cami and Keith when Dani was confined in a room in the house that Cami and her family lived in. Cami was having a secret affair with Keith.

In court, the prosecution, for reasons best known to themselves, jumped around with their texts and emails, presumably to stress certain points to the jury. I find it more interesting to present them in chronological order – to glimpse the destructive and manipulative way Raniere, who is 30 years older than Cami, dealt with her.

The texts and emails read in court started in 2008, when Cami was 18. Raniere was 48.

Let’s explore some of these to further understand the heart and the mind of the monster. [My comments are in brackets and in bold]


February 21

[Keith is 48. Cami is 18.]

Cami writes:  Full moon is tomorrow and that would make it 30 full moons that we’ve been together. [Smiley face emoji].

[Thirty full moons brings them back to October 21, 2005, when Cami was 15 years old. Keith was 45.]



February 23

Cami:  Am I a liability to you? I sometimes get that impression from the way you treat me. And I hadn’t really thought about it until now, which makes me think, there’s not much I can do if you don’t tell me. I guess I keep hoping that our relationship will be like a fairy tale. So far, the facts have proven me wrong, except for our love, which is the best kind of love that I’ve ever experienced.

Although it seems to be that not even love is enough for us to be together. I imagine that there are many other women that could say the same things that I’m saying. I’d like to know something from you. Does our relationship have the potential to be unique and special? You know what I mean? Please. This is important to me.


P.S. Not only have we not had sex this year, we have not had sex in three months. Yay, my lover won’t touch me, I feel so wanted. Not funny, right?

[Keith was having sex at this time with more than a dozen women. Keith replied to her as to why he is not having sex with her, the following day.]


February 24

Keith:  Before you cut the hair, lose the weight and I’ll make it worth your while. I’m sorry about the other stuff. I will tell you about the potential of us face-to-face. I will also talk to you about the liability thing. As for the other, hmmm, yum, XXXXX.

[She must have lost some weight and they evidently got together and had sex on March 4th.]


March 4

Cami:  Subject: Fan mail winky face

Hello, my sweet lollipop [Keith].

I really enjoyed your form tonight. You never cease to amaze me. It seems as if the more I love you, the more I admire you and am curious to get to know you. I like what I see in you.

You have a brilliant mind and I think you know it, yet you possess a certain humility that I think everyone should aspire to. I admire what you do in the world and the strength that you do it with. I think you are an inspiration to everyone. I admire you as a character and deeply love you as my lollipop. [Smiley face] Kisses, hugs and sniffles.


[VC stands for her nickname, “Virgin Camila’. Keith responds the same day]


March 4

Keith: Lollipops love to be licked by very obedient slaves.

[The following day Cami is unhappy. She writes]


March 5

Cami:  I was sad to find out that you were screening my calls. I thought we were better than that. Lollipop, it is your loss. You are missing out on all the fun. I am losing weight and looking better every day, but you wouldn’t know because you don’t even pick up the phone for me. Raspberry. Whatev.

Anyway, I had some pretty cool stuff to tell you, but I guess you’ll never find out. Wa-ha-ha, wa-ha-ha-ha, that’s my evil laugh by the way. Be well.


March 5

Keith: Honey, I do not screen your calls unless,

  1. I am on an expensive conference call;
  2. other people are right there in a very problematic way.

Please, please, please understand.

Besides, you have to tell me your pretty cool stuff anyway if you are a good slave. The great day thing should probably be changed. If you sign your email with a XO, then there is a message.

I’ve been thinking about some very creative tortures — well, I guess you will just have to be a good girl and find out.


March 7

Cami: Hee, hee, hee, today I found out that people think I’m still a virgin. Wa-ha-ha, wa-ha-ha.


March 8


Yum, I have so much experience for you?


March 19

Cami: Hi, love. … I’m very grateful for everything you’ve done for me. I want to return the favor by taking the burden that you carry, but most of the time I end up feeling incompetent and end up not helping at all.

You deserve the best and I will try to give you just that. I feel like I should keep you informed with what’s going on in VC land. There are days that I’m feeling very lovey, gooey; and then there are days when I just feel like picking a fight or having something to complain about for no good reason.

…. Want to get in a fight with me? I’m totally fine with you winning and I promise I won’t complain if you end up pinning me to the floor or the wall; hee-hee. I think I’m going to try to save these feelings, cravings — yes, they are the same thing — for some other occasion, if you know what I mean, [wink face emoji].

Or maybe I just need a good spanking, I don’t know. What you think, Master?  What does this good old VC mean? Okay, I’m getting way too into it. Let’s move on. I want to help you get healthy again.

Today, and always, on the VC menu we offer walks, healthy juice, delicious pussy, lovely conversations full of XXX topics. I strongly suggest the pussy. It is light on the beaver and fresh out of jailbait grounds.

Hopefully, you will have something nice to think about for the next hours and maybe days.


Love, Slavey Slave.


June 13

Keith:  HI sweet lollipop

Yes. I can’t wait to do all the things I’ve planned. Hmm, the three-way thing [threesome] I would do with you. I think I would have to be there. Read your sentence on this. It sounds as though you might do it without me. I suspect this is not what you meant. Keep me informed. We will figure it out on a step-by-step basis. Until, of course, I tie you up and force your pussy to be licked.

[This is an interesting idea he presents since this is exactly what he actually did do to Nicole, some eight years later. Raniere tied Nicole up and blindfolded her and forced Nicole’s pussy to be licked by, ironically Cami. This was the all-important sex trafficking act he was convicted of – and for which he will be sentenced to a minimum of 15 years in a maximum security federal prison.]  


June 15

Cami :  …Well, with that said, I am happy to announce that today was the beginning of a new three-month cycle of pills. [Smiley face emoji]. Which means if you so choose to accept your challenge, lots and lots of practice. There are some things that I want to learn and explore. By the way, I am very curious as to what you say you want to do to me. How exactly do you see me? Am I not Virgin Camila?

Yours Truly, Cami


June 20

Keith:: Yum. Thank you. I love you and your … against… the pinned to the…



[Cami is 19-20 in 2010. Keith is 49-50 It was during this time that Dani was imprisoned in her room. Cami knew full well of it for she lived there and often brought a meal to Dani].

March 20

Cami: Hey, hon, I’ve been thinking about us a lot. I prefer to talk to you in person, but I have no idea when you are going to call next and how long you are going to be able to stay on the phone. I’ve grown a little concerned about us. Your inconsistency would be alright, but now it is making me uncertain of all the things you’ve told me, and only me.

See, the other day I watched a movie where a woman was accused of harassing a man that she claimed to be her lover. All the proof that she had could not be confirmed because everything she had was from conversations they’d had.

I am afraid that one day I’ll find out that I am this woman. I have nothing to show for this relationship, no proof, except what you have told me. But now I feel it would be irresponsible to not see the reality.

What I see as undeniable is the fact that you don’t maintain communication. Sometimes we go about a month without seeing each other, and you don’t mind.

You don’t show for the days that I consider to… count and other things that probably already know of. I want to re-evaluate this relationship. I am starting to feel like it is not healthy. Everything is on your terms.

This doesn’t feel like a partnership anymore. I don’t feel like I have a lot to say, and I’d like for it to be a partnership, a strong team. Prove me wrong or just tell me for sure that I am right. At least things would make sense.


March 20

Keith: You’re very incorrect [sad face emoji]


August 29

Cami:  …  I am hoping for a little more communication, if possible. It bothers me that you treat other acquaintances better or more personally than me. Just a thought.


August 29

Keith: I am under surveillance and parabolic microphone pick up everything whispered to me. Can you get a walkie-talkie and use extension 96. Opposite of? I will likely have some time today. Love.


November 18

Keith: Just checking to see if my sunshine wrote. I know you’re locked up. Only wish I were the one doing the restraining. With rope. Or whatever. Yum.

Cami:  Oh, I didn’t know I was your sunshine as well?

Keith: Hi honey, today is likely to be a very difficult day for it appears there are increased efforts to destroy my image, etc. I was just thinking of you as an oasis. Love and gadgets.



March 1

Cami:  …   I just can’t seem to be able to reach you. I am feeling a little desperate and frustrated. Time seems to go by and I just feel very stuck here. I want to be able to move around. Oh, and speaking of stuff, it has become really hard for me to lose weight. I ran eight miles the other day and I didn’t seem to lose much. I am becoming really frustrated and anxious because I know you want me to lose weight and be super-thin. Especially for this thing coming up. Ah. I’m sorry, I’m just feeling very hungry, fat and like a failure. I am so hungry. I feel like I want to throw in the towel and eat whatever I want.

I wish you would call. I’ve been trying to call you to invite you on a walk. I figured it would be pretty safe in the middle of the night and I get to burn some calories, but I just can’t seem to reach you.

[They were keeping their relationship secret.]


April 16

Keith: Thinking of you. Open attachment when you are alone.

[The attachment Raniere sent to 19-year-old Cami is a BDSM, slave-master-image in which a woman is bound by her hands and legs as well as a hook, performing oral sex on a man. Ironic: Nicole would testify that she was tied up to a table and someone she didn’t know performed oral sex on her. Lauren Salzman testified that the person who performed that oral sex was, in fact, Camila.]

Cami: [after opening the attachment] Oh, my God, ha ha ha, crafty I must say but it looks a little uncomfortable.





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