Raniere sues Microsoft/AT&T; claims he invented teleconferencing; judge calls him a liar 

Keith Raniere is a liar.

That’s what Chief Judge Barbara MG Lynn of the US District Court for the Northern District of Texas, Dallas Division, wrote in a decision last September.

In 2015, Raniere, represented by Robert Crockett, brought suit against Microsoft and AT&T claiming he invented teleconferencing in 1995 and that Microsoft and AT&T were using his invention without paying him.

Raniere said he was the owner of five patents owned by a defunct company called Global Technologies, Inc. (GTI) and submitted to the court a “contract” which Raniere created himself in 2014,  wherein Raniere, claiming he owned GTI, and on behalf of GTI (which had been dissolved 20 years earlier) transferred the company-owned patents to Raniere personally.

Microsoft’s counsel argued the newly-created contract was not evidence that Raniere ever owned GTI and absent proof he owned GTI he had no standing to make the lawsuit in the first place.

Raniere had no proof he ever owned GTI – like stock certificates or department of state filings in his name or any evidence of ownership of GTI.

But Raniere got the court’s permission to issue a subpoena on an attorney in the State of Washington in order to obtain his files that “show, or will show” Raniere owned GTI and therefore could legally transfer company patents to himself.

When the subpoenaed files arrived, they, unfortunately, failed to show Raniere owned GTI.

A motion to dismiss was made by ATT&T and Microsoft.

Raniere opposed it, claiming the files refreshed his memory and he ‘remembered’ that his ex-girlfriend, Toni Natalie owned GTI, and a “side letter” she signed in 1995 showed she held GTI ownership “in trust” for him.

Asked to provide the side letter, Raniere said the side letter was lost.

Raniere then remembered that Natalie signed another contract which transferred her GTI ownership to him in 2000. When asked to provide that contract, Raniere admitted that that contract also, lamentably, was lost.

By this time the judge concluded Raniere’s testimony was “untruthful” and based on his awakened memory, it was obvious that the 2014 contract he submitted to the court where he said he was the owner of GTI was fraudulent, and created solely to deceive the court.

She dismissed the case.

AT&Ts legal fees and costs in defending the lawsuit was $935,300; Microsoft’s legal fees and costs were $202,000. Both companies brought a motion for sanctions against Raniere and a hearing was held on August 15, 2016.

Raniere admitted he lied to the court but argued that his representations to the court were “an immaterial lie on an immaterial matter” which “did not rise to the level or contempt or perjury” but was “zealous pursuit of his good faith claim of ownership” and asked the court to delay ruling on sanctions while he appealed the case.

Judge Lynn didn’t buy it.
She wrote, Raniere’s “conduct throughout this litigation, culminating in his untruthful testimony … demonstrates a pattern of obfuscation and bad faith….  Plaintiff created [a] document that contained false statements of fact regarding his ownership of GTI.  …  made false and misleading representations to Defendants and the Court that resulted in…  significant legal fees incurred in defending this action.…  engaged in a pattern of obfuscation, offering inconsistent theories and arguments and promising to produce evidence that never materialized [and] complicated the Court’s examination …  by submitting the false … document …. This deplorable conduct constitutes an abuse of the judicial process and warrants an imposition of sanctions.”

Implying she might have had Raniere prosecuted for contempt or perjury, Judge Lynn added, ”An award of fees is the least severe sanction adequate to deter similar conduct by Plaintiff in the future and to preserve the integrity of the Court” and ordered the habitually untruthful Raniere to pay Microsoft and ATT&T their more than $1 million in legal fees and costs.

Clare Bronfman, who quite possibly funded the litigation, and paid the $1 million in sanctions as well, wrote on her blog, “Keith is my teacher and my best friend” and “I hope to transform many injustices existing in the world, including bringing to light the truth regarding Keith Raniere.”

This publication is doing its best to aid Clare Bronfman in bringing to light the truth regarding Keith Raniere with the firm belief that many injustices will indeed be transformed when more light is shone upon him and his behavior.

Judge Lynn brought some light of truth regarding Keith Raniere when she called him a liar.

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  • Is there anything new with your case? You have been surprisingly silent for the last two months. Are you negotiating a plea? What happened to the Clare Bronfman perjury evidence?

    • I looked at commenting on Artvoice and the Niagara Falls Reporter websites but it seems comments are shut down on anything related to NXIVM. That looks bad, as it represent you are fearful of comments. The Reporter has no new issues on the web for the last two weeks. Are your operations shutting down? Did Chitra Selveraj take a plea deal? Let us know so we do not assume the worst, please!

  • Frank Report,

    Do you really think all this hysteria about NXIVM is going to get you off your case? Where are things now? Why are you not publishing the indictment against you on this blog? Are you afraid what your readers will think if they see the specifics? Where is YOUR transparency? The bottom line is you had what, 50 + secret bank accounts you are trying to rationalize? You did not file tax returns for how many years? Why don’t you publish your indictment and address it point by point? Or are you afraid it does NOT match up with your narrative, not even close….? If you were truly committed to transparency you would publish it and address it with specifics. Otherwise, all you write is bullshit desperation, and the average reader must surmise you just stole money and thought you could get away with it with your baby defense “They are a cult, oh, oh, oh, I am such a poor, weak, indefensible little baby who is a victim of the BIG BAD WOLF – CULT. Oh poor me, all my bank accounts and refusal to file tax returns is all little Clare Bronfman’s fault. She is such a monster!!!!!!! Please public, save me, save me, I am an indefensible weakling.”

  • I’m laughing hard at the excuse given by Raniere of an “immaterial lie”. The entire case hinged on him providing evidence that the said patents legally belonged to him, which makes it significant to the matter at hand, hence the term “materially” relevant, which he tried to con the court with by using made-up evidence multiple times. When is it in “good faith” to obviously make up stuff and claim it as evidence? Keith must think a “squared circle” is a conceivable thing. Sorry, Keith, but Barbara is a “respectable” judge (see the comment Keith made in the prior article to on this site that was pointed out which makes it all the more ironic), has the many years of higher education (which I’m sure includes coursework on logical reasoning and argumentation that was used to shoot down his bogus claims), service, and respect of her peers required to become one, who isn’t under the dubious environment of your LGAT training which uses methods such as NLP, hypnosis and other manipulative ones that cult watchers like Rick Ross and others have pointed out many types of such training is usually known for.

  • Clare Bronfman is a tool and Keith Raniere is a conman BS artist who has fooled a bunch of naive fools. The only way ethical can be related to him in any manner whatsoever is when the word “ethical” is said by him, and airwaves are created that reverberate on someone’s ear drums where they are heard as the word in that person’s mind. That is all. The turd and his cult is a big fat fucking waste of time and he’s a disgrace. The judge should have held him in contempt and prosecuted his lying unethical arse for perjury. Of course he would get those people he controls born with silver spoons in their mouths who haven’t had to earn a dime in their life and so it feels like Monopoly money to flip the bill. That just shows how much of a massive parasitic fraud without a conscience he is.

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