Judge Orders NXIVM Defendants: DON’T reveal Anonymous Plaintiffs – for Now

Judge Eric Komitee is presiding over the civil case against Raniere, the Bronfmans, Clyne and others.

US District Judge Eric Komitee, the presiding judge in the civil lawsuit, Sarah Edmondson, et al., against Keith Raniere, et al., issued an order yesterday forbidding the defendants from disclosing the names of anonymous plaintiffs – in court or out of court – at least for now.

He is holding a hearing on Feb. 17, where he will require all defendants to appear in person.

This means Sara Bronfman must travel from her seaside mansion in Portugal to Brooklyn, as well as Kathy Russell must come from Georgia, Lauren Salzman will have to leave her dogs in Clifton Park, Nancy Salzman, on the eve of incarceration [she is to report to prison on February 21st] will also have to leave Clifton Park and show up in Brooklyn.

As will Brandon Porter from Iowa; Danielle Roberts from Minnesota; Nicki Clyne, who was last seen on social media in Miami; and Karen Unterreiner from Albany.

Unless they seek and get court approval to be allowed to appear via teleconferencing [which, ironically Raniere claims to have invented], the only defendants excused from appearing in person are Keith Raniere, Clare Bronfman, and Allison Mack by virtue of their being incarcerated.

Here is the judge’s order:


Plaintiffs’ motion for a protective order [133] is granted on a preliminary basis. This order will be subject to further review

(a) based on additional argument from Defendants, in the event the Court orders Plaintiffs’ ex-parte submissions be made available to them in whole or in part in the coming weeks, and

(b) at subsequent stages of the litigation, if circumstances warrant.

Going forward, Plaintiffs may use pseudonyms in the caption and body of all public Court filings, consistent with this order.

Defendants may not reveal Plaintiffs’ true identities to anyone, within or outside the scope of this litigation.

At a conference to be held February 17, 2022, at 1:30 p.m. in Courtroom 6G North, Plaintiffs must show cause why Plaintiffs’ ex parte motion [133] and/or the attachments thereto should not be produced to Defendants at this point.

All defendants (other than those who are incarcerated) are directed to appear in person.

Ordered by Judge Eric R. Komitee on 2/11/2022. 


Notice was emailed to the attorneys for the plaintiffs, and the attorneys for Clare and Sara Bronfman, the only two defendants known to have legal representation, as well as three defendants representing themselves: Porter, Roberts, and Clyne.

No notice of this hearing was sent to Russell, Nancy and Lauren Salzman, Karen Unterreiner, Raniere or Mack.

None of the non-noticed defendants have thus far made an appearance or retained an attorney in this litigation.

It is unclear what the penalty might be for any defendant who fails to appear at the February 17th hearing. It might range from contempt to a judgement in favor of the plaintiffs or a barring from the defendants making any future defenses.

It is not clear why the judge has required in person appearances of all defendants [sans the incarcerated ones]. It may be because he intends to admonish the pro-se defendants Clyne, Porter and Roberts not to violate the court order of temporary anonymity for the anonymous plaintiffs.

He may have harsher objectives as well.

Here are the noticed attorneys and defendants:

For the Plaintiffs:

Plaintiffs’ lead attorney Neil Glazer
  1. [Kohn Swift] Neil L. Glazer
  2. Stephen H. Schwartz
  3. Steven M. Steingard
  4. William E. Hoese
  5. Craig W. Hillwig
  6. Zahra Dean
  7. Aarthi Manohar
  8. Elias Kohn
  9. [Zuckerman] Aitan D. Goelman
  10. Bryan M Reines

For Sara Bronfman:

  1. [Fried Frank] Israel David
  2.  James D Wareham
  3. Anne Aufhauser

For Clare Bronfman:

  1. [Wilkie Farr] Craig C. Martin
  2. Sara Horton

Pro Se Defendants:

  1. Brandon Porter
  2. Danielle Roberts
  3. Nicki Clyne
Danielle Roberts does a handstand outside the Metropolitan Detention Center as Michele Hatchette dances for Keith Raniere and other prisoners there. Attorney Neil Glazer has asserted in a court filing that Hatchette revealing the names of plaintiffs is virtually the same as defendants Roberts, Clyne or Porter for she is their associate.

In short, the judge has ruled the defendants may not disclose the name of anonymous accusers.

At the February 17th hearing, the plaintiffs’ attorneys must show why their previous ex parte motion, which the defendants have not yet seen – and which argues presumably for anonymity – should not be shown to the defendants.

If he does order the release of this motion to the defendants, as is anticipated, it is expected that he will schedule a hearing where the defendants may make arguments to disclose the names of the anonymous plaintiffs.

This is a short-term victory for Glazer and the anonymous plaintiffs – but it may change.

At this point, the court has ordered the plaintiffs may use pseudonyms.

In a subsequent post, we will explain the judge’s written order:

Keep in mind that if someone other than the defendants discloses the names of the anonymous plaintiffs, there is nothing the judge can do to the person, but it is possible if he ties in a definite connection with the defendant and the person who does release the names, he may sanction the defendant.

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        • It’s possible — but certainly not probable — that Michele (or anyone else) would be able to match the identity of a Jane or John Doe with the description in the First Amended Complaint of the harm they suffered. So, if that’s not how it happened, then I would not want to be any of the defendants standing before Judge Komitee on Thursday.

          • Doesn’t standing before a judge as a defendant comprise all of your ‘legal experience’?

            Isn’t that the whole basis of your ‘legal expertise’ here on the Frank Report – standing before a judge & prosecutors as a defendant?

            Where and when, exactly, did you get your law degree, “KR Claviger”?


          • How about this, Alanzo: I’ll show you proof that I graduated from a top-20 law school and was admitted to at least one bar association if you agree to pay me $1,000 if I provide that proof — and I’ll pay you $10,000 if I can’t come up with that proof? You send you $1,000 to Frank and I’ll send my $10,000 to Frank — and we’ll let him judge who’s entitled to the $11,000.

            Time to put up or shut up, Alanzo…

          • KR Claviger wrote:

            “I’ll show you proof that I graduated from a top-20 law school and was admitted to at least one bar association”

            So that’s your claim. That’s why you’re the ‘legal expert’ here on the Frank Report. Totally willing for this to be true, AP.

            But why all the rigmarole about putting up money? Don’t you think the readers of the Frank Report deserve to know whether you are conning them or not?

            Shouldn’t your legal credentials be available for anyone to examine before we’re supposed to believe your biased ‘legal’ opinions on NXIVM litigation?

            Raniere claimed he was the smartest man in the world. Are you running the same con?

            Why are you hiding these fabulous legal credentials of yours?


          • Exactly how I thought you would respond: deflection, digression, and diversion.

            Alanzo, if you were an electric car, you’d run out of gas.

          • Claviger –

            Aren’t you under federal indictment right now?

            Or do I have you mixed up with someone else?

            And if you are under federal indictment, how could you possibly be trusted to give accurate and unbiased legal opinions? What if you gave a legal opinion, or exposed an embarrassing fact about federal prosecutors?

            Wouldn’t that effect your plea negotiations?

            Now, if I have you mixed up with someone else, then I apologize.

            If that’s the case, just go ahead and present your legal training and where you are a member of the bar, and we’re good.

            The readers of the Frank Report will have the information they need to make informed decisions about you.


          • “Claviger is not under federal indictment, but I am.”

            No need to brag, Frank. Everyone knows you’re under federal indictment.

            What no one knows is who “KR Claviger” is and why they are incapable of providing an unbiased legal opinion that is fair to both sides, nor how they can pretend to be a “legal expert” here while they engage in doxing and cyber-bullying campaigns on other commenters for months as a moderator of this blog.

            People who claim to be attorneys and who provide legal opinions must prove who they are and allow their credentials to be examined. Claviger’s behavior is so factious and partisan and, frankly, devious that it’s time for her to display why anyone should trust what she has to say here with regard to any legal question at all.

            So where did Claviger graduate from law school, and in what year, and where does she practice law?

            If she’s not practicing law, why not? Was she disbarred for some reason?

            Perhaps one too many anonymous sock puppets? A drunk driving charge? Too many bar fights?


          • Claviger-

            Maybe you could lower the bet from $1000 to about $30. Make it affordable for everybody’s favorite ne’er-do-well.

            FYI: “Why all the rigmarole about putting up money?”, is code for I’m broke. 😂

          • “Why all the rigmarole about putting up money?”, is code for I’m broke.”

            I prefer “impecunious”.

            Thank you very much.

          • If we really get to find out who Claviger is, I bet niceguy can get his wife to front him the 1K.

          • NutJob 2/15 at 9:18-

            You are such a ‘swell fella’. My wife doesn’t need to front me any money, because I’ve got my allowance/chore money.

            You ever make it to Bean Town, I’ll still gladly meet up with for a beer. Despite recent events, I’d like that. 🍺

  • It must be remembered that NXIVM was a criminal RICO enterprise. Assuming that remaining or former members of that organization continue their criminal conspiracy to the detriment of victims of that RICO conspiracy, then those people who participate in it could be prosecuted under the RICO statute. This would have enormous and serious consequences if they were indicted.

  • This order came out early Friday morning, long before the post of Suneel Chakravorty’s exposure of the Doe and Porter’s evidence.

    Definitely signs of a conspiracy going on between these NXIVM leftovers.

    They better be praying the Feds don’t get involved. Are there enough prisons left to house these idiots, so they don’t end up in the same place?

    Maybe Nicki can ask to be with her wife. Oh wait, that was a fake marriage wasn’t it?

    I’m sure Porter minds that you showed that he gave you these texts and What’s App message, Suneel Chakravorty

    What total idiots.

    They did go to Raniere’s legal school of how to get arrested and go to prison

  • Frank,

    Please report on Marc Elliot getting SLAPed by Starz over his lawsuit.

    The cult loyalists are so hypocritical.

    “Seduced” hurt my feelings. “Boo boo. Give me money”.

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