Nicki Clyne Leaves Keith Raniere: Her Statement

Nicki Clyne has left Keith Raniere.

By Nicki Clyne

I have changed my position on Keith Raniere. I no longer believe he is a man of noble character, as I once did.

I also do not believe he considered my best interests or helped me achieve the goals for which I sought his guidance.

I have come to certain realizations about my past decisions and views, which leave me with no choice but to renounce the man who influenced them. I will no longer publicly support or try to free him for these and many other reasons.

I do not believe my intentions were false or impure, but the methods I followed were misguided.

From a young age, I have felt that what we perceive in a material sense is only a fraction of what we can experience spiritually. I read about spiritual quests in books, and men and women who seemed to have attained a higher state of consciousness.

I knew I wanted that, but had no idea how to attain it — or where to start.

When I first met Keith Raniere, at 23 years old, through his educational programs and as the leader of an organization, I perceived him to have a knowledge of humanity and spirituality that could help me on my quest to find my higher self.

He quickly convinced me he knew better than anyone how to achieve or become what I sought.

He once asked me what single question I would ask an omniscient being if I could, to which I replied: “Who am I?”

He then asked me what my biggest fear was concerning him. I said I feared that he would want to sleep with me.

So, when he inevitably encouraged our sexual union, I assumed it was to help me overcome my biggest fears and attachments.

Little did I know that this would lead to 16 years of suffering, self-rejection, and the sacrifice of my own wants, desires, and priorities. I say this not for sympathy, and I am not seeking retribution. I have no one to blame but myself and my myopic view that Keith was the ultimate guide for my spiritual advancement.

I persuaded myself that Keith’s abusive treatment was part of the path to the freedom I was seeking. Instead, through calculated deception, he taught me to doubt myself, distrust my intuition, believe myself unworthy, and, most of all, he taught me to fear him unconditionally.

With more than a tinge of embarrassment, I’ll admit that I thought Keith had supernatural powers. I thought my weaknesses and failures to meet his expectations were a constant burden for him, and for which I carried enormous guilt. All I could hope to do, in repentance, was subjugate my own needs in an effort to repair my seemingly insurmountable “ethical breach.” This often meant engaging in sex at his whim, supposedly for my spiritual benefit, only to be dismissed and disposed of immediately after his sexual gratification. Any discontent or lack of feigned enthusiasm was met with disapproval and the notion that I was a drain on his generous spirit — even going so far as suggesting that my negativity could be fatal for him.

I was meant to be “happy,” so I put on a happy face. At least, I tried. I felt eternally indebted to what I perceived as his noble generosity and assumed I would spend my lifetime trying to make up for the misdeeds he was constantly bringing to my attention.

I am not writing this with anger or regret. For whatever reason, this was a path I chose.

My recent realizations were facilitated by a man I once feared, the person I considered my biggest enemy and the reason for my life’s destruction, the author of the prolific blog, The Frank Report. Frank Parlato has been blamed and applauded for taking down Keith Raniere and NXIVM. For years, I resented and feared him.

I have come to see now that he was not my enemy, not even then. I believe he attacked Keith Raniere in part in self-defense and because he believed Keith was pretending to be good while wreaking havoc and harming innocent people, including and especially those who earnestly came to him for help.

Frank’s motivation was not some conspiracy to ruin a good man, as I previously thought.

It’s implausible to believe that the long trail of Keith’s victims over several decades, many who had no connection to one another, were all lying and seeking illicit rewards.

Frank’s rigorous investigation into Keith and NXIVM allowed me to re-evaluate my views and my own experience in such a way that it is irrefutable.

It is five years since Keith Raniere lost his worldly freedom. I was present for this event, and even being raided by heavily armed Mexican Federales was not enough to shake me from my delusion. Additionally, the personal betrayals by people I thought were my friends, and much of the exaggerated, and sometimes false, anti-NXIVM rhetoric, only led me to be more committed to my defense of Keith and my view that there was injustice.

Apart from Keith himself, I felt a moral obligation to a community of people I knew to be good and well-intended.

While I put on an outward appearance of strength and steadfast dedication, there was a part of me that secretly hoped Keith would never be released from prison.

I prayed that Keith would let me go in peace once all legal remedies were exhausted to free him. But, until now, I couldn’t conceive of leaving him without a lifetime of guilt and shame.

During the five years since he was arrested, I was determined not to be swayed by any material interest: not money, not fame, not relief from prosecution, not salvaging my reputation, not even pleasing the people close to me.

In public, I was consistent in my message that Keith was a deeply misunderstood character and that the NXIVM community’s intentions were good. Within myself, there were so many things I could not reconcile.

Despite my disillusionment with Keith, I am still concerned with some of the methods used by the prosecution in his case. Through my experiences these past years, I have gained insight into the inequities of the criminal justice system and the often inhumane conditions of incarceration in America. I intend to continue my advocacy for the humane treatment of people in prison and promote a fairer system of justice.

If it is true, as credible experts have claimed, that the FBI was complicit in fabricating evidence to convict Keith Raniere, I support its exposure and the holding of those responsible accountable.

However, I will not spend the rest of my days defending Keith and his choices, especially with the knowledge that so many have suffered due to his reckless conduct and selfishness.

I am grateful to everyone who has been a part of my life, most especially my mother, who has shown me unconditional love and support throughout the years, and who always trusted I would find the right path, on my terms.

I may or may not share the details of my 18 years under Keith Raniere’s deceptive leadership, but I felt it was necessary to at least make my position clear.

I look forward to what’s next and appreciate everyone who has stood by me. I hardly expect everyone to agree with my position, and that’s okay. I believe there is a way to find the good even in the most challenging and detrimental circumstances, and we are far better doing that than lamenting the past and playing the victim.

I plan to share further thoughts on this soon.

[A previous version of this statement was published saying Nicki Clyne was in a relationship with Keith Raniere for 18 years. It has since been updated to say 16 years because it was 18 years ago that she joined ESP, but she started a relationship with Raniere in 2007.)

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  • Way to go, Nicki! I’m been following your journey via the documentaries and your YouTube stuff. I wish you the best moving forward, and would be interested in better understanding your change of heart. 💜

  • Nicki…we’ve cared about you since BSG. Know that you’re loved fully and truly. Be free of this now. Live your life with no codependence or illusions than anyone on the planet has your answers. Much love ABA

  • Nicki…we’ve cared about you since BSG. Know that you’re loved fully and truly. Be free of this now. Live your life with no codependence or illusions than anyone on the planet has your answers. Much love ABA

  • So many cults are lead by repulsive people that are repugnant not magnetic. By any standard, Keith is unkempt, pudgy and grossly unattractive. He spoke in ridiculous circles yet never said one thing that was novel or revolutionary or compelling. The videos of him are absolute gobbledygook. I am baffled all these people wasted so many precious days “working” on themselves instead of a mastering a job or doing real philanthropy at the behest of such a total and complete loser. At the least he gave many of them herpes and manipulated many to forego meaningful, egalitarian relationships with others. At the worst he stole, abused, enslaved and tortured. I hope it doesn’t take you 16 years to shake his perverse methods and that you can just live, live without overthinking absolutely everything. It wasn’t a vision quest. It was just a play to never let anyone be successful.

  • I would buy your book in a heartbeat. I’m happy you are on your way to finding your true self. Blessings to you.

  • It is never too late to leave an abusive relationship. And it does take immense courage to push through that fear. I’m so happy that you have reclaimed your life Nicki. You deserve true fulfillment just like all the others who were abused on a mass scale by this diabolical perversion of a human.

  • Congratulations Nicki, you’ll never regret leaving that terrible group.

    I want to thank you and Frank for publishing this extraordinarily honest statement – it gives me hope that others in similar groups can find their way out too.

    I do think you are being too hard on yourself though. Raniere was an extremely unfair opponent. I don’t think anyone can be adequately prepared for the unconscionable manipulations you were subjected to. I still struggle to comprehend the depths of callousness in characters like him, who are so ruthlessly self-aggrandizing – and their remarkable skills in pinpointing vulnerabilities and relentlessly exploiting them.

    Best wishes for your continued recovery.

  • I knew this would happen eventually and that her eyes would be open and was the spell was broken, there is no going back. I thought it would take a lot more time than it has. I’m relieved for her sake that she has woken up while she is still young and hasn’t given her whole life to him unlike women like Pam etc. I hope Nikki is able to move on and have her own family and no longer has to sacrifice all of her personal goals to Keith Raniere and his pathetic need to control women.

  • Ignore the thoughtless and unkind comments here. They don’t see how courageous it is to publicly change your mind and be truthful with yourself in such an exposed way. Envelop yourself with compassion, from others and from yourself.

  • What is wrong with all these women? Hanging around for twenty years waiting for some dude to knock you up and live happily ever after with while he bangs all their friends? Talk about dumb. Gosh.

  • Only thing that changed nicki bobbleheads mind was dollar signs too big to pass up. That shit ain’t brave its weak as water. She also needa eat a sandwich 🥪. Frank starving her out.

  • I hope you know it, or come to realize that you are a victim of Keith. There is nothing wrong with the feelings that are associated with being hurt in this way. Acknowledging you are a victim worthy of feeling anger, grief and sadness is a part of the healing journey. You are also worthy of compassion and forgiveness. Sending you love.

  • I wish you peace on your healing journey. Having followed this case I have such empathy for those who were led astray by this narcissistic man.

  • I am truly happy for you and look forward to you living your life now on your terms. You have so much to offer. Hopefully others follow you .

  • This is great news, but I would think you would remove your social media posts stating how he has been ‘wronged’ by the DOJ and shut down that ridiculous conversation. He’s guilty. Let him rot

  • I’m absolutely thrilled by the news! (Yes, I have been painfully slow to catch up) This is major. Mad respect for Nicki, Frank and all the FR crew!

  • Hi Nicki! I am truly happy for you! I hope you are gentle with yourself and you have people who can hold tight.

    (Also, you blocked me on Twitter, so I’m glad I found this place to leave this little message)

  • I am so happy for you. At the same time I’m concerned. You let go of the trapeze without a net. You may be falling for quite some time. It’ll be okay, there are a sea of hands raised ready to catch you. Just believe in yourself for a change. You can give Jesus a shot, or Buddha (like me), or Allah, Jehovah, Jah, Brahma, loads of them.
    Avoid. The Lighthouse international, Paul Waugh newest cult. Mooji, Osho, and others that will crop up here from time to time.
    What were you good at? I’ve never seen your acting, were you any good at it?
    Wow. All the new people you are going to get to know. It’s exciting. Now you’ve let go of the trapeze love can get to you. When you hang onto something for too long, you forget what it was like not to. Enjoy forgetting.
    All our very best

  • Thank you for sharing your insights, as painful as they were to earn. I encourage you to move away from victim blaming yourself- you are not solely responsible; what happened to you was abuse and manipulation, which are not your fault. The concepts of responsibility and sovereignty are misused by narcissists to actually make us feel at fault for everything that ever happens, and thus we never direct our anger at the abuser. I should have known better, it was my choice.. but that’s not how coercive control works. Wishing you self live and compassion on your journey

  • So glad you have accessed your warrior self- to come back after so many years of coercive control/narcissistic abuse is almost an impossible thing, but you have taken the leap of faith and landed again . I wish you peace and strength as you rebuild your life .You are inspiring so many others who are stuck in cults and abusive relationships-

  • I am so happy for you. So relieved. I have been a huge fan since Battlestar Galactica and it was hard to watch someone with such amazing talent and such a warm, bright spirit get caught in such a web of lies. It’s hard to watch someone who is stuck in a tunnel. You want so badly to help them. You want to save them. But you know the only way is for them to save themselves. So you have to patience wait for them at the tunnel opening, trying to keep the light going inside the tunnel so someday they find their way out. You did it! I know there is probably a long ways to go but you are out of the tunnel. Welcome back to the world!

  • It is so hard to break free from narcissistic abuse, especially after being in it so long and from such a young age. This statement is amazing, and I hope you continue to grow and succeed on your journey.

  • Nicki—I’m so relieved and thrilled to read this, and a host of internet strangers are so proud of you! I know there’s a long and strenuous journey of healing ahead of you, but your life is just beginning, and there’s so much love and light waiting for you in this next phase of life. Try not to let the critics’ judgments and questions get to you. You’ve done the hard work to leave your old way of thinking and an abusive situation, and only those who have experienced something similar can understand the nuances of what that means. Wishing you well in the days ahead. xx

  • As I watched The Vow, my heart broke for you and I had hope that you would find your way to a healthier place for yourself. Stay strong, lean on those who want to help you, and much love to you.

  • “ I feared him unconditionally”

    That was harrowing.

    Nickis post was refreshingly authentic, earnest and quite frankly, inspiring.

    Anyone who has been victimized by a partner can relate -anyone whose vulnerability has been abused by a person of power can as well.

    This was as real as it can get.

    I appreciate how candid her views on Frank Parlato were.

  • Although I don’t know you, Nicki, I am so extremely happy to hear this news for you. I wish you so much love and support through this process. Your statement shows enormous courage and strength. I am so, so happy to learn of your newfound freedom.

    I have had a very similar experience to yours but within an infinitely smaller group which drew no publicity or public attention at all. I went into it for the same reasons you expressed and I was used and taken advantage of in many of the same ways that you were and that you describe here. I got out of it only 10 months ago, so I can relate from first hand experience with the desire to move forward with love and strength and not to be considered a victim (a concept that was villainized and weaponized in my own group as well).

    However, I also know that the process of stepping away and recovering from such an experience takes time and the realization and understanding of what you have been through comes in waves and degrees. Although many people will not understand this and will not understand how we became drawn into such situations and stayed in them for so long, just know that there are still PLENTY of people who do know first hand, who hear you and relate to you. You are not alone. Ignore the trolls. So much love to you. <3

  • YEAH NICKI!!! i have tremendous respect for your bravery and honesty. You are not alone and there is lots of support waiting for you

  • PS. Nicki, I watched the Dossier Project videos and it pained me. You seemed desperate to convince yourself (and others) that Keith and DOS were simply misunderstood. You obviously are intelligent and have a good heart (despite your association/relationship with Keith). It pained me that you may have missed out on the only true divine experience–motherhood-because of that selfish and disgusting Keith Raniere. I hope you will truly live YOUR life for YOU from now on, and I wish you the best.

    • I wouldn’t call motherhood the only true divine experience, but I confirm that I’m an atheist and don’t ascribe to the divinity concept. Parenthood is pretty special without bringing deities into the picture.

    • Whilst I agree motherhood is a divine experience, its NOT for everyone, especially in a country where their beautiful child runs the risk of being shot simply for attending school. It is not for everyone.

  • To all of you in the world who seek “enlightenment” and “higher meaning” so fervently: Imagine you LOVE dolphins (or pick your favourite animal) SO MUCH. You live, breathe, dream of them, always. All you’ve ever wanted, is to know what it is like to truly live as a dolphin. “God” comes to you one day, and offers to turn you into a dolphin one time only, so you can experience BEING a dolphin for an entire dolphin’s lifetime. The only caveat, is that you WILL be a dolphin, and will not remember being human until the end of your natural dolphin life, when you will return to your human state, and then will remember all you experienced while you were a dolphin. You are elated beyond measure. You say YES!!

    You are then born a dolphin. But as you begin to mature, swim your surroundings in the sea, you begin to develop a curiosity about what lies beyond the sea, especially on land. What is it? Why is it there? So much so, that instead of spending your days swimming, foraging, integrating within your dolphin social structure, instead of LIVING as a dolphin, you become obsessed with wanting to know what and why is beyond your dolphin existence.

    One day, you encounter a human in a boat. Your insatiable curiosity and obsession with what “lies beyond” your own existence, ends up with you living in captivity. You then spend the rest of your dolphin life in an enclosure, and you now have a “leader” who controls when and what you eat, sleep, and experience.

    Despite this, you live a long life. When your dolphin life is over and you return to human form, you learn that you wasted your one opportunity! Completely unaware of course, but you ended up being so curious about what lay beyond your own existence as a dolphin, that you did not LIVE your life as a dolphin, and never experienced what you were supposed to. Instead, you spent your life inside an isolated facsimile. You did not even learn what was “beyond” because you spent your entire life inside an enclosure where all you did was follow orders given to you by the creator of the enclosure.

    This is what all you “seekers” remind me of. Instead of living your lives and experiencing humanity WITH humanity, instead of finding meaning within YOUR OWN lives, you live in CAPTIVITY to another person whom you *think* is more powerful than you, you *think* can give you the answers to the meaning of life.

    But after years or decades of doing FOR your leader, what “enlightenment” have you achieved? NONE. NOTHING. Because instead of LIVING your life as a free soul, you wasted it, looking for meaning while surviving (not living) in captivity to another person.

    You are NOT living your true human existence when you are living inside an environment wholly created and controlled by one person. You are living inside the confines of an enclosure this one person CREATED for their sole, own benefit. That is NOT life as we are meant to live it, it is a FAKE substitute for the REAL thing. It is a life of captivity within a fake enclosure designed with fake laws & fake rules that serves ONLY the needs of the creator of them, the ‘leader’.

    All of you who are currently living your life in captivity to another person, GET OUT of captivity and start LIVING. YOU are just as “divine” as your guru/master/leader. He/she is just as human as you are. The only difference is, they have found a way to convince you that living in captivity TO THEM, SERVING THEM, is going to lead you enlightenment and the answers you seek. But If you truly want to know what the meaning of life is, step OUT and LIVE it. FREELY.

    Have children if you can. If you truly want to feel a divine connection, the closest any being will have, human, animal or otherwise, is through creating life. And if that is not possible, socialize and bond with others in ways that makes them smile, laugh, or feel comforted. NOT by tearing them down so you can convince them you’re saving them from their weaknesses and failures. (Sound familiar, Nicki? That was Keith’s M.O. “You harmed me with your failures and you now need to make it up to me by doing whatever I ask, whenever I ask, for the rest of your life.”)

    Enlightenment NEVER comes from a single human being who will decide when you are ready to receive it. It can only come from truly LIVING your life, not by studying it. And most of all, enlightenment NEVER comes from giving your money or body to anyone. Especially to one particular person. The true meaning of life will NEVER be known to you by living in isolation and captivity in a type of world created by someone soley for their benefit.

    Moreover, humans are meant to live within the human habitat, not beyond it. To attempt to do so, is the greatest waste of your human life. Just as dolphins are meant to experience BEING dolphins, we are meant to experience our HUMAN existence by living freely surrounded by humanity. Not by living a life of captivity inside an environment wholly created and controlled by one person.

    So STOP living in captivity, STOP studying what is the meaning of life, and START LIVING it!!

    • “Moreover, humans are meant to live within the human habitat, not beyond it. To attempt to do so, is the greatest waste of your human life”

      I agree with you 💯 here. We only have limited capacity as humans. It’s understandable we get intrigued from time to time and think we are extra special for thinking in such a way that we think we’re chosen and so must go on a quest. Others also feel like this. We all think we are right or justified over others in what we do all the time because that’s all we know in our minds. But we mere humans in this big ol’ universe that on the grand scheme of space and time – our existence although precious and invaluable – we’re nothing in the universe. You can’t see the world it’s invisible… we’re existing minus infinity. It’s sad they put Keith on this pedestal when he’s merely mortal and will face death like everyone else.

  • Sounds like she’s already started to write the book, or at least to prepare material for the ghostwriter.

  • Why would anyone trust someone who can change her mind so quickly?

    I can’t stand Raniere but I would have walked within the first hour.

    Brainwashing isn’t a legal defense for the simple reason that it is total BS.

    • ANYONE can change their mind in a moment of time, even after believing something different for 80 years. Your question is “Why would anyone trust anyone?” I suppose there is a laundry list of answers for every individual, but that is not to say that someone who does a “one-eighty” is automatically unreliable.

    • How is 5 years “quickly”? Sometimes, it takes a long time to get away from an abusive situation.

  • If her biggest fear was being compelled to have sex with Raniere, why did she have sex with Raniere and does she/ did she harbour a grudge against him?

  • I still remember you from one of the final Wish Cons in Springfield MA. When I was one of the nameless, faceless people at the Cocktail Party for the “Full Tickets”. You were cordial to me, even when you didn’t have to be. It is a shame that you had to have this experience for you to rediscover the peace you always had and apparently never realized.

  • Congrats to miss Cleyne. And Frank, what a achievement. One for the records.

    The following came to mind wen reading most comments on the statement.
    I think a lot of people don’t seem to understand what, being in a cult for over 15 years, does to your mind.
    Its like what a heroine/crack addiction, does to your way of thinking.

    First its fun to experience. The dope is telling you that everything is going to be okay. That warm and cozy feeling. Not a care in the world. Just trust in me says the heroine.
    Until one morning you wake up, and you get that funny feeling it might start to control you. But oh well you’re young. smart. Well educated. Nice family. What can really happen.. right.

    So now its 4 years later and you are a heavy user of the good stuff. The real tech.
    We agreed to meet down town. While i’m waiting, the people at the end of the street start to move out of the way, sometimes screaming but mostly looking appalled.
    The reason for their behaviour is becoming clear because, there you are!! Butt naked, except for the blue wizard hat, and the matching cowboy boots. Running towards me, while playing helicopter with your “wee wee”.
    When you reach me, you don’t seem to recognise me. There’s foam round your mound. And you keep asking me: what time the Wabutsi’s are landing because, at their last visit, you claim they forgot you.
    And before i know it, of you go. Leaving me with a lot of questions. For example. What’s the deal with the matching blue hat and boots? But that’s another story.
    Anyway. Over the years to come you build up quit a reputation with your behaviour while under the influence. Deep in the back of your mind you realise that, it got its claws deep, deep inside of you. But every time the heroine is there, all is good. Just for a short period. Because when that period end, you might, for the 10th time that week, considering selling your sister to the Albanian mafia. For any other person a unthinkable idea. For you, it might be something to consider, if things “really” get out of hand.

    So finally we reach the point that you end up in the hospital. As your final act, your last piece de la resistance you organised a neighbourhood bbq for the cats. They told you to burn all the neighbourhood’s dogs. But the dogs wouldn’t have any of that. A bad day for you.
    So now you’re in the hospital. Now, for the first time in many years, you have plenty of time to think things over. The good. But especially the bad. And nothing is there to take away the pain, that your thoughts cause you. You can’t hide anymore.
    2 choices left. Go back in addiction and face certain dead. Or clean up your act.

    The million dollar Question that remains is: can we hold you responsible for your behaviour during your addiction?

    Is your brain ready to handle:
    You stole money, jewellery etc from everybody you love.
    You told the people close to you the most horrific lies, just to squeeze that last dollar out of, whats left of the relationship.
    Not to mention that brief period in time when you’re mouth had several encounters with thing’s that shall never be mentioned. Just to earn a few bucks.

    My question is: would you have turned out a little tutti frutti anyway?
    Or can we fully attribute your behaviour during the addiction on the stuff that fed your brains with a lot of unusual ideas?

    A lot of words to ask the relevant question. Can Nicky Cleyne be held responsible for the claims she maid while “under the influence” of her drug of choice?

  • Hmmm, I´m glad the veil has been lifted and I hope this was a genuine self-reflection, remorse and a true drive for healing, I really do.. Apologies to the greater public is a nice gesture, and I hope this is extended to the silent women who are still suffering, those women five years ago who put themselves on the line…outside the spotlight.

  • In reading the statement given again I am still blown away with hope for Nicki, but one thing both puzzles me and concerns me. In paragraph 21 she states the “personal betrayals” by friends and “exaggerated and sometimes false” anti NXIUM rhetoric. What am I missing? I thought she said they couldn’t be lying? So was she betrayed or does she now believe them? Maybe I am trying to understand too hard.

    • I think she might be talking about India, Sarah, maybe Jane Doe 8, maybe Lauren.
      The exaggerated, and sometimes false, anti-NXIVM rhetoric might refer to the salacious reporting of it as just a sex cult, with forced orgies etc. Also the branding itself where women were forcibly held down. In reality they were held down to stop their bodies jerking from the pain so the brand could be done smoothly. They had after all consented to the brand, albeit in some instances, under collateral duress.

      • Yeah downright False statements,

        1) Danielle accepts supeona, answers door weighing 200 lbs.

        2) Danielle flees to Mexico

        3) Danielle’s business had improper
        Or NO taxes paid.

        4) Danielle acted as their doctor when none of them were her patients

        The only truth told about Danielle was that she helped save Sally’s life who had aggressive cancer at the time.( no charge)

        So I would classify that as an exaggeration or distortion of facts.

    • I believe as long as she became indoctrinated into the cult, even though she says she denounced Keith she will take time relearning what is just what isn’t just what’s right wrong all over again. She still healing she’s not completely healed

  • Nicki,

    Sending you support. I’m glad you were able to break free. Sometimes it takes people longer to have the strength to break free. I’m just thankful you did.

  • Nicki Clyne-

    I want to thank you for posting your honest thoughts.

    You’ve humanized the NXIVM faithful holdouts for me. Now I realize I am total asshole.

    Thank you!

    I wish you well and, yes, I know you don’t care. 😉
    You don’t need well wishers anyway you’re a strong and driven individual.


    1. Act like Mark don’t apologize or admit wrong doing. Play the poor me victim card to the hilt, and try to make money out of being a victim.

    (Total Sarcasm! Mark is a weasel who doesn’t deserve a penny from you.)

    • Meh. All of them, Mark, Nicki, Allison, Sarah, Nippy, all grifters. All but Allison and only because she is in jail, are making money off of their experiences in NXIVM. Nicki will also endeavor to make money off her experience. They should all just go away. And what is Frank’s deal. Why is he mentoring Nicki because that seems creepy.She leaves (not really) Keith to hang out with Frank and praise him? Maybe leave her be now Frank.

      • Frank isn’t doing anything creepy.

        Two people showering together saves water and helps the environment.

      • Why shouldn’t they? Abuse is a personal story. They suffered it. They survived it. What’s wrong with telling your OWN story if it is therapeutic for yourself, others and also makes you money???

  • What about all the women who came forward? No matter what’s written on a blog (amazing job Frank!) What mattered in court was the women who were brave and came forward. Testified under oath

    Those women put it ALL on the line.

    Sylvie? That woman had to sit in open court and identify photo after up close photo of her own vagina while Keith sat there smirking at the defense table. It seemed highly possible that Keith would walk free too. That was risky. And so courageous, Sylvie!

    It’s interesting that you don’t feel you owe any kind of debt or thanks to those women. It’s much easier to be brave when the bad guy is doing 100 plus yearsin prison but back then nobody really knew what was going to happen to Keith.

    That was a true risk those women took. And Catherine Oxenberg. Without her you’d still be in Albany maybe locked in that cage inside the dungeon of the house you bought for the slave sorority?

    Women are the true heroes of this story (and Frank). You really owe a great debt to a lot of women. Susan Dones. A lot of women. Females who walked hrough the fire first so you could run free from Keith now.

    Shake the misogyny from your eyes and see the strength in women. In yourself.

    Best wishes.

    • One step at a time girl. First is acknowledging she was wrong and after being so publicly for Keith this is going to take alot or deprogramming for her to accept her responsibility and not see it as the end of her life rather than the start.
      Can’t expect her to deprogramme everything in one post. She made a huge call to go against herself and Keith and her family for the last 20yrs.
      Focus on that. The rest will come.

  • Beautifully written Nicki if not a shock for an outsider who has been following you since The Vow was aired in the UK. My view watching both seasons was that the most frightening person to me was Moira Penza, who I felt was riding a bandwagon, and I couldn’t really understand why KR was sentenced to 120 years. American justice is frighteningly harsh. It’s hard to fathom how so many responsible adults were so complicit for so long until it suited them to get out. Why would someone creative like Mark Vicente, give up his life as a film maker for a human program? Because to me, the whole program was invalid as it was about humans and seemed to have no mind of the suffering of animals and environmental destruction. Nature didn’t seem to come into it at all. That is my benchmark as I was in a semi cult 20 years ago, but I have no interest in humans obsessing over themselves.

    I wish you so much good fortune and happiness going forward. I felt that ‘your side ‘ was the side that had as much validity but I respect your decision to move forward with your life. Love and light xxx

      • Thanks for this! I’ve realised now from this thread that I am not as well informed as those who have been more deeply embedded in this story. I watched the Vow very carefully twice through and the YouTube Dossier Projects but this thread is helping me gain a larger picture.

        Although clearly an odious man, still can’t really understand why a lot of Keith’s actions were ‘illegal’. Nor do I understand why Camilla and Daniela’s parents aren’t accountable for child endangerment. Hopefully I’ll discover this soon.

  • I am so happy for Nicki. Truly. I wish her nothing but the best on her individual pursuit of happiness.

  • He clearly did a number on all of them. I just hope the others wake up eventually, it’s only a matter of time. Keith’s abused enough people, the sooner they let him rot in prison, the better for everybody.

  • It sounds like you have been through a difficult experience and have come to some realizations about Keith Raniere and NXIVM. It takes a lot of courage to speak openly about your past beliefs and experiences, and to re-evaluate them in light of new information. It’s important to acknowledge that you were misled and manipulated, and that you were not at fault for what happened to you. It’s also important to remember that you are not alone in your experience, and there are many resources available to help you heal and move forward. If you need support, there are many organizations and professionals who can provide you with guidance and assistance.

  • “It’s implausible to believe that the long trail of Keith’s victims over several decades, many who had no connection to one another, were all lying and seeking illicit rewards.”

    Bravo Nicki. Probably the single most important passage in Nicki’s entire statement. If only the others would accept this realization.

  • I’m reminded of the second season of the Vow when Nancy Salzman was being interviewed. While she acknowledged that Reiniere was wrong, she was holding on to the idea of that ESP provided a positive service for people.
    I think that Ms. Clyne may be in a similar situation. It’s going to take her a while to really come to terms with everything. The things she did for Keith, the interviews she gave and whatnot.
    This is her journey and she’s going to have to take it.

    • Yes. Remember that at the end, Nancy was talking to the therapist and after the therapist told her that the curriculum was built to do harm, Nancy said she was “resistant” to what she said about it. I don’t know what she thinks today but I wonder if it’s the same with Nicki.

  • So basically it’s now back to the old tired “I was only 23 and didn’t know what I was doing and the much smarter MAN talked me into sex I didn’t want to have…” I hope you’re not gonna peddle some feminist women’s empowerment bullshit after this ridiculous letter. Also you say you’re not writing this out of anger or victimhood but it’s all over the page.

    Terrible letter. I guess we will see you on “A Little Bit Culty” soon.

    • So, Daya, where is it “all over the page”? There are 34 paragraphs. How about 5 examples?
      Of course, I’m so sure when you were 23 you really were a person of the world, huh? Knew it all. And I bet you’ve had a wonderful life devoid of fuck-ups, successful all the way. I so envy people like you – so self-assured and full of shit.

      • Ratb

        “ I’m so sure.”
        As if. Oh my gaaaawd! Gag me like totally with a spoon. Ohmeh gaahhh!”

        • Joe’s Garage – great album.

          Not sure Nicki was a crew slut though. For the first 12 years she wasn’t even aware he was fucking all the other women, and she was reputedly pretty pissed when she found out. But by that time she was sucked in, and leaving was almost unthinkable.

    • Maybe due to the tremendous mindfuck known as cult indoctrination aka abusive manipulation and coercive control?

      • So…that wasn’t a good move, eh?

        Some apologies are in order and some blackmail over due to be returned.

  • This proves your strength. Even though you have spent years being influenced by him and his followers, you haven’t lost yourself. I’m proud of you and support your growth. Know that you are not alone. Many of us have lost our way or have been mislead. I hope you find peace. 💜

  • I have always been in YOUR corner. I cannot say I have been in his, though I continue to pray that he and any still swayed by his influence come to understand the depth and impact of his misguidance. I am so happy for your liberation from it, and am impressed by the humility with which you share this with the world. I wish you only the best.

      • (Author of the 3/30 9:35am comment here) Perhaps not. But perhaps. We cannot know another person’s soul, no matter how accurately we can suspect. Until our last breath, we can all have a “Damascus Road” moment–even him.

  • CONGRATS Nicki — I am so happy for you!! I can only imagine what you went through to get to this place, and I’m sorry for the pain you’ve endured, but the fact you ARE at this place of renouncing Keith Raniere gives hope to all survivors of coercive control, malignant narcissists, and undue influence. I hope someday, when you’re ready, you share your story on #igotout: We can all learn from you. You are a shining light and I wish you peace and joy in your recovery.

  • I hope to see you heal and move forward with your life, Nikki. If this is a genuine change of heart, stay brave and strong. I’m sure you understand how many may distrust what seems from the outside to be a quick change in your feelings and understanding, but time will change that if you are in earnest. Just look at the others that left before and are in the spotlight like you. I hope, after you’ve had some time to focus on yourself, you find purpose in helping get others out of this and similar situations, and help the world continue to understand how these deep manipulations work. All the best for your healing journey ahead.

  • Nicki,

    I am glad that you have found the strength to leave your abuser. I know many won’t understand and they will ask questions that to them, have obvious answers like “Why did you stay even after he was in jail?”. Unless you’ve been there or studied high control groups and abusive, controlling relationships, it’s hard to wrap your head around the prison the abuser has built around you.

    Since it’s a prison you helped him/her construct, you have feelings of guilt and shame. You try to rationalize your life, rationalize some of your choices by telling yourself, well this wasn’t true or real but this part was because it’s hard to grasp that so much of your life was a complete lie.

    I can tell you are still early in this process and it will take time and work but you will come out the other side and life will be okay again. You will rediscover the person you were before you were reprogrammed by abuse and manipulation. Just know there are people rooting for you to succeed. I know some don’t get it but some of us do.

    Wishing you all the best,


    • Well said Lisa. Judging by all the comments, I’d say the overwhelming majority of us get it and are fully behind Nicki on her decision.

  • Nice start, but you aren’t there yet. Maybe you will be able to look closer at the organization with a more honest and critical eye and look at your claims that things were false and exaggerated as a continued example of the cohesive control and indoctrination you experienced. Best of luck to you during your transition out of the cult and out of the control of a psychotic, narcissistic sociopath.

  • If this is genuine, and at this point, there is no reason to think that it’s not, Ms Clyne is in for a long journey of reevaluating her past beliefs and positions. Anyone who wakes up and decides to leave a religion or a high control cult, (and in my humble opinion, there’s not a whole hell without the difference between the two) find them self asking “why did I think that?” Or “why did I say that as if I wholeheartedly believed when I had my doubts?“
    That’s a scary journey. But it’s also a wonderful one. I wish her luck.

  • I’m glad to read this from you, Nicki. There are some excellent people who’ve also left Nxivm and know where to find the best resources to help you disentangle from the past decade. It won’t be easy, but it’ll be worth it. And you have the right to be less “online” during this process if it helps you.

  • Of course she deleted the hours and hours of dossier project videos where she speaks about how women blamed their actions on Keith to get money podcasts attention not be held accountable for their bad acts etc etc because now she the one doing it. Worlds greatest hypocrite right here folks.

    • Whatever bad stuff Nicki did, she can never be called a hypocrite: she always believed in what she was doing, but now admits she was misguided. She’s an example to us all in how to be honest, and this decision shows temerity..

      • That’s actually not accurate to what Nicki says in her above statement.

        She said that she wished Keith would leave her alone and let her go in peace and then she continued to stand up for him and berate the other people publicly who left Keith and whom were brave and went to court and testified. That is not somebody who truly believed what she was doing was right at the time she was doing it.

        Those people Nicki continued to malign are the very people who got Keith locked up so that Nicki could be free of vanguard. For which Nicki owes them an enormous debt but has so far only repaid them by contstantly calling them liars and making fun of them and their searing pain.

        It’s wonderful for her to acknowledge the part that Frank played in getting Keith put into prison but there are other people, like India for instance, who suffered enormously under Keith’s tyranny. And India’s beautiful mother that worked tirelessly to get Keith locked up and Nicki has done nothing but viciously attack and try to discredit them.

        Nicki was brutal in defense of her Vanguard. Just really truly ruthless and awful. Time to own up and make amends.

        A true awakening would have started with an apology for everyone she’s hurt so badly. She’s got a way to go on this journey. No matter how much she deletes content the internet is forever and she has caused a lot of damage with her public attacks on women.

        • I know where you’re coming from, Anon 10.07am, but I’m not sure we can expect an overnight volta face. She’s taken an extremely brave and momentous step which cannot be overstated. It’s taken India years to come to terms with her experience, and she admits even now she’s not yet completely out of the woods. India was only involved for a small fraction of Nicki’s time.

          • Thank you anon @4:31 pm that’s a completely Fair comment and because you were measured and kind you actually make me think as opposed to the people who respond just by attacking and calling names thank you I will take this under advisement

    • Would you not expect that one of the first things she would do upon reaching the conclusion that they are NOT liars to be removing the materials where she says that they ARE? That’s not hypocrisy if it is a genuine change of mind. I will grant that time may be required to convince others that the change of mind is genuine, but leaving those materials up would cast more doubt than removing them does.

      • No. One of the first things to be “expected” after publicly accusing other people of lying over and over and over again for years would be an equally public apology to those Nicki had maligned, bullied, harassed, mocked and emotionally injured.

        She attacked their character, their motives and accused them of perjury. Time to right that wrong.

        • “Expected” or “desired?” I have rarely apologized in public when I thought I had done someone wrong. I have reached out to the person, and I have reached out to God. It is THEM whom I have done wrong, not every tom, dick and harry. If need be, I have STATED publicly that I did wrong (as Nicki did here). But the apology is not for the public. It’s for the person to whom harm was done.

    • Yeah coz she r3alised she was wrong…. the dichotomy within a person when you come up for air from a cult is insane. I can understand if you have not experienced this thay you may think it is hypocritical, but if you understand how the brain and cult brainwash works you will notice this js the start of deprogramming and something to be hugely praised. Unless you want someone to stay in an abusive sex cult forever?? The line between victim and perpetrator is much more blured than most would like to admit.

    • Mark Vincete is probably nervous…

      …..Because now Nicki Clyne is free to speak her mind!

      I’m sure she has shit she couldn’t say before now.

  • You all have to believe me that he’s good! Two days later You all have to believe me that he’s bad!

    And we are to trust her????

    Get a new gig Nicki. You’re embarrassing yourself even more than you already have. An actress indeed.

    • Out of the night that covers me,
      Black as the pit from pole to pole,
      I thank whatever gods may be
      For my unconquerable soul.

      William Ernest Henley

  • Wasn’t she just making statements in the media literally last week in unending support of him. Now this sudden 180. I’m dizzy. Going to find a different story to follow. This one just feels like all smoke and mirrors from one opportunist after another. Nicki though is the darkest since she’s literally been describing how and why people do this for the last few years (spoiler alert it’s for fame fortune and freedom from jail time)

    • If she was into fame and fortune, she never would have signed up in the first place. There’s never been any question of jail time since the indictments were finalized years ago, and the lawsuit is a joke.

      • Yeah but that doesn’t really make any sense because a lot of people signed up for those classes because ESP used celebrities to draw people in. And if a person was already in entertainment and the whole idea of the program it’s right in the name was that you would have more success which would of course lead to..Greater Fame and Fortune. One of the pillars of ESP was that they should control more money because ESP devotees were more ethical people. Wealth definitely factored in to this coercive control group. That’s not very nice to tell people who suffered damages and were badly hurt by this cult that their lawsuit is a joke. I don’t really consider people who are forced to pose in child sexual abuse materials and molested for years or kept in a room funny.

        • Certainly not funny I agree. Nicki was as much a victim IMO as Daniela and Camila, though she still doesn’t see herself as one. That will take time.
          As you say, it was a coercive control group and she was part of a group that were coercively controlled over a very long period.

          The lawsuit is a joke in that it’s aimed at such a wide array of people that it lacks focus. There should really be only 3 defendants: KAR and the Bromfmans, the CEO and his wilful backers. That’s how the plaintiffs will get justice. Clyne only recruited a single person into DOS and that person worked from an office in Vancouver owned by Sarah Edmondson, the lead plaintiff.

          • John thanks for responding with politeness and intelligence. That made me listen and understand more.

          • Absolutely KR & the Bronfman
            Should be the focus , Does Sarah
            Bronfman have to appear?

          • John your comment is a good one but absolutely cannot agree that children who are brought into a coercive control cult by their own parents and groomed by the leader starting at age 13 are on par as victims with a successful woman in her twenties who puts herself into that situation in terms of victimization.

            Anyway it’s not a contest who was abused the most or the worst but equalizing all of the abuse sort of negates the horror of what some of the most vulnerable (because they were children) experienced.

            Not being able to have any kind of agency at all to leave and your entire family is under Keith’s control really cannot be overstated as the height of a nightmare situation. For a child. But again it was awful for many many people. Rhiannon was 12. It’s just not the same thing as being a 23 year old woman who signed up for this even if it turned out to go horribly wrong for that woman.

        • Wait……this made me laugh. Fame and fortune???? I never heard of her in my life until NXIVM was branded a sex cult and she was a firm supporter of Keith, Nancy, Lauren, and Michelle. She was a nobody until NXIVM came tumbling down.

    • No matter what she does, you will criticize her. If she stays with Raniere, she is bad. If she leaves, she is bad. Your wisdom is only exceeded by your courage to put your name behind your mouth.

        • She will be fine and not criticized if she disavows the Salzman 3 and vows NEVER to contact them or anyone from NXIVM / DOS ever again and promises to never do coaching ever again and makes an official apology to the many people she hurt and manipulated. In other words, disavow ALL OF IT…and not just one man. NXIVM was a culmination and work effort of many people, not just Keith.

      • And thats the picture you painted EVERYONE into, Mr. Parloto.
        Sad, you couldn’t have taken Raniere on in duel like Luftman suggests..

  • Oh wow. A plot twist. Nothing to do with the fact that she’s being sued for all the harm she caused others. But hey, the formula works. Blame Kieth and get out of jail free. Really sad to see this dog and pony show she’s putting on. General public, don’t be fooled.

  • Ends statement where she’s finally playing the victim card after saying for years how bad it is that women play the victim card by saying she’s not playing the victim card.

    *Scratches head *

  • Saying you’re free on the Frank Report instead of on your own platforms show just how not free you are. I hope you get some serious help.

  • So let me get this straight .. you spent the last 5 years speaking out against all of the women who said Kieth abused them WHILE you knew that he had been abusive to you for 18 years and “made your life miserable”. This is absolutely godforsaken psychopathic if you ask me. And you’re tone seems to be that we should believe and applaud you???? If you are doing this to better your reputation I can assure you it is not working.

      • For one thing she posted a photo of India saying she lied on her Twitter. Guess she thought that was pretty clever. What a b****

      • Her stance has always been that the defectors were all lying and breaking their vows. That all the women in DOS knew everything about the brand.

          • Cool cool. Well now she’s allegedly not and she should let those people know that they are not liars and they’re not a joke and she feels bad for s******* on them when they left Keith and talked about their experiences being damaged and abused by him

  • Good for you Nicki, very well thought out and very well written. Best of luck to you and your future. We all learn the hard way, but once we shed the weight, we thought we needed but we really do not, we can approach a future with more grace and stamina. May every day from now on, be the first day of your life. Cheers.

  • “Believe me” asks the woman who refused to believe other women. Including those who were sexually abused as children.

    Now. Believe me now. Nicki not too long ago told the Sun news outlet Raniere was “kind” to her. Was she lying then? Is she lying now? Nicole has done nothing but attack other women who have come forward about sexual assault and abuse even in so many cases that have nothing to do with Keith. Or her.

    “Believe me now”. Nicki Clyne was just this past couple of weeks posting about a case of coercive control and abuse that has nothing to do with Nicki or Keith.

    Nicki you have also changed your story. Who are you to attack these women?

    Nicki has used her goodwill from Battlestar Galactica and her celebrity as a bully pulpit to just hammer women who were already suffering.

    That behavior was atrocious and has nothing to do with ESP or her time there. Nicki has a lot of people to apologize to that aren’t even connected to the cult.

    Nicki ralied her mostly male fans to target these abuse victims and mock and berate them. Now Nicki’s supporters want her treated with kid gloves? What about all of her calls for women to be treated as having agency? And being open to real feedback? These are the kinds of things Nicki has promoted non-stop for 5 years publicly. Isn’t it natural to assume that is how Nicki wants to be treated now?

    • There’s an awful lot of stuff Nicki has had swirling round her head. It’s easy for us to say “I’d never join a cult” or “No way I’d have done/said that!” Shit happens to people all the time, and good people can often end up doing bad shit. 80% of Russians with family in Ukraine believe their relatives there have been brainwashed. Nicki spent 18 years being bombarded with Raniere BS, and as a coach had to teach it. You got to give her some credit for changing her mind about Raniere so publicly.

      In time she may well come round to changing her views on other stuff as well and realizing the hurt that was done to people. She’s taken a massive step and that tends to be followed by many more smaller ones over time. Right now she needs our support and understanding, not more recriminations and virtue signaling judgmentalism.

      • Was open to what you were saying until you conveniently tried to end the conversation by bringing up a tired buzzword phrase of virtue signaling. She has told people how she wants to be treated and she wants other people to treat women who come forward with changing Tales of abuse. Everyone judges everyone it’s impossible to completely suspend your judgment. Wish her the best but also wish these other people the best and she has really publicly dragged people over exactly what she is doing now it’s hypocritical and it was very unkind and mean spirited. It would do a lot for her to not just use her words now and use action and make amends for being so quick to judge other people which is exactly what you just accused the above comment of doing. For The Last 5 Years this woman has declared herself an expert on women’s issues and wanted to have a huge conversation about accusations and men and women’s role in their abuse. These comments are merely fulfilling that request that she has made publicly every single day. It’s not your job to shut the conversation down.

        • I’m aware of all the stuff she’s been saying over the last 5 years. I believe what she’s trying to do is come to terms with and address her past beliefs and actions, and I think it’s important people allow her the space to do just that. When you try to chart another course in life with a changed mindset, the most important guide you’re going to have is ultimately yourself. External recrimination can hinder that process.

          • But in order to truly be forgiven and truly forgive yourself you must first be accountable. Obviously the point is to move through all this and come out better. That cannot happen without accountability

          • I believe that sadly the person she’s most accountable to is herself, and I pray that part of her can forgive the other

    • So, are you saying that she should be treated the way that she treated other women because treating women that way is wrong? What would you say is the right way those women should have been treated? Should Nicki then be treated that way?

  • Thank you, Frank, for helping Nicki. I hope on her journey toward health she will set aside all self-blame and more fully understand coercive persuasion and how everyone one of us is vulnerable to that. I hope she knows she is not alone. None of this is her fault.

    • Nicki put a foot in the right direction. She still has a lot of apologizing to do and she needs to make sure she flushes out every nxivm/dos person from her life. THEN she will be completely healed and forgiven.

  • Assuming that this is true, I wish Nicki the best in her journey of healing.
    I’m guessing that since Frank has occasionally piped in with his “more to come from Nicki” teases that he knows much much more about this and what exactly was the turning point for this reversal of allegiance.
    I am also very curious to know if Sarah E, Nippy, or Mark V have any thoughts about this (and not post as Anonymous). And what in the world do poor, sad Suneel and Marc Elliott think about this? Inquiry minds want to know….

    • We’ll just have to watch the next instalment of A little bit culty. I hear Suneel has returned to his planet

      • Babe you really have a bee in your bonnet about ALBC podcast hey!! 😅🤣🤣 start your own Iif you have such an issue!!

  • I would like to thank Nicki Clyne for mentioning Aphantasia ion social media. I was curious and googled it only to find that I was at last able to recognise what I had suffered from since birth. Thank You Nicki.

  • I’m not entirely convinced by this sudden turnaround by Nicki. An old friend of mine had a saying. It was “You’re sound but you’ve got to progress” Unfortunately he didn’t take his own advice. RIP Middie. 🎸🕯️

  • Nicki Clyne is a good writer. It seems like a lot of thought went into composing this piece, It is carefully structured and precisely worded. It deserves a close reading.

    It begins with two short declarative paragraphs, of only three sentences total, that have impact and get straight to the point. It begins:

    “I have changed my position on Keith Raniere.” Note the word choice: she has changed her position. Not reversed, nothing as radical as that, just changed. Modified.

    How changed? She no longer thinks he is “of noble character”. As criticisms of Keith Raniere go, that’s pretty mild. I mean, the guy’s a sex trafficker who had women branded with his initials. He’s in prison serving a 120 year sentence. Saying he lacks “noble character” is pretty much a kiss on the cheek.

    Again, Clyne’s choice of words is significant. She’s a good writer, and this is not some hastily scribbled clumsy Tweet, open to being misunderstood. She expresses herself precisely and well, and I think it’s important to attend to exactly what she says and also to what she doesn’t say. As a longtime critic of Clyne I feel I owe her that.

    And she does venture as far as renouncing Raniere. Note though that renouncing is not the same as denouncing. Word choice is important. And why is she renouncing him?
    “I have come to certain realizations about my past decisions and views, which leave me with no choice but to renounce the man who influenced them”

    “Certain realizations”. Leaving her no choice. As renunciations go, it’s all rather vague. She doesn’t even name “the man”, Raniere, whom she (affectionately?) refers to by his first name consistently throughout this essay.

    And what form will this renunciation take?
    “I will no longer publicly support or try to free him”

    Note the qualifier “publicly”. Why not just “I will no longer support or try to free him”? The word is there for a reason. Here it’s worth noting that later in her statement she brings up, at relative length, the supposed issue of alleged FBI tampering in his criminal trial. She says she intends “to continue my advocacy for the humane treatment of people in prison and promote a fairer system of justice.
    If it is true, as credible experts have claimed, that the FBI was complicit in fabricating evidence to convict Keith Raniere, I support its exposure and the holding of those responsible accountable” And I suppose if that public advocacy results in Raniere’s criminal conviction being overturned and him being freed from prison, that isn’t technically publicly working to free him. Technically.

    As I say, Nicky Clyne is a skilled writer. She knows rhetoric.

    And what I’m doing here is not nitpicking. I’m giving it a close reading. Which it deserves, since I think it was carefully written by a smart person.

    Moving on:
    “I intend to continue my advocacy for the humane treatment of people in prison and promote a fairer system of justice.”
    What’s going on with this statement? The only “people” her advocacy has encompassed to date is Keith Raniere. Clyne’s legal wife is imprisoned in this allegedly inhumane prison system, this purported gulag, and there has been nary a peep from Clyne on the subject.

    What gets left out of this carefully worded statement is as important as what got put into it. She references Keith Raniere by name 20 times here, almost always familiarly by his first name only. She mentations none of the other Nxivm people, not once. Three of them are in prison just like her Keith.

    Taking Clyne at her own word, it seems that her priorities have changed very little.

  • When KR went to jail, the collaterals were in the possession of one of his ‘lieutenants’. That person was mooted to be Nicki (how was Suneel able to get hold of some photos?). Of the ‘Dossier’ project members, NC was the one that was in the ‘inner circle’ (the others were either on the periphery or didn’t even know DOS existed). So who still has access?
    If NC is truly distancing herself from Nxivm and all things Raniere, she needs to return collaterals to the women/turn them over officially to authority and prove that she really is walking away with ‘clean hands’ (as far as is possible).
    Also in the unlikely case that there is a retrial, will NC offer herself as a witness for the prosecution?
    I’d like to believe NC has turned a corner, but until the important issue of the collaterals is resolved I’ll withold judgment. You just don’t walk away from a mess and not help clean it up.

      • Frank,
        If someone wants to call you on the phone, would that conversation be private or recorded?

        Will it later be posted if no permission is given?

        • Unless you threaten me it is not recorded. It generally will be on the record or off the record as the person wishes.

          But since people often call to threaten their expectation of privacy disappears that minute.

      • Don’t know you Frank but hope Nicki isn’t just exchanging Keith for you telling her what to say and how to say it. Does she still believe women can’t be victims of abusive men? Is she still defending Marilyn Manson? Does she still think Keith was railroaded by the FBI? How much is the upcoming civil case impacting this? Does she understand that many people don’t trust her about face? She is still speaking Keith speak in her announcement.

      • Frank what about claims that you published here that Suneel and Nicki had some kind of “proof” that Camilla was lying about being sexually assaulted as a child and forced to participate in child sexual assault materials because they had some photos of Camilla where she appeared “happy”?

        Isn’t that exactly what Nicki is claiming here about herself? That she had to pretend to be happy and put on a fake front?

        If Nicki knew full well that she was being false in her “happy” demeanor how could Nicki come in so harshly stating publicly multiple times (which really was a veiled tlhreat about releasing more collateral) that Nicki posessed so-called proof that Camilla was actually happy and content in her relationship with Keith? Because of emails, texts and were camilla was certainly faking it to avoid punishment from Keith? Just. Like. Nicki.

        There was also the participation and threatening to out publicly Jane Does. Which the dead-enders actually had to go to court and answer for so that’s not just an opinion that’s something that absolutely happened.

        There’s a lot more (using collateral here as a pun of course) collateral damage then just what happened in the time they were all actively part of the Nxivm community. Hope you’re “counseling” Nicki Clyne about righting those wrongs too.

        • Pretty sure Frank’s up to his neck so I’ll do my best…
          Think you’re talking about the photo of Camila taken when she was an adult, which they claimed showed no appendix scar. Could have been photoshopped out, who knows.
          They were all told to be happy for the camera in the nude photo sessions (see Lauren’s testimony). Keith would make them retake the photos otherwise.
          Think there may be a chance now that whatever collateral Nicki might be in possession of will either be handed over or destroyed. No good to her now.
          Pretty much all the Jane Does have now released their names anyway.
          Whether Nicki’s interested or not in counseling is a matter for her I guess.

      • This is a positive start. Nicki has been traumatized and victimized by Keith the same way countless others have been. I hope through therapy and time Nicki’s opinions will continue to evolve and she will be able to fully understand how her actions could have affected others negatively and she can come to terms with all of it and move forward.

        • That’s very generous of you Nicki Clyne did not show the same kindness, compassion, empathy or generosity of spirit to the other women who were severely abused by Keith (including as children).

  • “Little did I know that this would lead to 18 years of suffering, self-rejection, and the sacrifice of my own wants, desires, and priorities. I say this not for sympathy, and I am not seeking retribution. I have no one to blame but myself and my myopic view that Keith was the ultimate guide for my spiritual advancement.”

    Thats the problem Miss Nicki. When folks give thereselves over to something like that they lose part of thereselves and cant no longer see straight. You a mighty strong person to see that now no matter what nobody says. You have yourself back now and you in charge. God love you

  • “If it is true, as credible experts have claimed, that the FBI was complicit in fabricating evidence to convict Keith Raniere, I support its exposure and the holding of those responsible accountable.”

    Lot of red flags throughout, including this. Vague mention of ‘credible experts’ to cast a very different tone over the whole piece. This feels like a $3 bill.

      • Doesn’t anybody think that if there was tampering that maybe someone else that was pissed at KR could have done it if it is indeed as easy as they say? He had a lot of enemies by that time and the pictures in question weren’t found till so many months later. Anybody could have done it. Didn’t have to be authorities. All of the Espians were tech savvy, right? Broaden ya’lls horizons. Any thoughts, or am I totally off base?

        • I suppose that could be true, Natalie hacked in without permission as did Sarah., not judgment, just fact, also Daniella had mad skills however the broken chain of custody is definitely an issue. !

          • Yes. I am not making light of it, just pointing out that many haters were out there by the time he was arrested etc.

        • I’m right there with you. There were so many tech savvy people who had a bone to pick with Keith/NXIVM. But only a very very few who may have had access to those pictures (because even if the dates weren’t legit, the pics were)…. If they were planted, the FBI is not at the top of my list for doing it.

          • I agree. They didn’t need it to make a case. And they wouldn’t have waited so long. They are professionals as the deadenders have pointed out about their own paid professionals. This doesn’t seem so well thought out.

      • Accountable for what? The FBI did their job. You freaks aren’t going to still keep pushing that fabrication are you? That’s what makes this sudden reversal seem like just another tactic.

        Now it’s going to be,” I renounced Keith but I still think the FBI cheated.” You’ve had five years to prove it and you haven’t been able to! Give it up, move on, the dudes a child molester .Vanguard created child sexual abuse materials.

        All the other women who came forward and the dossier project mocked making stupid little memes saying they were liars, were and are, telling the truth.

        Those dossier women were awful to the other abused women and now everyone wants to treat this particular woman like she’s some little fragile piece of glass it’s ridiculous. Nicki’s out there everyday, all say tweeting and retweeting mean things about other women.

        Females Nicki doesn’t even know. Talking smack on women in general, saying they’re liars and they have a weak character and are princesses who can’t be trusted and they can’t handle honest feedback, well this is Nicki’s big chance to prove that she can practice what she preaches. And preaches. And good Lord preaches some more for years now.

        If the dossier project is as principled as they claim to be, they’re going to have to examine Ms. Clyne’s change of heart, as well. If they’re going to call all of these other women out as liars and worse they need to take a good hard look at their fallen leader Nicki Clyne.

        • Agree with you Anon. It does seem clear though that the FBI did not properly check the photos and may have been in breach of some of their own protocols, but I guess that happens all the time. Where I think they could tighten things up is to have independent internal affairs departments for all federal agencies to ensure accountability.

          • The FBI does has an internal affairs division, the Office of Professional Responsibility.

          • The OPR is part of the DOJ and actually supervised by the FBI; it’s only responsible for investigating DOJ lawyers accused of misconduct/crime in carrying out their duties.

            Though it’s overseen by Congress and answerable to the DOJ and AG, we all know that’s political!

            Maybe a beefed up comprehensive oversight body is long overdue? Hard to see that getting through Congress in the current climate though.

  • I’m so pleased to see that you’ve turned a corner in this situation. I wish you all the best as you continue on your healing journey ❤️

    • We’ll see if this is just another self-centered move by a self-centered cult member to relieve themselves of accountability while holding others accountable for those things and speaking of those things like they matter except when they don’t because they’ll negatively impact them.

  • i hope nicki clyne will shut my mouth, prove me wrong. I swear, I’m rooting for her, so that this slave phase, exploited by a psychopath, remains in the past.

    But when reading this text, the first thing that came to my mind is a (diabolical) plan by Keith Raniere. A way to get Allison and Nicki back together, and bring Allison back into his arms.

    I hope nicki broke free and allison never goes back to that outrageous condition

    • I’m withholding judgement right now. The timing seems suspicious to me, and I will wait to see what develops. One does not simply disavow someone on-line at this level, and say they’re done. They need to do more. Public presence, more media awareness, things like that. Not everyone reads the Frank Report. Just saying

  • Time to heal and take responsibility. Hope you find a supportive community and take advice from those who have found good therapists and professionals who can help you recover from the damage KR caused.

      • And Sarah is the one that sues Nicki.
        So its like :
        Ill get you into this mess and then after i leave and we get all this stuff out, im gonna sue YOU ..
        That makes totally sense !!

      • Sarah pulled Nicki into NXIVM. Despite the fact that there was a lot of controversy surrounding it as an organization, it was still considered a legitimate self-help business with a Tax ID for many years.

        Nicki was above Sarah in DOS, a secretive group within NXIVM, that only a select few knew the true machinations of.

        So no. Different contexts.

  • Awesome Nicki. I still hope our creative paths will cross one day.

    Continue the inner work my friend. You got this.

  • Nicki, you are a beautiful soul. I admire you for being vulnerable to share this. Ignore the haters. Anyone who would cast stones at you for such a heartfelt willingness to share what you think you may have been wrong about is a person who is not comfortable with their own failings. So they find it easier to cast aspersions than remove the log from their own eye. Pay them no mind. Much love for you, lady.

    • Well said, Keri. I’m sure Nicki’s resilience will get her through this as she sets a new and more fulfilling course in her life.

  • “I am not writing this with anger or regret. For whatever reason, this was a path I chose.”

    Unfortunately, Nicki, this was not the path you chose, but the path that was chosen for you. Whether it’s Einstein’s theory of special relativity, or quantum mechanical superdeterminism, the likelihood is that our paths are laid out before us.

    In 1992 when Clicky was nine (in-joke), an erstwhile compatriot of hers, Leonard Cohen, released what many believe to be his finest album, ‘The Future’. The title song paints a dystopian vision of the end of the world, which not surprisingly, resonates with many people during these turbulent times. Coincidentally, its descriptions go beyond the prophetic to the prescient in their outline of the aftermath of a DOS-like dystopia. One could easily imagine Raniere singing the first verse from his prison cell whilst recalling past exploits:

    “Give me back my broken night
    My mirrored room, my secret life
    It’s lonely here
    There’s no one left to torture.
    Give me absolute control
    Over every living soul
    And lie beside me, baby –
    That’s an order.”

    The chorus itself underscores the unapologetic position of a clearly psychopathic Raniere:

    “When they said repent, repent, repent, repent
    I wonder what they meant”

    Eerily, even the antics outside the MDC are alluded to:

    “You’ll see a woman
    Hanging upside down
    Her features covered by her fallen gown
    And all the lousy little poets
    Coming round
    Tryin’ to sound like Charlie Manson
    Yeah, the white girls dancin'”

    But in contrast to the bleakness of the ‘The Future’, it is a later song on that album, ‘Anthem’, which provides grounds for optimism. And when I listen to this song, it always reminds me of Nicki Clyne because I have always believed there’s hope for her.

    In his last days Cohen referred to it as perhaps the greatest song he ever wrote, some endorsement for a man with such a back catalogue.

    Its main theme is about coming to terms with your past and making peace with yourself, turning yourself to focus on the now; don’t worry about the future, what is yet to be – carpe diem! It’s something all of us should do at one time or another, and something that I believe we should keep doing often. And I don’t mean that in some perverse Nietzschean way of pretending you’re an ubermenschen and masochistically just striving for your own goals in the here and now, for nothing is ever perfect. Cohen meant enjoy the moment, but don’t waste your time striving for perfection because there’s no such thing.

    This theme is of course eternal, but rarely has it been expressed so beautifully and poignantly in the refrain below and throughout:

    Ring the bells that still can ring
    Forget your perfect offering
    There is a crack, a crack in everything
    That’s how the light gets in

    After all, as any good particle physicist will tell you, the present is all we have – the rest is all just entropy, which creates our illusion of both time and space.

  • WOW that’s a total 180 not totally convinced it’s in earnest, one day your in and the next you’re out . It will take more than one letter on the FR to convince me this is nothing but a ploy , Nicki can start by revealing all the pseudonyms she has used ,pull back a bit of the onion.

  • Wishing you all the best Nicki, onwards and upwards.
    Every passing second is another chance to turn it all around.

  • This seems to be a good thing. Why, I wonder, though is Frank the hero when your close friends Sarah and Nippy have been baring (bearing? ) their souls and speaking the truth for years?

  • Well done nicky I’m so happy for you
    I hope you can find a way to let it all go and get back to enjoying life

  • I am so happy for you. Like you, I had connected with an abusive and manipulative leader when I was 23 years old and hoping for spiritual growth, and it took me another 23 years to finally leave. Since leaving, my whole world has opened up for the better in every way, while also including much unpacking of the dynamics of what happened and recognizing that I have complex PTSD from the chronic abuse. I wish you strength, clarity and ultimately, the re-claiming of your life’s joy.

  • Very brave of you Nicki
    You know Mr R.only picked up good and intelligent people to do his dirty work
    I’ll never judge you because of what you were…. Time to heal now and do the real good work helping people
    Only sending you love 💕💪
    Thank you Franck and Nicki

  • April Fool’s Day is coming soon.

    Is Nicki going to be the leader of the cult Sexium?
    Did Nicki clear this shift with Claire Bronfman?

    • Good question. Was Nicki financially supported by Clare?

      I have asked this question several times: who are financial beneficiaries of Bronfman money?

      Potter, Asswiper Suneel, who else that we know of?

        • Oh that’s right! She is representing herself. Yep, makes now. She must have declined Clares request to wipe her nasty behind. I think Nicki is untethered from all things NXIVM at this point. Can’t wait to see what comes up next few weeks.

  • News Flash!

    “Joe Biden says that Donald Trump is the greatest President in American History.”
    “Kamala Harris endorses Donald Trump for President in 2024.”

  • I felt a moral obligation to a community of people I knew to be good and well-intended.Nicki

    “The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Shadow1958

    Fess up, Nicki, you wrote under numerous pen names including “Pea Onyu”.
    Fess up, Nicki, you encouraged India Oxenberg to go home from New York and leave NXIVM.

    • “Pea Onyu”

      [redacted] unmasked it was [redacted]. It shouldn’t be a surprising because [redacted]. Now you havey your answer. Frank should have done an entire piece about [redacted].

  • oy Dossier Project women are on here spreading their incomprehensible blah blah blah nonsense. As for Nicki, I could see Keith telling her to do this to save her from the civil case. She SEX TRAFFICKED women amongst many other things and has not apologized for that. She doesn’t want that looked into because jail. The timing of this with the civil case is way too convenient.

  • I’m really happy to hear you’ve come to this position. I hope you continue your healing journey. Peace to you.

  • Some shockingly brutal comments.

    I very glad to read this. People live in delusion all the time. Nicki was obviously caught at a vulnerable time by a very extreme individual. There should be no shame in being exploited and abused – there should only be shame and judgement of the abuser.

    Hope Nicki never reads a lot of these comments.

    • You think Nicki is that fragile?
      Too bad that she hasn’t shown that kind of empathy to children who were raped by Keith and used in child sexual abuse materials. Yeah she was young but Camilla and Daniella and even Mariana were younger.

      And Nicki’s been brutal to two of them she also picks on strangers that she doesn’t even know and weighs in on whether or not they’re making false abuse accusations.

      If not for the actions of Sarah and India then Keith would still have a hold over this woman. But instead of being grateful or even just being quiet she’s done nothing but malign them for 5 years plus. And even in her above statement takes a jab. Again!

      I applaud Nicki getting out of his control but there’s no excuse for the way that she’s behaved towards other people.

      Even now why not just delete your social media and go stay with your family? Why try to capitalize on it and make it such a public spectacle when that’s the very very thing Nicole has completely criticized other people of for many years?

      Give back the collateral and apologize to the women that you’ve hurt publicly because you’ve shamed them publicly. Actions speak louder than extremely long press releases trying to exonerate yourself at a key moment before a civil action is resolved.

      • Agreed 100%, I will only believe this is real when I see the proof of it and see the actions that need to be taken for all the things she did do. Personally, she should be held accountable for all the horrible things she did in the name of KR, she helped him to abuse others and never once apologized for her role in that, which at this point she touts as being MORE than anyone like Sarah or Mark. Only time will tell.

        I hope for Nicki’s sake this is real, but it can only be because she wants/needs it, not because of what we think. Please seek therapy Nicki.

  • Nicki
    Did my recent video of a rainy walk through Vancouver make you home sick?
    Or did you finally fall in love with that other Vancouverite Carly Rae Jepsen?
    Shadow State

  • StevenJ
    March 28, 2023 at 10:17 am
    Nicki in full NXIVM mode only 9 days ago on the Brett Alan Show (YouTube)

    Is Nicki Clyne planning to take over NXIVM and run it as her own?
    I believe that Nicki’s taking and posting on the internet pictures of Puerto Vallarta 5 years ago was a deliberate, knowing plan to take down Raniere by signaling his presence in Puerto Vallarta.
    Notice that the US government has never moved to deport Nicki Clyne!
    Was Nicki secretly working with the FBI?
    Was Nicki getting revenge on Mack and Raniere for being dumped by Raniere and replaced by Mack as the chief girl friend of the Vanguard?

    Shadow: Nicki Clyne – the Smartest Woman in Nxivm?

    I dare the devious, clever Nicki Clyne to answer my belief!

    • Watched it – she just seemed to be going through the motions. There was no conviction in what she was saying

    • Former Doctor Daniella looks even older and more worn out than she usually does.


      They should be called The Past Their Prime Project.

  • Susan Dones, MA LMT
    Please go to the Frank Report & leave Nicki a positive message. She can use your support now. She will get blowback
    Quote Tweet
    Susan Dones, MA LMT
    Nicki Clyne leaves #keithraniere
    I’ve always said
    Never give up hope
    I stand behind Nicki Clyne
    I have talked with her about her decision

    Come stand with her

    Hopefully, others will follow
    Nicki Clyne Leaves Keith Raniere: Her Statement

  • Susan Dones, MA LMT
    Nicki Clyne leaves #keithraniere
    I’ve always said
    Never give up hope
    I stand behind Nicki Clyne
    I have talked with her about her decision

    Come stand with her

    Hopefully, others will follow
    Nicki Clyne Leaves Keith Raniere: Her Statement

  • Sahajo
    Unexpected turn of events in movies makes the story interesting. The same can be applied to real life.
    It’s important to feel all emotions deeply, just don’t get stuck in them.

    Feel them, process them and then move on.

  • Dr. Danielle Roberts
    My heart aches. My resolve is strong
    Quote Tweet
    The Dossier Project
    Replying to @nickiclyne
    The Dossier Project is still active. We don’t fully understand @nickiclyne’s reasons for leaving but we fully support her as a person. The women who make up the @thedossierproj remain friends who align on our previously-posted manifesto💪

  • Hmm… Such an articulate, detailed and compassionate post. And with the parting line, “more to come,” you have to wonder if there is a book deal in place ( or already signed). The good news for Nicki is she is more of a celebrity than Sarah E, and her story will be more controversial. Nicki will get a bigger advance than Sarah from the publisher. I’m sure Nicki will be pleased by that.

  • …it took you this long to figure all this out? 18 years with
    a charlatan and you couldn’t figure that out? Please never ever have children.

    • Wooooah hope your children never suffer any sort of trauma or rough experience coz God forbid they come up against your Rath!! Love the I don’t care if you were born without eyes how dare you not see!! Vibes!!
      Amazing!! 🤣🤣🤣

      • I don’t care what anyone says, Raniere had game like no other with women. When she expressed to him her biggest fear of him was him trying to have sex with her, he convinced her to overcome her fears — and she slept with him. Fucking brilliant. God damned fucking brilliant. I could try that six-ways-to-Sunday and strike out every time, but he managed to pull it off.

      • Julia, I think I get it.
        Four left by mid summer
        Life is too important to waste time on the Dossier Project

  • I wish I could say something encouraging but the truth is I don’t believe anything Nikki has written.

    Do I sense a book in the offing? Hmmmm….. Danielle definitely should tell her story. Her career was ruined by association with KR et al. Her story has a beginning, middle and end, with real consequences and pain.

    But Nikki?

    She liked Raniere now she doesn’t. She wasted a lot of time. Gosh! Almost as bad as 1000’s of actress/waitresses who spend 25 years going to auditions without ever landing a part. That’s life.

    An ex-television actress who still has her looks, living in Florida, and still beloved of the Bronfman sisters. I don’t see a problem.

    Did she have to take time off work to twerk over at MDC? How much out of pocket?

    Is she being turned down for roles because she engaged in kinky sex with a predator? That is Hollywood. What’s different?

    Sorry girl. Have to do better than the above to garner my sympathy.

    But I’m pretty sure that without YOU the entire Raniere saga will finally “go quietly into that good night.” The publicity antics will cease.

    Why don’t you tell us the good stuff?

    Put it in the screenplay.

  • Hello Nicki,

    I am very surprised. I don’t know what else to say.

    One thought comes to my mind though: does your invitation to me still stand?

    The answer and associated subsequent attitude would say a great deal about the core of the above post.

    I hope you will find inner peace regardless of your answer.


  • Michele Bari Hatchette
    ‘Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I will meet you there.’ – Rumi
    michelehatchette.comJoined January 2016

    Michele Bari Hatchette’s Tweets
    Michele Bari Hatchette Retweeted
    The Dossier Project
    The Dossier Project is still active. We don’t fully understand
    ‘s reasons for leaving but we fully support her as a person. The women who make up the
    remain friends who align on our previously-posted manifesto💪
    Quote Tweet
    Nicki Clyne
    This message may be surprising to some, but it is my true and authentic view, and has been a long time coming.

    • This is not a reversal of her position on Nxivm or “Keith”. The precise way she put it is that she has changed her position. The kernel of her criticism of him is that “Keith” failed to help her reach her goals. Not a word about him being a racketeer and DOS a criminal organization. Not a word of apology for her part in said criminal organization.

      This is why I’m not congratulating Clyne or praising her bravery or gushing about her “healing process”. She can go to the Devil for all I care.

      • I disagree with Aristotle for once. She has been duped by Keith, like do many, although she takes full responsibility.
        It’s better for her to break the chain then to be squeaky Clyne for the rest of her life. Get on with her life. It won’t be easy. But she has to apologize. For calling Camilla a lier. For calling other people who were hurt by Keith liers. She doesn’t have to do it right away, but she had to apologize.

      • Now the way I read it, AS, is that she’s come to a realisation that Raniere fucked her over so to speak, had no love for her, or anyone else for that matter, and although she never used the word, was clearly something of a psychopath.

        You have to admit that that represents a fairly significant change of tone at the very least. The fact that she has made this statement so openly on FR is quite unprecedented. Her other actions in closing down the various online platforms and channels without even telling her fellow travellers also speaks volumes.

        When the penny drops, the penny drops. What will it take for it to drop for you?

        • “You have to admit that that represents a fairly significant change of tone at the very least”

          Peter I agree with you. Her statement is a change of tone (less so of substance) and and it’s “fairly” significant, but not all that significant.

          And as you point out Clyne never used the word psychopath to describe Raniere. Nor words like criminal, sex trafficker, con man, extortionist, racketeer (all of which he is, in proven fact). Taking her at her own word, she still thinks her “Keith” was wrongly convicted. “Keith” may have done some bad things, she no longer thinks he’s the noble person she once took him for, he failed to help her reach her spiritual goals. And he was a selfish lover. That’s the extent of her criticisms of her “Keith”.

          Progress? Well sure, I guess. But I don’t give a flying fig for Clyne’s self-healing journey (puke). I don’t know the woman and I never watched Battlestar Galactica. It’s mildly interesting that this once-actress has modified her opinion of Raniere but that’s all it is, mildly interesting and kinda entertaining.

          People tend to drift away from cults after said cults implode. Some people take longer than others. It took this bobblehead five years so I’m not going to applaud her perspicacity or courage; frankly, she just looks pretty stupid for holding out so long.

          • OK, AS, of course I know where you’re coming from too. I do, however, genuinely believe this is both seismic and sincere.

            As you say, there’s a whole range of related issues she needs to address, but address them she will have to: once somebody confronts a core belief, everything else that’s predicated on that belief has to change too in order for our mental and moral schema re-establish congruence.

            This necessarily takes time, as we start to question all that does not fit together. Since her whole belief and value system was based on Raniere’s bullshit teachings, there’s going to be an awful lot of mental re-ordering to do, even right down to one’s political leanings.

            There’s also going to be a lot of negative emotions: regret, shame, guilt, revulsion, anguish, sorrow and pain. These will be tempered by renewed senses of optimism, equanimity, purposefulness, and a desire to right past wrongs, to feel and express remorse, and I hope a willingness to help others she may have hurt.

            There’s that old perpetrator-victim dichotomy that becomes obscured in cases like this. Allison Mack’s another example, even though I believe she was coerced into doing stuff even more antithetical to her nature. Sure, people have to be held accountable, and Mack got sentenced for her part. I do though believe her remorse was also genuine in the end, and the puppet-master got his just deserts for destroying so many young lives.

  • Artvoice

    Nicki Clyne Leaves NXIVM’s Keith Raniere
    March 28, 2023Frank Parlato
    “I was wrong about Keith Raniere. I no longer believe he is a noble man, nor do I believe he ever had my best interests at heart.” – Nicki Clyne
    Editor’s Note: This news first broke exclusively on Frank Report.

  • When Nicki quit, she took down Dossier Project website and put up a note that says, “Thank you for visiting our website. We are no longer active. ”

    She then closed the dossier project social media accounts, though somehow some of them are back up now. Sounds like Nicki really is out and she is completely distancing herself from all of it. The other six are still unshaken and made a statement about Nicki’s departure. How they can still hold on to all of this nonsense is simply mindboggling.

    • I firmly believe that the closer you have been to Keith, the easier it is to “wake up.” It surprised me that Nicki lasted this long before having the light switch go on. The remaining deadenders aren’t really inner circle and don’t necessarily have the first hand experiences with Keith that many perceive them to have. Hopefully, they will be open to focussing on the entire picture of Keith Raniere and not just the cherry picked version of Keith that makes him out to be a victim.

      • That’s a good observation, I hadn’t thought of that.

        With regards to Nicki, one thing always stood out to me and you could see it on her face and hear it in her voice, she really misses acting. I felt if anything was going to wake her up, it might be that. keith stole that from her. I hope she can get it back.

        You have to also wonder how this is going to affect Clare and Sara. Damon Brink too. Just all of them.

        • I really believe she was their raison d’etre. With her they were on the way out, without her they are noting

  • The Dossier Project
    🗣 Speaking the truth about NXIVM/DOS
    📰 We survived an international hate campaign and found strength on the other side

    The Dossier Project
    9 h
    The Dossier Project is still active. We don’t fully understand
    ‘s reasons for leaving but we fully support her as a person. The women who make up the
    remain friends who align on our previously-posted manifesto💪

    The Dossier Project
    9 h.
    The Dossier Project is still active. We don’t fully understand
    ‘s reasons for leaving but we fully support her as a person. The women who make up the
    remain friends who align on our previously-posted manifesto💪

    Nicki Clyne
    17 h.
    This message may be surprising to some, but it is my true and authentic view, and has been a long time coming.

  • Pfttt. “For 18 years I was an idiot, even after he was arrested and a bunch of FACTS came out, I was still an idiot. Seeing the light took another 5 years”. I look forward to Nicki’s next about-face.

    Keith Raniere is never getting out of prison and his remaining followers need to accept that.

    • It doesn’t matter how I feel about it. It’s none of my business. The only thing I’m hoping for is that she treats her friends with dignity and respect, and doesn’t talk down about them or scapegoat them. I don’t think she will do that.

      • Now it’s none of your business? Lol you’ve made stranger’s children your business over this fixation you have with Nxivm women. You’re a scatolgically obsessed clown.

        • I asked questions that mattered, and if those questions made you uncomfortable, too bad.

          Such as how belonging to this group makes one member such a danger to society that she isn’t allowed to work, but why another member who was far more involved and responsible wasn’t considered a danger to society in the slightest way.

          Despite her continuing to use the tactics she learned while in the group (if you’re not with us, you’re against us, threatening people who didn’t want to be a plaintiff in the lawsuit, etc) and taking zero responsibility for anything she participated in.

          • Kevin the only thing that ever was uncomfortable is how often you bring up feces in your fantasies. And the fact that you brought up a stranger’s children in a really negative way in service of your Crusade here. Don’t flatter yourself that you have any more power than grossing people out and showing them what a low-life you are. Hopefully you’ll stop stalking people like Sarah now and move on with your sad life

          • So what did she participate in? Starving people? Forcing them to have cold showers, do burpees, answer readiness drills, stand in the snow barefoot, beat women on the bare ass? I’m all ears Kevin.

  • Poor Suneel. He has lost his beard.

    Who is going to pretend to be his girlfriend for visits with his parents now? Marc Elliot in a wig?

    Frank, you are very kind to use a very old photo of Nicky where she looks feminine. That must have taken a lot of digging to find.

  • Does this mean all the cat-calls for Nicki to be deported back to Canada are being withdrawn? How about her “marriage” to that other dope, Allison Mack, should they remain “married?” Why are all the lesser-known people who were also abused getting almost zero attention?

  • Good for you! Welcome back to the world. Good luck on your healing journey.

    To the comments saying this is a ploy: no way. She dissed Keith’s sexual prowess! She said she never wanted to have sex with him and had to feign enthusiasm! There is no way a narcissist like Keith could tolerate those statements. By saying those things, Nicki knows she has severed ties for good.

    • Yeah…I was skeptical at first, but the fact she shut down the Dossier accounts she was in charge of makes me think it’s for real.


  • I did see this coming as I always believed deep down you were a beautiful person inside and out. Of course I also realized how difficult that decision was going to be after all the years of dedication and loyalty to a cause I know you once passionately believed in, and devoted so many important years of your life to.

    I really hope you can get your life and your acting career back on track. You definitely deserve a second chance. It was your performance in BSG (just the one series where you get captured by the prisoners!) that led me to the Frank Report in the first place. That was just 2 years ago so I was a little late to the party. And I’m not ashamed to also say I love your writing too. You’re a person of many talents.

    I only hope the claims against you and the lower ranking members in the lawsuit are dismissed with prejudice. Whatever the rationale of including you in the first place was never clear.

    I know it took some guts to firstly admit to yourself what kind of person Keith really was, but then to go public is a whole new level. Fortunately, like Cassidy Hutchinson, you’ve proven you’re not lacking in the balls department. That’s also apparent in some of your other antics! Keep strong, Nicki, we’re rooting for ya!

    As Spock would say: Live long and prosper!

    • While it’s not my position it does warm the cockles of my heart to see someone who is so unabashedly a Nicki Clyne “stan”! She’s going to need all the support she can get as she works through this process which has got to be painful, embarrassing and difficult.

  • Congratulations, Nicki! Today is the first day of the rest of your life.

    Since you are looking for tech that actually works, I’d be happy to set you up with a free personality profile and tickets to view some films that will get you on your way to happiness and up the bridge to personal freedom.

    Just drop me a line here!

  • If this genuine, congratulations and best of luck. Kudos to Frank P, whose aim seems to have been to be there to support without blaming or shaming. I was amazed at his patience with Suneel, for example. There must have been more happening in the background that we will ever be privvy to.
    Assuming Nicki’s decision to distance herself from Raniere is ’emotionally’ arrived at (you may ‘see’ the facts, but emotions will always get you), please put in place a support plan to cope with the inevitable backlash from the remaining flying monkeys, at the behest of Keith. KR, narcissist that he is, will not take this lightly – it is an affront to his need for control – and there is no doubt NC will face a two-pronged retaliation: ‘attack’ (via said flying monkeys inc. possibly trying to smear and ruin her) and ‘hoover’ (via KR himself, through a mix of ‘love bombing’ and guilt-tripping): ‘all your fault. That photo is what gave my hiding place away. I only wanted the best for you, I will love you into the next lifetime, how could you listen to Frank? Don’t you know he’s an agent of the Mexican elite who wants to destroy me? The world needs you, and you need me’.
    The battle NC is facing will rage on for a while yet, this time with the attacks coming from her ‘insiders’, so to speak. Maybe actually being at the receiving end of such tactics will give NC a flavor of what others went through and give her more empathy.
    Good luck and know whatever you are facing, there is help out there if you genuinely want to heal. I would start with someone who has deep knowledge of the psyche of narcissists because you need to see the patterns of manipulation so you don’t fall prey to the next ‘guru’.

    • She isn’t allowed contact with KR so maybe he won’t be able to guilt trip her. But I do agree about the flying monkeys 🐒. The dudes are really good at guilt tripping from what I have seen in the second season of The Vow. Marc Elliott shaming Isabella is heartbreaking 💔. Stay strong, Nicki!

  • I’m so pleased for you Nicki – I’m pleased you are listening to your inner voice and taking back the reigns. You are a strong, good person and I can’t imagine the hell you went through. You need to unblock us all from twitter so we can support you! 😂❤️

  • Congratulations. I’m just now (3/27/23) listening to an interview on Catherine Edwards YT channel with Kelly Thiel. When she mentioned the Frank Report, I looked it up and here you are. It’s hard for people that find themselves involved in something for years to break away. Pluto, the planet of death/rebirth and transformation, transited into the frequency of Aquarius, ruled by Uranus – the planet of genius, invention and quick awakening change! Many of us will be freed from old rhetoric. Good luck for a wonderful future.

  • Frank, I know more is yet to come and it’s early days. Nicki needs to pace herself but in the meantime could you say, given your inside knowledge, Keith is not behind this? There is bound to be mistrust given the manipulative nature of NXIVM

    • Gotta agree with Natasha. If this is sincere, best wishes for continued healing for Nicki. But the seemingly sudden turnaround does raise suspicions about the actual motivations. There is a civil suit in progress, and it seems there is a correlation between disavowing Keith and being excused from the defendant list. There is also a long history of manipulation and deceit involved in the whole
      NXIVM/DOS organization.

      Enlightenment can happen in a flash of insight. I hope that truly occurred for Nicki, but I guess we’ll see as time goes on.

      • Just like in any recovery, the most important step is the first step, when you decide you want to change your life and take back the power you have been giving away. I can say from personal experience the first 40 days are the hardest, and you have to take it one day at a time, especially in the beginning. Nicki should be congratulated and supported. She has her life back, and it is a wonderful gift.

      • Whatever the reasons, I am going to now not look for conspiracy anymore. These women need to know they are safe to leave NXIVM’s clutches. She must be completely exhausted. Her story will be interesting but it’s up to her whether she wants to share it an when. All the best to her.

  • NOPE! Civil trial coming up, worries over deportation (which should have happened long ago), nothing more than a desperate attempt to stay out of jail and continue her “work” for the jailbird. This sounds NOTHING like an actual empathetic apology. AND, on the off chance she’s telling the truth, I hope she gets the help she needs….

    • I thought the same as well. This could be an attempt to protect herself from impending liabilities. Could be an ulterior motive in play. Although, this could be legit, too early to tell. It’s surprising she could go from one extreme to the next. Especially since Dossier Project launched. Although I will say, it must make her insanely mad having to look at the brand of Keith on her crotch every time she looks in the mirror. Five years of looking at that, knowing how insignificant Keith is, yet having his initials must be a lot to deal with emotionally.

  • I applaud you for being brave and speaking your truth. I suspect that the mindf@&# you endured for many years will take time and continued clarity to overcome.. onwards and upwards! Courage x

  • So pleased you did this. This must have been such a hard – yet very brave decision for you to make x

  • Brave woman. A new life in the making. The thing about going through a furnace is that some pots crack and fall apart while others emerge strong and burnished with the kind of refinement that takes your breath away!

    You dont have to be a weeping victim to deserve restitution. For the lies, the traducing of your boundaries, the destruction of trust and the waste of your time. Also to ensure that anyone else might think twice about exploiting you going forward.

  • It’s all a ploy to help keith. Just watch. This is clynes Trojan horse. Just wait for it. You are all drinking the Kool aid.

  • Just going to leave this here “… do we grant this searching examination of the factors that may have led people to commit wrongful acts to offenders broadly? Do we ask what influences, what mistaken understandings of the world, what pain and pressure leads a person to commit armed robbery? Or to sell heroin? Is it simply because Salzman, and Edmondson, and so many of the other people who enabled Keith Raniere are affluent white women that they are given this space to reposition themselves relative to their motivations and intentions rather than their actions?“- Linda Holmes

  • While it is great that she has distanced herself from KR she has a lot of work to do. Especially around her part in her smear campaign against others who have spoken out against KR. It’s like a total switch in character which is hard to believe. Considering only a few months ago she was interviewed about KR and said explained away his sex trafficking, kidnapping and black mail. Some of her comments irritate me like “I do not believe my intentions were false or impure” Take a hard look in the mirror and apologise to all the people you hurt.

  • Mazel Tov, Nikki! Welcome back to the world! Letting go of your past mistakes and forgiving yourself for having made them is a process but worth it. 🧡🧡🧡

  • wow
    welcome back to the world nicki clyne
    very well done
    you’re clearly an intelligent and articulate person
    i kept wondering if you would ever break the spell
    once you have put this all together
    you really will be able to help many people with your story
    any irregularities in the trial
    are more than matched by the atrocities, rapes and murders for which raniere was never even charged
    he is an abusive and manipulative thug
    who belongs exactly where he is
    enjoy the sunshine
    where you are

  • I am glad you have disavowed Keith, it’s brave to admit you were mistaken the faith that you had in someone you so ardently and publicly supported. I hope you continue on your path of healing and free yourself from the mental hold he had on you.

    I wonder, do you ever think there is a case where someone has been wronged and was not to blame for what happened to them? Are the victims always somewhat to blame? And what is the appropriate response when someone has done something bad to you, or others you care about?

  • I stand with @nickiclyne Congrats on spotting a spider, and untangling from his web. I hope in time you realize your “myopic” view was constructed & KAR exploited your goodness & persuaded you he was the path to freedom. Be gentle with yourself and protect your beautiful heart.
    Amy Saltzman M.D.

  • I’m sure this is very painful. I don’t rejoice you doing this because I know that it is causing you pain. But truth is truth, and I’m very glad that you are embracing that. I’ve been paying way too much attention to you, in order to neglect myself. Your very spontaneous burst of honest is just happening to coincide with my need for true change and shift as well. I’m about to go to rehab. I hurts. I’m afraid. They think they are just fixing one thing and it’s just so much more. So I definitely understand how people get into these kinds of programs. I’m about to be in one. Voluntarily. Wish me luck

  • Enormous Hugs to Nicki! What a wild ride its been! Indeed it is time to Do You! Congrats and to a future of true calm, peace and prosperity!

  • Nicki, it took a lot of strength & courage for you to reach this point. Best wishes for your future. ♥️

  • Nicki this is a big deal and there have been tons of us hoping for this day. You are loved and supported more than you know.

  • Nikki, you made a very brave decision. My husband at the time, Kevin, and I were lost in that mess for a few years too. I left for other reasons just before it all hit the fan. Hope you find peace now.

  • Nicki’s change in perception took a full five years with Keith behind bars and the steadfast support of Frank to allow her the time needed to process all the trauma and psychological manipulation

    While I believe the Shu is inhumane, the decision to cut off Raniere’s contact with Nicki ultimately accelerated her recovery and forced Raniere’s grip on her soul to weaken.

    Similarly, had Clare Bronfman been given a lesser sentence I don’t believe Nicki would be where she is today, because the power of Raniere would present itself through Clare.

    Her power, control and money would likely have kept Nicki in a fog even longer if not forever and I applaud the judge for his rationale at Clare’s sentencing.

    • Yea, something doesn’t smell right here. People just don’t go from extreme to extreme like this. Seems fishy. I hope she is being sincere.

  • Good but she is still parroting Keith in not wanting to be a victim. That is huge because she has continually blamed the many victims of Keith for playing the victim. She doesn’t believe Evan Rachel Wood in regard to Marilyn Manson. Does she admit to sex trafficking? Is she worried about prosecution? And yeah the other women of Dossier gonna be pissed.

    • She’s literally just left after 18 years. You don’t immediately drop every piece of indoctrination or programming. Recovery is a process. Leave her be and let her heal.

  • This is wonderful news. You deserve healing and freedom. I hope you find joy and support. Be proud of yourself.

  • What about the rest of the members of the so called “Fossier Project”?!

    Their website and YouTube page is gone!

    Their Twitter is still on and it seems that the last two posts today cryptically reference Nicki Clyne and her waking up about Keith Raniere as “betrayal”.

    Frank, do you have any insight on this?!……….

  • Really happy for you, and you’ll be in my thoughts/prayers during the next phase of your processing all of this. You’ve got people. <3

      • I assume what you mean is give Nicki time and support to heal, recover, and rebuild her identity so that she can apologize to the thousands she hurt and abused and exploited from a place of true compassion. When a malignant narcissist replaces your identity with one they want you to have over years of coercion, it is horrifying to realize what you’ve done, come to terms with it, accept that you were manipulated, and forgive yourself. The apologies will be a product of the healing, not the other way around.

  • Nicki, please tell us, will the others follow you or will they always look as dumb as Mark and Eduardo?

  • Nicki, I’ve been following the Dossier project and I left a few comments. I am so proud of you for moving forward with your life. Keith never deserved your allegiance, your intelligence, or your passion. Don’t give that to anyone else for a while. Give it back to yourself.

  • I am curious to know if your opinion around so-called “cancel culture” has shifted with your new understanding of what has transpired? What do you think about Dr. Christine Marie, who claims to have left Keith and the cult and yet still creates marketing materials to protect abusers from being “cancelled?” Do you still support the work of Clementine Morrigan, which is bolstered off of Dr. Christine Marie’s “research”? I have been endlessly harassed, doxxed, and defamed for writing about this after I was recruited by two NXIVM members on Instagram and blew the whistle.

    • I’m sorry that that happened to you. That’s a good point there’s a lot of people that have been attacked publicly in that way and they definitely deserve apologies from the perpetrators

  • I am sure this has all been incredibly hard for you, you have been through so much. I hope you can heal and find happiness somewhere 💜

  • You are an inspiration to many. Often times the most toxic and evil people masquerade as healers, spiritual guides or people of power~ police, pastors, etc. They are extremely skilled at deception, manipulation and control. I’m so glad you broke free from this and are willing to be vulnerable to share it! Thank you and bless you❤️

  • Well, I have probably a bit different perspective than most of the people here.

    As many people already know I was in Scientology for twenty five years and left in 2014.

    I was about as convinced of the sacredness of Scientology and certain of the alleged miracles of Scientology as anyone and a zealot and fanatic who would have killed or died for Hubbard and Scientology for many years.

    I certainly suffered for Scientology as many thousands of others have.

    I was fortunate enough to have Jon Atack and Arnie Lerma as friends to provide me we mountains of evidence that Hubbard’s character was the absolute worst and his technology was a harmful fraud cobbled together with stolen ideas from hypnosis and the occult to covertly enslave people mentally.

    So, within months of leaving Scientology I was untangling from thousands and thousands of hours of indoctrination over twenty five years.

    Many long term members are not so fortunate as I was.

    I have encountered hundreds of ex members who still believe to varying degrees in the character of Hubbard and the transcendent miracles promised by Scientology technology.

    Many people never fully shake his hold.

    It’s been written that many cults use perhaps two to six forms of trance induction to persuade members while Hubbard tried to use hundreds of methods in the auditing and study tech and drills in Scientology, and most ex members never study hypnosis or thought reform, so they don’t even know they were altered by the insidious influence of Scientology!

    It happens every so often that a person who was seen as incapable of doubting, much less ever leaving Scientology, leaves and realizes in one Eay or another on one day or another that Hubbard lied and the technology is a harmful fraud.

    I was certainly such a person. Finding out that Scientology was a sham was a fate so crushing, so demoralizing, it’s easy to say it is for some a fate more feared than death.

    I am sure that it’s the same for some people in NXIVM and DOS.

    To find out that what you devoted everything to, sacrificed everyone and everything for is a fraud is utterly devastating.

    I am not here to make excuses for anything wrong done to or by anyone.

    I am just trying to share a perspective, a perspective that thousands of people have if they are lucky enough to wake up to reality.

    It’s a harsh wake up certainly and I can tell you that some people only make it out partway.

    But for some, making it out at all is nothing short of miraculous.

    I have heard from countless people who have family members in Scientology who hope that their loved ones will wake up someday and return to them.

    I think examples like this can give them hope.

  • Congrats to her for finally moving on.

    Cannot help but wonder what the trigger was as this is a rather sudden reversal based on no new information, at least publicly. If had to hazard a guess, she finally found someone that made her happy and had something to compare against on what a healthy relationship looks and feels like. Either way good for her.

    My recommendation for her is to excise her demons on all this (talk, write, whatever) and then put all of it in her rearview mirror. Don’t do like many of the others where they shifted their livelihood around talking about NXIVM and so remain in its shadow.

    • Yes considering she was posting Pro Keith and pro slave ring propaganda 4 to 6 days ago this is a little hard to believe. I think the move here is to say that she denounced Keith but she still thinks his conviction was wrongfully obtained. I think this is a tactical move. There’s been a lot of changes in Keith’s Army and shifts in strategy. The Civil Trial is approaching that can’t be delayed much longer. She might be facing some immigration status issues especially because Allison is going to really want to move forward with this divorce on the sooner side when she gets out of prison. The Stance of I renounce Keith but I continue to fight against his wrongful conviction because I am a criminal justice advocate might be thought of as a more effective route to free the Vanguard. Keep your eyes open for that shift. It’s highly likely this is a coordinated effort not a true breaking up of the Core Group

  • “If its true as CREDIBLE EXPERTS CLAIM”

    They’re not credible experts. They’re paid for by the defense and it’s not true that there was any kind of prosecutor misconduct or any other kind of FBI malfeasance.

    Buried in here – inside that renouncement statement seems to be what this is really about..

    “Don’t ask me anymore about all of the things that Keith has done wrong that are truly indefinsible. I don’t want to address any of them. I’m not going to take accountability or return the collateral. I will not apologize for calling people who were once dear friends liars and I’m going to still fight for Keith to get out of prison.”

    That’s deeply disturbing.

    It’s also worrisome to be saying that people exaggerated about the DOS slave organization and the Nxivm/ESP self-help program in the same missive that you are personally stating that great harm had come to you from following Keith.

    Why can’t it be true that great harm also came to them as well? Why is your pain real but there’s exaggerated and false in your view?

    We’re at a place in society where you just have to accept things like this at face value. But I’m highly skeptical.

    Actions speak louder than self-serving statements. Give back the blackmail material that you possess.

    Make public apologies to all the people that you have tried to destroy for many years. Don’t worry about grand ideas like overhauling the criminal justice system – just make amends to the people you directly hurt. And Nicki you hurt a lot of people. Really. Hurt. Badly.

    Nicki you posted an essay defending it all less than a week ago.

    Your civil suit fast approaches. How much is that influencing your actions?

    Hopefully you HAVE woken up. But that remains to be seen.

    • Rome wasn’t built in a day, and it’s going to take a little longer to dismantle it brick by brick, otherwise you end up with a pile of rubble. And we don’t want that.

    • Let’s say Nicki’s essay was honest. How long do you think it should take her to completely rebuild her self-identity after having it shattered? It is a long and complicated process, and nobody should expect her to instantly realize and deal with everything. This post was a very promising beginning to a very difficult journey that is made more complicated by doing it in the public eye.

      The fact that she hurt a lot of people badly because of KR’s coercion is real, and I don’t want to minimize the extent of the damage she has done, but the goal should be for her to realize how KR’s tactics (see Robert J Lifton or Steven Hassan books for examples) manipulated her into thinking the hurt she was causing was for a good cause so she can forgive herself for it and honestly apologize. Many people did horrible things because of KR, and they need support to reach a point where they can apologize and hopefully forgive themselves.

      • It’s like any type of recovery. One day at a time. It’s ok to be scared. It’s ok to cry. It’s not ok to go back. I trust she has a strong support system in place. The first 40 days of any rebirth are the toughest. There’s a reason why they use 40 so much in ancient and holy texts.

        • She’s made the jump into freezing cold water, she’s strong and she’ll swim. She’s a survivor

      • Who said anything about her identity? And Nicki doesn’t have to do any of it publicly. In fact it would probably be the best thing she could possibly do to be private for a while and really start this process with no outside noise.

        But she didn’t choose that. Nicki came to the Frank report and she posted her diotribe. It’s great if she’s really disavowing Keith.

        But equally if not more important is that Nicki has spent years going after child sexual abuse victims.

        In her very post her, Nicki specifically brings up very problematic sexual experiences with Keith. I do not think she has to be super far in her recovery to make the jump that if she was treated poorly in that way that these other women were also probably abused.

        Nicki wants to be believed. Now. After posting every single day not to believe other women. Every day.

        Nicki says she’s afraid of Keith. That she was unconditionally in fear of him.

        Imagine how scared Daniella felt lfor 2 years in that room.

        Nicki has minimized and mocked -actually made fun of the claims – that were proven in court.

        Imagine how terrified Camilla was when she met Keith at 13? And was already groomed into a bizarre abusive sexual relationship and being used in child sexual abuse materials at 15?

        What about Riannon?

        If Nicki hadn’t viciously. Tirelessly gone after so many as intensely as she had for many years and publicly shamed vilified and heaped further abuse on them it would be different.

        As recently as days ago she was attacking people she doesn’t even know who were victims of coercive control. That’s true. Hopefully this renouncement of Keith is also true. They can both be true. Wish her all the best. But that includes facing up to the terrorist she’s been to other women

    • You’re soooo late to the party. How the fuck can she do anything with her LinkedIn? She’s locked up indian killer!

      • I’m pretty sure that she has someone she could trust with her password to LinkedIn. 🤣

        My guess is that our Clarebear is keeping it alive in the hope that she will get the band back together when she gets out. Additionally, and lacking that, I think she will focus major time and effort to trying to free vantard. Otherwise, she would have to eventually face the reality that her life’s been spent for nothing. Knowing Clare, that would likely cut the deepest.

      • I would bet my life savings times 10 she does not manage her LinkedIn account. There’s no way. It’s coherent and professional grade. One of her asswipers – I am very confident – has the credentials and can update it anytime. She could have it updated anytime she wants. She just truly is, a “Deadender”.

  • Nicki, I don’t think Keith Raniere ever considered anyone’s “best interests” in his whole, hedonistic, parasitic life. Not those of his devoted followers, underaged “students,” or lovers. (I didn’t say friends because friendship is a two-way street, so he has none.) Don’t feel badly about being misled – it often happens to sincere people with the best intentions.

  • Nikki, it takes so much courage to do what you just did. Recovery from this is a long road and I wish you all the very best. Be extra kind to yourself and know there are lots of people rooting for you. Hang in there.

  • So happy for you Nicki, it took a lot of guts and integrity to evaluate Keith with clear eyes and switch your position publicly in order to start doing the right thing. I hope you know you have a ton of support in the ex-NXIVM community, and there are a ton of people rooting for you. You have a lot of healing ahead of you, but while it will get tough, things can and will only get better for you from here. Wishing you joy, peace, and (real) love.

  • I’m so proud of you for seeing the reality of how you were taken advantage of. You were so young and it’s disgusting what Keith did. He is where he should be. God bless you sweet girl.

  • Bad haircuts aside…I’ve been rooting for her for quite sometime.
    You’ll still be enlightened and wonderful sans KAR.
    I’m glad you see it now.
    #saidtbefore #saiditagain #whoskevin

  • Frank- The dossier project website has been shutdown. Any connection to this? Have you been able to convince any of the other women to see the light?

  • So happy for you Nicki, it took such guts and integrity for you to allow yourself to consider Keith with clear eyes and to switch your position, you have a ton of support in the ex-NXIVM community, and everyone is rooting for you. I wish you peace and joy now that you’re out and hope your new path brings you healing, things will only get better for you from here

  • In the sea of horrible news stories that appear every day, something truly good has happened! I hope you can ignore/brush off the 2% worth of miserable comments from keyboard bullies, and take to heart the multitude of good wishes and support statements. (Most) everyone here has been rooting for you.

  • If KR was so evolved and powerful, how could someone else’s negativity be fatal for him? That would make him fragile and weak.
    Nicki, I know you now realize what KR did to you, and I must ask – did you use any of those same tactics on the people you brought in to the organization? Do you know where they are now, and how their lives are going? Are they sticking with KR, are they able to stand tall on their own, are they just crumbled piles of misery and angst with no all-powerful leader to tell them what to do? I believe that you may owe them some care and attention, and I hope that you can see your way to providing that.

  • Sending you lots of love and healing thoughts! I can’t imagine what it took for you to take this huge step. I respect you and wish only the best for you. ❤️

  • I’m so happy you’ve reached this point in your journey. My hope is that you can heal and learn to find joy within yourself. Lots of love and luck yo you.

  • As others point out, your statement is entirely self-centered. You don’t say a word about the massive harm you caused. I hope that, somewhere between this statement and your inevitable book deal, you take a searching personal inventory and start to make some amends.

  • Nikki, I am very glad that you have managed to come this far. I’ve never met you and I must admit that I was very put off by your defense of Raniere because I believe him to be a predator and I can’t stand predators. I am going to pray for you as you reckon with the past and try to emerge as a stronger and healthier person.

  • Hey Nicki. Firstly I think to come forward with your thoughts in this fashion is courageous and shows someone who has surmounted incredibly challenging obstacles, within and without. And to do so here and acknowledge your past fear and resentment towards Frank Parlato – it shows you never needed Raniere to overcome your fears and attain personal growth. You’ve arrived there yourself (with the help of good people) and I’ve no doubt you’ll continue to reevaluate things and grow positively in a direction of your own choosing. Now you get to set sail on your own terms without the fog of all this over you.

    As you’ve said in your post, you’ve come away from all this with hard-won new outlooks on life and a strengthened desire to fight for the rights of those trapped in the minefield that is the American criminal justice system. Your steadfastness in wanting to look forward and to reject the idea of victimhood is admirable and should be lauded by others.

    I’ve followed you since the BSG days, and throughout this difficult chapter of your life I’ve kept a distance but still occasionally would read your posts and try to remain non-judgemental. I don’t interact often but felt compelled to write this post to offer my best wishes to you for the future. Well done, Nicki.

  • Was she about to be tied up in legal stuff and this is her protection plan? Is clyne going to leave Nancy and Michelle too finally?? And will clyne finally leave the weird ass dossier ppl?

    • I am thinking the same thing. She is at the wrong end of a lawsuit from Sarah Edmunson. This might be an effort to shield herself. Could be wrong though. This could be genuine. We saw what occurred to Horseface when she refused to condemn Keith at her sentencing. She got sentenced above the guidelines. But civil court, I have no clue what effect this would have. Or maybe there are criminal charges coming down the pike for Nicki? She is the only one who knows the truth.

  • Congratulations Nicki. This statement took a huge amount of personal courage.

    I’m just waiting for some fuckhead Deadenders to say or do something stupid.

    There is a “next chapter” for everyone who wants one. You’ve started yours. Let’s hope the rest smarten up.

  • Love you, Nikki. So much respect for you, i’ve always admired your integrity and hope you know you have a world of love and support to reach out to.

  • So happy for you Nicki… remember this is a bit by bit process and to give yourself grace. You might not like the word “victim” but when you are under extreme coercive control you really do have very little free will. It’s almost just not your fault at all. Hard to believe but true. So many people will not understand how powerful that is (along with the NLP) but many do understand. This could happen to almost anyone. KR was unbelievably skilled at manipulation. The fact that you are seeing through it now is a freaking miracle.
    Also, try to keep in mind that many you thought betrayed you, were just desperately trying to wake you up, or right a wrong. It’s a mess of a situation he left behind.
    I wish you nothing but success. And real love. You will see how much good comes from vulnerability.

  • I am extremely happy for you Nicki. You are a beautiful and strong woman. I have prayed for you often and this news is definitely an answer to prayer. I will continue to pray for your healing and your future.

  • Well, this calls for a celebration! May I say you are looking like an Angel. Your life force is glowing like a light house on a dark ocean.

  • Congratulations for supporting someone you thought credible for so long, and for having the courage to reverse your stance. Also congratulations for shedding light On the FBI’s foul practices. In my humble opinion, Keith was responsible for the four missing NXIVM women.

  • Not a word of apology.

    She renounces Raniere but not Nxivm or DOS. And doesn’t mention the harm she did for 18 years industriously and enthusiastically promoting Raniere’s cult.

    It’s all “me, me, me”.

    “Oops. My bad” about sums it up. “Mistakes were made” as Bart Simpson put it.

    So Raniere isn’t the wonderful man she once thought? Duh. He’s a convicted criminal, a racketeer, a sex trafficker. That cult you worked for all those years? Where you earned money? It was a criminal enterprise. A crime racket. Women were being branded with the man in charge’s initials, as you well know. Your “wife” went to prison for her involvement in the racket. She’s still in prison.

    Not a single word about her “wife” Allison Mack. Take note of that, all you commenters wishing Clyne well and praising her for being “strong”. Take note that Clyne admits not the slightest culpability for the harm Raniere’s cult did or her part in it. Not the slightest sorrow. Regret, sure, for the harm done to HER.

    “I was misguided”. No honey, you were evil.

    This is one of the most soulless statements I have ever read. What a person. Christ.

    • It’s very difficult to undo mental programming and leave a cult. I applaud her for doing the work it takes.

    • If this is real and true it’s wonderful news and congratulations.

      Aristotle’s sausage that part really bothered me as well. This woman has spent the last 5 or 6 years just bashing people who were so badly hurt by Keith. She called people who were sexually assaulted as children Liars publicly over and over again. That should have been a priority. A public apology because it was a public attack that she sustained against these women for years and years. And the whole time according to Nicki she absolutely knew what Keith was capable of and that these women were telling the truth. She knew better than anyone they were being honest.

      Where’s Kevin? LOL is Kevin going to attack Nicki now? Or is Nicki going to admit she’s Kevin now – how’s that going to work?

      What about Alanzo. Ha ha ha.
      Hope all those dumbasses who follow her on Twitter and have bought into everything she said Hook Line and Sinker have a wake up call about just listening to anyone who was on Battlestar Galactica no matter what ha ha ha.

      Frank. Is this for the upcoming civil suit? Or because Clare stopped paying for Marc Elliott’s Arizona apartment and funding the dead-enders? What’s really going on?

      Nicki was defending Keith DAYS ago. This doesn’t seem like any kind of slow Awakening this seems like an extremely quick very convenient decision before you go to court. That said I truly hope it’s not. And congratulations to Nicole if this is real. Hopefully she will personally help extricate all the women that she has kept committed to this cause through their stupid YouTube channel and dumb hype group for Keith.

      The part of the end is super concerning. This actually seems like a tactic that Keith would have advised so that they can now act like oh I totally denounced Keith but I still think the FBI lied and cheated. That logically just doesn’t track. Open to this being real but highly skeptical about the sudden change of heart.

      • Hello nameless person,

        First, I am not Nicki.

        Second, I am not a NXIVM/ESP member, and never was.

        Third, I would never attack her or condemn her, or anyone else, for choosing to move with her life. Why would she have to prove anything to me, to you, or to any other random person she’s never met?

        Fourth, the nasty, vile things said about these people played a big role in keeping her (and others) from moving on, as well as the massive lawsuit being pushed by two former members who have no business pointing fingers at anyone.

        I wish her well, and hope she finds the peace she’s looking for.

        • Hello, fake Kevin eat a dick.

          You’ve attacked plenty of people and condemned people you claim not to know almost every time you’ve posted and you’ve been wrong.

          Seems like the lawsuit is exactly what helped her wake up, actually.. Which is a point that’s been made many times. Civil lawsuits are not always about money. They are also about holding people who did awful things accountable and escaped justice

          There’s currently a highly public trial going on for $1 and attorney fees. Sometimes, civil lawsuits are about actually helping people or stopping wrongful actions and doing the right thing.

          There’s no doubt that the civil lawsuit and Nicki being named in it is a factor in waking her up

          Now get that brand removed STAT Nicki. And best of luck in your life.

          • You’re right. This civil lawsuit isn’t about money. It’s about waking people up, which is why Allison and Nicki, who’ve both disavowed Keith, are still named as defendants in the suit.

            It’s also about holding people accountable, which is why the Salzmans, the two people most responsible for anything and everything that happened in the organization other than Keith, aren’t named as defendants in the lawsuit.

            And also why the two lead recruiters, center owners, and profiteers, and a named co-conspirator, are plaintiffs in the lawsuit, and not defendants.

            Because, you know, accountability.

            Thank you for setting me straight.

          • Kevin @ 7am
            I couldn’t have said it any better!!!
            Thank you

            Also to the idiot stating its NOT about $ , Why not identify this $1.00 civil suit you spout about with a name??

          • @ Kevin who besides the 2 owners thats a co conspirator is a plaintiff in civil suit? BTW, LEAD plantiffs, like Sarah, ( Mark? Maybe) are also entitled to incentive BONUS’ in civil suits!!

        • The only thing Keith’s behind is a forty foot high block wall with razor wire running along the top

      • Have you ever zipped your ball skin in between the teeth of your zipper? Mr. Sausage…do you know what the 🙊 monkey said when he got his tail stuck in the 🥩 meat grinder?

    • You are the only person on the Board that has seen through this BS. Courageous were the folks that began to speak out against this idiot 10-15 years ago and earlier. Courageous were the people that showed their faces at trial. You are so right to call this out. Did not even defend or acknowledge her wife or stated that she supported her, nor showed any regret about what she did and how she behaved, what the hell? Your comments are right on the money – ME ME ME.
      All of a sudden, maybe the money is running out, maybe there is a deportation claim coming, interest in the story is fading, what better time to show a little regret, go on about how I am the victim here and maybe line up a little book deal to spill the beans. Everybody that renounced Keith seems to having a ball, podcasts, books, tv show deals, might as well do the same. Love the line – “I will share more thoughts soon”, of course you will, of course you will. Gotta monetize the story before the window of opportunity closes completely.

      • “Did not even defend or acknowledge her wife or stated that she supported her, nor showed any regret about what she did and how she behaved, what the hell?”

        That’s a little rich after you were all accusing her of being in a sham marriage, which of course it was. No doubt she has feelings for Allison though, they were great friends. But that’s not relevant here.

    • I have to agree with AS here. These people are so self-centered and unapologetic for the harm they caused and the time they wasted of other people for many years and they think that some small statement makes amends for all of this.

      There’s a saying that is as truthful as can be: the best apology is [immediately] changed behavior.

      Something done once is a mistake. Something done again MAY be a mistake. But after that, it’s an established pattern of behavior.

      Yeah, IF this truly is authentic and sincere, good for her that she’s finally disavowed such a person. But that’s not an accomplishment or something that should be congratulated. That’s an “ABOUT FUCKING TIME”. People may think that’s harsh in this participation trophy culture, but it’s this constant looking the other way that allows people like Raniere to get away with the things he did for so long.

      Take your medicine, swallow it, change your behavior, and start to make real amends, and maybe THEN you just might deserve a little part on your back.

      This is real PENANCE. Not the kind that Raniere wanted from others as he used and abused them for his bullshit “ethical” breaches against him.

      • Sultan-

        I think you’re being a tad judgmental of Nicki’s life choices. Considering your alternative lifestyle, shouldn’t you be a little understanding?

        IMO you are projecting.

        —People may think that’s harsh in this participation trophy culture.

        Sultan, your own trophy is
        Kristen Kreuk. You are participating in the culture.

        Please take a step back and take a look at your own life.

        Take care my friend.

        • — I think you’re being a tad judgmental

          Of course I am. Everyone judges. It’s an impossibility not to with those who have a functioning mind since it’s the second act of it, the first being comprehension of terms (understanding) and the third being reasoning or argumentation.

          — little understanding?

          I am understanding, that’s why I’m making a judgment — see how that works? I have empathy for people who wrongfully suffer, those born into poor situations, the ill, injured, etc. She was a privileged white girlfriend who did not make a mistake. She made choice after choice, despite so much evidence existing to the contrary. Like I said, it’s good that she has finally realized this IF it is authentic and sincere, but I’m not going to congratulate her for it.

          — Sultan, your own trophy is
          Kristen Kreuk.

          Being attracted to someone is not analogous to “participation trophy” culture. It’s not even analogous to “trophy wife” nor “fuck trophy” like the many Raniere collected over the years that ultimately led to his downfall. See, that’s the correct comprehension of a term, disambiguating its usage to distinguish its different concepts (unique) represented by the same word.

          • I know what it means. One meaning is the use of judgement, the other is being overly critical.

            The latter is relative or subjective. Relative implies within a fixed scale (what is too critical?) and subjective implies ignorance of this scale and considers only the feelings of the subject making the judgement (first definition) of another being too critical, which IMO makes it irrelevant because that person could be a “snowflake” or “too easy going” or whatever.

            Nicki was supporting Raniere FOR YEARS after he was convicted. She clearly lied, rebuked many of his victims, stuck her head in the sand and ignored plenty of evidence, and did other shady things that people have mentioned in the comments here that don’t need to be repeated. I don’t think I’m being too judgmental at all.

          • Well, your description of her behaviour sounds like textbook indoctrination after careful judgmental analysis (first definition)

          • Why do you then cut Kristen Kreuk so much slack?

            You judge Nicki and Allison! You hold them to a higher standard.
            Why not Kristen?

            Be fair!!!!

            I love all three actresses!

          • Kristin Kreuk left ten years ago from the cult, well before DOS was even a dumb idea in VanTard’s mind.

    • Sausage-

      OMG! Boohoo! NICKI didn’t write a
      Mea Culpa that satisfied, you, Sausage. News Flash asshole!!! Nobody gives a shit what you think – butt you.

      Funny, “It’s all “me, me, me”. is you to a ‘T’.

      Go back to your SmallVille Blog for wayward tool-bags.

    • “Mistakes were made” is the rhetorical non-apology popularized by President Reagan in the 80s, though its usage is much older.

      • Reagan was an old man. He probably knew this turn of phrase from before. He did not invent it. Why should he. He had speechwriters. And Reagan was just an actor speaking the scriptwriters’ lines, not his own.

    • This is first step. Give her a chance to take a look at the big picture and I hope she will see that there is a lot to do. Give her a chance to give herself a chance!

    • Man, you’re a dick. It took this poor woman a lot of courage to do what she did today. And you want more. The sad part is no matter what she said or did today, you wouldn’t be satisfied. That’s a real shitbrick way to go through life.

    • Jeez, AS, give the girl a break. Healing takes time, and right now she needs our forgiveness and support. Justice is not only about vengeance and retribution, it’s also about reform and making things right. And this is a monumental first step.

    • Our preaching does not stop with the law. That would lead to wounding without binding up, striking down and not healing, killing and not making alive, driving down to hell and not bringing back up, humbling and not exalting. Therefore, we must also preach grace and the promise of forgiveness – this is the means by which faith is awakened and properly taught. Without this word of grace, the law, contrition, penitence, and everything else are done and taught in vain.

  • Waking up from such an experience is a long, arduous process and not without challenges: I hope you know that your fellow ex NXIVM members are there for you. Your courage is admirable and I am deeply sorry that you were led astray for so long: wishing you well in your recovery and continued advocacy. Your focus and energy are best served beyond Raniere’s control and abuse. Holding a good thought for you in Ireland.

  • What a wonderful message! Nicki, you’re such a deep woman, I relate to your spiritual quest a lot. Sending you lots of warm wishes at this juncture. 💗

  • There’s no need for embarrassment – so many of us have gone through similar relationships. You are free now. I’m so grateful to know how your mom’s steadfast love has been a constant for you – there is no greater love.

    • I mean it’s okay to have a little embarrassment. If this is a true Awakening that’s part of the process

  • 23! I had no idea you were so young when you first met him. Exploiting the vulnerabilities of a young woman.

    You don’t need anyone to show you who you are. You never did.

    • Hey Goober!

      How about that! Taking a break from online Dungeon & Dragons to bless us with your presence. Still saving lives and disseminating knowledge about the ToolScam? LOL

      The only April Fools joke is you. Your whole life is a F’ing joke. The only reason why you have two kids—you didn’t know what a prophylactic was. You thought condoms were for AIDS and trannies in Orleans. LOL

      Now run along back to
      Worlds of Warcraft and your goober butt buddies. BTW how did you meet them? An online dating service for gay nerds?

      I remember you said I was ugly. Maybe that’s true or maybe it’s not… The only thing that is true…
      is you’re the loser who just read my comment. Have a great life living in your delusional world, where you actually believe you’re successful and have multiple revenue streams. The only stream is me pissing on you! Take it easy loser!

        • Scott-

          You tormented Heidi Hutchinson regarding her sister Gina committing suicide.

          You’re a fucking scum!

          • Hutchinson was tormented long before I knew she existed. LOL That was very nasty, NiceGuy666. I think I’ll contact an attorney in the Boston area. Do you have any suggestions? I found a firm called Proskauer Rose LLP, are they any good? LOL

          • Scott-

            You can’t hire a lawyer if you don’t have any money. LOL

            Maybe should pimp yourself out as a [redacted] bucket or borrow money from your children – provided their not broke-ass-losers like their dad. LOL

        • “I didn’t say I wanted to hire a lawyer. LOL But if I needed to, I can afford it.”

          Can hire a lawyer….

          With financial help from your in-laws. Why did you move back to Mormon town, again?


  • Congratulations!! So many people wish you well and want nothing but healing for you. You took a really huge step and hope you know you are not alone in your journey! May you be kind and compassionate toward yourself as you bravely make your way through this process. ♥️

  • Nicki – this is beautiful and courageous, and so are you. Sending you all the strength and peace!!!

  • I saw doubt and pain in your eyes in The Vow part 2 when your lawyer severed ties with you based on your actions. I always thought and hoped this day would come. Many many people are inspired today by this news. Thank you for sharing and blessings to your mom for her unconditional love for you. Looking forward to hearing more.

  • Bravo, Nicki. Here’s wishing you healing, health and spiritual peace.

    “…suggesting that my negativity could be fatal for him.” How many women has he pulled this on? Five? Ten? Twenty?

  • This is the first time I’ve found Nicki to be earnest and credible.

    Nicki has seen the truth- with Frank’s help-and once seen, there’s no going back.

    Incredibly happy for Nicki and her mom.

  • May this be the 1st of many empowering moments for you!!! You can now live through your hearts desire rather than someone else’s gaslighting & emotional poison. Breathe and Blessings 🙏🏼

  • Seriously, this blew my fucking mind. I thought she was 100% committed to Keith for life.

    I mean, I know a few people who attended self-help seminars. They didn’t move to the companies headquarters, sleep with the owner, get branded with his initials, become a slave to “build character”, fork over their life savings, move in with the other attendees, spend 10 days celebrating the founders birthday, etc. If the 12 point mission statement doesn’t creep someone out, I hope any of the aforementioned would send them running. This isn’t meant to be a jab at Nicki or anyone else, but just to express the power and persuasion Keith possessed. He was able the get dozens of women to throw themselves at him and just give him all their possessions.

    As promised, my third installment of NXIVM haiku:

    Very surprising
    Nicki broke up with KR
    No more Squeaky Fromme

    ~ Pilgrim

  • Nicki!!!!! I am so proud of you!!!! You are such a strong woman!!!! Welcome back Nicki!!!! You may not know each other, but my heart goes out to you!!!!

  • I’m so proud of you! I know it is a long road, but you are on a path of light, and that light is coming from within you. I wish you nothing but the very best Nicki, I hope you find the peace you deserve.

  • What happened Nicki? Clare cut off your allowance. I guess you’ll have to get a real job like 95% of the rest of the world. Maybe Hurtons in Vancouver?

  • Congrats, Nicki!!! I am so happy for you!

    Thank you to Frank for everything he has done to save so many people from Keith’s “reckless conduct and selfishness.”

  • Assuming this statement is real: Welcome back Nicki! It takes courage to take this step, to admit you made a mistake. It’s so sad to see a bright young woman waste so many years of her life on this evil person. But that’s history. Now is the beginning of the rest of your life, and it will be great!

  • Nicki! You are so strong. You’ve got this! I hope you find peace and know that you’re worthy of love and compassion.

  • I’m happy and relieved that you’ve had a change of heart and mind. That’s a hard thing to do so remember, there’s a lot of people out here supporting you and cheering you on.

  • Please understand that you were subjected to a bad actor’s malicious influence, and if your compliance, agreement or even your enthusiastic YES was elicited through force, fear, fraud, coercion or exploitation of incapacity: that was NOT CONSENT, no matter what your words and actions were. CONSENT is #FGKIA: freely given, knowledgeable informed agreement by a person with the capacity to reason. The Consent Awareness Network wishes you all the best in your recovery.

  • So many of us were pulling for you, and now we are cheering you on as you show INCREDIBLE bravery 💜 I’m so happy to read your words, and I truly hope you find joy and peace in your life.

  • Congratulations. I went through a capitalist cult that became the fastest growing company in America. After seven years, I left and wrote a book that was a catalyst to it being shut down and fined $50m for consumer fraud. It was such a powerful and confusing time. I encourage you to keep writing. It helped me.

  • Thank you, Nicki, for your courage. You are an inspiration to the many men and women who have been in similar relationships with spiritual leaders, healers, teachers, and therapists. There is no shame in coming to terms with this as it is NEVER too late to extract oneself from the grip of an abusive person. I am SO excited for you as you chart a new course in life!

    Keith is a reminder of why licensed therapists of all types are subjected to an enormous amount of training, education, and rules governing sex with clients. In fact, when some states send therapists their therapy license certificate in the mail, it is accompanied by a single item, just one thing: a pamphlet titled “Therapy Never Includes Sex.”

    It’s right there in the ethics rules. Therapists will lose their license. Keith, unencumbered by professional norms and rules, was able to abuse his power and authority — as many like him continue to do in ways large and small.

  • Congratulations! Hope this is absolutely genuine, and above all CONGRATULATIONS to Frank and his unending energy to bring all this to light.

  • This is amazing news. I’m really happy for her. This is brave..wishing her all the best working through this realization.

  • This is wonderful! This news has been my hope and prayer for you! I hope and pray for the others too that are still confused. Be sure to give yourself grace and time to heal. ♥️

  • I am so happy to hear this! I’d always hoped this day would come. You have a long road to recovery ahead of you, but you are strong enough to persevere through it! One day at a time! I wish you the very best and hope you have a great support network to help you. 🙏❤️

  • As someone who has said horrible shit about you on this page…I am sorry. It may have taken you a little longer than some to realize the pain KR caused but I am happy for you and wish you the best.