Part 8: Branded Slaves and Master Raniere: Rules of the harem conform with DOS Rules of obedience

Keith Raniere's work includes keeping a harem who may dedicate their entire lives to his teachings.

The reports on the alleged existence of DOS [Dominant Over Submissive], a women’s group based on the conceptual teachings of Keith Raniere, and operated by former television actress Allison Mack, has naturally caused skepticism.

It has been reported that Miss Mack has through DOS assumed control of the entire harem of self improvement teacher Keith Raniere. Through DOS, Miss Mack has created a system to maintain power over other women.

Mr. Raniere has long been rumored to have a harem — a group of women who are permitted to have sex only with him. Many women admit they consider Mr. Raniere their spiritual husband as well as teacher, savior, and “all in all.”

Because of the creep of age – Mr. Raniere is now approaching 57 – he cannot provide sexual satisfaction to all the women in his harem.

According to sources, The Society of Protectors [SOP] is a self-improvement company for men which teaches gender-specific lessons based on the teachings of Mr. Raniere.

Like all companies which teach the concepts of Mr. Raniere, secrecy is required.

To learn the secret teachings of SOP, members pay for their lessons. It is known that men are taught they are polygamous, while women are monogamous.

“The world is in desperate need of a unifying principle; a group that is independent of religion and stands against hate,” says SOP’s website: “This organization helps men to become more powerful and influential members of society by giving them tools and a network of honorable men for support.”

Because the teachings are secret, it is not known if Mr. Raniere teaches the same lessons that he himself practices with his own harem.

With his own harem, Mr. Raniere seeks out a woman’s flaws and weaknesses and brings them to her attention. If the woman is defiant, this may be done by insult, debasing comments, scorn, mockery, neglect and banishment.

[Miss Mack has added corporal punishment in the form of paddling.]

The women of Mr. Raniere’s harem are sometimes told to lose weight, grow hair longer, wear adornments such as belly chains as symbols of his authority, or any modification of appearance meant to enhance her attractiveness and obedience and to recruit new harem members.

Harem members must remain slender, obedient, but not necessarily friendly with each other. Rivalries between them are often encouraged by Mr. Raniere.

Miss Mack however has achieved an exalted status where she is to be punished only by Mr. Raniere himself.

Mr. Raniere’s precept is that it is not necessary to please his women sexually. His duty is to please himself. The women are expected to derive pleasure from pleasing him.

Women compete with other women for Mr. Raniere’s attention. A woman knows she is successful when Mr. Raniere ejaculates in her presence. Mr. Raniere’s policy is that once he ejaculates with a woman this is his mark of perpetual ownership. He teaches that once this sacred event occurs – he has made a spiritual connection of the highest order – and she, the recipient of such honor, must never degrade him or herself by sleeping with another man the rest of her life.

To do so might cause her spiritual death and him physical harm.

When women are not successful in pleasing Mr. Raniere – which at any given time – roughly half of the harem so finds themselves – Mr. Raniere may absent himself and the harem member is left to commiserate with other sister-wives.

Even Miss Mack has found herself neglected and has been spotted asking other harem members – with a small voice and plaintive tone – including her own slaves – where Mr. Raniere is.

Mr. Raniere teaches however that his absenting himself from a woman may not be a mark of his disfavor. He is busy and has many women to teach.

This uncertainty allows a neglected woman to spend time in introspection trying to determine if Mr. Raniere is displeased or simply busy.

Women must learn to be content to wait for Mr. Raniere.  By learning not to crave base sexual pleasures but by learning to find spiritual pleasure in Mr. Raniere’s pleasure, they are taught that they may find lasting contentment.

Mr. Raniere has found it advantageous to keep his women on a low calorie vegetarian diet, train them to keep bodies lean by having them run half marathons, keep their hair long to maximize receptivity, sleep only when given permission, give all money to him or for his service, forbid them from sleeping with other men and learn to enjoy criticism for the sake of improvement and to weep with joy at praise that may fall from his lips.

He has indicated to a number of his harem members that he will be impregnating them with a child that will succeed him as the savior of the world.

He has had one child with a former harem member Kristin Keeffe. Initially Mr. Raniere and Miss Keeffe hid the fact that they were parents of the boy since at the time Mr. Raniere was telling his students he was a celibate and hiding the existence of his harem.

Later he admitted the child was his but by that time Miss Keeffe fled from Mr. Raniere, aided by the New York State Bureau of Criminal Investigations officer Rodger Kirsop who arranged a series of “safe houses” for Miss Keeffe and her son to hide in and reside.

Mr. Raniere also, according to court documents, promised at least two other women that he would sire an avatar child with them. Neither had a child and both women fled from Mr. Raniere who in turn sued them in multiple forums on a variety of legal causes.

It is not known how much of Mr. Raniere’s teachings on the management of harems have made their way into the SOP teachings for men.

The SOP website explains that “SOP is not only curriculum, it involves practical tests to strengthen us with respect to readiness, responsiveness, character, honor, strategic thinking and leadership.”

The next opportunity to take classes will be on July 21, in Albany,  where an SOP “Complete Intensive 1.0” will be conducted.

Now that Miss Mack has assumed control of the greater harem of Mr. Raniere and is working to enhance its numbers – particularly younger more enthusiastic women – it is time to identify the women for the welfare of those wishing or considering joining DOS which is one way to enter his harem.

Stay tuned.

Three of the early harem women: l-r: the late Barbara Jeske; Karen Unterreiner and the late Pam Cafritz
marianna fernandez
Longtime number two harem member Marianna Fernandez.
Keith Raniere’s work includes keeping a harem who may dedicate their entire lives to his teachings.

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  • I was a part of the SOP chapter in Vancouver BC. I found the curriculum to be very insightful as it created a compassionate space for Men to help each other and take responsibility for our actions and more importantly, our emotions. I feel it Has changed the way i process life forever. I cant speak to ever being taught any of that stuff about debasing and shaming women. I mean i was never taught anything of the sort. We focused on ourselves, that was the whole point of SOP. For me, and the Men i woukd meet with. Maybe the americn side of things works differently and quite possibly further down the road that all might have come up. I was involved for 5 months, January to june of this year. I have been able to process emotion more effectively and communicate in a healthier manner than i could before.
    Unfortunately the rumors of the collateral and branding i can attest to having knowledge of. First and second hand. So having this knowledge, the whole organization is called in question to me. I didnt do any due diigence st first, i trusted the people who enrolled me and trusted the curriculum – which i now am unsure about and the whole bit seems nefarious – and it may not have swayed me at first being just internet sesrches. I met Many Many good people all on the quest to better themselves for humanity’s sake. A touching beacon of light i saw in ESP/SOP, a new way of being for people. It turns out that he may or may not be currupt and hurt as opposed to the omnipotent genious he can seem to be. I am grateful to have been involved and had this experience, quite an eye opener. Remember the organization is made of people and we can save a bit of our own humanity ❤️❤️

    • The degradation of women starts in Jness and follows through quite horribly in the SOP Complete training women take. Men and women are taught that women “can’t get anything done” “are raised to be princesses while men shoulder the burdens of the world” and no “one woman can satisfy a man no matter how much he loves her.” A “man will always need multiple women sexual partners to every feel complete and sexually satisfied.” Perhaps worse it’s taught, women can’t keep their word, implying, don’t trust them. Ask who recruited you into SOP if this is true, and if you really have balls call Sara Edmondsen and Mark Vicente directly and ask them. They are the two who are profiting from this, they should be held to account.

      • Dear “Dear Gorden”,

        Mark Vicente & Sarah Edmondson have left ESP. The West Coast has lost an significant amount of members due to the exposure of DOS and the manipulations of Keith Raniere, et. el.

    • Gordon,
      I totally understand what you are saying. But unfortunately all of the companies are just an umbrella to support the suppression of women, and of men. As the cirriculum goes on, men are taught to hate women more and more and women are taught to hate women and themselves more and more. You’re taught that women are entitled, you’re taught that men are the masters. You’re taught that women should serve men, build more character and not rely on emotions. The whole program is basically meant to eventually get to the point where if a women even so much as speaks in an “emotional way” she’s “reactive” and discounted for being crazy or illogical. You can’t hold anyone accountable because then you’re “blaming”. Day after day you start to wonder why your such a piece of crap…you wonder why your life even matters? But you know what you’re then told? Don’t worry, “WE HAVE A NEW EDUCATION THAT WILL FIX YOU! IT’S ONLY $20,000 DOLLARS!” How brilliant (Don’t worry, if you can’t pay it you can get a ‘loan’ or ‘exchange’). This whole company relies on making people hate themselves to cough up more money and being indentured servants. Meanwhile, Keith is slowly building an army of women who will most likely kill for him…they are so brainwashed. Held captive by low calorie diets, no sleep and being overworked and degraded by every person in the community. Nobody in Albany likes each other, really (it’s very rare to have true friendships not based in fear or obligation). It’s all “fake” humanity. You have to literally obligate people to show up to a potluck…where it costs $20 dollars + a dish to enter. Meanwhile Keith is slowly and systematically ruining the lives of many, many young women and the people around them. I’m sick of seeing my friends both metaphorically and actually DIE. It’s not a coincidence that so many people who are close to Keith get cancer, or have other health problems. It’s no wonder people in Albany hide in their houses…they are scared. They are unhappy..and if you are reading this in Albany and saying this isn’t true…you know you are just lying to yourself. Just watch any movie or read any book about cults and feel your mind start to become free and think for itself…you won’t regret it. And if you have not lived in Albany, just know that every dollar you give to them because you “like the tools” or “got so much out of it” is a dollar you are giving to support the horrible activities going on behind closed doors. To the people still in this company; you can find good tools by googling, you don’t need to help ruin lives…please think about what you’re supporting. Please.
      p.s. I’m glad you trusted your friends and left Gordon, just please don’t let anyone else fall for the pretty coating of this cult.

  • So two of the closest women to Raniere who have been with him the longest have both died of cancer and without children. These persistent, low caloric intake diets that (ironically) feed Raniere’s desires for a particular type of woman cannot be beneficial to the body, and I wonder if these have negatively contributed to these cancers and the shortening of their lifespans as a result. Women who join his cult beware. You may be digging yourselves a lonely, childless, and early grave.

    • Be Forewarned,

      See the earlier post from this site below. Sally Brink is the wife of Society of Protectors Founding “High Council Member” Damon Brink. Damon has since left SOP and is working as a DJ. What’s most horrendous is after 10 years of being dutiful, take every training, loyal members of NXIVM “Executive Coaching Program” Sally is left not only with cancer like Pam Cafritz, Barbara Jeske, Kristin Keeffe, Karen Unterreiner, and Nancy Salzman, but after all the Brink’s “success training” they have no money for Sally’s treatment. Check out Sally’s desperate plea for help, on her “Go Fund Me’ page trying to raise money to treat her cancer.

      Earlier Post:
      Wow. This rocks my world. Keith was obsessed with getting information to blackmail people when I was in NXIVM. I read this, and I think yes, this could be true. His greatest enemy is women. Anyone who reads this, think of Sally Brink. Another woman close in to NXIVM who now has deadly cancer. How does that happen? Persistent, consistent, subjugation and degradation of women systematically over time. It is deadly and eventually the body catches on. Sally’s husband was the founder of the Society of Protector’s the men’s movement designed to destroy women. Of course she is dying…..

  • Combating Cult Mind Control by Steve Hassan is a good book for anyone visiting this blog to read. Hassan has a system called the “BITE” model breaking down how cults get total control of people. It is very on point for NXIVM and how Keith controls his harem. The book is a bit hokey, but there are points that are so spot on, if you have been involved with NXIVM it will rock you. Any family member or loved one of a NXIVM victim should read it too, it will help you understand what is happening and how to get through Keith’s control.

  • Are the Garza’s part of this? Loreta and Carola? The Garza’s are good and kind souls. They are completely financially ensnared by Keith, I doubt they would ever go along with this in any way. Maybe they are looking the other way because they are afraid of bankruptcy? Financial subjugation is an enormous part of how Keith entraps women who would otherwise leave the group.

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