Allison Mack Published Sadly Prophetic Poem One Week After Frank Report Started Publishing Branding Stories

Allison Mack
On June 5, 2017, I broke the news that Keith Raniere and Allison Mack were involved in a secret sorority called DOS where women were branded.  That story was entitled: Part 1: Branded Slaves and Master Raniere; Sources: Human branding part of Raniere-inspired women’s group

The stories had an instantaneous effect on Nxivm, Keith Raniere, Allison Mack, and DOS.

People in Nxivm started leaving because of the shock and repulsion they felt upon learning what Raniere and Mack had cooked up.

Numerous DOS slaves also quit. DOS stopped branding and recruiting.

No one else was reporting on DOS or Allison Mack and Keith Raniere’s role in it.  [The New York Times was not to publish their branding story until October 17, 2017, more than four months later.]

I started my second series on June 13: Part 1 The Slave Women of DOS – Revealed.

On the same day, [and just a week after I began writing about DOS], Allison Mack published her sad and eerily prophetic poem, “SHE FEELS CRAMPED IN A CLOSET” on

Here is her poem:

By Allison Mack

Cold sweats. Constantly.

The anxiety of being caught makes my heart thrum like a hummingbird. Someday I will be discovered. I will be found out! I peak [sic] through the crack in the door of the closet I have shoved myself.  It’s stuffy and I can barely breath [sic].How long will I stay inside? It seems like it has been a lifetime in here already.And in truth, it has.

It’s been so long that I can’t even remember the first time I stepped into the closet of self loathing to hide from the world.


I send out my best representative, the “Allison-bot”, who knows what to say, is always funny and never has armpit stains.

The part of me that smells, bleeds and says the wrong thing hangs out in the closet trembling while she peaks through the cracks in the door.

Why am I so nervous?

Because I am a fugitive on the run from intimacy and the fear of showing those pit stains and blood.

I anticipate rejection and so I reject sentencing myself to a life squished in a closet filled with all the things i feel most ashamed of.

What would happen if i threw open the door and jumped to the foreground?

Naked. Raw. Cellulite jiggling. Moles exposed.


My leg is cramping and I feel myself outgrowing this hiding spot. I am tired of being a voyeur.
I want to live my life.

I feel the rush of adrenaline.

Am I willing to be brave and jump out from behind the door and test the hypothesized destruction?


Wait for it…

…Maybe tomorrow.


Allison Mack outside federal court with her attorneys.

Tomorrow was to come for Allison Mack some ten months later, on April 20, 2018, when she was arrested by the FBI in Brooklyn NY. It is not surprising that back in June 2017 when she wrote her poem, Allison felt cold sweats and anxiety about being caught.

People often have premonitions about their future.

In those early days, when word was percolating out on Frank Report, Mack, even then, must have been worried that she would be found out.  She speaks of self-loathing and hiding from the world. This is a poem about being afraid. It is a truthful poem and prescient. She was to embark upon a journey from these days forward that would lead to worldwide notoriety and horrid calumny and the end of her days of freedom.
She asks in her poem why she is nervous. She knows the answer in part and in part the ensuring months would reveal more.The Frank Report stories broke up the cult. Then the New York Times story broke the news to the world and engendered the FBI investigation that would lead to her arrest and conviction.

She was with Raniere when he was apprehended in Mexico. And never again would they be alone together or even speak alone.

When she wrote her poem back on June 13, 2017, it was in the early days of being found out. A secret sorority that she knew [but did not tell the women she recruited] was headed by a man, her master, fueled by blackmail material, and topped off by branding women on, or near, their pubic area with his initials, was now no longer a secret.

Allison might have thought that the DOS ideals were good, that they would help develop tough, strong women. And the slavery and the discipline were necessary and would yield results – ending the far worse slavery of female weakness.

But she knew already, perhaps by the way I spun it on Frank Report, and because so many of her longtime friends were bolting from her charms and away from her master, Raniere, that DOS would not play well to the masses.

“I anticipate rejection,” she wrote, “and so I reject sentencing myself to a life squished in a closet.”

It was not hers to reject.  She will be sentenced by a judge, most likely, almost certainly, to a prison term and a prison cell is like a closet.

When she wrote this poem, she knew she was headed to doom. It was apparent, inevitable. She speaks of the hypothesized destruction. It was only hypothesized then. They must have known among them – Raniere perhaps the first to understand – that destruction was imminent.

And it came, wave after wave after wave.

At her plea hearing in April 2019, two years and 10 months after she wrote her poem, Allison was to denounce her master, the man that fueled the events that brought her to her fate.

It has been almost two years since she took her plea deal. She waits for her next curtain call. Sometime in the next month or two, she will be before the judge again, this time to hear his sentence. She is 38 and when she speaks before the judge and asks for leniency, she will denounce Raniere again. By so doing, she may not spend much or most, perhaps none of her forties in prison.

If she is eloquent and sincere or sounds sincere enough in her damnation of the man that held her in the palm of his hand for a dozen years, and to whom she vowed to be a slave forever, she may yet be spared years cramped in the closet.

At the end of the hearing, after she speaks, she will learn her fate. It will be prison, no doubt, and the possible remand to prison, into handcuffs and shackles, off to a cell and a new life. [Perhaps the judge will kindly let her report to her assigned prison].

And then tomorrow has come.

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Frank Parlato


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  • Joshua, dude you are such a deep thinker. Obviously, you’ve studied with a mentor who was like totally super smart. Like totally an IQ of at least 235, but probably higher.

    You should apply to our Ph.D. program, you’d like totally get a full fellowship.

    Maybe Keith is in prison in AZ. Maybe that’s just your projection.

    If Keith gets raped in prison and his mouth is duct-taped shut so no one hears him scream, is he really raped?

    Would it really be rape if he enjoys it?

    The truth is he’ll never know. He just has his own experience.

    Keith Raniere is going to have like totally 120 years to contemplate his experience in prison. Isn’t that cool?

    Or is a 120-year sentence just your projection, dude?

    You give a sense of believing you know.

    Wait a second dude. When you say “Interpretation, in reality, is a projection” isn’t that, in reality, a projection? The truth is we never know.

    Dude, my mind is blown from your like total wisdom.

  • Interpretation, in reality, is a projection. We give a sense of believing we know. The truth is we never know. We just have our own experience.

  • What makes you think Allison ever read FR much less that she was waxing poetic in response to your revelations and not her decade of NXIVM mind conditioning and attempts to “break” her, as Keith admitted to?

    • This is not a surprise to anyone who read his blog in those days and if you also read FR, you would also see it, but I think it is more for his own conscience trying to see the truth of his situation than whether or not he read the FR, and I dare to affirm it because I saw many of his posts on his blog, on his FB, IG accounts.

      And I noticed that she seemed to be talking about trying to find the courage to wake up from her dream and at other times she seemed committed to continue believing, and this I noticed with another person, Siobahn Hotaling,

      I remember when Frank posted some photos of her and the link to I reviewed her blog a bit and saw hers poetry, I remember one in particular in which she seemed to talk about Keith without mentioning his name, and she talked about having this darkness accumulating inside and not knowing what to do because she does not want to affect people to Around it, so she keeps it in small boxes but they accumulate.

      Keith really twisted many souls and I say this not only because of Siobahn’s past situation, but also because of her current situation, look at this

      • Let’s hope there’s more to it than feeding text into a word cloud app, something editors routinely do – to show authors exactly where their hidden textual biases are… works pretty well.

  • Boo, freaking, hoo Allison. She’s sad she broke her vow? Broke a nail by digging for gold? Boo, freaking, hoo.

    She was much prettier when she was being true to Keith.

  • In addition to being thoughtlessly cruel and a felon, Mack is also a moron. “Peak” instead of “peek”, misspelling “breathe”. She thinks she’s a poet, but she’s barely literate. What a fool!

    As for her alleged poem, it is remarkably self-absorbed. Predictably portraying herself as the victim. Poor little trapped bird, a victim of her insecurities, yearning to be free! Pity me, O pity me!

    What an asshole. No wonder she was Raniere’s loyal lieutenant and lover. They’re birds of a feather, these two.

    This shameless racketeer deserves about 18 years in Federal lockup. Maybe she can learn how to spell in there.

  • Thanks for sharing. Very interesting, Frank!

    I felt the poem was about the insecurity she felt like an actress where they have to make believe they are something else. But you are right.
    It might be her subconscious that was showing the fear she felt. It is sad seeing her bad decisions. But maybe it was because she was superficial that she fell into this trap.

    Alison is very creative. What a shame to become Keith’s prey.

  • Frank,
    What does Allison Mack think of you and your readers?

    Last September – around the time Mack started a Zoom Gender Studies class at UC Berkeley – a new page started on Instagram.

    It started with a post of Mack’s old Vancouver address.

    These numbers no longer work nor is this my address. Allison never fucking sex-trafficked anyone!!! Leave Ally Alone!!!

    nxivm101 believes Frank Parlato has poisoned his readers.

    nxivm101 has a personal resentment against India Oxenberg and witness Jaye.

    What do you think? Is Jessica aka Jane doe aka Jayne now known as Joan…🙄 an untouchable? She says her world spun at the thought of the seduction assignment…and quit. What if her naked picture was just one of many and this was just another naked picture? No biggie, right?

    What does nxivm101 think of Frankreport readers?
    Frankreport readers are albino squirrels who rub their nipples.

    🤔 symptoms of reading The Frank Report…

    • Thank you for your question. Something tells me it wouldn’t have been her first nude 😉 I don’t give her much thought unless I’m thinking of what she’s not saying. To me, she’d more or less a freaky girl, not an untouchable.
      Have a nice day

  • With all due respect to my colleague & hero, Frank Parlato Jr., I just didn’t love this story.

    Fuck, I didn’t even like this story.

    But I did bookmark it cuz I have trouble sleeping and this shit is visual Ambien 10,000 mg.

    Frank is trying too hard to focus negative attention on the few ‘limited people’ who are not off-limits (Allison, Keith, Nancy and Clare are the only negative topics that he’ll allow on FrankReport).

    That’s the problem. Frank has selectively whittled down the entire NXIVM topic to just a few people.


    Because Frank has become friends with (and/or sympathetic to) everybody else within NXIVM, so he won’t report on those stories anymore.

    Canadian cash smuggling? No story there. Move along.

    Kreuk and/or Kendra possibly indoctrinating youngsters into NXIVM philosophy? No story there cuz Sarah Edmondson phoned Frank to voice her displeasure. Frank dutifully complied with Sarah’s demands by announcing that without “proof beyond a reasonable doubt” he won’t report anything on these women anymore, LOL.

    (if Frank used that same ‘standard of proof’ for reporting on everybody else within NXIVM, this blog would have nearly zero stories, LOL)

    Heck, if the NY Times used that same ‘standard of proof’ for simply reporting a story, LOL, it would have no newspaper left.

    Differing standards of proof is the tell-tale sign of somebody who’s not a real reporter.

    What about Keeffe or Bouchey engaging in irregular activities for years? Shhhhh! Don’t whisper a word about it. No story there. Move along. These are his friends now.

    I even provided a way for Frank to verify something.

    It’s against regulations for a trader or asset manager to use their own account numbers (and taxpayer IDs) to trade, transfer or ‘house’ money on behalf of another person who’s trying to secretly obfuscate the fact that they really control that money.

    Bouchey has written several posts on this blog that INDIRECTLY acknowledge she did precisely that (for her boyfriend Keith) back in the day, at least in my own opinion. Which is how Keith likely avoided having to file tax returns for money, trading gains/losses, stock dividends & interest income which he may have secretly controlled from accounts that were not in his name (i.e., if small trading gains ever happened, they should have been credited to Keith’s SSN, along with any interest income or stock dividends from those accounts).

    Also, if those large trading losses were used to offset other trading gains by anybody other than Keith — for any tax years — that would have been against regulations too; because Bouchey claimed that Keith controlled that money and it was really his losses, which is the basis for her claim that Keith owes her back that money.

    I’m not saying those losses were used to offset any gains improperly (since Bouchey has never commented on that). I’m simply saying that IF they were used to offset gains from accounts that Keith didn’t officially own, that would have been against regulations IF Keith really controlled that money.

    Bouchey admitted that she loaned Keith money (over $1 million) which she allegedly never transferred into any accounts housing Keith’s own SSN. Bouchey then claimed that Keith owed her that money after she lost it trading because it was really a loan she said, by implying that Keith secretly controlled that money all along (from accounts that hid the fact that he was the real owner).

    If I am wrong or I’m misremembering something, please correct me, Frank. Set the record straight if you believe I’m mistaken. I’m just going from my ‘memory’ of stories printed 2 years ago. LOL.

    A certified financial planner and/or asset manager is forbidden from engaging in this type of activity on behalf of clients, friends or family. It violates all kinds of ‘ethical guidelines’.

    Yet, Barb Bouchey allegedly advises other people on “ethics” about these same topics.

    She’s supposedly a senior authority on ‘ethics’ in this industry? LOL

    Frank won’t touch this story though. He won’t shame Bouchey for enabling Keith to go undetected by the feds for years.

    • PS — Even if Keith’s secret trading accounts never earned a penny of dividend income or interest income and had nothing but trading losses (i.e., even if Keith never had to file a tax return) ——– it’s still a violation of regulations to HIDE his SSN from those trading accounts.

      Especially if a broker or asset manager assisted him in hiding/obfuscating his true ownership of those trading accounts.

      These are Treasury Department regulations designed to prevent money laundering.

      Bouchey claimed that Keith ‘personally’ owes her that money back. She didn’t claim that NXIVM (as a corporation) owes her that money. Thus, Keith’s personal SSN (tax ID) should have been placed on those accounts. Period. She apparently helped Keith to obfuscate his ownership of that money, in my opinion. She’s not a victim.

      • Barbara Bouchey is indeed not a victim. She is a perpetrator and victim of another perpetrator, knowing what she was doing illegally and not being allowed to do.

    • “he won’t report on those stories anymore. Canadian cash smuggling? No story there. Move along. Kreuk and/or Kendra possibly indoctrinating youngsters into NXIVM philosophy? No story there”

      Yeah, a lot of stories about what really went on in the cult have been dropped by Frank. All the docs and books about Nx focus on DOS, not the day to day weirdness of the cult…but Frank supposedly has lots of ex-Nxers who can regale us with stories about SOP, GBD ect. Where are those stories that can make the FR go-to gossip again?

    • Bangkok the financial parts of your comment ring true.

      —It’s against regulations for a trader or asset manager to use their own account numbers (and taxpayer IDs) to trade, transfer or ‘house’ money on behalf of another person who’s trying to secretly obfuscate the fact that they really control that money.

      In addition the Russian Commodities traitor—that Joe O’Hara was supposed to answer some questions about— the Russian most likely did some Fugazi shit for Raniere. Bangkok do you remember that shady f*ck?

    • No sentencing date has been set for Allison — or for Nancy, Lauren, and Kathy. We have, however, heard from several sources that sentencing hearings in the EDNY are expected to resume sometime in the next couple of months. We will keep you posted as we get more specific info.

      • K.R. Claviger-

        Since the time of your last sentencing opinion, have you changed your stance on the sentencing of the remaining defendants? In other-words do you believe they deserve less or more time?

  • “I anticipate rejection,” she wrote, “and so I reject sentencing myself to a life squished in a closet.”

    Allison Mack’s personal closet will follow her the rest of her life.

    Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time.

    • Shadow,

      —Allison Mack’s personal closet will follow her the rest of her life.

      What’s is in your closet, Shadow?

      The documentary you posted a link to is like so many other links, you have shared, over the years; it’s a Neo-Nazi website masquerading as an
      Alt-right website.

      People like Shadow should be illuminated and not censored into the dark to grow like a malignant tumor.

      One has to wonder if Shadow’s hate for Allison Mack is indicative of his soul.

      This will be my last post regarding Nazism and Shadowstate1958.

      • Second to last post on Shadow’s political affiliations. There is more to the story, but I do not believe in Doxing anyone. Doxing is wrong.

      • To the cretinous retarded Niceguy,

        The Nazis regarded Slavic people as “subhuman.”

        Well, it just so happens that my nephews are ethnic Russians adopted from Krasnoyarsk.

        So keep your racist shit to yourself.

        • This is getting a little nasty. Except for the fact that Nice Guy enjoys it, I would have not approved this comment.

          • Frank,

            I enjoy it immensely!

            Happy Valentines Frank! ❤️

            Happy Valentines Shadowstate! 🖤

  • It is interesting that she should publish such a thing at that time. After all the years in NXIVM, idolizing Keith and his teachings, she still felt self-loathing and the need to put a shiny, happy mask on? Surely this is proof that years of Keith does nothing for a person. At best, she still had very low self-esteem and, at worst, he made her feel like a piece of shit. It is very sad indeed.

      • I think Natashka makes a very valid point. After all the years and hours of Keith working with her, why was Allison still going through this inner battle?

        What joyous conclusion did you come to after reading the poem?

        • Thanks Nutjob. This is one of the rare times my response wasn’t published 😂. I didn’t think it was excessively offensive, just slightly sarcastic but I will be a teeny bit more polite now.

          A member of a sex cult, who truly believes she is thriving, writes something like this. Ah, it must have been on behalf of a friend, also called Allison, who is not affiliated in any way, shape or form with NXIVM. Only NXIVM can make make all Allisons shed their masks, skip out of the closets and lead an “authentic” life. Can this interpretation satisfy? 🙄. Without the actual writer providing context, a reader will interpret poetry however they choose and unfortunately context has been provided by way of criminal charges and prison sentences.

          • OK, Frank, my apologies, it must have been other forces at work upholding my integrity! It was a while ago I uncharacteristically lowered myself far down to the level of one particular hideous commenter and replied in a terrible manner. I am actually glad it didn’t make it through. Suffice to say it was not very ladylike 😂

          • I’m sorry I missed the comment. Maybe it is hanging out in the pending comments somewhere.

    • It is sad. The tension and conflict must have been enormous.

      ” They are playing a game. They are playing at not

      playing a game. If I show them I see they are, I

      shall break the rules and they will punish me.”

      I must play their game, of not seeing I see the game.”

      RD Laing, “Knots.”


    • Subalterns, who offer themselves as slaves or joyfully accept such an offer of a master and master adored by him, are not ashamed, they have already discarded their self-respect and sense of shame from the beginning in order to be able to fulfill every wish of their master. Respect is only for the person they serve, no one else.

  • “Naked. Raw. Cellulite jiggling. Moles exposed.”

    Jesus Christ almighty
    A rat ran up Allison Mack’s nightie?*

    Was this an advertisement or a suicide note? Who the hell knows?

    How many other thank-you notes did Mack shoot off to Keithy-Weethie? Her Smallville? Just another tacky Village of the Damned. Mack bought this crap, that she was a commodity, and so was “love.”

    How tough. But these Chiquita bananas thought being a “tough woman” is something to admire, instead of it just being some lost, fucked-up, groupie hoodrat, with a whole new batch of sexual and social consequences.

    No more “hiya fellas” but a lifetime of oy vey, fellow felons. Cha-ching and chingao, bébés.

    * Flabturd was born in the Chinese year of the Rat. What a waste, as most rats are more attractive and charming.

  • This was the particular devilishness of Raniere. The manipulation via gaslighting and other mechanisms—in particular of women who in general are more emotionally malleable than men—to subtly and slowly over time humiliate their self-esteem and induce in them this exaggeration of faults that existed—or never actually did but were made to believe they did in them—to keep them in a virtual cage of the mind for his control. Real leaders sincerely help and elevate others for the latter’s benefit. They don’t attempt to break them where every real minor (or made-up) flaw is magnified to hold them back.

    Like I said in that comment that was elevated to an article, was whatever small hole that Allison felt in her life worth the giant crater he dug into it? No. Absolutely not.

    He’s a disgusting “human” being who deserves to be where he is now.

  • Alison Mack’s writing is evidence of utter poetic genius. She must have been trained by a mentor with a very, very nigh IQ, at least 235, but likely higher.

    The metaphoric images of pit stains and blood are visionary.

    I’m sure we would accept her into our Ph.D. program with a full fellowship if she applies. We have a distance learning program she can attend from prison.

    I’ve been inspired to compose a short poem in response:

    Move over
    You’ve been ousted
    the Big
    Mack Attack!

  • Wow. From someone who has only started following all of this in the last year or so, this was a good archive to see.

    So many indefensible things exposed no matter how anyone wants to spin it.

    Why do the remaining supporters like wife Nicki and others not throw public support her way or to other NXIVM convicted women? Why only Keith?

    • You see, these women were all in a tizzy because everyday, every night, when they waited to play Potato Head, Raniere made sure that he was the only one who had a potato.

      The rest of them were only allowed to be blind potato eyes, easily cuttable.

      • The co-founder of Nxivm, a horny and vain woman named Nancy Salzman, was Raniere’s real Benihana, his procuress who brought him his steak, sealed with Wet Kisses. “She was the reincarnation of Adolf Hitler,” you see.

        It’s like porn if you happen to want porn with ugly characters, with immense bushes and no deodorant, bysy, embittered, goosestepping stick figures and a few pariah fatties, and all with eating problems. Addicted to what? The whole movie was and is so surrealistically unbeautiful and horrifyingly unromantic, anti-sexual, unmagnetic. Very expensive cheap thrills and never any union, a group hijacked and now marooned, way, way out upon a sea of pretense.

    • People don’t support Mack because of what she did to other victims . She recruited and helped brand women .

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Parlato has been prominently featured on HBO’s docuseries “The Vow” and was the lead investigator and coordinating producer for Investigation Discovery’s “The Lost Women of NXIVM.” He also appeared in "Branded and Brainwashed: Inside NXIVM, and was credited in the Starz docuseries "Seduced" for saving 'slave' women from being branded and escaping the sex-slave cult known as DOS.

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Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

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