Shivani: Kristin Snyder – This Has Murder Written All Over It

Kristin Snyder - was she murdered?

By Shivani

Kristin Snyder was involved for only three or four months of Executive Success Programs before her disappearance.

How extreme her involvement became, and it ended swiftly. She must have been excessively pressured. This was a disgusting commercial hard sell. Invasive.

Not a lot of young women would’ve been able to take that much time off, all crammed together, from their own career or work. Everything took place from November 2, 2002 until February 6, 2003. Plus, Kristin had to travel far.

This was exhaustive, jam-packed, and lots of $$$ being spent.

It feels out-of-hand, too extreme. It is as if Kristin took no time to think things over and was never given time, either. Her family visit was already being crazily monitored and manipulated by people she had just met.

The Snyder family – l-r Robert, Kristin, Kim. Seated Jonnie.

No wonder her father asked her some challenging questions. He must have been concerned and alarmed.

Why her?

Nancy Salzman, one of Raniere’s major commandants, taught the first five days of Kristin’s initial Executive Success Intensive. Probably she told Raniere something like, ”I have a gem for you. She is lesbian and very cute.”

Then Kristin was set up quickly to meet him.

What did these freaks want? It seems cut and dried.

Kristin was in that Anchorage 16 Day Intensive immediately after Keith, Nancy and Esther deceived her in Albany, New York. He got his way with her, Kristin said.

It sounds from her diary that he tormented her emotions, told her she was “all wrong” and pushed her psychologically to doubt every aspect of her life.

This was his and his miscreants’ idea of fun. Raniere was a psycho. So what the hell were Nancy Salzman and Esther, one sociopath and one confused, recently-embittered stooge doing?

We get the idea who reeled her up to Clifton Park, and who advertised her to Raniere, leading Kristin to be in his clutches.

Then came the Anchorage 16 day intensive starting on January 26th. What did Kristin do, fly from Albany back to Anchorage?

She might have gotten Heidi Clifford and Heidi’s mother lined up to join her for the intensive. What did Heidi and her mother witness?

Heidi Clifford from a still from ‘The Lost Women of Nxivm’.

Heidi wanted to help Kristin get medical help and was prevented by Raniere’s/Salzman’s entire intensive staff. This is a living nightmare, not only too fast, too hard. It is bone-chilling.

It’s complete abnormality and mal-intent, run by at least Nancy Salzman from her phones.

Keith Raniere and Nancy Salzman

All three, Kristin, Heidi and her mother, were in the Anchorage Intensive, at least from Jan. 26th until Feb. 6th, 12 of 16 scheduled days. So when, during the Anchorage intensive, did Kristin start to tell her truths about Raniere and sex and get pulled out and put back into the group? This sequence happened at least three times, according to Heidi Clifford.

Kristin might have missed her period. She might have said more when she was sequestered by staff.

Did Heidi see the gaslighting? What about her mom?

It feels terrible to witness the depths of struggling Kristin expressed from her diary entry, less than 2 weeks before she was told, by (at least some) of her final intensive’s staff who knew about Raniere, that she was “seeking attention” by saying Raniere impregnated her.

That is outrageous behavior. Executive Criminals.

Has law enforcement in Alaska been ignoring this? Can it be re-opened?

Who was at the Westmark location and at Millers Landing?

[Name Redacted], who after Kristin’s disappearance got paid big money, via Nancy Salzman.

Frank Parlato with Seward Police Lieutenant Alan Nickel, at Miller’s Landing, investigating the disappearance of Kristin Snyder

What solid proof is there of anything at all about Kristin since she was “escorted” away from the Westmark parking lot in a vehicle? What happened to her purse or valise or intensive programs or notes, etc.?

Everything is foggy except for the conjoined, cult-gang’s malevolence towards Kristin. What else is there, beyond their subsequent obstruction and palm-greasing?

Smiling Esther Chiappone likely charmed Kristin Snyder to her doom.

It sounds like Nancy Salzman and Esther Chiappone procured Kristin for Raniere so he could get at her alone at his regular headquarters. They made sure he got her.

What crazy greed and obtuseness made them send her right back from Raniere into another of their 16-day intensives? He had sex with her after making her see her life as wrong, superimposing himself over her. Without his harem, Raniere could not have managed this conscienceless violence. They had to procure Kristin first and fool her along.

Kristin would not have suspected Nancy or Esther’s real intentions. Why would she? Kristin was in her own loving relationship with Heidi Clifford. She hadn’t hidden her status. Raniere was presented to her as the greatest, smartest, guru-hero who practiced celibacy.

Women lied for Keith Raniere, telling newcomers that he was a celibate.

This is sickening. I cannot imagine what Kristin was going through with these diabolical creeps.

How could she imagine that Raniere would turn on her, would use sadistic psycho-sexual mumbo-jumbo on her, to tear down her personal life and her values, to enforce his ways and means onto her? This is violence.

It is psycho-sexual terrorism.  Who expects anything like that?

Raniere had to play God and to try converting or messing with her sexual orientation. He did every kind of boundaries-invasion he could push, ordering all kinds of sexual combos, for years. He was raping children, trafficking children and women, extorting from anyone plausible.

It was already nuts before Kristin bought into the group’s sales pitches.

I’m thankful for any new info at all. It gets more heartbreaking but the truth needs to be pursued and found.  This has murder written all over it.

The staff were absolutely vicious in Anchorage, Alaska while carrying out orders from Nancy Salzman, and very likely it was all produced for Keith Raniere or at least co-produced by him.

What about justice in Alaska?

By now, something has got to give. Kristin disappeared.

Clare Bronfman TOLD Matt Malone, her IT expert, that Kristin wasn’t lying about Kristin’s “sex with” or pregnancy from Raniere.

If not criminal justice, is it too late for civil suits?

Was Kristin Snyder ‘Fair Game’?

L. Ron Hubbard founded the Church of Scientology.

L. Ron Hubbard’s “Fair Game” policy, is about how Scientology should deal with designated enemies. It is one main part of Scientology’s arsenal which I feel sure that Keith Raniere adopted for himself and his group.

Once he had Clare Bronfman as a rottweiler with deep pockets, he found a very useful juggernaut to deploy. He had Pam Cafritz, but Pam was wearing out, so better to just let her die, take her remaining assets.

“Fair Game” not only allows, but sanctions and encourages the use of litigation, of P.I.s and pre-planned threats, document raids, intensive spying, sometimes for more than 20 years, harassment, etc. against anyone who displeases, or seems to threaten the fake religion.

One is allowed to “destroy enemies utterly” and may invent evidence to do so and also may resort to violence.

Kristin Keeffe from a still from ‘The Lost Women of Nxivm’.

Kristin Keeffe Warning Emails

Recently I’ve re-read the email Kristin Keeffe sent to Nancy Salzman, Clare Bronfman, et. al., to warn them about how Raniere’s criminal activities would pull them into enormous legal trouble, not too far down the road.

Kristin was in a unique position to know this, because of her own work for Raniere, plus the length of time she had been able to watch him in action.

I wonder how much she realized what a shot in the dark it was to send off her warnings to her old friends and compatriots? She said that she told Pam Cafritz specific information before she made her way out, but also withheld even more, as she made her escape with her son.

She had hoped Cafritz would tell Nancy and Clare, etc., what she’d told Pam.

Keeffe had to get together her own resources very stealthily to pull off her departure with her son.

I don’t think she wanted to believe how far gone her old friends were determined to remain. Kristin even said how Raniere was abusing Clare for failing to bring Raniere Edgar Bronfman, Sr.’s head on a platter, with his inculcation into Raniere’s doctrines, along with access to Bronfman’s $$$ and clout.

Keeffe was sent to Alaska after Kristin Snyder’s disappearance. Was it to spread Bronfman money around?

Was Keeffe already looking for her own way out at this time or not? It looks like Kristin hoped against hope that these women would wake up. She said she didn’t care what happened to Emiliano Salinas. How come!?

I would like to know how much of this story Keeffe shared with law enforcement and what she knew/knows about who was bribed?

How much did she know about Kristin Snyder’s circumstances, the circumstances which led to money being spread about in Alaska?

Keeffe has said that she went through years of abuse at Raniere’s hands, and not only physical abuse but also psychological manipulation, group-shunning, and acts of mal-intent. Kristin is one of the few who expressed herself clearly and with rational explanations of what she saw, experienced, having been with Raniere for so many, many years.

More Coming Out on Snyder

More and more is coming out about Kristin Snyder’s experiences with Raniere and his followers. Details are getting filled into a timeline.

All along, the entire saga/ backstories about Kristin and the pickup truck have been WEIRD and completely loaded with red flags. Where is any evidence to show that Kristin ever took that truck from the Westmark Hotel?

Is there any evidence of Kristin Snyder after she was driven away from the hotel? Anytime or anywhere?

Kristin was thrown out of an Executive Success Intensive and driven home. Was she drugged beforehand? Was she driven home because of that? Is it certain that Kristin got home at all?

The whole ESP staff acted against Kristin Snyder’s best interests and her safety. They were guard dogs upholding Raniere’s sexual psycho-terrorism, aware that his celibacy disguise was an absolute lie.

Kristin hadn’t hidden her own personal sexual orientation. Raniere wasn’t one to respect anyone’s wishes except for his own.

Raniere’s sexual appetites weren’t unknown to staff intensive leaders. No doubt Raniere found out about Kristin from those who staffed her first ESP intensive.

Kristin could’ve become an inconvenience because she was telling the truth.

She might have told the intensive staff that Raniere drugged her, as well as raped her. Plus, she might have been pregnant from the swine.

And Nancy Salzman was the one who commanded the Anchorage staff, all Raniere followers, from the phone, etc. about “what to do about Kristin Snyder.”

Nancy Salzman was always doing that for the frog prince. She wasn’t the only one.


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