Where is #Me Too Movement to Investigate Hollywood Screenwriter Philip Levens?

Frank Report is writing a series of articles on the curious case of Hollywood screenwriter Philip Levens versus his ex-wife and mother of his children, Kassandra Levens.

Smallville Screenwriter Got Wife Sent to Prison – But Was He a Wife-Beating Scoundrel and a Criminal?  

Did Kamala Harris Help Alleged Wife Beater Philip Levens Put His Wife Unjustly in Jail?

In Case of Hollywood Screenwriter Philip Levens Against His Wife, the Critical Witness Was Secretly Working With Husband 

Levens v. Levens: Philip Levens’ Lawyer Provides Evidence That He Did Not Beat Girlfriend 

Secret Recordings Between Philip Levens and Mazel Withheld from Defense Might Have Changed Outcome of Case Against Kassandra Levens

Philip’s ex-wife, Kassandra, claims he beat her savagely for years with impunity. Philip denies he ever hit Kassandra.

Kassandra claims Philip punched her so hard that doctors had to remove her eyeball, repair it, then replace it in the socket. Philip claims she ran into a doorknob.

When she fled from Philip with her two small children, he hired a criminal named Gary Mazel to entrap her into getting a recording of her soliciting him into murdering Philip.

Though the entrapment scheme failed to get the desired recording, Philip and Mazel testified that she did so anyway without revealing to the jury that they had cooked up the entire scheme in advance.

Hollywood screenwriter Philip Levens

Secret tapes between Mazel [the hired thug] and Philip were not played for the jury which might have evidenced that Kassandra was innocent and this powerful Hollywood writer had influence with the Los Angeles DA [His lawyer’s brother was supervising DA] and the police department [the detective that handled the case for Philip went to his recent wedding to actress Carolyn Stotesbery].

Philip, of course, may be innocent of all claims against him. He told the jury he was frightened for his life from dangerous Kassandra. Yet secretly recorded tapes that were never played at trial [they were held by the prosecution but not turned over to the defense] showed Philip was not frightened at all. He kept encouraging Mazel to entrap his wife while he shopped around for the right law enforcement agency to prosecute her.

Of course, Kassandra may be the true criminal. A jury, after all, found her guilty and she was sentenced to 13 months in jail. She got her punishment – intensified further by the fact that she may no longer see her children except by Skype, three times a week, for 10 minutes each.

Kassandra Levens is denied one of the most primal needs of a mother – to raise her own children. Philip has sole custody thanks largely to his successful prosecution of Kassandra, a convicted felon.

But there was so much that was not shown to the jury – like the fact that when Mazel did not get enough money from Philip he threatened Philip’s life and was arrested and threatened with three years in prison if he did not testify against Kassandra. He did testify against her and got immunity and 120 days in a drug rehab facility.

And that Mazel actually told Kassandra’s lawyer on a recorded call that Kassandra was innocent and he would testify against Philip. [This too was not played for the jury.]

The case might be actually the opposite of what the results were: Philip Levens might be the true criminal. Study the case, if you are interested, and, below, read one woman’s opinion.

Frank Report correspondent Heidi Hutchinson has a perspective, being a victim herself.

By Heidi Hutchinson

This is in response to Levens v. Levens: Philip Levens’ Lawyer Provides Evidence That He Did Not Beat Girlfriend.

In this story, it is recounted how Philip Leven’s ex-girlfriend had him arrested for allegedly beating her and then she later recanted her story.

This information Philip’s lawyer submitted to Frank Report to prove that Philip’s arrest was sealed because he was “factually innocent.”

I have another view of Philip’s innocence.

It’s not unusual for a victim of abuse to recant for fear of suffering further abuse such as Phillip Levens seems to have heaped on subsequent partners including his ex-wife, Kassandra, the brave mother of their children, who did not have the option to simply cut ties and run — as Urzula did — but needed to protect her kids, especially her little girl, from this alleged monster’s alleged abuse as well.

It’s also possible that Urzula was paid off and/or that she backed off when confronted by the powerful, misogynistic “ol’ boys club” Hollywood network that protects its “eccentric talent” from prosecution, particularly when it comes to anything smacking of violent sexual deviance.

From Fatty Arbuckle to The Black Dalia to OJ Simpson, the LA “Hollywood” justice system even permits the murder of troublesome female victims whose truth may threaten to tarnish the image of one of its “eccentric talents” and, thereby, cut into the profitability of a successful show like ”Smallville” was.

My heart goes out to Kassandra and her children. She should be lauded for doing the right thing by attempting to escape with them and by exposing Levens. At least, Kassandra was able to shed enough light on this situation before being locked up and shut out of her children’s lives that she most likely prevented her daughter from, likewise, being abused – had she taken the same route Urzula did.

If the “me-too” movement wants to prove that it doesn’t exist simply for the lip service benefit of female, political hypocrites or aging actresses looking for a comeback, when they realize those blow jobs they gave some smelly old bastard to get ahead in Hollywood didn’t guarantee them star treatment for life — WHERE ARE THEY NOW to defend Kassandra Levens, this mother who got the Hollywood treatment, alright, and whose kids are, nonetheless, surely suffering the consequences of Kassandra’s forced absence in their lives – even if Levens was, so far, stymied from perpetrating further abuse on their daughter.

Nor will an alleged serial abuser like Levens likely stop even at his own daughter if the public pressure to at least continue investigating this matter is not kept up.

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  • Why are you reifying the metoo movement as if there is some coordinated effort or organization behind it to take action for individuals? It is an idea that is noble in principle, and has engendered some structured and practical initiatives, but it is still a ways away from practically initiating justice for mistreated and abused women at more local levels. Even the long standing U.S. justice system often fails to do that.

  • Gotta say, Heidi, I can’t disagree with one word you wrote or the profanity used to express your outrage.

    I too am weary, and furious, at the disingenious Hollywood elite, so called celebrities who virtue signal (ask yourself why we celebrate these incestuous folks who would f%$k a duck if given the opportunity),the old boys club, law enforcement who cam easily be pursuaded to look the other way for filthy lucre or political gain, etc.

      • I believe both Christine Ford and Deborah Ramirez. The truth will come out in a way that cannot be denied because the truth always comes out. Former classmates disagree sharply about whether Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh abused alcohol as a young man. https://wapo.st/2y5UhzD

        • I’d be more concerned if Kavanaugh DIDN’T abuse alcohol at some point as a young man.

          Odds are, you’ve been puke drunk at some point. Maybe we should ban you for that.

          Blasey-Ford is a gross perjurer working for the now openly criminal CIA.

          • I could fill a stadium with people that should be banned from that appointment. It should be held by persons of impeccable character and unbiased intellect. Someone who lives above reproach. KAVANAUGH IS NONE OF THOSE.

  • Agree, H, This me-too ‘movement’ is a bunch of hype if it does not fulfil the broad general reach the words ‘me-too’ suggest.

  • #meto movement is as comical as that fancy blue dress silly Willy is wearing.
    Necker Island vacation 50,000
    Disney carnival cruise 2,000
    Painting of Clinton in red heals. Priceles

  • Heidi is 100% correct,
    “It’s not unusual for a victim of abuse to recant for fear of suffering further abuse.”

    I believe Kassandra.

    There was an ex NFL in my hometown. His wife would call the police and attempt to file charges, 6 times that I know of at least. The NFL player’s wife would then claim she had been confused and did not no why she had called the police.

    I read up on some of the court filings in Kassandra’s case. In my opinion it’s a textbook case. Her story, tragically, has played 1000 times.

    • That was so prevalent in Canada, that they changed the law. Regardless if the victim wants to press charges, the province will if the police find any evidence of abuse, and the people will be separated until the court date or longer. If there’s no evidence of abuse, or a disturbance, they will still be separated for a period of time. Once the cops are called for that kind of a complaint, it goes out of the victims hands.

  • Tho I agree that is an example of abuse of power by Hollyweird liberals…don’t anyone try to ignore that it is “power” that is used by both political sides to abuse and control waitresses, secretaries, maids, etc…plus wives and girlfriends and daughters.

    • Yep. Cleaners, waitresses, towel-gatherers, baby-sitters, all jobs done part-time by schoolgirls, and full-time by the most vulnerable and hard-working? (overworked) section of society – impoverished women.

      This is the pool in which pedo-sharks and their trusty pilots fish for chum. No more Unions and Education to muddy the waters.

  • Brilliant and brave, Heidi! Thank you for speaking strength in the face of oppression. The shield of protection created and maintained by these bullies must not be allowed to stand. Keep calling ABUSE what it is (when they want to manipulate/minimize as merely “hollyweird eccentrism”) and spread this story everywhere. #MeToo #MeToo #MeToo

    • Shadowstate,

      It’s called being rich and connected…

      Then again Donald Trump was a life long Democrat until a short time before his presidency and now everyone wants to prosecute him. Maybe you are right.

      It’s called being rich and connected.

      Shadowstate sometime you will have to explain to me how you are any different than the radical left SJC types….

      …. besides the fact that you do not sit when you pee. 😉

  • Its horrible. The statistics are sickening. 70 – 75 % of murdered domestic violence victims are murdered after they leave the abuser. I found the same statistic on so many websites. That she tried to escape with the kids is so courageous – many women are too terrified to even try to leave. They just take it hoping some miracle will get them out. terrified.https://www.theguardian.com/money/us-money-blog/2014/oct/20/domestic-private-violence-women-men-abuse-hbo-ray-rice

  • The #metoo “movement” is a joke. It’s just a recycled and renamed propaganda thing against men, particularly white ones. It has nothing to do with protecting victims.

    • Guessing you’re a white man? Missing when times were good and you could demean the women in the office with your sexual innuendoes and “compliments” about their figures? No more brushing up against them at the coffee machine or in the photocopy room? Remember when you could tell an offensive joke at work in full volume? Okay, maybe that wasn’t you, in particular?

      The reason you poor white men are getting so much heat now, is because you’ve been the people in the power positions in MOST businesses around the world, and too many of you have abused that power, for way too long!!! Women are sick of it!! We’re tired of feeling disrespected and unsafe!! We’re tired of being conditioned to “cover-up” our bodies because many men are unable to control their sexual urges!! We’re trying to do you all a favour here…maybe help you raise your level of consciousness above your penis and testicles? Look at us like human beings and not some means to your sexual ends? The real joke is that the status quo has been altered, and the men who’ve taken advantage for so long, are now off-kilter and scared! There was a time when a woman wouldn’t dream of making a formal complaint or charge against a co-worker, or boss…..this isn’t that time, Halle-frickin-lujah!!

        • It’s 2019. The primitive Bobbie Joe trigger screed reads as if it were still 1979.

          (Levens))) – is not a ‘white man’.

          #metoo should have been #ujuyu.

      • Listen sugar-tits. You are not oppressed.

        White men are the scapegoat for ugly women and jealous non whites. All those things you bash white men for, blacks, Asians and everyone else can and do, do those things in the workplace.

        Shock horror, in white countries, those in power are going to be white. Shocking! Just like in non white countries, non whites hold the power. Name one racial category more tolerant to the point of self destruction than whites.

        You lump all whites in the same category. What have most European white nations done to anyone? Most did not have an empire. You know the world “slave” comes from the word “Slav”, the Eastern Europeans who were enslaved by Arab and Turk Muslims for centuries. China invaded and still occupies Tibet. Japan fucked with everyone before and after ww2. Arabs created a large African slave trade that some European nations bought into.

        You people never ever criticise females, non whites or anyone else. Only white men. You put all your hatred on anyone white. It’s pathetic.

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