Why was Kamala Harris involved in the fairly low level case against Kassandra Levens?

Did Kamala Harris Help Alleged Wife Beater Philip Levens Put His Wife Unjustly in Jail?

Philip Levens put his wife in jail. Was it a convolution of justice? Does he belong there?

People were shocked to read about former Smallville screenwriter Philip David Levens and his brutal battle with his ex-wife Kassandra Levens.

There is no doubt Levens won the fight – at least for now.  But as more evidence comes out in this case, I am less certain he will score the ultimate victory.

Physically, Kassandra Levens was no match for Philip Levens

The record shows his wife, Kassandra, went to jail for 13-months for supposedly soliciting a thug named Gary Mazel to do serious bodily injury to Philip.

As it turns out – as new evidence shows – it was Philip who hired Mazel [not Kassandra] in what appears to be a frame-up.

I suspect Mazel committed perjury and Philip knew it.

The District Attorney and lead detective for the Los Angeles police may have also known it.

It is, I suspect, a convolution of justice.

It is suspicious that the DA in the case is the brother of Philip’s longtime friend and attorney, Marci Levine. And equally suspicious that the lead police detective, Barry Tellis, is a close personal friend of Philip’s. Tellis attended Philip’s wedding last week to actress Carolyn Stotesbery.

What might be more surprising – and it might show how the Hollywood elite write their own rules in tinsel town – Kamala Harris may have been in on this miscarriage of justice.

In short, the story is this:

Allegedly, Philip used to smack around his wife pretty good. The 6’2″ burly brute easily could knock the 5-10, 130 pound Kassandra to the ground and get her to submit to his creepy demands.

Hollywood screenwriter Philip David Levens

One time, when police were called, Philip fled the house. Kassandra did not press charges.

Her eye in one beating was so badly damaged that doctors had to remove her eyeball and then place it back in the socket. Philip claimed Kassandra’s eye ran into a doorknob.

Kassandra’s eye after an alleged beating by Philip.

Police reports of Philip beating Kassandra:

Philip Levens Beating of Kassandra

Philp Levens Beating of Kassandra 2

Philip Levens Beating of Kassandra 3

[As further evidence of Philip propensity to beat his wives, here is a police report of his beating his previous wife before Kassandra

Philip allegedly delivered repeated beatings to Kassandra, some of which neighbors told Frank Report they witnessed or heard.

Neighbors said Philip would scream at the top of his lungs demanding that Kassandra “satiate him” on-demand, which they believed was a demand for sexual satisfaction that amounted to rape.

Philip is purportedly of the old school where it is believed that a man cannot rape his wife.

As evidence at the trial showed, Kassandra fled the home and went to a domestic shelter. There, she learned that Philip might be sexually abusing their daughter.

A desperate Philip allegedly hired conman Mazel to set up Kassandra with an entrapment scheme which includes Mazel lying that she wanted him to murder Philip.

Mazel got immunity at the trial.

Unfortunately, crucial evidence that Philip hired Mazel [not vice versa] never came out at trial.

In fact, smoking gun proof that Philp hired Mazel to lie about Kassandra was suppressed by the DA.

A recording of Mazel negotiating with Philip to entrap and destroy Kassandra so that she would not be able to file a complaint about his sexually abusing his daughter was in the possession of police the entire time but never shared with the defense.

There is more to write about how a top flight Hollywood screenwriter could allegedly manhandle and then jail his impoverished wife in Los Angeles.

But a comment from our initial story on Philip and Kassandra – on Kamala Harris – bears re-posting:

“Kamala Harris made special appearances in the prosecution of Kassandra Leven’s] case…. Why did Kamala make two special appearances in this case on behalf of Phillip Levens?…  You would truly be shocked at how Hollywood runs the police, the child trafficking networks, the courts

It may have been routine for the Attorney General of the entire state to make special appearances in the case, or perhaps it was the result of influence peddling and it needs to be examined carefully.

Especially if the wrong spouse went to jail and/or a child was sexually molested.

I intend to do just that.

Stay tuned.


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About Frank Parlato

About Frank Parlato

Frank Parlato is an investigative journalist.

His work has been cited in major publications all over the world, including The New York Times, The Daily Mail, VICE News, CNN, Fox News, Rolling Stone, People Magazine, and more.

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