Smallville Screenwriter Got Wife Sent to Prison – But Was He a Wife-Beating Scoundrel and a Criminal?

Philip Levens and his former wife Kassandra are at the center of a Frank Report investigation.

Philip David Levens, 50, was one of the top writers for the hit TV show Smallville which, as readers know, starred former Nxivm members Kristin Kreuk and the recently convicted Allison Mack.

In doing research on various associates of the show, I came across a criminal case involving Levens and his ex-wife Kassandra. The trial was in 2013.

Image result for smallville kristin kreuk allison mack
Allison Mack and Kristin Kreuk acted out the lines Philip Levens wrote for them.

At first blush, it appears Kassandra was the villain. She was convicted of solicitation to cause her husband Philip bodily harm and she spent 13 months in jail.

Scratching below the surface, evidence suggests Kassandra may have been set up and is in fact innocent.

I reviewed transcripts of the case, police interrogation of Kassandra, police reports and other records and found that Philip Levens, who appears from photos to be about 6’2” and 220 pounds of rock solid muscle, may have repeatedly beat the living hell out of Kassandra prior to her arrest.

Famous screenwriter Philip David Levens.

Kassandra Levens was a well known French model prior to marrying Philip. She is 5’10” and weighs 130 pounds, according to police reports.

I spoke with several people connected with the trial, including Kassandra’a attorney and others who knew the couple. Sources, plus evidence admitted in trial, and evidence apparently withheld from the jury, suggest Philip may have set up his wife by orchestrating a bogus crime.

Philip David Levens is in high demand as a screenwriter.

According to records, Philip allegedly beat Kassandra – oftentimes brutally hard.  Sometimes police were called, but he was never arrested. In once incident, Philip fled the scene this avoiding an arrest that would have rocked his career. Time and again, Kassandra seemed to have failed to press charges.

On one occasion, according to police records obtained by Frank Report, Philip allegedly punched and beat Kassandra about the eyes and head. Subsequent surgery required one of her eyes to be removed then placed back inside the socket.  Philip said Kassandra ‘s eye hit a doorknob.

According to police reports, Kassandra said she was beaten by her husband Philip. In one instance she was beaten so badly that her eye had to be removed from its socket and placed back in. Philip claimed her eye hit a doorknob. This photo of Kassandra is in the possession of her attorney.

Philip Levens said he is the victim of his wife’s brutal and abusive nature. He wrote extensively for the hit TV show Smallviille and other films.Screen shots of police reports on Philip’s alleged beating of Kassandra


A social worker’s report reports suggests Philip engaged in overt acts of aggression and child abuse. The couple has two children. Philip has sole custody of both.

But Kassandra Was Convicted, Not Philip

Kassandra Levens from a video [in nurse’s outfit].

Kassandra Levens’ criminal trial seems to have turned on the testimony of an informant Philip allegedly hired to set her up.

The informant seems to have pretended to be Kassandra’s ‘knight in shining armor’ to rescue her from the incessant beatings of her husband, but was actually paid by him.

Philip and the informant worked with Los Angeles homicide detective Barry Tellis.

The upshot was that the informant, a man with a long criminal history, named Gary Mazel, gave testimony at trial that Kassandra solicited him to murder Philip. Before and after his testimony, he made contradictory statements and efforts to recant.

Reportedly, after Philip would not pay him his full fee for the perjurious entrapment and setup of Kassandra, and after Kassandra’s arrest [but prior to trial] Mazel actually threatened to kill Philip because he said he was a wife beater and child abuser.

Mazel called Philip, according to transcripts, ‘A fucking wife beating, child molester, mother fucker.”

Mazel was arrested for this threat, but was offered a plea deal: The felony charge was dropped and Mazel was permitted to serve 120 days in a drug rehab in return for his [perjurious?] testimony that Kassandra hired him to murder Philip, according to sources familiar with the case.

Among evidence in police possession, but not used in trial or shared with the defense until after the case was concluded, was a recording of Mazel talking to Philip about setting up Kassandra before she could tell authorities about Philip’s child abuse.

Mazel was also recorded calling Kassandra’s attorney where he offered to testify for Kassandra and reveal the entire plot to set her up.  In that phone call, he declares Kassandra was innocent.

After Mazel was arrested for threatening Philip and facing several years in prison, he agreed to switch his story to one where Kassandra solicitated him to commit bodily harm on Philip. Mazel, since it was an entrapment scheme, was not charged for the crime.

At her trial, the judge refused to allow Kassandra’s attorney to present evidence of years of alleged domestic abuse.  The reason the evidence – that the alleged victim, Philip, brutality beat the defendant [his wife] – was not admissible is that a “battered wife syndrome” defense is inadmissible in cases of solicitation – which presumes a premeditated attempt at harming a spouse or domestic partner.

Nevertheless, there was evidence revealed at trial, including an admission from Philip himself on the witness stand, that he, at least occasionally, beat his wife.

Did Philip Get Help From His Friends?

Philip – a top screenwriter in Hollywood, a man evidently with wealth and, it seems, police and DA connections – may have successfully convoluted justice.

Perhaps an innocent women, the true victim, not only went to jail, but lost her children.

Philip Levens’ personal attorney Marci Levine. Her brother led the prosecution of Kassandra.

What got me interested in this case was that Philip’s personal lawyer and close friend is Marci Levine. Her brother, Darren Levine, was head deputy District Attorney of target crimes that evidently oversaw the criminal prosecution of Kassandra.

It seems a little strange that a brother and sister duo – one the personal attorney of the alleged victim and the other the people’s attorney – should work together to convict Kassandra.

There is more. The case hinged on a pre-planned, organized effort to get Mazel to get Kassandra to ask him to hurt Philip.

Kassandra never admits this, but claims the opposite. She claimed Mazel solicited her and she never sanctioned any action to physically harm Philip.

Philip and Mazel and Los Angeles Homicide Detective Barry Tellis seemed to have planned this in advance. It was during a period, it appears, where Kassandra was allegedly getting the living daylights beat out of her by Philip and fled from the home with her children to a domestic abuse shelter.

Homicide Detective Barry Tellis

Kassandra was reportedly threatening to expose Philip for child abuse.

What is just as troubling as the deputy DA overseeing the case being the brother of Philip’s personal attorney and close friend [she was invited to his most recent wedding], is that the detective for the Los Angeles police department, who set up the case, is evidently also a close friend of Philip’s.

Detective Barry Tellis, was also invited and appears to have accepted the invitation to Philip’s wedding to actress Carolyn Stotesbery on July 27 of this year.

How often does a detective that worked on a sting that put a wife in jail later attend the husband’s next wedding?

Is Philip Dangerous?

Neighbors and friends of Philip said he kept a large collection of guns at his house. One former neighbor, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he said he feared Philip’s violence and his law enforcement connections – said he saw Philip beat Kassandra.

His wife said she also witnessed beatings, saying she saw Kassandra run out of the house with a black eye and cry for help. She witnessed Philip screaming at the top of his lungs threatening her.

“He had a violent, uncontrollable temper,” she said.

Police, she said, were sometimes called. But he was somehow never arrested.

A judge in 2012 reportedly ordered Philip to get rid of his gun collection as part of a restraining order, after Kassandra accused him of physical abuse.

Philip Might Be a Victim

In  the #MeToo era – a man – one of Hollywood’s elite – who got away with repeated violence to his wife could not easily slip below the radar.  Kassandra may be in fact guilty.

Philip Levens with new wife Carolyn Stotesbery.

Philip Levens’ IMBD shows him to be a successful and enduring screenwriter in Hollywood. Kassandra is merely a convicted felon who lost custody of her children after her arrest and incarceration.

Philip has custody of the children. Kassandra does not have visitation.

Certainly the courts do not err. Of could they?

If Kassandra is indeed guilty, then taking another look at this already public case will not be harmful – for Philip was tarnished by some of the allegations.  Surely he will appreciate setting the record straight once and for all – if he is innocent.

 He will be accorded ample opportunity to speak on the record.

If by chance Philip actually managed, with the help of powerful friends – the DA and a police detective  – to frame his wife – and get custody of their children –  it might be helpful if the public got the opportunity to know that their criminal justice system failed.

This will also benefit Kassandra, if she is innocent. For now she is known as a convicted felon with the black stain of being convicted for trying to solicit a man to do bodily harm to her husband.

Kassandra Is Out of Prison

The trial transcripts suggest the jury sympathized with Kassandra and acquitted her on the more serious charge of solicitation to commit murder, that would have sent her to prison for 12 years.

They convicted her of solicitation to do Philip bodily harm, which carried a penalty of two years.

Since Kassandra had been held without bail for 13 months in jail prior to the trial, their verdict on the lesser charge freed her from jail with time served. [Every one day in jail counts as two days in prison. Kassandra, though convicted, was freed from jail following the jury’s verdict.]

That is not to say the jury thought Kassandra was innocent. But, they were not permitted to hear the full story of Philip’s alleged relentless beatings.  Nor did they hear tapes of Mazel speaking with Philip allegedly setting up the framing of Kassandra.

The fact that Mazel was paid by Philip – not Kassandra – that Mazel was specifically working for Philip when he allegedly said he was hired by Kassandra to harm Philip was never developed in evidence at trial.

With the help of Philip’s friend, Detective Tellis – Kassandra was interrogated and arrested. Then the LA District Attorney’s office, supervised by Philip’s attorney’s brother, handled the prosecution.


Kassandra never admitted to trying to harm Philip. Under interrogation she did claim that Philip beat her up repeatedly.

Reportedly Philip has been married four times. His fourth wife, Carolyn Stotesbery is an actress, model and writer. They married yesterday.

Stay tuned.

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  • Too many times weak men in power take out their frustrations on the weak. Control issues. What a punk. It seems like this lady has not seen her children in years. Not being with a mother for the golden years of a kids life can be really damaging. I’m sure one day they will be able to read this and find out the truth about their father and expose his lies to them. I am sure his new wife will see the big picture soon as their relationship settles in. Married four times. He could not get it right the first three times. What makes him think that he is going to get it right the fourth. God forbid I was in a relationship with an idiot like this. He would have been locked up day two of the abuse. #metoo

  • Thank you for shedding light on this serious case! The lives of two vulnerable children, their mother, and another potential abuse victim (wife) warrant our attention. Not to mention justice and goodness itself. This is the real work of superheroes.

    • Another angle:
      Kamala Harris made special appearances in this case and the appeal to earn her pay and gift mortgages from Hollywood funders (just check campaign funding if interested)
      Government electronic records removed/altered (felony) from CLETS system showing Phillip SUBSTANTIATED for child abuse in police database and police records removed?
      Has anyone checked her donations from Hollywood?
      Her poor performance and being admonished for running the jails and the money and financial budget screwed up by fake inmate numbers or missing inmate numbers used to extrapolate operating numbers?
      Her connection to DCFS?
      Kamala’s little sister married to ex attorney for the DOJ who regularly attended Podesta’ spirit cooking parties?
      These elite all connected and NXM just tip of the iceberg circling back to Epstein and his crew…..

      Why did Kamala make 2 special appearances in this case on behalf of Phillip. If anyone is interested they should really research Kamala Harris and why she is potential presidential candidate? REALLY?????

      You would truly be shocked at how Hollywood runs the police the child trafficking networks the courts
      DCFS and ties back directly to elites in NXM the Clinton’s Epstein and London (London has a secret)

      All connected through the attorney General of the beautiful state of California….

      Welcome Home everybody!

  • The trial was in 2013….he last worked on Smallville in 2003.
    Even if the abuse and other crimes happened years before, it still was after he worked on the show.
    Apparently they married and had their first child in 2007 while living in California…4 years after he left Smallville.
    Bottom Line: This scuzzball left Smallville about 3 years before he met his wife and about 3 years before Kreuk or Mack or anyone on the show joined NXIVM.

  • Evil villain from Smallville

    This article horrifies me. A woman is locked up because her husband controlled the money and she could not make bail. Given this, it appears her attorney(because she could not afford a better one) was not very competent and she was incorrectly convicted. This case should be evaluated by the Grand Jury and/or the Los Angeles District Attorney. Clear conflict between prosecutor and the husband’s attorney. I feel so sorry for this lady who was held in jail for 13 months and separated from her kids, and apparently is still not able to be with them. The case is so bizarre with the only evidence against her coming from someone paid by her husband.

  • Article about evil villain from Smallville

    This article horrifies me. A woman is locked up because her husband controlled the money and she could not make bail. Given this, it appears her attorney(because she could not afford a better one) was not very competent and she was incorrectly convicted. This case should be evaluated by the Grand Jury and/or the Los Angeles District Attorney. Clear conflict between prosecutor and the husband’s attorney. I feel so sorry for this lady who was held in jail for 13 months and separated from her kids, and apparently is still not able to be with them. The case is so bizarre with the only evidence against her coming from someone paid by her husband.


  • This is all eerily familiar considering the fact that right now in real time my ex-husband, Jeff Apple, a formerly very successful Hollywood movie producer (when he was married to me and we co-owned “his” production company) is not only apparently claiming I somehow threatened him and/or his wife along with a myriad of other false accusations that caused me to be put under bogus restraining orders but is actively, in real time and with the apparent cooperation of certain law enforcement types and/or PI’s posing as such, attempting to ensnare me in similar crime scenarios!

    Just a few days ago a complete stranger approached me at a motel with a trumped-up story about how he “took care of” some guy who he caught in bed with his wife, really messed him up, etc. and then LA County social services rewarded him with a motel voucher covering his rent at the place I was staying. That night, I was also approached by a young runaway who I went ahead and let use the shower in my room despite 3 cops showing up supposedly in search of a mysterious “man with a cane” and asking the girl’s age, which she replied was “20.” Since I had no plans of doing anything but help her I didn’t ask for her I.D. but, perhaps, I should have in case it’s illegal to help a homeless person who reaches out to you now.

    I also declined an offer to try speed or crack or some substance I’ve only heard of in the movies by another guest at the Mission Bell Motel and for the record the only thing I shared with any of these characters was my organic watermelon and some guacamole I made with organic avocados and fresh salsa. And I gave the runaway some pepper spray and my old suitcase on caster wheels once my brother finally got me some $$ to buy a new one on sale. For the record. Geez, I better not find out that suitcase was since found somewhere with some illegal substance or other in it!

    Somebody please keep praying for me and Dylan. And know I am eternally grateful for Frank, Joe, Chitra, Ample Ent., Social Services counselors at LOS Robles Hospital — who got a call saying I was “armed and suicidal” while being treated in their ER for a sprained foot but ultimately recognized it (following a psyche eval, drug test and search of my belongings) as a dangerous hoax — and those of you who are helping lead me not into temptation but deliver me from these evil plots!

    You’re my and Dylan’s heroes and, Frank, please run this comment — much as I trust you I need transparency and a good attorney who’ll return my calls! My “stuff” including some of Gina’s precious memories which is “evidence” is under threat of being confiscated and destroyed by court order on July 28th, in two days! Last time I talked to “Dylan’s” abusive, court-appointed counsel on Friday to arrange to retrieve it, he (Richard Solomon) accused me of “playing hard ball” (bc I requested a continuance until I’ve retained counsel) and hung up on me when I asked what my personal belongings have to do with my son’s care?

  • This is heartbreaking. A tragedy that abused children, petrified of their father, begging their mother to get them away from him are now in his care and unable to see their mother. It’s outrageous. What an absolutely vindictive monster.

    Frank, if you can help these poor children be reunited with their mother, you will be a saint in my eyes. How absolutely heart wrenching for the mother being torn from her children and the fear she must have them being in his care. This is sickening. More corrupt bastards enabling this to happen. I am disgusted.

  • This guy just looks like a lame, power hungry douchebag. Doesn’t get his way, so he beats his wife and rigs the game against her. It sickens me that men like this get over on the system. Smallville indeed.

  • Sad story, but why spend so much time and research about a guy who wrote for two years on Smallville, but otherwise had no connection to NXIVM or it’s cult cast?

    Why turn this blog into NBC’s Dateline, when there are lots of stories yet to be written about the cult and its people,

    • I think because that trauma and injustice continues. Her name was not cleared from his framing and the kids were never reunited with her, their mother. Which is so sick.

  • —–Philip Levens’ IMBD shows him to be a successful and enduring screenwriter in Hollywood.—

    “Successful” ok, but maybe not “enduring.” He might be working in development or such, but his last produced credit is 5 years ago when Ascension was cancelled after one season.

    Of course, instead of show biz, maybe he’s chosen to spend more time with his family. LOL

    • You are right! He is a loser. It was actually a collaborator who wrote Smallville and Ascension with him. When that collaborator left, so did the creativity. The truth will come out about this monster and when it does, people will be shocked at how much corruption there is in our legal system. To keep his career afloat, he married a money bag. Let’s see how gullible she is – poor girl. I doubt she deserved this weirdo.

    • What a monster. This system is so messed up that an innocent, abused woman gets the blame and then separated from her children, and who knows what kind of abuse happens to those poor kids. All because he’s bought the judges and lawyers and police who are supposed to protect her 😡 This POS should be imprisoned!!

      • A serial predator learns from his prior conquests and plays the long game.
        Their tendencies will not show until challenged, prodded and told “no”just one too many times. Whatever triggers the predator, are under strict control until there is an explosion.
        He will mind his “Ps and Qs” for a long time, as he does not hold the purse strings and will use his current marriage as a shield and get from it what he needs. Philip is conservative, NRA member and lets just say, not a true believer of womens’ equality, and his new wife is a wealthy liberal trying to engage in the “showbiz” and seems to have Clinton connections, that just happened to be duped by a good story and intrigue.
        Sounds explosive to me.

        He sounds like a dangerous, manipulative, obsessive repeat offender who brainwashes and uses all those that enter his life with the narrative of a “poor guy” who just got a bad break marrying the wrong girl. 4 times.
        Sadly there is not likely to be a real relationship salvaged with the mom as repeated long term bias, dialogue and leading
        will be very difficult to overcome. How can this be monitored?
        Hopefully the truth will prevail and if Kassandra’s name should be cleared, it will.

        How do you punish for long-term abuse and repeat abusers? Like-kind sounds good to me.
        Its sad that our society just pardons abuse.
        Its also sad that we value and are so intrigued by fame, sex,beauty, celebrity, money, our physique and perceived access, that it leads us to bring people into this world that deserve better parents.

  • Was Smallville just set up to recruit criminals and just a fraudulent attempt to cover up these secrets?

    Wonder what Tom Welling did…

    • Don’t you people get it? Frank is testing you by writing a highly biased account and seeing if you do your due diligence and check out the facts. Any of you would have joined NXIVM or another scam in a hearbeat, yet deny it. LOL

    • That account was posted by the husband with no proof attached. Stay tuned for Frank to post more proof.

    • For instance. Philips atty claims there was no domestic violence against the wife, but hospital records and neighbors eye witness accounts prove there was.

    • When an atty looked up the DV case and the restraining order against Philip, it was missing from the system so they said, “You are lying”. But, lo and behold, it later turned up. How do you like that! Now it’s in the system and cannot be denied. Can’t imagine what those poor kids are going through.

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