Levens v. Levens: Philip Levens’ Lawyer Provides Evidence That He Did Not Beat Girlfriend

Philip Levens

Frank Report has been investigating the curious case of Smallville writer Philip Levens and his former wife, convicted felon, Kassandra Levens.

Frank Report has published three articles to date:

Smallville Screenwriter Got Wife Sent to Prison – But Was He a Wife-Beating Scoundrel and a Criminal?  

Did Kamala Harris Help Alleged Wife Beater Philip Levens Put His Wife Unjustly in Jail?

In Case of Hollywood Screenwriter Philip Levens Against His Wife, the Critical Witness Was Secretly Working With Husband

In 2013, Kassandra was convicted of soliciting a thug named Gary Mazel to do serious bodily harm to her then-husband Philip Levens, a successful Hollywood screenwriter.  Kassandra was a former model in France – and, at the time of the incidents, was a stay-at-home mother with two children, a girl and a boy, and they were all living with Philip in the Los Angeles area.

Case Seemed Cut and Dried

Until I started peeling back layers.

For one thing, some important evidence seems to have been excluded from Kassandra’s trial – evidence which suggests that Mazel was hired by Philip to get Kassandra to solicit Mazel to ‘pretend’ to harm Philip.

In other words, it might have been Philip’s entrapment scheme. [He was never injured by Mazel.]

If this is true, instead of the official stor y– that Kassandra, out of the blue, solicited Mazel to put a hit on Philip, evidence suggests that Philip paid Mazel to try to “solicit” Kassandra into soliciting him into hurting Philip.

In other words, Mazel and Philip conspired to get Kassandra arrested by an entrapment scheme.

Kassandra Levens – is she innocent or guilty of trying to harm her husband Philip Levens?

This occurred at a time when Kassandra was in hiding or living in a domestic abuse shelter and alleging that she fled with the children to escape Philip’s beatings. It appears Kassandra was also threatening to lodge a child sex abuse charge against Philip for the abuse of their daughter which might have led to his arrest.

Kassandra may have been making this all up. Regardless of whether it was an entrapment scheme or not, if she solicited or even agreed to Mazel’s suggestion that he hurt Philip, she is guilty as convicted.

However, the case becomes fuzzy when one considers how unreliable Mazel is as a witness.

He got immunity for his testimony in the trial. Even more concerning was that Mazel seems to have gotten a sweetheart plea deal [after Kassandra was arrested] when evidently Mazel threatened Philip’s life, it appears, because Philip would not pay him enough money for [his perjured?] testimony against Kassandra.

Kassandra may be the victim of a man with strong connections in the Los Angeles law enforcement scene.

Philip denies ever striking Kassandra and says she made it all up.
Police reports and medical records show Kassandra was injured. Kassandra claims she was punched so hard by Philip that her eyeball had to be removed then placed back in the socket. Philip says her injury was caused by Kassandra running into a doorknob.

More suspicion arose for me when I learned that the police detective, Barry Tellis, the man that handled the case, is evidently a good enough friend of Philip to have been invited to Philip’s recent wedding to actress Carolyn Stotesbery.

Image result for carol;yn stotesbery
Carolyn Stotesbery with new husband Philip Levens.

Det. Barry Tellis not only handled the criminal case against Kassandra Levens but also handled the criminal case when the star witness, Gary Mazel, threatened to kill Philip. Mazel reportedly got a sweetheart plea deal provided he testified [perjured himself?] in the case against Kassandra. Now it turns out that Tellis is such a good friend of Philip’s that he attended Philip’s wedding last month.
Also suspicious is that Philip’s attorney, Marci Levine, has a brother, Darren, in the Los Angeles DA’s office who apparently supervised the case against Kassandra.

Darren Levine is head deputy District Attorney of target crimes in Los Angeles. He is the brother of Marci Levine, Philip’s longtime attorney and friend.

At trial, Kassandra was found guilty of soliciting Mazel to do serious bodily harm to Philip and was imprisoned for 13 months. She lost custody of her children and has not seen them in five years. The children are both under age 13.

Kassandra is permitted by court order to view them via Skype three times a week for 10 minutes [for a total of a half-hour per week].

What is most troubling is that critical evidence that shows Philip and Mazel conspired to entrap Kassandra and points to Mazel’s violent, and dishonest character, was never shown to the jury.

Is Philip Levens a Victim of Ruthless Women?

Now for the latest update:

One of the evidences in my investigation that seemed to support Philip being a repeated woman beater is an arrest report dating back to 1998, long before Philip met Kassandra.

Philip was arrested for allegedly beating a woman he lived with named Urzula Modica.

New information, which came to me from Philips attorney, reveals that Modica may have made up the story of Levens beating her.

This does not necessarily mean that Levens did not beat up Kassandra, but it tends to exonerate him on the Modica arrest at least.

The complete arrest report, provided by Philip’s lawyer, suggests that Modica set up Philip and got him arrested. She then quickly recanted.


Sixteen years later, a judge ordered Philip’s arrest sealed.


Apropos of this apparent false arrest of Philip Levens, his attorney, Gerald M. Cobb, of Encino California, wrote to me as follows:

Dear Mr. Parlato:

I represent the interests of Philip Levens with respect to three (3) recent articles which you posted relating to him, his former convicted felon wife Kassandra, and their children. Since you regard yourself as an investigative journalist who claims to be interested first and foremost in actual facts and truth, I wanted to share with you some information that I would guess you were not previously made aware of.

I would assume you would welcome the receipt of these facts, which concern the matter of Mr. Levens arrest on January 25, 1998 for domestic violence relating to one Urszula Modica, whom you referred to as his (Levens) “wife”. 

The face page of the L.A.P.D. arrest report, which is the only document provided when one clicks on the links that appeared in your stories of August 1 and 3, 2019, is probably all that you were given by Mark Overland or his client Kassandra. You initially wrote “As  further evidence of Philip [sic] propensity to beat his wives, here is a police report of his beating his previous wife before  Kassandra.”

Two days later on August 3, 2019, you referenced the same incident, writing ” …   he was arrested once for allegedly  beating one  wife, _Urzula [sic] ………………… “

Attached to my email is the whole three (3) page police report along with an Order to Seal and Destroy Records dated 2014, which included a finding of factual innocence pursuant to Penal Code §851.8.

Thus, the report is not “further evidence” of anything.

Although your subsequent reference to this incident is couched in terms of an arrest for “allegedly” beating one wife, when viewed in light of the foregoing Order, it is still very misleading, even if unintentionally so on your part.

The Order bears no case number because no case was ever filed in the first place; however, it clearly refers to Mr. Levens’ arrest of January 25, 1998.  You are thus on notice that a judicial determination has been made that Mr. Levens was factually innocent of the charge for which he was arrested over twenty-one years ago.

Whether or not Mr. Overland or his client are aware of said Order is unknown to me. If, in fact, Overland did know of it, you can consider his concealment of that fact from you for what it is worth in any dealings with him going forward. But you are now aware of it, and I encourage you to conform your writings to the reality of the aforementioned order.

I trust a man of your journalistic integrity will do the right thing after considering this information. The slippery slope of libel is something I am confident you will make every effort to steer clear of.


I appreciate Cobb’s intelligent letter and, for the record, Philip Levens was arrested in 1998 for allegedly beating his girlfriend, and that she recanted and told police she lied about him beating her up.

In 2014, Philip got an order to seal his arrest based on a judge’s ruling that Philip was “factually innocent of the charges for which he was arrested.”

At least one woman who said Philip beat her up changed her tune and told police she lied after he was arrested. That woman is Urzula Modica.

We now know Modica is a liar. It is also known that women sometimes recant allegations of abuse even when they are true when they calm down and realize what the arrest and prosecution of their boyfriend or spouse will mean.

Evidently, Modica first told police that Philip hit her  – and then, after he was arrested, she said she lied and that he did not hit her.

Who knows what the truth is with a liar like Modica?

She either lied when she told police he hit her, or she lied about him not hitting her.  We will not likely ever learn the truth.

But if she did lie, and Philip did not hit her in 1998, then she is the one who should have been arrested. She has unfairly marred Philip’s record – even if it was later sealed.

Does this mean it is also true that Kassandra, Philip’s former wife and mother of his children, also lied about Philip beating her? Did Kassandra lie about not soliciting Gary Mazel to harm Philip?

Or did Mazel lie?

Did an innocent woman go to prison and is now deprived of seeing and helping raise her children?

Is Philip the monster or a victim?

Or is he just a man with bad judgment when it comes to selecting women?

I don’t know the truth here. But with a little luck, we will find out.

Stay tuned.








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  • So many victims recant. They are terrified. Where will they hide? How will they survive? Did OJ’s wife recant any of her allegations? We now know he beat her multiple times, police were called and all. Philip Levens is a monster. He and his cohorts must spend some time in jail on their way to hell.

  • It’s not unusual for a victim of abuse to recant for fear of suffering further abuse such as Phillip Levens heaped on subsequent partners including Kassandra, the brave mother of their children, who did not have the option to simply cut ties and run — as Ursula did — but needed to protect her kids, especially her little girl, from this monster’s abuse as well.

    It’s also possible that Ursula was paid off and/or that she backed off when confronted by the powerful, mysogenistic “ol’ boys club” Hollywood network that protects its “eccentric talent” from prosecution particularly when it comes to anything smacking of violent sexual deviance.

    From Fatty Arbuckle to The Black Dalia to OJ Simpson, the LA “Hollywood” justice system even permits the murder of troublesome female victims whose truth may threaten to tarnish the image of one of its “eccentric talents” and, thereby, cut into the profitability of a successful show like ”Smallville” was.

    My heart goes out to Kassandra and her children. She should be lauded for doing the right thing by attempting to escape with them and by exposing Levens. At least, Kassandra was able to shed enough light on this situation before being locked up and shut out of her children’s lives that she most likely prevented her daughter from, likewise, being abused had she taken the same route Ursula did.

    If the “me-too” movement wants to prove that it doesn’t exist simply for the lip service benefit of female, political hypocrites or aging actresses looking for a comeback when they realize those blow jobs they gave some smelly old bastard to get ahead in Hollywood didn’t guarantee them star treatment for life — WHERE ARE THEY NOW to defend this mother who got the Hollywood treatment, alright, and whose kids are, nonetheless, surely suffering the consequences of Kassandra’s forced absence in their lives even if Levens was, so far, stymied from perpetrating further abuse on their daughter.

    Nor will a serial abuser like Levens likely stop even at his own daughter if the public pressure to at least continue investigating this matter is not kept up.

  • Frank, you have spoken to so many people – have you spoken to Mazel? What does he say? You said the jury was not given all the evidence that Kasandra was innocent. Was that proof from Mazel?

  • Frankreport Google challenge:

    Try finding one instance/example of a woman experiencing the severe head trauma Kassandra experienced after hitting her head on the door knob in her home.

    Good luck!!!!

    I was unable to find anything.

  • All this proves is how committed Philip is to covering up his crimes and rewriting the narrative. No, not a good writer at all, and his eraser doesn’t work either. (She fessed up to “lying” but then wanted to move out the next day???) Thank you, Mr Attorney, for making Philip’s manipulations even more obvious. Women who know him are becoming more inclined to speak up…….

  • Frank,

    You seem have stumbled on to an LA Confidential or China Town nonfiction type crime story. Good for you!!!

    Frank you definitely seem to enjoy a good metaphorical fight/investigation just like my Sicilian wife, Rocky Marciano and Leah Remini.

    Frank you have my utmost respect!!!!

    Frank nothing about this story seems fishy or odd!
    I am sure that all of the connected parties have acted in an exemplary and professional manner. Phil’s attorney was not attempting to intimidate you like some modern day Bruce Cutler.

    Questions for the rest of us to ponder while Frank uncovers the truth…..

    Did ‘Urzula Modica’ sign a non-disclosure or confidentiality agreement in exchange for an undisclosed financial settlement?

    Did ‘Urzula Modica’ file a palimony lawsuit?

    Has Mr. Levens ever entered into confidentiality agreements with other parties?

    Why did Mr. Levens think it was a good idea to produce and reboot the Night Rider television series?

    Was it Phil’s idea to reboot NightRider or did he get talked into it?

    Does Phil believe that the Superman television and movie franchises
    are cursed?

    How does Phil explain George Reeves, Christopher Reeves( no relation to George), Margot Kidder, Allison Mack…
    …….And himself if he believes the Superman franchise is not cursed?

    I personally believe the Superman franchise is cursed.

    • It is not known whether Levens is a woman beater. I haven’t seen Levens’ claim that Kassandra ran into a door knob, but I did see the claim that she bit him on his finger and he hit her in response.

      • Scott, this further points a bloody finger at the suggested domestic violence in the home. You are imagining this mother (far slighter in size) went and bit his finger for no reason???

        • Levens claimed she went outside their house and started screaming, so he put his hand over her mouth and she bit him. Try researching before asking stupid questions.

          • Exactly, Scott! Thank you for your excellent research. He placed his hand over her mouth to stop her from screaming while she was running out of the house (from him). That is abuse. Moral of the story: if you do not want your finger bitten, do not assault someone and restrict their ability to cry for help and/or breathe.

      • Tex,

        Warning: the following comment may be considered offensive and sexist to some readers. However it’s reality!!!

        Scott, you are a man and I am a man.

        Have you ever come across a single woman that you could not take in a fight with one or both arms tied behind your back?

        Phil is easily over 210 pounds and his ex wife is about 115 to 125. 80lbs difference between the 2 of them. Normally in a fight the average man vs the average woman is not even a contest.

        How did pussycat Phil’s hand end up in his wife’s mouth?

        Serious Questions to Ponder:

        Did Phil attempt to cover his wife’s mouth his hand in an attempt to muffle her screams?

        Did Phil’s wife then bite his finger in desperation trying to free Phil’s hand from her mouth?

  • Is it just me or does the timing of her recanting coincide directly with the timing of Philip needing to clear his name with the Kassandra events?
    Curious how and why the years can erase such a memory. Did she just feel bad for his bad choices? They were married right? He is a professional story teller and apparently highly persuasive.

  • Thank you for staying on this case. It sounds like quite a perversion of justice. A recantation of domestic abuse is, as you say, an unfortunately common outcome even when very real abuse has occurred. In one of the earlier articles, you mentioned neighbors/witnesses to Philip Levens’ violence against his wife Kassandra; have you been able to interview these witnesses directly? Are other news outlets not covering this because there is not (yet) enough evidence? I hope you can get to the bottom of this.

  • Gee, Frank, it seems that your website has a lot of eyes peering at it lately. Well done!! Here’s to revealing all the dirtbags!!

  • I just developed a paralysing fear of door knobs… This is going to really bump up my therapy bill. How the heck am I going to get into my kitchen?

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