Guest View: Sex Offender Registry Does No Good, Harms Many and Must Be Abolished!

numerous people commented. Some were strongly in favor of keeping the sex registry in place to protect children and others.
Several others oppose it and want the sex offender registry eliminated and they have given their reasons.  Here are three commenters’ views on why it should be abolished: 
Sarah Fiebig

All current research (including the U. S. Department of Justice) shows that when taken collectively, those people who have committed a sex crime, been caught, and served time in prison, have a reoffense rate of committing a new sex crime in the single digits.

That means over 90% never reoffend (commit a new sex crime).

There are hundreds of thousands of registrants in this country who have a one-time-only sex offense and are working hard to reintegrate back into society as law-abiding citizens, in spite of the registry’s draconian statutes and ordinances that are stumbling blocks for them.

Society is far better off if people are successful in this reintegration process. Treating any type of released inmate as a leper by making housing almost impossible, not giving them a decent paying job, and withholding community/family support is a recipe for failure, forcing some into a life of crime.

This is NOT what we want.

Research shows the following: single-digit recidivism rate for a new sex crime, approximately 90% of FUTURE sex crimes will be by people NOT on the registry, and over 90% of victims KNOW their perpetrator.

Research has debunked the myths that have been out there for years. People who make their decisions based on evidence-based facts know all of this. Unfortunately, the media only shows the reoffenders as they bring in higher ratings. You never see the hundreds of thousands of registrants who are leading law-abiding lives.

The registry started out in 1992 with around 30 sex offenses. Now it is over 100.

Patty Wetterling, who helped jumpstart Congress into starting the registry, has said that the registry has been hijacked. She only intended it to be for people like the man who kidnapped, raped, and killed her son.

Patty Wetterling | APM Reports
Patty Wetterling helped get the sex registry started after her son was raped and killed.

Very few people on the registry today include people like that man. Some are on the registry today for “mooning” friends in high school, public urination, having consensual sex with a 16-year-old girlfriend while they were 21, juveniles with autism, people with schizophrenia, grandfathers who developed dementia, a 10-year-old boy who pulled down a girl’s pants on the playground after being dared by his buddies to do so, and the list goes on and on. Very few registrants are the type of rapist that Ms. Wetterling and Congress were after in 1992.

And, yes, the collateral damage for the family (particularly the children) is often worse that the crime.

I have had several people tell me that what happened to them for years after the crime was far worse than the actual crime itself. They all say if agencies had just come into the home and helped in the situation, they felt their family could have been saved.

But with the barbaric statutes in place, the offender is often the breadwinner, meaning that the family income dries up. This often forces the children into poverty or foster care. Many of the parents can be helped through restorative justice, thereby helping the children even more.

For those commentators who want to see all of this backed up, start following the Florida Action Committee along with any other group you can find that bases its recommendation on data-driven facts.


Sandy Rozek

I also want to point out that, no matter the offense, the sex offender registry is ineffective at creating a safer society.

The registry has been in effect over two decades; many studies, both academic and governmental, have been done evaluating its effectiveness; it has failed miserably.

It does not predict who will commit new crimes as 95% of new sexual crime is committed by persons not on the registry.

It does not reduce re-offense; reoffense by those punished for an initial crime and then living in the community has held steady at, on average, 5% since long before the registry went into effect and is still at that percentage.

It does not reduce new offenses.

It does not protect children as virtually all sexual crime against children is committed by persons in their lives, their family members, peers, and authority figures, persons who are not on a registry.

Two of the most popular (with the public) restrictions it has produced, residency restrictions and Halloween restriction, have ZERO evidence, based on a plethora of studies, that they make an iota of difference or produce an iota of public safety.

If the registry fails to predict, fails to protect, fails to produce any increase in public safety, but instead goes against everything shown to increase public safety, interferes drastically in rehabilitation, and costs states many millions of dollars that could be spent instead on prevention programs that work and rehabilitation programs that work, WHY should the registry exist?



Some 95% of all sexual crimes are by people not on the registry. That has always been the case.

A legislature is not allowed to create fiction about individuals based upon their own conclusions of statistics. The fiction being that a registrant is always or inherently dangerous.

Every person is an individual and a person’s continued dangerousness can only be determined through evidence in a PUBLIC hearing.

A registry’s sole existence as a punishment cannot stand because its conception was formulated as a civil law applied outside of court and without hearing, challenge, or appeal even long after a sentence is completed.

The refusal to consider even a modicum of due process can render the whole process illegal.

In the article above, it described a kid who had a slightly younger girlfriend.

A state loses credible regulatory power by a lifetime requirement of a punitive registry as it becomes just a “cruel and unusual” punishment.

Does that make sense to you?

Nobody can be punished or evaluated solely against others who they have nothing to do with or have in common solely by some legislative arbitrary standards.

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  • Sarah Fiebig is the official public spokesperson for the tax-exempt Florida pro-p*doph*le activist group. Her husband’s Edward Rolland Fiebig. When he was 76 he brutally s*xually assaulted a child, who was less than six years old. Read the court files on Sarah’s role in it.

    Edward was walking around free around less than two years later. Sarah whines to the press that convicted p*doph*les like him are punished too hard. They all cry about Florida because it’s the strictest state in the country when it comes to p*dos, as if that’s a bad thing. Wow, why would the state where kids from all over the world visit Disneyworld, go to the beach, and wear shorts all year decide that p*doph*les could be a problem?

    A lot of these p*doph*le-rights men have crimes like Fiebig’s. They all stick together for the scummiest in their ranks. Their wives act ike they have that mental disease that makes them get off second-hand by being with a child m*lester. Are these wives p*doph*les-by-proxy?

    If you believe that the registry is full of sweet men who had consenting 17-year-old girlfriends when the guys were 18, you’ve been groomed by a s*x off*nder or pro-p*dophi*e activist. Now think about how their 11-year-old victims felt when they got groomed by them and then r*ped too.

    Wonder why these pro-p*doph*le activist groups get IRS nonprofit 501c3 status when they are extremely political, they dox r*pe victims, use donated money for civil lawsuits, tell each other how to break the registry laws, and high-five each other for harassing Lauren Book. Does the IRS know how much time and money they spend on lobbying and illegal shenanigans?

  • Larry Lynch your comment “A “hit list” would be a list of underage victims raped or molested by sex offenders. After all, the offenders “hit” on their victims.” are you talking about known registrants or unknown sex offenders?

  • Rudy, it seems as though you have stepped in some dog shit and it’s causing a stink. I will agree, not that I have a dog in the race, that changes need to be made, to lessen the suffering for the mooners, public pissers, senile grand pappies, and 17yr olds kissing 16 yr olds. It does seem like cruel and unusual punishment for them to be categorized with sex offenders.

    • If you live in America, you have a dog in the race. Registries are putting all Americans in a lot more danger than they would be in if Registries did not exist. It has killed numerous innocent people. And you are also paying for it. Billions. Further, I won’t even get into the widespread, anti-social effects of the Registries, but I am certain that they are much more widespread and damaging than nearly everyone commenting here understands. I’ll just throw out a minor, seemingly unrelated effect to illustrate something of what I mean – the Registries reduce blood donations. How’s that for a random, real effect?

      • —Further, I won’t even get into the widespread, anti-social effects of the Registries, but I am certain that they are much more widespread and damaging than nearly everyone commenting here understands.

        If you don’t explain what you mean by “anti-social effects of the Registries”, how are people to understand the reasons the registries are evil?

        • Well, they could try to actually think. And with their brains instead of their emotions. There are books about it well. If anyone actually cared, they could educate themselves.

          The majority of people living in America are selfish, self-entitled, self-righteous, and too lazy to worry about not being ignorant and uneducated. I’d expect most of us agree with that. It never ceases to amaze me that such people still have opinions about things that they know nothing about, and even crazier, that they will not at least try to think about much. But that is the Registries. People just don’t care much about its real effects. People don’t care that they are dumb and don’t work. Don’t care about much of anything unless it affects them directly. They just care about how things make them feel. I really feel like that is why America is just such a cesspool of hate and crazy, generally.

          So anyway, “anti-social effects” … I don’t feel like writing a book right now and I’ve got plenty of other important work to do. So I’ll try to be brief. Perhaps I’ll locate some things that have been written before and reply here.

          But briefly, is murder not enough of an anti-social effect? There have been hundreds of well known cases. Is that not enough? I’ve said for years that Registry Supporters/Terrorists (RS/Ts) are fine with some murdered children every year just so they can keep their Registries toy. But they’ll never tell me how many dead children per year are acceptable. Is it 5? 100? 1,000? I don’t know. But some number is acceptable to them.

          What else? You must surely understand that Registries are great at transforming the people listed on them into worse people than they ever were, right? Registries are great at killing remorse, empathy, and compassion. Just great at it. That is a lot more anti-social than people believe.

          I know a lot of People Forced to Register (PFRs) who were very active in their communities before being listed. Very shortly after that, it stopped. I know PFRs who used to help charities all the time, but won’t any longer ever. I know PFRs who used to give blood every 6 months, but now haven’t for over a decade. I know PFRs who were organ donors and aren’t now. PFRs that used to care about AMBER alerts who won’t even read them now. That list is just long.

          What else? I know PFRs who have intentionally bought, wholly or partially, companies that do business with big government for the sole purpose of costing them more money and making them less efficient. To be fair, many, many companies regularly fleece big government, so that is fairly business as usual. But these PFRs are very motivated and talented at it.

          We are also creating many generations of Americans who know that big government and their law enforcement criminals (LECs) should never be trusted. Multiple generations that have little but hate, contempt, and disrespect for them. I know PFRs that have grown children and even grandchildren that have always known the Registries harassment. They are very successful people, as well. Business owners, doctors, teachers (!!!), and even politicians. They are a large part of the public that hates LECs and their harassment. They are working to shrink big government and defund all of it. Reduce their theft. Although I would call that pro-social behavior.

          I’m sorry this isn’t better organized but I’m just blasting some things out. Frankly, I’ve always been surprised that anyone but the dumbest of people would think that Registries would not greatly breed anti-social behavior. I’m shocked that anyone would ever expect good results from it. It’s just crazy. You put someone on a Hit List, apply all kinds of stupidity to them, call them a monster that everyone should avoid, and you think that will lead to good results? Or how about forcing people to be homeless? That’s a good idea? I’m surprised those people haven’t just murdered a lot of people. Maybe they have.

          Honestly, the stupidity of the Registries is astounding. All for the extremely weak fantasy that it might “protect” people who are too lazy to actually protect themselves.

        • I would like to answer that question.

          We all know that the registry is used to identify people who have criminal convictions that are (or maybe not) sexual in nature. Society uses that knowledge in order to isolate, purge and deny access to ANY social gathering. Namely, parks, visiting hospitals (even when a loved one is admitted), schools (even when your child is a student), cruises, theme parks (use face recognition), museums, internet organizations, social media, professional licenses and of course neighbors and job.

          What does an isolated person, estranged from the community do? Few become productive members of society.

          The ONLY reason I am productive is because I left the registry. The registry was taking my home, it took my job, it was forcing friends away from me. It was leaving me isolated.

          Is that a psychologically good place for anyone to be? Does that produce productive members of the community?

          Since I left the registry, I have a stable job, I can socialize without worry, my neighbors don’t fear me, I don’t fear my neighbors, I don’t worry about nasty stares, or being assaulted, or harassed.

          Will believes the registry should be completely abolished. I am not of that mind. The registry should NOT be, however, used in unlimited ways to isolate. It CAN have its purposes. I have been in prison. I know there are some guys in there that are truly dangerous. But to shake them out, a COURT should weigh the evidence and decide on proper regulations. Not a legislature casting a wide net.

          The problem with a system like that is, that unlimited public notification (the shame portion) will be greatly limited.

          People would rather have a few anti-social guys living desperate lives taking their frustrations out on innocent people and children than give up the shame portion of the registry. The registry is NOT about protecting the community but a punishment, and the most severe a society has always meted and that is banishment.

          “Nothing is more common than for a free people, in times of heat and violence, to gratify momentary passions, by letting into the government, principles and precedents which afterwards prove fatal to themselves. Of this kind is the doctrine of disqualification, disfranchisement and banishment by acts of the legislature. The dangerous consequences of this power are manifest. If the legislature can disfranchise any number of citizens at pleasure by general descriptions, it may soon confide all the votes to a small number of partisans, and establish an aristocracy or an oligarchy; if it may banish at discretion all those whom particular circumstances render obnoxious, without hearing or trial, no man can be safe, nor know when he may be the innocent victim of a prevailing faction. The name of liberty applied to such a government would be a mockery of common sense.”

          Alexander Hamilton.

          I never got ANY due process when it came to the registry. UNTIL I get it, I REFUSE the registry and all laws associated with it. I have that RIGHT.

          • The Registry Hit Lists certainly need to be abolished because quite obviously Nanny Big Government (NBG) cannot have them without abusing them. They aren’t capable. Further, neither can the general public. The Hit Lists simply can’t exist. And there is no reason for them to exist.

            You are right that there are plenty of dangerous people around. But I have no need at all for NBG to tell me about just 5% of them. And ESPECIALLY only about the SEX ones and ESPECIALLY only about the SEX ones that involved children. I have absolutely ZERO need for that information. No one needs to known about child molester “groomers”. They are totally harmless if you actually parent your children. I know being responsible is a big ask for Americans, but there it is.

            If NBG is going to tell us about dangerous people, the SEX people are the last ones we need to know about. But none of it is for public safety, protecting children, or the rest of their lies. It is for shaming and harassment.

            I don’t need a list of 5% of the dangerous people. I’ll go ahead and assume anyone could’ve committed heinous crimes and no one even knows. I’ll go ahead and protect my family from everyone. Then we can shrink NBG and their law enforcement criminals. Save some waste at least.

            I’m glad you aren’t listed on the Hit Lists. But the really dangerous people who should be listed are the people who think other people should be. THOSE people are dangerous to everyone.

    • Being someone who molested or raped an underage family friend or relative at home seems a point of pride by registered sex offenders because they frequently refer to where a majority commit their disgusting crime.

  • Let’s start a campaign to get Ghislaine Maxwell off of the Sex Offender list after she is convicted. LOL

    • It makes no difference whether Ghislaine Maxwell is on a sex offender list or not. Her crimes are well-known, and she is locked up. You think listing her is going to do anything?

  • Good luck trying to get a politician or lawyer to undo what has been done. LOL

    Would you want to be known as the elected official who was responsible for a pedo/rapist to abuse someone again? LOL

    Lawyers only know how to further complicate things, not simplify them – besides, every new law means more billable hours: Cha-CHING!

    We don’t know how many recommit crimes, as this is one of the lowest reported crimes. LOL

    How do you know the low repeat rate isn’t helped by being on the registry? LOL

    No law is perfect, but you implied most of the people on the list were because a 17 year old kissed a 16 year old, but offered no proof/statistics. LOL

    Patty Wetterling is a single Libtard who was involved, there are many other cases responsible for various lists, then we have various state laws, all of which are different from each other – good luck untangling that, you have as much chance as providing prisoners hotel suites as prison cells. LOL

    • You are correct in that politicians can’t reform the registry because of the political suicide behind it.

      However, the limitations of government are never popular. To be in the mess of a registry that is arbitrary, does not protect the community and anyone can be added to it (even non-sexual crimes) is because of politics.

      But there are rules that transcend politics. No ex-post facto laws, no double punishments, and no cruel and unusual punishments.

      Constitutional rights are never popular. They are always invoked by unpopular people. But the limitations of government are where foundational fairness is.

      I left the registry because the registry violates those basic limitations.

      They may be impossible to remove through the political process, but they are vulnerable to JUDICIAL processes and reviews.

      UNTIL I get my due process I don’t go back on a registry. I don’t have to follow laws that violate basic constitutional protections.

      • As I said, no law is perfect, or at least implemented perfectly. LOL

        How did you manage to get your name off the registry? LOL

        Others are probably wondering how you did it. LOL

    • Wow. I’m glad you find the situation so funny. [redacted]

      Did you know that your Registries are responsible for the murder of innocent children. LOL


      • How do you expect me to stay semi-anonymous and still be able to easily find my comments? LOL

        Did you know you made a claim and didn’t back it up with evidence? LOL

        [redacted] LOL

        • What does anything that I said or has been said in this thread have anything to do with anonymity? Obviously you aren’t very smart. I don’t give a damn if you are anonymous or not. I couldn’t care less who or what you are. Does anyone? LOL

          I did not make any claim. I stated a fact. People who are informed about Registries already know that fact. I don’t give a flip if you know it or not, so I won’t worry about any evidence. Further, I like it when Registry Supporters/Terrorists don’t know basic facts because it helps informed people know right away that the person is clueless. I’m just fine with you being uneducated and uninformed. In fact, you must be that, or immoral, in order to support the Registries.

          I find it shockingly sad that “people” who think Registries are fine do not know that they have gotten innocent children murdered. Or frankly, just a lot of people murdered in general. But we know zealous Registry supporters aren’t actually people. It is just way too much effort to be informed, isn’t it? So much better to cluelessly and brainlessly support big government lies and harassment.


      • —Did you know that your Registries are responsible for the murder of innocent children.

        “The Registries are responsible for the murder of innocent children”. I am fairly certain rapists and pedophiles, who plan on killing their victims, will do so regardless of the existence of a registry.

        What is the basis for your belief?
        Please answer.

        Re Bad Laws and Unforeseen Consequences Resulting in Murder:

        At one time kidnapping and murder both carried the death penalty. Many kidnappers would simply kill the abductee. eventually politicians lessened the penalty for kidnapping for obvious reasons. The Lindbergh baby killing led to a change in the law.

        I believe you. Please elaborate. If you want to change people’s minds you need to help them understand the issues.

        Please explain your belief; your explanation is important.

        • Well, I don’t know that I’m going to change anyone’s mind. Smart, informed, moral people can figure out for themselves that Registries are useless, not needed, and idiotic. If they actually care. The other “people”, especially the ones who zealously support the Registries, have no concern for facts, reality, or intelligence. So given what we can all clearly see in America today, I’m not really counting on a lot of people getting smarter or more moral. The opposite is very likely.

          Anyway, what has happened is that the criminal regimes that run these Registry Hit Lists have harassed some of the people who are listed on them to the point that they actually said words to the effect of “I’m going to make them pay” and then they murdered children. Six year old Christopher Barrios was murdered in retaliation for an illegal arrest. I heard that with my own ears. Thirteen year old Melinda Hinson was murdered in retaliation for stupid harassment. If we give a damn about adults, there are a lot who have been murdered. Surely at least 200, although I’m certainly not keeping a list or any kind of expert on it. I believe some people are keeping lists though, FWIW.

          I know a lot of People Forced to Register who are retaliating all the time, mostly in legal ways. I won’t even start to get into it but a person can do all kinds of things to be a bad citizen, not contribute to the betterment of society or care, and just engage in anti-social behavior every single day, if desired. The list of legal activity is very long. I also know people who say if they are ever arrested for anything related to the Registries that they will retaliate by murdering someone. I believe them.

          Registries are just pure, through and through, idiocy. They are obviously not needed or useful, and that is trivial to prove. They are obviously harming all of America. So why do we have them? And where are the rest of them? I think smart people know.

          The criminal regimes that have Registries are out of control and have far, far, far too many resources. The same goes for their law enforcement criminals who enforce the Registries. I’ll work every day to help everyone keep as much resources as possible from them. Criminal regimes must be broke and dysfunctional. It’s what they deserve.

    • *Would you want to be known as the elected official who was responsible for a pedo/rapist to abuse someone again? LOL*

      So you’ve just proven why the registry needs to be taken down (LOL). Because no matter what the “crime” was (urinating, sex in the back seat-public, the age difference between high school sweethearts), people like you and the legislature automatically assume it’s a “pedo/rapist” list (LOL).

      Keep watching LIBTARD propaganda like “Law & Order: SVU”, it helps to feed the fear-mongering.

  • “Society is far better off if people are successful in this reintegration process. Treating any type of released inmate as a leper by making housing almost impossible, not giving them a decent paying job, and withholding community/family support is a recipe for failure, forcing some into a life of crime.
    This is NOT what we want.” Sara Firebig.

    My response
    I was raped by a man who just did a bid in prison for the exact same thing he went to prison for. Rape, not to be taken lightly for humane decent people. I was laughed at by the police when I tried to report him. They said to me, ” What do you expect, look what you’re wearing”. I was fucking wearing clothes! As he sodomized me, with tears in my eyes, like the police always say, ” Don’t resist” he told me “Don’t resist or it will take longer.” When he was done, I was made to bathe in a little bucket in the woods. He was so mad at me because feces got on him that he balled his fist to punch me.
    Days later I was running and hiding like prey because he wouldn’t stop in his quest to probably kill me and silence me. I was repeatedly molested for years by my uncle as a child. Abused by my step-daddy and left with internal scars that have left me alone with PTSD, nightmares and trust issues.
    I think the sex registry is a must and unfortunate for people like John Tighe and the parents who attack 17-year-olds for having sex with 16-year-olds is obviously ridiculous and reform is needed. It wasn’t that long ago that 14-year-olds were expected to bear children. Raniere was late to the party and improvised. Until Rudy 101 and his “we” partners for his movement are sexually abused and tormented they don’t have a dog in the race and wish them well.

    • ” Until Rudy 101 and his “we” partners for his movement are sexually abused and tormented they don’t have a dog in the race and wish them well.”

      Excuse me? Why do you believe that somehow you know what my experiences are because of what I advocate for?

      You don’t. I do know I could not go into court and blame sexual abuse upon me for what I did.

      I don’t get punished for what was done to YOU, and nor can I blame my actions, or my life, on what was done to me.

      Reform belongs in a COURTROOM, not in the halls of a legislature..

      • Then tell your experiences, and keep in mind documentation is better than an anonymous claim. LOL

        You can go into court and say anything you want – whether it is accepted as influential is a different matter. LOL

        Reform belongs in the halls of legislature, that’s exactly what the legislature is for, not in a courtroom. Courtrooms are for interpreting the law, unless the court believes the law is unconstitutional. LOL

        It sounds to me that you don’t want to do the hard work of changing the laws. LOL

        • For me, the registry is over. My punishment has been over for decades. The rules a legislature has are, no ex-post facto laws, no double punishments, and no cruel and unusual punishments.

          The registry is applied ex-post facto. It is sold as a civil law in order to overcome that barrier. However, for any reasonable person who looks at the evidence, the registry only causes harm. Therefore, the prohibitions on ex-post facto laws applies and I won’t register.

          Courtrooms are for trials to establish facts. A legislature cannot establish anyone dangerous, or inherently so. That is a violation of the Due Process clause.

          My experiences of what got me on a registry OR the road that got me there is not for public consumption on a public forum. They are for a Court hearing that is public.

          UNTIL I get that hearing, THAT is when I make my experiences known. That is where I get my argument on whether I belong on a registry or not.

          A conviction standing alone does not give the State the power to regulate to such an extent that membership in the community becomes meaningless.

          • I didn’t realize you had to sign up to be on the registry, but you are required to inform the government if you change jobs, move, etc., and if you don’t you will have broken another law. LOL

      • I know, Rudy, it’s always all about you, isn’t it? And no, Will Allen, that wasn’t me who answered, “45”. Thank you for asking.

        • Your story doesn’t add up. You are claiming that your Uncle just got out of prison for a sexual crime and raped you and when you went to the police they commented on your clothing? And they laughed at you? No police would ever say that resistance is an element that your have to show.

          I don’t think your story is credible.

          • “resistance is an element that your have to show.” Said the man who has never been rapped. Thanks for dismissing me Rudy 101. To clearify, the uncle was one nightmare, who btw molested a plethora of innocent children and the rape happened as an adult. Both men are repeat offenders.

    • See, here is a great example of the problem. Everything you said is terrible, but it has nothing to do with Registries.

      Registries are useless. They are for harassment.

      What would you know about who has a “dog in the race” and who doesn’t? Why would you dare dream that you’ve been abused more than other people? Is it important to you to be the bigger victim?

      Stop harassing people. You and your Registry movement need some morals.

      • That comment had everything to do with why Registries exist. LOL

        If you have a dog in the race, stop beating around the bush and tell your story and keep in mind that documentation is better than an anonymous claim. LOL

        All they did was tell their story and you haven’t told yours, so how are they supposed to know what your story is? LOL

        Here’s an example of why the Registry exists, this was the church I and my family attended, including my two young sons at the time of these crimes: LOL

        I can assure you that Cates was looked at as a very good guy up until the point he was arrested. LOL

        You enjoy arguing about your side of the victimization, how about those who were abused and have to live with their experiences for the remainder of their lives? LOL

        • Nope, none of these examples show any need at all for the Registry Hit Lists. They do show the opposite though. So good job.

          The Hit Lists would not have stopped these crimes and I promise you they wouldn’t stop the exact same people from committing the exact same crime again in the future!!

          I didn’t bother to read your article. There’s no need. I’ve seen thousands of cases. If you listed your Cates guy on a your glorious Hit List today, that Hit List would not hinder him at all from very, very easily going to a church and doing whatever he liked again. If you think it would, you are lost. Some things might hinder it, but not your Hit Lists. People Forced to Register attend churches all the time and no one has any idea who they are. I’ve seen it hundreds of times.

          Further, the Hit List would quickly destroy any remorse, empathy, or compassion that Cates might have. It would very quickly make him want to harm other people. A lot of people and very, very quickly. He would nearly certainly not worry about being a good citizen and would nearly immediately start engaging in a wide array of very anti-social behaviors. That is what your Hit Lists get you.

          But hey, if your Hit Lists are so glorious, people with brains sure do have to wonder where the rest of them are. It is beyond shocking that there is no national, public, lifetime Gun Offender Registry and that you people want shooters to live next door to schools. People with brains wonder why.

      • My point was to show that even though sex offenders “do their time”, it never ends for the victim. The same thing you cry about is the same harm you impose when you let your sex organ overrule moral. It’s okay; my uncle was mentally challenged as well.

        • You can’t pass laws under any theory that a group of people need to be punished further.

          The prohibition on ex-post facto laws is invoked. My time is OVER. There is no moral position that can be taken that allows for punishments outside of a court.

          I don’t have to live under a police state because of what some other victim goes through,of which I had nothing to do with.

          Doesn’t that make sense?

        • You are wrong. I was a victim for a while. It absolutely did end.

          I know you people love to push your “victim for life” lies, but it is offensive to us actual victims. I’m not a victim. If you call me a victim, you are.

          But anyway, there are a minority of victims who have some degree of suffering for a significant length of time. But our goal as good people is not to make people suffer for life. We certainly don’t want victims suffering for life. Most won’t. We certainly don’t want perpetrators suffering for life. Well, except for a tiny percentage that we will need to imprison for life.

          Lots of people are victims of crimes, even some that don’t involve SSSEEEXXXX!!! We want to appropriately punish people who commit crimes. And we do, for the most part. Nearly all people who are convicted of a sex crime suffer a very harsh sentence. Spending a year imprisoned is a very harsh sentence. 5 years is extremely harsh. 10 years is ridiculous. So let’s not lie that people are not harshly punished.

          But after people are punished and living freely in the public, is it anyone’s goal to make them suffer? For no useful gains? And a lot of harm to society overall? Is that the goal? That would hardly be smart.

          So nope – there is only one legitimate reason to have Sex Offender Registries. Just one. That is to prevent or reduce future crimes. No other reason is legitimate. If you think there is any other legitimate reason, feel free to state it.

          Registries are immoral, illegitimate, and illegal because:

          1. They don’t prevent crimes.

          2. We don’t have Registries for all crimes.

          3. Registries have enabled and promoted adjunct “laws” that obviously have zero basis in reality. For example, the “residency restriction” “laws”.

          4. They have created a group of people that everyone and every entity has felt free to harass in any way they feel they can get away with, all with the encouragement and help from out-of-control big government.

          No moral, informed American thinks Registries are acceptable. We must all wage actual war on anyone who does. Not just talking. War.

          • @Anonymous (July 6, 2020 at 10:53 pm) (

            Ha ha ha ha ha ha, thank you for [redacted]

            The fact is that with respect to me, the war has been going on for decades and your side lost long, long ago. Your immoral law enforcement criminals could murder me today in my home and you still will have LOST. Isn’t that hilarious? Lost already. The only thing that is happening today is that you are adding to your casualties and harms. Just about every day.

            What do you have? Lists on paper. Okay, electronic databases. Same thing. What’s it doing for you? Nothing! Not a thing. Isn’t that hilarious? Yep, it is. Do you know how easy it is to neutralize that? Do you know how easy it is to make that counterproductive. Do you how easy it is to retaliate every single day for that? You probably don’t. You live in Registry Fantasyland.

            Watch your society burn. Never forget that you are part of the problem.

        • A victim at least has the opportunity to choose to heal, and overcome PTSD and the aftermath of a sexual assault or abuse. That is up to the individual. A person forced to register doesn’t have a fighting chance to overcome his shame and remorse with the registry working against him at all times. I have seen both sides and without hope, there is no recovery. We can not throw away people in our society. Not the victim nor the offender.

      • Only convicted sex offenders want the registry gone so they can freely move among children to troll for more victims without anyone knowing their sick propensities.

        • Nope. Your first sentence [redacted]
          You are sadly, sadly mistaken if you think your Hit Lists keep anyone from freely being around children. Sadly mistaken. I can tell you for certain that the Hit Lists do absolutely nothing in that regard. It is just beyond insane that anyone would actually believe otherwise.

          Further, because your Hit Lists are immoral and unacceptable, I encourage every person (PFR) listed on them to be around children as often as possible. Mostly because PFRs are just normal people and that is pretty much just how normal people live. But also because that is the perfect, moral, correct response to the illegal Hit Lists. So, isn’t that funny? Your Hit Lists cause the people listed on them to be around children all the time. I think that is hilarious.

          You should talk to some PFRs sometime. I would bet every single one of them can tell you how easy it is to live life around people who have no idea that they are listed on your Hit Lists. If their neighbors know (LOL!!) and have a problem, they simply never, ever have to interact with them at all. It is so easy to make it like they don’t even exist. Who doesn’t have neighbors who don’t exist? They might as well be wildlife. It is just trivial to never interact with anyone who knows a person is listed on the Hit List and live a complete, full life with tons of other people.

          Registries are dumb. So are the “people” who support them.

          • Oh, I know, Rudy, just vote for Biden, he might help you in your mission to irradicate your “dumb” sex registry. There are plenty of Biden kissing and touching young people online to help you make your case.

          • A “hit list” would be a list of underage victims raped or molested by sex offenders. After all, the offenders “hit” on their victims.

          • @Peaches (July 7, 2020 at 9:27 am):

            You responded to me and not “Rudy”. And I don’t know what “irradicate” is.

            But anyway, if big government politicians didn’t have to cater to dumb, pathetic people, there wouldn’t be Registries. And now that so many people are grifting money from the Registries, they aren’t going to let that go. Law enforcement criminals love the easy, paper-pushing, big government “jobs” it gives them. So much easier than actual police work. They love all that extra money. They all love it. Won’t be easy to eliminate the grift and theft.

            If only we had listed to ALL of the experts. But America is dumb and hateful. So enjoy that and the war.

          • Larry Lynch (July 7, 2020 at 6:51 pm):

            What a brilliant observation. So bright and funny.

            The Registries are an out-of-control, nanny big government Hit List. There aren’t any decent, moral, informed Americans who think they are acceptable. A lot of others do though.

            You obviously love nanny big government. You must be paid by them and need them to get through life. That’s rough. Good luck.

          • When trying to change the minds of society to agree with you on making changes to the sex registry, I don’t think by calling them dumb over and over is helping your cause…in my opinion, of course.

    • You were abused by people close to you that were not strangers. Were they on any registry when they were abusing you? So then the point is very clear – the registry doesn’t STOP sex crimes from happening by people with no prior sex crime conviction. Period.

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