John Tighe to Be Released from Prison Wednesday, July 8

John Tighe

After five long years in prison, most of it at Fort Devens Federal Medical Center, a United States federal prison in Massachusetts, John Tighe is scheduled to be released on July 8.

Tighe is to be transported by US Marshals to Albany County jail and will be released from there, reportedly later Wednesday. He has served his sentence and is undergoing the last few days of a required 14-day quarantine before being released.

It is unclear why he is not being released directly from Fort Devens but, instead, being transferred to Albany County while still in custody.

Tighe may very well be one of the greatest victims of Nxivm, with five years in prison on what increasingly appears to be a frame-up by Keith Raniere and his Nxivm minions.

Here are the facts:

His house was raided in October 2013, on suspicion that he had trespassed into Nxivm’s website.

The New York State Police – including one Senior Investigator, Rodger Kirsopp, who had worked closely with Clare Bronfman and her attorneys – seized all of John’s computers. From that point forward, all those computers were held by the NYS Police.

Then, a funny thing happened. After the New York State Police had held his computers for several months, they “found” child porn on one of them.

There were supposedly lots of child porn files – but all of them were apparently downloaded onto the one computer at the same time on the same day. Many of those files were never opened – and none of them were ever shared with anyone else.

The NYS Police and FBI did a thorough search of John’s Facebook and Twitter messages – and all of his email accounts – looking for other evidence of his involvement with child pornography. They found absolutely nothing.

None of this fits the profile of a child porn user. But no matter.

The Nxivm crowd had been accused in the past of planting key loggers and other malware on enemies’ computers. But no matter.

Nxivm had several members who were assigned to hack into the computers of people that had been designated as “enemies” — and John was definitely considered an “enemy” (Nxivm tried to have him arrested at several events – and once accused him of trying to poison the water at the Silver Bay resort that hosted Vanguard Week). But no matter.

John was charged with possessing child porn. He was arrested and faced 20 years in federal prison.

It’s a complicated story. But consider this: The computer where the child porn was “found” may not have been one of the computers seized from John’s house. And even if the computer in question did belong to John, the child porn could have been planted on it before or after it was seized by the NYS Police.

In the inventory of the items that were seized from John’s house, the NYS Police listed a Mac computer. But John never owned a Mac computer.

Unfortunately, a forensic investigation is now out of the question since, rather conveniently, all of the seized computers were apparently destroyed by the NYS Police.

Charged with the most odious of crimes and facing 20 years in federal prison, John was offered a plea deal by the feds: plead guilty to one count and face a maximum of a 5-year sentence.

John didn’t have the $100,000 his attorney would require in order to go to trial – and his attorney told him he would likely get a sentence of one-year-and-a-day if he took the plea deal. So, he took the proffered deal on the condition that he be assigned to a prison with a medical center. [He had small bowel cancer at the time].

Just like all the people who pleaded guilty in the Nxivm trial, John had to wait several months until he was sentenced. During that period, his attorney requested that he be placed on probation rather than receiving any prison sentence. The prosecution asked for a 5-year sentence.

The judge sentenced John to 5-years. Since arriving there, John also developed liver cancer – and was treated for that. He is on the official list for a liver transplant. He lost over 50 pounds since he first arrived at Fort Devens. He was also badly injured in a scalding accident while working there.

None of this changes the fact that he may have been framed. Even the fact that being in a prison with a medical center that may have saved his life does not change the fact the John Tighe may be an innocent man.

If John was framed, it may not have been Clare Bronfman and Keith Raniere alone who did it. They likely had help and if they did, that help likely involves some sort of public corruption.

This is something that the Department of Justice [in the Northern District at least] will likely be unwilling to investigate because one or more of their own might have been involved. First and foremost, the DOJ has to protect its own reputation. A special prosecutor is probably needed to properly investigate this matter.

During the trial of Keith Raniere, we learned a lot about him and the lengths he was willing to go to silence his enemies. Is that only the tip of the iceberg?

With Bronfman wealth and a small town like Albany, which is known worldwide as the corrupt capital of the most corrupt state, it is not an impossible reach to think that John was framed.

Did John take a plea deal to save his life and avoid the risk of serving 20 years? I think he did.

Meantime, John will be out next week. It is not known, but it appears very likely that he will be required to register as a sex offender, so his punishment continues.

Of one thing John can be happy about. While his punishment in prison is about to end, Keith Raniere, the man who sent him there, has only just begun his punishment.

Mr. and Mrs. Tighe.

John will be returning to his home in Saratoga Springs and to his faithful wife. May they experience the joy and happiness that they were robbed of by a monstrous man and his monstrous cult.

I think it is important to note that among those who fought and helped in the takedown of Keith Raniere and Nxivm, John was way up on the list.  His Saratoga in Decline website was a force for exposing Nxivm and was the precursor of the Frank Report.  I believe, knowing Clare Bronfman and Keith Raniere, that John was framed and once he is freed, Frank Report will be available to interview him, get his side of the story, and, hopefully, to help exonerate him one day.

He has that coming and if he is, as I believe him to be, innocent, we all – who were harmed by Nxivm – owe him our support and to help in his exoneration.

Good luck, John.  Glad you will soon be back with us!


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  • I knew John Tighe personally. I remember talking with him many times at both the Victoria Pool In Saratoga as well as UnCommon Grounds downtown. He was impassioned about uncovering and exposing the activities at ESP/Keith Raneire. I have thought about him many times during the 5 years he was in prison and glad to see he is back home with his wife. I have no comment amount the child porn discovered on his computer but I think about John. He written words were often harsh in “Saratoga in Decline” but he believed in his mission. How is John and is there any movement on trying to exonerate him now that Keith has been sentenced to 120 years. If John reads this comment he may know who I am although I am posting as anonymous. I wish him well and hope there is resolution and peace in his life.

  • John could write one of the more interesting and informative books about the cult and his own experience. I’m sure he could name names too.

  • While I doubt John’s first action item was to contact the Frank Report, have you had a chance to hear from him yet and will you be doing any type of interview with him soon?

    • I have not heard from him. My guess is he will want some time to rest and relax. Ultimately I believe we will talk on the record.

  • I don’t believe for a moment that John was ever guilty of anything.

    Planting false evidence on someone’s computer is a common tactic of people who want to attack an innocent person.

    We all know who had the motive and the means.

    Enjoy your freedom, John.

  • When Mr. Tighe gets home to his loved ones at last, I’m dreaming that there will be roses upon their table, the sweet and beautiful, soft scent of some freedom. Ah, to breathe again.

  • This is fantastic News for Independence Day! 🇺🇸🎆🎇…🔻(JK)!

    I really wasn’t sure if John Tighe would make it out alive after all he went through, with all he knows and told about NXIVM and it’s political allies controlling the Evil Empire State and Albany County.

    No one can replace the years they stole from him and he’s owed at least a decent liver transplant [we’ll work on that] — since they poisoned him, for starters — but it’s a miracle “Ben Lives” 😉!

    Can’t wait to see you again, JT, and pick up where we left off on bringing:

    #JusticeforGina&Kris&allNXIVMvictims with FR and it’s readers!

      • Working on one but NXIVM has a way of keeping its “enemies” busy fighting all the fires they start — mostly to keep us weak, and from uniting and pooling our strengths, I think.

        And it’s no secret technology is not one of my strong suits. We need a go-fund-me for JT, for sure! (And maybe a liver donor bc few who’ve endured Keith Raniere’s wrath for long have a decent one to offer 😂. …I’m cleansing, John, hang on longer than me and it’s all yours for what it’s worth!

        Also, stay away from bed sheets and ex-cop gangster cell mates just 1 more day to Liberty and Vengeance for all! …Except, ya know, the Salinas — they’re good and they know what I want most, by now, and I have no info or clout at all nor does JT that they need be concerned with.

  • Questions for Frank –

    Is that picture of Tighe with his wife weird or is John missing an arm?

    You imply Rodger Kirsopp could have been involved with Tighe’s framing but isn’t Kirsopp the one who helped Kristin Keeffe escape from NXIVM?

    Didn’t Tighe have any friends or family who could get together and give or lend him $100,000 or launch some crowd-funding campaign? While 100k isn’t chump change, it’s not a lot when compared to pleading guilty to child porn, going to prison, and being labeled a child sex offender.

    Back in 2013-2014 why didn’t you write about Tighe’s ordeal in your Niagara Falls Reporter or on your blog the way you did about DOS to help raise public awareness about his possible framing by Raniere and Bronfman. If you had written about John’s plight before he was convicted, you might have been able to rally people to his side and help raise the 100k needed for his trial. You said you sent him some money, but obviously not enough for him to pay his attorney to go to trial so why not use the power of YOUR press and YOUR blog back in 2013/2014? The Times Union had already exposed Raniere’s sexual crimes, Politico and The Nation had written about NXIVM using the legal system to silence its critics, and although you hadn’t been criminally indicted yet, you knew you were under investigation by the Feds thanks to Clare and knew about NXIVM’s having a hit list since they had paid you to go after specific people like Ross, Natalie, and O’Hara.

    If Tighe was framed, do you think he can file a civil suit against Raniere, and the Bronfmans and anyone else who might have been involved? Keeffe was still around then, wouldn’t she know or have been involved in the framing? Or what about Karen Unterreiner, who you said was a computer programmer, dealt with NXIVM’s IT, had an IT consulting business, and groomed underage teens like Camilla for Raniere.

  • Times are different today, and lots of people now believe in cyber planting. Strangers can hack an iP address and plant whatever they want. No one knew about this until recently.

    I don’t know the facts, but reading here, it certainly sounds like you might have been set up.

    There’s groups out there now that handle this stuff.

  • This is wonderful news for a happy INDEPENDENCE DAY! I wish John and his family the best. I was a follower of Saratoga In Decline, which I stumbled on purely by accident. Like the Frank Report, it took major guts to write. Wonder where KAR would be today, if not for John, Frank, and a handful of other brave souls who wouldn’t give up?

  • John, congratulations on regaining the freedom that was stolen from you. I hope that you will be fully exonerated, and that the crimes of Nxivm will be fully exposed.

  • I thought another reason Tighe took the plea deal is because he couldn’t afford the medical care to treat his cancer. LOL

  • The one who goes by the names “Rowan”, “SoSalty” and “Scarrom” will be FURIOUS.

    John Tighe DARED to expose NXIVM cultist Kristin Kreuk, on Necker Island crimes and Joe O’Hara’s criminal lawsuit which named the prolific virtue signaller.

    He even went to MEET John Tighe…

    Perhaps Mr. Tighe will have something to say about Kristin Crook(ed) that will boil the anemic blood of Mr. Beetle…

    “Tee Hee”!

    • ” expose Kristin Kreuk, on Necker Island crimes”
      Tighe did not accuse Kreuk of any crimes on Necker…[redacted]

      • Hi “Rowan”! 🐞

        He sure did! Those on the island were called out for plotting financial crimes on Necker Island! He didn’t call out anyone by name, simply that those there were plotting crimes! Are you going to defend Allison Mack and Mark Hildreth too!? They were on the island too!

        This culty actress was named in the articles along with photographs, info on the board of directors, names of those doing financial crimes and more! Shocking!

  • I do hope John returns home safely and healthy – and that he and his wife are able to return to a normal and happy life. I can’t imagine the hell they have both been through. Hopefully, he’ll find some degree of solace that at least some of Raniere and his minions are headed to prison.

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