Lauren Salzman Describes DOS First Line Slave Masters

Laruen Salzman testified that the nude group photos the first line women took were collateral

This is Part 10 of our study of the role of Lauren Salzman in  Nxivm, based largely on her testimony in the trial of Keith Alan Raniere.

We are looking at Lauren to try to ascertain to what extent a member of a cult, a high ranking member, can be a victim or a perpetrator or a combination of both.

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In Part 10, Lauren tells us a little about her co-equal First Line slave/masters and how they knew that Keith was their master.

The First Line slaves all knew what their own slaves did not know – about Keith being the leader of DOS.

In this respect – all of the eight First Line women were guilty of racketeering conspiracy and racketeering – just like Lauren and Allison and Keith were guilty.  Lying about Keith being the leader of DOS – keeping that from their slaves – while securing collateral was a crime.

And all of the First Line women had slaves. This lying about Keith being in DOS was the lynchpin charge against both Allison and Lauren.

It was selective prosecution indeed that Camila Fernandez, Nicki Clyne, Rosa Laura Junco, Monica Duran, Daniela Padilla, and Loreta Garza were not charged. But that is a story for another day. Suffice it to say that some – like Camila, who co-conspired in the sex trafficking of Nicole, and Rosa Laura, who offered her own underage daughter to the creepy monster – were as guilty or more guilty then Allison in the DOS crimes.

If their whole stories were known, I think we would come to the opinion that Allison and Lauren were not the only female criminals of DOS. [Keep in mind of the six defendants – only Raniere, Mack and Lauren Salzman were in DOS. Nancy Salzman, Clare Bronfman, and Kathy Russell were not members.]

So let us enjoy, in Lauren’s own words, her descriptions of the other seven DOS slave masters.

Assistant US Attorney Tanya Hajjar is examining Lauren in the trial against her former master, lover, and co-conspirator, Keith Alan Raniere.

Tanya Hajjar

Q Ms. Salzman, you testified … that you were a first-line master in DOS?

A   Yes.

Q   Can you tell the jury what that means in terms of the general structure of DOS?

A   Yes. So first line meant that … Keith was our master and we were enrolled directly under him. So we were considered slaves under him as our master. And then the second line would be the women that we enrolled who we were their master and they were slaves under us and it went down four lines.

Keith Raniere, the Ultra Slave Master

Q   And aside from the defendant, who was at the top, was everyone in DOS female?

A   Yes.

Q   Who initially recruited you into DOS in January of 2017?

A   Keith with Rosa Laura.

Q   And is that Rosa Laura Junco?

A   Yes.

Q   I’m showing you what’s already in evidence as Government’s Exhibit 363. Does Government’s Exhibit 363 depict the defendant and everyone who was a first-line master in DOS?

A   Yes, it does.

Q   At the time you were recruited into DOS, were you aware of the defendant’s role as your master?

A   Yes, I was.

Q   Was that true of the other …. first line of DOS?

A   That they were aware that he was their master? I believe so. I mean, they were all enrolled before me, so they all had him as their master prior to my enrollment.  And when Rosa Laura enrolled me, she told me that he would be my master wherein under normal circumstances, because she was doing the enrollment, she would have been [Lauren’s master]. She explained that my commitment would be with him.

Q   Prior to joining DOS, were you aware of the defendant’s sexual relationships with first-line DOS masters?

A   Some of them.

Q   Who?

A   Nicki [Clyne], Loreta [Garza], and Monica [Duran].

Q   Did you later come to learn the defendant had sexual relationships with other first-line DOS masters?

A   Yes.

Q   Who?

A   Everyone except Rosa Laura. [Ed. Note: It turns out he was having sex with Rosa Laura, who was married, as well.]

Q   I want to talk a little bit about the members in the first line starting with Camila. When did you first meet Camila?

Camila started having sex with Keith when she was 15 or possibly earlier.

A   I met Cami in the early 2000s. Her family had come to New York. Her sisters moved first and then the parents. They rented an apartment, and the two younger siblings, Cami and her brother, joined soon after.

Q   How old was Camila when you first met her?

A   I’m not a hundred percent sure, but I want to say around 14 — 13, 14.

Q   And you testified that Camila was the sister of Daniella and Marianna?

A   Correct.

Q   And she was the youngest sister?

A   Yes.

Q   Where did she live?

A   Initially the family rented an apartment in Cohoes, which was like a town or two over from where the rest of us lived in Clifton Park. And then later they rented an apartment in Knox Woods, the development where all of us lived.

Q   What about after that?

A   …. So she lived at 12 Wilton Court with her family for a period of time and then eventually moved to an apartment on Victory Way….

Q   How did you know that?

A   After I was in DOS, she would ask me to give her rides to the DOS house, so I would pick her up or drop her off outside.

Q   Was there some secrecy as to where Camila was living at the time?

A   Yes.

Q   Can you explain that further?

A   Well, for the period of time when I think she was still living at the Victory Way house, there was a story about how she was actually living with Karen U —so there … was some people who believed she was living with Karen …  but she wasn’t. And a lot of people didn’t know where she was. I didn’t know where she was living. I had asked Keith where she was living and he didn’t share with me.

[Ed. Note: Keith had a special sex lair with video equipment at Cami’s apartment. It was secret to the others and this is where he took Nicole blindfolded when he and Cami had her tied to the bed and Cami performed oral sex on her – thus committing sex trafficking.]

But around 2015, I moved … about half a mile away, and I had a personal assistant at the time named Lucy [Lebaron?] who was good friends with Cami and she and her friends had like a lot of, like, curiosity and speculation about what was going on with Camila. How come nobody could go to the house? Why they didn’t feel the friendship was as open as they all had with the rest of their group of friends. And eventually, Lucy told me that she figured out where Cami lived because she saw Keith coming and going from Cami’s house. And I wasn’t permitted to know or nobody told me. Keith didn’t tell me. And until — until — Keith never told me, and eventually, Cami told me herself where she was living after I was enrolled in DOS.

Dani Padilla became a slave of Keith Raniere. She sports his initials on her pubic area. She led the purchase of BSDM equipment for DOS and had the “privilege” of being paddled by Keith Raniere for punishment. A distressed Raniere complained that it was supposed to hurt and be a serious punishment but she enjoyed her bare ass paddling too much.

Q   What about Daniella Padilla Bergeron, can you tell the jury a little bit about her background, where she was from?

A   Sure. So I met Daniella in 2001 in Monterrey, Mexico, at the first course that we taught down there. And Monterrey — my understanding of Monterrey is that it’s the wealthiest city in Mexico. It’s a very conservative Catholic city, and everybody kind of knows each other. But she’s from like an upper-class family in that community.

Q   What was her rank in ESP?

A   She was a proctor.

Q   And is that a relativity high rank?

A   Yes. It’s the management level.

Nicki Clyne thought at first she was the only sex slave of Keith Raniere. She later found out about others. She was particularly jealous of Allison Mack being his slave. Raniere wisely solved Nicki’s jealousy and her immigration problem by ordering his two jealous slaves to marry each other. And some readers doubt he was the smartest man in the world! Consider how stupendous this is – he not only destroyed both of their acting careers, he made them slaves and got them to marry one another!

Q   Now, as to Nicki Clyne, can you tell the jury a bit about her background?

A   Nicki came from Vancouver, Canada. Her mom was a teacher. Her parents were divorced, and she was an actress. So she comes, I think, more from a middle-class background than — you know, childhood experience in the entertainment industry.

Q   Is she a Canadian citizen or an American one?

A   Canadian.

Loreta Garza was the leader of Rainbow Cultural Garden, the inhuman child experiment conducted by Keith Raniere. She was Nancy Salzman’s personal assistant and Keith’s sex toy for years.

Q   What about Loreta Garza?

A   Loreta’s family is from another city outside of Monterrey, but her grandmother was from Monterrey. I understand she moved there as a teenager and went to high school there, and then I believe studied abroad in Ireland for a bit, came back. And when I met her, she was working for a telecommunication company in Monterrey in the early 2000s. And then later, she moved to Albany and worked as my mom’s personal assistant for a bit and then eventually Keith’s assistant.

Rosa Laura Junco gained notoriety for offering her teenage daughter to Keith Raniere to replace Cami as his virgin successor.

Q   Rosa Laura Junco, what was her background?

A   Rosa Laura also was from Monterrey. Her family, as I understand, owns a large part of the print media in Mexico. They’re a newspaper [owners]. They own a reputable newspaper called The Reforma. And very wealthy family.

Q   Was she married?

A   Yes. When I first met her she was married, had three children. Was later divorced and then remarried and had another two children.

Q   Did she have a daughter?

A   She has a daughter, yes.

Q   And did the daughter have her name?

A   Yes. Daughter — her mother and her daughter and she all had the same name.

Q   Is there a nickname version for Rosa Laura?

A   Laureis. So sometimes, though, I called my friend Rosa Laura, Laureis. But her daughter was — also was Little Laureis [this was the daughter offered to Keith for his perverse enjoyment.]

Monica Duran was an assistant to Clare Bronfman. She gave up her youth and being with any other man to worship Keith Raniere. She sports his initials on her pubic region.

Q   And what about Monica Duran?

A   I think Moni comes from Chihuahua or Tampico, Mexico. I don’t know much about her background. But she joined ESP early on and I think began her relationship with Keith somewhere around, the time I did so I would say early 2000s, like 2001 or 2002. And she moved to Albany and, you know, lived in Albany with us for a couple decades.

Q   And you called her Moni. Was that a nickname for her?

A   Moni. Yeah, short for Monica.

Allison Mack committed many of the same crimes as other first-line DOS slave masters – but only she and Lauren were charged.

Q   What about Allison Mack?

A   Ali’s from California near Los Angeles. She was a childhood actress, so she grew up in the entertainment industry. Her father was a professional opera singer and her mother was her manager, as I understand, of her career.

Q   When you joined DOS, were these other DOS masters already enrolled in DOS?

A   Yes. Yes, they all were.

Q   And directing your attention to January or February 2018, did you have a conversation with Nicki Clyne about how she joined DOS?

A   Yes.

Q   What did she tell you?

A   She told me that originally she had this commitment with Keith, and that she thought she was the only one who had that relationship — like she was his slave and he was her master and that was a thing that she thought they were just doing together just them. And then later, she came to learn that there were others that she hadn’t, you know, known about.



Lauren Salzman

What was revealed in the above testimony is that Keith had eight women who he felt were particularly suited to his DOS madness.

He enrolled them. He was having sex with all of them prior to their enrollment. These eight – his foundation of slavery – recruited and/or their slaves recruited another 94 women into DOS. It was growing right up until Sarah Edmondson quit in May 2017.

Sarah told me about her experiences and I wrote about it.

DOS fell apart on June 5, 2017 when I published the first in a series of stories entitled Part 1: Branded Slaves and Master Raniere; Sources: Human branding part of Raniere-inspired women’s group.

The publication of the article caused an immediate exodus not only from DOS but also from Nxivm. As rank and file members found out about the sick and perverse sorority that Raniere had begun, they left the cult with haste.

DOS slaves also left because they had been told it was a female-only group – and they were shocked to learn Raniere led the sorority.

Lauren was in the midst of it all and we shall have more to write about her in Part 11.

Stay tuned…




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[…] Part 10: Lauren Salzman Describes DOS First Line Slave Masters, Admits She Wrote Letter Supporting Nicki Clyn… […]


[…] Part 10 Lauren Salzman Describes DOS First Line Slave Masters, Admits She Wrote Letter Supporting Nicki Clyn… […]

Scott Johnson
3 years ago

This is another amazing statement, that with a few words changed (in brackets, the original words first/the appropriate MLM term next) would fit Amway and other MLM scams perfectly:

The First Line [slaves/distributors] all knew what their own [slaves/downline distributors] did not know – about [Keith/the tool scam “Kingpins”] being the leader of [DOS/the tool scam].

In this respect – all of the eight First Line [women/distributors] were guilty of racketeering conspiracy and racketeering – just like [Lauren and Allison/insert a couple of first line distributor names] and [Keith/the tool scam “Kingpins”] were guilty. Lying about [Keith/the tool scam “Kingpins”] being the leader of [DOS/their respective tool scam companies] – keeping that from their [slaves/downline distributors] – while securing [collateral/lying about the tool scam profits by omission] was a crime.

And all of the First Line [women/distributors had [slaves/downline distributors]. This lying about [Keith/the tool scam “Kingpins” being [in DOS/rich from the tool scam] was the lynchpin charge against both [Allison and Lauren/insert a couple of first line distributor names].

Scott Johnson
3 years ago

The other DOS front line whores probably weren’t prosecuted for a combination of reasons, including some combination of:

1. They are Mexicans, and probably fled the U.S.;
2. Have protection from their rich families;
3. There wasn’t as much evidence available to successfully prosecute them beyond a reasonable doubt; and
4. The DOJ didn’t want to confuse the case, KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) prevailed. More facts would have potentially introduced conflicts between witnesses the defense could leverage and cause reasonable doubt.

3 years ago

Wouldn’t it be funny if after Raniere gets sentenced in January he doesn’t actually get shipped off to prison instead gets shipped off to Albany to wait another trial in county jail?

3 years ago

Everything was fake about it. Starting with its fake leader and his fake accomplishments. Its fake joy. Its fake claims. Its fake actors. Its fake promises. Its fake ethical superiority. Its fake love. Its fake members who pretended to want to be your friends unless you saw through all of the fake and didn’t want to be part of it and were subsequently deemed a “suppressive”. Or their fake tears and remorse on the witness stand or in the media after being exposed to the world for their kingdom of fake-ness. It should’ve been named NXIFAKE.

The only thing that was real about it was the destruction and poison in brought into the lives of people.

3 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

comment image

Heidi Hutchinson
Heidi Hutchinson
3 years ago

Lauren testified: “Initially the family rented an apartment in Cohoes…”

Cohoes is where my “suicided” sister, Gina Hutchinson, her friend, Gina Molita, and several of Raniere’s earliest rape victim “students” lived in the ‘80’s. It was an Italian/American ghetto, a run-down industrial area, full of latch-key kids from broken families. The scenes recreated at the trial during Dani Ferdandez’s testimony — the room where Dani and others were groomed by Keith is an exact replica of our Grandmother’s old Cohoes apartment where Gina often hung out with Keith — down to the Christ picture that hung on the wall above the bed! Except Keith apparently replaced the face of Christ with his own face in the picture he used to groom Dani.

Very odd that Lauren had the Ferdandez’s rent in Cohoes at all, given the disparity in class and actual distance (it’s not a couple of towns over from Clifton Park as Lauren testified — it’s many towns and at least 20 miles away.

Like I said, had Keith seen this to the end it may have been the same for Dani and many others as it was for Gina, Kris, Barb and Pam. Gina was the prototype for “suicide” or self-destruction that Keith was patterning over for some.

Scott Johnson
3 years ago

Google Maps shows Cohoes and Clifton Park to be 9.3 miles from each other, with only a very small town in between. Do you normally ride a horse? It also appears that Cohoes is appropriately named except for the missing “-” between Co and Hoes. Raniere had many co-hoes over the years. LOL

Clifton Parker
Clifton Parker
3 years ago

Cohoes is definitely not 20 miles away. And it is not — nor ever was — a ghetto as you describe. It is a middle-class area with hard working people. Not sure where you get off opining on things you know nothing about….

Heidi Hutchinson
Heidi Hutchinson
3 years ago
Reply to  Clifton Parker

No one’s saying ghetto-dwellers anywhere aren’t hard working. It’s origins were mostly Italian migrant textile mill workers — when I lived in the area (albeit decades ago) it always took me at least 30 minutes to drive from my Grandmother’s Cohoes city house near St. Rita’s to “the family farm” in Clifton Park. So, if you really are a “Clifton Parker” — which is doubtful — please say hello to one of my many Pippino relatives who live there and practically settled, probably once owned the land you are living on.

Why don’t you put up a “Vanguard” statue and sell tickets to renovate some of the many condemned Cohoes brownstones if you’re that concerned about its image and proximity to you —over what your Clifton Park police force and Albany DA allowed Keith Raniere to do to the underage girls who dwelt there or thereabouts in the 80’s & 90’s & (per Dani Ferdandez’s testimony) throughout the decades up to 2015.

Four decades of statuatory rape, sex trafficking grooming and psycho suicide experiments reported repeatedly by your local media and to your local law enforcement in the same place and you’re worried about it being called “a ghetto?”

You’re only lucky it wasn’t one of your own daughters if you’re not full of BS – and next time it might well be seeing as you’ve got the same dirtbags still in charge of law enforcement there.

3 years ago

H, are you related to thee Ann Hutchinson of the Antinomian controversy 1630 – something ?

3 years ago

Lauren Salzman is a registered Minister with the Universal Life Church.
Anyone can be ordained in this church over the internet or through the mails.
You don’t believe that a registered Minister like Lauren Salzman, the most moral woman in NXIVM, would perform a sham marriage to circumvent the nation’s immigration laws, do you?
I’m shocked!

What say you Dr. Gastone Porter ,DD, PhD, DDS, JD?

All of Them Witches
All of Them Witches
3 years ago

Huge surprise that Sadstate is first to comment here. Inquiring minds want to know if there will be a follow up on your Brilliant! piece of investigative journalism uncovering that NXIVM license plate in California?

Scott Johnson
3 years ago

Leave Mr. Shadow/Sadstate alone. He made a comment that involved Mack without mentioning her by name. THAT is progress! LOL

Mr. Wang of imported domestics
Mr. Wang of imported domestics
3 years ago
Reply to  Scott Johnson

Now, if we can just find you some help. Reading your sad MLM comments on a daily is like watching re-runs of the bald chick that screams, “Stop the Insanity!”

Scott Johnson
3 years ago

The only help I need is to get some other people off their butts and help bring attention to MLM scams. The insanity is the apathy and laziness of others. LOL

Shadow State
3 years ago


We’re on to your scam.
You went to the cops to complain about criminal conduct at Amway and the cops discovered that you were secretly working with top elements in Amway.

“he (Scott Johnson) claims to have worked out how the ‘tool scam’ functions and to have approached law enforcement agencies and the media with complaint about ‘Amway’s’ millionaire under-bosses (whom he refers to as ‘LCKs’ ‘Lying Cowardly Kingpins’). However, imagine the reaction of law enforcement agents and journalists when they discovered that (after 12 years of being defrauded) Johnson not only remained under contract to ‘Amway,’ but that he energetically continued to promote the central organization and to defend its billionaire bosses by relentlessly regurgitating their own poisonous propaganda.”

What’s your real beef with Scamway?
That they wouldn’t make you head of the scam?

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