Lauren Salzman Brands Five Slaves Lying to Them About the Brand; Becomes the Leading Recruiter of DOS

Lauren Salzman, Director of Education, Nxivm

This is part 4 on the role Lauren Salzman had in the vicious work of DOS. She is soon to be sentenced so this is fair game.

Readers seem to be split into two camps. One that Lauren is mostly a victim, a slave to a master criminal with excusable culpability – who own mother -another master criminal – led her to the monster.

The other camp seems more hard line believing that Lauren was an adult woman, who knowingly got into things, knowing they were wrong, but the rewards silenced her conscience.

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In this post we learn that Lauren Salzman was the leader of the first line masters in recruiting slaves, obviously using her high rank position [she was then highest ranked in Nxivm of the first line] to recruit more than any other.

She is being examined by Assistant US Attorney Tanya Hajjar in the trial of Keith Alan Raniere. Her testimony is considered by some as the most important in the case.

Q   How many slaves do you have at that time?

A   I had five. Oh, wait, I had six.

Q   And what about the total number under you?

A   Six plus nine, 15 at that time.

Q   How many does Cami have in contrast?

A   Cami had herself and one. I had 21 plus myself.

Q   So, although you were the last to join the first line… you had the most slaves under you…?

A   Yes.


Q Can you explain why that was?

A   I think some of it was the way that I was enrolled in such a quick amount of time… that was my understanding of how the process worked and how easy the process could be. I had the least experience and the least objections at the time so I was the most enthusiastic when — at that time when Keith started pushing readiness and I think I have good capacity to enroll other people in my ideas. So, all of that kind of worked in my favor to be able to get a lot of people quickly.

Q   What about in contrast, Camila or Nicki, can you describe their enrollment efforts?

A  I think they’re different for each person. Cami was not very public in the community … and didn’t have a lot of relationships. So when you’re talking about going out and enrolling people that you’re close with, she didn’t have that many people that she was close with. Also, she wasn’t in a leadership role or a coaching role or any of those things … and she was younger. I don’t know that a lot of people would have looked to her for somebody who they felt could help them the most with their growth for their life.

And I’m not sure if that’s the same exactly for Nicki but Nicki wasn’t as high in the organization — in ESP as me but generally my enrollment skills were better and I was more enthusiastic about bringing more people.

Q   When you say growth in this context, do you include as part of advancing within ESP?

A   Well, your — enrollment in your growth and your capacity to enroll others in your ideas usually was reflective in how far you were in ESP. So, there’s growth. There’s your growth and how that relates to your promotions in ESP but particularly with the Vow [DOS]. It was a lifetime commitment of a vow of obedience for the purpose of growth.

Cami was young and not as good at recruiting as Lauren.

So, if Cami was going to enroll somebody and say “I’d like to be your master and help you with your growth,” I don’t know that people would have seen her as being the person who would be in that role or that they would look to and respect to help them with that because she hadn’t demonstrated that she had that capacity.

Q   At some point did you have your DOS slaves branded?

A   Yes, the five of them.

Q   And can you describe their branding ceremony?

A   Yes. They had not known about each other. They knew there were other slaves but they didn’t know who the other slaves were so I wanted to do an initiation ceremony for them where they met each other and learned who their sisters were in their circle.

So, I did that first. I invited them to my home … Rosa Laura told me when I joined the sorority that there would be nudity as part of the sorority and I knew that in advance and I had told them that as well.

So, they came to my house. I asked them to come in staggered times so they wouldn’t know who each other were and I put them in different rooms of my house and I asked them to remove their clothes and blindfold themselves and then I led them downstairs to my living room where they sat in a circle and then they were able to take off the blindfold and see each other, who each other were, and I did a candle lighting ceremony with them, you know, to initiate them into their circle.

Then they got dressed. We all had dinner and we went over to Allison’s house to do the branding. They took about an hour putting on their stencils, figuring out where they wanted the brands, etc., and then we went from there and their branding ceremony was similar to what I described in mine except they were fully naked all of them except me and Danielle.

Dr. Danielle Roberts did the branding

Q   What did you tell them about the brand?

A   I told them it was a symbol, an abstract symbol.

Q  What about the size?

A  I had told them originally my understanding was the brand was supposed to be one inch by one inch and that’s what I believed it would be. When I was branded there had been an error that was made somewhere and my brand is much larger than that. It’s probably like two and a half inches by three inches and it was supposed to have been corrected by the time my girls were to be branded but it wasn’t and so their brand is larger than that as well. I’m not sure exactly the measurements but it is bigger than an inch by an inch, but I told them it was going to be an inch by an inch believing that’s what it was, that’s the size that all the sisters in my circle, the first line DOS masters all have an inch by an inch and myself and only a few have a much bigger one.


Q   Who was the first to be branded?

A   Jimena.

Q   And was the branding filmed?

A   Yes, they all were filmed.

Q   Who filmed Jimena’s branding?

A   I don’t recall specifically who filmed Jimena but I think it was Sarah because Keith texted me in the middle of it and she saw the text so after that they weren’t filmed on my phone anymore or soon after that they weren’t filmed on my phone anymore.

Q   And the text you received, what was that regarding?

A   It was regarding a meeting of the first line DOS masters that Keith held in the middle of the branding ceremony, so I had to stop the branding ceremony to go to that meeting and then come back.

Q   How did Jimena react?

Jimena Garza Davila felt the pain of branding. 

A   Jimena, it was really very overtly emotionally expressive, like she responded very expressively to the pain.

Q   What does that mean?

A   Like she was squealing and screaming and it looked horrendous. It was. She demonstrated what she felt and her reaction was particularly intense.

Q   At some point did she ask for some kind of cloth?

A   Yeah, she asked for or somebody offered her something to bite down on.

Q   Did it look scary?

A   It looked really scary. What Jimena was demonstrating looked very scary. It was frightening to see, it scared the other girls.

Q   You said that ceremony was interrupted at some point; what happened?

A   I had to leave to go to the first line meeting so, and Carola wanted to leave to go feed her daughter, her baby, and so Carola and I left. I … dropped her off to feed her daughter and then I went to the first line DOS meeting and then like an hour later we went back.

Q   Who was next to be branded after Jimena?

A   Audrey went second.

Q   And after that?

A   Sarah.


Q   Your DOS slaves, were each of their branding ceremonies filmed?

A   Yes.

Q   What was Sarah’s branding like, can you describe that?

A   … Sarah did and told the other girls as well to use like yoga breathing to help through the process so she was much quieter. She did her yoga breathing. She handled it …  comparatively much better than the other girls did and I was very proud of her at the time. In all of the branding ceremonies there was, you know, some degree of laughing and joking and different things to try to make it seem a little less awkward…  I coached them all through the process. So, there was that in the branding ceremony, me encouraging her, touching her, helping her through the process.

Q   Who did the branding?

A  Danielle.

Q   How do you feel about participating in the branding ceremony now?

A   I mean I feel like it was the start of the end of all of my relationships with these people…  I don’t feel good that I was dishonest about Keith’s involvement or the initials…  I don’t think it was right to brand his initials on people without them knowing that that’s what it …  was and at the time.  I didn’t view it as – that they were doing it only because I told them to do it or that they felt that they had to do it, but ultimately they were my slaves and they were under a collateralized vow of obedience to me and if they didn’t obey, their collateral was subject to be released -that was the agreement – and so had they decided they didn’t want to do it, or there was something about it that wasn’t for them anymore – the notion that they really could have chosen out of it I think is really one that I hadn’t considered at the time. Like at the time I thought it was consensual and they wanted to do it but even if they didn’t, I was their master and I told them to and you don’t get to say if you tell them they have to have sex with somebody or have somebody else’s child they have to do it, but somehow they don’t have to get branded if they decide they don’t want to.

Q  At the time that the defendant told you that about Sarah, about having sex with someone or having someone else’s child, had she provided collateral?

A   Yes.

Q   Was she recruited into DOS at that point?

A   Yes.

Q   What happened after the branding ceremony?

A   We went back to my house and I took a group picture and then they went home.

Q   Were photographs taken of the group?

A   Yes, I took a group photograph — I took a group picture of them that night immediately following their branding and then later that week they met a few times and I asked them to take naked pictures of themselves and send them to me similar to what we did in my circle at every one of our meetings.

Q   Did you give them any instructions about the photographs they were to take after the branding?

A   Yes, … my group was meeting three times a week and we were taking these pictures and … when we got feedback about changing it, we incorporated that feedback and sometimes we had left the meeting and had to rearrange our schedules to make it possible to get back together again and retake the picture and the girls that I had enrolled all lived in separate areas so specifically I wanted them to have that experience so I told them, I mean initially, that they were to be fully frontally nude, the brand should show, you know, and they should appear happy in the pictures, or I may not have told them happy initially but I corrected them and they had to get together later and rearrange their schedules to retake the picture and look happy.

Q   When you say you thought it was important for them to have that experience, do you mean to replicate that, retaking the photograph if you didn’t look happy?

A   To incorporate feedback that your master gave you and that was the feedback that I gave them, specifically to look happier.

Q   Can you explain what incorporating feedback means, what that phrase means?

A   It means you’re told something that you didn’t perceive or you would have already done it, that’s important, and so you fix it. Incorporate it – is you make that change.

Q   So, what was the change you requested for this photograph?

A   I requested them to look happy.

Q   And did they retake the photograph looking happy?

A   Yes.

Q   Did you require them to rearrange their schedules for this?

A   Yes.

Q   Can you explain that?

A   Well, we had done that several times in my first line group based on feedback and requests that Keith had made or instructions we had been given and so my group had done that a number of times and I thought that he must have been doing it for a reason, that it was somehow important to prioritize this over other things as we had done and because they lived in the other, outlying areas they wouldn’t have that opportunity to do that, to make that choice, or to have that experience again for another three or four months, so I wanted them to have that experience at least once so I required them to do that.

Q   Again, when you say, “have that experience,” what are you referring to?

A   Of prioritizing my request over everything else they were doing.

Q   To make them rearrange their schedule in order to do it?

A   Yeah.

Q   After your DOS slaves were branded did you ask them to continue taking photographs of the brand?

A   Yes, the instruction was that they would take photographs every day and send them to me and I sent those photographs to Danielle who was in charge of keeping all of the brand photographs.

Q   You gave them instructions to send you the photographs every day?

A   I did every day and then after six weeks I told them they could do it once a week and eventually they stopped sending them. I think when things became public we stopped doing that, possibly earlier.


So here is another great revelation about Lauren’s role.  By the way, it also came out during Lauren’s testimony that though she lied to her slaves about the meaning of the brand, during the branding ceremony, Carola saw the stencil and realized it was “KR” – Keith’s initials. She told Lauren who asked her to please not share that with other people.

Lambs to the slaughter.

By the way, when Lauren says “when things became public” later testimony reveals she is referring to The Frank Report. I made the branding public on June 5, 2017. That stopped future branding and sending of photos and lying to people about who was in charge of DOS and what the brand symbolized. Many left DOS consequently.

I look forward to hearing from readers on both sides of the debate about Lauren Salzman.

Lauren Salzman 

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  • Question: If Camila recruited fewer women than Laura Junco or the slaves of Lauren Salzman, how come we mention Camila so much on this blog? She seems to be a much greater victim than Laura Salzman’s slaves who recruited a lot of women?

  • Every past and current member of NXIVM is plain dumb and an idiot for agreeing to half this crapola. Lauren S.’s testimony is full of b.s.; she rambles with her weird phrasing and all the time wasted on readiness drills, taking vagina pictures, etc. She just needs to admit she enjoyed a BDSM and threesomes with the ugliest chicks ever. Her mom is a loser 2!

  • Cutting through all of this information, there’s a point where these women had to realize they were in a sex cult and they were being asked to recruit other women into this sex cult. Deeper than that, there’s a point where one has to conclude these women wanted to be in a sex cult. They liked it!! The commitment to just Keith, the submission to him and each other, the feeling they were part of something special….. And the consequences of what they were doing was immaterial to what they were feeling and experiencing at the moment. These women liked being in a harem and getting f*#ked.

    And I’ve mentioned this before on this site. Still, it boggles the mind to know there’re people out there who get drawn into these things. But that’s not an excuse. They did what they did and they need to be both exposed and punished for what they did.

  • The glibness with which she puts into relief the evil of NXIVM’s byzantine practices is horrifying. I sense she was someone who really relished getting things “right” down to the last detail.

    A “fixer” sociopath like Lauren must be the envy of cults from here to Timbuktu (and some front offices).

    One thing’s for sure– she was no mere aider and abettor. Her sentence should reflect that.

  • Perlato stop trying to take credit for Toni Natalie’s work. Read her book dunce. She did it all. Stop claiming it. Or I will sue.

  • Lauren rambles on and on, talking in a language that explains the batshit crazy as if it were a regular girl scout troop. She was so cooperative about being grotesque and sounds here as if she thought that she was cleverer than the average groupie and so gosh darn empowered, literally calling Flabturd her “Master.”

    After her bit of time in prison maybe she can try a dating app for middle-aged sadomasochists. She can adopt a ferret and play mommy. Her mother Nancy will be on Pecker Island, after her laser hair removal, liposuction, vaginal rejuvenation and face/neck lift.

    Lauren seems completely dense about how deranged and irrational her lifestyle was and probably still is. Nothing illegal ever struck her as being criminal. How half-assed can you get?

    It is like seeing a chicken’s body run around for a few seconds after her head was axed off. Preternatural. Horrifying. But for Lauren, it’s just another night around the campfire, making s’mores.

    I mean come on! This is a complacent maniac who thought this cracked-up shit was better than what she was looking down her nose at as too “ordinary” and “unadvanced.” She is her demonic mother’s understudy and lady-in-waiting. What a cesspool.

    • How could Lauren possibly talk about those demented things (in court) with such calmness and clarity, as though these things were normal.

      When in reality, how could she NOT do precisely that? LOL.

      You act as though a person’s cult mentality can be ‘turned off’ like a light switch upon leaving.

      It’ll probably take years of counseling to fully deprogram her, just as India Oxenberg hasn’t FULLY disavowed NXIVM even AFTER she left during the summer of 2018 (her mother gave cryptic statements which indicated that India has not FULLY said that NXIVM was 100% evil yet).

      That’s why India’s mom has maintained such tight privacy for her daughter. It’s not a ‘light switch’ that gets turned off instantly. India still hasn’t come out and admitted that she was basically a ‘sucker’ who got ‘100% brainwashed’ by Keith. It’s a humiliating and humbling thing to admit that to yourself, I imagine.

      It’ll take time and counseling to FULLY reset their ethical boundaries back to normal.

      Thus, of course Lauren spoke about those evil things (in court) in such a calm and rational manner, as her entire life consisted of living in that twisted world where ‘up is down’ and ‘white is black’.

      Your post is largely SHIT, Shivani. 🙂

      Have a nice day. 🙂

      • I will keep saying this: these women, I will guarantee, at a minimum display symptoms of Battered Women’s Syndrome through years and years of control, abuse, degradation, subjugation, sleep deprivation, calorie deprivation and downright brainwashing.

        It can take years and years of therapy to undue this damage, if ever. They have been rewired completely.

        My biggest fear is they try and get back in touch with the remnants of this group.

        To this day, the Manson girls can’t fully divest themselves of THAT bastard.

        This is a long haul. The problem is, tinder’s are still smoldering out there, and they must be extinguished or, like fascism at the end of WW1, we can also say, ” I have a feeling we will be fighting this battles again.”

  • Lauren and Michelle were reared by their Dad not Nancy so unless the old man abused them, too, the excuse that Nancy corrupted them early on is fantasy. Nancy was and is using — and being permitted to use — Lauren as a human shield, now, much as she used her own daughter(s) as get-rich tools and weapons to maintain her “Prefect” position against some stiff competition.

    Nancy should be sentenced to the same cancer treatment prescribed for Pam, Barb and Karen and her daughters given the same psychological help offered to Kris Snyder and Gina Hutchinson.

  • Btw, Frank, that pic is hilarious. Is that supposed to be Ayn Rand in a Nazi concentration camp?

    She looks so proud of her gruesome achievements. Wouldn’t she be just the best Luciferian Avatar mommy ever!

    Somebody call an exorcist in —I just don’t think the FBI or the DOJ are ever gonna get this even if they tried to.

  • Sickening how none like Lauren could out-do the others so quickly and efficiently when it came to executing Keith & Nancy’s orders.

    Also, the ILLEGAL part of the branding ceremony — the sextortion extortion and trafficking — was long in play before “DOS” and the branding practice (which is not illegal).

    When Lauren joined DOS is immaterial. She was involved in the illegal activities before DOS, before Allison Mack, before AND after 15-year-old Camilla was raped and photographed spread eagle nude, i.e. “collateralized.”

    I believe Lauren — all the Salzman’s — and a few other bona fide sociopaths may go far too lightly punished, if at all, to prevent endangermenent to society simply because, as Joe O’Hara notes, the investigation and indictment of those crimes presents an embarrassment to those NDNY, State and Federal officials who allowed — if not ABETTED — the perpetrators and perpetration of those crimes.

    …Despite that the world is watching and those uninvestigated, unpunished crimes may include child rape, murder and attempted MASS POISONING?!

    Lauren is lying, by at least OMISSION — covering up for her undeserving mother possibly —-likely at the direction and under the shield of powerful attorneys with their lips and tongues puckered way up under some hot shot’s money-shitting asshole. IMHO.

  • Thanks for the reminder of what a cold, manipulative person this is. This is no naive, groomed victim. She got to remain clothed when being branded and the others had to meet blindfolded, naked and branded naked while being filmed because she was higher ranked? She was so naive, groomed and damaged that she could not possibly understand how twisted and abusive this was? That’s absolute bullshit. I wasn’t in the courtroom so don’t know what demeanor she had while explaining all these ridiculous rules but, to me, it reads like she speaks like it’s the most normal, acceptable thing in the world. Perhaps someone who did witness her on the stand can tell if there was any slither or shame or embarrassment. It almost reads like she was proud of her skills at recruiting.

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