Lauren Salzman Recruited Sarah Edmondson by Lying and Agreed Sarah Should Cuckold Her Husband if Raniere Commanded

Lauren Salzman

Lauren Salzman, one of the leaders of Nxivm, was convicted of racketeering and racketeering conspiracy in connection with her nearly 20 years with the criminal operation.

Many people feel she is a victim. Since she is going to be sentenced soon [a date has not yet been set – but it is anticipated it will occur sometime in early 2020] and she faces anywhere from probation to up to 40 years, [sentencing guidelines seem to be around 2-4 years] readers might like to learn a little more about her role in Nxivm and its notorious sub group DOS.

In yesterday’s post, Lauren described how she was branded. It came from her testimony in the trial of Keith Alan Raniere, her mentor, master, lover and co-conspirator in crime.

In today’s post, Lauren discusses recruitment for DOS and how she recruited her first slave, Sarah Edmondson.

Canadian actress Sarah Edmondson is married to actor Anthony “Nippy” Ames.

She is being examined by Assistant US Attorney Tanya Hajjar.

Q   Was recruitment a focus in DOS?

A   Big focus.

Q   How so?

A   Keith wanted us to grow and he wanted us to grow quickly. He was checking in on how we were doing with enrollment a lot, frequently, and … was…  pushing for us to get to 100 people, and then pushed me specifically to get a hundred in my group alone in under six weeks and was constantly asking like …  how many people do we have? Where are they in each stage of enrollment? And, like, What are your projections…

Q   And after you were branded, did you then regularly meet with that first line?

The top of the DOS pyramid – Keith Raniere and his eight first line slaves.

A   Yes.

Q   Who did you discuss potential recruits with?

A   With the first line and with Keith.

Q   Were any prospects rejected?

A   Some.

Q   Can you give us some examples?

A  Audrey wanted to enroll Siobhan and I discussed it with Keith, and he said he wasn’t sure that that was a good idea. Clare’s name was raised a bunch and he wanted to keep that separate.

Q   Clare Bronfman?

A   Yes. Christina was another one he was thinking about if it was a good idea. I mean, these are ones that came up directly with me. I’m sure there are others, but these are ones that either myself or people who I enrolled wanted to enroll.

Q   Who had the final say about who could be enrolled and who couldn’t?

A   Keith.

Q   Did the defendant [Raniere] ever ask you for photographs of potential recruits?

A   Yes.

Q   Did the defendant say anything about the marital status of the person that you should recruit for DOS?

A   … Initially it was going to be sorority for only people who were not married. And then eventually they decided …  to let in people who were married.

Q   And when you recruited your DOS slaves, did you lie to them about the defendant’s role in DOS?

A   Yes.

Q   And what about the brand?

A   Yes. Well, I didn’t tell them anything about the brand. They asked what it was, and I said it was a symbol, you know, and then during the branding ceremony, Carola saw the stencil and was like, “KR,” like she knew. She realized that it was Keith’s initials, and I asked her to please not share that with other people.

Q   Who did you recruit first?

A   Sarah.

Q   And where did you initially approach Sarah about enrollment into DOS?

A   I approached her in Vancouver. I was staying in her home there.

Q   Why were you in Vancouver at that time?

A   I was teaching intensive in her center.

Q   About how soon after your enrollment into DOS were you recruiting Sarah?

A   Five days.

Q   Was Sarah married?

A   Yes.

Sarah Edmondson is married to Anthony Ames.

Q   And can you describe to the jury what the process was for recruiting her?

A   Sure. It was — it was the same process that Rosa Laura did with me, that I approached her and told her that I was doing something I was very excited about. I wanted to share it with her. And that this might sound weird, but I needed a guarantee from her that she wasn’t going to speak about this to anybody else, and I introduced the concept of collateral, which she provided me. And then when she provided it, I went through the four aspects of it, lifetime vow of obedience to me; master/slave concept; collar, which was the necklace; and branding, and she decided she wanted to go forward and provided more collateral.

Q   Did you characterize DOS as a sorority for women?

A   I did, as a sorority for women.

Q   What was the first piece of collateral that Sarah gave to you?

A   She gave me like a confession that she had written on a piece of paper basically confessing to things that would be embarrassing for her reputation if they were to be disclosed, things along the lines of sexual experiences or substance use.

Q   What did you do after Sarah gave you that collateral?

A   I checked it with Rosa Laura.

Rosa Laura Junco recruited Lauren into DOS. She also offered her virgin daughter to Raniere.

Q   What happened?

A   Rosa Laura didn’t think it was strong enough and suggested naked pictures as well.

Q   So what did you do after that?

A   I went back to Sarah and told her about the naked pictures and she agreed to take them, and we took them together, meaning I was with her in the room when she took a naked picture of herself. And Rosa Laura then said that I could go forward after that.

Q   Did you tell her anything about whether you had taken similar photographs?

A   I did. I told her I had done it as well.

Q   Did Sarah express any reservations about the branding?

A   Yes. Very similar to mine, that she had shared as well. She had never gotten a tattoo and she had certain views about her body and caring for her body, and this kind of went against that. But I re-enrolled her in the idea…  I shared with her the idea of paying for a principle and the memorializing your promise, and the [brand] … on your body forever was a promise forever. And so she agreed to do it.

Q   When you say re-enrolled her in that idea, you persuaded her to go along with it?

A   Yeah.

Q   Did Sarah then agree to join DOS?

A   She did.

Q   Did she provide additional collateral to you?

A   Yes.

Q   What different collateral did she give you?

A   We filmed a bunch of videos together… The idea of them was to make it look like it is candid, like she didn’t know that she was being recorded. But she was speaking negatively about family members, like, you know, saying things like that she only had a relationship with them to get her inheritance or that her husband, you know, was abusing her and her son. False statements, but that would have damaged those relationships were they to be released and also would damage the people in the video saying things about them that would have hurt their reputations.

Q   Why was it made to look candid?

A   Just because if it were to ever be released, it wouldn’t be believable that somebody would have just looked at a camera and made a video of themselves doing that, but it was more believable that she could have just shared it with a friend who happened to be recording it unbeknownst to her.

Q   Did she give the videos to you?

A   I filmed them on my phone, so they were always in my possession.

Q   Were these videos sufficient collateral?

A   No.

Q   Why not?

A   Because she had to fully collateralize all of the areas of her life to be considered fully in. So she never, in theory, completed the enrollment process.

Q   Did the defendant discuss your recruitment of Sarah with you?

A   Yes.

Q   What did he say?

A   Oh, when I came back he was excited that I had enrolled someone, and he said, like, “she’s your slave now.” And I said “yes.” And he said that means like — and he had told me that before — that that meant that she had to choose that relationship above all the other relationships in her life, like above her husband, above her child…

But I came back and he [Raniere] said that means “if you tell her she has to have sex with another man, meaning another man not her husband, she had to do that. And if you tell her she has to have another man’s child, that means she has to do that.” And at the time I was like, “yeah, I get it. Like you just need her really committed. She’s committed.” That was how I viewed it, but it doesn’t look the same right now.

Q  How do you feel now about it?

A   Well, … like why would that be the thing that would indicate commitment as opposed to anything else? Like if you told her she had to walk across hot coals, you know, she would have to do it. Like why sleeping with somebody or having their children, and given the fact that later I came to find out he was having sexual relationships with other people’s slaves and some of those slaves were being — that was planned before he met them or anything that they wanted to do. It was like known to other people that it was going to go in that direction and also that he was discussing having children with slaves, and it just was different. It looks different, like, given their assignments to seduce him and all of these things that came out later, that I found out later, it looks different knowing all of those things.


Indeed, it began to look different to Lauren when she was facing decades in prison and less than a month before her trial as a codefendant alongside Raniere.

But better late than never.

Lauren Salzman was happy enough to be part of DOS and became a top recruiter.


In fairness to Sarah Edmondson, while Lauren might have been lying through her teeth to her about Keith not being in DOS and other foul lies, there is no evidence that Sarah ever for a moment consented to having sex with Keith or being unfaithful to her husband. If Lauren’s version is true, Sarah was told it was a women’s only group and the filthy sex slavery aspects were known only to Keith and soon enough to Lauren.

Readers might enjoy reading Sarah Edmondson’s book Scarred: The True Story of How I Escaped NXIVM, the Cult that Bound My Life (True Crime Memoir, Cult Books) to get her view on the subject treated above.

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  • In relation to Sarah and her slaves, if Lauren was the mule who carried the water of Junco, then Junco was the mule in relation to Lauren and Junco’s slaves. Stated better than that stupid sentence – This was Keith’s show. None of the women thought for themselves.

    Picture Kristin Keeffe walking with Keith and thinking to her herself “This guy is crazy. I’ve gotta get the fuck out of here.” as she simultaneously nodded and said “Ok Keith. Yes, Keith. Good idea, Keith”

  • For the record, I actually agree with the below comments from Bangcock. Here’s the deal. There was NO questioning Keith. If there was any questioning of Keith by Lauren, she would not have lasted as long as she did. Lauren was a pleaser. Keith used her just like he used and abused all of his women.

    I believe Lauren’s testimony. I don’t think she was lying under oath. How Lauren claims it all went down is classic Keith.

  • The part no one is getting is that KAR used his multi-level marketing tactics to build his harem. Building his harem was just another MLM gig.

    The brand was his business trademark.

    This guy is a slimebag.

    Think MLM. But in humans.

  • What Lauren said she thought was different about the schemes behind the schemes of DOS, the things about DOS that she didn’t like, is a huge part of what is crazy about this dingbat, Lauren Salzman.

    She was okey-dokey about being a slave, about being a middle-aged spinster sistah-wife for her horndog master. She was even satisfied with opening her legs to a guy who was her mother’s humping partner and who lived with several other women. She knew that the freakazoid bossing her around screwed everybody he could get. These women were living on top of each other, so Lauren probably knew about Raniere’s abortion demands for his groupies. She coulda woulda known that Raniere was a practicing child rapist, and certainly, Lauren never bit Raniere during group blowjobs.

    She knew that she was once a younger hag and that Raniere had a posse of older hags and even Toni Natalie. Lauren even went to Mexico to teach “Human Pain” courses and to get Raniere more Mexicans, since Raniere wanted Mexicans, young or old, so he could grab their money, make them into confused fanatical thugs and have a steady catalog full of imported sexual prey. In fact, he had one young lady who was held in a room for him by Lauren for at least a couple of years. The young lady from Mexico had parents who were Raniere fanatics, and they were happy happy too when Raniere had sex with 3 of their daughters and had their son film some of it.

    Lauren was cheerful about that, too. Lauren did not like Raniere having younger and sexier, better-looking sexual conquests or cuter rape victims, so why not imprison one? And withhold her passport, nothing wrong with that, if maybe Keith would just praise Lauren or pat her arm. That could be cause for some cheerfulness, and Lauren could lie to more people, more jauntily.

    She didn’t mind getting branded and agreed to recruit what were obviously more sex slaves for the Head Ape, and she was industriously getting collateral and then demanding more collateral. She didn’t mind jackshit, not that much anyway, as long as Raniere ordered it and threw in a little bit of ritualistic mumbo-jumbo and went to bed with Lauren once in a while, not as a threesome.

    She held on until nearly menopause for Raniere to ejaculate an Avatar baby for her to call what? Her very own? She knew that she HAD to work on all of her jealousies. She had learned and lived by this insanity, that pain was the only way to find love, to be lovable or loving.

    Lauren lived happily and positively, like a pig sobbing in shit, for her whole-hog adult life. Like mother like daughter like sistah. Happy, happy, happy Lauren stuck in toxic quicksand and doing bad, bad, things. She slaved to be jolly and chipper, and JOY was her greatest ambition.

    But testifying in court after her plea deal, Lauren Salzman worked her angle as a regretful martyr who sees things differently, now that Raniere had hidden in a closet south of the border, while police held some guns at her head. She was resentful that her God was screwing more sex slaves with no announcement, no greeting cards or sympathy cards. Why oh why did her idol deceive her, so coldly and cruelly?

    Why was Lauren Salzman pretending that Raniere was doing anything differently than always?
    He deceived Lauren consistently. He did not overlook her or change his routine. Did she do the boo-hooing because she wanted to tweak some sympathy for her decades of sado-masochism?

    Bitter jealousy and unrequited obsession are hardly material for any sudden disclaimers or for any epiphanies. Mordor in the court. Odious is odious.

    Raniere was Raniere, and Lauren Salzman didn’t change a thing. She just dug in and stayed on with him. Her mother will fix it all for poor Lauren Salzman, though. Lauren will go from prison to a quiet job as a cleaning lady for Nancy Salzman, who will never pay her.

    Why interrupt the storyline of Lauren’s entire life? Hopefully, Lauren will have a baby carriage of her own to push one day. Maybe she can learn to put diapers and a bonnet on a shackled ferret. An Avatar ferret.

  • She knows a lot more than what stated in court, but she did help to put Tubs behind bars. Whatever her motivation, it helped.

  • Thank you for posting this, Frank.

    As it relates to my article yesterday, I feel compelled to respond.

    Frank’s entire article proves that Lauren was being 100% HANDLED by Rosa Laura Junco and Keith himself.

    It also proves that Lauren was being SPOONFED every single recruitment/collateral instruction by Keith and Rosa Laura Junco, which means she was essentially powerless to decide anything on her own.

    Frank has therefore proven that Lauren was just a ‘mule’ who was carrying the ‘water’ supplied by Keith and Rosa Laura Junco.

    Frank has proven that Lauren was just a non-thinking slave; just a gal who had almost no decision making ability, without first checking with Rosa Laura Junco or Keith.

    This proves why the judge will take pity on Lauren. She just wasn’t part of the real decision making.

    She was essentially a secretary, just taking dictation from Rosa Laura Junco and Keith.

    She was a harmless lamb, living in a den of wolves.

    Guess what, Frank?

    Keith was the one TELLING HER what her slaves had to do, such as being willing to have sex with other men or to carry another man’s baby, etc.

    Lauren was akin to a mentally abused girlfriend. She just went along with whatever her man was telling her —- to avoid setting off his displeasure.

    Lauren was just a pleaser, nothing more.

    Frank has possibly just proven, with a single article, just how NON-culpable Lauren Salzman really is.

    Frank has just backed up my initial article and confirmed my conclusions.

    Thank you, sir. 🙂

  • This testimony to me proves KAR suffers from Narcissist Personality Disorder. He used women, abused them; he destroyed families for his misogynistc hunger; he used branding and other methods to maintain absolute dominion and control over them.

    It does not explain how so many young, beautiful and talented women fell for it.

    Just my opinion.

  • Sarah Edmondson’s “view” cannot be trusted. Her book most likely portrays her as a naive innocent fairy. She was a perpetrator who has spun this story for fame and money. All NXIVM members are liars and manipulators. Sarah has had a lot of practice.

  • Every day I’m grateful every single day that Toni Natalie brought this cult down. They are crazy and evil.

  • I was thinking the same thing when the DOJ asked Salzman about the “re-enrollment” wording. Classic Raniere-speak.

    I’m not sure what motivated Raniere to push to recruit so fast, but it was his undoing. Perhaps he saw the end was near and he wanted to get as much pu$$y as he could in the interim.

    The recruiting technique are obviously something Raniere learned in his Amway days.

    • If Raniere thought the end was near, he could have set himself up on the island in Fiji, or someplace else even harder to be extradited from.

      As much as he was pretty clever at manipulating people, I think he didn’t have the ability to really think strategically, plus he’d been lulled into a false sense of security given how long he had gotten away with things in the Albany area. He was, literally, a gambler, and that’s a typical mindset for perpetrators of various sorts of frauds; they have unrealistic beliefs that they will have some big win that will put them on top, are in denial that things could collapse and so never actually plan an end game. I’m sure that dynamic has also got to be at work with the people more heavily invested in MLMs.

      The recruiting techniques are part MLM and part taken from groups like Scientology; and a lot of members of those sorts of groups get involved in MLMs and similar pyramid-type schemes trying to make money, in a sort of synergy of culty and wishful (or “magical”) thinking.

      • Great points, AnonyMaker. Keith really did not have constraint or self-control; And his ego I believe was his undoing.

  • Sarah Edmondson guested in 10 episodes of Edgemont in 2003-05 when she was already a Nxian. While on the set did she try to recruit fellow Edgemont actresses Kristin Kreuk and Grace Park, years before they did join?

    • Sarah Edmondson joined the cult in 2005[?].

      Kristin Kreuk in 2006.

      Not sure about Grace Park.

      Barbara Bouchey claimed on Frank Report she recruited Kreuk without elaborating further. Frank Parlato posted somewhere that Kreuk and Mark Hildreth joined together, but Hildreth got credit for recruiting Kreuk for some reason.

      Can you elaborate on this Frank?

      • I was told by a source that Hildreth and Kreuk joined at the same time and that Hildreth did not recruit Kreuk but rather they chose to join at the same time. I suspect the reason Hildreth got credit for Kreuk was because he planned to do more recruiting and possibly needed the money more than her.

        Of course, no one but the few top inner circle liars ever made money in Nxivm – it is almost always a net loss for all those bright eyed beginners who think they are going to make a career of it.

        • Do we know precisely when Sarah joined Nx?
          Because within a couple of years of joining, she was heavy into (lucrative) recruiting and starting her (lucrative) center, I think she became a “true believer” early, and logically would talk to fellow young actresses about the program that helped her so much. So, even if she didn’t officially recruit Kristin and Grace while on Edgemont, it seems very probable that she praised Nx to them and set in motion their interest and eventual joining the cult.
          So, even if Hildreth and Kreuk joined together in 2006, they had to hear good things from somebody like Edmondson before they joined.

  • “Lauren Salzman Recruited Sarah Edmondson by Lying and Agreed Sarah Should Cuckold Her Husband if Raniere Commanded”

    Hey, BangKok, How about that for a headline?
    Lauren Salzman was encouraging a wife to cheat on her husband.
    In other words Lauren Salzman was encouraging adultery.
    Do you believe that Lauren Salzman should be “forgiven” for her many transgressions now?

    • Poor, poor Lauren Salzman. She was just not thinking. What did poor Lauren know about marriage? How can anyone not regret that the lost lamb, Lauren Salzman, missed hearing anything about any objectionable and obsolescent technicalities, like matrimony? She was old-fashioned about slavery and branding livestock, though. To brand or not to brand did not occur to her as an option? You mean she is a thumbtack, not a human?

      It is possible that selectively, her mother, Nancy blah blah Salzman, the “psychiatric nurse,” screwed anything that moved. Although Raniere can’t get it up anymore, he too screwed anything that moved. Soon they might want to push their walkers into court like Harvey Weinstein, flanked by his glaring 400 lb. bodyguards in their bespoke suits. Clare should hire dudes like these for her next fainting spell.

      Was it nature or nurture, when Lauren Salzman kept deciding to commit and to recommit herself to more days and years of whining about how even Ira Levin wrote a baby for Rosemary into his storyline? Yet poor, tragic, sadomasochistic Lauren always got stuck with bupkes, the short end of the soggy hot dog.

      Cry me a river. Cry me a river of Nazis and Manson boyz and gurlz who were only – OINK! OINK! – following orders. Lauren Salzman is an anticlimactic rerun of a gangsta groupie 3 act play full of excuses for the judge, and she gave forth prodigious snot from her poor, Pinocchio schnoz. In conclusion, I can only say, so what. “Goodnight Mrs. Calabash wherever you are.”

      No one prepared Lauren Salzman to be anything but a lover of Human Pain. Nancy Salzman had been and still seems to be a possessive den mother. Crabapple. Crabtree.

      Pathetically, poor Lauren so wanted to BE a Stepford Wife for her supreme, one and only currently unavailable father figure, born of her completely involuntary illusions. Her Vangourd. So, it’s not her fault that she has so avidly participated, both obliviously and unawares, in a two decades and counting multilevel crime spree.

      Get thee to a nearby federal convent, Lauren, ye haplessly, hopelessly demonic groupie.

      No doubt the time won’t match her crimes. As an abuser of others, she can be soooooo politely dutiful and doggedly diligent. Who hasn’t seen the Miss Innocent act before, Judge Nicholas Garaufis?

      • Shivani:

        I hope that Judge Garaufis understands that Lauren’s “Cry Me A River” act was just a routine.
        Lauren Salzman proved that she’s a better actress than Allison Mack.
        Both Lauren Salzman and Allison Mack understand what a real marriage is.
        Both women know that a true marriage is not a bloated pervert with a harem of 50 sex slaves to serve his every whim.
        By the way the bloated Harvey Weinstein is a pretty good actor himself.
        He needed a walker to enter and leave the courtroom but days later was seen in a Westchester County Target store shopping without a walker.
        Well done, Harvey!
        Clap, Clap, Clap.
        The Oscar for best faking of a bad back goes to Hillary Clinton’s friend Harvey Weinstein.

        Harvey Weinstein seen without walker after struggling in court
        Disgraced movie mogul Harvey Weinstein was spotted strolling through a New York store without a walker – just days after he appeared to be struggling to walk without one, Page Six reported.

        Weinstein was seen at a Target in Mount Kisco, in Westchester County, days after a Dec. 6 court hearing, where he appeared to need support from other people in his group, the outlet reported.

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