How Lauren Salzman Described Her Branding Session

This the photo the government is using of Lauren Salzman in exhibits for the jury.

In the trial of Keith Alan Raniere, Lauren Salzman, a witness for the prosecution, described her branding, which occurred it is believed around January 2017. Lauren was the last of the First Line DOS slave masters. Rosa Laura Junco, the woman who offered her own 15 year old virgin daughter to the then 56-year-old Raniere, was the woman who recruited Lauren into DOS.

Curiously, Rosa Laura avoided all prosecution, but Lauren was charged and convicted – via a plea deal – of two felonies: racketeering and racketeering conspiracy. She faces – according to my understanding of sentencing guidelines, with a lack of prior convictions and with her cooperation with the feds – a likely sentence of 2-4 years.

The judge, however, could sentence her to a max of 20 years per count.

As Frank Report readers know, the judge halted her cross-examination when she started crying uncontrollably.

Since we have discussed branding many times on Frank Report  – and with Lauren’s sentencing still pending [a date has not been set] – I think it might be interesting for readers to hear Lauren’s “under oath” recollection of her experience of being under the hot pen wielded by Dr. Danielle Roberts.

Here is Lauren’s account, excerpted from her testimony at trial:

We went into a room where there was a massage table, and first I knelt down and there’s a line that you read that …everybody who is getting branded [has] to read, “Master please brand me. It would be an honor, an honor that I want to wear for the rest of my life.”

So that’s how it starts.

And then you get up and lay on the table, and my arms were held above my head. Then I had like all my circle around me, holding my legs and touching different parts of my body.

I was clothed because I was above Danielle in rank, but normally everybody would be nude…

It was really painful… It’s electricity, but it’s like a pen. It cauterizes the skin. So, basically, it makes… a third-degree burn, so it creates a scar, ultimately creates a scar. Immediately, it just burns the skin in a line.

Once it goes across, the skin is dead, so you don’t feel it afterwards. It’s only when it’s making the line that it hurts, but it’s incredibly painful. It’s the most painful thing I’ve ever experienced…

It looks like a third-degree burn after you get it…  it’s raw skin that then becomes scabbed over and the scab falls off and then it scars. But it’s electricity, so it shocks the skin as it goes across and it – feels like what it is.

It hurts a lot…

The actual branding or the burning of the skin only took a few minutes, but the whole process took about half an hour, 45 minutes to go through the actual branding plus the script, the reading back and forth.

[It was videotaped by] Loreta [Garza].

Loreta Garza, a First Line slave master.


This is not Lauren’s brand, but a brand of one of her slaves. Lauren’s brand was similar – and reportedly was two inches by two inches. The brand contains the initials of Keith Alan Raneire and some say, Allison Mack.

Despite her being branded, Lauren, as we shall see in a subsequent post, had no diffidence about recruiting others to the same fate.

Five of her slaves were branded. All of her slaves, it seems, were lied to about DOS, and most significantly, that the leader of DOS, this purported all-women sorority, was a man: Keith Alan Raniere.

Lauren took the mark of the beast upon her person right below “the bikini line” she said.

And, in turn, she offered it to others.

Lauren knew Raniere was the man behind DOS. She was branded with his initials. She was not nude when the branding occurred for, as she noted, she was higher in rank that Dr. Danielle Roberts.

It is hard to say she did what she did completely naively.

In our next post, we will discuss how Lauren recruited and got her slaves brandedwhile they were nude – and the collateral she took from them to ensure their slavery.

Two branded DOS women – Lauren Salzman with Allison Mack.

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[…] Part 1:  How Lauren Salzman Described Her Branding Session […]


[…] yesterday’s post, Lauren described how she was branded. It came from her testimony in the trial of Keith Alan Raniere, her mentor, master, lover and […]


[…] Part 1:  How Lauren Salzman Described Her Branding Session […]


[…] Half 1  How Lauren Salzman Described Her Branding Session […]


[…] Part 1  How Lauren Salzman Described Her Branding Session […]


[…] Part 1  How Lauren Salzman Described Her Branding Session […]


[…] We have learned about how Lauren was branded in How Lauren Salzman Described Her Branding Session […]

3 years ago

I’ll be occasionally posting every couple weeks until I’m back, whenever I find that Frank’s being too one-sided.

With all due respect to the people who think that Lauren Salzman deserves (or will receive) a long jail sentence…


Here are the Facts:

1) Lauren does not deserve a long jail sentence.

2) The judge will never give Lauren a long jail sentence. I’m predicting 12-18 months max, with a downward departure from the recommended sentence.

FACT: Lauren is probably among the least culpable players within the NXIVM storyline, especially among the higher-up players.

FACT: Lauren has done FAR MORE to convict Keith than any other human being on planet Earth, especially when compared to her most vocal critics such as Milady Heidi Hutchinson-Manzana.

Lauren got up on the witness stand and held nothing back, delving into the most emotional testimony that her soul could bear.

I have yet to see Heidi do anything similar to that, to bring down Keith.

In fact, people like Heidi just sit back and snipe at poor Lauren —- while not having the courage to forgive her.

Heidi did the right thing and finally turned against Keith. For that she deserves some credit.

However, Heidi remained silent for 25 years (1984 thru 2009) before finally having the courage to turn against Keith publicly. Whereas Lauren did NOT remain silent against Keith for 25 years — since she wasn’t even with Keith for quite that long. 🙂

Thus, Lauren turned against Keith in a shorter period of time than Heidi did. 🙂

Also… According to Frank Parlato, Lauren was groomed from an early age (by her MOM) to be compliant with Keith’s every demand. Lauren was groomed — by her mom — to be physical with Keith while wrestling around as a teen — so that sex with Keith would be a logical next step once she became an adult.

FACT: Lauren’s mom worshiped Keith and groomed HER OWN CHILD to think likewise.

That’s a powerful thing.

How can you blame a child who was groomed by HER OWN MOM to do precisely what her mom wanted her to do?

It’s no different than blaming an Amish child for choosing to be Amish when they become an adult.

If you’re RAISED to be compliant with a certain ‘religion’ or ‘master’ (by your own MOM) then you’re far more likely to do precisely that when you grow up.

That’s why the judge will take pity on Lauren and give her a sentence between 12-18 months IMO (24 months tops).

Whereas Allison was NOT groomed by her parents to worship Keith. Yet Allison still CHOSE to worship Keith even after she was ALREADY a successful actress — with her own independent life & money — when she first met Keith.

That’s a huge difference. This indicates that Allison bears more ‘mental’ responsibility than Lauren. She’s got dirtier hands than Lauren for precisely this reason.

That’s why the judge will likely be giving Allison 7 years in prison, thus giving her an ‘upward’ departure from normal sentencing guidelines.

What about forgiveness?

If you’re counting ‘bad deeds’ and feel that Lauren can’t be forgiven for her large number of bad deeds committed…

Well, then why not ask Heidi why she has publicly forgiven women like Kristin Keeffe who performed just as many bad deeds as Lauren, if not more.

Stop being hypocritical.

If you forgive Keeffe then you can forgive Lauren too. If not, then it would indicate that you’re harboring a deep resentment towards Lauren for reasons which you’re not admitting.

Lauren has left the dark side of the force. She deserves mercy. But Allison doesn’t.

Allison is a sick and twisted twat just like Nicki Clyne.

PS — Lauren also deserves a free nose job (compliments of Uncle Sam) to fix that ridiculously huge nose of hers. It’s just too big for her to find a suitable husband right now. Frank should start a GoFundMe page for Lauren’s nose job.

Scott Johnson
3 years ago

I always wondered why it took so long to burn Raniere’s initials into the skin, this better explains that the entire “ceremony” takes a while, but the actual burning only is a few minutes of that time.

3 years ago

It’s always curious to see how Lauren Salzman ended up comparatively low on the totem pole, and relatively late to the game, when it came to the inner circle of DOS, given her long history with NXIVM and Raniere himself – and in contrast to Mack.

And “Frenchie” needs to see Salzman’s court testimony about how she took a group of her slaves to Mack’s home to be branded (it was reported in one of the media accounts by a courtroom observer), so I hope we’ll get the transcript of that in the next installment….

Scott Johnson
3 years ago
Reply to  AnonyMaker

Who is Frenchie?

Girl Scout Cookies
Girl Scout Cookies
3 years ago
Reply to  AnonyMaker

Lauren Salzman ended up on the low end of the totem pole because her eyebrows look like McDonald’s golden arches. That’s why.

3 years ago

Once upon a time, Lauren Salzman went to Monterrey to teach a course called “Human Pain,” if I remember the title correctly. Also, once upon a time, Lauren Salzman might’ve plucked out almost all of her eyebrows, and it looks like they never grew back. This could have happened whilst she was in private practice as a sado-masochist. Meow.

Girl Scout Cookies
Girl Scout Cookies
3 years ago
Reply to  Shivani

Her eyebrows look fucking ridiculous. No doubt she over-tweezed.

3 years ago

Lauren Salzman knew that the branding, which had no legitimate medical purpose, would hurt.
Lauren Salzman knew that pain killers would not be used to alleviate the pain.
Nevertheless Lauren Salzman continued to brand women under the orders of Keith Raniere and Allison Pimp Mack.
Lauren Salzman continued to support the cult until after Mexican cops pointed machine guns at her head and Raniere was exposed as a child molester.

Lauren Pimp Salzman is a sadistic freak just like Keith Raniere and Allison Pimp Mack.
Lauren Salzman can cry her eyes dry and she will still be a sadistic freak and a pimp.

Scott Johnson
3 years ago

The pain was a good thing, it showed loyalty. Just wait until “Miss Bubba” sees the scar in the womens’ shower. Perhaps these women will cover it up with tattoos, like Stormy has been reported as doing. LOL

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