More Insanity: Lauren Salzman Touches Man at Volleyball; Keith Says ‘No Avatar Baby’

This is Part 8 of our study of Lauren Salzman and the madness she and Keith Raniere underwent together. Lauren was convicted of racketeering and racketeering conspiracy in relation to the Nxivm racketeering enterprise.

She has yet to be scheduled for sentencing. She did appear as a star prosecution witness in the case against Keith Raniere and some say she was the most effective and persuasive witness.

Some of the posts in our series certainly make Lauren look like a perpetrator of crimes and cruelty and some, like this one, make her look more like a victim, an insane victim. A woman without any self confidence, a woman desperate for approval. But still a victim.

And it reveals Raniere as the vicious, manipulative psychopath that he is.

In this post, Lauren describes an incident that occurred in 2011 – more than two years after Raniere stopped having sex with her.

He has a harem. She is not permitted to have sex with any other man – or it will ruin the relationship, he says.

She has been promised for years that she and Keith would have children together. Now, after more than two years without any sex or intimacy from Keith – while he is having sex with literally dozens of women, Lauren made the colossal mistake of roughhousing with another man at volleyball, when Keith was present.

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Assistant US Attorney Tanya Hajjar is examining Lauren.

Q During the course of your relationship with the defendant, was his approval important to you?

A Yeah.  It was like the most important thing to me; that he thought that I was doing well and that I was upholding — I was a good person, that I was upholding the principles that we upheld within our community, and that we said we all shared.

Q When you say “upholding the principles of the community,” is that a term that’s used within the –

A Yeah.  Yeah.  That’s like — that I was somebody who, um, made good moral decisions, or that I was like honest or had integrity or had a strong character. I wanted to be that and I wanted his — I looked at him and how he viewed me to determine whether I was that.

Q Were you ever accused of committing an ethical breach with the defendant?

A Yes.

Q And can you explain that, what that meant to you?

A Basically that I had compromised my ideology or had done something that was not ethical and that was damaging or destructive in favor of being mindless or more comfortable or lazy.

Q Can you explain or describe some of the ethical breaches you were accused of committing.

A Well, yeah. One — so one of them was we had to a corporate retreat at Pyramid Lake.  And Keith released this writing project, and the writing project was something we didn’t know about ahead of time.  It was just something that he introduced there.  And so it — it was a very involved process and it took many hours, like we were there like ten hours, or something — like it was a long — a long process.  And I wasn’t enjoying the process and felt like I didn’t have a choice to be there. I didn’t feel able to say I didn’t want to do it or I didn’t feel like that was acceptable as part of the leadership of ESP, and I was unhappy and — and it was visible to others that I was having emotional — a negative emotional reaction to being there.  And then I was told that that was very damaging and destructive, and that I had changed people’s perception of the writing project itself.

And — and that I had hurt their perception of what a good leader is.  Because if I’m a leader, and I’m acting in this really immature and damaging way, that it basically shows that I’m — that our technology doesn’t work, because look at how the lack of growth in me and that if this is acceptable in our leadership, then our leaders aren’t respected.  And that if this is how the leaders view the project, then it instructs other people how to view the project in a negative way.

Q So your ethical breach was that you didn’t want to do the writing project.

A And demonstrated emotional upset in front of other people about it.

Q What happened after you were accused of having committed an ethical breach in connection with the writing project?

A I apologized and promised to fix it and — I mean, generally the process of when you — when there was a breach, you would, you know, humble yourself; you be humble and like confess, or commit.  Like a — be honest about what you had done and the damage about it and make a commitment and a plan to fix it.

Q Was there another ethical breach in connection with volleyball?

A Yes.  So — yeah.  Sorry.  So around 2011, at one point Keith had — he had come around that time and said that he thought that it was a good — it was a good time that we could start trying to have children, and then I would — I jumped on someone.  I was excited and roughhousing in volleyball and I jumped on someone, Mike Baker, and Keith said that, um — he was like you straddled him like and that that communicated that I was open to having — the way that I behaved with men was inappropriate and that I was communicating that I was open to have relationships with all these other men, and that I was really disrespectful to him.

Keith Raniere at volleyball

Mariana thought that I was easy and that how could he have children with me if this is the way that I respect or treat him, and it’s visible for other people and not sort of communicated to Mariana, and so he called that off.

Q Did you perceive roughhousing with Mike Baker to be some kind of sexual interaction or romantic interaction?

A No.  But then I thought that how could I have been so mindless that that’s what I’m communicating and don’t even know that I’m communicating that.  And so I must have something — it must be a bigger thing, a bigger problem, than I understand, because I can’t even see it.

Q When you say Mariana thinks you’re easy or — was that something Mariana said to you or the defendant?

A No, it’s something that he said. And then I thought like if this was something you wanted to do last week, [Keith wanting to have children with Lauren] and then all of a sudden Mariana is going to voice it, this opinion, and now you’re going to change the whole thing, like I don’t — it created a certain type of animosity between me and Mariana that didn’t exist before.

Q What happened after this?

A Can you be more specific.

Q Yes.   What happened with respect to — after you had had this conversation about the ethical breach, did you try to fix it?

A Yes.  I did.  And also I didn’t — I was aware then that the way that I was being perceived was communicating something that I didn’t want to be communicating to the men, and I — I didn’t go to volleyball and — the next volleyball.  And then I got feedback that I should have gone to the next volleyball and acted differently, or like that I wasn’t taking the breach seriously enough to have attended to it or been doing something about it.

So I cleared my schedule and stayed home for a whole weekend and came up with like a very involved seven-page plan about what were all the ways that I was behaving inappropriately, and how it affected everybody, like all the men who went to volleyball, and Mariana, and my mom [Nancy Salzman], and Keith, and the community, and how everybody perceived me as a leader, and basically held this like — just empowered the work that we were doing in the community and in the company and in the world.  And I came up with this very involved plan about how to fix it.


Lauren is shown an email [Government Exhibit 1497.]

Q What is it?

A It’s an email that I wrote to Keith where I’m telling him that I am apologizing and that I canceled everything not pertinent to the intensives I was teaching. [because she roughhoused with Mike Baker]

She is shown another email [Government Exhibit 1497.]

Q Ms. Salzman, who is this email from?

A Me.  From me.

Q And who is it sent to?

A Keith.

Q And what’s the date of this email?

A March 13, 2011.

Q And the subject line?

A “Lauren Breach Plan Specific Steps 0311.”

Q Is there a subject of the email that’s above that, what you just read?

A Oh, yeah. “Lauren Amended Breach Plan 0311.”

Q And above that, is there a subject line?

A “RE, a Sword in the Field.”

Q Okay.  And the things that appear under that, are those attachments to this email?  Do they look like attachments?

A I don’t see any attachments.

Q Okay.  So these — the following pages, what are these?

A That’s the — yeah, the breach plan.

Q That’s the breach plan.

A All the consequent — all the damage that I felt I had caused in the plan and how I was going to fix it.

Q Okay.  Now, is this email, Government Exhibit 1497, was this in connection with volleyball, the thing you mentioned?

A Yes.

Q Okay.  Can you read the text of that email up top.

A Yes. Read the email?

Q Beginning “I’m so sorry, Keith.”

A “I’m so sorry, Keith.  I canceled everything not pertinent to the two intensives coming up and the community project since Friday to try to figure this out. I hope you know how important it is to me.  I’m sorry I didn’t do it sooner.

“I also did feel uncomfortable going and being around everyone before really resolving myself with how I was going to heal them — with them and you. I also felt like until you saw that I had a solid plan, you might feel I would be a liability to have there.  I certainly did.  Given that the one time I showed up of my own accord, this year I created enough damage to thwart our plans together for the rest of our lives.”

[Ed Note: Evidently Lauren had not been going to volleyball for some time. She shows up and plays and her momentary roughhousing with Mike Baker, “created enough damage to thwart our plans together for the rest of our lives.”]  

Q All right.  And then the pages that appear after that, are these — is that the solid plan that you’re referring to in that email?

A Yes.

Q What did you intend to convey with this, with the documents that are attached to this email?

A That I was willing to do whatever it took to fix it.  And that I had thought that through in a very responsible and well-thought-out way.  And had real concrete steps for what to do to change it, to fix it.

Q So the top of this next to numeral 1, where you say:  “I have not respected my relationship.  I defaulted on my commitment and was not honest about what I was doing or mindful about the effects.” Was this in connection with roughhousing with Mike Baker at volleyball?

A It may have also been — it may have been referring to a different relationship where I was — had a flirtation with another person, and he asked me about it directly, and I sideswiped the issue. And then when he asked me a second time, I was honest.  So then I had been dishonest, and that came up again as an example when the Mike Baker thing happened.

Q So can you just explain why are you referring to that in the context of an email sent in relation to the volleyball incident you mentioned?

A Because it was brought up as a pattern of how I relate with men and the ways that I disrespect the relationship and why we can’t go forward and have children.

Q Can you read the paragraph you wrote next to numeral 3. Just that first part.

A “I’m perceived as easy or available for relationship or viewed as jumping from man to man, so not taken seriously. This degrades me and also sets a bad example in the organization and reflects poorly on Keith and his choice to be with me or have a child with me….”

Q And paragraph 4 makes reference to Monkey. Who is Monkey?

A Marianna [Fernandez]….

Mariana Fernandez AKA “Monkey”. Keith claimed that Mariana was the one who was aghast at Lauren’s brief roughhousing with a man at volleyball. Keith also told Lauren that Mariana might leave or do something destructive because of Lauren’s terrible behavior.

Q Can you read starting from, “It also may put us at risk”?

A “It also may put us at risk if Monkey leaves or does something destructive.  It also disempowers me to be able to help Monkey, if needed, and it would put doubt about Keith’s choice to have a child with me, given the way I have behaved.”

Q Can you read the last bullet point on this page.

A “Also by healing this and becoming more functional, I could impact the perception that Keith only spends time with weak, dysfunctional people.”

Q At this time, did you have a view of yourself as weak or dysfunctional?  Are you referring to yourself there?

A I’m not sure if I did think I was dysfunctional.  And there was a perception of Keith, that spending time with weak and dysfunctional people, who were also in addition to me.

Q Can you just read the first sentence next to numeral 7….

A “Mike [Baker], Ben [Myers], Jim [Del Negro] and others don’t see me as a respectable person for Keith to have a relationship or a child with.  This reflects poorly on Keith and changes their internal representations of him….”

Q Can you read number 10.

A “I damaged the way others will view, relate with and treat our child, so I’m hurting someone who doesn’t even exist yet.”

Q All of these pages are in connection with your breach plan?

A Correct.


Keith Raniere
Lauren Salzman


Poor stupid, gullible, insane Lauren. After years went by since Keith first promised to have a baby with her and some two years since he had sex with her, she shows up at volleyball for the first time that year.

Keith had recently told her that it was probably a good time to start trying to have children. Then ill-fated Lauren, while playing volleyball, in her enthusiasm jumped on a man. Just for a moment. She did not linger. She did not hump him. When he fell, she piled on him.

It only lasted a moment.

Likely, no one but the monster noticed it as anything unusual. But Keith saw it as egregious. She “straddled him,” he said and communicated to the world that she was a slut; the way she behaved with men showed she was the kind of whore that Keith, [the man whore], was in reality.

It was so disrespectful to Keith, so much so that there could be no avatar baby for Lauren.

Keith likely lied and put it on Mariana, saying Mariana thought Lauren was a ho, and that Mariana [who was also vying with Lauren for Keith’s sperm] thought how the hell could Keith have children with slutty Lauren.

Since even Mariana remarked it, Keith said he had to call off siring Lauren’s avatar baby.

Instead of realizing that Keith is a manipulative motherfucker who is cheating and lying to her at every turn [as he did with everyone], Lauren only saw his beauty and greatness and blamed herself.

She was “so mindless.” She was communicating her promiscuity without even realizing she had done anything wrong.

“It must be a bigger… bigger problem, than I understand, because I can’t even see it,” she says in her written apology to Keith.

Keith’s trickery also served to get Lauren offended by Mariana and create a schism. This is interesting on two levels.

One – Lauren was used by Keith many times to persuade Mariana to stay with Keith when she was jealous or upset. In Nxivm, the women did the dirty work on each other – for Keith.

Two – Keith ultimately chose Mariana to have a child with, several years later [2017] and he punished Lauren for years because of this “ethical breach.”

The testimony of Lauren blaming herself is pathetic. It shows she is truly utterly mad and incapable of discerning who the real villain in her life is. This is her delusion. She thinks Keith is wonderful and she is bad.

She has not enough self-awareness or intelligence to realize that Raniere is ruining her life.  She thinks the opposite. That she is a ruined, terribly flawed woman and only he can save her.

For a man to berate a woman – one of his many women – a woman he has starved for love and affection and doomed to a lonely life of waiting on him to get around to decide to sire a baby for her – when in all likelihood he had no intention of ever having a baby with her, shows him to be a brutal sadist.

He must have enjoyed it too – punishing Lauren with the destruction of her dreams – her future – what she craved for years and hung on for – having a baby – over a minor, innocent act.

He used this woman’s highest hope – motherhood – as a bludgeon to batter her.

And of this woman – this sick and mentally weak, insane woman, I cannot help but feel some compassion for and pity. I can understand how Judge Garaufis stopped the cross-examination of Lauren – declaring she is a broken woman.

He did not say it. He did not need to say it. She was broken by Keith Raniere.

In this post, which contained testimony from Lauren that I think was a reflection of her true and sincere feelings, I too see a broken woman, a victim of a monster.

“He who has the most joy wins,” Raniere used to say. He was having a lot of joy breaking Lauren, making her miserable. Robbing her future. Playing woman against woman. Lying all the time.

Now,  we are all feeling great joy that this rotten bastard is in prison and likely to be there for the rest of his life.

Viva Executive Success!



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  • Here ya go, folks:

    Brainwashing and battering fatigue. Psychological abuse in domestic violence.
    Review article
    Mega LT, et al. N C Med J. 2000 Sep-Oct.
    Show full citation
    Intimate partner violence occurs often in the United States; it involves an interrelated combination of physical, sexual, and psychological abuse, usually directed against women. The psychological aspect deserves special attention because victims who lose their independence, self-esteem, and dignity tend to remain in abusive situations. The abuse is perpetrated by a domestic partner to maintain power and control in the relationship. To assert control, the abuser uses “brainwashing tactics” similar to those used on prisoners of war, hostages, or members of a cult. Common features of brainwashing include isolation, humiliation, accusation, and unpredictable attacks. The abusive environment produces real and anticipated fear, which contributes to the battered woman’s belief that her situation is hopeless and that she must depend on her abuser. She develops coping strategies to deal with her oppressive environment, but eventually exhibits symptoms of “battering fatigue,” similar to the battle fatigue of soldiers in combat who, like battered women, live in fear of being killed or severely injured. Recognizing the state of mind of these women can help us understand why it is difficult for them to flee their traumatic environment and why they may resort to suicide or homicide. For healthcare providers to screen and treat their patients adequately, it is imperative that they appreciate the complex and devastating psychological aspects of domestic violence.

  • What on earth did Raniere have that made all these women swoon at his feet? Money? The money seems to have been theirs originally though?

    Or was he simply satisfying the ’50 Shades of Grey’ desires of a bunch of upper class very well to do bored housewives in and around Albany?

    With all that money to spend you would think that they could have organised themselves a better dungeon and associated equipment. Even a Dominatrix costume or two.

    With all respect to this Raniere he doesn’t look like a Clooney or a Brad Pitt – so what did he have that made all these upper class women go weak at his knees? His hairy chest and back?

    • I ask myself that every day. Here’s my opinion:

      First, there was the pomp and circumstance: the bowing to his picture, Vanguard, Vanguard Week, etc.

      Second, was the bullshit: smartest man in the world, I create weather and jam radar, etc. He told them they would see a blue light when he came during sex, and they freaking fell for that, too.

      Third, was more bullshit: we have been referring to this as “word salad”, where he spun words until they made no sense at all, and since no one can understand them, it must be brilliance. In reality, he took common presumptions and turned them on their head. No normal, sane person would adopt his twisted sense of spun reality. “True freedom is not being able to do what you want” etc.

      I imagine Vanguard spent a lot of time walking around the block, thinking about how to fuck people up in the head.

      Fourth, it was sleep deprivation, caloric deprivation, and mind control and brainwashing.

      Fifth, was more bullshit: ” Heaven sent you like a rainbow” crap.

      Many victims were brainwashed, battered and deprived.

      This was a true sex cult, and, in my humble opinion, Vanguard is a true sociopathic monster.

      Throw in sex with minors, and voila!

      Just my opinion.

  • Excellent dissertation on Lauren Salzman! Awesome recap. It’s mind-boggling how much Raniere had twisted and bent Lauren Salzman to his will; Lauren didn’t even realize how insane and warped she sounded in court. Her testimony is both sad and deeply disturbing all at the same time.

  • Lauren refers to herself as a teacher. What subject did the daughter of Nancy teach? How to Kill Yourself with a Machete and Still Say Thanks? The Psychodynamics of Threesomes with the Son of Sam? How to Induce Heart Failure with Household Products? Postmenopausal Sacraments: Preparing for Your Avatar Baby? The Anthroplology of the Bushwomen: Straight from the Anus? Second Generation Sociopathy Laid Bare? How to Keep Your Rival Locked Up? The Agony & the Agony ?

    “Alexa, why so emotional? Because Amazon has created realistic new voice tones for its assistant.”

    “In the event there is overexcitement
    Your seat cushion may be used as a flotation device
    We ask that you please observe the’No Letting Go’ sign
    I anticipate a few turbulence along the way.”

    Poor criminal Lauren Salzman. She was not a blow-up doll. Salz means salt, yes? Salt in the wounds has been Lauren’s stock in trade.

    First quote by Kurt Scholsser /GeekWire, 2019
    Second quote Prince/ International Lover, 1982

    “I damaged the way others will view, relate with and treat our child, so I’m hurting someone who doesn’t even exist yet.” Quote from Lauren Salzman.

    A long pause has been put here, as the skies have been laughing so long and steadily that the skies seem to be crying.

    For one thing, Lauren Salzman was a Teacher of Pain, up close and personal. She had her schtick going on for a couple of decades. That was her ego food, to work for a punisher or two and to be screwed for her efforts. But she only got screwed by her Manho’ God every once in awhile, and for a few years there maybe Lauren had to make a deposit first.

    Lauren feels sorry for her imaginary child and performs penances for hurting Itt. But she didn’t feel so sorry for the repugnant treatments which she gave to real people. She was and is all of the help that nobody wants. Who taught her cunnilingus?

    I’ll go out and look at the Christmas light in the rain now, before I start acting like la abuelita version of Lenny Bruce.

  • This, along with the account in the previous part about how Raniere did things like threaten to step down over her having kissed another man, remind me how petty and banal his manipulations could be. And it’s amazing that anyone who got past junior high, would buy into it.

    It still boggles my mind to see the extent to which Raniere had all these women wrapped around his little finger, often based on the flimsiest of pretenses, such as his supposed hyper-sensitivity – something that itself would seem to contradiction his idea of “integration,” in which people would presumably become more resilient. There are similar internal contradictions in other groups, like Scientology with its ideal of “suppressives” who can supposedly derail members’ acquisition of mental and spiritual powers, but Raniere’s inner circle was rather exceptional and I wonder if the women involved had particularly dependent.

    If it doesn’t formally qualify as partner abuse, it certainly constituted an abusive relationship and must have involved similar dynamics – dysfunctions that also seem more prevalent in polygamy in general, as well:

    “The victim may experience severe psychological effects. This would involve the tactics of brainwashing, which can fall under psychological abuse as well, but emotional abuse consists of the manipulation of the victim’s emotions. The victim may feel their emotions are being affected by the abuser to such an extent that the victim may no longer recognize their own feelings regarding the issues the abuser is trying to control. The result is the victim’s self-concept and independence are systematically taken away.”

    • AnonyMaker,

      I posted my comment and just read your comment. You said “boggles” and I said “boggling”. We are both baffled!

      I don’t think any sane and intelligent person will ever be able to get their head around Lauren Salzman’s or other cultists’ beliefs/actions. We will never be able to truly understand cults because we lack the prerequisites to become cultists.

      • NiceGuy, I just came back to this topic and was reading your comment at the top, and thinking how nicely succinct it was, including the great point that “Lauren didn’t even realize how insane and warped she sounded in court” – she seemed to have gained some perspective on her experience by the time that she testified, but obviously not enough based on what see from going back over her testimony in detail.

        I think that that rank-and-file cultists are relatively easy to understand; they fall prey to typical human weaknesses, cognitive biases, etc., just in a somewhat more dramatic and damaging way than usual. And it’s important to understand because we’re all vulnerable to some of the same things and need to guard against them.

        As far as the inner circle, it may even be as simple as that it was just a type of abusive intimate relationship, with control carried out through gaslighting and other typical mechanisms. I’d like to see that confirmed, but I’m not aware of any study that goes in to that aspect of a comparable group – though the Manson Family was similar, and I don’t know what’s been written about the Children of God – and wish that someone with the requisite credentials would do a study of NXIVM, Raniere’s harem and DOS.

        • AnonyMaker,

          It would be interesting to see what a study on Nxivm by experts would yield.

          You are right that we are all susceptible to group mentality, and conformance to group social values. We are social animals.

          It’s interesting to see how much certain individuals will buy into dogma, and accept fanciful stories of a man (Vanguard) affecting radar detectors or causing snowfall from producing new “tech” modules for intensives. I guess reluctant renunciates/messiahs always have superpowers, oddly enough. 😉

          Some people are super hard-coded for religious and/or political dogma of any ideology. These individuals sometimes float between polar opposite extremes.
          Mark Vicente is a prime example of how some people have a natural predisposition for cults. Mark Vicente is an intelligent and successful cinematographer. Vicente belonged to Ramtha before Nxivm. Nxivm beliefs are rational when compared to Ramtha.

          I find it all fascinating.

  • Lauren describing upholding the principles of the community – “somebody who, um, made good moral decisions, or that I was like honest or had integrity or had a strong character”.
    So basically the opposite of what these dunce women in his inner circle were. I just cannot accept that they thought their actions were in line with an honest, good person. They a are so frigging insane. I hope so much that the judge sees through her act on the stand or I will be thinking he is the dunce. Thanks Frank for bringing the word back into my vocabulary.

    • Natashka:
      Nothing disturbs me more about NXIVM and its members than their twisting of words like “moral” or “ethical” or “”collateral”.
      In NXIVM words mean what the NXIVM leaders and Flying Monkeys want them to mean.

      Their warping of words indicates the inner warping of their brains and souls.

    • It makes little difference what their definition of what constitutes a “good, honest person,” the law doesn’t recognize that factor unless they are declared legally insane, which is a very high bar. The judge needs to sentence them all to the maximum allowed sentence in order to give them plenty of time to change their thinking and keep them away from the rest of society.

      • Precisely! Keep them away from society for as long as possible and each other. There needs to be some sort of chance to change their thinking though that will be a long shot

    • Calling Lauren a dunce is beyond words. Someone this stupid to fall for this shit game that Keith made up as he went along is mentally challenged. Her mother is also to blame for most likely encouraging her. There were enablers in each and most every instance and Keith tested them all. At the end of the day, I’m so looking forward to hearing each and every miserable experience at his stay at MDC and beyond. Before long, I’m sure someone at MDC or his perhaps at new residence will be making our little Einstein suck their cock(s). Me thinks his most difficult days are ahead of him.

      • Peaches,


        You summed up my feelings and most of the other commentors’ feelings as well, I am sure.

        Rest assured Keith Raniere will be Mind-Melding with plenty of penises in the near future.

      • “Calling Lauren a dunce is beyond words. Someone this stupid to fall for this shit game that Keith made up as he went along is mentally challenged.”

        Every woman in NXIVM who accepted the branding, blackmailing and enslavement of women is a dangerous depraved dunce.

        That includes Allison Pimp Mack as well as Lauren Pimp Salzman.

    • Typically in groups or cults like NXIVM, such words have been re-defined and re-contextualized. Usually that involves some ends-justifies-the-means philosophy in which it is considered to be moral or ethical to do anything that supports the organization’s goals, survival and leadership, even if such things are considered immoral or unethical in society at large. So we are left wondering what she really means when she says things like that – Raniere for instance was immoral, blatantly lied, was shiftless and played the weak victim even within “the community” of NXIVM and its inner circle.

  • Lauren Salzman was supposed to become the Queen of Mexico beside the new King of Mexico, Emiliano Salinas.
    At least that was according to the Demon Queen, Nasty Nancy Salzman.

    And the reincarnated Mussolini, Alex Betancourt, was supposed to be the El Caudillo of Mexico.
    Well, the State Department has issued a new map warning where it is dangerous in Mexico.
    There are three new levels.

    1.) Do Not Travel

    2.) Reconsider Traveling

    3.) Exercise Extreme Caution.

    There is no safe place to travel in Mexico.

    • How safe is Mexico compared to Chicago?

      The French government warned their citizens about parts of Chicago – plus the entire state of Florida:

      “France is warning its citizens to be careful about traveling to certain neighborhoods in Chicago.

      Stay away from the West Side and don’t travel south past 59th Street, the French traveling public has been told. Why? Well, because there is a lot of crime there–shootings, murders, beatings, drug dealing and other gang activity.”

      “Warnings & Dangers in Chicago
      Overall Risk
      Chicago is generally safe for tourists, though some neighborhoods are best avoided. Avoid sketchy neighborhoods known for gang and similar criminal activities and take normal precaution measures.
      When it comes to chances of being mugged or kidnapped, they do exist in Chicago. Muggers are lurking for tourists that are aplenty in this city. Violent street crime does happen but it can be avoided if you avoid dangerous areas of some neighborhoods that even locals rarely dare to walk around. Always remain informed on what areas are to be avoided in the part of the city you’re at.”

      Many Mexican cities, particularly tourist destinations, are rated much safer than Chicago:

      • The French….baaawaaahaa. There are parts of Paris and Lyons among other major cities in France that are no go zones because of your fellow Muslims

  • The control this asshole KAR had over his flock is shocking. How unfortunate one must be to have to seek such control from another. This goes to the defense.

    She is not a ” nexian whore.” KAR is.

  • I have mixed feelings about this line of questions.
    I recall the early days of Lauren as a recent college grad who was labeled as very promiscuous and who was sent to live with Barbara Jeske to mentor her and help her change her ways. Evidently, Keith did not approve of Nancy’s parenting skills so Barb was assigned this task.

    In the early 2000s, Lauren was openly flirting with every mew man that arrived on the scene: Edgar Boone, Emiliano Salinas….. Lauren was not shy about her excessive sexual attention to men. She was thought of as the Nxivm whore.

    In the court answers, Lauren is trying to put forth an image of a good, humble, broken person trying to please Keith. I don’t believe for a moment that she was celibate for 10 plus years.

    Like her tears, I think this is a dog-and-pony show for the judge and jury. These people are consummate liers!

    Her responses all seem constructed for pity. This performance was the ultimate Lauren Salzman Pity Party!

    Lauren is not a victim. Lauren is a perpetrator dishing out pain, cruelty and suffering. She is a product of Keith’s creation.
    After having committed crimes at Keith’s enjoyment and Lauren’s goal of being his best student, she was in too deep to disobey Keith’s every command!

    Lauren, you didn’t fool me for a moment. I wish I had been in court to witness this Academy Award performance!

    The recent Starbucks photo shows her happily with Mom! People are their actions, not their words

    • — People are their actions, not their words

      Yessiree. Talk unbacked by action is empty at best, hypocrisy at its worst. Just look at VanBSer-one of the biggest self-aggrandizing blowhards on the planet.

  • Lauren should straddle every man she can get her beak on. Screw Mariana, she did what jealous women do, she threw her under the bus and called her names. It’s a scary thought knowing one of Raniere’s kids may come for his father’s revenge.

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Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

Parlato is a consulting producer and appears in TNT's The Heiress and the Sex Cult, which premiered on May 22, 2022. Most recently, he consulted and appeared on Tubi's "Branded and Brainwashed: Inside NXIVM," which aired January, 2023.

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