Lauren Salzman Lies to Everyone and Her Mother – For Keith Raniere

Lauren Salzman was part of a scientific experiment that Keith Alan Raniere conducted. In order to complete the experiment, she had to take all her clothes off and be photographed in a variety of poses.

This is Part 22 of the Lauren Salzman series. We are studying one of the top leaders of Nxivm, a woman who claims she is a victim and seeks leniency from the court regarding sentencing.

Her sentencing guidelines reportedly suggest a prison sentence of 3-5 years.  But, as we learned from Clare Bronfman, plea deals are meant to be broken – and sentencing guidelines mean nothing in the federal system.

Lauren might get a suspended sentence or be sentenced for 20 years. It’s up to the judge and he’s not bound to anything.

Lauren has one thing going for her. She was the only one of the Nxivm defendants to testify in court at the trial of Keith Alan Raniere. She did a pretty good job of sinking Raniere. But I doubt she was doing it to help victims or anyone other than herself.

In this post, Lauren is testifying about how she lied about the brand –  to take responsibility for the insane idea – because Keith told her to lie to cover up his role in DOS.

This occurred in the immediate aftermath of Frank Report stories, beginning in June 2017, about DOS.

Keith – the dumb rascal – was trying to get Nxivm members to believe he had nothing to do with DOS – indeed he knew nothing about branding or anything.

I was reporting the opposite on Frank Report: That Keith, Lauren and Allison were the prime movers of DOS – and they were.

Lauren lied to everyone, even to her own mother.

AUSA Tanya Hajjar is examining Lauren.

Tanya Hajjar


Lauren Salzman

AUSA Hajjar is asking Lauren about the various lying excuses Keith had devised for Lauren to explain the brand.

Q   Now, these explanations of seven chakras, the four elements or bar alpha mu, had you ever heard of these things before to explain the brand or refer to the brand?

A   No.

Q   You testified earlier that the DOS meetings where the defendant attended were recorded?

A   Yes.

Q   After DOS was publicly disclosed [by Frank Report] were your meetings recorded?

A   No.

Q   How was bar alpha mu going to be an explanation of the brand? Can you explain that?

A   Yeah, because it looked like the brand, like if you look at the K facing downward, you know, with an A under it, it could have been a bar like a line with an alpha, you know, which is a Greek letter. And the R, the squiggle for the R actually did look like an M, which is why people thought it was Allison’s initials. So it was like making it like it was Greek letters, like the bar is a mathematical symbol but it was the bar and then an alpha Mu, so it was like logical that it could have been Greek letters because we were a sorority and all the sororities had Greek letters.

Q   And who came up with this idea of bar alpha mu?

A   Keith.

Image result for bar alpha mu




Q   Were there other steps that you were to take with respect to bar alpha mu to make it seem as though that’s what DOS had been?

A   Yes. Keith wanted us to make a website and so we did and that the formal name of the sorority was going to be Bar Alpha Mu, we decided that, after, like in the fall [2017].

Q   And some point after that did you communicate with Monica Duran?

Monica Duran, one of the first line DOS slaves.

A   I did.

Q   What did you say?

A   She had gone back to Mexico. Her mother was ill and she was caring for her and so she wasn’t present and so I was texting her saying, you know, “I miss you and FYI the new name of the sorority is Bar Alpha Mu” and she said “since when?” And I said “since always.”

Q   What did you mean — what did you mean by that?

A   That the party line, the story on it was this was always the name.

Q   And do you understand that Monica got that?

A   Yeah. She said “okay, got it.” Yeah, yeah, she understood what I was saying which is that it was always Bar Alpha Mu. It was never Keith’s initials.

Q   Did you follow the defendant’s instructions about what to tell people about DOS?

A   Yes.

Q   And did you deny the defendant’s involvement in DOS?

A   Yes.

Q   Did you lie to your mother about the defendant’s involvement in DOS?

A   I did. I lied to everybody about it.

Nancy and Lauren Salzman shared the same man, but not always the same lies.

Q   How did your mother react?

A   Horribly. My mother — well, I mean, this going public and all of the allegations and everything that we’ve been talking about, inspired a massive like de-enrollment from NXIVM. People were scared, people were leaving and my mom felt — and the only people whose names had been public [Through Frank Report – this was months before the NY Times wrote their story] were mine and Allison’s [slaves]. So my mom felt that basically a group of women impulsively didn’t think things through and decided somehow that it was a good idea to go give tribute to Keith by branding his initials next to their vaginas and giving seduction assignments.

And she was like “how could you do this? How could you be so impulsive and not think and put our whole company, everything that we’ve worked for, for 20 years in jeopardy? Like I just don’t even understand how you could do this”. She was like so upset, so upset, and she blamed me and my friends, I mean, Allison she knew of, there were others she suspected but basically she blamed us for destroying her company.

Q   Was it difficult for you not to tell your mom the truth about the defendant’s role as your master?

A   Yes, it was so hard. And she said, “I went to Keith and he told me he knew nothing of this.” And so I was like, [to her mother] “yes, it was me.”

Q   Who else did you lie to?

A   I lied to everybody. I lied to the entire community about it. I lied to the media about it, I lied to everybody about it.

Q   Did you address the community publicly?

A   I did.

Q   Did you lie about the defendant’s involvement then?

A   Yes.

Q   Did your DOS slaves learn more information about DOS during and after this period of time when DOS went public?

A   Yes.

Q   What happened?

A   Well, Sarah left the initial weekend and then Audrey started to learn more and she started bringing concerns to me and she had a discussion with Danielle [Roberts] who knew that Keith was involved and Danielle told her that Keith was involved and so Audrey came back to me and said, ‘I’m very troubled to learn that Keith’s involved,’ you know, and basically ‘you lied to me,’ you know, and that’s troubling and as well like I just really think that there’s a big ethical issue and an incredible — like a situation where abuse –like she was very concerned about abuse of power and she was like this is an incredible abuse of power and I think that there’s no ethical checks on Keith and this is very concerning to me.


Q [showing Lauren some copies of texts]  Are these messages with Audrey in the immediate wake of public disclosure of DOS?

A   Yes, they are, yes.

Q   And where you write, “Do you understand that I didn’t know any of the stuff I shared with you the other night and also that Keith didn’t know any of this, he just found this out when we did.” Was that truthful?

A   No.

Q   What were you telling her there?

A   I was telling her that everything we were learning about Keith’s initials and seduction assignments was something that I just found out and that Keith also didn’t know.

Q   At around this time, and subsequently, did you receive requests for return of collateral?

A   Yes.

Q   Who asked for their collateral back?

A   Audrey and Kristin did but many other people did, too. People who I didn’t enroll and other people below me in line and in my lineage.

Q   Did you personally receive requests for collateral back?

A   I did, yes.

Q   And what did you when you received those requests?

A   I forwarded them to Clare.

Clare Bronfman was in charge of the collateral.

Q   Why?

A   Because Clare was heading up our legal initiatives.

Q   Do you recall when Audrey requested her collateral back from you?

A   Not the specific date, but I recall that she did. I remember that she did.


Hajjar showed Lauren a copy of an email

A  She [Audrey] sent me this on July 7th and then requested it to the executive board on July 10th. The executive board of NXIVM.

Q   What was the content of the request for collateral back? What did she want?

A   She wanted to know that her collateral basically would be destroyed. She wanted the collateral — all the collateral back and she listed it and she said that if I didn’t respond to it she was going forward the request to the executive board.

Q   Did she list out the collateral she had –

A   Yes.

Q   — she had given you?

A   Yes, specifically she listed it.

Q   What was the list that she requested the return of?

A   It was the naked pictures she had given me, the videos that we had made together disparaging people in her life, the letter accusing her boyfriend of domestic violence, two videos or a paddling video and some pictures that she had taken with — naked pictures that she had taken with her circle.  I recall — I mean her bank accounts were part of the collateral but I don’t recall specifically what was to be done with that.

Q   Did she say anything about the circumstances under which the collateral had been taken?

A   Yes, that she believed that it was under false pretenses, that we had lied about Keith’s involvement and gained it based on misrepresentations.

Q   You testified that Audrey sent this request for collateral to you on July 7th?

A   Yes.

Q   Was it then forwarded onward?

A   Yes.

Q   Why?

A   Why did I forward it or why did Audrey?

Q   Had Audrey said that she would forward it if you didn’t respond?

A   She did, she said if I didn’t respond she was going to forward it to the executive board —

Q   And did she?

A   — of NXIVM. Yes, she did.

Q   Who did she send it to?


Keith Alan Raniere wanted people to believe he had nothing to do with the branding.

A  … Initially she sent it to me and then she forwarded it to myself, Keith, Allison and cc-d Nancy [Salzman] , Karen, Omar [Boone], Alex [Betancourt], Emiliano [Salinas], and Clare [Bronfman].

Q   What was the date on which the email was forwarded?

A   It on July 10th, 2017.

Q   Did Audrey get her collateral back?

A   No, nobody their collateral back.

Q   Did Kristin make a similar request for the return of her collateral?

A   She did, yes.

Q   When was that?

A   Around the same time, a little bit later than Audrey.

Q   Did she send it to you — what form did that request take?

A   It was an email as well.


Q Around when was this email sent to you?

A The end of September in 2017.

Q And who else was it sent to?

A It was sent to the entire executive board.

Q To include?


A It was sent to Alex, Emiliano, Clare, Karen, Omar, and myself.

Q And in the email what did Kristin request the return of?

Lauren and Emiliano were both requested by two slaves to return their collateral.

A She requested the return of a video about her business and religion, a letter to her sister, a false journal entry about her parents and a photo of a letter denouncing her religion.

Q And were these all items of collateral that had been committed?

A Yes, they were.

Q   Did Kristin express anything about the circumstances under which this collateral — she had given the collateral?

A   That she felt that they were false pretenses and that she was lied to on multiple occasions in the enrollment process about the brand and specifically the obtaining of collateral.

Q   Why wasn’t their collateral returned to them or destroyed?

A   I mean in the end because Keith said not to but, you know, the theory behind it was that it had been given to hold a promise and that promise was still valid even if they broke their promise, it was given for something in exchange for something, there was an agreement and so that agreement still existed at least in theory.


Lauren Salzman and Allison Mack often posed nude together for Keith Raniere and took the blame for his savagery.

It is very telling that Lauren had no compunction about lying to her mother for the sake of Keith.  She put Keith ahead of her mother, ahead of everyone and ahead of the truth.

How she could say she was doing this for higher principles, I cannot see.  She was perhaps in love with Keith and in her devious, reckless, self-destructive and selfish love, she was prepared to hurt anyone, lie to anyone.

She was hoping Keith would make her number one.

It was selfish. She knew Keith had more authority than her mother in Nxivm. It was Keith that authorized her $200,000 per year salary, that paid for her two cars, her two homes, her trips to Mexico and elsewhere as one of the leaders of Nxivm. He could take it away in one second.

She knew where her bread was buttered. With Keith, not mama. So she lied to her mother as Keith instructed. She miscalculated though. She did not realize that the branding was the end of Nxivm and Keith and her.

She was through. Her days of making $200,000 were over the minute the first post about branding came out in the Frank Report.

Keith was finished too.

This would have been the moment for Lauren to have told the truth. She would not be facing prison now.  And it was the time she should have supported the return of collateral to the women who wanted it returned – based entirely on how it was gotten – through false pretenses.

Lauren Salzman is a liar. Like Keith, she has no excuse for her lies. And if you, as I do, judge a person by how honest they are, then Lauren is bad. There is nothing noble about her. Nothing great or good.

We see her now in her sickening role as a mock victim – an abused little girl who could not help but lie for him. She wants to be excused for her crimes. But when she was a leader in Nxivm, she was arrogant, a woman who wanted others to believe she was a most noble, ethical, spiritual, and wise woman.

Instead of admitting she was a born liar and that lying came easy to her and that in her life she never learned that ethics is based on telling the truth and nothing else, she lied about DOS and lied when she testified she was a victim.

During her testimony, her words betray her.

In refusing to give back collateral to DOS slaves who had requested its return, this female monster supported the preposterous notion that “the theory behind the collateral was that it had been given to hold a promise and that promise was still valid even if they broke their promise, it was given for something in exchange for something, there was an agreement and so that agreement still existed at least in theory.”

When you extract a promise by lying, it is never valid.

Lauren lied about Keith’s involvement – and that made the entire promise of the women and their collateral pledge invalid.

Yes, I understand she helped the prosecution  – and may even be continuing in her role as an informant and potential future witness in an ongoing investigation and possible future trial.

But let’s face it, were Keith and her not to have been caught, she would be lying to women this very day.

I suspect that much of what she told the prosecution was lies. Not so much in what she said, but in the way she said it – with her cast in the role of victim – which was a lie.

And what about all the other crimes that she wasn’t asked about? Did she tell the prosecutors about them?






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  • “So my mom felt that basically a group of women impulsively didn’t think things through and decided somehow that it was a good idea to go give tribute to Keith by branding his initials next to their vaginas and giving seduction assignments.

    And she was like “how could you do this? How could you be so impulsive and not think and put our whole company, everything that we’ve worked for, for 20 years in jeopardy? Like I just don’t even understand how you could do this”. She was like so upset, so upset, and she blamed me and my friends, I mean, Allison she knew of, there were others she suspected but basically, she blamed us for destroying her company.”

    – Lyin’ Lauren Salzman testifies under oath.

    HER (Nancy Salzman’s) company was built entirely on sex trafficking women, including underage girls, and venerating Keith THROUGH DECEPTION NANCY knowingly promoted about his IQ, his “blue light special” sexual prowess, his perverse and dangerous, “rational inquiry” course materials (Nancy packaged) and through NANCY’s hypnotically persuasive teaching methods…..

    And we’re supposed to believe she, Nancy, was sooooo shocked and upset ALLISON and some other girls including Lauren just “impulsively” up and went and got their pussies branded????!!!!!!!

    Meanwhile, there’s nothing illegal about a branded pussy, a lot illegal about campaign donation bundling, child molestation, suiciding pregnant students, money laundering, forced labor of illegal immigrants, tax evasion, fraud, pyramid scheming, blackmail, extortion, computer hacking, harassment, vexatious litigation, etc. and, btw, Lauren…


  • “She was hoping Keith would make her number one.” And for years she was also hoping for a baby from him as she watched other women have his babies. She testified about how it hurt her so much not to have his baby. So now she sits on the witness stand and sings like a bird — perhaps as payback for lying to her all those years and never giving her a baby. Or for never making her number one. Or for running from the Mexican police and allowing them to put a rifle in HER face, as he hid in the closet.

    Perhaps her testifying for the prosecution has been Lauren’s way of doling out karma to Keith…personally.

    • Yes, Fool Me, I’m sure that’s what Alex Betancourt meant when he warned Emiliano Allison was “singing like a bird” – er, a canary (tree), specifically, while briefly incarcerated…

      Vohir zin ze, meine leiber schnitzel? Vas machst du von beruf?

      • Ich war ein Rechtsanwalt fuer fast zwanzig Jahren, und dann ein Adjunct Professor. Inzwischen habe Ich ein Start-Up entwickelt.
        Warum schreibe Ich fuer den Frank Bericht? Keine Ahnung! Ich kenne niemand!

        • Rechtsanwalt ist zer shoen. Canst du Dusseldorf, Koln, Baden? Yah, Ich warum schreibe den Frank aber meine Fuer ist Vanguard. Lol, JK. Habst du ferguesen, Nancy Salzman ist Eine “hypnotherapist?” Brainwasher.

  • Lauren is no worse than Karen U, Kristin Keeffe and Gina Hutchinson who all bedded Keith while working for him to further his wretched goals, and did his bidding while lying to others when he asked them to.

    Did Gina ever come clean to others about Keith’s fraudulent IQ test? She participated in the IQ test fraud by filling out the IQ test for Keith. She then allowed Keith to use that test score to sucker other women into following him, without telling anybody else about the fraud she helped Keith to perpetrate. That’s tantamount to lying in order to con other women into Keith’s harem.

    Why single Lauren out for lying? Is she any worse?

    She redeemed herself and testified better than every other NXIVM member combined. Give credit where credit is due.

    • Lauren Salzman was a very long-time enabler, and an important functionary of the organization, and thus stands out with just a handful of others, such as Unterreiner and Keefe – precisely what ended her up in the docket. Gina doesn’t belong in that category, even if she did some enabling – and weren’t there several others who worked on the IQ test, as well?

    • Did you hear the old joke about Gomer Pile and his girlfriend? Gomer says to her, “Don’t mind if I put my finger in your belly button?” She says, “Why sure, Gomer, but that ain’t my belly button.” Gomer gawfs, “That ain’t my finger neither.”

  • Lauren Salzman is “brainwashed” thoroughly; how brainwashed is Allison Mack?

    Despite the fact I believe they both deserve some jails time, I do feel bad for them.

    • Brainwashing has been proven to be a false idea and mentioned numerous times on this website. I don’t feel bad for any of them, they were all adults who made their own decisions. You’re stupid. LOL

      • Scott,

        Amway brainwashed you, retard. 8 years?
        You are either retarded or you were brainwashed. Which is it, retard?

  • Toni tried to warn Nancy that Keith had illicit designs on Lauren when they were wrestling on the floor when Lauren was like 15. And Michelle about 12. Toni has told this story as a cautionary tale. Nancy should’ve listened. Too late now. People like Toni were to all the people of Frank Report like angels unawares. Bless you, Toni.

    • When did Nicki become this fake obsessed with Toni, I don’t think anyone actually believes her do they? I have followed the blog for a long time now, so what did I miss? Is this just some fake way to try and get back at Frank or something? What is her motivation? I don’t get it.

        • Interesting. I think that idea is dumb if she wanted to try it that way. However, I think everything she does is dumb, so I suppose it fits in.
          btw – that vegan restaurant she works at? There is no fucking way any owner would tolerate her being there unless they were in the cult too. They also must have had brains that resembled a steaming pile of dogshit.

          • To Ice-nine:
            The idea is if someone is dumb enough to join NXIVM in the first place, they might be willing to join it or a similar cult again.
            I can see some logic in it.

      • It may just be a troll who played Nicki for a while, and now plays a Toni supporter. Anyone who spends that much time and effort trolling has got to have pretty twisted motivations, whatever they are – and whoever they are.

          • Nutjob, you’re 💯 correct but it could go further and this commenter gets sexual satisfaction from the replies – a fetish.

          • Nutjob,

            I believe the troll is some kind of “nut” in need of a “job”. Who happens to be a regular reader, I agree with your hunch.

            In all seriousness who would yank shadow’s chain for this long? I personally believe Shadow is using quasi reverse-psychology; and trolling the troll. 🙂

            Could Shadow be his own troll?

            I’ve given this matter way too much thought. I need a life. 😉

          • I’ve thought about this for a bit, and then thought of all the ways KAR torments people. I think this could be more of the same, it’s just amusement for him. I think he may have told Nicki to do this thru a proxy or something, so she does it. We know he gets occasional use of a cell phone in prison before it gets confiscated. So I think he reads about it and laughs at her. Just a hunch.

  • The key point is and always has been the blackmail material.
    Calling it “collateral” is deceptive.

    It is blackmail material, pure and simple.

    Allison Mack and Lauren Salzman took the photos and videos and uploaded them to the internet.
    Clare Bronfman was in charge of those materials.
    The materials were for Keith Raniere’s perusal.

    As long as that material is out there in cyberspace all of those women are potential blackmail victims.

    Until those blackmail materials are returned to the victims all four of these NXIVM gangsters should HANG!

    Allison Mack should hang!
    Lauren Salzman should hang!
    Clare Bronfman should hang!
    Keith Raniere should hang!

    No mercy for Blackmailers and Extortionists!

      • That’s the scary thing, how do you ever know if it is all returned? You can’t know. It’s out there on who knows how many cyber/cloud devices? DOS member’s phones, computer hard drives, flash drives, various anonymous internet file sharing sites, Websites, and then linked all over social media from anonymous posters with anonymous accounts.

        Like Lauren took naked photos of her “slaves” on her phone then sent them to Raniere but other copies could have been shared to other “master’s” phones like Allison Mack’s – and now we know Broffman had possession since she seems to have been 2nd in charge of the collateral’s release.

        In other words, who knows how many times these photos could have been shared? And who knows all the devices Broffman and Raniere used to “hide” them. These people know how to do computer hacking and would be sly about where to store blackmail.

        Gone are the days when the blackmail would have been filmed on a camcorder then downloaded to a VSH cassette then easily disposed of via your local trash pick up, or polaroid photos being burned in a fire pit, or photo negatives being turned over. No, unfortunately the victims of DOS will never know for sure where all their collateral will end up.

        However, it is hopeful that the longer time goes on it becomes less likely that the collateral will be released out into the general public.

        …..All just my opinion only…..

      • It’s inadequate to merely “return” the blackmail. It could easily be copied, so it is also necessary for them to sign a document, under the penalty of a huge fine, to state no other copies exist.

    • Geezus Christ!! Hyperbole much? Hang for their crimes ? Crimes against many willing victims that just like Mack and Salzman would still be playing along had the hammer not dropped.

      Most likely another oddball explanation would have been given and the “victims” would have accepted it and continued on. They just like the perpetrators were enjoying their weird ass community and waiting for their turn to be a master to some slaves.

      A lot of the persons commenting here on Frank Report are like cult members. Interest in a criminal cult story has turned into over enthusiastic rants, hatred and embellishments of the facts. I remember reading something like ; “the Albany area gripped in fear” or something similar and many such statements. The ridiculousness is what keeps me coming here.

      Some people think the world will end in twelve years from climate change others think Keith, NXIVM and Amway mlms are in the same league as The Manson Family, Nazis or opiate deaths

      • Mitch Garrity,

        I want you to know I support your people and your right to coexist!!!!

        I knew when I saw the red-triangle next your name it stood for something special. You old queen!

        • Fuck off faggot. Why do you keep commenting to or about me? You’re the biggest troll here with your bitch ass role-playing, white knighting, virtue signaling, social justice bullshit.

          You support gay marriage and are a defender of the LGTB…. community but use insinuating remarks about people’s sexuality as an insult. You’re a fucking joke.
          You’re standing up for the women on the FR comment section as if they are helpless and need you to protect them. You think of yourself as a gentleman but your words and actions show you’re a cock sucking misogynist.

          You accuse people of being a racist but yet again you use the idea of a white daughter having sex with a black or Hispanic guy as a way to needle one of your targets.
          Check your “woke” dictionary you sissy cuck cock whore, calling Johnson a “retard” is not an acceptable term to be used.

          You’re like the rest of the incels that would join the society of protectors the way you follow and join in on bashing Shadowstate and Sultan. All easy targets that you know will get you a slap on the back and an “Atta Boy “!

          Keep complimenting Frank and thanking people for their insights, post and articles. Keep insulting Johnson, Shadow and anyone else that disagrees with someone you think you need to stand for. After all, you’re “niceguy” the defender of justice, equality and those oppressed. Maybe Frank will make you a correspondent again.

          And keep baiting me, you just might catch me in a mood. You sissy bitch. Role-playing fraud. Empathy my ass.

          Why don’t you research that “Red Triangle”? You stupid fuck

          • Um, I was a little suspicious of Mitch’s icon myself bc it is somewhat similar to a symbol supposedly used by pedophiles but Mitch reassured me that, no, it’s the Dietz and Wesson (was it? or something) long-range rifle (or something) logo so, Niceguy, I think you’d better be a little nicer to Mitch. Lol. JK. I admire Mitch, myself, for using his real name and he seems like a good guy after all…for a gun owner. And I was just teasing him about the “weapon of mass destruction” comment bc apparently that type gun, I checked once but don’t recall exactly, is a big game hunting rifle. Perhaps Mitch will expound?

            The pedophile symbol has a coil in it. I learned it from following the FBI website, btw. Good resource for trying to keep your kids out of trouble online.

          • Hi Mitchell Magoo,

            Here is my response to all of your virtue- signaling rhetoric:

            —You accuse people of being a racist but yet again you use the idea of a white daughter having sex with a black or Hispanic guy as a way to needle one of your targets.

            My Goddaughter is of mixed race, which race I am not saying; I have never said anything regarding mix race dating. So STFU! Do you suffer from dementia Elmer Fudd? Maybe you absorbed too much lead at the gun range and it’s affecting your thinking? Or you are just a simple liar.

            —sissy cuck cock whore, calling Johnson a retard is not an acceptable term to be used.

            Mitchel are you kidding me? LMAO
            Please reread your sentence Mr. Magoo.
            “Sissy cock whore” is okay, but retard is offensive? Are you pulling my leg? Or are you pulling something else? Mmmh?


            Incels? I actually had to google that one. I am glad you are keeping up with the kids lingo. BTW; My wife and I still do it. How is your love life these days Grandpa Munster? Does Viagra still work or do you have to tie your dick to a toothbrush now?

            —And keep baiting me, you just might catch me in a mood. You sissy bitch. Role-playing fraud. Empathy my bleeding asshole

            Mitchell you told Scott I am a “gay little Timmy”. You started with me, remember? Mitchell you are either suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s, Which is it?

            —It just shows how intolerant and your true thoughts of transexual people

            Mitchell so you are woke? Because then you, Mr. Liberace, said the following…..

            —Fuck off faggot. Why do you keep commenting to or about me?

            Who hates gays? You do! Obviously! You my friend are batshit crazy.

            The red triangle next year name stands for a rifle? Well good for you! I thought it stood for NAMBLA; and I’m still not convinced completely convincing fruity grandpa.

            Congratulations on using your real name! It means you have nothing going on and nothing to lose. You are a standup guy! Please go back to drinking. I love the fact you posted at 2:00am on Tuesday.


            Have a nice night. I hope you find your succor at the bottom of tonight’s whiskey bottle. C’est la vie!

  • Frank Report is the place I have been going to, to learn about NXIVM. Now it’s become quite addicting! I can’t seem to have my morning coffee anymore without coming to check out the Frank Report. I remember when it used to be out to the front porch for the morning State Journal News Paper. Now it’s going on my tablet to read Frank’s new and past articles!

    Welcome to 2020!

  • Nancy put her heart and soul in KAR to try and create a revolutionary new type of life-changing business model.

    Honestly, she too is a victim. He duped her. It was never about the business model to him. It was about feeding his sociopathy. And the initial concept Nancy believed in, helped build, got destroyed and dismantled when KAR’s true colors and sociopathy got exposed in DOS.

    She aptly wanted her daughter to be part of her success, like any parent would.

    Lauren and Nancy, don’t know you. But I am truly sorry for you both.

    This is my opinion based on evidence and testimony presented.

    • Nancy was aware of illegal activity the group was doing: drugging women, keeping illegals in the house, not paying taxes, going after innocent people in legal trials. She is not innocent. She wanted money and it did not matterto her what she had to do to reach her goal.
      She was the first to come forward and her daughter one of the last. She only cares about herself

    • Any mother who offers her young daughters for Raniere to f*ck is no victim. Raniere duped everybody he ever met, but that doesn’t make them victims, they were equals in victimizing others, just not in the same exact ways, to the same exact people. I’m sorry any of them were born. I’m against abortion, but if the future could be predicted….

    • To Fool Me Not – I 100% agree. Thank you for posting an obvious thought that is the opposite of what most regular commenters post.

      I did know Nancy and Lauren and believe what Fool Me Not typed is 100% accurate.

      To Lauren and Nancy – I am also truly sorry for you both.

      • NutJob,


        Please tell me…You meant Lauren and Michelle….

        ….Or have you lost your marbles? Has the fact that the Patriots are not in the Super Bowl turned you into a drunken rabid Titans fanboy?

        • Let me give you a couple things to take your one-track mind off of the luscious Michelle.

          Belicheat couldn’t win after the Bengals busted him AGAIN. Went from #1 seed to losing to Dolphins and wildcard loss.

          Your little bitch Cora is about to be turned out and suspended for a year. AND you are about to get #1 draft picks ripped. That tainted 2018 banner is gonna have as many asterisks patched all over it as your other post 1918 steroid induced banners.

          Force on your pink Fat Sloppy jersey and take the T back to Boys Town.

  • The first thing that strikes me about this is all the lying when, in some of her early testimony, she was talking about how wonderful or even important it was to be around people who were ethical.

    And then we see just how strangely compartmentalized things were in NXIVM, that even her mother didn’t know about Raniere’s role. This is just the sort of situation in which people often theorize that she would have “had to have known” – and yet it turns out, she didn’t. Plus there may also be the element of willful denial; even if there are some signs, people often don’t want to see, as infamously happens in cases of cheating spouses.

    It’s also bizarre to imagine a corporate board getting the requests for returns of collateral, from a sexual blackmail operation – and basically shrugging their shoulders. They were a bunch of hapless amateurs; in the real world, that’s the point at which red flags go off in everyone’s mind, and a board consults professional legal counsel due to the various sorts of legal and civil liabilities involved.

    • They were hapless because Vanguard evidently ran the show. The ” legitimate appearance of a corporation” was a cloak and veil to feed his ego and appear legitimate.

      No legitimate corporation would even ask for collateral.

      Just my opinion based on what I’ve read.

      • Vanguard was just at the top of a pyramid of haplessness.

        Gurus and cult leaders, like totalitarians, can never have anyone more competent than they are working under them – and usually, and preferably for them, less so, so they look good in comparison to everyone else. That’s why groups, and regimes, almost always collapse when decapitated, because there’s no one next in line who is capable of taking over, holding things together and running the show.

        • Yes. Keith ran everything and ran everything based on compartmentalizing most things. NXIVM is done because Keith is done.

    • AnonyMaker,

      You are a relatively intelligent person. How much and for how long are you going to accept the compartmentalized excuse for?

      You are starting to sound like someone who believed the Germans, living down the street from the concentration camp, who had no idea of what was going on at the camps, because everything was secretive and “compartmentalized. They never knew what the sweet smell of pork and beef meant coming from the camps furnaces. Hint burning mammals smell like burning mammals. It smelled like a giant barbecue. I have smelled burning human flesh burning from gasoline. It smells like a barbecue.

      …..The point being Nancy had to have smelled something was wrong….No one is second in command of a cult and that oblivious or stupid. You think Frank or Karen U. believes that bullshit?

      People can’t keep secrets that well. It goes against human nature.

      • This is a prime example of how disingenuous you are. How much of a fraud. You dismiss “compartmentalizations” but believe brainwashing

        Suggesting that I’m “an old queen” is obviously meant to insult me. That for me to be called such a thing would slice me to my core.
        It just shows how intolerant and your true thoughts of trans people you are.

        • Mitch,

          Now you take the high road? You recently called me “g*y little Timmy” and without cause. You should know a queen is not a pejorative (insult). A queen is royalty.

          BTW disingenuous? If I believe “compartmentalization” and “brainwashing” are mutually exclusive, I am not being disingenuous, a bit incongruous or illogical perhaps.

          Mitch, I think you are peachy. If I am ever in town can we meet up? 🙂

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