Where Is the Collateral? Frank Report Hunting Down DOS Collateral – Some Was Destroyed in 2017 – Most Was Not

DOS organizational chart

Where is the collateral?

In the next few posts in this series, we will explore that question – with the twin aims of seeing to it that the US Department of Justice either recovers it or it is all destroyed.  Forever.

More than 100 women who were members of DOS gave collateral to their masters.  I estimate there are over 1,000 items of collateral – photos, documents, deeds, confessions, videos, etc. that comprise the complete collection of collateral that was part of DOS.

I believe I have traced most of it.  Some we know has been destroyed. We learned that Keith Raniere, shortly after DOS became public, destroyed collateral he possessed on his phones.

But not all the collateral was destroyed prior to his arrest.

Let’s look at the evidence.

DOS First-Line Slaves, the founding sisters were all close to Keith Raniere. Each of them collected collateral from their slaves.

According to the Dossier Project, a group of eight women “dedicated to setting the record straight about DOS”:

“Dominus Obsequium Sororum (DOS), which stands for “master, allegiance, sisterhood,” was established in 2015 as a secret sorority designed to unite and empower women. Most of its original members were friends with and mentored by Keith Raniere, the founder of NXIVM.

“By May 2017, DOS had 105 participants and was growing rapidly. That same month, one of its newest members, Sarah Edmondson, broke her vow of secrecy and revealed DOS’ existence to Frank Parlato, a self-avowed enemy of Raniere.

“Parlato revealed the existence of DOS on his website, the Frank Report, in a distorted and highly-biased form and, based solely on the skewed narrative of Edmondson and the few women who joined her in breaking their vows. Together, they created and promoted a fictional narrative about DOS that wreaked havoc and spread disinformation within the greater NXIVM community. “

The first 10 stories I wrote on DOS, beginning on June 5, 2017, were:

Part 1 Branded Slaves and Master Raniere; Sources: Human branding part of Raniere-inspired women’s group

Part 2 Branded slaves and Master Raniere; More details of secretive master-slave ‘branding’ revealed

Part 3 Branded Slaves and Master Raniere: Low Cal Diet Helps Slaves Receive Energy From Master Raniere

Part 4 Branded Slaves and Master Raniere: Branding is slipped on like a noose and by surprise

Part 5 Branded Slaves and Master Raniere; An eerie sight – women forcibly branded in the name of Keith Raniere and Allison Mack

Part 6 Branded Slaves and Master Raniere: Allison Mack Left Acting to Brand Women

Part 7 Branded Slaves and Master Raniere: But for Dr. Danielle Roberts, branding slave women might not be possible

Part 8 Branded Slaves and Master Raniere: Rules of the harem conform with DOS Rules of obedience

Part 9 Branded Slaves and Master Raniere: Allison Mack replaces the late Pam Cafritz at top of harem

Part 10: Branded Slaves and Master Raniere: Collateral must be sufficient to destroy

Keith Raniere 

I reported, in these stories, as it relates to collateral:

DOS members were required to make monthly offerings of collateral – which consisted of:

  • nude photographs
  • audio, video, or written and signed confessions of criminal or embarrassing activities
  • addendums to wills
  • deeds to houses
  • bank accounts
  • guardianship or custody of children
  • admitting acts that would ensure child protective services would take children

In order to qualify as collateral, it had to be something that would destroy a person’s:

  • career
  • relationship(s)
  • reputation
  • family
  • finances

Women who had no illegal or harmful secrets were permitted to fictionalize confessions provided they were believable.

Whenever possible, the collateral was digitized – and then uploaded to a DropBox account (Each of the First Line Masters had access to the account).

Any collateral that had to remain in paper form – such as deeds, handwritten confessions, etc. – was held by each First Line Master.

Some of the collateral was stored on hard drives.

The branding ceremonies were filmed – and held as collateral.

It was understood that ‘collateral’ would be used against a woman if she defected from DOS. More specifically, it was understood every aspect of a DOS member’s life could be destroyed by the release of her collateral.

Collateral had to be able to eliminate a woman’s “safety net” in life, the knowledge of which was meant to help her maintain obedience.

“If you offer some weight in the form of collateral, you’re more likely to put weight behind your word,” Raniere taught. “Women have a weak word and through collateral, they learn to keep their word.”

Keith Raniere has offered DOS teachings for free to women. He only asked for a small monthly payment of collateral.
mack and salzman
Two of the First Line Masters of DOS: Lauren Salzman [left] and Allison Mack.

As the Dossier Project wrote, Parlato’s stories “effectively ended DOS. Everything ceased. Women who had been happily engaged in the practices of DOS began to fear for their safety and livelihoods due to the highly publicized false allegations.”

The branding ceased and so did the collection of collateral.

It was Frank Report that ended DOS and ended the monthly collection of collateral.

In August 2018, two months before the New York Times was to write its first story about DOS, [crediting Frank Report for breaking the story,] I reported that a source told me that Clare Bronfman ordered her IT department to destroy digital records of DOS collateral.

Bronfman said she did not know about DOS until after I reported it. Once she did, along with Alejandro Betancourt and Emiliano Salinas, she helped Raniere do a coverup.

My source told me, “Somebody under Clare did this in IT. But I don’t think all of the collateral has been destroyed. Only digital records held on DropBox were erased.”

The source told me that other collateral is believed to be stored on a hard drive and hard copies “in a vault”.

Frank Report has located the vault.

In our next post, I will reveal the location of the vault where most of the collateral was stored.

I will also reveal what happened to Allison Mack’s collateral – and name the scoundrels who released collateral for publication and who it was released to.

There is more to tell. I am withholding some information to ensure that the person who has/had the collateral destroys it or hands it over to the US Department of Justice.

Stay tuned for Part #2.


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        But one of the most important things we’re going to do is make the laws where you can handle your business with women again! There used to be a beautiful time where society knew that whatever it took to get your women under control was necessary! If that meant a bitch-slap for a bitch, then so be it! We’re done with all this “women are victims” shut! We’re getting rid of all the Jewish feminist women abuse shelters and all that bullshit! That also includes adultery!

        There used to be a time and a place where society knew that was worthy of death and many countries still agree with that and practice that to this very day (and not just the Arabic/Islamic countries either)! I’m so sick and tired of this bullshit where a woman gets to be a whore then you have to pay her 50/50 in a divorce and if you catch her in the act, it doesn’t matter who much rage you’re in, you touch her, then you get punished! That is the most evil abomination to justice that I’ve ever seen!

        This police state bullshit is over! There used to be a time we’re you handled your own business! We’re going to educate the public again that adultery is a form of sexual abuse just like rape, child molesting, etc! And if it happens in you own house, I want to make a law much like stand your ground laws, meaning that if your wife cheats on you in your own home, you are legally allowed to shoot both her and the lover and their blood be will be upon them!

        And if anybody reacts to it and tries to pervert justice, they will be killed as well! We’re not promoting that bullshit in movies, porn, or anything else anymore! It’s not to be a made into a sexual fetish like a flavor of ice cream! It causes MAJOR PSYCHOLOGICAL DAMAGE in boyfriends, husbands, and children and cause MAJOR RAMIFICATIONS for selfish hedonistic act of betrayal! A just punish will be dispensed for such a selfish, heinous and savage deed as this: DEATH! Not just “death” a very brutal and painful death! This punishment will educate society again on the gravity of how vile the deed is and what why it must be met with brutality! We will teach society again how important is he family is and the psychological ramifications on future generations it causes when it is taken for granted!

        These things are just the tip of the iceberg of what will make this country great again! Unless we implement these things, our country and society as we know it, will eventually be destroyed! But not,


        • I am definitely going to change your prescription. Here is your new script:

          Take 7 pills of Abilify (the big pills), 12 Alaquet, 14 Alventa XL 47 amisulpride and 5 Amphero XL plus 100 benperidol in the morning. Repeat dosage every hour.

          In the evening, 12 duloxetine, 19 Ebesque, one full bottle of Faverin plus 1 capsule of lormetazepam, lurasidone, Lustral, Lyrica.
          One bottle of Modecate (drink rapidly), then take 25 promazine.

          • I know that’s all you can keep saying like a broken record! I think YOU need some “medication” for your social skill issues, ADD, and inability to actually rebut an argument instead of using logical fallacies like red herrings and ad hominems! I also think you need “medication” for your lack of mental capacity to be able to see how beneficial that would be for society as well as your narcissism of believing that you’re more mentally stable than all the other generations before you who agreed with ME!

            Your inability to understand these things – and to keep repeating the same subject of “prescribing medication” and playing “psychiatrist” like a child playing doctor – shows me that must be on the spectrum of autism! So I guess I’m going to have to treat you now! Let’s try with some proper social skills training! Can you reply with an actual intellectual rebuttal to what I said with complete mental focus and without saying anything about “psychiatry” and “medication” like a good normal boy!

            I know it’s very hard for you, but I’m rooting for you, champ! I believe if you put in all your mental effort, even if there’s smoke coming out of your ears and you hear some clicking and clanking of gears and a foul stench, don’t worry! It’s just your very rusty gears working for the first time in a while and they may need to work harder because of all the rust and cobwebs! It’s ok, buddy, it will resolve itself after you exercise your brain a little!

            Now just try to focus on this particular question: Why is what I said wrong?!

            Can you answer that for me, buddy, without letting your Asperger’s kick in and start crying about your autistic obsession with “mental health” and “medicine”?!

            Just give it a try, champ! You’ll see it’s much more intellectually and egotistically rewarding when you can actually refute an argument without cheap shots and logical fallacies!

  • ‘You can do better than calling me Guido. I like that line in the Godfather where the movie producers calls the capo-lawyer a “dago guinea wop greaseball goombah.”’

    How about a marinara nigger?!

  • My guess is that the collateral is going to be available on a $65.99 monthly subscription basis. PayPal only to something like “Clicky Nine Enterprises ” or something similar. Of course I’m just speculating.

    • The general public wouldn’t pay for these snatch shots, not even if Nxivm’s “biggest star” Kristin Kook was spreadeagled.

      The people who would pay are the women in the photos — to keep their families and friends from seeing the humiliating evidence of their stupidity. Of course, that’s blackmail.

      • Perhaps you live in a cave and haven’t realized what a multi-billion dollar industry porn is just in the USA alone.

        Plenty of consumers will pay for it based on curiosity alone, even for those who were only “famous” for being trapped in NXIVM/DOS, and especially so for the celebrities who were a part of it. If you don’t think those type of pictures for Mack, Clyne, Kreuk, etc., would draw top dollar, you’re fooling yourself.

        Nevertheless, it’s probably highly illegal.

        • The actual video of the naked spreadeagled Sarah Edmondson getting branded was leaked…how much is that going for?

          There are many thousands of realistic fake porn shots of lovely Kreuk plus increasingly more deep fake videos — all for free. Even if collateral shots existed of her, who would pay “top dollar” knowing they could just be more fakes.

      • Regarding the Kris Kook spreadeagled shots, are you referring to the beach set she did or the ones she did with Mack? I think both sets included that particular pose.

        • Jensen Ackles is Alec Baldwin’s co-star on the deadly Rust movie. He also was Kristin Kook’s first BF, or at least the first actor known to “enjoy her lavishly”. Perhaps when reporters are tired of asking him about the shooting death, they could ask him to reveal which nudes or porn pix of Ms. Kook are real.

          No matter where you turn, there is a Kristin Kook connection.

    • I think you are probably right. Good find. I’ve often wondered about his family, that he has a devoted sister [if him] is a good clear light at the end of the tunnel, hopefully.

    • David,

      I believe you are correct.

      If you replace “salesperson” with “IT person”, everything else matches up perfectly with Suneel’s bio.

      At the beginning of the article, the journalist said much about the individuals had been changed. Salesperson is the perfect choice to mask Suneel’s identity.

      The timeline also matches up somewhat with Suneel. Suneel joined NXIVM near the tail end.

      The journalist said at the beginning of the article many details about the brother were changed to protect his identity.

      • Open to the possibility that this piece is about Suneel.

        But if Suneel enrolled his family in ESP (which he did), why would they care in the manner that the article describes?

    • That’s a strange answer from Lauren that screams for more questions…

      Did she leave the hard drive on the table when they checked out?

      What does she mean with “I left it in Mexico”?

      Where did she leave it and with whom?

      • OK. That is solved. She left it with Nicki (in Mexico) when she returned to the US…. It’s in the court transscrips form Lauren’s testimony…..

  • If only they had listened to Groucho.

    “I refuse to join any club that would have me as a member.”

  • The Utter Futility of the Corporate State Media trying to censor News and Views

    Sister Cindy, an evangelist I met over 40 years ago when I was in college, says:

    Let’s Go, Brandon!!!


  • There is zero chance that the collateral has been or even can be completely, definitively destroyed or recouped

    The dead-enders believe that Keith will be freed and the cult will rise from the ashes.

    It’s not “over” in their minds and hearts.

    If the “masters” had just returned the collateral to the DOS defectors when they asked – a lot of Nxivm problems (Keith and the front line slaves) created could have been averted. AND those idiots could (and would) have kept a copy anyway. It was stubborn stupidity.

    If Keith kept the child porn of Cami all those many years and every other vulva he ever photographed – there is no way Keith would ever part with any collateral.

    It’s about power. And those are Keith’s trophies.

    Keith probably still gets great satisfaction sitting in prison knowing that those women will never feel completely safe from the collateral being released.

    Remember when Keith texted Cami about keeping the sexually explicit photos of her as a child? ” I felt it was truly mine”

    And what did Keith text when Allison sent him the latest all nude slave pod posing with the brands of Keith’s initials near their grown-out fluffy pubes displayed?

    “All mine” devil emoji.

    Keith is not voluntarily giving up collateral.

  • The 800 lb gorilla in the room that no one is talking about is what other incriminating digital files beyond the DOS collateral are out there that the feds haven’t seen.

    I’ve never had any doubt that only a small percentage of Raniere’s crimes have been exposed. There are credible claims about other under-aged girls being trafficked by NXIVM who weren’t a part of DOS. If so, there are likely photos.

    Lots of shoes are out there to be dropped. More charges to be filed against Keith and others. More jail terms to be served.

    Nicki, Allison, Nancy, etc. have only revealed a fraction of what they know. The truth would give them sentences in the range of their Vanguard and Keith multiples of lives to serve.

    • “no one is talking about is what other incriminating digital files beyond the DOS collateral are out there that the feds haven’t seen.”

      So true, like the homework photos the SOP boys showed their teacher of facials they gave their women that claims ownership, as Vanguard taught them.

      Vanguard would want to see proof, and the SOP boys were too subservient to disobey.

      • “So true, like the homework photos the SOP boys showed their teacher of facials they gave their women that claims ownership, as Vanguard taught them.”

        That’s interesting–what is that about?????

    • Dude, you want to talk about a “gorilla”?! Let’s talk about Michelle Hatchette! Good God, that bitch is annoying! She makes me want to slap the damn black out of her! Her voice, tones, and clothes are so fucking stupid! Especially that goddamn hat that she wears that looks like something out of the 1800s! She also wears those stupid ridiculous bug-eyed glasses! She looks like a fucking geek! And does she think shaving her head like a fucking dykish cult freak is fashionable!

      She should not only be arrested by the US government and be enslaved to the Industrial Prison Complex (which is the closest thing we could get to be like good old days for her 😉), she should also be arrested by the fashion police! Good God!

      By the way, I’ve learned not to say the N-Word (at least not around Marxist-loving bitches), especially here at Frank Report, where Frank claims to care about free speech but really doesn’t! I know it’s hard not to because it just feels so right, but if you get an itching just call them “bleeps”! That way, we know what ya mean but it’s still fair play! With that being said, that bleep really pisses me off! I just want to send her ass either to prison or back to damn Africa! And I want to light that Goddamn hat on fire and smash those damn glasses! Good Lord!

      • Dear reader, as a practicing, unlicensed psychiatrist, it is clear to me that you appear to have an acute epileptoid manifestation of the pan phobic melancholiac with paranoidal delusory affectation, coupled with erotomania. I strongly suggest you go offline until you get the help you need. Your condition is not curable, but it may be managed so that you can live a life outside of an institution if medicated heavily. You might also consider going back to the planet of your birth.

          • Fraudulent Dr. Marxist-Sympathetic Bitch,

            I completely disagree with his illegal diagnosis as well as your willingness to be an accomplice in his criminal activities!

            You found some new words too! Allow me to give you an education on them!

            A “neuroleptic palinacousis” is some kind of hallucinatory reaction to a “neuroleptic” (a medication used to calm nervous people down)! Which isn’t even a negative side effect of using a neuroleptic to begin with! Seizures among other things are, but not that!

            You shouldn’t talk about things you don’t really know! Impersonating a doctor is a crime and it also makes you liable of being sued! You both seem to suffer some of the things that you project onto me, but unlike you! I will not make a diagnosis! Even though it is blatantly obvious that there is some type of mental abnormality present, I’ll let the real doctors decide that are appointed by the court to examine you and figure out what would be a suitable treatment for both of you after the settlement is given and the post-conviction sentencing is taken of care first, of course! 😉

          • Hey asshole,

            Fuck you and your “Two Lawyers” bullshit!

            🇺🇸IF WE BELIEVE!! 🇺🇸

        • Dear Ginzo,

          Your lack of a license shows your lack of education on this subject. You obviously have searched for some big words on the internet that you don’t really comprehend! Even though it blatantly and pathetically obvious that you have no clue what you’re even talking about, I figured it would be still be worth debunking all your newly found psychological jargon. Perhaps you could learn something for once in your life. With that being said let’s go over all of this, shall we?!

          The first thing you accuse me of is a “acute epileptoid manifestation”. In other words that allegedly have seizures because I’m an ‘epileptic‘! How exactly does what I said “prove” I have seizures?! That doesn’t make any sense?! That diagnosis would have to be made in person! That’s so retarded you’d even say something like that that it needs to even be addressed anymore due to the fact anybody with the slightest amount of common sense would know that!

          The second thing that you accuse me of is being a “pan phobic melancholiac”, in other words I have a constant dread of some vague evil that is about transpire at any given moment and have constant gloomy depression because of it! Ummmmmm how exactly does me saying Michelle Hatchette is ugly demonstrate that?!

          This sounds like psycho-babble that the incest-loving kike Sigmund Freud made up where he basically said, “if you don’t like something, then you’re afraid of it”! I’m not afraid of her! She a pussy! She can’t do shit to me! And second of all, how is that a vague fear, seeing the fact that “pan phobia” means that I’m perpetually afraid of some *VAGUE* evil happening! By your logic, even if I was afraid of her, that would NOT be a *VAGUE* evil! That would be a *SPECIFIC* evil! So you automatically destroy your own argument with this one!

          Third thing you accuse me of is having “paranoidal delusory affectation, coupled with erotomania.” Uh oh! Somebody made a big shitty mess in their intellectual diapers again, didn’t we?! Allow me to wipe your mental ass for you and help get that little piece of shit thought that I call the “trouble maker” that’s stuck up the asshole of your brain and turn that little guy around and get him out of there and put some baby powder on your rashes from the tremendous strain of you thinking and put on your diaper so you can look somewhat decent for humanity again after you’ve taken your nap, ok little buddy?!

          Ummmmmm……… “paranoidal delusory affectation”, huh?! So in other words more “fear” and being delusional about how much I’m ‘impressing’ others! Ummmmmm seeing the fact that the vast majority of the world doesn’t even read your website and even for those who do, you are constantly held in contempt by many other news outlets and deemed as unprofessional!

          You have been reduced to the caliber of “The National Inquirer”, if not worse by many! Even on “The Vow” Sarah Edmondson said “we can’t use Frank he’s too sensational”! They had to go to The New York Times because you’re such a joke that they could even use your website, Frank! The NYT was the ones who destroyed NXIVM and you just piggy backed on it, basked in their glory and ate all the credit for it! So don’t get cocky and essentially yap about being ‘delusional about how much you impress others’, Frank! Not to mention how many times you’ve ran your mouth about how ugly Keith Raniere looks and how ugly many of the girls in his so called “harem” look! I think you suffer from projection!

          The final word is I think the most ridiculous of them all, “erotomania”! So now, you’re accusing me of having ‘a delusional belief that I’m loved by another person of, generally of a higher social status.’ So in other words, I’m in love with Michelle Hatchette and I believe that she is in love me back, even though she’s never met me, doesn’t know who I am, or even of my existence in this earth! But somehow I believe that she’s in love with me?! That’s adorable! 😂

          Well I can end this real quick! I’M NOT ATTRACTED TO HER IN ANY WAY, SHAPE, FORM, OR MANNER AND I DON’T BELIEVE SHE’S IN LOVE WITH ME AND I COMPLETELY AND CATEGORICALLY REJECT THAT! It takes a lot for me to be attracted to a bleep!

          And of course it would! After all, I don’t find these ugly ape-looking humanoid descendants of unevolved and uncultured, mentally-arrested, necrophiliac, rival tribe sport killing, cannibalistic, witch doctor scamming, bone-pierced nosed, mud hut building, tongue-clicking linguistic savages that have invaded and perverted our country with their monkey so-called music and savage culture that teach everybody that being a punk ass thug that sits on your ass stealing money from our government while they punch out a bunch of fuzzy-headed punks and get drunk, smoke dope, rob everybody and make evil gangs and then have the audacity to cry out “systematic racism” when one of their thug piece of shit bleeps go to prison while they screech and dance on other people cars like baboons shaking their colored asses off while they gorge on our fried chicken and watermelons and claim it belongs to their people, when the Irish invented fried chicken and the bleeps were so underdeveloped as a society and were so dumb, that they hardly even knew how to grow plants before their asses were brought here on ships and taught by us with great effort to make them learn, teach our children to be degenerate pleasure-worshiping thugs to step on everybody to get what you want because whoever gets the most pussy, dope, and money wins the game of life and fuck morality while they think that they’re the living embodiment of “badass survivalism”, to be sexually appealing! I’m so sorry if that makes me a “bad person” by the Marxists, Frank!

          The truth is, they were so dumb that in the south, we had an old saying that I will substitute the real word that’s was said for bleep!

          “It takes two to three [bleeps] to teach one [bleep] to do nothing.”

          In other words, it took two-to three (sometimes even more) slightly more educated black slaves, to teach one black slave to barely even produce a small profit! It cost way more money resources to make them do any work worthwhile that is was better to hire white people to do it! You could whip their ass all day and they still couldn’t get it! So the masters would just either shoot them or hit them over the head with a shovel, bury their ass, cut their losses and be done with it! Now, they just sit here and try force our country to do what no other country does or was expected to do all throughout history while they destroy and dumb down our culture and we can’t get their asses back to Africa! So yeah, slavery was a HUGE MISTAKE!

          Second of all, How would you know that Michelle is a higher class than me to begin with, since you accuse me of erotomania?! And also Michele wouldn’t even have any notoriety if she wasn’t destined to fall into the same trap that her ancestors did to another white person! She wouldn’t even be a *BLEEP* on the radar! Lol! Ya get it?! 😂 But a bleep is gonna do what a bleep is always gonna do! Bleeps will always be bleeps, Frank! It always been the same with their kind! There no changing them! That’s why they need to go back to Africa! This country was only for the Europeans in its foundation and NOBODY ELSE! Everybody at that time understood that! You can be a paper “American” all you want! But only Europeans are the *TRUE Americans*! She shouldn’t even be here, Frank! Our founding fathers would be rolling over in their graves knowing that we were giving that bleep a spotlight to yap about the bleep shit that she does!

          I think you’re the one who suffers “erotomania” for her seeing the fact that you’re defending her and shutting on a true and RIGHTFUL American citizen to defend this bleep!

          Your brilliant solution to all of this is for me to be “heavily” poisoned by Big Pharma for speaking the truth like the damn Nazi that you are and expect me to go “back to the planet of my birth”?! Why don’t you go back to the COUNTRY of your birth and stop pretending to be an American, you goddamn yankee guido!

          You shouldn’t use words you don’t really know and project them onto patriots! That’s how you get sued! A guido shouldn’t even be able to get a license to practice psychiatry here! That’s blasphemy to the principles that our country was founded upon!

          Enough of this guido! For all of the true patriots out there if you want our country back and agree, then stand up and say, “IF WE BELIEVE”!

          • You can do better than calling me Guido. I like that line in the Godfather where the movie producers calls the capo-lawyer a “dago guinea wop greaseball goombah.”

          • — the true patriots out there if you want our country back —

            Using the word “patriot” and take “our country back” exposes him as someone so gullible that he can be played for a fool by that fat fool T-Rump. Sad….

          • [waves]


            Smart move pulling back on the violent threats.

            So, your character doesn’t hate homosexuals, but does hate blacks and Italians. Gotcha.

          • Frank, I love this guy! He’s incredible! More of him, please!

            Here’s a token of my appreciation for you and your devout patriotism,

            I believe!

            🇺🇸 🤘🏻✊🏻👍🏻✌🏻👊🏻🇺🇸

          • Oh I hate bleeps! I can’t stand those damn bleeps!

            Let’s take this country back from those Goddamn bleeps and out their ass in a cage! I can’t stand bleeps!

            I BELIEVE!

          • Here’s a joke to rankle Frank’s feathers:

            Why do Sicilians suck at basketball?

            Cuz there’re only 1/2 black!

          • I never was good at basketball. I rarely played it- it struck me as a rather stupid sport – 10 guys running up and down a court trying to throw a ball into a net on opposite ends of the court. I’d much rather try to carry a pigskin up and down a field with 11 guys trying to knock my body down, knock my brains out and steal the pigskin from me.

          • I think it’s fair for me to speak on behalf of all Frank Report staff and readers, except the losers to say:

            We all believe in what you’re saying about whom you call the “bleeps”.

            Rock on, my friend!

          • You haven’t been paying attention, Frank. He called you a Nazi too. But this could be a compliment, judging by the rest of his essay.


          • —You can do better than calling me Guido. I like that line in the Godfather where the movie producers calls the capo-lawyer a “dago guinea wop greaseball goombah.”

            Uhm…I believed your statement, Frank, was a tacit dare. So, I answered the challenge,

            Here’s one about my own people:

            How do you blind an Irishwoman?
            You place a bottle of whiskey in front of her.

          • Frank- 11:49am

            In retrospect, I cannot believe you are being so thinned-skinned. No one is
            anti-Italian or anti-Irish anymore. It’s not the same as when you or I were young!

            Everyone is so easily offended these days.

            Here are some more non-offensive jokes:

            Behind every great man is a greater woman — behind every great woman are two guys, calling her a lesbian.

            The above joke is a knock on men not women.

            Jewish women love doggie-style, cuz, they hate to see a man with a smile on his face.

            I’ve told the above joke to Jewish men and they all laugh their asses-off

            Black men run fast, but trouble runs faster.
            (Eddie Murphy)

            You’re gettin’ Woke’ Frank!

      • Dr. Parlato, his condition is clearly exacerbated by his depersonalization-derealization disorder. Do you agree? How long has he been your patient and is he presently institutionalized? If not, he should be at once.

        • I love all the sock puppets on the Frank Report!

          Amanda, have you ever worked in Anthony’s office by any chance?

          Might you have any lawyer friends?

          Do you know a certain Unhinged Jesus Boy?

          Are you now, or were you ever, a member of DOSA JISM?\

          Asking for a friend…

        • I “agree” if I ever see you in person, then you’re getting bitch-slapped into in institution! Beat it, you little cunt!

      • Gorilla SoCall-

        We are on the same page! Throw some bananas out the car window, along the highway, and lead them to the Mexican border! Relax Frank, I’m kidding.

        So Bangkok, how was European travel camp? I bet your mom had a boring summer — when you got home was she bowlegged? 😉

        Sounds like you moved on from
        Lauren Shalom Salzman, to Michelle. Boy, you’ve got some strange taste. Your penis needs glasses. You went from ugly to uglier……

        Take care, you little dipshit! 😉

  • To Nicki Clyne:

    Nicki, tell us a story.
    Tell us a bedtime story.
    I won’t be able to sleep until you do.

    Where did the blackmail material go?
    Is it in your attorney’s safe?
    How many copies were made?

    Shadow State

  • Why did Mr. Smarty Pants Raniere not think to encrypt all this digital collateral, at the very least that which was in his possession?

    If he had done so, it wouldn’t matter that the feds got copies of his hard drives. There would be no pointless debates about EXIF data.

    Such arrogance was his downfall.

  • Online data is like pee in a pool. Once it’s out there, it’s out there.

    There’s no way to be sure any of this stuff was destroyed. On the other hand, what’s the big deal? The financial stuff is useless. The idea of signing away your firstborn child is enforceable only in fairy tales. Nude pictures? Yeah, they’re really rare on the Internet. Who even cares?

    There is a life lesson here. Don’t be a dumbass and give out blackmail material to your cult. And don’t join cults in the first place.

    I wish I could be more sympathetic to the poor dolts who sweat it out worrying where their “collateral” is. But really, how stupid can you get?

    Go down to the crossroads and sign a deal with the Devil and at least you get to be a rock star till you die. What did these women get? Where was the upside? A chance for sweaty disgusting sex with fat old Vanguard?

    Yet more proof that only fools join cults.

    • “ There is a life lesson here. Don’t be a dumbass and give out blackmail material to your cult. And don’t join cults in the first place.”

      • “There is a life lesson here. Don’t be a dumbass and give out blackmail material to your cult. And don’t join cults in the first place.”

        There are people worth respecting and taking seriously who inadvertently got caught in NXIVM, and yes, even got caught in DOS and were branded. I would caution readers not to assume all folks in DOS were stupid. If this story proves anything, it’s that the power of group think can sometimes override one’s self-protection and self-preservation, to our detriment. And believe it or not, it can happen to anyone.

        • Anyone can die from a heroin overdose; I know a couple personally who have.

          I haven’t. Maybe it has something to do with never having used heroin.

          Funny how it works that way.

          I’ve had several encounters with cults and cult recruiters in my life, but I’ve never gotten sucked into one. Maybe it has something to do with me recognizing they were full of shit.

          Funny how it works that way.

          Joining a cult isn’t like tripping over a crack in the sidewalk that you didn’t notice.

          • “Joining a cult isn’t like tripping over a crack in the sidewalk that you didn’t notice.”

            I wouldn’t be so confident about that statement.

          • Your lack of confidence is what makes you an excellent target for a cult recruiter.

            Perhaps what MADE you an excellent target for a cult recruiter.

            Do you speak from direct, personal experience?

      • There are plenty of “cults” in America, “Gonzo”, e.g., the cult of celebrity, sports, personality, religion, etc. The general difference between those that persist or go the way of the dodo without much fanfare and NXIVM/DOS, is they aren’t quite as destructive to others, nor do they arrogate themselves as smarter than law enforcement to brazenly break the law by hiding tax evasion or a sextortion ring for one man under a false banner of ethics, female empowerment, “collateral”, character development, etc.

      • Nope, I was never in NXIVM or in a cult. I’m here for the same reasons a lot of other folks are, because the story is interesting, and I happen to have spent a lot of time reading about cults in many different forms. I always find it interesting when people say they don’t think they’d ever get duped. I would say never underestimate the power of someone you trust + something you really want to believe.

    • “Nude pictures? Yeah, they’re really rare on the Internet. Who even cares?”

      You are missing the point, AS. These aren’t just nude pix. To the DOS slaves they are nude pix of THEM…for their family, friends, coworkers and the world to see forever.

      There are tons of pix of men whacking their sausage, sucking sausage or getting sausage up their ass…so I guess you wouldn’t even care to have pix of you getting porked for the world to see.

  • Frank – What is to stop the person from simply moving the collateral elsewhere while you are waiting for them to do the decent thing?

  • Collateral was kind of a dumb idea. First of all, it’s hard to keep track of. Drop boxes vaults and each person keeping their one slaves shit.

    It should have been stored in one central location with a person trained in storing records.

    If I were to start a blackmail and branding Master-Slave, multi-level marketing company, I would organize and document all collateral using the Dewey decimal system.

    • I know! Haha. I guess Keithy boy skipped library class in the third grade. I guess even geniuses can’t be perfect all the time.

  • Interesting.

    What was there to stop the curious IT personnel involved from making copies of the collateral either in the cloud or on a local drive? How would Bronfman know exactly what they were doing? No matter how well-placed, well-informed and honest your source is, Frank, there’s no way to be sure what happened to the files.

    It is important to point out that any data stored on cloud platforms like DropBox is not erased by “deleting” it, if by “erased” you mean that data ceases to exist.

    When you “delete” this data and “empty” your “trash” folder, it merely changes a metadata tag, it does not ensure that the data on the underlying hard drives are overwritten. I say “drives” in the plural because DropBox provides data back-up and redundancy.

    I learned this first-hand a few years ago when emails I had “permanently erased” five years previously on a very popular webmail system suddenly appeared as unread items in my inbox.

    This is analogous to what happens when you put a file on a desktop computer into the “trash”–it goes into a special folder. You can then “empty” the trash if you like and it will allow the file system to overwrite data, but, unless you use a special program (e.g. WipeFile, HardWipe, etc.), there is no guarantee if or when such overwriting will occur. Many criminals have been caught because they failed to realize this. Easily available tools usable by consumers can recover such files (e.g. Recuva, Disk Drill, etc.). Law enforcement and intelligence agencies have even more sophisticated tools to recover “erased” data. In fact, overwriting a memory storage location only once still leaves traces. This is why best practices of data security require degaussing disk and solid state drives with powerful magnets before physically shredding them during disposal.

    Here’s an easy-to-understand article on this topic.


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