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Victims to File More Materials

Prosecutors in the federal case USA v. Raniere requested an extension from June 21 to June 25, to submit its supplemental restitution submission.

AUSA Tanya Hajjar wrote, “The government makes this request because it anticipates receiving, but has not yet received, certain materials from victims in this matter relating to restitution. Counsel for Raniere has no objection to this request.”

Currently, the defense is scheduled to file its response on July 5 and on July 9 the government may submit a reply.

On July 20th, the supplemental sentencing hearing on restitution will be held at 2:00 p.m. With the exception of Raniere, the parties and attorneys will appear in person at the Brooklyn federal courthouse in the US Eastern District of New York.

Raniere will attend from USP Tucson via video conferencing.

The judge may rule then or at a later date on who is a victim and how much each victim is to receive in restitution.


Allison Mack

Tomorrow: Prosecutors File Sentencing Recommendations on Soon-to-Be-Sentenced Allison Mack

On Monday (June 21st), the Government is required to submit its sentencing recommendations for Allison Mack. The public will learn the government’s position on Mack and whether they want her punished harshly, dealt with leniently, or take a middle-of-the-road position. I predict the latter.

I believe the sentencing guideline, which we should learn about from the government’s sentencing submission, will be in the 3-5 year range.

We will know much from this one document, more than any other perhaps in her case, about the future of Allison Mack.

Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis is not obliged to follow anyone’s recommendations, neither the prosecution’s, the defense’s, or the federal sentencing guidelines.  He went far above all three in the sentencing of Clare Bronfman based, it seems, largely on her refusal to disavow Keith Raniere. Her sentencing guidelines were 21-27 months, her attorneys argued for probation, the prosecution argued for 60 months and the judge surprised everyone by handing her an 81-month sentence.

Mack may benefit oppositely. She will certainly disavow Raniere and state she was led astray by him. Perhaps the judge will make a downward departure and sentence her to less than the guidelines suggest.

Mack is scheduled to be sentenced on Wednesday, June 30 at 11 AM. In case there are many victims speaking against her, extra time has been set aside for Thursday, July 1st, for the completion of her sentencing hearing.

It seems unlikely that it will go beyond Wednesday. Raniere had some 15 victim impact statements read during his sentencing and it wrapped up by late afternoon on October 20, 2020 – with plenty of time for the judge to read his complex and lengthy sentencing memorandum  – which provided Raniere with a 120-year sentence and, ironically, 5-years of probation after he has finished serving that sentence.

Probation would begin in the year 2120 – when Raniere would be 160 years old.

It seems unlikely that Mack will have more victims wishing to speak than Raniere himself.


Keith Raniere

Raniere Sentenced Two Years Ago Yesterday

Yesterday, June 19th, was for some, perhaps, an annual Day of Infamy or Glory depending on their point of view. It is the calendar date for when Keith Alan Raniere was convicted by a jury in Brooklyn on all charges lodged against him (It took the jury only hours – perhaps even minutes – to reach a verdict. Guilty on all counts).

We asked readers for suggestions on naming the day as a holiday–and the one we liked the most was “Vangone Day.”

Recently, the federal government enacted a new law that makes June 19th a federal holiday. Although we originally thought this legislation was meant to elevate Vangone Day, it turns out that it was really to celebrate the end of slavery in the U.S.

So, henceforth, June 19th will double as the national holiday known as “Juneteenth” – and the international holiday known as Vangone Day.


From an October 2020 news report.

Nicki Clyne Did Not Have Nose Job

There has been some debate in these pages over whether Nicki Clyne got a nose job. Clyne denies it.

Anonymaker has a comment on the matter:

The claims of Clyne’s nose job are worth dissecting as an example of dubious gossipy, tabloid-style speculation.

That shot of Clyne is at least a year old, and she is, of course, made up and lighted to best effect. If it’s a real pro-shot for portfolio purposes, it shouldn’t actually be photoshopped – though it could be.

Checking for other photos of Clyne, I think that she may have an unusual facial feature in that her nose broadens significantly at the base and nostrils when she smiles. This video shows that effect:


There are also old pictures where her nose appears small when she’s looking more serious, for example:


Once again, speculation turns out to be ill-informed. Assertions made as if factual are, in fact, likely completely wrong.


Knife of Aristotle Still Cutting Edge?

A few years after I started the Frank Report, Brock Wilbur called me. He was considering becoming employed by a group called the Knife of Aristotle. I told him what I knew and advised against it – since it was a subgroup of NXIVM.

Brock Wilbur

Brock, who is, according to his Twitter description, a “journalist/Comedian/Frankenstein American. 6’7″ guy with love to spare and anger to rent,” evidenced the journalism part by writing an impactful story on May 30, 2017 – just a week before I broke the branding story.

His story The Knife of Aristotle Isn’t Just a Fake “Fake News” Site—It’s a Cult, discusses how the group tried to recruit him.

Recently, Brock found a questionnaire on his hard drive from the Knife and shared it on Twitter, adding “early-round interview documents for The Knife of Artistotle (NXIVM’s news division that headhunted me in 2016). Remembering why @viv_kane and I started joking about ‘haha like, what if this was a cult?'”

It is interesting that the technique used by the Knife was to offer employment to writers, but first, they had to take some courses – NXIVM courses – for which they might even get a scholarship.

Here are some of the questions posed by the Knife:


The following depiction of a scene from Keith Raniere’s youth may be offensive to some readers. Please be advised.

Keith Raniere was seen as a genius from his youth.

A Problem Solving Scene

I imagine any motion picture about Keith Raniere would have a scene where he is showing signs of being one of the top problem solvers even as a little boy.

Cut to the principal’s office. Little Keith with his glasses on is being extolled by his teacher, Miss Pettibone, who is attractive and wearing a flowered skirt and white blouse. They are standing in front of the principal, the serious Miss Hancock, who is seated behind her desk.

Teacher: Miss Hancock, this boy is the smartest child I ever had. I would estimate he has a problem-solving ability of one in 425 million and his IQ is about 750.  I think he should be advanced right from 4th grade to college and I would like you to recommend him.

Principal: That is a very unusual request; a child must be very bright to go to college at age nine. Perhaps you could provide me with some proof of your assertion.

Teacher: [Turning to Keith, who has a bright, but innocent look] Let me ask you a few questions. See if you get this right. What does a cow have four of that I have only 2?

Keith [looks at his teacher up and down]: Legs.

Teacher: Very good. Now another. What is in your trousers that I don’t have?

Keith [looks at his teacher’s dress]: Pockets.

Teacher: What starts with a C and ends with T, is hairy, oval, delicious and contains thin, whitish liquid?

Keith: Coconut.

Teacher: What goes in hard and then comes out soft and sticky?

Keith: Bubble gum.

Teacher: You stick your pole inside me. You tie me down to get me up. I get wet before you do.

Keith: Tent.

Teacher: A finger goes in me. You fiddle with me when you are bored. The best man always has me first?

Keith: A wedding ring.

Teacher: I come in many sizes. When I’m not well, I drip. When you blow me, you feel good?

Keith: Nose.

Teacher: I have a stiff shaft. My tip penetrates, I come with a quiver.

Keith: Arrow.

Teacher: What starts with ‘F’ and ends with a ‘K’ and if you don’t get it, you have to use your hand?

Keith: Fork.

Teacher: What is it that all men have, it’s longer in some men than others, the Pope doesn’t use his and a man gives it to his wife after marriage?

Keith: His last name.

Teacher: What part of the man has no bone but has muscles with a lot of veins like a pumpkin and is responsible for making love?

Keith: Heart.

Principal: Send this boy to the university. I myself got all the answers wrong!



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  • This scene is disgusting about the young Keith. Does no one care that he suffers in Tucson an innocent man ?

    • Hey Pea Onyu!

      I know you’ll want to visit Tucson to see your Vanguard.
      Here is a video showing the beautiful nature and landscapes of Southern Arizona.
      And be sure to enjoy the local Sonoran cuisine.
      The cuisine is to die for.
      Be sure to show your Vanguard the sites of Tucson.
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  • Mack was born in Germany and behind the Berlin Wall when it still stood. So I reckon her folks must be quite Bohemian given her background and perhaps some of the reason she is perhaps a little open-minded with things. Who knows?

    The next part is a true story but not far from where she was born on the river Elbe lies Hamburg, a city that has, at St Pauli, a famous red-light district where everyday ordinary German men and women frequent sex shops and also a street called the Reeperbahn, where years ago only males could enter. This was a street of windows where ladies sold their services under fluorescent lighting.

    Being on business, British and my boss being a lady at the time, we could not go down this area so we ended up in a joint called the Doll House where loads of us were given monopoly money with the branding of the club to hand over to your favourite dancer or entertainer by our host.

    On the way, however, the area has a Police Station at the end of the street, and lined up all along were young girls who wore the same outfit — which was a white duffle coat to keep them warm and jeans. They would approach you and speak in different languages as they all had that same one foot of floor space to get your attention. They were, of course, prostitutes and the sheer number of them was frightening to the point we ended up walking in the road to avoid them. Think 100 plus girls lining the street.

    But this was the thing, someone, somewhere thought they were pieces of meat and had them all competing with each other despite them all being clever enough to speak many languages and were fine examples of the female form. They deserved better.

    So, here is the thing: I wonder what happened to them, some might have become veterans and ended up in the window street in the prime real estate area — no better off to be honest — but I guess a lot ended up like what we find here on this blog. Spent people who have been used.

    Back then we had a native to guide us who had no sash commission to earn that day so we had a great tour of the area and food down at the waterfront.

    Hopefully, someday, some of these followers will wise up to the fact they too have been taken advantage of.

    • “Mack was born in Germany and behind the Berlin Wall when it still stood.” Inception

      Mack was born in Preetz, West Germany, a town near Kiel and Lübeck.
      Preetz, Kiel and Lübeck were all in West Germany.

      While it is true the Reeperbahn is wild I doubt if two year old Allison Mack visited it before her family returned to California.
      Besides Saratoga County New York is more sedate than Hamburg.
      Hamburg Germany Night Life Walk Tour in 2020 – Summer St. Pauli Reeperbahn

      • Yeah I should have chosen my words more wisely but looking from the UK she was technically behind the wall from that perspective but obviously not within it. Plus whilst I never mentioned she visited the place there is a good chance she travelled through Hamburg airport as it happens to have better international connections than both Keil and Lubeck and happens to be located north of city an hour away from Preetz.

  • Brock Wilbur NXIVM interview questions were fascinating. NXIVM definitely did an excellent job of screening potential recruits.

  • Frank – Here’s another one.
    12 yr old Keith pays a visit to a psychologist.
    PSYCHOLOGIST – “Keith, I am going to show you some pictures of ink blots. Please tell me what you see. Here is the first one.”
    KEITH – “A man and a woman having sex. ”
    PSYCHOLOGIST – “And this one?”
    KEITH – “A woman giving a man oral sex.”
    PSYCHOLOGIST – “And this one?”
    KEITH – “A man going down on a woman.”
    PSYCHOLOGIST – “And finally, this one?”
    KEITH – “A man and two women in a threesome.”
    PSYCHOLOGIST – “Keith… You are excessively obsessed with sex”
    KEITH – “No I’m not. You are the one that insists on showing me dirty pictures!”

  • Looking forward to the coverage this week.

    On a side note; last week, due to a copyright take-down notice to a YouTube channel hosting EDUCO content, we discovered that EDUCO has been recruiting in the U.S. It is written up here: https://www.reddit.com/r/theNXIVMcase/comments/o1rlyi/it_seems_educo_which_has_many_similarities_to/

    I am making a wild request here; to whom do I report this to in the U.S.? Being a Scot, I have no idea of your federal laws that seem much more effective than ours here in blighty. I’m not necessarily reporting a crime, but I would like to notify someone over there that there is a similar group that has been recruiting.

    Keep up the great work, Frank!

  • Do you really want to know Allison Mack’s future?
    Find out how many people were willing to shell out seventy-five bucks for an autographed picture of the thespian.

    Other than people with strange fetishes,
    other than people who collect serial killer trading cards,
    you will not find much call for a woman who brands other women with hot irons and collects blackmail material on other women.

    My advice to Hollywood, if you need to recast Chloe Sullivan dig up Noel Neill.
    Noel Neill is a spry 101 years old.
    Noel Neill Statue Dedication at Superman Celebration in Metropolis, Illinois. 2010.

    • Shadowstate-

      The day you’ve been waiting for has finally arrived. Personally, I believe Mack deserves three years.

      I believe your opinion would be 10 years.

      Will you ever share your opinion with us or will you keep it close to your chest?

      Hope all is well!

  • Frank, if you’re gonna force us to read some fuckin’ Vaudeville rate comedy act here, can you at least come up with something original? Or better yet, just post those daily horoscopes you used to write back in the day.

    You see – pre-Frank Report, Frank Parlato Jr. dabbled in the fortune-telling business. Little known fact. And I gotta say, it’s not too shabby. And though Frank is mostly serious on Frank Report, he has been known to spin a ripping good yarn every now and then.

    Anyway, here’s for the readers written by Frank Parlato Jr.:

    “Cancer: (June 21 – July 22 (year unknown)): If idiots could fly, you would be an airport. Having control over yourself is nearly as good as having control over others. People never forget the first time they met you – although somehow they keep trying. You have no idea how acutely depressing it is for other people to realize they’re from the same species as you.” – FP, Jr.

    Frank, I can’t help but think, was this a premonition written for Bangkok?

    • IceNine
      Clearly you’re not a fan of Abbot and Costello if you don’t like vaudeville.

      All modern stand-up comedy is based off of vaudeville.

      IceHine I hought the punchline was funny.

      Did you get the punchline? Or did you answer ball-sack instead of “heart”.

    • Wikipedia

      Make a choice. What is the most applicable classification?


      Forensic classification

      This section provides insufficient context for those unfamiliar with the subject. Please help improve the article by providing more context for the reader. (November 2014) (Learn how and when to remove this template message)
      According to Anil Aggrawal, in forensic science, levels of sexual sadism and masochism are classified as follows:

      Sexual masochists:

      Class I: Bothered by, but not seeking out, fantasies. May be preponderantly sadists with minimal masochistic tendencies or non-sadomasochistic with minimal masochistic tendencies
      Class II: Equal mix of sadistic and masochistic tendencies. Like to receive pain but also like to be dominant partner (in this case, sadists). Sexual orgasm is achieved without pain or humiliation.
      Class III: Masochists with minimal to no sadistic tendencies. Preference for pain or humiliation (which facilitates orgasm), but not necessary to orgasm. Capable of romantic attachment.
      Class IV: Exclusive masochists (i.e. cannot form typical romantic relationships, cannot achieve orgasm without pain or humiliation).
      Sexual sadists:

      Class I: Bothered by sexual fantasies but do not act on them.
      Class II: Act on sadistic urges with consenting sexual partners (masochists or otherwise). Categorization as leptosadism is outdated.
      Class III: Act on sadistic urges with non-consenting victims, but do not seriously injure or kill. May coincide with sadistic rapists.
      Class IV: Only act with non-consenting victims and will seriously injure or kill them.
      The difference between I–II and III–IV is consent.[38]


    • I believe if she spent five months with you, it would be punishment enough!

      Of course, that would be, if she figured out a way not to be turned into soap.

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