Toni Natalie’s Accusations Backfire as Frank Parlato Unleashes the Truth

Toni Natalie

I was a developer and journalist before Clare Bronfman filed a criminal complaint against me with the FBI in 2011.

During the FBI’s four-year investigation, I could not work as a developer because I knew the Department of Justice (DOJ) might indict me at any time, and most development projects take years to complete. 

 So, during that period, I worked mostly as a journalist, along with other short-term stints.

The Office of the US Attorney for the Western District of New York filed an indictment against me on November 20, 2015.

At my arraignment, Assistant US Anthony M. Bruce asked Magistrate Judge Jeremiah McCarthy to issue a gag order.

The Buffalo News reported in 2015: “Frank Parlato Jr.’s unusual role as a newspaper owner writing about his own criminal case prompted the prosecution to ask for a gag order Monday.”

US Magistrate McCarthy denied the request. 

“I do not see a basis to do that,” Judge McCarthy said. “We do have a First Amendment.”

After my arraignment, I began the Frank Report.

My viability as a journalist – to earn a living – depends solely on my credibility.

Last November, Toni Natalie wrote a letter to my sentencing judge, the Hon. Richard Arcara, saying I am a lousy journalist and a worse human being.

Last week, the Albany Times Union reported on her letter, along with some of my letters of support.

As a good journalist, I should present Natalie’s letter to my readers and respond – in my publication and in my own name – since my livelihood depends on the words I publish and people’s trust in them.

The following are the relevant accusations of Natalie’s letter in bold and my remarks in regular typeface.


Toni Natalie

[In 2017] Mr. Parlato’s blog, Frank Report, was one of the few- if not the only [sic] place – at the time, willing to expose this organization’s horrendous activities. I and many others should have realized that there was no altruistic reason for his blog; Mr. Parlato claimed the only reason he faced any charges was because of NXIVM – something I and others had personally experienced. 

Frank Parlato

The FBI’s investigation of me began with Clare Bronfman. In January 2012, FBI Special Agent Thomas Provost told me Clare Bronfman filed a criminal complaint against me. Based on the FBI’s statement, Bronfman appears to be how the FBI got involved in my affairs.

Mr. Parlato was doing PR work for the NXIVM organization, being paid 75K per month, claiming to have a lot of knowledge about the organization, and how to stop it, so his spin fit. Mr. Parlato also told me that he, along with Rodger [sic] Stone and Steve Pigeon we’re [sic] offered $1 million if they could get me indicted.

Toni might have mentioned I declined the offer. 

However, she wrote about it in her book, “The Program: Inside the Mind of Keith Raniere and the Rise and Fall of NXIVM,” which Grand Central Publishing released in September 2019.

In that book, she wrote: “The bounty on my head was $1 million…. Parlato refused to take the assignment, suggesting that Keith instead rehabilitate his name by generating positive news stories focusing on the core ESP business of human potential….”

I now believe the only reason Mr. Parlato started his blog to expose NXIVM was to gain sympathy for his case. By pointing the finger at NXIVM, the government, and your honor, would see him as someone good, comparing himself to the victims of NXIVM.

Natalie felt differently when her book was published in 2019. 

She wrote:

“Frank Parlato regarded the indictment as an act of war. He was at war with NXIVM. And he would use every means at his disposal—his two Buffalo-area weeklies, Artvoice and the Niagara Falls Reporter; a new blog called Frank Report; his connections and money; his indomitable will; and, most of all, the knowledge that he was in the right—to prevail.

“There were three things Keith Raniere did not anticipate: the Internet, a mother’s love, and Frank Parlato. All three would contribute to his downfall.”

Many of us were grateful for his blog at the time. Not realizing much of the information, [sic] he was receiving was coercively obtained. As the story grew worldwide attention, so did the Frank Report and his need for more information, and the clock was running on his own case. 

To date, no one I know of has claimed they were coerced into giving me information. My investigative stories on NXIVM got worldwide attention in the fall of 2017 – almost six years ago.

His blog became increasingly salacious, desperately trying to keep himself relevant, including naming victims of sexual trafficking and assault, using first and last names, photos, addresses, personal information, and locations. Some of these are the same victims Mr. Parlato claimed at one time to be protecting.

Since the NXIVM prosecution in 2018, I have followed the direction of Judge Nicholas Garaufis in US v Raniere regarding the naming of first or last names of NXIVM/DOS members. 

Before there was a prosecution – i.e., 2017 – and it was unknown if there would ever be one, I named many NXIVM/DOS members.

I had a good reason for doing so. I believed NXIVM/DOS was dangerous and its members should be exposed. When someone left, I took their name down.

Even before the story became well known, my stories ended DOS. 

The Dossier Project wrote:

“By May 2017, DOS had 105 participants and was growing rapidly… 

“Parlato revealed the existence of DOS on his website, the Frank Report… This effectively ended DOS. Everything ceased…”

Natalie’s facts are completely wrong. She alleges I named members after the stories I broke became international news. But to reiterate, I named DOS members in 2017 before the New York Times wrote about DOS – crediting me with breaking the story – which led to the FBI investigating Keith Raniere and his financier, Clare Bronfman – whose criminal complaint had caused my original indictment.

Mr. Parlato stated on his blog that if victims of DOS contacted him and proved they were no longer involved in DOS (the slave group developed by Keith Raniere), he would remove their names. 

The catch, they would have to give him the name of someone else, something else for his blog – to have their names removed.

I sought to stop DOS and prevent the ongoing branding and coerced collateral payments. I had to balance the need to protect the individual DOS members with the need to protect others in the group and the public.

I would remove her name from the website if a DOS member left the group and was not recruiting new members.  What Natalie claims is bad behavior protected many women – including women who would have otherwise been recruited.

To these girls, this was yet another form of coercion, coercive control, a quid pro quo – a name of someone still in DOS to have their name removed. Some of these girls contacted me, not knowing what to do to stop their names from becoming clickbait for the sex cult on the world wide web—Mr. Parlato’s form of what he calls journalism, and the public’s right to know. 

I spoke to Mr. Parlato on multiple occasions, asking him to please remove the names and photos of these young girls, explaining that when we made mistakes when we were younger, our parents addressed the issues, not the Internet, to be seen forever. 

‘Girls,’ Natalie writes, and ‘young girls?’

To the best of my knowledge, the youngest woman of the 105 women in DOS, in 2017 – when I wrote about this – was India Oxenberg. She was 27 years old.  

India Oxenberg starred and produced a docuseries called Seduced, on STARZ….

Speaking of India, I am pretty sure if I had not named her, she might have remained and would have been indicted.

She said in her docuseries, Seduced, episode #4:

“Even within NXIVM, no members outside of DOS were supposed to know that it existed. As soon as the [Frank Report] posts started coming up, there was a ton of questions, and a lot of chatter. My slaves left immediately after that. And none of them had to complete the seduction assignment or be branded. That was a huge relief.”

The naming of DOS members occurred before the FBI began investigating. Under the influence and control of Keith Raniere, I believed DOS was an active, dangerous organization.

Many women were unaware of the danger and recruited other women into the master/slave sorority. It stopped only when I exposed this in 2017.  

Sarah Edmondson wrote in her book Scarred:

“Catherine [Oxenberg] begged me to tell my story to a reporter named Frank Parlato, who’d been in a long legal fight with the Bronfman sisters. He had once been hired by the Bronfmans to do some PR, but the Bronfmans ended up suing him. Since then, he’d made it his life’s work to uncover information about the workings of NXIVM and blog about it. Under the condition that he would not disclose my name, I told Frank about my branding experience, so that he could expose DOS in time to stop the next session. From my hotel room in Toronto, I told Frank everything. Releasing that secret was the biggest relief so far.”

“We were successful. The word about Frank’s blog spread in the community, and because of this heat the next branding ceremony was called off. “

Mr. Parlato was unaware I was in contact with any of the DOS girls as they feared retaliation if they spoke out, and many of them still do.

Natalie is not being honest. In her letter to the judge, she objects to my naming DOS members – which I did in 2017. 

Yet, in 2019, two years after I named DOS members, her book praised my conduct.

She wrote: “Frank Parlato achieved more than any single outlet could have in the fight to bring Keith Raniere to justice. It is not hyperbole to say Keith wouldn’t have seen his day in court without the Frank Report.”

I declined when Mr. Parlato pressured me for contacts to work with him on his upcoming documentaries—offering to pay me and add me to his team. It was 7/4/2019, I was on a call with Mr. Parlato. He said that if I helped him and share my contacts, he might be able to control what is said about me on his blog. I asked him if he was threatening me. As he stated multiple times, the pen is mightier than the sword.

I certainly did not need her contacts. I’m not sure she has any contacts. On July 4, 2019, I suggested she and I work together on a documentary. She declined. I made the film without her.

Hundreds of negative stories about me began, with his monikers, many being Frank himself fanning the flames with comments to keep the clicks coming. 

It is important to get one’s facts straight in court and in journalism.

There weren’t hundreds of negative stories. There were about 50 stories that were negative but truthful. I also wrote over 50 positive stories about her. 

The reason for the first negative story was that, as part of the publicity for her upcoming book, her publishers claimed Natalie raised her son as a single mother.

This was untrue. Natalie gave up her son so she could stay with Keith Raniere. The father raised him. 

I wrote Was Toni Natalie Lying About Her Role as Single Mother?

After my story appeared in Frank Report, her publishers changed the “single mother” part of the publicity campaign for her book.

I reported Toni Natalie’s Publishers Remove ‘Single Mother’ From Description of Her New Book

He used photos of my son, claiming I had him on a DOS diet. 

Natalie is not being honest here either. She provided that photo of her son, with Keith Raniere and herself, to support her false claim that she raised her son as a single mother.

I merely reprinted the 25-plus-year-old photo she had provided to the media.

After Natalie’s book was published, the father contacted me. He did NOT complain that I published a picture of his now-adult son. Instead, he told me how Natalie and Raniere abused the child before she abandoned him.  

I quoted him in the story:  

Toni Natalie Put Her Own Son on Keith’s Low Calorie Diet – Happily He Escaped From Both of Them

By the way, the “boy,” is now an adult man – over 30 years old. Natalie and Raniere’s alleged abuse of her son occurred more than 25 years ago.

Ex-Husband Rusty DeCook Speaks From the Heart – About His Son – and Toni Natalie

I also questioned her conflicting stories about why she left Raniere.

Did Toni Natalie Leave Raniere Over Being Raped, Losing Her Son, or a Black Wool Sweater?

[Parlato published] Pictures of my deceased brother and his obituary with the claim I lied about his death in my book… his autopsy states suicide. 

A big part of Natalie’s story is the dramatic claim that Raniere caused her brother’s suicide. Raniere did many reprehensible things, but it is unlikely he caused John Natalie’s death. 

John’s longtime girlfriend, Lisa LoPresti, who was with John the day he died, told me John did not commit suicide. He died of a heart condition. Lisa also informed me that Natalie had not seen her brother for two years before he died.

Toni Natalie…. 

I reported this: Toni Natalie Lies About Her Own Brother’s Death!

He delved into every facet of my life, taking small amounts of truth, and putting his Frank Report spin on it.

One of his targets was a family who lost their daughter Kristin Snyder in 2003. Because her body was never found he made this a focus for his upcoming true crime show. 

When Mr. Parlato contacted the family and brought the producers in to film, they were unaware that Kristin’s sister Kim, who Mr. Parlato wanted to film, was a mentally challenged woman. Something he was aware of. Seeing the effect this was having on her and her family the producers never used any of the footage showing the family. 

I wonder how Natalie “knows” I contacted the Snyder family or the producer’s intentions? Kim Snyder recalls she initially contacted me, not the reverse.

The producers and I filmed the Snyder family in Dillon, South Carolina, in 2019, through an arrangement with Kim and her mother, Jonnie Snyder – the missing and presumably deceased Kristin Snyder’s sister and mother.

The producers – of which I was one – collectively decided not to use the footage for The Lost Women of NXIVM documentary – but to save it for an anticipated sequel – which is planned to show the results of our further investigations into the deaths of the five ‘lost’ women [now six] and the impact of time and Raniere’s incarceration. This decision had nothing to do with Kim Snyder’s mental abilities or condition.

Kim Snyder…

Natalie’s words were hurtful to Kim Snyder. As far as it is known, Natalie is not a mental health professional. Yet, she declares in a public letter that Kim Snyder is “mentally challenged.”

Kim never liked being diagnosed by Natalie, and this is not the first time Natalie has done so. 

Kim Snyder told her side of the story more than four years ago to combat what she calls Natalie’s abuse of her and her family:

Kim Snyder Tries to Refute Toni Natalie’s Claim That She Is Retarded – ‘It’s Important to Me’!

But Mr. Parlato still uses her today as click bate [sic], along with many other NXIVM victims.

Actually, Natalie has made statements about the Snyder family for years, often signing off on social media postings with #justiceforKristinSnyder.

The Snyder family told me they were troubled by how Natalie portrayed them in her book.

Snyder Family Condemns Toni Natalie for Lie She Told in Her Book About Kristin Snyder

He has now moved on as a hired PR gun, on other topics, such as, if you have lost custody of your children, he will expose the court and CPS wrongdoings on his blog – along with photos of the children in question.

Natalie states this without evidence. I write many stories, including a few custody cases, not as a PR agent but as a journalist.

Mr. Parlato’s claim to be an “investigative journalist” who uses his blog and media contacts to retraumatize and torment victims, a weapon to silence people….

I strongly suspect Ms. Natalie wrote the letter to my sentencing judge not because of any bad behavior on my part but because I exposed evidence of falsehood she told in her widely publicized book.

Among the stories I published were:

Toni Natalie’s ‘Keith Hypnotized Me Into Quitting Smoking’ Story Disputed by Ex-Husband Rusty

Toni Natalie Claims She Saw Rhiannon – the Little Girl Raped By Raniere – in August 1991 – But Rhiannon Was Already in Juvenile Home By Then

UPDATED: Toni Natalie’s Book: She Commits Assault and Battery on Wimpy Husband #4 – Scott Foley – and Blames Keith Raniere

Did Toni Natalie Commit Perjury Concerning Her Art Collection in Bankruptcy Court – Just as Raniere Alleged?

Was Toni Natalie Really ‘Sued Into Oblivion’ by Keith Raniere?

Toni Natalie Claims She Married a Man to ‘Prevent a Mob War’!

Mr. Parlato boldly boasting on his blog that he is only being sentenced for not filing a single paper with the IRS. 

The way I look at it is Al Capone was convicted of tax evasion, but we all know there was so much more. 

After a four-year FBI investigation and seven years under the cloud of an indictment, alleging millions in fraud and concealment, the DOJ offered a plea deal of a single count of failure to file IRS Form 8300 for $19,970 – of which I paid taxes on the income.

That’s no boast. It is what I pled guilty to as a matter of fact and law.

The article she references is:

Buffalo News: Frank Parlato Speaks Out on Plea Deal Outside the Courthouse

Frank Parlato thinks people respect him. They don’t respect him; they fear him. I’m not afraid of Frank Parlato, just like I am not afraid of Keith Raniere – at some point; you must face the devil and know that justice will prevail. 

The world is dangerous, not because of those who do evil but because of those who look on and do nothing.

Respectively [sic],

Toni Natalie

Perhaps Natalie thinks she can discredit my stories if I go to prison. Then she can claim she beat the ‘devil’ and told the judge about Frank ‘Capone,’ and the judge can ‘respectively’ put me away.

However, if Natalie believes I wrote falsely about her, she has a remedy in law – to sue me for libel. But she would not dare for the truth would be my defense of such an action. Instead, she seeks to influence my sentencing which has nothing to do with her whatsoever by telling lies to the judge.  She is an interesting animal, and in so many ways well suited for the man who gave her fame Keith Raniere.

To close with one word of praise for Natalie, I will say this. She was the first of Raniere’s many girlfriends to speak publicly against him. For that, she deserves credit.  While many things she said about Raniere were not true, some of them were true. Even in her exaggerations, she helped expose his monstrous criminality before others spoke out or had the temerity to do so.

In that respect, she helped me and others end the career of terror of an inordinately wicked individual. Her habitual lying often hindered rather than helped others who fought Raniere armed with his Bronfman millions in stopping the brutal and vicious NXIVM leader.

Natalie has many of his savage traits and was in so many ways Raniere’s perfect companion. She is a curious mixture of malice, pettiness, and deceit, much like Clare Bronfman, who maliciously interposed herself in my life almost 12 years ago.


About the author

Frank Parlato


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  • Parlato is almost 70.

    After years under indictment there is not a single victim.

    The three “victims” wrote letters unrelated to his single pleading of a misdemeanor charge.

    Each of the three are proven liars who Frank Parlato exposed.

    • Drain the swamp — not necessarily with Trump.

      We just need to vote for whoever will 100% most definitely drain the entire swamp. Enough is enough.

  • Toni Natalie is not a whistleblower. What a joke.
    She’s a compulsive liar who exploits for self serving purposes. She victimized Kim Snyder by stating that she has mental health issues.
    The govt is so desperate because there are no victims, that they’re entertaining bullshit non-related claims of vindictive people.

  • These co-authors should have published as fan-fiction or whatever that genre is where you insert yourself into an existing historical novel and take it wheresoever you please…’Wuthering Bites’ or
    ‘I Am Heathcliff’.

    Or is it Realistic Fiction? “I’m lying, but I could be right if I mess with the facts?” – then they could wheedle out of deceptions involving others – with the old ” All persons portrayed are fictitious” disclaimer -instead of being exposed for libellous accusations and misinformation.

    Also, quite corrupt behaviour, I think, to conspire to send an innocent man to prison – and with a poison pen. Very vindictive. Which is why it’s unlikely Natalie and Hardin will get another publishing deal.

    Let alone impress a judge with the vexatious nonsense in the phony Al Capone letter.

  • Totally on topic:

    διαίρει καὶ βασίλευε

    diaírei kài basíleue

    divide et impera

    divide ut regnes

    “In politics, the concept refers to a strategy that breaks up existing power structures, and especially prevents smaller power groups from linking up, causing rivalries and fomenting discord among the people to prevent a rebellion against the elites or the people implementing the strategy. The goal is either to pit the lower classes against themselves to prevent a revolution, or to provide a desired solution to the growing discord that strengthens the power of the elites …

    Clive R. Boddy found that “divide and conquer” was a common strategy by corporate psychopaths used as a smokescreen to help consolidate and advance their grip on power in the corporate hierarchy.”

    A few topics of discussion that might unite us all …

    1. Compare and contrast: a CBDC chip under the skin of the hand / a Raniere brand on the pelvis
    2. Why did we praise Hollywood, Disney World and the British royal family for so long?
    3. How did NXIVM persist?

  • India said in her docuseries, Seduced, episode #4 something Toni doesn’t understand or doesn’t want to understand:

    “Even within NXIVM, no members outside of DOS were supposed to know that it existed. As soon as the [Frank Report] posts started coming up, there was a ton of questions, and a lot of chatter. My slaves left immediately after that. And none of them had to complete the seduction assignment or be branded. That was a huge relief.”

  • Wow – sounds pretty vindictive on Toni’s part. Frank’s court matter has absolutely nothing to do with her. She launched this opportunistic rant simply to hurt someone she considers an enemy. Pretty shameful, but I doubt she will feel any of that emotion. Clearly she was hurt pretty badly in her interactions with Raniere, but it also seems fairly clear she has some manipulative and vengeful agendas of her own as well. I have sympathy for Frank Parlato having to deal with this on top of an already stressful situation and wish him a good outcome.

  • Please don’t lie to me, unless you’re absolutely sure I’ll never find out the truth.

    Ashleigh Brilliant
    (1933 – ) English author & cartoonist

  • When I was a little boy, they called me a liar, but now that I am grown up, they call me a writer.

    Isaac Singer
    (1902 – 1991) Polish Jewish American

  • OMG…It looks like Toni is morphing into Michael Jackson. i sure hope her nose doesn’t fall off.

  • Don’t worry! I too am sending a letter to the judge about ol’ Ginzo and will post it here on Frank Report (provided Ginzo doesn’t act like a little bitch and not post it! 🙄)!

    ✊🏻 IF WE BELIEVE!!!!!! ✊🏻


  • Toni,
    You are trying to put someone in prison for non-crimes unrelated to the case. Think about what you are doing?

    Are you any better than Keith Raniere? Do you not consider prison a form of cruelty, for someone convicted of a victimless, process crime?

    Think about what you are attempting to do. This is evil. This is right out of the NXIVM playbook: attack and terrorize your (perceived) “enemies”.

    Why on Earth would you have someone write this delusional letter? I do not believe you wrote it.

    Please reconsider these NXIVMesque acts of evil.

      • Praying for Toni’s safety. Hoping she’s safe enough to be a real whistleblower some day. says:

        It’s more likely that Chet Hardin is Toni Natalie’s handler. Sophisticated mind games in the “long march through the institutions” have almost conquered the world, now. I’d be happy to learn that Chet isn’t her handler, but she’d probably be a likely target to silence or steer in that situation. No offense intended, it just seems she was more likely fooled and then damaged enough to want to mostly defend having been so fooled and so damaged. I’m praying for her safety first and then her wisdom. She probably knows deep down what NXIVM actually was and is too afraid to even think about it.

    • Pilgrim-

      Toni Natalie is heavily narcissistic woman. She only cares about herself.
      She treated her son like sh*t according to her ex husband and the son. The son missed his mom and temporarily moved in with him.

      She kicked the kid out when he wasn’t helping with her carefully crafted good-mother narrative.

      She is a grifter who will lie and steal given the opportunity.

    • Who is using sexually abused women as a get out of jail free card here? Frank opened this can of worms and then wants to whine like a teenager when people have a different reality of him then the one he has full control over on this platform.

      • He posts plenty of bad comments about himself. He also defends his position.
        How is that crying?
        You have a woman who is not a victim attempting to put him in prison based on lies.
        This is what you cheer for?

  • Hey Shadow-

    “Republicans’ IRS ‘whistleblower X’ is a gay Democrat in criminal division with 13 years at the agency.”
    (Fox News)

    Being a Democrat(whistleblower) is germane to the story, BUT is being a’GAY pertinent information?


    • Take this irrelevant topic to Twitter or Foxnews or MyLiesAreMyTruth-Social or wherever you love to hate your fellow Americans.

    • Thanks for posting that podcast. Does it offer a few clues about who might have been behind what eventually was the worldwide NXIVM Project? How did the New York State police confiscate computers with NXIVM information years before Raniere was arrested and not see Raniere and his network committing crimes all over the world?

      It was sort of like Cindy McCain telling a group of people, “Everyone knew what Epstein was doing.” and Alexander Acosta saying he was told to “back off of Epstein at the time because Epstein belonged to intelligence”.

      We’ve let the worst of the worst run the world.

      After the podcaster asks Toni to tell him the exact name of the Consumers’ Buyline company, he asks her to tell him about Consumers’ Buyline saying, “Okay, cause – – Consumers Buyline – – and that was – – tell us what that was so we get a sense of where he was when you met him.” He asks her to tell him about Consumers’ Buyline, not about the early 90s before the internet, the way people tried to know if someone was honest by looking in their eyes etc.

      She seems to regret that there was no way for her to predict what Raniere would eventually do. Toni needs to understand: Raniere fooled many people. She wasn’t the only person fooled. Instead of answering the podcaster’s question directly, she doesn’t describe the Consumers’ Buyline company right away. Instead, she explains what she likes “to preface with people”. Toni needs to understand: She doesn’t need to preface anything with anything when she talks about Raniere. She just needs to tell the truth. The truth will set her free and BK Chet needs to set her free too, if he’s her enabler.

      Most of us can understand why Toni might feel defensive when talking about Raniere. Raniere is probably a psychopath. He probably messed with Toni’s mind in the same way he messed with so many minds … and some might have messed with his mind before that.

      Toni, Keith, Chet and the rest of us probably made many mistakes. Most of us regret our mistakes. In fact, billions of people around the world say out loud at least once a week in many languages, “Oh God, be merciful to me, a sinner …”

      Toni seems sadly desperate to want to make excuses for all the mistakes she made while influenced by Raniere — and what about the enablers? Given the history of world politics, he might have had enablers and/or handlers. If he had handlers, let’s focus less on gossip, more on truth asap and also the handlers if handlers were involved in any way.

      The 1990s were after the 1980s which were after the 1970s. Raniere’s father worked for Seagrams and Eddie Arnold was army “intelligence”. How did Eddie Arnold, the Bronfmans and the Dalai Lama (also CIA-funded) all get involved in NXIVM?

      As the Times Union editorial asked in 2020, “How did NXIVM Persist”?

      Toni’s description of Consumers’ Buyline: “So, it was consumers-based organization. It was a membership buying club, kind of like a Sams or a BJs or a Costco type of thing? And there was – – you know, x amount was paid per month for this membership and then you saved hundreds or thousands of dollars on your goods and services depending on how much you used the membership. The basic pro – – pra – program — the Consumers Buyline membership was good. It was Keith that was the problem. And it grew to over 200,000 people at one point. So it was a huge organization, it was all across the United States. But he was a businessman as you say … and he presented this in a way that seemed legitimate and your had no reason not, really to believe that – – and the enablers who were with him then … helped him perpetuate this lie … ”

      Instead of attacking Frank, is it possible for Toni to understand how much of a survivor she might actually be? Would she be willing to tell us more about what she called Raniere’s “enablers”? Raniere’s father was an ad executive working on the Seagrams account, while “frequently away from home”. Did Toni ever meet him? Does she know who invited Eddie Albert to be the spokesperson for Consumers’ Buyline? Does she know how Pam Cafritz got so deeply involved and who decided she would procure young girls for Raniere?

      If enablers or handlers were involved in the NXIVM project, they need Toni to be on the defense so Toni stays on the offense against NXIVM whistleblowers and anyone else — except Raniere and his “enablers”.

      “… Before World War II, and before his film career, Albert had toured Mexico as a clown and high-wire artist with the Escalante Brothers Circus, but secretly worked for U.S. Army intelligence, photographing German U-boats in Mexican harbors … In 1950, Margo and Albert’s names were both published in “Red Channels”, an anti-Communist pamphlet that sought to expose purported Communist influence within the entertainment industry. This was part of a larger trend of blacklisting motion-picture professionals whose known or suspected Communist leanings, unless they testified before the House Un-American Activities Committee to disavow any Communist affiliations …”

  • 😂 Toni was the cautionary tale whispered into the ears of any member who sought to leave Raniere’s side. says:

    About the Author patient zero,
    Toni Natalie spent eight years with Keith Raniere, as his girlfriend and business partner. She watched as Raniere transformed himself from a multi-level marketing guru into a vicious cult leader. When she finally did muster the strength to leave, Raniere doggedly pursued Toni with multiple litigations. Toni was the cautionary tale whispered into the ears of any member who sought to leave Raniere’s side. This is Toni’s tribute to the women and men who lost years, loved ones, and for some, their lives.

  • Someone should check Toni’s taxes. She’s so concerned for Frank’s, I bet hers is way more interesting. To sit so maliciously and write this sloppy ass letter to the judge is preposterous.

  • Rub-a-dub-dub

    Toni, Clare, and Nancy in a tub
    And who do you think watched?

    Twas Franky, Spanky, and Hanky.

    First came Spanky, then came Franky, and out popped poor Hanky.

    Hanky hated his life. It’s sucks to be used for cleanup unless it’s in baseball.

  • Frank – How can someone, (Toni), who claims to have PTSD because of their association with Keith, sit through an entire trial hour by hour, day by day?
    Also, please can you remind us of the yearbook photo?

    • For those who don’t know, Toni claims she dropped out of high school in the tenth grade. Yet, her photo appears in her school’s senior yearbook.

      • Frank-

        Toni Natalie deserves everything that has been heaped on her.

        Karma is a bitch. Her botched plastic surgery job is a product of karma and going to a quack—whose office is next door to a 24hr dentist.

        I remember when Toni went around bad mouthing you. She told a slew of ex-NXiVM members that you were bad news – all because she thought it would help her *INTERESTS.

        *I said INTERESTS because I don’t know whether or not Frank will write an article on the subject.

        There are so many new readers! I don’t know why Frank wouldn’t write an article.

  • Frank
    To John’s family and the other victims in this scenario, I am here to say, “I am so sorry 😢 and I am praying for you, and my heart goes out to you.”
    This has been a horrible nightmare that Toni has created for mom and me, and the “fake, lying” diagnosis of me, that she so swears mom told her, is a psychotic LIE “ .
    Toni is a psychotic liar, from my false diagnosis, to her lies to Dr. Oz about mom and me, are something she can NEVER take back, or make up for.
    Toni, YOU have made my life a living HELL, from the false diagnosis of me, to everyone around you, to Dr. Oz to the judges’, you are a psychotic narcissistic psychopath.
    No one asked you to be OUR “family spokes person”. No one asked you to help with MY sister’s case, or to peddle the “hashtag Kris”. YOU have made all of this up. Leave MY family and ME along with Kris’ friends alone. YOU have NO business contacting them. Stop 🛑
    Toni, get OUT of MY life and stay OUT.
    I am beating your narcissistic self !

  • She is still the same lying, vindictive bitch she’s always been.
    Along with being too stupid to run an email through a grammar check.
    What’s that they say, you have to remember your lies.
    She still can’t.

  • Toni obsessed over Keith not vice versa. And in her obsession she kept committing crimes and getting caught.

  • If you take away John’s suicide and add that she hadn’t talk to him in years… You take away her “single mother” routine and that she never tried to have a relationship with her son after she left Keith a year after he gave her up… You had in how she left NXIVM in 1998 a few months after it started and inserted herself falsely into the Snyder family in 2018+ – what is left to Toni’s story about NXIVM and Keith?

    Toni and Keith broke up 20 years before his trial.

  • Did Toni insert herself in the Snyder family so she could pretend to be relevant?

    What does Kim say ?

    She is really evil.

  • I need to make it clear John Natalie did not commit suicide. Truth matters.

    We can’t say how bad we have been made to feel about her lying about our dear John.

    • Have you tried sending a copy of John’s statement of death (or what it’s called in the US) from the Medical Examiner/Coroner, which legally states the official cause of death, along with a cease and desist, to Toni AND her publisher? The publisher would (should!) be forced to stop selling the book because they would have proof it contains lies about John’s cause of death. Or at least force them to add a disclaimer that John did not commit suicide as per Toni’s claims.

  • Toni Nata-lie is a modern day example of one cutting off the nose to spite the facts.

  • Maybe Toni has Munchausen. What crimes did Toni commit to cause her to lie so much? Her fabrications are signs of guilt and a personality disorder in my opinion. I wonder if she is angry the world now knows she’s a pathological liar? Some liars will usually lie more often than others. Some lie with remorse, while others have no feelings of guilt when lying. There are natural liars, pathological liars, and psychopaths. Which is Toni in your opinion?

  • The researchers said the amygdala shows up less and less, as we lie more and more. Essentially, our guilt feelings tend to weaken and shrink. Also lies that helped the person telling the lie may draw even less response from the amygdala.

  • One of the seven deadly sins God hates is a lying tongue (Proverbs 6:16-17). Here is why God hates lying. A person who lies hates the individual they are lying to (Proverbs 26:28). And if you hate another human being, God views the hater as a murderer (1 John 3:15; 1 John 4:20).

  • Keith couldn’t keep his mouth shut & that kept getting him into trouble.

    It appears that his exgf Toni can’t keep her mouth shut either.

    Just when the dust was blown over from the Frank Reports about her lies of her book, Toni has to write Franks judge a nasty note.

    Which now backfires on Toni just like Keith’s need for revenge to get back at those he feel harmed him by tell the truth about his behavior.

    Two peas in a pod Keith & Toni are.

    Victim blaming when they are the ones who cause the problems in the first place.

  • The lie about John Natalie suicide is all one needs to know. To make her story dramatic she makes up a suicide and blames Keith. It’s mind boggling. How do you trust anything she says ?

    • It was dishonorable to blame Keith for her brothers death. To Toni the whole world is stupid and one must pay to be in her world. Her ugly face was right up there for kieths trial. She even wore stripes for the occasion.

    • Here’s what she said on the “Dogma : Cults, Conspiracy Secret Societies” podcast.

      It’s reasonable:

      “So, what’s the worst thing I ever saw him do? Destroy my child’s childhood. I mean, for me personally – – attacked my parents um, be relentless with my brother to the point where you know, he passed away in 2009. The cause of death was suicide. Do I think my brother decided, “Today I’m going to swallow about bottle of pills and die? No, but I think that he was pushed to the point where he just couldn’t get Keith to leave us alone and he was tired and I think he over medicated.”

      Leave her alone 9:33 pm. Show some compassion.

  • I was very surprised when I saw a photo of Keith with a gf (Toni) and her son from a previous marriage. Knowing Keith would never tolerate having to compete with another male for his gf’s attention and affections, I just assumed she soon left with her son to protect him.

    This article makes me realize Toni was just another Allison (who was just another Karla Homolka). Toni got rid of her son to please Keith. For those who don’t know, pedophiles always get rid of male children (unless they’re into boys too), and any other males (brothers, friends, etc) because they won’t tolerate having male competition or male protectors around. But if Toni’s child had been a girl… we all know what would have happened to her.

    I hope Toni thinks about what she put her son through, how much she hurt him by choosing a man over her own son. People think a mother’s love is so strong, but some women will choose their boyfriend over their own child in a heartbeat. Unfortunately for her son, Toni was one of them.

    In my eyes, any mother who chooses cock over her own children deserves to rot in hell for the trauma and rejection she put her children through. Toni should be spending her time begging for forgiveness from her son, and trying to make up for her monstrous decisions to please and love Keith instead of loving and protecting her own son, rather than badmouthing Frank. Put your emotions and energies where they’re needed, Toni: with your son (and grandchildren if you have any).

  • Frank, how do the NXVIM whistleblowers feel about Toni Natalie? I remember in The Vow, Mark and Bonnie went to her house and were all chummy with her. Do you know if they are still in touch?

    • I doubt Bonnie and Mark have a lot to say to Toni. I don’t think they are at odds either. Toni was helpful in the fight. I’ve said that before.

      I’ve been in contact with both Mark and Bonnie recently. But Toni and I have not spoken since 2019.

      During the battle in 2017 we all had a common cause – survive The war waged by Bronfman Raniere and defeat them.

  • Wait. She compared Frank Parlato to Al Capone. WTF?

    Putting aside the fact that she is slandering Frank because of his Italian heritage, Toni Natalie isn’t just a liar. She’s an unhinged professional victim.

    Al Capone left a trail of murder and violence everywhere The Outfit went. Toni Natalie should know. So did Keith Raniere and Claire Bronfman:

    That’s not Frank Parlato. He’s not “the devil.” He’s a guy the NY elite class targeted back in 2011. He’s been dealing with a “political contract” case for over a decade.

    Unlike Capone, the only ones Frank Parlato hurt were corrupt politicians and business interests, making it more expensive for them to operate by bringing their shady deals out of the shadows. For example, Parlato saved taxpayers $300 million on a 30-year contract at the Maid of the Mist that was about to be bid $10 million under annual market value. Parlato did this by telling the truth in his reporting. The elites were unhappy because they couldn’t rob the taxpayers on that deal and had to play by the rules.

    Toni Natalie is a classic professional victim caught in the victim-rescuer-persecutor triangle. Keith Raniere rescued her until she needed rescuing from him and he became her persecutor.

    Frank Parlato rescued Toni Natalie from Raniere, and was the new rescuer. Until the book deals came along. Then some book agent became Toni Natalie’s rescuer, and Frank Parlato had to become the persecutor.

    Question : Has she sued the book agent yet, or is Toni Natalie convinced that the book agent is still a rescuer as long as she persecutes Parlato?

    As long as there’s still hope for another book people will buy and another payday, I guess.

    This is science. I will bet dollars to donuts, Toni Natalie sues her book agent when they tell her nobody wants to pay to read about her sorry life anymore. Then the book agent becomes the persecutor, draws all her ire, and she forgets all about Frank Parlato:

    Remember, it’s not a lie for Toni Natalie if her narrative as a professional victim demands that it happened!

  • I think Toni is being passive aggressive towards Kim Snyder. Why would she write this crap to Frank’s judge? Calling Kim mentally challenged once again to a different judge. I’m surprised her book publisher or Kim Snyder hasn’t sued her.

  • My association with ESP was extremely brief. I sensed dishonesty, manipulation and danger at early onset so I did not continue after introductory workshops.

    I view all the characters in this drama in a mixed light. Everyone is attempting to be honest but also searching for recognition, fame and power. I view everyone including Frank Parlato through this lens.

    I believe in transparency but I would never feel safe disclosing my real world identity on this site. I’m too easy to find and there are too many people here who have grievances.

    I wish everyone the best making sense of ESP/ NXIVM, self-reflecting and learning something about themselves in the process. BEST An

  • October 10, 2015 — Times Union article published article with headline, “NXIVM attorneys pressed criminal case”

    A few weeks later …

    November 20, 2015 — Office of the US Attorney for the Western District of New York filed an indictment against Frank.

    “Records from the two-year investigation, which began in April 2012, indicate the State Police’s lead investigator… had contact dozens of times with NXIVM’s attorneys, who pressured him to file criminal charges.” Brendan J. Lyons

    From the October 2015 Times Union article:

    “David Rossi, a chief assistant district attorney, and asked him to take the computer trespassing case. Kirsopp said he learned of that contact when Rossi called him and told him their office, citing a conflict of interest, would not take the case but would refer it to a special prosecutor.”

    Did the chief assistant district attorney have a conflict of interest? Did the entire office have a conflict of interest?

    Did that conflict of interest stop the AG from investigating NXIVM until The New York Times rang the bell in 2017? 🤔

    Here’s The Times Union article:

    NXIVM attorneys pressed criminal case
    Details of inquiry into computer hacking case revealed through records filed in court recently
    Brendan J. Lyons
    Oct. 10, 2015 Updated: Oct. 11, 2015 5:03 p.m.

    Attorneys for the secretive NXIVM corporation were heavily involved in a State Police investigation that resulted in criminal charges against four people accused of hacking into the organization’s computer system, according to court records.

    Records from the two-year investigation, which began in April 2012, indicate the State Police’s lead investigator in the case, Rodger Kirsopp, had contact dozens of times with NXIVM’s attorneys, who pressured him to file criminal charges. The records show NXIVM officials, and their attorneys, also provided much of the evidence used by Kirsopp to build the unusual criminal case against the four defendants, all of whom were considered adversaries of NXIVM.

    By the time the investigation ended in March 2014, three attorneys from the Albany law firm of O’Connell & Aronowitz, whose attorneys have represented NXIVM for years, had contact with the investigator more than 30 times, including attending interviews he conducted with NXIVM employees and delivering documents and other evidence, including computer records, to the investigator’s State Police barracks in Clifton Park.

    The details of the investigation were made public in recent court filings in which one of the defendants, Barbara J. Bouchey, who is a former NXIVM executive board member, accused Kirsopp of distorting facts to build the criminal case against her. In a motion seeking a dismissal of the felony charge against her, Bouchey also accuses NXIVM and two of its longtime leaders, Clare and Sarah Bronfman, of using court proceedings, including the criminal case, to punish Bouchey after she left NXIVM in 2009.

    “NXIVM has maintained an enemy’s list and over the years have attacked certain individuals who have chosen to leave their organization,” said the pending motion filed by Pamela D. Hayes, one of Bouchey’s attorneys. A judge has not ruled on the motion to dismiss the case.

    Bouchey claims an audio recording of her telephone interview with Kirsopp shows the investigator attributed statements to her that she never made, including an allegation that she accessed proprietary materials in NXIVM’s website. Her attorneys, to buttress their position that Bouchey did not hack into NXIVM’s computer servers, also filed a copy of an email sent to Bouchey by a NXIVM technician who gave her the sign-on and password for another former student and instructed her to “give it a try.” It was Bouchey’s use of that sign-on information, in January 2014, that was used to charge her with a felony computer trespassing count.

    The criminal probe by Kirsopp, who did not respond to a request for comment, centered on allegations that multiple people, including two journalists, used accounts and passwords assigned to former NXIVM students to gain access to the organization’s secure, password-protected website. NXIVM’s representatives, in court filings, claim the computer access was not authorized and that some of the materials viewed — including clients lists and training manuals — were proprietary trade secrets. The journalists, former Times Union reporter James Odato, and Suzanna Andrews, a freelance journalist who has written about NXIVM for Vanity Fair magazine, were not charged in the criminal case but were named as defendants in a related federal lawsuit filed by NXIVM in 2013. The lawsuit was thrown out last month by a federal judge in Albany.

    The NXIVM organization’s penchant for secrecy is widely known. In 2012, the Times Union published a series — Secrets of NXIVM — in which one expert referred to the organization as “an extreme cult.” The organization’s leaders also have been accused of using litigation to punish their adversaries and critics.

    Bouchey, in her court filings, has accused NXIVM or its officials of dragging her into 13 court cases, including suing her seven times. She alleges the criminal complaint against her, which was filed by Clare Bronfman, who with her sister is an heiress to the Seagram’s liquor fortune, is part of NXIVM’s effort to punish her for defecting from the organization.

    Kirsopp’s investigative files detail the extraordinary level of interaction he had with NXIVM officials and three of its attorneys from the law firm O’Connell & Aronowitz: Stephen R. Coffey, Pamela Nichols and Michael P. McDermott. The attorneys’ assistance included enlisting private investigators and computer experts to help gather information that was then turned over to Kirsopp.

    In a statement Friday, Coffey defended his firm’s role in the computer trespassing investigation.

    “We zealously advocated on behalf of a client who had been repeatedly victimized, as evidenced by the ultimate admissions and guilty plea of John Tighe,” Coffey said, referring to the conviction of a former Saratoga County blogger who pleaded guilty to computer trespass charges last year.

    Still, the State Police records indicate Kirsopp presented the case to multiple agencies, including the state attorney general’s office, which declined to prosecute the allegations. Kirsopp, in his investigative report, said that Jesse L. Ashdown, an assistant district attorney in Saratoga County, told him in December 2012 that the state attorney general turned the case down, “citing problems with the prosecution of the case, i.e. placing suspects at the computers at the time of the unauthorized access to the computer materials. This information was passed along to Attorney Pam Nichols.”

    A month later, the case was presented to the Albany County district attorney’s office. But Kirsopp didn’t first present it to that office. According to Kirsopp’s investigative notes, McDermott, a former Albany County assistant district attorney who joined O’Connell & Aronowitz in 2007, called David Rossi, a chief assistant district attorney, and asked him to take the computer trespassing case. Kirsopp said he learned of that contact when Rossi called him and told him their office, citing a conflict of interest, would not take the case but would refer it to a special prosecutor.

    During the first nine months of the investigation, Kirsopp had worked with the Saratoga County district attorney’s office, which used subpoenas to gather information on people accused of hacking into NXIVM’s computers. It’s unclear why that office didn’t pursue the case. Saratoga County District Attorney Karen Heggen did not respond to a request for comment.

    Kirsopp made notes of his many contacts with the attorneys, who accompanied NXIVM’s members, including its founder, Keith Raniere, during their interviews with the investigator.

    “I met with Atty Coffey at SP Clifton Park who inquired on the status of this investigation and whether there would be search warrants of the suspects computers prior to or at the time of arrest,” states an entry Kirsopp wrote on Aug. 6, 2012, three months into his investigation. The investigator said that Coffey requested that the suspects be arrested, rather than being issued appearance tickets, because he wanted them to be arraigned in court and subjected to orders of protection.

    A month later, Kirsopp was contacted by McDermott, who expressed concern about delays in making an arrest.

    “I received a call from Atty McDermott who requested action by 9/10/12 in case the offense only rises to misdemeanor level due to the statute of limitations,” states a report Kirsopp filed on Aug. 27, 2012.

    Three weeks later, Coffey went to Kirsopp’s office and told him someone left feces on the front steps of the residence of his colleague, Nichols, who also had numerous contacts with Kirsopp throughout the investigation. That same day, Coffey gave Kirsopp “a packet of paperwork” from the former employer of Joseph O’Hara, a NXIVM associate who was one of the targets in the investigation.

    The packet included paperwork between O’Hara and his former employer regarding “banking matters.”

    “At this time, it is unclear how this material is relevant to this investigation,” Kirsopp noted in his report.

    The case landed with a special prosecutor in Albany — where NXIVM’s computer servers were located — after officials at the Albany County district attorney’s office cited a conflict because their office handled a prior criminal case involving O’Hara in 2006.

    The four defendants in the criminal case include three former NXIVM members: Bouchey, who was involved with NXIVM for nine years; O’Hara, who is in federal prison for an unrelated criminal conviction; and Toni F. Foley, who was previously Raniere’s girlfriend. The fourth defendant, Tighe, who pleaded guilty last November to felony computer trespass, wrote critically of NXIVM on his former blog, Saratoga in Decline.

    Tighe pleaded guilty as he was facing unrelated charges of possession of child pornography. He is serving five years and 10 months in federal prison on those charges. The illegal materials were unexpectedly discovered on his computer after State Police seized it during their investigation of the computer trespassing allegations. In the state case, Tighe was sentenced to a year in jail and is serving that term concurrently with his federal sentence.

    For O’Hara, it’s the second time he has been the target of a criminal case filed as a result of allegations made by NXIVM officials. In 2007, an Albany County grand jury indicted O’Hara on a charge of grand larceny for allegations that he stole funds from a nonprofit organization associated with NXIVM, according to the prosecutor who handled the case. The case was controversial because Keeffe, who was a longtime legal liaison for NXIVM, spent several weeks in the Albany County district attorney’s office helping a prosecutor build the case. A judge later threw out the case against O’Hara, citing insufficient evidence.

    In a telephone interview Friday from a federal prison in Brooklyn, O’Hara, who is serving three years on an unrelated bribery conviction, said he was troubled by the extraordinary input that NXIVM officials and their attorneys had in Kirsopp’s investigation. He characterized it as “extreme pressure.”

    “When you look at the number of meetings, the number of phone calls, you began to wonder who’s running the investigation and that’s what it looks like from my side of things,” O’Hara said. “I think that goes beyond the bounds of advocacy.”

    The special prosecutor, Holly Trexler, a former Albany County assistant district attorney, has not responded to requests for comment. As of April, she had been paid $8,800 for her work on the case, according to county records. • 518-454-5547 • @blyonswriter …”

  • is simply what she wanted and got from her bogus letter The Judge will see it for that I’m sure

  • Re “She is a strange mixture of malice, pettiness and deceit, …”

    That is a remark that I like and is very true and is a good characterization for Toni N.

  • A lot of people pick on Toni because she lies. Lies are curable. People see the good in her. She did speak up against Keith when no one else did. She stuck it out. That part is not lies.

    She was once pretty, and now she is old. Her stories got exaggerated. In her book she made up some things to make herself more significant.

    Her most sorry lie is lying about John who did not commit suicide. He’d be pissed off royally. He had a-fib and it is wrong to lie to the family out there he had committed suicide. He has kids.

    Toni made up the suicide to make herself more important. Instead of being hateful toward her, realize she is a lonely older woman who had her brush with fame.

    Her lies about Frank Parlato are just her trying to stay in the limelight.

    Please forgive her, Frank.

    • Well said. I agree.Don’t underestimate what she’s gone through as result of her affiliation with KR et al.

  • “Perhaps Natalie thinks she can discredit my stories if I go to prison.”

    If that wasn’t Toni Natalie’s intent, that might be what many who funded and facilitated Keith’s rise to power and influence are thinking.

    Bob Abram’s AG office addressed Raniere’s Consumers’ Buyline, Inc. multi-level marketing pyramid scheme twenty years ago the same way he went after the Love Canal polluters. What happened to the AG offices after that?

    AG Abrams said Keith couldn’t do … exactly what Keith did for about the next twenty years. How did that happen? Were too many law enforcement agencies too overwhelmed to investigate ESP/NXIVM crimes all those years?

    Judge Arcara doesn’t seem to be the kind of person who would try to hide crimes in all those “NXIVM” projects.

    Who decided taxpayers should pay New York AG employees to investigate Frank instead of having AG offices investigate those who ran the NXIVM projects?

    What the AG offices did to Frank and the other NXIVM whistleblowers is what’s most criminal in the case against Frank.

    How many dollars from state and federal funds went to AG offices for the Bronfman sisters’ action and the superseding action against Frank? How many dollars went to pay for actions against the other “NXIVM” whistleblowers? How many dollars were also spent to help the Bronfman sisters, Raniere and the NXIVM projects directly and indirectly?

    Someone could add every state and federal dollar and cent spent covering up NXIVM crimes. Maybe Times Union investigators would be willing to find those numbers to document what was spent where — especially if no one anywhere has been willing and able to answer the questions The Times Union asked almost three years ago.

    Here’s the October 28, 2020 editorial:

  • Funny but every time I see Toni Baloney I fancy watching Escape From LA. Makes me think of the Surgeon General of Beverley Hills.😷🤔🙄

  • Toni, please do not team up with the Bronfmans. Because that is exactly what you are doing.

    They the most powerful and evil family the world has ever known. You may as well be signing pact with Satan himself.

    Do you want your legacy to be a Bronfman finger-puppet fighting to imprison a journalist? I am not sure if you truly have had a clean-break from Keith Raniere. You may still be under Keith’s spell. He still has power over you after all this time.

    Is Clare or Sara paying you for this?

    I always warn people of the evils of getting involved with the Bronfman’s: just don’t do it!

    • For context: I believe it is possible Toni’s lawsuit against the Bronfman may be a facade to conceal a backroom deal she could have made. Think of this:

      1. Toni sues Bronfman
      2. Bronfmans put up a weak fight
      3. Toni smears Frank
      4. Toni gets money?

      Too farfetched? Are these idiots smart enough to pull it off?

  • I love the fact that Toni closed her letter with a rip-off of an unattributed quote from Albert Einstein: “The world is dangerous, not because of those who do evil but because of those who look on and do nothing.”

    The actual quote from Eistein is: “The world is a dangerous place to live. Not because of the people who are evil; but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.”

    Did Toni actually think anyone would believe that was her original thought?

    • LMFAO Claviger. Good catch. NXIVM propaganda was littered with supposed quotes from historical figures. MLK Jr, Einstein, Gandhi, etc. I’d see it in photos and think, “Can’t you come up with your own shit? You’ve got the world’s smartest man sitting right there.”

      Using a quote like that is similar to the way the members have their own language and keep speaking it after they claim to have left. It’s a tell. It means her mind is still scrambled and she just can’t break completely free.

  • Not a mental health professional but i think she sounds nuts – Al Capone?!!!

    Natalie has seemingly no desire or intention of accurately describing first order facts, her letter is a solipsistic, vicious circle of inference, the dramatic high point of which is mention of – Al Capone?!!!

    • Seems to me like the Al Capone reference was some dog-whistle language veiling Toni’s bigotry toward males of Italian heritage as being in the mafia/organized crime. Couple that with the ‘They don’t respect him; they fear him’ line, which also plays into the stereotype, feels like Toni is showing us that she is bigoted without directly saying she is bigoted. Either that, or she is hoping to play into some sort of prejudices of the judge…which I hope she will know will fail. I mean, his name is Arcara. Any guesses on the most common country of origin of that surname?!?

      • I reckon she has a clear idea of the baselessness of her accusations which is why she has to resort to appeals to prejudice, not a great MO tho, as you say the judge might NOT equate talking smack about Frank – as if it described a factual reality.

        Some people attach zero value to truth, so clearly no respect for the law, including that of karma!

  • Wow. This is sad. Toni’s book was the only one I’ve purchased of all the players in these events.

    As a Frank Report reader since 2018, I never perceived Toni in a negative light because of anything Frank wrote about her. My perception was that Keith did the worst things to Toni. Her story corroborates the evil mind control tactics found in the disturbing Luciferian patent. Her story is especially unique in this regard. I wish I had more time to explain this.

    I’m very sorry to see that Toni has turned on Frank. From an outside perspective, it seems to me that Frank has only tried to help individuals gain clarity regarding their situations. I never perceived that he had any malicious intent towards Toni. To me, it seemed like he was trying to help her come to grips with her abuse and help her deal with her brother’s suicide.

    I’m not sure if I should say this but part of me actually wonders if Toni turning on Frank is actually part of Keith’s design? That man hurt this woman badly. Is it possible he got her so good that she’s still reflexively protecting him?

    Oh Toni!?! Maybe I’m wrong, but what if I’m right?

  • She should take a good long look in the mirror. Botox is a side effect of lying. Why would you expose yourself once again to your own lies, Miss Toni? Greed and deception come to mind when I think of you. Do you still think you’re a mafia princess? I have this morbid painting of you smoking a Marlboro while a child lays in wait in a closet to be sexually assaulted by your ex-boyfriend. I’m glad Frank picked apart your lies to his judge.

  • I don’t trust anyone who has had a lot of bad plastic surgery. It shows not only a lack of judgment, but an impaired perception of the world. Toni Natalie looks at herself in the mirror and sees her youth restored, while we see someone disfigured to the point of appearing like a circus freak. If her perception of what a human being looks like is so distorted, it should come as no surprise that everything she experiences and thinks is equally unreliable.

  • Ain’t no one clean in the Nxivm saga. Just layer after layer of compromised people, trying to get out when they found out they’d been had. And well meaning “innocents” dancing on the border between good and evil.

  • I used to think that only idiots and the mentally imbalanced believed that lizard people walked the earth. Then I saw Toni Natalie. Living proof.

  • So this is one of the two victim impact statements? Seriously?

    They threw the net wide and came up with a nasty catch.

    Toni has been discarded.

    • Um “smack down”? You like to watch people fight, Gandy Dancer?

      I just realized this the other day: Jesus probably taught us to “turn the other cheek”, to forgive each other and to treat others as we want to be treated because He knew we need to be as united as possible to most effectively fight real enemies.

      2023 years ago, people were committing all kinds of evil crimes. They were actually sacrificing children back then.

      Who (or what) are the real enemies? Some say, “we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”

      Do you think that kind of fighting is real, Gandy Dancer?

      Toni said in an interview that Nancy considered herself to be the #2 expert in Neurolingistic Programming in the world. Keith studied L. Ron Hubbard’s work. Nancy studied Richard Bandler’s work. The Queen of England consulted with John Dee, The Reagans consulted with Jean Dixon. Hilary Clinton consulted with Jean Houston. Did Jean Houston consult with Richard Bandler? Did Nancy Salzman consult with Richard Bandler? Did Nancy Salzman ever meet Jean Houston?

      Could it be that those who govern us believe in principalities, powers, and rulers of the darkness of this world? How about spiritual wickedness in high places?

      More about Jean Houston from an article online: “In her books and lectures she frequently aligns herself with the Great Traditions. “In all the great traditions – Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Sufi, Jewish – it’s all about waking up. Mystery School is essentially about the wake up call from Central and putting you not in attunement with it, but in alignment with it. You can always tune, but alignment is forever.” This distinction between a tune up and an alignment may seem profound in context, but out of context it is obviously false. Alignments are no more forever than tune ups are. You can go out of alignment as easily as going out of tune. She calls fundamentalists “Fundi’s” and she likes metaphors that have proven successful in similar eclectic transformational endeavors by L. Ron Hubbard, Richard Bandler, Werner Erhard, Frederick Lenz and Tony Robbins. For example, she says that her Mystery School “provides practices which have the effect of both rewiring your brain, body and nervous system, and eliciting the evolutionary latencies in your physical instrument. These latencies have been there like a fetal coding for perhaps tens of thousands of years, but could not be activated until various aspects of complexity emerged, joined to crisis. We find that emergence generally only occurs in emergencies. It’s only when you really have to survive that you really turn on enough mindfulness and wakefulness to activate these different latencies.”

      Her Mystery School “provides practices” which rewire brains, bodies and nervous systems?
      She elicits “the evolutionary latencies” that are like “a fetal coding for perhaps tens of thousands of years, but could not be activated until various aspects of complexity emerged, joined to crisis”?
      She found “that emergence generally only occurs in emergencies. It’s only when you really have to survive that you really turn on enough mindfulness and wakefulness to activate these different latencies”?

      I’d actually like to meet Toni. She probably knows a lot about Nancy Salzman — and maybe Jean Houston, too.

      • Has ANYONE in law enforcement or healthcare asked for the data from Dr. Porter’s “Fright Studies”? 🤔 says:

        Mystery School practices which rewire brains, bodies and nervous systems?
        Evolutionary latencies joined to crisis only occurs in emergencies to activate these different latencies?

        … The New York State law imposes on all persons a legal duty to obtain a license from the State before engaging in the practices of psychology, psychoanalysis and mental health counseling or to be otherwise authorized by the State to engage in such practices.” FAC 1912
        NY Education Law §7601. All plaintiffs charge all defendants with Negligence Per Se because they broke this Regulation. However, exemptions from this regulation include licensed physicians and licensed nurses. NY EducationLaw § 7605 (3) and NY Education Law § 7605 (5), Defendant
        Porter was licensed to practice medicine in NY “at all times relevant hereto,”and was exempt from this requirement. …

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