Toni Natalie Put Her Own Son on Keith’s Low Calorie Diet – Happily He Escaped From Both of Them

Keith Raniere threatened Toni Natalie [above] that the next time he saw her she would be dead or in jail. Funny, how the smartest man in the world's word were almost prophetic. He just had it mixed up. He is in jail and Toni, who is in NYC today, expects to see him in person after 20 years and needless to say Toni is not in jail [although the Vanguard tried pretty hard to get her there].

Following the publication of her new book, The Program Inside the Mind of Keith Raniere and the Rise and Fall of Nxivm, author Toni Natalie is getting some media attention.

Stories have appeared in the New York Post, Radar Online and the Daily Mail.

Largely, the stories are sensational – culled from her various “recollections” of her time with Keith Alan Raniere as described in her book.

Among the stories are:

  • Keith had someone poison her dog.
  • She was raped repeatedly by Keith.
  • The cigarette story – where Keith got her to quit smoking and hypnotized her as she lost track of time and space keeping her husband waiting for two and a half hours outside Raniere’s room.

At one time, I believed all of Toni’s stories – but my experience with her over time has shown me that she doesn’t always tell the truth.  It seems that habit may have crept into her book.

Did Keith Raniere arrange to poison Toni Natalie’s dog?

A Dead Dog Story

Here is how Radar described her dog story – one I had heard before and used to believe.

In The Program: Inside the Mind of Keith Raniere and the Rise and Fall of NXIVM…  Natalie recalled what [Keith] was like when she met him in the 1990s and how he managed to ruin her life up until his arrest in March 2018. She also accused him of employing people to abuse and stalk her – and even killing her dog.

…. In the explosive book, Natalie explained that she was one of the first “indoctrinated” into Raniere’s madness – and the first woman to “escape” his wrath.

Raniere’s ex wrote that she began working alongside him in the early 1990s after attending a seminar he held for his former company, Consumers’ Buyline Inc. Her first meeting with the cult leader resulted in him miraculously curing her of her addiction to smoking cigarettes – a meeting she does not remember.

“To this day, I have no recollection of what went on during that two-and-a-half-hour blackout in his office,” Natalie wrote.

After their break up, Natalie claimed Keith sued her for fraud multiple times in addition to “stalking” and “harassing” her. Keith employed his business partners to interfere with her daily life, such as shutting off her phone service and canceling her cable.

“Someone would break into my home, mess my bed, open the cabinets in the kitchen, rearrange the artwork on the wall, and make off with some of my clothes,” Natalie wrote.

She further claimed: “This happened more than a dozen times and was extremely terrifying. I did not feel safe in my own home. I’d pack up my dogs and go to a hotel.”

In April 2004, Raniere’s ex claimed that she was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder due to his manipulation. She claimed her mental and physical health declined.

“I suffered from migraines and from weird aches and pains, the cause of which I could not determine,” Natalie wrote. “I was a nervous wreck.”

After her PTSD diagnosis, Natalie claimed that Raniere even hired someone to kill her pet.

“Jake, a very protective German shepherd, got sick after eating what I thought was a bad batch of dog food. I brought him to the vet, hysterical, but there was nothing that could be done,” she wrote.

Years later, Natalie claimed that Raniere’s former business partner, Kristin Keefe, hinted that a private detective staked out her house and poisoned her dog.

“Keith Raniere killed my dog,” Natalie wrote.


I spoke with Keeffe about this. She denies she ever hinted or otherwise implied that Keith killed Toni’s dog.

Keeffe doubts Toni ever had a dog who was poisoned.  I also spoke to several people who knew Toni at the time and they also expressed grave doubts about the veracity of the story.  Who would lie about their dog dying?

Maybe someone who was looking to enhance their story – or get on disability for PTSD.

Toni has been on social security disability for years and it is rumored she got on it by claiming she has PTSD – which, thanks to her stories [whether true or not] of Keith being a terror – she reportedly has been able to maintain this trauma diagnosis steadily for years. [She left him in 1998].

I reached out to Toni on several occasions requesting her comments on this post, but she declined.

I am left to speak with sources who knew Toni.

One source said Toni gets her federal disability check each month because of her affliction of fibro myalgia, a painful ailment. But others say this is not likely since she performs on hanging ropes and acrobatic rings thrice weekly and moves about easily doing flips and hanging from 60 feet in the air.

But getting back to the dead German Shepard – was there a police report? A veterinarian report? Who was the veterinarian? Is there something still on file? Was there a necropsy done on the poor animal to determine the type of poison used?

Poisoning an animal is a serious crime. Most people I know who had a dog poisoned would file a police report. I know I would. I would not just take it lying down if someone killed my beloved dog.

Where is the police report?

Natalie Raped?

Toni also tells about being raped repeatedly by Raniere.

Radar reports, “She was physically abused by Raniere during their relationship. ‘He continued to be prone to violent outbursts, and to rape me when I did not consent to have sex with him, but mercifully, these episodes occurred with less frequency,’ she claimed in the book.”

Toni said her son, Michael, was in the bedroom next to them in their townhouse in Knox Woods – when she was being raped night after night.

I suppose some women would stay with a man who continuously raped them, while their son was a few feet away. But many women would leave. Some might press charges.  At that time, Raniere had numerous sex partners. He had women competing to be with him.

Did he really need or want to rape her? It’s hard to say but her being repeatedly raped certainly makes for a great story.

Dog killed. Raped repeatedly. What else could be more vile?

Sherlock Holmes seems hypnotized by Professor Moriarty in the movie Women in Green. Happily, Holmes was only pretending to be hypnotized and did not jump off the ledge.

Hypnotized Into Another Dimension

Then there was that first meeting with Raniere which resulted, Toni claims, in him miraculously curing her addiction to cigarettes – a meeting she does not remember.

“To this day, I have no recollection of what went on during that two-and-a-half-hour blackout in his office,” Natalie wrote.

This sounds nutty to me. If true, she seems rather weak-minded. A woman totally lost all track of time and space and blacked out for hours? While her husband waited patiently as she was alone with another man in a locked room?

I hope to talk to her husband, Rusty DeCook, to see what his version of this story is.

Of course, there are stories of people being hypnotized for hours and doing bizarre things they do not remember. I would venture it is extremely uncommon.

Is this a bogus story meant to magnify Keith’s terrible and awesome power – to make him appear greater, a more powerful enemy? Or did it really happen?

Toni claims her husband, Rusty, waited while she was gone for two and one-half hours. When she came out of the room, he allegedly said, ‘Where have you been; you’ve been gone for two and a half hours?’

She said she thought it was 15 minutes.

If it’s true that she was closeted with Keith for two and a half hours – it’s hard to know if she and Keith were up to something else altogether and she came up with the story of not remembering as an excuse for the two of them getting carried away.

I have my doubts about the incident occurring as described. What husband would sit around for two and a half hours waiting while another man was in a locked room with his wife?

Either way, Toni quit smoking, she claims, something she should be very thankful to Keith for doing – if the story is true.

One thing we do know – is that Toni was married to Rusty when she began her adulterous affair with Keith.  She left Rusty and brought their son, Michael, with her to Albany leaving their home in Rochester.

Which leads me to the saddest story of all.

First a slight digression:

Low-Calorie Diets for Women and Children But Not For Keith

Keith Raniere was not exactly on the same low-calorie diet he prescribed for others. [Photo courtesy Albany Times Union.]
During the trial of Keith Alan Raniere, Daniela told the jury how Keith put a hidden camera in the kitchen, trained on the refrigerator, in the home he shared with several women including her sister, Mariana, at 3 Flintlock Lane.

One day, he placed a pie in there. And sure enough, Mariana went to the refrigerator and the wicked girl ate it.

Mariana had been placed by Raniere on a calorie restricted diet at the time and Raniere did not allow her to eat pies. She was defiant and indulgent.

When Raniere questioned Mariana about the pie, he already knew the truth – that she had taken the pie.  But Mariana did not know about the hidden camera and she lied and said she knew nothing about a missing pie.

Raniere had her dead to rights. He showed her the damning film. She had taken the pie and eaten it too. He was furious.

This kind of wickedness was inexcusable and she was punished.

[The poor girl contracted bulimia and would go to her parents’ house to throw up daily. This pained Keith terribly because he could barely fuck a woman who had just thrown up.]

Mariana stole a pie and ate it – which was no laughing matter for Keith Raniere.

At the end of the day, Mariana was an adult woman and she chose to be with him and sleep with him and have threesomes with him and, in essence, to be his fuck toy. And she chose to be on a low-calorie diet.

Children Need Low-Calorie Diets Too?

Keith, of course, put Toni on a reduced calorie diet – fat on a woman disturbed his potent sexual energies, he said. It caused a strain on his heart if a woman was even one or two pounds over her ideal weight.  Toni willingly went along.

But what about a child?

Toni Natalie talks so much about being a great and brave “single mother” and how good a mother she was and how she fought to protect her child, Michael, at all costs from ruthless Raniere.

But, as it turns out, Keith and Toni put her son on Keith’s low-calorie diet. He was on a low-calorie diet from the age of 6 or 7 for as long as he lived with Toni, sources who were there at the time said.  This may not be in her book – but Keith semi-starved Toni’s son with Natalie’s full consent and approval.

Together, Toni and Keith guarded the refrigerator and limited what the boy could eat – for his own good, they said.  A boy needs fewer calories than most people think Keith said. They have to break bad patterns of indulgent eating.

Toni knew Keith was the smartest man in the world.  So they reduced the boy’s calories – all through the school season – for his own good.

Parenting is Tough

Parenting is a difficult thing. And no one knows it all.  Many parents have vastly contrary notions. They feel that children should get a lot of nourishing food and they provide it. They do not watch the refrigerator – except in the opposite sense – to keep it full for their children.

Maybe they are not as smart as Raniere. Or as obedient as Natalie.

But this boy – under Toni and Keith – had his calories measured. He was not allowed to eat meat and was kept on the lowest calories they could allow him and still function.  He was limited to far fewer calories than nutritionists of that day would have said was needed for a growing child, according to sources who witnessed this.

But boys will be boys and just like Mariana did a few years later, Michael began to steal food.

Keith Raniere at the time he was monitoring little Michael’s dietary intake.

Keith loved sweets and because he was already enlightened – he could eat plenty of cookies and chocolate cake and pizza with hot sauce and multiple burritos in a sitting. For Keith, it did not matter how many calories he ate because he had attained unification.

But little Michael was not unified. He was lucky to be taught by the smartest man in the world, his mother knew.

Indeed, Michael did not go to regular school – and when he was 9 years old, he had not yet even learned to read. [Fortunately, his mother would soon abandon him and his father would see to it that he learned to read.].

But the fact is a boy should obey his mother and the truth is his mother wanted the boy on Keith’s low-calorie diet.

This lad – just 8 or 9 years old at the time – deviously defied Keith and his mother and stole food from the house and ate it – according to sources who were there at the time.

But Keith was on to him. He laid a trap.  And one day when Michael stole some cookies and as usual sneaked down into the basement to eat them, Toni and Keith caught him with the cookies right in his hand.

He was severely punished. He was never to eat cookies again, as penance.  Salad was good; so was plain broccoli. A cucumber with a dash of vinegar, Toni and Keith said, was better than cookies.

Image result for cookies
Bad for a child.

Image result for broccoli

When summer came and Michael went home to his father, he never returned.  Toni did not want him anymore either.

She had begun to cheat on Keith with a married man, 12 years her junior – Scott Foley. Soon they ran off in an RV to the Florida Keys – both of them leaving behind their children. They wed in Florida – Scott becoming husband number 4 for Toni.

Toni would never be with her son again.  Her book says she reunited with her son – and, from what I know, he visits her a couple of times of a year. But she abandoned him for more than a decade.

That may have been the luckiest break in that boy’s life. For Rusty was not like Keith and Toni. He was of the old school and allowed the boy to eat so he would grow up to be a healthy adult. It was a blessed escape for the boy that Toni and Keith did not raise him.

But Toni says in her book that she was a “single mother”, a heroine that fought Raniere for decades.

Still, some of her stories seem perhaps for me a little hard to believe. I’d like to see some evidence – and hear what others who around at that time have to say.

In the movie The Time of Your Life, the character Kit Carson [r] used to tell some pretty improbable stories. But Joe [seated at the table] believed him. Kit was pretty pleased about it too. He told Joe, “You’re the first man who ever believed my stories.” A lot of people believe Toni’s stories with as little evidence  – starting with her publishers.  Whether the public ultimately buys into them is yet to be ascertained.

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  • Now that the truth is finally coming out about Toni Natalie, every one of her claims needs to be considered as HIGHLY QUESTIONABLE until/unless she provide proof to back them up.

    Her house was broken into on multiple occasions? Let’s see copies of the police reports.

    Her dog was poisoned by Keith Raniere? Let’s see a copy of the veterinarian’s report.

    She was raped multiple times by Raniere? Let’s see copies of the police reports.

    C’mon, Toni, surely you have proof to back up your claims.

  • I came across this article which puzzled me a little.

    “For years, Toni Natalie gathered stacks of papers, piling them high in manila folders in the basement of her Rochester-area home.”

    Did Toni move back to the Rochester area?

    “There were handwritten letters. Notes scribbled in the margins of an Ayn Rand novel. Court documents. Police records. Bankruptcy filings.”
    “They all relate to her ill-fated, eight-year relationship with Keith Raniere.”

    If Toni’s home was broken into so many times by Raniere’s followers, wouldn’t these letters and papers have been taken?

    • Oops! One of the photos in the article is supposed to have been taken in her Rochester area home. Was it this home or another that was broken into?

  • I’ve been on a 500 calorie diet for the last 11 days. Don’t ask me why – I won’t tell you.

    It has a big effect on the way you feel and function.

    I feel like a ghost, and my thinking is slowed right down. Not foggy, but slowed down.

    Physically I’m a bit weak and wobbly on my feet.

    What it would do to tomeone in the long term is nothing healthy or desirable.

    I’m not doing it for much longer because I know it would cause damage.

    Just thought I’d share what the subjective experience is like.

  • This is an excellent piece and very well executed. It has a great balance of sarcasm and incredulity going on. This should serve as a lesson to anyone who tries lying to Frank Parlato and gets caught. He stood behind Toni and her stories until he couldn’t.

    The bothersome thing is why does she lie when the truth probably would have been enough since KAR is such a miserable human being. There are those people who need to be the star of the story and this seems to fit Toni and maybe she has told these stories so often she now believes them herself. The problem is there are other people involved and they know what they saw and now they aren’t remaining silent anymore so the bubbles bursting for Toni and it’s bursting during a different time – the internet never forgets so it’s all here so the next person won’t be so easily sucked in by her incredible embellishments.

    I do feel for Mr. O’Hara and everyone else who had to suffer the consequences of these falsehoods since she doesn’t seem to care for anyone but herself. I hope everyone who needs to separate the truth and lies in Toni’s tall tales gets the answers they deserve.

    Making the decision to put it all down on paper, in book form, is very arrogant and really speaks to the way she views herself. She has virtually dared people to call her out and it looks like people are more than willing to take her up on her offer.

  • I believe Frank 100% regarding Toni’s alleged claim of suffering from PTSD due to Keith Raniere.

    Here’s why…

    Toni has spent a good deal of her post-NXIVM life investigating and speaking to others about Keith Raniere, the very SAME person who allegedly inflicted PTSD upon her.

    In my opinion, that’s equivalent to a Vietnam Veteran (diagnosed with PTSD due to the war) voluntarily spending the rest of his life traveling to Vietnam and researching all of the former places he fought at, while speaking to countless war buddies and telling old war stories as often as possible. LOL.

    If the ‘Vietnam War’ is a true source of PTSD for somebody — then the ex-soldier would likely AVOID delving too deep into that topic, not actively seeking it out for the rest of his life.


    …because actively seeking it out would likely trigger PTSD symptoms more often, by forcing him to relive the horrors which he seeks to avoid.

    Does Toni’s doctor (who allegedly diagnosed her with PTSD) know that she spends so much time researching the VERY SAME person that allegedly prevents her from working due to PTSD?

    LOL. 🙂

    Toni always seems very relaxed and happy to be talking about Keith.

    She talked about the CBI pyramid sham (in the ABC interview) as though it was a great idea.

    She doesn’t come across as a PTSD survivor IMO, since she seems to ‘glow’ when talking about Keith. She seems to love it.

    She was all smiles at the courthouse and attended every day, even smirking in a couple photos. In my opinion, that’s not somebody suffering from PTSD due to Keith.

    IMO that’s a woman LOVING every minute of the attention she’s getting from Keith and NXIVM.


    Let me see if I understand this issue (according to Frank Parlato’s reporting)…

    1) Toni leaves Keith and runs off with a married man.

    2) Toni claims that she has PTSD from her years with Keith (and she can’t work because of it) —- cuz the mere thought of Keith is so horrible that it triggers PTSD symptoms.

    3) Toni then spends much of her free time researching, talking about and trying to profit from the VERY SAME GUY who allegedly triggers her PTSD symptoms?

    (book deal = profit)

    4) According to Frank, her doctor allegedly just signs off on all this stuff for years —- even though Toni herself seems to spend her free time seeking out topics related to the source of this alleged PTSD?

    LOL. 🙂

    Who is her doctor?

    If Frank’s claims are true (about Toni’s PTSD story) then it would appear that Toni is actively triggering her own PTSD quite often.

    What a joke. LOL.

    Well, I’m pretty sure that a book deal qualifies as SGA (Substantial Gainful Activity) so I’m guessing that she won’t be eligible for living off of taxpayers in the future.

    • Plus Toni’s comments to Joe O’Hara (about Heidi allegedly trying to exaggerate her role in NXIVM) is NOT something a PTSD survivor would say.


      Cuz if Keith and NXIVM were a source of PTSD for Toni —- then she wouldn’t care one way or the other about Heidi’s importance within the NXIVM takedown story.

      The fact that Toni was worried that Heidi might take too much credit for taking down Keith (according to Joe O’Hara) indicates that Toni is obsessed with Keith, NOT in constant fear of him.

  • I believe that Frank is 100% accurate regarding Toni’s dubious claim that her dog was poisoned by Keith.


    Cuz Kristin Keeffe has confirmed (for Frank) that she never said any such thing.

    This means that one of them is likely lying.

    In my opinion, the ONLY person with a SERIOUS MOTIVE to lie about that story is Toni Natalie.


    Cuz Kristin Keeffe doesn’t benefit either way regardless of whether the poisoned dog story is true or not. Keeffe has no motive to lie.

    Whereas the ‘poisoned dog story’ will likely help Toni to sell more books.

    How does ‘Nutjob’ deal with his idol’s dubious dog claims, especially in light of Keeffe’s own denial? 🙂

    • While I doubt lots of Natalie’s stories, including the dog poisoning, just because Keeffe isn’t aware of the dog poisoning doesn’t automatically mean it didn’t happen. That is poor logic. If Keeffe stated Natalie told her the dog did (or did not) get poisoned by Raniere, then there would be value in your position.

    • I’m befuddled at your belief. Nobody will be able to connect the dots to your Guinness Book worthy conclusion. Did you use a protractor to get your answer?

      Not sure if she’s my idol or not. But I will consider moving my shrine of her into a back bedroom.

  • There are a few reasons why I keep reading FR. One is for realization, two is for a good laugh. I love the writing style. He pokes and scratches at people’s immoral behavior. It seems he gives everyone a chance to clear the air. Instead, like Toni, they fall silent.

    As for Toni, I think your an asshole. You couldn’t walk a day in my shoes. It’s disgraceful to cry rape. You’re no victim. You’re an enabler. All men should steer clear of you, including the child you starved. I was in jail with women just like you, only they starved their kids due to drug addiction. They were actually raped and numbed themselves with crack, meth, and heroin. Although there was some sympathy for the rape, starving a child is unforgivable. Needless to say, but you wouldn’t bode well in jail. Thanks to people like you who lie to disability judges and fake cry rape, real people who actually have mental conditions, due from abuse, can’t get disability. In a final thought, even if the world ran out of toilet paper, I wouldn’t wipe my ass with your book of lies. On a lighter note, it will be great for kindling.

  • I’ve known Toni since we were classmates in grade school and she really hasn’t changed much over that time. Even back then, she was a gossip who worked very hard to get people to tell her their secrets and then betrayed them. Once a skunk, always a skunk.

  • The more we learn about Toni Natalie, the clearer it becomes that she’s just another grifter. Never committed to anyone or anything, always looking to trade-up in terms of the men in her life, and willing to abandon anyone (including her son) in order to advance her own interests. I hope the moderators at the upcoming Times Union Forum let audience members questions her directly.

  • This is a classic Frank Parlato pen wield; eviserating his subject with his darkly humorous, sublimely subdued flair for truthful vengeance.

    “Fortunately, his mom soon abandoned him” …😂

    “A Dead Dog Story.” …🤣

    • Down goes Frazier! Not sure what is more impressive, Frank’s well-orchestrated takedown, or a sympathy inducing, fabricated story about a dog being poisoned. It’s hard to doubt Kristin on this. What’s your take on poor Scruffy, Heidi?

    • Say, Pea (or whatever your name is today):

      When Allison finally makes it to the Big House will you exercise your spousal rights and ask to visit her?
      If you do visit her don’t take her any cakes with hammers and saws baked in.
      The authorities tend to frown on such pastries.

  • Holy cow!

    This is the kinda stuff that Toni’s readers should know about. LOL.

    Agreeing to calorie restriction for her YOUNG son sounds quite inhumane and I’ve never heard of a loving mother do anything even remotely like that, especially to a YOUNG child.

    I absolutely believe Frank’s sources over Toni’s self-serving stories any day.

    Her book sounds like she went over the top in trying to portray herself as a modern day Joan of Arc.

    Definitely try to get Rusty’s account of these stories, if he’ll talk to you.

    Also… Her physical acrobatics (as you described them) makes it sound like Heidi’s “fibryomyalgia” claim is kinda improbable, if indeed she does perform those kinds of physical acrobatics.

    …Oh, and regardless of how she wound up qualifying for SS Disability payments — I would think that her new book deal should qualify as ‘gainful employment’ and make her ineligible to live off of taxpayers in the future.

    Great article.

    Keep at it, Frank.

    Continue using your sources to let the truth come out about everything she tries to claim is true.

    Leave no stone unturned. 🙂

    I sure as heck won’t be buying or reading her book.

    PS — Frank, you might wanna create a special ‘page’ on your site which houses all of your articles rebutting Toni’s book claims — so that people leaving book reviews (on Amazon or wherever) can direct readers to your rebuttals, to let potential buyers read both sides of the issue before making a decision.

    Frank’s rebuttals are specifically tied to Toni’s book so they are ‘relevant’ for Amazon readers to learn about.

    • If I buy it for your indigent ass, will you read it?
      Apparently no shame to continue floating around FR as an expert on the topic, and yet you have no plans to even read the book?

    • To everyone & BangBaby!!!!!!

      Buy the book at Amazon and write a legitimate review on Amazon with a link or a mention to this latest article on Frankreport.

      The truth will set you free……

      Let’s help Toni Natlie with her Truth telling skills!!!

      I never had a real issue with her until I read this latest article update.

      Toni Natlie deserves every f*cking bad thing that has happened to her including the half-ass plastic surgery.

      Toni Natlie finally looks on the outside what she has always been in the inside…..


  • To Nutjob & Everyone else

    Re Frank Parlato’s Latest Toni Natlie Article

    Everything Frank Parlato has written regarding Toni and her treatment of her son is true….

    How do I know?

    ……Because Frank is not foolish enough to commit libel, slander, or defamation and open himself up to a lawsuit…..

    ……And help pay for anymore of Toni Natalie’s God awful plastic surgery.

  • Toni paints herself as quite the victim. Another example of our present victimhood culture, where being a sad-sack is rewarded and celebrated. “Keith gave me PTSD”, for chrissake.

    Well, she got a book deal out of it. She gets attention and money. Why not play the victim?

    She hooked up with Keith, just like a lot of these women. For some odd reason they thought he was Mr. Wonderful. They adored him, they ached to be his bed-mate. Then, surprise, it turns out he’s an asshole and suddenly they discover that he “manipulated” him and they were victims all along.

    I call bullshit. They fell for the creep, they were idiots. They got burned because of their own poor judgement. Victims? Pfffft.

    Underage girls are an entirely different story. But these mature women who bedded him and loved him and did his bidding, who went on starvation diets on his advice, they were idiots.

  • Yes, it’s possible to lose track of time in a hypnosis session or something similar, related to how we can lose track of time when deeply involved in something, and the phenomenon of highway hypnosis:

    A hypnotist may also be able to use post-hypnotic suggestion to get a subject to not be able to recall something that happened, though typically that’s the sort of thing seen for example in brief stage tricks, and I’m not familiar with it going on for hours.

    What Natalie describes is plausible, though perhaps not quite as she’s telling it. But given her apparently penchant for fabrication, there’s no way to assess the veracity of her account without evidence or corroboration.

    Plus here’s a scary case, and an example of emerging evidence that the old principle that people could not be made to do things under hypnosis that they would not otherwise, may not be entirely true:

    An Ohio Lawyer Hypnotized 6 Female Clients and Then He Molested Them. Now He’s Going to Prison

    An Ohio Lawyer Hypnotized His Female Clients and Then Sexually Assaulted Them

    What broke the case was one woman becoming suspicious about things like the sense of loss of time, and taking a hidden tape recorder to a meeting after which she recalled only discussing legal matters – but the tape told quite a different story of everything that went on.

    • There is reason to be deeply skeptical of this. From the WaPo article you highlight: “There is some contradictory information regarding hypnosis, as it continues to be studied. Some, such as the APA, argue that, “contrary to some depictions of hypnosis in books, movies or television, people who have been hypnotized do not lose control over their behavior.”

      The Ohio criminal case doesn’t prove much. It doesn’t even prove that the women were actually unaware of what they were doing. Hypnotism has been described in the scientific literature as a placebo effect; people believe they were hypnotized, and do things that the hypnotist suggests, in the same way that some people taking a placebo drug (sugar pill) believe it’s real medicine and report feeling better.

    • AnoyMaker,

      I do not believe in supernatural phenomena, magic, aliens most conspiracies, and reincarnation.

      Long story and a rabbit hole I do not want to waste time going down.

      Hypnosis is very real and some people are more susceptible to “hypnotic suggestion” than others.

      Everyone can be hypnotized. Some people are like I just stated are more controllable or susceptible to hypnotic suggestion.

      It’s powerful stuff and I honestly believe unless its to stop smoking people should generally stay away from it. Smoking being the exception because of the health risks.

      Look up the high school official and the 3 students that committed suicide all the students were hypnotized by the official.

      ……. Maybe the students would’ve committed suicide anyway, we will never know.

      Here is the link:

        • GirlScoutCookies,

          It does not matter to me one way or the other……

          Whatever happens or does not happen…..

          I will be long dead. And so we will never know. So what does it matter?

          7 billion people are on the earth currently…

          3 billion and change when I was born.

          LOL I don’t have kids. I don’t give shit.

          Want to debate something worthwhile?

          What was a better show Breaking Bad or the Sopranos?

        • Girl Scout,

          You should read the article about the principle and the kids that committed suicide after they were hypnotized.

          I think you will find it spellbinding.

          • Cancel my comment below. Found the hypnotized students link you posted above. Thanks, Niceguy.

            LA Highschools are now holding student seminars on hypnosis and how to recognize potential perpetrators. For everyone on here who claims hypnosis doesn’t exist, it’s said non-believers are the most susceptible to it bc they’re more likely to be caught off-guard.

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Frank Parlato is an investigative journalist.

His work has been cited in hundreds of news outlets, like The New York Times, The Daily Mail, VICE News, CBS News, Fox News, New York Post, New York Daily News, Oxygen, Rolling Stone, People Magazine, The Sun, The Times of London, CBS Inside Edition, among many others in all five continents.

His work to expose and take down NXIVM is featured in books like “Captive” by Catherine Oxenberg, “Scarred” by Sarah Edmonson, “The Program” by Toni Natalie, and “NXIVM. La Secta Que Sedujo al Poder en México” by Juan Alberto Vasquez.

Parlato has been prominently featured on HBO’s docuseries “The Vow” and was the lead investigator and coordinating producer for Investigation Discovery’s “The Lost Women of NXIVM.” In addition, he was credited in the Starz docuseries 'Seduced' for saving 'slave' women from being branded and escaping the sex-slave cult known as DOS.

Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

Parlato is a consulting producer and appears in TNT's The Heiress and the Sex Cult, which premieres on May 22, 2022.

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