New Book by Toni Natalie: ‘The Program: Inside the Mind of Keith Raniere and the Rise and Fall of NXIVM’

Another new book on Nxivm is coming out in September by Toni Natalie (Author), Chet Hardin (Author), The book is entitled, ‘The Program: Inside the Mind of Keith Raniere and the Rise and Fall of NXIVM.’ It will be available Hardcover – September 24, 2019

Toni Natalie

Amazon is now taking orders for this book.

Here is the description of the book as it appears on Amazon:

A jaw-dropping insider look into the world of the so-called “Hollywood Sex Cult” NXIVM chronicling the rise of enigmatic cult leader, Keith Raniere, from its “Patient Zero,” his former girlfriend and test subject for his coercive control techniques.

Many have heard of NXIVM and its creator, Keith Raniere, the unassuming Albany man now prosecuted for ensnaring tens of thousands of people in the US, Mexico, Canada and elsewhere, to do his bidding and pay millions of dollars to participate in his self-improvement methodology. But where did Keith Raniere begin?

Enter single mother Toni Natalie, Keith’s Patient Zero, the first one indoctrinated into Raniere’s methodology and the first one to escape. THE PROGRAM begins with the origin story of NXIVM, follows its rise to international prominence, and takes the reader into the downfall of Raniere through Toni’s eyes. During this time she bore witness to the evolution of his methodology, including his use of sex, blackmail, and employment of psychological tools such as neuro-linguistic programming to control and punish those who would not heed his wishes. She uniquely details the fortunes lost and the lives left in disarray that she witnessed contemporaneously, including members of DOS, a group of women coerced into sexual acts under the guise of a “women’s empowerment” inner circle, whom Raniere exercised extreme control over directly and through his lieutenants.

But far from being a victim’s story, in the spirit of Erin Brockovich, Toni’s is a nuanced narrative of a multi-dimensional woman saving herself, and then working tirelessly to help other women do the same for themselves. Today, Toni is happy, reunited with her son, and surrounded by friends and family–it is this perspective that makes her such a unique storyteller.

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  • Krclaviger,

    I really wish O’Hara did not ruin the image I had of Toni Natalie…

    ….But I guess it’s as I always say: there are no saints, only sinners that become heroes.

    Krclaviger in your spare you probably rob liquor stores and steal towels from hotels.

    • To niceguy and Frank – Toni wasn’t a top recruiter. This should be interesting when Joe tries to show that she was. I don’t even know if there were 100 people taking esp courses when she left. Toni was focused on her own business and sporadically went to some classes over the first couple of months. Most of the early recruits were a part of NHO, so maybe that will be the angle Joe goes with. But if he comes out and tries to say that Toni was a top recruiter for NXIVM, it will show that he’s peddling some sort of agenda. Barbara Jeske and Pam were the only two who would qualify as “top recruiters” during the time between the beginning of ESP and when Toni dumped Keith.

  • This is a joke, right? Satire? Really, I can’t tell anymore. It’s got a little too much Chet Hardin magic (sans the tabloid hyperbole but Toni coulda punched it up there herself) to be JUST Joe O’Hara’s rapier wit (sans the tabloid hyperbole…).

    I give up. Satire or for real??!! …Toni was “PATIENT ZERO?!” wt Sci-Fi, “True Detective,” “True Confessions,” 50’s monster movie tabloid sensation fuck?

    I’m sorry, Toni, but my esteem for you is dropping by the minute especially if you now imply or admit you knew about the statutory rapes that went on under your nose — Frank’s told me long ago you said you exposed that, informed O’dato about all the statutory rapes [some who shall forever remain off-record], when, in fact, you first (I hope, truthfully) claimed you knew nothing of them. You said you only ever suspected Keith of having a single tryst in the woods after the police awoke you concerning the abandonment of a car registered to you…etc. And the part about them passing off Dawn Steele for the “lesbian” student getting hetero, sex-deviant, gender-twist lessons from Keith in your vehicle. So which is it, Mama?

    You also told me you were working with the FBI and DOJ and had given them Gina’s “Death Chart” in a neat little evidence packet with your “Pride Chart” to show “examples of Keith’s vengeful nature.” Was that a lie, Toni?

    • You go girl.

      Tell it like it is.

      Posts like this help to expose Toni’s bullshit, preventing her from ‘rewriting history’ to make herself Joan of Arc.

      God knows that Frank won’t chime in here, for fear of upsetting Toni.

      At least Heidi’s got no ‘mute button’ in her vocabulary. She’ll back down from nobody.

      I wish that Toni would have the balls to come here and address Heidi’s views.

      Well, maybe when the book is published, Heidi will be kind enough to write rebuttals to expose all of Toni’s made-up bullshit, chapter by chapter.

      Frank could even label the weekly column “Exposing Toni’s Bullshit, by Heidi Hutchinson”.

      Do not let this bitch (Toni) claim sainthood.

      If I ever buy her book, it sure as fuck won’t be to read it, it’ll be to wipe my ass with.

  • This woman abandoned her husband and son to become a major player in Consumers Buyline.
    Enter Nancy Salzman and Keith replaces her.

    No hero here.

    Keith enabler and part victim.

  • I’ll read Toni’s book with interest and without guilt.

    Allison Mack’s book will be coming out shortly, and its called:

    “My Life With The Sexy Purple Unicorns On The Other Side Of The Vanguard’s Magic Mindfuck Mirror.”

    Price on release will be two pouches of pixie dust, and a box of regret.

  • Frank, you’re too biased bro.

    Yeah, Toni did some good things to help people escape.

    She also tolerated many abuses from NXIVM and Keith. She is a victim to some degree.

    But the phrase “Enter single mother Toni, Keith’s patient zero” does not seem honest or accurate to me.

    Why not?

    Cuz she was not some ‘naive single mom’ when she met Raniere.

    From what I read about her bio…

    She was MARRIED and chose to attend a PYRAMID SCAM SEMINAR for Consumer Buyline, where she became a top salesperson for that SCAM (not exactly a naive do-gooder).

    She quickly met Keith then proceeded to LEAVE her loving husband to shack up with conman Keith.

    She then proceeded to live with Keith for YEARS while both of them benefited from the money brought in by the Pyramid Scam.

    She finally left him YEARS LATER, but only after her relationship with him went south and she had met another man, and her business venture with Keith was becoming bitter (i.e., she didn’t leave when things were good, she only left after things got bad and there wasn’t any reason to stay).

    How is that bravery? Sounds more like an opportunistic woman to me.

    She left a loving husband to shack up with a smelly fat conman, how is that ‘brave’?

    She then waited until she met another man before finally leaving Keith, thus IMO she didn’t bravely break free on her own.

    If any of my beliefs are wrong, please feel free to correct my version of events. I’m just repeating what I’ve read about Toni either on your blog or from other web articles.

    I’m just not comfortable with you trying to obfuscate the truth, Frank.

    • The description of the book was written by Amazon, not Frank or me. Hopefully, all the points that you raised will be addresses by Erin Toni in her book.

      • Oh, OK, I just read this after writing a comment I hope you’ll post anyhow. Amazon’s selling to our to the Nation of (de) sensationalization.

        And the TRUE story is getting more surreal by the second. And I’m starting to believe Toni did help set a trap on the Pino password — to at least or most far as I know — the extent that she ignored any warnings or suspicions that this computer “crime” was a larger set-up scheme being perpetrated on her and anyone, including the journalists (of which I was a credentialed one at the time), who took the bait.

        After all, simultaneous to this entrapment, Toni was getting calls from a fake Mexican journalist trying to lure her into an interview on, I believe a Mexican cruise ship rendezvous — when I was also suddenly a free Baja cruise ship winner (!) after taking a time-share seminar with a “friend” who lured me into doing so and noticing the presence of a very shady figure who’s stare made me shudder, but that’s another real “near miss” story — and both Toni and I determined THOSE invitations were surely an NX Nix set-up straight outta Salinas’ playbook that we saw through and reported to Kirsopp (aka Roger Ramjet), and Toni’s network of media contacts (though Andrews was on a Catskills retreat and out of reach according to Toni), etc. including the Albany TU (I think it was Brendon Lyons or a reporter with an Asian surname Toni was working with moreso than O’dato who, later, brought her into the pedophilia expose he and Jennifer Gish started in 2009 when I reported Gina’s story backed on the record by Gina Melita and, through another, separate source who contacted Jim O’dato near-simultaneously with Rhiannon’s story, which was not Toni or me or Gina Melita.

        • Heidi, I don’t think it was entrapment. I just ran across and read an insider account of what happened – involving someone I think Frank is trying to protect, so I don’t think I can cite them here – and NXIVM moved very slowly trying to figure out what had happened, going through the computer logs to find evidence, and then getting it to their attorneys, which is why the case didn’t get pursued until years after the fact.

          It was hardly a trap that was sprung, actually just more relatively disorganized and unprofessional blundering along. It was also amazingly amateurish, that the servers were located in someone’s home – like the cash strewn around Nancy Salzman’s house.

          • Can you please post that insider account, AnonyMaker?

            Not that I would ever hang my hat on anything any alleged or, especially, actual former or current NXIAN has to say except where their “lies” but well mount up over the exact site of where the truth and bodies are buried.

            Every last one of them suspected of participating in or having knowledge of any crime needs to be investigated and charged if appropriate and necessary to discern the truth, punish the guilty and protect the innocent and guilty from themselves and society!

    • Bangkok! Why do you have to open your mouth uninvited? LOL

      The only sensible response I can present to your points is that Toni’s position should be widely publicised to maximise the awareness about the pretty little boy, Raniere. The additional advances to this end, resulted from the book’s publication more than offset the bias it contains which in fact, does not negate or detract the gravity of Raniere’s acts. Hence, your objections can be looked at separately.

    • Toni Natalie did leave her husband (#3) when she moved to Albany to be with Keith Raniere.

      Rumor is she didn’t live with “one on one” with Raniere, he just stayed at her house from time to time.

      Natalie also knew about all Raniere’s other women for years and has lied about not knowing

      Toni Natalie, when she left Keith Raniere, had started a relationship with a married man, who left his wife to be with her. He was the “cook” at National Health Networks, and he had two children still at home (husband #4)

      Husband #4 and Natalie are now divorced

      Does this make Natalie a Homewrecker?

      • It takes two to tango. Home-wrecking isn’t one sided. If a man chooses some other woman over his family, he’s just as complicit in the home-wrecking. No one forced him to stick his dick into another woman.

    • Most people don’t know the definition of an illegal pyramid scam, or the basis of the definition. For example, the former lead lawyer for the recent Herbalife lawsuit didn’t have a clue when I asked her. Her answer was “precedent,” which is obviously an inadequate explanation. If you don’t know the basic meaning of the fundamental terms, everything else is noise.

      • “Most people don’t know the definition of an illegal pyramid scam, or the basis of the definition”, Scott Johnson

        Yes, Pyramid schemes are as complicated as Quantum Mechanics…….

        …..if you happen to be from Texas……

  • Can somebody please explain to me why I’m not supposed to be excited to read this book and should be angry that these books are coming out? Cause as politically incorrect it apparently is to say this on FR, I can’t wait to read Toni’s book.

    • Let me make this clear, it is not politically incorrect to look forward to reading Toni’s book. Just the opposite, I am glad you want to read it.

    • I can easily explain it. Natalie could have written a blog that is free to read rather than making money off of her participation in at least three scams. Namely, Consumers’ Buyline, National Health Network, and NXIVM. Plus, in a blog she could answer questions rather than in a one-way monologue of a book. It’s not that it’s politically incorrect, it’s that it is unethical and immoral. Same with Edmondson’s book.

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