Gullible Stenographer Chet Hardin Still Pimping for Toni Natalie

Chet Hardin is a curious character. He claims to be a journalist. He seems to like to attack me anonymously.

His sanctimonious self-righteousness is crowd-pleasing.

Before we get into his baggage, let us analyze how this investigative reporter holds the high and mighty ground over despicable me.

He wrote the book Toni Natalie told him to write and put his name in embarrassingly small print below hers.

It is not surprising Chet got such tiny credit. He was just a paid stenographer. 

Chet is a damn good stenographer.

Chet loves to criticize me, acting sanctimoniously. How high and righteous he is. He loves to be anonymous on Reddit. You’d think this high and holier-than-thou virtue signaler was genuinely incorruptible. 

But he put his name on Toni Natalie’s book.

Victim Toni Natalie wrote a book

She spun yarns, and the investigative journalist, the incorruptible Hardin, took them down without fact-checking. 

Of course, he could not challenge his mistress, who paid him and kept him in her house in Rochester and Brooklyn during the trial of Raniere.

Hardin was down and out. Toni told others how Chet got fired from his last job. We will expound on that later. 

Unlike them, I never claimed I got into the attack on NXIVM for incorruptible reasons. I was after Raniere and Bronfman because they went after me.

Heartbreak and a Sweater

The “sweater in the dryer” story is why Toni said she broke up with Keith in her book. But one of Toni’s high school friends told Frank Report that Toni told the same sweater story about another boyfriend before she met Raniere.

In her book, The Program: Inside the Mind of Keith Raniere and the Rise and Fall of Nxivm, Toni assures us the sweater story really happened with Keith.


Toni also writes she gave up her son Michael because of Keith. Let’s examine what Toni and her gullible stenographer, the incorruptible Hardin, write in the book:

The situation was not safe— not for me, and certainly not for Michael. Above all, I was going to protect my son. I could not risk anything bad happening to him. It broke my heart, but I sent him back to Rochester to stay with Rusty…  where the escalating situation with Keith was less likely to harm him. It was supposed to be temporary. I figured he’d be back in a month or two, at worst.
But Michael never moved back. He stayed with Rusty until he graduated from high school.
That I allowed myself to be separated from my child, far and away the most important person in my life, shows just how afraid I was of Keith Raniere.

Toni gave up her son to protect him from Keith, but she did not leave Keith.

Some mothers would have given up their boyfriend.

Rusty DeCook, Toni’s former husband and the boy’s father, told Frank Report that Michael asked to live with him when he was eight.

Michael had lived with Toni and Keith in Albany for two and a half years. While there, Toni put Michael on a low calorie-diet. She would weigh the boy daily. There were punishments if he violated his diet.

Michael recalls being punished by Toni when he sneaked cookies and ate them in the basement.  The cookies were meant for Keith – which made it doubly serious.

When the boy visited his father those first two years, the first thing he did was eat, and the first thing Toni did when she called was to command Michael to step on a scale and report his weight.

Toni would chastise Rusty for letting the growing boy eat anything he liked.

Keith Raniere [l], Michael DeCook [m], and Toni Natalie [r]. The two on the outside ensured the one in the middle did not overeat.

Toni claims, and stenographer Chet dutifully wrote, that she was with Keith for eight years. However, her son Michael was with Toni and Keith for less than three years.

He went home to dad during summer vacations. Finally, at the end of third grade, the boy had enough of Toni and Keith – and asked his dad to let him live there.

Toni agreed. 

Toni remained with Keith for five years afterward.

In her book, Toni wrote:

The situation was not safe— not for me, and certainly not for Michael. Above all, I was going to protect my son… It broke my heart, but I sent him back to Rochester, to stay with Rusty… It was supposed to be temporary…

But Michael never moved back…. 

That I allowed myself to be separated from my child, far and away the most important person in my life, shows just how afraid I was of Keith Raniere.”

If Keith was so terrifying, Toni could have left him. If she wanted to be with her son, she might have found a way.

Toni wrote in her book that Keith “would rape me as my son lay asleep in the next room…. I had to spend the night barricaded in a closet, rolled in a fetal ball on a bunch of pillows, to avoid his relentless assault.”

While with Keith, Toni ran a health food store with a restaurant. She employed Scott Foley, who she wrote had a “nice ass.” 

She started having an affair with Scott, a married man. Finally, she persuaded Scott, who is ten years younger, to leave his wife and daughter, and they took off with Scott to Marathon, Florida, in a recreational vehicle.

Scott left his kids behind, and Toni?

Did she stop by Rochester and pick up her son? 

No, Toni left with Scott and Michael remained with his father.  

In another part of her book, Toni explained that it was not because she was raped or because she gave up her son that caused the breakup with Keith.

It was a sweater. 

She wrote:

We finally broke up because of a sweater. This was in early April of 1999. It may well have been on April Fool’s Day.
When I left for work that morning, Keith was still in bed. He’d been up late the night before doing God knows what (or whom). Just before I left, I put a load of laundry in the washing machine. I called him at lunch.
“‘Can you please rotate the laundry?’
He reacted like I was speaking Greek. ‘Rotate the laundry?’
“‘Take the clothes out of the washing machine, put them in the dryer, throw in a few dryer sheets, turn the dryer on.’
“‘One thing: my sweater is in the wash, the black wool one. You can’t put that in the dryer or it will shrink.’
He consented to help me, which was miracle enough, and I hung up the phone. When I got home, the clothes had made it into the dryer. All of them, including my black wool sweater, which was now too small for my dog to wear.
“‘Keith,’ I said, holding up the shrunken garment. ‘What the hell?’
He looked up from his dog-eared copy of Dianetics. ‘What?’
‘Why did you put my sweater in the dryer?’
‘You told me to.’
‘No, Keith. No, I didn’t.’
And the Little Prince lost his shit. He cornered me in the laundry room, screaming, spit flying from the corners of his mouth, like a rabid dog. ‘You are wrong, Toni. As usual. You don’t know what you said. I’m the Smartest Man in the World! I have a 240 IQ! Do you really think that you ‘re right, and I’m wrong? Tell me you’re wrong. Do it. Tell me you’re wrong.’
‘Say it.’
‘Say you’re wrong.’
‘Fuck you.’
For a minute I thought he was going to hit me, but he fought off that impulse. Instead, he stormed out of the house, like a hurricane veering back out to sea.
He didn’t come back. Instead, he sent Kristin and Pam to the house, to entice me to apologize and beg for reinstatement. I refused. After about four days, I came home from work to find that most of his stuff had been removed from the house.
Good, I thought. I told my mom. I told my brother. They were delighted. We’d broken up, like a normal couple.

She told Keith, “fuck you”?

Even stenographer Chet should have realized Toni wasn’t that afraid of Keith.

She sent her son packing. She allowed Keith to rape her and hid in a closet. But it wasn’t until a sweater got shrunk that she stood her ground.

Toni’s high school friend, who had heard the sweater story before, said when Toni told her how she broke up with another boyfriend over putting her sweater in the dryer, it was a red sweater, not a black sweater – like in Toni’s story about Keith.

I hope Chet can answer this. Did Toni break up with two different boyfriends because each of them didn’t preserve her wool sweaters, one ruining a red and Keith ruining the black sweater?

Like rape or losing a child, ruining a perfectly good sweater is nothing to take lightly.
Somebody, please post this link on Reddit. There is more to the story of the incorruptible Hardin and his boss and mistress, Toni Natalie.

Stay tuned, pals and gals, we have a spate of stories ahead.

Viva Executive Success!



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  • Dear CHET-

    Frank isn’t the one running around starting threads about you on Reedit. LOL
    You’re the one obsessed and I know why. Toni and you dreamt of book sales, movie deals, fame, fortune and champagne dreams—and Frank ruined it all. You blame him.
    Frank pissed on your parade. The funny thing is the book was never going to be a bestseller. Frank didn’t impact book sales. You need a reality check. NEWS FLASH: You hitched your cart to a horse faced, lying, dumb ass bitch. You’re a fool. Toni is a loser. She looks like a recovering drug addict and sounds like a liar. Who’d buy a book from that cunt? Don’t blame Frank. Blame yourself!

    LMFAO @ U!

    Take care toolbag!


    Larry Tate

  • Someone wrote “Just curious, Marie, why did you ‘convince her to give Frank Report a suspicious journal left behind by Kristin’s wife’? What was suspicious about the journal?”

    There was a journal, supposedly left under Kristin’s mother’s bed since 2003. Kim said she had to sneak in and get it. Heidi supposedly wrote it. Kim said Heidi told her mom to hide the journal under the bed.

    I went down the rabbit hole. It may have been written during the dates in the journal or afterwards to keep stories straight. Heidi may not have written it. Frank has a copy of it.

    • Marie White you’re so talented! Did you sign the dead Ender affidavit that was brought to the prosecutor’s office? It was posted somewhere and showed the people that signed and wasn’t sure if you were the same Marie White who had given their signature. Thanks

    • It is through light and shadow that we see, for now, through a glass, darkly. But then face to face, when BK gather his courage, and comes out in the light, we will know who BK is [Chet].

  • Toni said Keith was a “master of neurolinguistic programming”. Was he?

    Did Keith brainwash/hypnotize Toni?

    If Keith hypnotized Toni for years, that affected everything thing that happened years ago and from that point on.

    If Toni was and still is unaware of the effects of the hypnotism, it could be that Chet means well, but was and is misled.

  • When I grow up, I want to 🤥 lie, cheat and not only have my sweater shrunk by a cult leader but fuck a stenographer. He must be losing his hair and buy my Marlboro cigarettes.

  • I think you’re right on point, Frank.

    About a year ago, I began suspecting that IncorruptibleBK was somebody VERY close to Toni Natalie (I actually suspected that it may be her possibly, or perhaps somebody close to her).

    Not only does this person fixate about you night and day while spending their time hoping for your destruction (which isn’t the sign of a mentally healthy person) —— but about a year ago, they referenced a web page written about you located on Toni Natalie’s website (Toni was gleefully writing about a negative incident that happened in Florida last year).

    Anyway, that particular web page wasn’t super-easy to find from the main page of her site (unless you were specifically searching for it) —- so I immediately suspected that IncorruptibleBK was either Toni herself or somebody associated with her.

    In other words, there’s no fucken way that IncorruptibleBK is just some bystander who found that page on a whim using Google. Toni had to have told that fucken shithead about it.

    Even if it’s not Chet Hardin on Reddit, he’s still a piece of shit nonetheless.

    As for IncorruptibleBK saying that he’s living in your mind rent free —— the truth is that IncorruptibleBK spends part of EVERY DAY thinking and fixating about you and hoping for your demise.

    You should publish a story analyzing why this person has spent the last few years fixating about you so much ——- instead of spending more time with his family and friends (if he has any).

    Chet, if you’re reading this, you need to find some friends and start enjoying your life more —- you fucken BROKE DEADBEAT. If you had more money, you could afford to stop taking low paying jobs transcribing the notes of a female scoundrel.

    Frank… Please keep the negative stories about these people flowing. As you said, you need to pay them back with interest, times 10.

    Have a good day.

    • And every, one, that Chet writes, Frank writes ten, and for every ten Frank writes, I’ll bring him 20 cups of coffee.

    • “..but about a year ago, they referenced a web page written about you located on Toni Natalie’s website (Toni was gleefully writing about a negative incident that happened in Florida last year).”

      I also followed this. Toni was tweeting about Frank and someone on Twitter told her to go to that NXIVMcase Reddit for more goss. It appeared that was the first time Toni had seen that Reddit because she then immediately started to promote it on her Twitter as though it was a brand-new goldmine of info. I don’t think the mod there is C Hardin.



        • Ok I tapped off the caps lock key for you. I will just add that I didn’t mean to demean Toni Natalie as unintelligent. Just that BK writes like someone with a very different voice than hers. He or she writes with knowledge of legal system as if they are a lawyer. Natalie simply wouldn’t be fluent in legal matters in this way.

          • I agree. BK is not Toni Natalie, but my old friend Chet Hardin, her former employee and advocate. BK [Chet], however, is not fluent in legal matters or otherwise, he deliberately misreports my case. I plan to show how error-prone old BK is.

            Palpable errors.

            So anonymous online BK claims he is not Chet. So OK, who is he then? Crickets… Come out of the closet. Don’t be afraid son to stand up. But he can’t, because he is Chet. Otherwise, he would come out and identify himself. Unless he has something to hide. I will later show how I know BK is Chet.

            But please keep in mind this is all good clean fun, and I enjoy it, and I am pretty sure Chet and Toni do too.

            But transparency is a good thing. So is accuracy. This is on the public stage. And when a man takes responsibility for being a truth-teller, he should stand behind it with his true identity.

            That is the only reason I outed Chet, who I like a lot.

  • I read this whole piece and am not seeing a shred of actual evidence that Incorruptable is Chet Hardin OR Toni Natalie.

        • It’s more than a guess my anonymous friend. But BK could put an end to this debate by coming out into the sunshine and hiding no more. He could reveal his true identity and prove it.
          Then we will welcome him into the brotherhood of those brave enough to be in the arena.

  • You have to laugh at this “debate” about who is a journalist.
    The answer, of course, is “none of the above”.

  • Toni Natalie is annoying to me because she still puts #justiceforkryistensnyder
    #truthforkristensnyder…ect…. can you also ask chet why she’s doing this? Why is she so invested in Kristen Snyder.

    • Because Kris Snyder is still missing and no one 100% knows what happened to her? It was likely suicide, but that’s not certain. I don’t see anything suspect about wanting to know with certainty what happened to her.

      • Is it remotely possible Toni is merely virtue signaling? I mean what has she really done to try to find out what happened? Lots of #justiceforKristinSnyder but not one lick of work to find out.

        • I am not by any means a defender of Toni Nata-LIE.

          However, I must be objective no matter how repulsive a person’s character is to me like her!

          Is this article proposing that Toni is sleeping with Chet Hardin in return for good publicity?

          If so, how do you know this? Or are you just merely assuming this because of her slutty nature?

          How do you know Chet is sleeping at her house?

          I wouldn’t be surprised if this was all true based on what I know about her. I’m just curious about how, and even if, this has proven as a fact or not or if this is just a theory (despite it maybe a well hypothesized theory and completely justifiable because of her past)?

          • I know because I used to talk to them both on the phone at her house. And I saw them together living together in Brooklyn.

          • “….And I saw them together living together in Brooklyn….”

            Mmmh! I wonder what you saw or what partook in. Please share all the lurid details.

          • “I know because I used to talk to them both on the phone at her house. And I saw them together living together in Brooklyn.”

            Ok so I understand that it’s easy to draw a “they’re sleeping together” conclusion when a boy and a girl are living together (especially a woman like her), but what if he just had no place to go?

            I mean, did they admit they were having a romantic/sexual relationship to you or are you just inferring that due to her past?

          • “I never said I know they were a couple. I wasn’t in their bedroom.”

            Ummmm, Frank. You called her his “mistress”! What am I supposed to take from that?!

            It’s very easy obviously that this article is subliminally implying that that Chet Hardin is simping to Toni Natalie so much because he’s fucking her and therefore has no integrity to be journalist because his duty of journalistic objectivity has been compromised due to this salacious relationship!

            You may have not said it point blank, but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that’s what you’re implying!

          • You are using the wrong meaning of mistress.
            I was specifically using meaning one of Mistress:

            1. a woman in a position of authority or control. And not necessarily meaning #2

            2. a woman having an extramarital sexual relationship, especially with a married man.

            I have no idea if Toni was Chet’s mistress as in meaning #2, but she was his mistress, as she was in control of the book and his livelihood apparently for some time.

            Check out the comparative font sizes of their bylines on their book – The Program – for further proof.

          • “Check out the comparative font sizes of their bylines on their book – The Program – for further proof.”

            I get that and noticed it already. So you take no opinion about her sleeping with Chet? Is that what you’re saying?

            Also, do you why Kristen Keefe hates Toni Natalie so much?

            I understand her character flaws and everything I’ve read that you’ve said. I’m just curious what is her specific story with her.

            From what I’ve seen, Kristen is always very vague about it and won’t just spit out what her specific issue is with her.

            Could you please explain what Toni did to her that made her hate her so much?

          • I understand Kristin will tell you exactly what you want to know. I hope to publish that soon.

          • “I understand Kristin will tell you exactly what you want to know. I hope to publish that soon.”

            She always acts like she will, but never does!

            Can’t you just give a short list summarizing it here in the comments and not play that stalling shit like her, please?! This isn’t hard!

        • Exactly. I remember when I built a relationship with her surviving sister, Kim. I convinced her to give Frank Report a suspicious journal left behind by Kristen’s wife. Frank Report put more hours of research than Natalie and the official search and rescue. Yes Frank, I see now what virtue signaling truly looks like.

          • Just curious Marie, why did you “convince her to give Frank Report a suspicious journal left behind by Kristen’s wife”? What was suspicious about the journal?

            If Keith was a “master” of neurolinguistic programming who read a “dog-eared” copy of L. Ron Hubbard’s book Dianetics and if Nancy’s specialty was NLP, how many people in and out of ESP/NXIVM were knowingly or unknowingly programmed, hypnotized and/or brainwashed?

            Former NXIVM members and former Scientologists are mostly normal-looking smart people. How complete was the NLP programming/hypnotizing/brainwashing for those affected? How long did it last?

            Is there discussion of the programmed/hypnotized/brainwashed aspect of ESP/NXIVM anywhere?

            When names connected to ESP/NXIVM are mentioned on Frank Report, how many behaviors mentioned are described with adjectives and qualifiers directly or indirectly attributed to the NLP programming, brainwashing and hypnotism — or, L. Ron Hubbard’s Dianetics?

            Some were involved in ESP/NXIVM for years. Some who study psychology often reference “functions of behaviors”. When someone does something, some call that “a behavior”. Some say it helps to try to figure out the function of a behavior to understand why a person does something, says something or thinks something.

            “Virtue signaling“ would serve very different purposes in a programmed vs non-programmed person.

      • Kristin Snyder drowned herself in an Alaskan fjord in midwinter. She left a suicide note. Her death was investigated by Alaskan State Police and ruled a suicide.

        Her body was never found but that is not unusual, and there is no reason to think her death was suspicious. Drowned bodies in the open sea are often never found, see the case of Dr. Chaundre Cross whose body was also never found

        • “Her body was never found but that is not unusual, and there is no reason to think her death was suspicious.” Aristotle
          Me, rolling my eyes.

  • I am happy to debate Chet on the facts in his own name I doubt he will do that for that would end his ability to anonymously lie.

  • What a vindictive story. What have they done to you to deserve this attack?

    Even if your account of affairs is correct, it doesn’t change the fact that Toni suffered badly from the endless litigation by Keith.

    Why is this attack necessary? Because they wrote a book before you did? You should be above this.

    • Chet and Tony have been attacking me for months with falsehoods. I am merely giving it back with compound interest except I tell the truth. I will write 10 stories for every one Chet publishes.

      I am tired of his lying. I am tired of his anonymous cowardice. Read Kristin Keeffe’s comment. I doubt Toni was the victim she claims to be.

      I was content to report about other matters, but Chet wants to write lies about me. I would not mind if he told the truth but he gets things wrong, deliberately or because he is just not a good reporter.

    • Some of those lawsuits Toni bright on herself
      She trespassed onto NXIVMs servers & involved several others
      When caught, she got sued in criminal & civil court
      Had NXIVM been more on the ball with timing, she could be doing prison time herself

      • NXIVM – the company that makes their gullible undocumented teenage slaves hack into people’s computers in between mandatory daily blowjobs to Keith on his musty couch in his hovel? The cult that illegally spies on critics’ personal banking & financial info just because a critic, say, doesn’t buy Keith’s bullshit?

      • The reason Toni didn’t go to jail was because I got her off all her criminal and civil charges. At that the time I thought I was fighting a greater evil – Keith. She was completely guilty, I got her off on technicalities.

        In retrospect, I never should have helped her. She is beyond evil like Keith.

        • I know that not all of KR’s victims are friends and not all see things the same way. May I ask what Toni has done to create this ‘rift’? Just curious. I guess I was under the impression Toni and Frank were friendly.

          • I’m Friendly to Toni. I appreciate what she did in the early days of fighting Raniere and she was a good friend and back up when I was breaking the branding stories. In fact the first two people I told about branding was Toni and Kristin Keeffe.

            Later Toni decided she did not like me and started attacking me. I then responded.

      • “Can you be an anticultist and simultaneously be the only one giving a voice to the remaining true blood cultists?”

        And vice versa.

        I believe it’s the only way to truly be an anticultist.


        • Alanzo-

          When you’re not busy philosophizing(pontificating)….

          …. Which do you enjoy more: being home alone staring at the wall or your high paying customer service job?

  • I heard a rumor that Allison badly outplayed Chet during one of the group’s volleyball matches. Is there any truth to this shocking, earth-shattering allegation?

    Perhaps it can be a feature story in season 3, coupled with the time Allison and Kristin donated money and volunteer work to a Vancouver children’s hospital, in exchange for nothing. No ribbon cutting ceremony, no publicity, nothing, and got yelled at by a WB rep for not using their generosity to promote the show.

    • “I heard a rumor that Allison badly outplayed Chet during one of the group’s volleyball matches.”
      Who’d you hear that from Kevi?

      • From no one. It’s a joke. The guy bragged in one of his speeches that he played volleyball with Allison, before betraying her trust.

        The thought of her spiking a ball over the net and being intense with a complete stranger during the game is sort of out of character for her, but also made me smile.

        • When you have to explain your jokes it’s a hint from the universe that you aren’t funny. It’s one of the things about your writing that makes it really obvious Who You Are this enduring belief that you are a humorous person you’re only unintentionally funny and not in the way that you want to be amusing.

          • I wasn’t trying to make you laugh. It was for my benefit, not yours.

            Who am I today?

            Maybe I’ll post as “anonymous” going forward and hide under a table, cowering in fear like the rest of most of you.

  • Chet- why don’t you report using your own name on Reddit?

    You call yourself a journalist but what journalist hides behind anonymity?

  • very funny! ‘She sent her son packing. She allowed Keith to rape her and hid in a closet. But it wasn’t until a sweater got shrunk that she stood her ground’ LOL.


    • I wonder why she never called the police after being raped. Also fuck her for saying she was raped. What a piece of shit.

  • Toni is an embarrassment to motherhood. Glad her son had a devoted father who loved and raised him. No integrity and zero morals.

    She takes off with a married man, and she was okay with him abandoning his wife and children? Did anyone actually read this nuts book?

    • Keith seduced Toni when she was a married mother, so what??? NXIVM is a-ok with that, so why are you complaining about it?

      • Was Toni a-ok with it? She is older than Keith. She was the married mother.

        I spoke with her husband, he was, incidentally, not a-ok with it.

  • Toni Natalie was by far one of the most malevolent and evil people I ever encountered in Keith’s circle. Up there with Clare and Nancy. Really, she is one dark soul.

    Her whole story of “we broke up over a sweater” is a total fiction. Keith and Toni broke up because a) it was obvious she was sleeping with her cook Scott Foley and b) she begged Nancy Salzman to lend her $50K for her business then told Nancy after she got the money “Go fuck yourself I’m never paying you back.” Keith broke up with Toni then.

    Nancy had taken a second mortgage out on her home to help Toni.

    Back then Nancy wasn’t the bad person she became and I have no doubt that the shock of Toni’s evil pushed her much closer to Keith. As it did me and many others.

    • In this cult, everyone’s hands are dirty, so it makes it easy to cast blame and use that to assuage your own guilt. Your list of her transgressions sounds like what the cult taught as examples of her demonic nature, though. But even if it’s true that she slept with her cook – what’s the issue? Keith slept with his harem which may or may not have included you at the time. I hope she was sleeping with her cook.

      Keith broke up with her in outrage over her theft over a loan? What? The fraud who manipulated his gullible lovers/followers into giving him millions because of his brilliance – and he lost it all in the stock market??? Even if your account is true – cry moar, Keith and Nancy. And Nancy wasn’t a good person before. Nancy was a grifting swindling fraud, who was unqualified to practice therapy and defrauded insurance companies.

      Didn’t you participate in or at least know about illegal/criminal activities against Toni, like stalking, stealing mail, or harming her pets? I just take what you’ve written with a large sprinkle of salt.

      • I believe those are all Toni’s lies. Kristin didn’t poison her dog. Why Toni said her brother committed suicide because of Keith, when her brother’s live-in girlfriend said Toni had seen her brother in two years and the brother died of a heart condition.

        • What about the rest of it? Like I wrote – I HOPE TONI SLEPT WITH HER COOK. I HOPE SHE KEPT $50K OF KEITH/NANCY’S MONEY. Why should anybody care about those things against the monsters Keith and Nancy? Kristin is criticizing one of Keith’s multiple lover victims for having a lover at the same time that Kristin was one of Keith’s lovers? What??? And Kristin was part of the Fair Game crew of NXIVM – that’s how she knew the cult would treat her the same way when she left.

          • There is little doubt Toni was no angel and perhaps deserved Keith, and vice versa. I think they are soulmates.

            In some other world, perhaps hell, they will get back together to torment each other. Perhaps in time they will learn to love each other.

        • You didn’t address how Kristin was part of the Fair Game crew of NXIVM. She definitely was a part of stirring shit against NXIVM’s enemies. So her comments about how evil Toni is is kind of rich given that Kristin was part of a terrorizing arm of a cult. That’s how she knew that they’d treat her the same way she had helped others be treated.

          Toni is more evil than Keith’s goons? How is that even possible? (I’m really asking.) More evil than Pam, the kid procurer and abortion concierge? I’m just not seeing how.

          • These are reasonable questions. I think Toni and Keith are soulmates. I wrote this as tribute to them both.

            It’s like you’re expecting a bankruptcy that you’re just crazy to file and you hang around the bankruptcy court for fear Keith might not serve the papers.

            You never realize that he always serves twice.

            Well, he served twice for Toni and now he’s serving the BOP twice isn’t he? The truth is, you always hear Keith serve the second time. Even if you’re way out in the SHU. It all works out. I guess Vanguard knows more about these things than we do.

            Somehow or other Toni Natalie paved the way for Toni Fly’s life with him.

            Dear heavenly Father, Would you send up a prayer for Toni and Keith? And if you could find it in your heart…make it that they’re together, wherever it is.

    • No disrespect, Kristin, but didn’t Toni let you live with her when you had no where else to go?

      Is it possible you despise her because she was witness to and is vocal about your wrongdoing while in NXIVM?

      I ask these questions with no defense of Toni. Just going on what I have read.

      • When Clare Bronfman spent a reported one million dollars to find Kristin and found her and her son hiding at my property in the Keys, Kristin had to run. Toni told her to come to stay with her in Rochester.

        As I understand it. Kristin gave Toni the complete legal strategy to get out of her indictment for computer trespassing. Soon after, Toni kicked her and her son out of her house.

        Toni paid for one night at a low-cost motel and left her to fend for herself. Toni was not a witness to anything NXIVM. Toni was gone by 1998 within a few months of when NXIVM/ESP started.

        • I don’t know, Frank. Considering Kristin poisoned Toni’s dog and stole her mail, including all her bills, canceled her credit cards, etc., I’d say that was pretty damn nice of Toni.

          Kristin sounds ungrateful. Also, I have yet to hear Kristin admit to any wrongdoing on her new subreddit. It’s hard to believe what she says when she’s claiming to be an angel who just happened to work for a criminal in his criminal enterprise.

    • If Keith broke up with Toni, why was he writing the groveling letters asking her to come back to him? And why did Keith send the inner circle to try to get Toni to come back?

      Those couple of weeks when it all went down were bizarre. That’s when I realized they were all fucking nuts.

      • What a tangled web. Who benefits from such a tangled web?

        “One of the most important questions in an investigation is about establishing motive, summed up by the Latin phrase cui bono, or ‘Who benefits?’ ”
        Garrett M. Graff, Wired, 9 Aug. 2022

      • NutJob-

        You were there in the very beginning….I always had thought you showed up a little late to the party.

        An original apostle.

        You must have so many stories and tales to share.

        I hope all is well and you have a wonderful 2023.

        • Thanks. Hope all is well with you. I’ve shared most of the stories here already but have a few good ones that I’ve held back. If i told em I might as well use my real name. (Not that Nutjob isn’t my birth name)

      • That’s a really good question. Would love to know the rest of the story. Why DID he want her back so badly? Maybe, no one has the right to leave HIM?

        • I’ll tell you this – I was a male with no real relationship with the guy, and I left on the down-low. And was worried about backlash from that psycho. I saw what he was doing to Toni. I’d heard enough about Scientology not letting you out. I just wanted away from it all.

          This is part of the reason I believe the Nicoles of NXIVM when they kept being cordial to the Alisons etc. after being fucked over. They just wanted out and didn’t mind playing games to be left alone.

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