Ignored and forgotten: Saratoga in Decline 2012 post offered evidence of tax evasion

John Tighe

By Lana Darby

Clifton Park Correspondent 

Here is evidence of Income Tax Evasion from the Wayback Machine:


Most of the links are dead but scroll down to the 2010 Reconciliation and we have these expenses:

In 2010 we see HERE That the Foundation is paying the nannies – and the driver for the nannies
Total revenues for 2010 = $93,418
Total expenses for 2010 = $150,517, of which $117,324 was for salaries and wages (Note: If there are 5 nannies and 1 driver, their average annual pay is $19,554).
The following is a list of known Nannies and support staff for the Rainbow Cultural Garden project. I must point out that according to the Ethical Science Foundation’s own tax returns, they have never made a single legitimate grant to anyone. The entire foundation is a front for child experimentation. It is also believed that none of these people have been given a W-2 or 1099 form. Many are illegal immigrants and are paid less than minimum wage
Xiaoseng Chang/Nanny – Chinese
Dominic Chiappone/Driver
3 Laurel Oak Lane
Clifton Park, NY 12065
Monica Duran/Nanny – Spanish
Camilla Fernandez/Nanny – Spanish
Loreta Garza (Davila)/Program Coordinator
Ellen Gibson/Former Driver
Sahajo Haertel/Nanny – Hindi
(518) 728-9533 (Cell)
Galyna Kozak/Nanny – Russian
Komal Singh Khalsa/Nanny – Indian
Ushers Road
Ballston Spa, NY _12020
Keiko Tabata/Nanny – Asian
Angela Torain/Nanny 
Spring Street
Watervliet, NY
Thilo Ullman/Nanny – Russian
Sahajo Heartel was branded and a nanny too!

[Correction on some names: Angela Torain is actually Angela Toren – still friends with ESPIANS.

Komal Singh Khalsa is now Komal Khalsa Mehls (she married) and per Linked-In she lists herself as an MDS.

The address on Ushers Road is the home/facility purchased by NXIVM used at one time for Rainbow. It was listed for sale by Espian Realtor Franca DiCrescenzo of Armida Rose Realty.

I don’t know if Galina’s last name was Kozak. I couldn’t find any Galina who is friends with any known NXIAN.

Thilo Ullman may be a typo because Thilo is male and was the Chairman of the Saratoga Springs Democratic committee until he resigned and moved west.]


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  • John was an abrasive ass. I posted on his site a few times and he scolded me for supporting Kristin Kreuk because she was part of the cult at the time. This was before any revelations concerning the statutory rapes of Raniere were published in the news. Regardless, John probably had that child porn planted on his computer that sent him to prison knowing all the corruption now that seems to exist in Saratoga County and how long they held onto his computer just because he had a NXIVM coaches list given to him by an ex-member. If so, what goes around comes around. One prison term for another. NXIVM probably used it as some great victory for the evil that was Mr. Tighe among their flock. But if they set him up, If they railroaded an innocent man, Karma will come around worse for them.

    • John was, in fact, an abrasive ass and one of the bravest men I ever met. Yes, he was rough around the edges. And, Yes, he had little patience for fools. But John was committed to exposing Raniere and Salzman, and the Bronfmans, and all the other High Rank for what they are: liars, cheaters, con-artists, manipulators, schemers, sociopaths, psychopaths, and downright nasty people. I have no doubt that NXIVM was behind John’s arrest for child porn. And maybe even OHarra’a arrest for bribing a public official with a check (who does that?). And I have no doubt the Feds are trying to put away Frank right now to shut him up too. But OHarra’s already out and John will be out in a couple of months. So, even if the Feds succeed in shutting down Frank, I think they’ll be others who be ready to pick up the battle and see it through till the end.

      • I was all for what John was doing if he was exposing those who were fraudulent and cheating others. I just never understood why he became so abrasive with me when I was just trying to seek information on how involved Kristin was. He called me a celebrity worshiper who was also a supporter of a disgusting man: i.e. Raniere, and so she effectively deserved to receive any of his diatribes. I don’t know if he actually understood how cults worked. Since cults are layered like onions and hide behind business fronts, not everybody within a cult is involved with any insidious machinations that may exist. It was quite possible that Kristin was love-bombed, treated especially well due to her celebrity status, and was told not to believe the “data”. Or she was just simply taking and coaching courses because she thought they helped her and she thought she could help others too. People like her could have been walking that line between leaving and staying, because although she may have been treated well, she could have been hearing a lot of contrary information that was invoking cognitive dissonance within her. If she was innocent, I felt it was counterproductive to be harsh and abrasive to people like her who were likely not guilty and instead focus upon those who were because it is these type of responses that NXIVM uses to keep people locked in. People will listen to those they know personally and who treat them kindly rather than a third party who they don’t know when there are still doubts about the data and the truth isn’t clear, well-known, or substantiated. Once the investigative TU article written by someone credible like James Odato was released in 2012 that exposed Raniere’s activities with underage girls and more, that was enough to make her leave and move on and I’m glad that John was a catalyst in helping that come about.

        • John didn’t always listen to everyone’s opinion with open ears and he didn’t always worry about nuance. That’s because he was an on-the-ground leader in a guerilla war, not a general 100 miles away from the battles looking at satellite images.

          Perhaps you are right about Kristin Kreuk. But from John’s standpoint, she was just another enemy combatant – and, worse yet, she was recruiting (or being used to recruit) more enemy combatants.

          And while Jim Odato did a great job in putting together a very well-researched series on NXIVM and Raniere, that series would have never happened if John had not led the way with his blog. And if the Feds actually do indict Raniere, the Salzmans, the Bronfmans, and other members of NXIVM’s inner circle, the credit should go to Frank Parlato, not the US Attorney whose name is on the indictments.

          • I find the analogy rather inapt. Notwithstanding the allegations that Keith has “had people killed for his beliefs”, and that John was allegedly run off the road by a black vehicle as he once stated on his blog, from a third party perspective, this was primarily a verbal and legal war between John and those who were anonymous behind the scenes who he gave a voice to, and NXIVM et al and any corrupted government officials in their corner.

            Oh, I’m sure I’m right about Kristin from what I can judge of her personality as a result of following her for many years. Well, as much as can be known with a level of surety from someone who hasn’t personally received any communication from her about the situation but judges it from what he knows of her through articles, interviews, and the like. If she knew about the truth concerning Raniere and his manipulation of a twelve year old and other minors as an adult for sex prior to considering joining NXIVM, my educated guess is she would’ve never joined. This type of thing she does not consider ethical and is not something in her values.

            I agree that Odato’s article may not have happened without John being one of the catalysts as I previously stated. Just like John’s blog that dealt with NXIVM wouldn’t have happened if people who were abused and manipulated by NXIVM didn’t find security to give him the information and security in his voice to speak on their behalf. The point being is that third party observers often need something reliable, something professional, independently supported and verified, i.e., quality investigative journalism to quell their doubts, push them over the edge so to speak (not matter how nice they appear to them), and say enough is enough.

    • John was most definitely abrasive on SID blog and he did not suffer fools lightly. He was fearful of what he saw happening in his beloved Saratoga. I was very aware of NXIVM but not aware of the inroads NXIVM was making in local Saratoga politics with the Democrats for Change. Not being a city of Saratoga resident, it didn’t really affect me, but the NXIVM story did because I live in the middle of cult central. NXIVM had plans for a World Center here in Clifton Park on Woodin Road that was, thankfully, shot down. There was talk of them trying to buy the storied Adelphi hotel on Broadway in Saratoga. There were rumours of plans for their own radio station. Can you imagine a Sirius Radio station of ESP drivel? In court documents, Barbara Bouchey mentioned there had been discussion of creating their own currency and own country. Since I live in the middle of NXIVM Village, I was able to share my observations with JT of what I was seeing, much as I have continued to do so with Frank once Frank picked up the torch.

      John wanted Saratoga cleaned up. NXIVM was not John’s only target. He took on the Saratoga Housing Authority, he fought to have CODE BLUE Shelters created in Saratoga. He took on the mismanagement of SPAC and he wanted to save the Victoria Pool. I remember driving up to Saratoga after a substantial snowstorm and being astounded at the number of homeless people on the streets behind Broadway who seemed to have appeared out of nowhere and sharing this observation with John who told me that Saratoga did have a pretty big homeless population. He fought for the underdog and he fought for the truth to come to light for Kristin Snyder and Gina Hutchinson.

      We are all humans and humans have flaws. John most certainly has his. But my gut tells me he was framed because he was the thorn in the side of local politicians and law enforcement who were most certainly on the take. John also has some serious health issues that I hope are being attended to while he is incarcerated so that he is able to see the outside when his stint is up. He is in a federal medical center. His loving wife and many of his friends have stood by him through all this. That is the measure of a decent man.

  • Wonderful work, thank you, Lana Darby. And congratulations, Frank, on FrankReport’s redesign. It looks great! And it’s terrific to see a search feature.

  • This is a great example of just how long law enforcement officials have known about Raniere’s crimes and sat on their asses and done nothing. In this case, it’s the IRS and the NYS Tax Department that were made aware of the huge amount of tax evasion going on in NXIVM. (1) – Tax-exempt organizations accepting tax deductible donations from the Bronfman brats and then using those funds for Raniere-related activities.
    (2) – People who work for NXIVM not being given any record of the payments they received from NXIVM – and then failing to declare those payments as income.
    (3) – Nannies here without proper visas being paid under the table – and then having to kick back funds to NXIVM.

    No wonder NXIVM and law enforcement worked so hard to get rid of John Tighe. He was exposing what NXIVM was doing and showing that law enforcement was doing nothing about it. Sounds a lot like what’s going on right now with Frank.

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