Rare, Bizarre Video of Raniere With Sex Slave Discussing Babies – While Baby Cries in Background

Loreta Garza with her master Keith Alan Raniere - but he was not present when she was branded.

In a rare and disturbing video, we find Keith Raniere with his sex slave, Loreta Garza, discussing how to develop a baby’s strength.

In it, as he discusses the topic, he does some bizarre hand motions with his slave and all the while a baby is crying in the background, off-camera.

Loreta Garza, his sex slave, also ran his childhood experiment Rainbow Cultural Garden – where infants and young children were subjected to 7 nannies per week, one for each day of the week, who were with the child all day and night, speaking to him or her in a different language every day.

This cruel experiment left many children traumatized, with separation anxiety, for they were segregated from their parents, who were not allowed to talk to their own children while the nannies came and spoke to the children in French, Arabic, Hindi, Russian, Spanish, Mandarin, and English.

Some of the children have reportedly been developmentally arrested in their language skills following this brutal and untested experiment on children.

The video was part of some bizarre promotional aspect of Rainbow and was used to encourage Nxivm parents to get involved and operate a Rainbow Cultural Garden in their community.

Here is the video:

Here is the transcript of what the Vanguard says.

Raniere: Do you understand, if you stop the baby from fighting to stay in balance, he will not develop the strengths. He will not develop the reflexes nearly as quickly. Do you understand?

So, the exercise I wanted to do, is something that we do in martial arts. You stand up. And this is just a matter of feel. The whole thing is, for example, when you’re holding a baby’s hands and they’re trying to like, you’re trying to stand by, pulling on my hands, pull down, hold down, supporting everything, or I can just, go ahead and push a little and that’s the baby should fall.

Do you understand?

So what you do is you follow the pressure. Now the exercise we used to do initially in martial arts is we would have two people, one person would be the mover and the other person be the follower and since I’m the mover, I expect to be followed. There is a certain amount of pressure when you feel the hands.

Now, I move my hands and you try to follow. You’re getting there. Now don’t think about it. If you’re the mover and I’m the follower, right? And I do it and I can close my eyes. It’s, it’s not, it’s just feeling it. Totally feeling and it’s not that it’s a lot of pressure.

So, normally, in martial arts the applications is if by fighting you a little like if I have contact with her, I can feel where she’s going without thinking about it. It’s a whole feel thing. You feel where the body is.

When you’re holding a little baby it’s the same thing. You feel where the body where the baby’s body is and if the body goes and if the baby goes to push, also for support (?) {the baby crying makes some of the profound words of the Vanguard inaudible.]

But don’t support them all the way. The moment you feel them riding themselves you immediately give them away so there is no support there. Do you understand?


Here are some screenshots from the video for readers’ enjoyment:



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  • I took martial arts for a while and recognize some of the movements he was doing. I doubt he took more than a few classes. Most of what he is saying makes no sense. His followers must have been poorly educated or sheltered or plain stupid.

    I’ll give it to him though, he can say absolute gibberish with a completely straight face. So he’s either a very skilled liar and conman, or truly believes his own words.

    • liar and conman, though not sure if one could add “skiiled”. Clearly, in this video Keith was in his prime all-knowing momma bear persona of mimicking a Jesus-like or new messiah schtick. Reminiscent of Rev. Jim Jones bullshit showmanship.

    • Frank,

      If you watch the hand gestures and mannerisms of Simmons and listen to his voice, there are some very strange similarities.

      I guarantee the Frank Report is correct and Keith Raniere is bi-sexual.

      Not that there is anything wrong with that. 😉

  • Besides the obvious martial arts borrowings, the application to infants seems to me as if it might be something at least party inspired by Steiner’s practices, like the “Eurythmy” used in Waldorf schools, which I’ve read also is used in some type of physical therapy.

    Seeing Raniere reminds me almost uncannily of some people I knew when I was in grad school in the 1980s, who were either undergrads or college town hanger-on types – including two who tried to start a human potential training and community of their own, after becoming familiar with some of the same sort of examples (including NLP) that reportedly fascinated Raniere. I only know of one who never seems, like Raniere, to have never to have really grown out of that stage (he never graduated, either), probably because his professor father gave him money from some lucrative patents.

  • It ends with him saying you “don’t give the baby support” and “I’d like you to”… I bet he says to this effect:
    “I’d like you to hold the baby and to do his technique on the baby.” THE BABY IS THERE TO BE EXPERIMENTED ON, why else would the baby be right there? And then note video stops.

    I am starting to get stomach pains. Reading Frank Report’s posts all at once (never having been on the site until recently) about this Key Stone Cops Darth Vader for a leader group – is a lot to take in. I just can’t believe what I am reading at times.

    Is there a red or blue pill I can take before I read more?

      • The red pill represents finding out the truth the blue pill represents staying in ignorance. Matrix.

        OK, I will go with red and keep learning about all these vast layers of the psychotic world of Keith Raniere.

        Too late to go back, once you take the red pill and have your eyes opened you can’t go back to not knowing there is a person like Keith Raniere in NY.

        But reality can be sweet, the reality that he has been put on ice….YAHOO………

  • Agree that it’s BS but for the record that baby wasn’t crying or being left untended. It was just vocalizing the way babies do and it sounded like there was another person in the room (likely the one who Keith was directing this stupid “baby strengthening” lesson to). It’s bullshit for sure but calling it disturbing is a stretch and a bit misleading.

  • Keith doesn’t know the basics about raising children. I remember thinking how crazy people were to be taking intensives on Parenting from a group of people who never had children,
    The exercise in this video is as asinine as the stupid dollar bill exercise in the Intensive.

    Keith is no genius and at this point I doubt he is even average. He is nothing but crazy and evil. Exactly what his father once said to me!

    • What stupid dollar bill exercise in the Intensive? The one we did in elemtary school, by holdig a dollar bill vertically and someone put their finger/thumb around it with a space between them and the dollar bill, then letting go of the dollar bill and showing that reflexes weren’t fast enough to keep the dollar bill from falling through their finger/thumb? The same trick is done by all MLM scams on a much larger scale, in one way or another. LOL

  • Meh. Blame Keith for his manipulation, control, inconsistency, hypocrisy, branding, deception, etc., but this video is pretty tame in comparison. There’s nothing wrong with the initial idea of balancing support and independent growth by way of feeling the increase. This is taught in a lot of different forms of training and the like. Remember, Keith ripped off a lot of solid ideas from elsewhere as a means to get what he wanted.

  • Shadow and the other people who don’t understand. He was teaching how babies develop and are made to be strong. You have dirty minds. He was uplifting babies and children everywhere. Many children in Rainbow speak 5-7 languages fluently now that they are older. Every Rainbow child speaks at least 4 languages. Shadow put that in your head and think on it. How many languages do you speak?

  • No one is a Bigger Baby than Keith Raniere.

    “I was curled up on the floor for fifteen minutes bleeding out of the mouth because you were with another man.” Keith Raniere

    • L- Foreplay – KR style. It’s his martial art of seduction (snicker).
      So you know, was this like the ‘panty drop’ for you? Did you two ever braid each other’s hair?
      (Snicker)…. like are you proud to have let this pig run his tiny infected prick all up in like your vag?

      • The reply box is on the fritz. It did the same thing to me earlier. I was leaving a reply for someone and it said I was leaving it for the Citizens for journalist commenter. Also sometimes I can write my reply but the option to add my name and send area isn’t present.

    • He was terrified he wasn’t going to be able to mirror her hand movements! Notice his increased respiration after. I think he may even have been trembling. Lol
      At the same time it’s obvious he enjoyed these little demonstrations. He appears Vangaurd like to these idiot followers. They look at him with awe and admiration and his ego is inflated.
      The real lessons here are in observing the grifter’s expressions and body language.

      • Mitch,

        I honestly do you think you are right! I also think Keith get Raniere is either gay, bisexual or a woman who likes other women.


        The real question is would you bang Loreta Garza? She’s looking kinda cute in this video.

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