Operation Legatus to Begin – as Bronfman Sisters Are Guilty of Many Uncharged Crimes

MK10ART's painting of a happy Clare Bronfman.

With the conviction of Keith Alan Raniere, AKA Vanguard, the work of the Frank Report is not concluded.

In a series of posts, under the banner of Operation Legatus, I plan to show why Clare and Sara Bronfman must be brought to justice.

While Raniere will be sentenced to at least 15 years – and likely a good deal longer – there are others in the destructive Nxivm cult who have gotten off – thus far – way too easy.

First and foremost of these is Clare Webb Bronfman, who many readers know by the Latin name Legatus.

The Seagram’s heiress pleaded guilty to two felony counts – harboring an illegal alien and identity theft – both of which carry a light penalty.

MK10ART’s painting of Clare Bronfman. She got a sweetheart deal alright.

Based on federal sentencing guidelines, her sentence will likely be 21-24 months in federal prison. Most likely, that will be at a low-security facility and she will be in a halfway house or on home arrest perhaps within a year.

Bronfman’s sweetheart plea deal provides that if the judge should sentence her to anything more than 27 months, she can appeal his sentence. In other words, this dangerous and vicious animal will be roaming the streets – if not stopped – in a few years with hundreds of millions left to punish her enemies.

Just for the record, she has hardly stopped her vicious litigation. Recently in New York State Supreme Court in Niagara County, her lawyer William Savino was before a judge trying to get a $1 million-plus judgment against me.

The judge denied Bronfman’s motion but she is continuing a lawsuit against me [and I am countersuing] based on my work to rescue her Los Angeles Real Estate deal that went amok in 2008.

She was being swindled by Raniere and I exposed it and saved her some $26 million. But pig that she is, rather than thank me, under Raniere’s direction, she filed false criminal charges against me [subsequently dropped] and tried – on behalf of Raniere – to destroy my entire life. Indeed, but for Clare filing false criminal charges against me, I might not have ever written a word about Raniere and Nxivm. [So thanks Clare – you changed my life and quite a few others who may have benefited by the work done by the Frank Report.]

Now, 11 years later, she is still trying to use her wealth to destroy me.

So be it. She is now using a battery of lawyers including Mark Geragos and Savino. At one time, this ridiculous woman hired Michael Avenatti to go after me. Unfortunately for him, he was arrested himself and could not go on the attack against me. [Clare had a pretty little scene in court where she faked fainting when the judge asked her if she had hired Avenatti.]

Also, for the record, though she is on home confinement – and may the judge and DOJ take note – Bronfman recently met with Vanessa Sahagun, a Nxivm coach and the wife of the currently highest-ranking member of Nxivm – Edgar Boone.

That’s right! Clare Bronfman met Sahagun at her home in a secret meeting – to give her orders on running Nxivm in Mexico and the USA.

Bronfman is not permitted to meet with any people on the coaches list of 2017 outside the presence of her attorneys. But Sahagun was secretly promoted to coach at the Vanguard University and was not on the list.

Her husband, Edgar, is a blue sash and is higher in the organization than everyone but Nancy – who is not now part of Nxivm – at least not officially.

Make no mistake – Nxivm is still alive and well in Mexico – and is merely weathering the storm. Under Edgar and Omar ‘Cuckie’ Boone, they’re just waiting for the tempest to die down.

Clare Bronfman is at the head of it. [Just as Nicki Clyne is the head of DOS – under Clare of course. More on that later.]

For those who know the inside of Nxivm and its workings, this is an injustice. Clare Bronfman was the brutal, vicious Director of Operations for Nxivm.

That she could get off with a lighter sentence than, for instance, Allison Mack or Lauren Salzman is a true miscarriage of justice.

Clare and her sister, Sara Bronfman-Igtet, funded the entire crime spree and these two should be brought to justice. For Clare, it should mean that the feds and possibly NY State should bring additional charges against her.

For Sara – who, thus far, has nearly slipped under the radar – if the evidence shows it – and I think it will – she must be also charged.

Curiously, the DOJ, when they charted the inner circle of Nxivm, failed to list Sara Bronfman on the chart. This is extremely curious for she had a far greater role in the operations than many on the list.

The government chart of the inner circle of Nxivm fails to have one of the key players listed – Sara Bronfman. Why is that?

Because one has great wealth, it should not mean they can use it to destroy lives and escape punishment.

Sara Bronfman funded the destruction of numerous lives and yet, somehow, no one has yet called her to account.

Operation Legatus is part of the Frank Report mission. To expose the vicious crimes of the two Bronfman sisters who have spent millions destroying others for their Vanguard.

mk10art’s depiction of Clare Bronfman


Sara should not be able to just go off to France and experiment with children using Raniere’s destructive Rainbow Cultural Gardens techniques and have a fine time amid fields of lavender and olive trees.

If Vanguard will go to prison for years to come and they remain at large – this is an injustice.

Happily, the feds have not concluded their investigation into the Bronfman-Raniere crime organization.

We plan to report on developments and, equally importantly, we will be uncovering and revealing new evidence of the Bronfman role in the Nxivm racketeering organization.

It is far deeper than what people might expect based on the light prison sentence Clare received and the lack of charges [or barely even a mention] of Sara in the first trial of Keith Raniere.

It is true that Legatus paid a $6 million fine to the government and $96,000 to Sylvie – which is hardly justice. The ratio of payment to the government compared to the victim is a little one-sided. It is also important to note that her $6 million fine represents less than 3 percent of her net worth.

This is the picture used by the prosecution of Clare Bronfman to show to the jury during the trial of Keith Raniere. Clare never appeared at trial.

Of course, as the government looks to charge her with more crimes, they will be looking to extract more money from her.  We will be looking at ways that the ratio of fines to government versus restitution to victims is a little better than the $6 million to the government and less than $100 to the victim ratio we witnessed in the last case.

Now that Raniere has been convicted on all counts, Operation Legatus is our goal.

I think we shall be able to prove that Legatus and her sister are criminals nearly on par with their partner, Keith Alan Raniere.

We hope to bring the same coverage and investigation into the Bronfman sisters’ role as we did to Nxivm in general and Raniere in particular.

The perjury in litigation, tax evasion, violations of homeland security statutes, harboring aliens, cheating them once they got here, funding illegal human fright experiments, bulk cash smuggling, and suspected illegal funding of terrorism in Libya and other high crimes – call it treason – are part of the menu of Operation Legatus.

Stay tuned.

[Sources who have any information about suspected crimes of these two stinkers – Clare and Sara Bronfman – please contact me. Your identity will remain confidential. My phone is 716-990-5740 email is frankparlato@gmail.com].

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4 years ago

This seems to me to be where the focus of investigative journalism should shift, along with NXIVM’s Mexican remnants and the Rainbow Cultural Garden operations that apparently remain scattered around the world.

The Bronfman’s case also involves many of the NXIVM minions who helped perpetrate customs and immigration crimes, financial offenses including tax evasion, and perhaps human trafficking as well, who have yet to be held to account. Some of those people are still apparently running around Knox Woods, probably up to no good, and I’d think the locals in the Albany area would be allies in pushing to eradicate the criminal conspiracy.

4 years ago
Reply to  AnonyMaker

“Some of those people are still apparently running around Knox Woods, probably up to no good, and I’d think the locals in the Albany area would be allies in pushing to eradicate the criminal conspiracy.”

The proper venue of the NXIVM case was always in Albany, not Brooklyn.
Most of the crimes happened in and around Saratoga county in the NDNY.

dianne Lipson
dianne Lipson
4 years ago

A few speculations. Can Clare, as head of NVIVM, even make a decision on her own without feeling the need to consult Raniere? Is that why Raniere had the contraband cell phone he was caught with? Raniere pointedly undermined her confidence in herself. In the past when Clare tried to act like she was in charge, Raniere made her wear a jock strap. And then she made the huge mistake of alienating her billionaire father from NXIVM, a mistake that Raniere apparently never allowed her to forget.

Clare reportedly had more executive ability than her sister. But will her own bad decisions and missteps bring her down again?

Scott Johnson
4 years ago
Reply to  dianne Lipson

Bronfman had no self confidence, that’s why Raniere was able to manipulate her. Having a 10th grade education and having more “executive ability” than her sister isn’t exactly a high bar to get over. It’s more like stepping over a pipe laying on the ground.

4 years ago
Reply to  dianne Lipson

It’s a very interesting question, what’s going to happen with Clare. Her reported foray into education, sounds as if she might just be starting to find her own way.

I also think she’s the prime candidate to buy NXIVM’s intellectual property back from the federal government, and she could either oversee putting parts of it into use again, or end up preventing anyone else from using it at all. That would also mean that anyone left with an interest in NXIVM or at least pieces of its tech, probably realizes that they need to try to suck up to her, even if they don’t know where things really stand.

And speaking of people who might pick up the pieces, Nancy Salzman is probably in an uncomfortable or even angry spot, not controlling rights to use things she largely or entirely developed – including the lower-level material that might have some marginal benefits, incorporating adaptions of hypnotherapy and NLP. If she wants to go back to work when she gets out of prison, and perhaps try to leave some sort of legacy of her own, she has to navigate around the intellectual property issues one way or another.

4 years ago


Great article!!!!

I hope law enforcement follows your lead.

The Retard
The Retard
4 years ago

Awesome news, Frank.

You’re a pitbull when you get a hold of some meat.

Don’t let them off the hook.

Expose every last morsel.

Expose every last skeleton in their closets.

However… Unlike you, Frank, I’m confident the government will not let her buy another easy plea deal next time.

I don’t think she’ll be able to buy her way out of a 2nd round of indictments cuz too much attention will be focused on how she bought her way out of the first round.

Scott Johnson
4 years ago

One would think that if two dead women made the chart, as well as people who testified against Raniere, that both Bronfman sisters would have as well.

I trust you’re not going to confine information to stories on this website, but are forwarding the information to the FBI/DOJ as well. However, as Legatus is already taken by the Catholic church (https://www.google.com/search?q=Legatus&oq=Legatus&aqs=chrome..69i57j69i60&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8), I prefer to call them The Litigious Sisters, with a capital “L.”

4 years ago
Reply to  Scott Johnson


You make an incredibly good point.

How the heck do dead women top the chart and Sarah Bronfman is nowhere to be found?

Clare Bronfman is on the chart. You do have the same level reading comprehension skills as Bangkok.

Are you sure you are not Bangkok? 😉

Scott Johnson
4 years ago
Reply to  niceguy

I said BOTH sisters, dingbat. One of them is obviously on the chart, that’s what the bulk of the article is about.

A Source
A Source
4 years ago

For Sara Bronfman, additional pending charges should include:

Tax Evasion
Money laundering
Bulk cash smuggling
Hobbs Act
Forced Labor conspiracy
Human trafficking

Many of Raniere’s crimes could not have happened without a private jet. Sara Bronfman assisted with transportation during commission of the bulk of Raniere’s crimes.

4 years ago

It is imperative that all of the NXIVM criminals be brought to justice in the NDNY.
This criminal gang terrorized New York’s Capitol District for years.
They need to stand trial in Albany.
And many, if not all, of the defendants in Brooklyn need to be indicted in Albany.
And the Salzmans might make a scene of cooperating but their cooperation was minimal.
Hacking into computers to frame innocent people.
Locking up a young Mexican woman for 18 months.
Laundering dirty money from Mexico.
Defrauding people with a bogus self-help program.

The leaders of NXIVM are the scum of the earth.

“Boo Hoo Hoo, I won’t have children now.” Lauren Salzman.
Well, with Lauren’s felony conviction, she won’t even be able to adopt a child.
Too Bad, So Sad!

4 years ago

Great article, Frank. I do hope that those with the power to do this are reading the Frank Report! There might be justice after all.

4 years ago
Reply to  Somebody

Another great and forward-looking piece, Frank.

You’ve got some real stones going up against all that money.

One question, do you think Vanguard may be in a position to leverage his knowledge of wrongdoing to turn against the Bronfman sisters in exchange for a sentence reduction? Just thinking out loud.

Scott Johnson
4 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

Raniere has too many mandatory years in prison to have much incentive for such a deal. I think he would rather be a martyr (in his own mind).

4 years ago
Reply to  Scott Johnson

I think you’re probably right but I’d be very interested in hearing Franks view of this .

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