Monte Blu: Why do we love the Vanguard?

Editor’s note: It’s been a long time since we heard from Monte Blu, one of the few ardent defenders of the Vanguard to ever submit anything to the Frank Report for publication. I ask readers to treat Monte nicely and to be civil in your comments even while disagreeing with her views.  

The actor Monte Blue died long ago.

By Monte Blu

Once he casts his spell, Vanguard holds us in his net of wonder forever.  Once you met him, you’re connected to him. No matter where you live. Vanguard is everything. His breath is pure and holy.

With him, a woman is never lonely, for she feels life stirring on all sides. He speaks to the soul. The touch of the Vanguard is sensuous, enfolding the body in his soft, close embrace.

We are tied to the Vanguard. And when we go back to him – we are going back from whence we came.

The Vanguard lives in every one of us. He is one of the most beautiful and magnificent sights in Nature, all admit. He is as near as we come to another world.

Why do we love the Vanguard? It is because he has some potent power to make us think things we like to think. But he does not reward those who are too anxious, too greedy, or too impatient.

For whatever we lose (like a you or a me), it’s always our Self we find in the Vanguard. This is the secret of Rational Inquiry which he blessedly gave to the world.

Vanguard grants each woman new hope. My soul is full of longing for Vanguard and the heart of the great Vanguard sends a thrilling pulse through me.  A lot of people attack the Vanguard. I make love to him.  The cure for anything is Vanguard.


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  • I believe in you, Pea.

    Well, maybe not. 🙂

    But seriously, the reason we think you’re not authentic (not a real member of NXIVM who knows Vanguard) is because all of the information you provide is just public information available from reading NXIVM articles.

    Nobody here is asking you to confirm your identity in real life.

    What we’re asking is for you to provide at least ONE tidbit of information that’s not taken from a public article — to confirm that you’re at least not a liar and a pretender.

    Isn’t that fair?

    Otherwise, of course we’re going to believe you’re just a sad little fraudster sitting at home while reading up on NXIVM articles to gain information to share with us.

    Give us at least one tidbit of non public information about anything.

    It doesn’t even have to be important information. It could be trivial and unimportant, just something that confirms you’re not simply taking info from public articles and feeding it to us.

    For example, tell us something trivial/unimportant about somebody at NXIVM that’s not taken from a public article. Their interests, hobbies, favorite foods, whatever… Or a former member.

    Tell us something about the late Pam Cafritz that’s trivial, but not taken from a public article.

    Or maybe describe the inside of the main NXIVM facility to prove that you’ve even been there in real life. Or something about the inside of Clare’s or Sara’s mini mansion in Albany that’s not seen in photos. Something unimportant and trivial about the building is fine, that way we’ll at least know that you’re not a complete liar and fraudster.

    Otherwise you’re correct, we are going to think you’re just a sick fangirl who’s never even met Keith.

    Give us at least ONE reason to believe you, Pea. 🙂

    If you answer by stonewalling again or just dangling information that you never deliver, as you always do, then you’re just a pathetic little liar who’s probably living in her mom’s basement and working at Mickey D’s.

  • I resent being compared to Monte Blu. Let me tell you I am not Monte Blu. I know her and obviously we have to keep our identities secret to avoid the hatred here and the ruthless FBI (think of the Nazis searching and hunting down the poor Jews). I am not saying I am Jewish. But I am not Monte Blu I am not worthy of being compared to Monte Blu Monte is my master and Keith is my grand master. There I have said it. I will never reveal who Monte is or I either. Monte takes a great deal of risk to help you others and teach you though most of you are not wise enough to hear. I know all you do will be to respond with hatred. I get it. This may be my last post. But none of you will care anyway. You’ll only mock me. When Keith returns he will lead us all to glory. Shadow don’t bother trying to guess who I am. Scott don’t bother yo chastise me. Keith used MLM to help enrich us. It worked. Flowers maybe your womanly heart will make you feel some compassion toward me and the suffering women. Sultan I loved Kristin Kreuk and she wants to be with us. She is just waiting for Vanguard to be vindicated. Farewell for now. In case I never return. You won’t miss me anyway.

    • I bet you’ll miss the scarecrow most of all.
      And after you’re gone, the speculation will continue. And probably. a new Pea will show up.

    • I only feel sad for you that you can’t find happiness or peace on your own, that you need a master and ultimately a man to make you feel worthy. You’ve been cheated and convinced you will never be worthy do you also believe Nxivm will be vindicated? That of all the criminal enterprises out there they alone will be freed from punishment?
      The best of luck to becoming integrated on your own merits.

    • “This may be my last post.”

      Pea, are you about to be indicted?
      I’m sorry to hear that.

      “You won’t miss me anyway.”
      You’re wrong, Pea.
      In an earlier life, one long past, it was my job to incarcerate people.
      Some of those people were kids just a few years younger than I was.
      It never brought me joy.
      It was a job that had to be done and if I did not do it someone else would.
      It’s a job I’ve left behind.

      Pea, perhaps you will come to understand in the next few years how Keith led you down the primrose path.
      I wish you well.

      “What does it matter to you?
      When you got a job to do
      You got to do it well
      You got to give the other fellow hell”

    • You are complaining about the very high level NAZIS that supposedly were the inner circle of Nxivm. Comparing them to the FBI. Maybe the very people they were reincarnated to need to be destroyed and reincarnated as better people. Maybe vanguard can get it right this time.
      Again you are claiming Keith is your grand master when he says he was not involved. Is he the liar or are you. Can you see the confusion you are causing and the claim again making him out to be the bad guy. You are also making KK out to be a liar. Your either very anti Nxivm or just a fraud. I don’t think we need any more answers from you , you’ve been pretty clear. Thank you for finally convincing me not to waste time on your posts. By the way the fbi/Doj can find out who and where you are. The tech these orgs have is way beyond average hacking skills. They can find whoever they want with today’s tech.

    • “Sultan I loved Kristin Kreuk and she wants to be with us. She is just waiting for Vanguard to be vindicated.”

      You loved Kristin Kreuk? Is she a bulldyke too? Pea, be honest, does Kreuk shave or wax down there or does she have a full bush?

  • “For whatever we lose (like a you or a me), it’s always our Self we find in the Vanguard. This is the secret of Rational Inquiry which he blessedly gave to the world.”

    No, it’s not. That is a rip-off of an ee cummings poem:

    “For whatever we lose (like a you or a me),
    It’s always our self we find in the sea.”
    Source (one of millions found through simple search):

    • When did e e cummings write this ? Keith May have said it first and Cummings plageriazed Keith. A lot of people
      Did that.

    • I don’t know, this article read like something a certain pee brain troll would post as a comment. There is the possibility the troll is a 14 year old little boy living in his mother’s basement.

  • It is difficult, even pointless, to argue against Faith with Reason.

    That said are we to assume from the introduction that Monte Blu is of the female persuasion?

    “I ask readers to treat Monte nicely and to be civil in your comments even while disagreeing with HER VIEWS..”

    • I thought that previously Frank had claimed to not know Monte Blu’s sex, but now he’s making this assumption based on this one email.
      I think it’s very likely the same person who has written some of the Pea posts, but those posts appear to have multiple authors.
      Why can’t you argue against faith with reason?…(And who says Scott has either of those?😄)

  • Cult victims often spend years overcoming the emotional damage incurred during their time spent in a cult. Psychologists who treat former cult members routinely describe the long-term effects being in a cult environment can have on the human body. Dr. John G. Clark, Jr., is a Harvard psychiatry professor and the co-founder of a non-profit group which treats former members and their families. He specifically mentions that the “symptoms of temporal lobe epilepsy are similar to those seen or reported as resulted from cult conversions: increased irritability, loss of libido or altered sexual interest, ritualism, compulsive attention to detail, mystical states, humorlessness and sobriety, heightened paranoia.”


    • Soccermom, so much truth about cults here I hope espians read it. Most women in their early 20s are exactly what cults are looking for, the insecurity is the most important . Growing into adulthood is a frightening time for women in this age.
      Nxivm s anytime your told not to read something it’s off. Who has the right to tell you what you can or can’t read and make up your mind about when your adults?

  • Dear Monte Blu,

    As you speak so highly of your vanguard, I wonder do you know Jesus?

    Vanguard is a man who has prayed upon weak minded women, and brainwashed them into being his personal servants. He is nothing more then a gigalo …

    I asked do you know Jesus, reason being he is our only true savior, the one who died for all of our sins. For he loved all more then anyone. And he never once asked for sex, money, or worship. Only love. Why don’t you learn some about him, I invite you to look up the YT channel the GlobalWittness and learn the truth.

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