“The Alleged Plot To Put NXIVM Critics In A Mexican Prison”

Keith Raniere and Barbara Bouchey during their heyday.

In case you missed it, there was an interesting article in Vice News last week about Barbara Bouchey and Kristen Keeffe.

As far as I can tell, only Barbara spoke with writer Sarah Berhman of Vice – who has written a number of articles on NXIVM and who is, in fact, writing a book on the subject for Penguin Canada.

The headline is The Alleged Plot to Put NXIVM’s Critics in a Mexican Prison.

This may not be a new story for readers of Frank Report but it’s nice to read it elsewhere and to bring the cruel plot against Bouchey, Toni Natalie, Susan Dones, and other women out into the open once again.

Had Keith Raniere had his way and if the story Keeffe tells is true [and I believe it is], Keith would have had these women falsely imprisoned in Mexico, raped, tortured and possibly murdered.

That’s the Keith Raniere I know.

Read the entire story here 

The source of the original story is a recording Barbara Bouchey secretly made of a telephone conversation with Kristin Keeffe after Kristin had left NXIVM and Raniere.

A transcript of the entire conversation is available on Frank Report.

The Vice story is at least the third time Bouchey has come out publicly in recent weeks.

She went on on Megyn Kelly Today on September 13, 2018. There, she drew mixed reviews – some people feeling she was very poised and balanced and other expressing their opinion that Barbara was a little too fulsome in her praise for her former boyfriend Raniere.

She also appeared on the 7-part CBC Podcast “Escaping NXIVM” – which is about both Barbara Bouchey and her travails in NXIVM and about Sarah Edmondson – who like Bouchey managed to escape from Raniere’s reign of terror.

Both women exhibited courage in their endeavors to free themselves from the clutches of a madman, a criminal, and a monster.

If readers are inclined to criticize either, they might care to reflect on the challenges they both faced, each in their own way being up against one of the most vengeful and relentless of enemies [backed with hundreds of millions].

He is a savage – with the imprimatur of wealth and phony bullshit word salad compassion. He had a cadre of flying monkeys who would hurt you at his command. One of these was Kristen Keeffe – until she woke up and left him and then did a lot to expose the monster.

Bouchey, Edmondson, and Keeffe all escaped – prior to Raniere’s and Bronfman’s arrest. They all contributed to his fall.

For that, they each deserve praise, however imperfect their fight and their method of fighting might have been.  Unless you have been in the trenches against someone like Raniere [a lunatic, psychopath with hundreds of millions at his disposal and two brainless idiot sociopaths to fund him and the son of a murderous Mexican criminal to even harm physically], you cannot know how you will react and how perfect or imperfect your fight will be.

And what scars you will carry with you for a long time if not forever…



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  • So how much Bronfman money do you think Keith Raniere spent trying to track down Kristen?

    My bet is over a million in PI fees.

  • Barbara behavior was very strange on MK. I’m wondering if the constant litigation in addition to having to defend herself for years against someone she loved and thought loved her back has left her empty , that’s how she appeared to me on tv. She has not had an opportunity to completely become free of years of cult programming. So many seemed to notice her odd behavior which there could be other reasons for, fear being on tv, medication etc.. I hope you are getting the right kind of help this trial needs you .v

  • You least a so lucky and special that Keith took you into his confidence. So are you saying the paying customers had to be protected from knowing Keith had sex with numerous women because he lied to them about who and what he was. Yet the child dud not require the protection of knowing a loving father who would always put him first.this isn’t about Santa Claus. I’m trying very hard not to insult you although I’m not convinced your even involved in the cult. Does integrated and brainwashed have the same meaning in Nxivm? No one has properly explained why this little boy was hidden away, people have children out of wedlock all the time and do not hide them. The explanation you’ve given is one of the most selfish I’ve ever heard. Your own reasoning says- Keith lied , Keith had to keep the lie that he was sexless to protect his customers, Keith did this because he is so ethical they just wouldn’t understand the truth, Keith lies tho protect others not himself.a gentlemen by the name of sensible one has asked me to ask you ARE YOU FOR REAL I really can’t write the rest but this is a normal person who doesn’t know much about your cult, and you just made all of those involved look a whole lot worse than you already did. Thank you Kristin for getting your child away from this psycho who doesn’t deserve to have the title of father. Just an assumption but wouldn’t he owe quite a lot in back hold support?

  • The only reason Keith did not admit to the disintegrated People that Galen was his son was that they would not understand and then might leave which would hurt them. He did it for them. It’s pretty clear that a number of followers had imaged him in a certain way that would not allow them to accept his having a child. that when they were integrated enough to understand the divinity of his having a child he told them. I knew for I was interegrated. But poor Ivy or BB they were not integrated. So certain info was withheld for their protection. Is it wrong to tell children about Santa at first then let them grow up and realIze the truth?

    • Pea,
      For normal childhood development children need to live in a functioning family unit with a loving father and mother.
      The only person Raniere loves is himself.

      BTW Pea, how much embezzled Mexican money did your hero Allison launder?
      The rumor is that Allison used laundered Mexican money to purchase a 400K house in Know Woods that was later sold to Dr. Brandon Porter.
      Did you help Allison launder that embezzled Mexican money

      I’m sure the computers seized by the FBI can answer those questions.

    • Hey Pea Brain,
      Why not be honest from the get go about WHO you are (Raniere and his band of bandits)?

      This way people could make a decision based on facts/reality about taking even one course from NXIVM/ ESP. Why the big LIE/COVER UP about who Vanlier was up too?

      You Pee Brain have bought into the systematic lies the inner circle needs people to believe about Mr Smarty Pants in order to justify your involvement and how people like Nancy & Lauren Salzman, Pam, Barb J, Karen U, Allison Mack, Sara & Clare Bronfman and for years Barbara Bouchey told others of who Keith Raniere was.

      Keith Raniere was/is a fraud and his inner circle supported these lies. Why, so they could extract as much value out of people as they could/while they could. Keith Raniere is no different than other fraud like Jim Jones, Charles Manson and other CULT leaders.

      Now they (except Bouchey) are facing their Karma. Time will tell who else will be arrested for their crimes against humanity in this crazy mess.

  • Pea, Keith failed to appreciate the love a mother feels for her child. His extreme cruelty in expecting Kristin Keefe to deny her child is a cruelty beyond belief. I imagine she started making plans early on to punish him for this . How can she take away a child he never claimed as his? He wanted to experiment on this child with his bizarre unsubstantiated ideas of raising a child using untrained foreigners, some of whom were homesick teenagers with no background checks. And what a kind man to take in a dead stranger’s child. You’ve said you don’t have children, so you couldn’t possibly understand what this deception would do to mother and child. Barbara Bouchey did a wonderful thing when she chose to record this call. And praise the Lord that Kristin got this child away before Keith could do any more harm to him. Because by age 7, damage had been done.

  • I listened to Sarah’s podcast, saw the Megyn Kelly interview, and just finished reading the Vice story. Now, Babs is saying he was not only her “boyfriend” but her “business partner”. Is that because, as you say, you helped build NXIVM? Why don’t you ever talk about all the money you made in ESP – NXIVM and, from “helping” the Bronfmans out of their money into the commodities market so you could try and recoup your earlier losses? Did you tell them he lost your life savings before you advised them as their financial planner to go into the commodities market, like you did?

    The first person Kristin Keeffe called was you in March of 2015? All the stories have Keeffe leaving in 2014. Maybe you were not the first?

    Keeffe asked if you remembered being invited to an anti-cult conference in Mexico. You said you recalled getting a few calls from a Mexican journalist, but claimed you never picked up. So, what did you do? You secretly taped recorded her and threw her under the bus while she was on the run with her son. Barbara Bouchey, you’re so full of shit even, you can’t follow all of your lies.

    So many changes in your history. The truth always comes out; just give it a little more time. Keep talking Babs…

  • And one more thing Kristen stole his child from him. Keith wanted to raise his boy so badly he tried to find Kristen who slunk away and robbed the boy of his father who could ha e taught him so much. So who do you want to believe ?

    • Kieth wanted to raise his son. How close was be to his son when in Mexico? There’s always the truth to the other side of Peas lies. LAIR

    • Pea, if he was such a devoted father than why did he deny paternity of the child? He is a single man. It’s not like he had to be afraid of a wife finding out. And if Keith is as smart as you say he is, he would have found a way to make the truth acceptable to his followers.

    • Kristin Keefe narrowly and very courageously escaped with her own and her (and Keith’s) young son’s, Gaelen’s, life. The boy was being gruesomely used in experiments. Kristin was enslaved and used to enslave others. A less clever, caring mother would never have made it out and lived to tell someday. I love and forgive you, Kristin. Soon it will be safe.

    • I’ve seen no evidence he tried to find the child through normal abducted children hotlines. It seems he was more interested in using the child to track down the reams of evidence that left with Kristin. Please prove me wrong.

      • I believe you are exactly right! Keith would have made his own son — whom, as you say, he never before claimed as his own but as an orphan foundling — motherless in a heartbeat had he found them and had the slightest opportunity to get away with murdering Kristin if necessary to silence her. I doubt Gaelen would have lasted long without having his early childhood memories erased or somehow warped in the effort even more so than might have occurred through the experiments on him as an infant Kristin could not prevent.

        I would not have appreciated being covertly recorded and having that recording published on the Internet by Barbara Bouchey or anyone else under such circumstances. …Her “pencil broke?”

        You can take the girl out of NXIVM…

        (Not true for all but obviously for some.)

        • The way it was done was tacky, but Keith had everybody in the position where no one trusted anyone else and for good reason. They both left at different times and for different reasons. They both did bad things while they were involved. But we have to give some credit for their leaving. I will say BB did not react b the way I was expecting on Megan Kelly. She seemed to be standing up for Keith, I’m hoping it’s a ploy. She doesn’t seem to realize there was no equal relationship with creeper, he used everyone he came in contact with. I wonder why he was so upset about being called a cult when he so obviously used cult playbooks to start his own. The child molestation was his own sickness. No adult has the right to say children want sex, classic pedofelia blames the child.

    • “robbed the boy of his father who could ha e taught him so much.”

      What could Raniere have taught a child?
      How to make over 100 women sex slaves?
      How to harass people with bogus law suits?
      How to launder stolen money from Mexico?

    • Hey Pea Brain,

      If Van-Lair was so proud of his son with Kristen Keeffe why lie to his entire membership that the boy was from another mom who had died and his grandparents wanted Barb Jeske to raise him?

      WTF, Barb Jeske couldn’t even take care of her dogs let alone a child. Keith Raniere name is not on the birth certificate.

      It wasn’t until a group of concerned Ex-NX’s forced the authorities to investigate the boy and was he illegally brought into NY from Michigan where everyone was told the boy was born, that the truth came out that Kristen Keefe was the mother and no father was on his birth certificate.

      Even after leaving Keeffe told people the child was from a lawyer she had spent time with during all her legal work for NXIVM.

      It was only after Kristen jumped ship that Vandaddy made a fuss, saying he wanted to own his fatherhood. That was a lie too. He just wanted to track down Kristen in order for her to keep her mouth shut.

      Those that left knew Kristen was in grave danger with Raniere and his mob.

  • None of you have any proof that Keith had anything to do with this. Zero evidence other than a phone call assertion by a woman with an axe to grind. Keith believes in love and peace and would never do what Kristen claimed he would do. Keith tried to promote peace in Mexico and that’s a fact on the record. It’s tile to stop giving credibility to Kristen and Barbara Bouchey.

    • Pea, A person or a group can espouse lofty ideals and still be hiding terrible secrets. We have seen so many examples of this in recent times.

    • Keith wanted Mexico’s money, their underage children and their corrupt legal system , I’m sure there are Mexicans who are as disgusted with perverted Keith as we are. You will never be taken seriously aside from the stupid name. Because you have never, not once given a real answer to the questions you’ve been asked. The only reason for this is that you don’t have any. Time after time you could have protected your vanguard yet there’s nothing. As we are again reminds of his sickness it’s a reminder thus man is where he belongs . We will celebrate his next 6 months in jail to.

    • “Keith believes in love and peace”

      Keith believes in love and peace until you cross him and then he unleashes his Flying Monkeys and the Hounds of Hell on you and persecutes you until he dies or is locked up.

    • Pea, if you were to hear from Keith’s own lips that he did set up this potential crime in Mexico would you accept that and see him for what he really is . Or would you continue to defend his reasons for attempted rape and murder?

  • Towards the end, Raniere was becoming more like Jim Jones. Jones had people signing false confessions and turning over collateral in order to keep his flock in line. Jones also had sex with many of his followers, just like Raniere.

    Raniere was also looking for his own country, just like Jim Jones did in the final times of Jones Town. When Jones’s followers attempted to leave Jones went after them, just like Raniere did with the Bronfman’s money.

    Raniere’s plot to get ex-members to Mexico first started with an attempt to trick them into coming to Mexico under false pretence. Raniere working with Emiliano Salinas to bribe a Mexican Judge to file false charges against several ex-members so that as soon as they crossed into Mexico would be arrested and at least the two of them (Raniere/Salinas) knows the plan from the time these ex-members enter a Mexican prison.

    The plot took place between Raniere and Salinas through a Gmail account where the two of them only used the draft folder to communicate between the two of them. One can only hope the Feds are looking into this as the Gmail account Raniere and Salinas is known by some ex-members.

    Hopefully it will be soon that charges against Raniere and Salinas are added that center around this plot.

    • Thank you. The parallels between Raniere and Jones are astonishing. Jim Jones also got into physical abuse late in the game, in the form of hurting and humiliating followers. In Guyana, he imprisoned the disobedient in a below-ground cell. Food at the compound became sparse and inadequate over time. His followers, too, were grossly sleep deprived and made to work endless hours at hard labor. He also took control of the followers’ money, assets, and property, which was easy to do under the guise of socialism (i.e., “give your stuff to me”). There is an older book on the subject called “Raven” that spells it all out – written by a reporter who was almost gunned down on a Guyana airstrip with Congressman Leo Ryan (assassinated). When people say KR is gentle and wonderful, I would point them to Jim Jones. Many thought the same of him, before things spiraled into madness. Well, to KR, it’s not madness. He’s just trying to satisfy his power, sexual, and financial needs.

      • They made escape impossible without outside help. Folks can blame Barbara and Kristin all they want but without those willing to take the first steps knowing the blame they would face took courage, they are providing the information and witness accounts the feds will be using against the worst CRIMINALS. I f they really are your friends start planning their care packages because the toy aren’t going any where but prison.

      • @Orange. Good reference, good insights. NXIVM was definitely on a fast track to Jonestown. But I don’t quite agree Keith and maybe a couple of his closest cohorts haven’t “gone off the rails!”

      • Thanks OCD. I remember ‘Raven” a seriously good and useful work and I see its out in paperback now, I’m going to re-read.
        Any pair of fools with functioning reproductive systems can make a baby, the world is full of them (us) but far fewer of us (them) are capable of raising a child in love and security. Raniere, who blatantly denied paternity of his child, has as much parental instinct and credibility as the large ginger tom-cat, who resides in any one of the gardens down our street.

    • @ Bad Boys. Too true. Amazing Kristin had the balls and brains — well, I’ve always known she was smarter than Keith — to trick Keith (and Steve and Ben) into using that account. 🤣. Gina would have loved that!

  • “Phony bullshit word salad” that pretty much sums up NXIVM. The wisdom of KR could have been found in any number of self help books at Barnes and Noble. People wasted their savings and their lives following this man. What a shame.

  • Speaking Truth to Power is always a dangerous endeavor.
    Anyone who does so deserves praise.

    And Raniere could always find new recruits to sell their souls and serve as his Flying Monkeys.

    Even in Upstate New York Raniere wielded too much power.
    Just imagine how horrible Raniere would be if he had gained control of a nation like Mexico.

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