Page Six: Stephen Cooper – CEO of Warner Music – former NXIVM student

Stephen Cooper reportedly once attended a NXIVM class. He was named as a NXIVM student in Forbes and for 15 years his name has been popping up as an example of the kind of rich and famous students NXIVM has had.

In his New York Post Page Six column, legendary columnist Richard Johnson writes, about an early student of NXIVM – Stephen Cooper. 

Cooper, 72, is of interest to general readers since he is the CEO of the Warner Music Group. He was formerly acting CEO of Enron.

As far as I know, Cooper was first mentioned publicly as a NXIVM student in a 2003 Forbes article, The Cult of Personality.

In the Forbes article, Cooper was listed alongside Sheila Johnson, cofounder of Black Entertainment Television; Antonia C. Novello, a former U.S. surgeon general; billionaire Edgar Bronfman Sr., his daughters, Sara and Clare; Ana Cristina Fox, daughter of then-Mexican president, Vicente Fox, and Emiliano Salinas, son of former Mexican president, Carlos Salinas.

Of Cooper, Forbes wrote, “Raniere says there’s nothing in his operation that makes it a cult, and indeed, many enrollees see Executive Success as a good coaching program and nothing more. Enron’s Stephen Cooper puts himself in this category.” 

It is not known if Forbes spoke with Cooper. He is not quoted directly in the story.

Johnson points out in his Page Six column that Cooper is ranked as the sixth most powerful man in the music business, according to Billboard.

Johnson writes, “A Warner Music source said Cooper’s turnaround company Zolfo Cooper had one meeting with Nxivm about 20 years ago.

“’This was well before any of the alarming accusations and, after this one meeting, Zolfo Cooper had no further contact with the firm,’ the source said.”

By firm, the source evidently meant NXIVM.

Johnson points out that “Warner Music’s ties to Nxivm are much deeper. Edgar Bronfman Jr. owned Warner Music when he agreed to judge a Nxivm-sponsored ‘a cappella’ singing competition in 2007.”

I attended that event, and did pre-publicity for it. At the time I did not realize that the concert – with headliners Kristin Kreuk, Allison Mack and Nicki Clyne – was designed to recruit college students.  

I was quoted in the Page Six story: “’The real goal was to recruit college students into the cult,’ said Frank Parlato, Nxivm’s former publicist who has spent years exposing its dark side….

“Parlato expects Raniere and Bronfman and their four co-defendants to be re-charged with a superseding indictment that will push their trials to late 2019.”

I told Richard Johnson that, during my days with NXIVM, [2007-08] I never saw Cooper. 

I suppose his name was used – in the dishonest way NXIVM often used celebrated people who even once took a course – to sell new people on the course – based on all the celebrated people who took the course.

Cooper may have taken a course. Maybe he found it helpful – as many people seemed to have found it during the early days of NXIVM.

He could not have found it too helpful for he does not seem to have come around again.  His name however has been mentioned repeatedly over the years in articles critical of NXIVM.

The genesis of all mentions of him – and poor Mr. Cooper has been mentioned dozens of times – in articles from the Washington Post to the Daily Beast – is the Forbes story – and, of course, Raniere naming him as a celebrity student in the first place.

I am fairly sure Cooper never attended anything more than one or more classes. His spokesperson seems to suggest it was a single meeting.

He was almost certainly not involved in any of the sex-cult practices. First of all, he is a man and men were not invited to Raniere’s sex lair. And only women were branded. 

I doubt Cooper was aware of Raniere’s proclivities. This was kept well-hidden by Raniere and his harem –  who for the most part ran NXIVM in those days.

The lying ladies of Raniere – like Nancy Salzman, Lauren Salzman, Pam Cafritz, Barbara Jeske, Karen Unterreiner, Dawn Morrison, Esther Carlson and others – all teachers of NXIVM – all told students that Raniere was a “renunciate” – like a Buddhist monk – and celibate.  All of these same ladies were having sex with Raniere.





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  • Kristin Kook is still virtue signalling. She is going to virtue signal about “best practices for inclusion, parity and diversity on production teams” at some event in 2019. Ask her why she refuses to talk about NXIVM and branded women while she pretends to care about “wimin’s rights”. Ask her why she stayed with a known pedophile having been named in the same expose that revealed her dear cult leader was a rapist and pedophile. Also, seeing as white men are the primary tax payers by far in Canada, if women and minorities want to attention whore on the CBC, they can help fucking fund it. Sick of this left wing liberal drivel. They think it is a moral virtue to be a woman or non-white and their perceived victim status makes them the heroic underdog when they attack those who excel in their own countries. FUCK OFF.

      • Called out on their pretentious virtue signalling, so claim the term is “passed its sell by date” so that they continue doing it unchecked. Sure as shit, the dweeb who wrote that propaganda piece from the left wing “Guardian” is a whiney liberal too. Meanwhile, in the real world, pretentious virtue signalling has never been so bad. NXIVM cult members are chronic virtue signallers. Many are still doing it.

        • It’s easy to call out others as virtue signallers from an anonymous pulpit while not submitting your life to the same standards. Hmm…that almost sounds like another form of virtue signaling.

          Nevertheless, virtue signaling has to do with not actually believing or not acting upon some principle while criticizing others for not believing or not doing the same, either for vanity purposes or to just to make a show of one’s moral superiority. I don’t see how Kreuk’s participation in a conference about providing opportunities for diversity and/or minorities in entertainment is virtue signaling at all when she actually believes in it and does so.

          • You have to be a pretentious cunt to virtue signal. Whether you believe in what you are saying or not, if you are trying to look moral, you are virtue signalling. It does not require any effort for a celebrity to make a pretentious comment about gays or muslims. They do it to show off.

            Kreuk pretending to care about “causes” and “women’s rights” when she refuses to talk about her big role in the NXIVM cult is hypocritical and demonstrates she does not give a fuck. Throughout 2017 when the branding story broke, she would not say a word about it while posting things online about feminism, a documentary about a rape victim etc. Her publicists are shielding her from criticism. Going on about “diversity” and “inclusion” is fucking pathetic. You are not victims.

    • This is a very interesting, informative link, Chicky! Thanks for posting it. This Arizona Mafia/Nx conspiracy is far more valid and real than any suggestion of a Rothschild/Bronfman connection to Nx. Dennis Burke must be going berserk right about now.

      • thanks for noticing ;0

        im a nyc mom who is totally disgusted that every single politician in ny state either side of the aisle eats from this Albany nxivm pot of child rape human trafficking ……I95 straight up and down… the verticle and the arizona thru indianna the horizontal….

        if it is true hw was executed then at least there is closure in part for the franklin scandal and the atlantas boys god rest their souls

  • A couple of points:

    1. Most MLM scams use those in a higher socio/economic position to add credibility to their scam, so this is neither unique or surprising; and

    2. Just because NXIVM did a bunch of very bad things doesn’t mean that everything they did was pure evil. However, many commenters can’t see or think straight.

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