The Grifter’s Code — in tribute to Vanguard

Thanks to a former NXIVM member for submitting this:


1. Take. Always.

2. A mark is just a source of money.

3. When a mark shows herself, take her for all you can.

4. When a mark has nothing left to take, move on to the next mark.

5. Risk is part of the game; unnecessary risk is not.

6. If taking from a mark will expose you to unnecessary risk, move on. Your ability to grift again tomorrow comes first.

7. Never let a mark get wise to you, even after the fact.

8. Never undermine another grifter’s con. Payback is a bitch.

9. There are plenty of fish in the sea.

10. If the sea runs out of fish, set sail for new seas.


11. Short cons generally pay off small. Use them for quick takes only

12. Long cons generally pay off big. This is where the action is.


13. There is no misery, strife or tragedy, a grifter cannot or should not be willing to exploit.

14. Other people’s problems are other people’s problems.

15. Other people’s problems that you create are other people’s problems.

16. A grifter should never settle for a piece of the pie when he can get the whole pie.

17. There may be interests that align, but there are no permanent partnerships. Partners always turn on you.

18. A well-played con is a well-played con. Show respect when you see one

19. Once caught, the cops won’t let you go. Don’t get caught

20. If you get sent up for a stretch, find a new town once you’re free. A known grifter can’t run cons in a town that knows him.

21. There’s a sucker in every room. If, after 30 minutes, you’re still trying to figure out who it is, chances are it’s you.

22. Always have an alibi.

23. Always have a scapegoat.

24. Always be ready to take.

25. Take. Always.

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  • I really want to know the extent that hypnotism or brainwashing affected Allison – or was she mostly just infatuated with him? Also why hasn’t she or her PR released a statement- feels like admission of guilt!

  • #25. Take always. Yup, I know what Keith is going to take always….up his butt.

    • There have been rumors/reports of lots of drinking and wild behavior….but where are the pics?
      If this (and dancing wearing funny hats and glasses) is as wild as it got, then I’m disappointed.
      My call to EXpians…post your pics!

        • This is a fan blog’s caption of the Necker pics we’ve already seen:
          New photos of Kristin with Allison Mack (her co-star in Smallville) and Mark Hildreth (her boyfriend) surfaced on the net this February 25, 2012. Not yet discovered, they were posted by friends of Allison (the Bronfman family). They date from the late spring of 2010 and were taken on Necker Island (one of the British Virgin Islands, owned by billionaire Sir Richard Branson) at a well-watered party which is said that Kristin had WELL drunk … In short , an evening that Kristin was careful not to reveal.

          • What does a fan blog’s caption have to do with the reality of the events? Where is the link to the fan blog?

  • Allison Mack confessed to her Vanguard that she wants to do Shakespeare.

    Well the Vanguard has answered her prayers by finding a new Shakespeare play that’s perfect for her.
    Lady Mackbeth.

    “Out, Out, Damned Spot!”
    “Who knew that rubbing burn marks out of branded flesh would be so hard?”

    “Screw Your Courage to the Sticking Place!”
    “And Plug that Cauterizing Iron To the Wall!”

    Lady Mackbeth will be a great hit.
    Be sure to buy your poncho to catch all of the blood.
    Made by Mexican NXIVM slave girls imported by Clare Bronfman and India Oxenberg.

  • I was wondering if anybody has the official mailing address of Sir Vanguard Raniere at the Metropolitan Detention Center?

    You know, a place where fans can officially send him gifts?

    I’m trying to put together a gift basket that might keep his spirits up. I wish to send it to him just before Vanguard week, for his birthday.

    So far, I’m thinking of including these goodies:

    1) Soap on a rope
    (so he won’t drop the soap in the jailhouse showers)

    2) K-Y Jelly
    (for the inevitable time when he’s forced to grab his ankles after becoming a jailhouse sex slave and harem member for Bubba)

    3) Atkins Diet Book
    (just in case his jailhouse master wants Keith to lose his disgustingly fat gut)

    4) Tattoo Ink
    (just in case Keith wishes to offer tribute to his jailhouse master by having his initials tattoo’d on his fat disgusting butt)

    5) Cartons of Cigarettes
    (for Keith to use as currency to buy more K-Y Jelly when his first tube runs out….since he’s probably gonna need that shit stocked up bigtime)

    6) Bible
    (to keep Keith from entertaining thoughts of suicide…..since I want him to live a long life behind bars for many years, without taking the easy way out).

    Yes I’m kidding. I don’t wish to send him anything since I doubt he’d even get it. 🙂

    But still, it would be cool if haters (e.g. 99.9% of planet Earth) could send him an “up yours” card at MDC. 🙂 🙂

    • Ask…and Ye Shall Receive. VanGrifter’s mailing addy is:

      P.O. BOX 329002
      BROOKLYN, NY 11232

      I suggest postcards, particularly ones that everyone can read saying very nice things such as:

      Hey Keith, Sorry you got busted for screwing underage girls ;(
      Hey Vanguard, Why did you steal from old ladies?
      Mr. VanGrifter, you are very famous now!
      Mr. Raniere, are you really a Cult leader?

      Just a thought!!!

  • Brilliant!

    And here is the best advice to avoid being the victim of a grafter!

    You can’t cheat an honest man!

    It’s a lot harder to cheat you if you try to be honest and not “work all the angles” like the grafter does.

  • Ok, Frank. I know that you have a thing for Kristin Kreuk and Grace Park, but why do you always throw them under the bus without showing any proof. There will be enough women he exploited but as long as you cannot connect the points just don’t. I always though that you were trying to have less BS on your HP than Keith has on his.

    • With all due respect…

      Although Kreuk was not involved in the DOS sex group…..she was not just an innocent dupe who took a few classes to get over her shyness and then moved on.

      She was in NXIVM for YEARS and she helped to COACH and RECRUIT new members who attended various NXIVM brainwashing sessions designed to ultimately separate new recruits (dupes) from their hard earned money by overcharging them for ridiculous sessions/intensives.

      They did this by using mind games and other psychological tricks on emotionally vulnerable people.

      According to one former class taker, Kreuk even allegedly hosted such events at her own home.

      Granted…….Kreuk was said to be a sweetheart and much nicer compared to the other coaches. However, she nonetheless was part of the NXIVM machine that ultimately separated people from their money by using psychological tricks to help drain their bank accounts. She was a recruiter. That’s not a “passive” role.

      I say let the evidence and testimony come out over the next 6 months and then let’s see who is responsible for what.

      I’m quite sure that Kreuk is NOT GUILTY of any illegal activities.

      However, if she’s responsible for immoral activities which hurt people financially or made them psychological wrecks, then it should be exposed and her star power should take a hit for that, don’t ya think?.

      The only question now is, what did they know and when did they know it. LOL. 🙂 🙂

      • – However, she nonetheless was part of the NXIVM machine that ultimately separated people from their money by using psychological tricks to help drain their bank accounts.

        What a loaded, slanted statement that attempts to sully her motivations.

        From her own words and the accounts of others, Kristin believed the coursework was helpful to her and so she recruited others with the same purpose in mind. She paid for a service and others paid for it too. She probably spent more money on it than many others including those she may have recruited who took some courses and then left. Whether it was ultimately beneficial or a waste of money or not is debatable, but she certainly didn’t go in with the intention to mold female participants into the sex slaves of a man or participate in any illegal activities.

        • …she was a sucker; the mark who got duped into bringing in other suckers.

          KK didn’t intentionally bleed dry the bank accounts of lots of recruits, and she didn’t intentionally bring women into Keith’s orbit, harem and DOS,…but it happened.
          And tho she thought for years that ESP was helpful to her and other “shy” women, she became a shyster’s unwitting pawn, selling a mindfuck scam that WITHOUT A DOUBT hurt far more people than it helped.

          KK couldn’t see who the sucker was in the room…because it was her.
          A sucker who sucked others into the grifter’s scam.

          • I agree with this actually. She was a sucker and got sucked.

            Everyone has been a sucker including myself. I’ve trusted people and had certain expectations based on what I believed was meant, and they’ve deceived, cheated, weren’t forthright and fair with me, and wasted a lot of my time that I cannot get back.

          • That’s too bad H. In my experience, what goes around comes around, so don’t feel too bad. People who cheat or deceive you will get it from the Universe in equal measure.

    • ‘Pie’ is a metaphor for a woman’s vagina. It also represents a ‘piece’ or a person/woman that is not too bright.

      So, the point of 16 is – why get one rube, when you can get several rubes? Also, if you can convince a dupe, why not take advantage of them 100% – mind, body, and soul?

      I was going to use an apple pie (with a piece removed) for my book cover. But, I thought it was more powerful to use a guitar, flag, and NXSCUM sash…

      In other news, the superseding indictment should be out shortly…

      • Yes, like the song “Cherry Pie” by Warrant. The wrestler “The Rock” also humorously used the word idiomatically to refer to such. Unfortunately for VanFraud, he was able to only obtain the “pie” of one of the three women in the picture.

          • Your question makes no sense. A piece of pie is shaped like a V. The idiomatic usage already refers to the piece not the whole pie because the V-shape visually represents the area of the vagina.

          • In this Grifter context, the “whole pie” is getting the whole women, body and soul and mind (as Keith got in Ally)….not just getting a piece of ass (pussy) from a woman.

          • I wouldn’t know but I’m sure he would brag about it he did. They’re adult women with their own volition who make their own choices so he could only get a “piece of ass” if they allowed him to.

      • Well, I hope Keith’s happy with what he’s gotten to date, because (by the grace of God), he won’t be getting anything else, ever. No 10-day birthday “celebrations,” donated millions, sex at the snap of a finger, or unquestioning adulation. KR, you are a stupid moron. You had what many men would have been more than content with, but, no, that was not enough – you HAD to push the envelope, with a slave ring, underage sex, physical torture, terroristic litigation, and tax evasion, to name a few. At the risk of repeating myself, YOU are a selfish, stupid moron. Please enjoy your new accommodations, and may they become permanent. And may your victims begin to heal, with you out of the picture. Thank you, EDNY!

    • Each slice represents a normal serving. One slice of pie, one woman. The whole pie is several women. Raniere gorged himself on many pies over the years.

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