India Oxenberg’s lawyer reportedly seeking media platform for India to tell her story, possibly incriminate herself

By Frank Parlato

California civil trial attorney Carla DiMare is reportedly shopping around for a platform for her client, India Oxenberg, to come out and tell the world about how she is not in a cult.

Presumably India – who will be eagerly sought by all major network news outlets – for she will be a ratings boom –  will tell the world how she volunteered to be in DOS and Keith had nothing to do with it.

If Carla – knowing India is a criminal target of the DOJ, Eastern District of NY – allows her to go on camera and potentially take responsibility for federal crimes – Carla ought to be disbarred.

But maybe Carla knows what she is doing, getting India out to tell her tale to the world – of how her mother, Catherine, is not a good mother, of how bad, bad Catherine told the world how India is branded on her pubic region with Keith Raniere and Allison Mack’s initials, how India’s hair was falling out because of the insane low calorie diet Raniere put her on, about how her menstrual cycle got warped and how then-25 year old India had the uterus of a 50 year old woman.

[In so doing Catherine helped get a a lot of smarter young ladies out of the cult – she was a warning voice and save numerous women from a life that India is now experiencing.]

But, Carla she is a sharp lawyer. She has a private practice in Rancho Santa Fe, CA, and handles “business disputes, personal injury, wrongful death, civil rights violations, employment disputes, the Espionage Act, defamation, whistle blower claims, elder abuse, cult abuse, sexual assault, trade name infringement, police misconduct (defense only), and more.”

She has written articles for the Huffington Post, and the Los Angeles Daily Journal and, according to at least once source, she has written threatening letters to people connected to India who are not happy she is in a cult.

India Oxenberg- a seven year student of Keith Raniere’s Executive Success Programs – blew through her $120,000 trust fund and went more than $100,000 into debt with cult leader Keith Raniere. She now works at a Vegan Restaurant in NYC and is broke – and seeking to borrow money from family members. The gullible and brainwashed girl is also a target of a federal criminal investigation into sex trafficking and other crimes. Viva Executive Success!
Carla DiMare – is the lawyer to whom India refers media requests. Carla has reportedly been contacting networks to arrange for India to come on air and tell her story. In so doing, she may confess to crimes before 20 million people. It will be a ratings blockbuster and Carla will probably appear with her. The feds will be watching every minute of it and, who knows, India – in trying to exonerate her slave masters, Allison Mack and Keith Raniere, may just make the confessions the feds need to add extra charges to her probably inevitable indictment. One questions looms about Carla: Who is paying her legal fees? India is broke. Could it be Clare Bronfman? And if so, does Clare Bronfman have India’s best interests in mind?

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  • “add extra charges to her probable inevitable indictment. ”

    pick one.

    this is such an interesting story, and I had high hopes for more info from this site, but the writing is atrocious, and a lot of it feels tabloid-ish, or just plain silly (like speculation in the next article about the ’82’ on Alison Mack’s email address, because apparently the author has managed to avoid learning basic naming conventions for the past 20 years)

    • It is true that it is kind of tabloidish, but it’s also reporting on a cult that purports to be an education program when it’s just expensive mind twisting word salad written to trap new age liberal idiots. At least it helped catalyze putting a sociopath behind bars fifteen years of others couldn’t even do.

    • They filled her head with nonsense bullshit if that is what was being ‘taught’ in jness. How absurd. And juvenile, something out of the Battle of the sexes mid-1970s media garbage. Just silly. It’s reductive and sexist. And yes, there are men like that, but they are easy to spot and avoid, the majority of men are actually human beings (facepalm) who want the same things women want. This is grotesque, and preys upon the very worst in crude stereotypes.

      • I don’t know a single man who would even think of torturing and enslaving women.

        Most men are proud to be good boyfriends and husbands and fathers and they try to do the best they can for their families.

        But the “feminist” Allison Mack managed to find the most regressive man in America and elevate him to a god-like status.
        A boy in a man’s body who regards women as slaves put on earth to satisfy only him.

        Allison Mack is beyond help.

        • Yep. Most men are normal. They want a good woman to settle down, have kids, and raise a family with. This cult produces weirdo women who think that settling down in your mid thirties, later, or not at all is “normal”, or it produces women who recruit others to bring in as “sister wives” to satisfy the lusts of a conman, all in the name of the “sacred feminine” (Jness) as if they know what sacred means. Chloe Sullivan wanted Superman, but fell for a cheap version of Lex Luthor.

  • Oh… If India is shopping an interview then Allison Mack is not likely to cut a plea deal to testify against Keith.

    …because IF Allison were cutting a plea deal then it would make India’s interview both worthless and humiliating.

    But I’m actually glad that Allison isn’t cutting a deal.

    After hearing more details about her own mistreatment of women, I’m now convinced that Allison Mack is an immoral banshee and a pathological liar who doesn’t deserve to be uncaged before her 50th birthday. 🙂

    • It would be unwise to structure an media campaign with prospective witnesses. A plea deal is a possibility up until the trial date as long as Allison Mack remains in the custody of her parents.

      • Don’t forget, it’s “her parents the NXIVM members”, although, I don’t know how much cash her father is collecting from other members these days.

  • Yes it’ll be a ratings blockbuster.

    But with all due respect to everybody who believes she’s gonna shield Keith by falling on her sword and swearing that Keith didn’t know about DOS…….federal prosecutors ALREADY have emails written by Keith where he admits being party to DOS and/or other sex slave incidents.

    So India will actually ruin her own “credibility” with any juries if she contradicts Keith’s own written emails……which will only make her seem like a brainwashed slave incapable of telling the truth, during future trials.

    Heck…. Let’s remember that Allison Mack sent her own DOS sex cult vows directly to Keith via email. She also sent her own blackmail material to Keith attached to those same emails. Keith personally accepted her blackmail materials via email and the Feds have all of that for the jury to see.

    How can Keith deny knowing about that stuff when he accepted Allison’s blackmail?

    In another email…….Keith instructed a senior slave to recruit a junior slave to serve as a “fuck toy” for Keith in order to “pleasure him” (his quoted words). The Feds have Keith nailed to the cross already. LOL.

    But India’s interview will be entertaining. 🙂

    • To have another voice of reason arrive to the comments section. It had been overrun lately with Allison’s mother defending her, and so many other nonsense posts.

      This is what the intelligent people have been saying all along.

      Keith and Allison both have already convicted themselves with their own words. Good luck trying to negate everything people said to each other in e-mail correspondence that they never expected a jury to see.

      • Good job VanDumb and Ally using clear email communication to incriminate yourselves.


  • Not sure why a lawyer would get involved in their client trying to convince others that they are not in a cult. Cults aren’t illegal. Disgusting to most people perhaps, but not illegal. It’s all of the other activities that are illegal a lawyer would be addressing.

  • This girl, this woman is a joke. Seriously, the more we are hearing about her, the less i have sympathy for her. She is the same than Allison but more brainless. She, with Allison and Nicky make me think of the Daltons. If she is able to sue her own mother, she is a lost cause. Her father and stepfather have done a good job in making her think that she is special, perfect… She can t handle critizisms or thruth…. Good luck for Catherine

  • The plan is for Allison, India and Nicki to all fall on their swords in defense of their Vanguard.
    The same as Charles Manson’s female followers tried to do for Charlie

    BTW India’s lawyer Carla DiMare has an office in Rancho Santa Fe, California a suburb of San Diego.
    Rancho Santa Fe is one of the richest suburbs in America.
    Howard Hughes and Bing Crosby lived in Rancho Santa Fe at one time or another.
    Clare Bronfman’s money is paying for Carla.,_California

    • Uncanny, isn’t it. Mack as Leslie Van Houten, Nikki Clyne as Patty Krenwinkle, India as Lynette Fromme.

      Nancy Salzman as Susan Atkins.

      Think about it ladies, and look how very old the Manson girls are today, the ones who didn’t die in prison, shackled to a gurney while dying of cancer. They spent the 1970s, the 1980s, the 1990s, the 2000s, and now we are in the 2010s, and they are still in prison. Same with Tex Watson, with Bobby Beausoleil. All for Charlie. All for Keith.

      Sara Edmondson as Linda Kasabian, the one who got away. Of course, any one of them, except for the Salzmans, can be Linda Kasabian.

      • History does not repeat itself but it does rhyme and the NXIVM women are following the same path as the Manson women.
        I remember reading Vincent Bugliosi’s book “Helter Skelter” as well as Ed Sander’s “The Family” about the Manson Family during the heat of a July summer and both books made me shudder.

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