Toni Natalie Claims She Saw Rhiannon – the Little Girl Raped By Raniere – in August 1991 – But Rhiannon Was Already in Juvenile Home By Then

Toni Natalie -- a very pretty lady

Some people say I should lay off Toni Natalie – stop writing stories about her. She’s a woman; she’s a heroine; she’s a fighter; she’s a victim.

She is also, apparently, a liar.

So what do you do when a book is published on a subject you have been covering as an investigative reporter for years – and it is full of lies?

Do you write about it – expose the lies – or let it pass?

If Toni’s book, The Program: Inside the Mind of Keith Raniere and the Rise and Fall of NXIVM contained just a lie or two – I’d let it pass.

But Toni’s book seems to be brimming with lies.

People reading the book should have the chance to assess the trustworthiness of an author.

And Toni set the gold standard herself for trust – right in her own book, in her own words. She was talking about Keith Raniere [after she said she caught him in a lie]: “If he was willing to lie about something provable… how could he be trusted with anything else?”

A very good point – and a very reasonable standard.

And speaking of provable lies – by Toni [not Keith] – here’s another one from her book:

She describes a scene – her first visit to CBI’s headquarters in Clifton Park – with her husband Rusty.

We have already told the main theme of this story – of how she was supposedly hypnotized by Keith into quitting smoking – a dubious story at best – on our post entitled Toni Natalie’s ‘Keith Hypnotized Me Into Quitting Smoking’ Story Disputed by Ex-Husband Rusty

In her book, she is specific about the month and year she was there and was hypnotized by Keith – it was August 1991.

Her chapter headline gives us the year – “Chapter 2: “IS SHE FAMILY?” Clifton Park, New York, 1991″.

She also dates the month she was there- when she goes out to smoke with Kristin Keeffe.

“So, the bubbly Kristin Keeffe and I went out into the gorgeous August afternoon, and we had a smoke,” Toni writes.

She also describes the events of that day which include Keith tutoring a 12 or 13 year old girl who was taking algebra lessons from him.

Toni writes, “CBI occupied space in Rome Plaza, a charmless office park on Route 9, the multilane main drag that comprised the Clifton Park business district. We arrived late in the day, but the electric energy of the place was palpable. There were dozens of employees milling around, all of them with pep in their step, all of them thrilled to be there… 

“One of the employees had her child with her, a girl of twelve or thirteen with braces and wonderfully feathered blond hair who thumbed dutifully through an algebra textbook. Keith was tutoring her in math. That’s how amazing a person he was, we were told. He took time away from his busy schedule to share his genius with those in need. To new parents like ourselves, this spoke volumes.”

Rhiannon was 12 when Keith started mentoring her. She has braces and long blond hair. Toni saw this picture probably for the first time in 2012 when it was published in the Albany Times Union.

So was Toni referring to Rhiannon, the little girl that Keith mentored in algebra and subsequently raped?

Yes, she is – for in the same chapter – at the end of the chapter – Toni quotes from the Albany Times Union’s 2012 story entitled In Raniere’s Shadow – where it was reported that a girl of 12 took algebra lessons from Raniere.

The 2012 Times Union story is the first time Rhiannon’s story was ever published.

Toni quotes from the Times Union story in her book – just after mentioning she saw a 12-13 year old girl taking algebra classes from Keith.

From “In Raniere’s Shadows”

By James M. Odato and Jennifer Gish

Albany Times Union, February 22, 2012

One woman.. .was just a girl in 1990, a 12-year-old with feathered bangs and long blond hair who was trying to adjust to a new life following her parents’ divorce and a move to the country to Clifton Park. Her mother was a saleswoman for Raniere’s members-only buying club, Consumers’ Buyline, Inc….

When Raniere offered free tutoring, her mother jumped at the opportunity… He was supposed to teach her Latin and algebra. Instead, she said… he taught her to hug the way adults do, pelvis-to-pelvis.

He took her virginity…

Even though the girl was several years shy of the legal age for sexual consent in New York, which is 17, Raniere continued to have sex with her not only in his townhouse but in empty offices, in an elevator and in a broom closet at the plaza that housed Consumers’ Buyline, she said…


Notice that the Times Union referred to the girl as having, “feathered bangs and long blond hair”, and Toni describes her in her book as having “feathered blond hair.”  Toni also notes she has braces – which is evident from her picture published in the Times Union.

No, there is no doubt Toni was referring to Rhiannon when she described the girl that Keith was tutoring when she and Rusty first came to CBI’s headquarters.

In her book – in the same chapter –  Toni also quotes from the police deposition of Rhiannon.

New York State Police, Supporting Deposition Town of Clifton Park Filed July 10,1993

I state the following: That on 4/27/93, while residing at the St. Anne’s Institute, I reported…  that I had engaged in sexual intercourse with a man named Keith Raniere. This occurred when I was approximately 12 to 13 years old and occurred either at Keith’s townhouse on 3 Flintlock Lane, Clifton Park NY or his business located at Rome Plaza, Clifton Park, NY. Although these incidents did occur, at the present time I do not wish to formally entertain any criminal complaint against Keith Raniere.


Toni did a real nice job placing Rhiannon in her story – placing her there on that glorious August afternoon in 1991- dutifully and pleasantly taking algebra lessons from Keith.

The only problem is Toni failed to read Rhiannon’s school district report. Perhaps she was unaware of it. It shows that Rhiannon could not possibly be at Raniere’s offices in August 1991 – more than a year after she was first raped by Raniere.

As the school report shows, Rhiannon ran away from home [and from Raniere] long before August 1991 and after going to several detention homes, Rhiannon was placed at St. Anne’s Juvenile Home in June 1991 – two months before Toni arrived for the first time in August in Clifton Park.

Toni, of course, might be forgiven. She wanted to steal a little of Rhiannon’s story – and put her into a scene where she was not – to increase her own importance – as an eyewitness to events she had not seen.

Here is the proof that Rhiannon was gone by the time Toni got there:

school report 1

school 2

Rhiannon lived at St Anne’s for two years and returned home in June 1993.

She was not there for Toni to see her with her long feathered blond hair and braces – when Toni was there in August 1991.

It’s bad enough that this poor girl – as the police deposition shows – was raped repeatedly by Keith Raniere, and had cancer [Raniere seems to cause cancer in a lot of women]  but does Toni really need to cash in on her plight?

police report

Rhiannon ran away from home – she got cancer – after having sex with Raniere – a 12-13 year old girl – and she was already safe from Raniere by the time Toni showed her face for the first time at Clifton Park.

Ah, Toni – the woman who had a curious slogan tattooed on her back:  ‘In War, Truth is the First Casualty. . . But Not This Time”.

Image result for toni natalie tattoo

No, not this time, Toni.

This time, “Truth is the first casualty of Toni’s book.”

Image result for toni natalie
Toni Natalie is walking proud – and cashing in big – on her story about Nxivm.


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  • Toni would be just another one of Raniere’s stupid sluts if she told the truth.

    Don’t you get it? The only way she could get any attention in this whole ordeal was to make up a gaggle of lies of how she knew everything about everything.

    Of course not enough that makes her culpable as a criminal of Raniere’s, just enough to play the Joan of Arc role in this saga.

    Bahahahahahaha, I agree. Total ASS WIPE Toni Natalie is. You can still smell Raniere’s semen coming off her to this day.

    Hell his sperm made it way through her blood brain barrier decades ago. She a loon, a fucking loon.

  • Toni is a woman scorned. She is getting even with Keith. So she threw in the little white lie about Rhiannon. Just to make a point; get over it assholes. This isn’t worth a post. Rhiannon got raped. We owe Toni a thanks for putting it in her book. She bright attention to it. It don’t matter if it really happened that Toni met Rhiannon or not. Grow up asswipes. Toni is a heroine to me and a lot of other women. She took down Raniere.

    • Sure she did. It was all Toni. Every one should thank Toni for single handedly taking down Raniere. Speaking of ass wipes…I just wiped my ass dogs ass with the paper from her book of lies. I didn’t want to waste my TP

    • Woman scorned? Getting even? White lie? What point was she making? That she’s a liar over and over again for drama and attention and her self-serving need to be the center of attention in the know. The only thing she’s in the know about is how to scam and try to scam money from people, including Raniere. Patient zero, my ass. She was a nasty witch to people when she was with Raniere. She’s a user. If she can’t get something from you she treats people like crap.

      • Do you mind giving some examples of Toni treating people like crap and being a nasty witch to people? I saw Toni interact with hundreds of people and never once saw her be anything other than respectful. It’s easy to call people names, but another to do what Frank/Joe have been doing and be able to back up accusation with facts. While I’m here, I’ll again confirm/defend Toni’s self gloss of “patient zero”.

  • You should stop writing about Toni cause she can become violent. Just ask her ex-husband #4 Scott Foley. She even wrote about it in her book about her assault and battery of Scott. That’s right, she attacked him.

      • If you’re right Shadow, enjoy the spectacle of Clyne ramping up her karma, mockery is no substitute for wits.

        Already way down the path of her own demise, she can expect a lot of grinning and cheap gags as she crosses the finishing line. On her knees. Stupid little psychopath.

  • No, you miss the point. Toni had to tell Rhiannon’s story so she invented for a dramatic flare that Rhiannon was there. Otherwise, how does she tell Rhiannon’s story ? This is too important to leave out.

    • Code for “Toni Rules”:

      Remember that, abfnt1

      This is a code that is often associated with Nicki Clyne and her various personas.
      Right, Nicki?

      Here is a recent comment by Pea Onyu:

      Pea Onyu
      October 14, 2019 at 10:01 pm
      The stuff Frank wrote about beautiful Nicki Clyne is disgraceful. How can you defend him? She is just trying to work and do what she thinks is right.

      Here is the code for that comment by Pea Onyu:


      Toni Rules is none other than Nicki Clyne, aka Pea Onyu, aka Mrs. Allison Mack.

      • Nicki likes Toni (Toni Rules) because Toni is still susceptible to the cult madness of NXIVM.
        That is why Nicki tells both Barb Bouchey and Allison Mack they are welcome back because both women are marinated in the madness and criminality of the NXIVM criminal gang.
        Right, Nicki?

  • Liars often use unnecessary specifics to make their stories sound more convincing. This is also their downfall, especially when lots of other people and/or documentation can prove them to be liars. You made your bed Natalie, now “lie” in it.

    • Curious as to the kind of “unnecessary specifics” that you told your Amway customers to lure them in for the buy. Since you’ve told everyone here about how you got sucked into the Amway circle, I hope you are man enough to come clean and share what you did.

      • How many times do I need to state that there are hardly any Amway or other MLM scam customers. Selling to customers wasn’t emphasized, and because most people don’t like selling to begin with, it results in about ZERO customer sales. What part of that do you not understand? LOL

        The second I found out about the tool scam, I stopped promoting Amway AND started speaking out about it. It’s “people” like you who refuse to help educate others that’s the problem, not me. LOL

        I share what I did on my websites, and Either help spread the word about Amway and other MLM scams or go sell your delicious Girl Scout Cookies. LOL

          • Girls Scout Cookies,


            You did not actually believe Scott would answer your question did you?
            I am glad you asked him those questions because I have been trying to get him to answer the same questions for months.

            Scott was not even aware Amway was ripping him off for 8 years until,
            the plaintiffs attorneys for the class action lawsuit called him one morning and explained the Amway pyramid scheme to him.

            Scott spent 8 years making no money……… Based on that one simple fact I believe it is safe to assume Scott Johnson is a mentally challenged adult.

          • The class action lawsuit occurred several years after I started speaking up against Amway. The class action lawyers didn’t call me, I called them. There are millions of new people being scammed every year, there aren’t enough mentally challenged people alive to make that true. The bottom line is you’re too scared to come on my radio show because you would be made to look like the fool that you are! LOL

      • GirlScoutCookies,

        Re Scott’s response to your question.

        After reading Scott’s response I was immediately reminded of every political debate I had ever watched….Why?

        …….Because Scott responded to your question; And did not actually answer the question you asked of him.

        Scott’s customers were in fact quasi-pseudo new employees (customers) that Scott was merely recruiting for the opportunity of a lifetime….

        ……who in-turn would purchase Amway goods and in-turn recruit more employees recruits(customers).

        Look GirlScoutCookies, Scott is a “specially” mentally challenged adult.

        Scott is like Forest Gump, but not as cute.

        It took Scott 8 years between the time he joined Amway and the time he left Amway for the “wake up call” literally…..

        …….Scott did not realize or understand he had been screwed until attorneys for the class action lawsuit contacted him. 😉

        Amway is a fairly complex and intricate business much like the board game Monopoly™.

        Scott will never truly answer your question because Amway much like the board game Monopoly confuses the hell out of him…… So sad but true.

        • Hi Scott or Mr. Garage Certified,

          John Oliver explained MLM’s in 30min……

          …….And has reached millions. Maybe you should post a link on your website to the video like Shadowstate posted on the Frankreport………

          Then with the time you save from your “Amway Pitty Party, you can go look for gainful employment.

          Thank you so much for sharing that song with me. 😉

          That’s one of Kenny Rogers’s worst songs. I guess it’s true what they say about mentally challenged adults and there taste in music.

          • I’ve posted my message, which includes a link to my websites, on Oliver’s video many times, among many other places.

            That would be your opinion regarding Kenny Roger’s song, I think of it every time I see your comments. Talking about mentally challenged, the word is “their,” not “there.” Stupido! LOL

          • Scott,

            My bad iPhone Dictaphone let me down again.

            The default is “there” not “their” unfortunately.


            Have you figured out yet how all those people you see on tv fit inside your television set?


  • So, Toni did not see Rhiannon. What’s the big deal? It’s called writer’s embellishment. It is a useful tool to introduce elements into a story that would otherwise be missing. Toni wanted to reveal how badly Rhiannon was abused. The only way to do that was to put her into the story. This justified the means.

    • What’s the big deal? Really?
      Rhianon was raped by Toni’s ex boyfriend. Toni is the ex lover of a pedophile. Toni Natalie is exploiting the one victim that should be protected from Keith’s ex girl friend. She’s the ex girlfriend profiting off Rhianons rape! You may refer to it as writers embellishment. I call exploitation.

  • Rhiannon should have never had to be exploited again, especially by Toni Natalie. It’s absolutely appalling.

  • For those of you who think that women can’t be dangerous criminals, as dangerous as men:

    Europol says women ‘equally capable of crime’ as men as it reveals most-wanted list
    The Telegraph
    Telegraph Reporters
    ,The Telegraph•October 19, 2019

    Europol has revealed the names of Europe’s most-wanted fugitives – and 18 of the 21 criminals on the list are women, warning they are “equally capable” of committing serious crimes as men.

    The wanted suspects face a range of charges including murder, and human and drug trafficking.

  • Can decide whether it was arrogance or ignorance that caused Toni to include so many “provable lies” in her book. Probably a combination of the two.

  • This must have been a self-published book. There’s no way any respectable publisher would have let so much bullshit end up in the marketplace.

    • Toni Natalie’s book is published by Grand Central Publishing, and imprint formerly known as Warner Books.

      Grand Central Publishing, formerly Warner Books, came into existence in 1970 when Warner Communications acquired the Paperback Library, subsequently publishing paperback reprints editions of such bestsellers as Harper Lee’s To Kill A Mockingbird and Umberto Eco’s The Name Of The Rose. Today Grand Central Publishing reaches a diverse audience through hardcover, trade paperback and mass market imprints that cater to every kind of reader. Visit us at

    • You shouldn’t be embarrassed for Toni. You should be embarrassed for Frank. He is the one who convinced her to write this amazingly stupid piece of crap.

  • In addition to being a lying piece of shit, Toni Natalie has really shitty taste in shoes. Looks like something Elvis might have worn.

  • I wouldn’t expect that someone could accurately pin down the date of something which happened that long ago, unless they kept a diary or had some specific important event they could use to date it. So I don’t know why Natalie would claim such specifics except, of course, that it makes a better sounding and even more convincing-seeming story.

    I doubt most of us who are old enough could necessarily even pin down the exact year of things we did almost two decades ago, and maybe not even things that happened more than about 5 years ago.

    • Yet you and your fellow leftist crackpots ate up every lie that Ballsy Ford crapped out about Justice Kavanaugh. Slick, your hypocrisy has no limits

  • WTF – did the publisher not do any fact-checking before publishing Toni’s book? And what about that “award-winning investigative journalist” Chet Hardin – didn’t he check out any of Toni’s made-up stories? Maybe he was hired because he agreed not to do that?

    Toni used to accuse others of trying to steal parts of her life story. But, just like Raniere, she was projecting when she made those accusations because she is the one who is trying to weasel her way into every aspect of the NXIVM story.

    Sad and pitiful…

    • When I read the part about her seeing Rhiannon, my BS meter went off.

      Most of these lies are needless. They aren’t going to help sell books. They are doing the opposite and causing an understandable backlash. What, did Toni not think any of these people she mentions in the book would read it or have somebody tell them about what was said about them?

      • Nutjob & Everyone

        Re Toni Natlie psychosis explanation:

        I truly believe that Toni Natlie is pathological to the point of being delusional. I have a sister in-law
        that confuses her self with her lying,
        I am not kidding.

        Read the article below. It actually gives a valid medical explanation of what I am saying and it explains Toni Natlie to a T…..

        Even Frank should be interested.
        I feel bad for her, but her lies are hurting other people…. and Frank should let people know the truth.

        A professional medical mental health explanation(article) to what is wrong with Toni Natlie.

        What’s wrong with Toni Natlie?

        A complete explanation of Toni Natlie’s psychosis is found in the article below.

          • Thank you for the link, Niceguy. Having mentioned before having a lifelong friend who realized that he’d married somebody who lied habitually, here’s one of his wife’s more alarming whoppers.

            She came home from an evening of shopping and entered the kitchen with bags of purchases. My friend was at his nearby desk. At this point, after about 9 years of kind of surreal togetherness, their marriage was getting harder to keep going.

            She sorted her buys and informed him that she’d just been raped by 2 men in a parking lot, sounding unrattled and almost casual. She looked well put together, not a hair out of place and casually dressed for the southern heat.

            This rather offhandedly presented double rape announcement shocked her husband. He was worried, tried to get her to go with him to an emergency room, file a police report, something. Was she injured, in shock?

            He tried to see what he could do, under these circumstances. Did she want to call the police? Why didn’t she call him immediately on her cellphone, ten minutes from home, he would’ve driven immediately to her side to help, to her drive her home, anything in his power.

            She just looked at him, told him that he was an asshole and went to bed, off snacking and watching a video. She ignored him, took her pill collection, didn’t change her clothes or shower. Cool as a hamster. Mission accomplished, whatever the hell it was.

          • Shivani,

            I sincerely and completely believe your friend’s story. I am sure Toni Natlie’s exhusband has similar stories.

            Thanks for sharing.

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