Toni Natalie’s ‘Keith Hypnotized Me Into Quitting Smoking’ Story Disputed by Ex-Husband Rusty

Toni Natalie Portrait holding Mic
Toni Natalie at the Albany Times Union forum [photo courtesy Albany Times Union]

Rusty DeCook – Toni Natalie’s third husband – has disputed several of the stories in her new book – more specifically, the ones that concern him.

In short, he has joined the growing chorus of people who claim Toni wrote some pretty outrageous lies in her book.

A true accounting of Toni’s life or a book of lies?

Rusty wrote a post for Frank Report on the topic.

In it, he wrote:Toni has written a book in which she saw fit to trash me as well as several people that are now gone, but that I still care very deeply about. I cannot see how painting me in a disparaging light would add to the story she hoped to tell. So, I find it necessary at this time to say my piece.”

In her book, Toni saw fit to compare Rusty’s lovemaking skills to Keith’s, suggesting that Rusty was a “paper airplane” while Keith was a “Concorde jet.”

That may or may not be true – but her critics say, even if true, “how classless for her to mention it in her book.”

She may have had a good reason for including it. One that serves herself.

It is, arguably, one of her “justifications” for committing adultery with Keith Alan Raniere, a psychopath.

Still, ample evidence throws doubt on Toni’s claims of Keith’s “Concorde Jet” lovemaking skills.

Numerous women who experienced Raniere in the boudoir have told Frank Report that Keith was decidedly a dud. His pleasure was all he craved and, because he was sleeping with so many women, he was often quite tuckered out – and gave a flaccid performance.

In the past, Toni told Susan Dones, Joe O’Hara, Heidi Hutchinson and others that Keith was a slug in bed and she was required to suckle his nipples to get him erect, as he lay back and played the woman and sometimes fell asleep when they were in the middle of having sex.

Toni never described sex with Keith to anyone I know of as Concorde style – and usually just the opposite.

But it changed in her book: Keith went from slug to Concorde – the king of lovemakers.

Was she lying then or now?

If Keith “really was a slug, I suspect Toni is altering the truth as part of her overall “justification” for committing adultery.

Her first justification is, as she says in her book, that Rusty did not have sex with her for almost three years – prior to Toni beginning her affair with Keith.

So “Justification #1” is “Sexless Marriage.”

Toni writes, “I had not had sex of any kind for almost three years—and even then, my partner had been, at best, uninterested. Going from Rusty to Keith was like upgrading from a paper plane to a Concorde.”

Rusty has said it was not a sexless marriage.

While we cannot know for certain which one of them is telling the truth – it is true that  “sexless marriage” would be grounds for divorce in New York State.

Is Toni setting the stage?

Rusty said he was faithful throughout his marriage to Toni. By her own admission, Toni cheated on Rusty with Raniere.

So, does she feel she has to justify her adultery both ways? i.e., that she and Rusty were in a sexless marriage – and that Keith was super studly.

Toni also throws in another justification:”Meddling Mother-in-Law.”

According to her book, Keith asked Toni to leave Rusty and come with him, but Toni said, “Keith, I’m married. Rusty and I have a son together.”

“I know, I know, I know.”

[Keith] kissed me on the forehead. “But wouldn’t it be nice?”

Yes, it would be nice. So nice that, when I had a big blowup with Rusty concerning his meddling mother, I decided to leave him. It’s not quite right to say I left him for Keith, as I probably would have gone anyway, but there’s no question that Keith’s attention accelerated the process.

Toni says she did not exactly leave Rusty for Keith. She was likely leaving anyway – and that her meddling mother-in-law cinched the deal.

She Left for Money?

Rusty told Frank Report, “We didn’t have a problem in our marriage, as far as I knew. Of course, Toni cost a lot of money to maintain and I was struggling in my business. I could not afford to buy her everything she wanted. We had a son to raise and what with our European nanny, the new house, and Toni’s constant need for $2,000-$4,000 outfits, I was having a hard time keeping up. One day, Keith called her and said to Toni, ‘If you come to meet me in Albany, I can offer you a position where you can make $3 million per year in commissions with this new product line coming out called Awaken.” He said, because of her previous experience in skincare, she could head up the new company. I put her on a train and stayed home with our son, Michael. She was supposed to stay a day or two and she called and said she needed to stay another day.  Right then I knew something was up.

“She came back and said ‘That’s it.’  She moved to Albany and Michael stayed with me for about seven months. We were going to do a half year with me and half a year with her. Then I thought he was better off with his mother during the school year.

“He was about six. He stayed three school years with Toni in Albany. Summers with me. During the summer after third grade, Michael did not want to go back with Toni anymore.  She did not object to him staying with me. Keith, I believe, convinced her to let him go.

“She likes to tell the story that she sent Michael back to me to keep him safe from Keith but the truth is Michael did not want to go back. And Toni remained with Keith well after Michael came to live with me full-time.  Even after Toni left Keith, Michael never returned to Toni. I raised him alone from the time he was eight until he grew up and got his own place.”

So, according to Rusty, Toni left him for money – which, by the way, she never got.

The end of her relationship with Keith saw her allegedly stealing cash from the business she was partners in with Keith and running off with a married man – 12 years her junior. Toni filed for bankruptcy in 1999 and her younger man, Scott Foley, who left his wife and abandoned his own daughter to take up with Toni, filed for bankruptcy too.

Tony left Keith to run off with Scott Foley [above].
It seems – as a matter of strict fact – that Toni committed adultery again – with Scott, who later became husband #4.  The two of them went off to the Florida Keys in a recreational vehicle that Toni’s affluent stepfather bought her – as she left her son behind – while Scott abandoned his daughter.

The Great and Powerful Keith Raniere

Getting back to Rusty, and why Toni left her third husband and son – we have yet to come to the greatest justification of all: “Keith mind-controlled me.”

Toni makes Keith seem superhuman in her book.  What could she do – a mere simple-minded, [but, of course, beautiful] 10th-grade dropout, versus this man who was a super-genius with dark magical power?

One of Toni’s oldest stories – one she has told for years – and included in her book – with new details – is how she was hypnotized by Keith and quit smoking forever.

This may be in fact justification #1 for Toni – for committing adultery – for it allegedly happened before she started cheating on Rusty.

The background is this: Toni and Rusty were top salespeople for Keith’s company, Consumer’s Buyline. They drove from Rochester to Albany to meet with Keith and collect an award and a bonus. Here is Toni’s version from her book:

… We arrived late in the day… There were dozens of employees milling around, all of them with pep in their step, all of them thrilled to be there…. 

Keith burst out of his office, his glasses slightly askew, to welcome us to the home office. He wore a dress shirt, swirls of black chest hair peeking over the top button, and gray sweatpants—an eclectic ensemble, but he managed to pull it off…. he talked a mile a minute. “We’re changing the world here,” he said. “This is where the magic happens.” ….

We were joined then by a cocky blonde [Kristin Keeffe] ….  “Keith”—she looked at me and grinned, like we were sharing an inside joke—”is Valerie Bertinelli working here now?”

[I spoke with Keeffe about this and she denied making that statement. Bertinelli was an attractive actress of the time -1991.]

Keith seemed not to understand the reference, but I did, and I smiled at the compliment.

….Kristin [said]…  “I was gonna go have a smoke … Want to come with?”

….[I] had been craving a cigarette…. 

“Sure.” I reached into my pocketbook and produced a pack of Marlboro Reds. “If you’ll excuse me.”

“Yes, yes, of course,” Keith said. He paused thoughtfully. “Do you have any desire to quit?”

“Of course,” I said. “I quit before. For a long time. But then my brother got sick, and I was spending all my time at the hospital. His girlfriend offered me a cigarette, and… you know how it is. It’s a hard habit to break.”

“I think I can help you with that.”


“Yes, I think I can help. But we have to find a quiet spot, just you and me. We have to not be disturbed.”

He looked over at my husband, as if for approval, and Rusty shrugged.

[Keith had something else to do] “Tell you what…. [Keith said] Why don’t you have your cigarette, and we’ll circle back in twenty minutes?”

…. Kristin Keeffe and I went out … and we had a smoke. I never would have guessed that it would be my last cigarette.

There was nothing remotely fancy about Keith’s office….

“Come in,” he said, gesturing toward a futon couch along one wall. “Make yourself comfortable.”

I sat on the edge of the futon, my posture ramrod straight, my back two feet from the cushion. I crossed my legs and watched as he plopped down next to me.

“May I?” he asked, and he took my hand….. 

With short, stubby fingers, he opened my hand, rubbing his meaty thumb into the contours of my palm, surveying my life line, my love line, my fate line. He registered the chiromantic information as a blind man “sees” a new face. With his 240 IQ, he could probably read palms and read Braille.

“What I’m going to do today,” he said, his voice soft and hypnotic, “what I’m going to do is relieve you of the urge to smoke.”

I could barely suppress a chortle. “Good luck with that.”

He gazed deep into my eyes, and I met his gaze—his bright blues burning into my greens. “You have lovely eyes,” he said matter-of-factly.

“Thank you.”

 “I’m going to ask you some questions,” he told me. “And as I do so, I’m going to stimulate certain pressure points on your hand. Later, when you feel like you want to smoke, all you have to do is apply pressure to these trigger points, and the urge will vanish.”

“If you say so.”

“I say so,” he said, raising his eyebrows. “Please, sit back. Relax.” He smiled. “No wonder you crave nicotine. You’re literally on edge.”

I uncrossed my legs and leaned back, falling into the soft cushion of the futon.

“Close your eyes… good… now, tell me about some things that make you relax.”

“I like to get facials,” I said. “I like to get massages.”

I could feel him pressing down on the fleshy part of my hand, south of the thumb. “I like to take walks outside, especially in the fall, when the leaves turn gold and orange and brown, and the weather is perfect: when the sun is warm but not hot.”

“What else?”

“I like to listen to music.”

“What kind of music?”

“Oh, all kinds. Everything from Frank Sinatra to Genesis.”

After a few minutes of this line of questioning, he asked what made me nervous.

“My mom,” I told him. “She worries so much about me, and that makes me worry about her.” I didn’t go into great detail. I didn’t tell him anything too personal. I opened up just enough for Keith to do his little palmistry trick. Or so I thought.

Ten minutes later, he was caressing my hand and calling my name: “Toni… Toni.. .Toni.. .we’re all done, Toni.. .we’re all done.”

When I stepped out of the office, I felt at once fuzzy but energized. Invigorated. But something was off: the light had changed. The sun was beginning to set. The place had thinned out. Many of the employees had left for the day. Kristin Keeffe was gone. I found Rusty in an empty cubicle, leaning back in the chair, feet propped on the desk, flipping idly through a back issue of Forbes magazine.

“There you are,” he said. “Another half an hour, I would have filed a missing person’s report.”

“What are you talking about?”

“What were you doing in there for so long?”

“I was in there for fifteen minutes.”

“No, you were in there for”—he glanced at the Timex on his well-tanned wrist —”two hours and forty-five minutes.”

“Get out of here.”

“I’m serious. I could have watched The Godfather in the time you were in there.”

To me, the time went by in the blink of an eye. It was like waking up after major surgery. Where did those lost hours go? What happened in that office?

For a split second, I thought I knew. A pathway appeared in my mind that might have led me to the memory of the lost two and a half hours…

Rusty tossed the magazine onto the desk, like he was folding a bad poker hand. “I’m going to have a smoke,” he said. “You want one?”

I pressed down hard with my left hand on the trigger point on my right. Waves of relaxation radiated from my palm to the rest of my body.

“Actually,” I said, “I don’t. I think I’m okay.”



And I was. I haven’t smoked since.

… It was only after I left his dimly lit office that August day, with a feature-film-length hole in my memory—only then did I feel a primal connection with Keith Raniere….. On that summer day in Clifton Park, he claimed me.

To this day, I have no recollection of what went on during that two-and-a-half-hour blackout in his office. But this much is clear: nicotine is one of the most addictive drugs out there. Cigarettes are notoriously difficult to give up. If Keith, in just a few hours, could compel me to quit smoking forever… what else could he get me to do?


Wow! What a Great story.

Here is what Rusty said:

“No. She keeps telling that story. There’s no way I would have waited more than half an hour. I would have been breaking the door down. I remember he told her he could hypnotize her. I don’t think she stopped smoking right after that either. She eventually stopped smoking, maybe when she went to live with him.

“We used to smoke together and smoke a lot. And I can tell you this – I would have definitely remembered if Toni had gone in alone with Keith and came out never smoking again. I would have asked him to help me quit too. I think we smoked, we usually did, on the way back home to Rochester.”

Do You Believe in Magic?

Hmmm. So this magical story about Keith hypnotizing Toni and getting her to quit smoking is perhaps another way of justifying – via lying – why she left her husband for a psychopath.

She was “claimed” by Raniere. She felt “a connection” she was powerless to resist.

He put in her in a trance, where she forgot time and space – and quit smoking. Perhaps she went into another dimension.

Who reading this story wouldn’t be impressed?

Who would not understand that she was a philandering woman – but was, in fact, in the presence of a man who mentally overwhelmed her?

She was a victim – not a dirtbag schemer.

Instead of leaving her good husband and her young son for a man who promised millions, she left because Rusty was not having sex with her, because her mother-in-law was meddling in her marriage, and because Raniere was a super stud with superhuman powers – who could make her forget time and space and control her.

But what if the story is pure hogwash – just a lie – another lie – Toni has told for years to conflate her story – and justify all the shitty things she’s done?

I don’t know the answers. I can investigate. I have already caught Toni in a number of provable lies – but this story is a “she said, he said” story.

And the other witnesses are not very helpful in sorting out the truth here.

Rusty’s mother is deceased.

Keith Raniere is not going to talk – at least not before sentencing.

Kristin Keeffe disputes at least part of the story – the part about saying that Toni looked liked Valerie Bertinelli (Actually Keeffe does not recall any of the events recounted by Toni). But note – Toni says Kristin had already gone when Toni left the room with Keith two and a half hours later – so Keeffe would not be able to confirm or deny the length of time they spend alone together.

All we have is Toni’s word, versus Rusty’s word.

And so we leave the reader to decide for himself or herself which of them is telling the truth here…

Toni Natalie has told a lot of stories about a lot of people and about herself in her new book.

About the author

Frank Parlato


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  • I knew Toni for years. It was always she spent an hour and a half with Raniere when he got her to stop smoking. Now it becomes two and a half?

    I believe Rusty, more like 10-15 minutes. That’s about as long as it would have taken for him to fly his jet into her hanger.

  • Toni Natalie is a Prune-faced, withered, dried-up old bag, who realizes that whatever looks she may have had, are now long gone in the rearview mirror.

    Rather than give a truthful account of her time with ‘VanTurd’ in the form of a nonfiction memoir, she’s decided to go the cheap tabloid route, and fill holes in the story with cheap, sensationalized, low-class pulp, in the hopes of selling more copies.

    What else would you come to expect from a person who is basically trailer trash with money? $2-$4k a suit, Toni? Really, that’s like putting perfume on a pig.

    To sit there and talk trash about your ex-husband (who wasn’t involved in NXIVM), in a book that is supposedly about VanTard shows absolutely no class, at all. Worse still, you edify a piece of human garbage like Raniere, who is basically a manipulative child rapist; that really says a lot about your qualities as a human being, Toni (Hint: I wouldn’t piss on you if you were on fire)

    • “I wouldn’t piss on you if you were on fire.”


      Great insult! I don’t think I’ve ever heard that one. 😉

  • And another tale of hypnosis actually working bites the dust. Seems she neither “lost time” nor quit smoking. Though she swears she did in the book.

    This is why I’m deeply skeptical of hypnosis. There is evidence that it “works”, sometimes, in a clinical setting. For things like smoking cessation. Well, placebos work too. Give people a pill that has no active ingredients, and some will report that it works. Report less pain, or say it helped them quit smoking. In that sense, it “works”.

    This is why real science is done by conducting double blind experiments. To weed out the placebo effect. This is the gold standard in science.

    The “evidence” that therapeutic hypnosis works is based on personal testimonial just like Natali’s. Anecdotal evidence. Hey, if the subject says hypnosis works, it works… or does it?

    • There have been not only studies, but even some meta-analyses, such as this one, suggesting that hypnosis is indeed more effective than placebo, though not remarkably so:

      Alternative Smoking Cessation Aids: A Meta-analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials

      It also is more effective in susceptible individuals, and high control groups or cults tend to select for people most susceptible to their particular methods of influence and control.

      • ” acupuncture and hypnotherapy may help smokers quit… More evidence is needed to determine whether alternative interventions are as efficacious as pharmacotherapies.”

        “May help” is not “does help”. They’re saying the evidence is inconclusive.

        Also note that there is no comparison with placebo, nor is there any mention of this metastudy selecting only double blind studies, which are the only ones that are accurate. So this metastudy likely includes the kind of success Natalie reports. She reported that hypnosis cured her smoking habit. In a clinical setting this would be a “case study”. Which in fact are little more than anecdotal evidence.

        Apparently, when it comes to smoking cessation, only pharmacotherapies are proven effective. These, at least, can be tested in a double-blind context.

  • ” I uncrossed my legs and leaned back,”, I like to get facials”, I could feel him pressing down on the fleshy part of my hand, south of the thumb.” (South thumb alright). “Ten minutes later, he was caressing my hand and calling my name: “Toni… Toni.. .Toni.. .we’re all done, Toni.. .we’re all done.”

    Instead of the earlier suggestion of Toni writing a porn, it sounds more like shes the star of one and that was her audition.
    As for the picture at the top of madam succubus…….

  • Toni writes, “I had not had sex of any kind for almost three years—and even then, my partner had been, at best, uninterested. Going from Rusty to Keith was like upgrading from a paper plane to a Concorde.”

    I write, bull.

    Keith wasn’t her first affair while married to Rusty.

    I’ll be back.

  • I think Frank really enjoys repeatedly running the (many) unflattering photos of Toni Nutale. (One more facelift and she will have a goatee).

  • Her whole schtick is a bold-faced lie for the rationalization of her actions and greed, as usual. It’s what she’s always done and continues to do as anyone can see by that joke she calls a book. I actually sat in Barnes and Noble and read it. It’s full of total fabrications.

    I knew Toni and Rusty in the day. Toni hated Rusty’s Mom and would tell anyone that would listen. Rusty’s Mom was a middle-class woman that didn’t fit to Toni’s ‘standards’. She would actually would wear a house coat, the shame, how embarrassing. Rusty’s Mom wasn’t stylish, she wasn’t with the ‘it’ crowd, she had wrinkles, she didn’t get her hair done enough, her condo wasn’t up to standards with the latest furnishings or cleaned often enough. In Toni’s opinion she was common. Common just won’t do in Toni’s world. Ahhh, but there was more that wouldn’t do when it came to Rusty’s Mom.

    Rusty’s Mom was no idiot. Did she like Toni, nope. She saw Toni’s disregard for a budget and endless spending leading to bankruptcy, There is born the other reason to hate that Mother-in-Law.. Rusty’s Mom was onto Toni and that just wasn’t acceptable to Toni. Another reason that Rusty’s Mom became the enemy, she would see and saw what Toni did to Rusy’s finances. His Mom did his accounts payable, she saw the charge card bills, the outfits, jewelry, the dinners, the Santiago’s, the trips, the cars, the new house, all the furniture, the nanny or au paire, as Toni insisted she be called, (who needs a nanny when you don’t have a job! The AU PAIR had to come from DENMARK, a regular common babysitter wouldn’t do) that Toni had to have instead of taking care of her son herself, those massages Toni liked so much that she told Raniere about, the endless spending and I’m serious, endless. His Mom sat by and watched Toni manipulate, lie to and spend every dime Rusty had and even dimes he didn’t have. Rusty wasn’t aware of how dire things were becoming because his Mom kept her mouth shut assuming Rusty was OK with it all and didn’t want to interfere. Then came the day when it all fell apart.

    Toni lost her cash-cow. Rusty put an end to the endless spending and there was Keith dangling his ‘you can make $3 M doing this!” and off she went. What option did Toni have. If she stayed with Rusty for better or worse, she wasn’t going to be able to buy all those $2000 outfits anymore, the lingerie, the massages, the trips, the cars, the JONSES would be out partying and shopping without her!! THE HORROR!!!

    Toni does what Toni does out of greed. Once she’s done using someone they are discarded and she moves onto the next. Raniere, in this case, used the word millions and she turned the page, on her vows and her son.

    Did Toni know Keith was a scammer, yes. Numerous people told her before she even moved. But, here’s the rub, so is she. Like I’m saying something you haven’t already read or noticed yourself. Toni scammed the scammer and probably went in there planning to do that, then built her great big tall tale and woe is me crap, for reasons that are glaringly obvious.

    One more thing before I go…this time

    Toni mentions Rusty’s well tanned wrist. I’ll explain this so even Toni will realize that the devil is in the details and the crack in her butt is showing. Rusty was appropriately named. Rusty is fair-skinned, freckled and a red-head. People with Rusty’s coloring don’t tan, they burn and when Rusty burned, it wasn’t pretty.

    Frank, you post it, I’ll add to it and tell you what I know about her lies.

    Try harder next time, Toni.

    I’m not done. As Arnold said….I’ll be back.

    • Thank you for this v. enlightening. I always thought greed was a chief motivation with most of these gals. They just wanted an idle work-free existence. Even the stringent nxivm slave controls like taking a shower at three in the morning, don’t equate with the lifelong wage-slavery most of us live through..

      Having to drag yourself out of bed every day and go to work to pay bills, often for dependent family, till your back in minus waiting for the next cheque..rinse, repeat..Moms &Dads all over the world sacrifice whole lifetimes for their kids like this..

      Meanwhile Nan, Lauren, Alison et al, all the while are just lazy greedy vain, talking shit about higher purpose and saving humanity.

      And Toni Natalie, running her ‘virtuous victim’ scam. WOW. It doesn’t get any better, does it?

      Please come back and tell us more. x

    • CBI certainly attracted the get-rich-quick types. “Make a fortune with little to no effort!” Ridiculous spending with no regard for budgeting, especially while rearing a child, sounds very “common” indeed. Like Raniere blowing other people’s money in the commodities market. Oh, and didn’t Toni have a lawyer on this website making veiled threats of defamation lawsuits? She and Raniere sound like they were a good pair, at least on paper.

      Didn’t I read somewhere that Toni left Keith over him putting a blouse of hers in the dryer when she had asked him not to? The straw that broke the proverbial camel’s back? Or was it the new, younger man? I have not read her book and do not plan to. But I would like to know the book version of her “leaving” him (as if there was any kind of normal “relationship” to leave).

      I too now question the, “I’ll see you either dead or in jail” quote. I wonder whether it was said at all, or is an embellishment to something much milder said in anger.

      Not defending Raniere and his despicable acts, but apparently, some things (like Toni’s stories) have to be taken with a grain of salt.

  • Breaking my vow here to not think or speak further of…

    [Ever time I read a new Toni/Chet embellishment – some siphoned from information I provided to them — it’s like she’s trying to stick a long, red pointy nail in my memories — both of what I witnessed and what Toni formerly shared — swirl them around and reshape them.]

    Anybody else ever hear the one about how Keith supposedly convinced Toni that Rusty was cheating on her with their son’s nanny?

    Toni had a couple of versions on this — in one version, Keith had sent PI’s to get evidence for Toni on Rusty’s affair with the nanny.

    I believed Toni then bc the story harkens back to something Keith used with Gina when attempting to recruit me into NX circa 1999 — they “found” evidence on my ex’s computer that he was cheating, etc.

    I can’t recall if I told Toni about that before or after her own cheater story was born but if it didn’t make it into print…

    One other thing, Toni swore to me she never knew Keith was tutoring Rhiannon, in fact, she couldn’t recall at first ever seeing Rhiannon around anywhere.

    Now, I read an excerpt from Chet’s book co-authored by Toni describing Rhiannon in vivid detail, dutifully studying her Algebra book right there in the NX main office in 1991 in front of all the entire cast of early harem characters — a year, I believe, after Keith began assaulting the child.

    The rough transition to Rhiannon’s police report from that scene does not reflect well on our heroine.

    • I never bought the ‘I stopped smoking after one session with Keith’ story and it also doesn’t add up that Rusty wouldn’t have gone looking for his wife if she was gone for more than two hours. It’s interesting that people didn’t question these things when Toni first recounted these stories but there were bigger fish to fry then since Raniere was still walking the streets late at night.

      I hope Toni’s lies haven’t hurt you, Heidi. And I hope if she knows anything about Gina’s death she tells you the truth.

      Btw, Toni’s face looks like she was a secret smoker for years after her meeting with Keith and I’d wager she still has a puff or two.

  • There are a lot of potential defamation of character lawsuits that could come from Natalie’s book. The first class action defamation lawsuit ever! LOL

  • Another Toni Natalie lie. What else is new?

    So what about the story where Keith told her, “Next time I see you, you will be Dead or in Jail”

    That doesn’t sound like something Keith would say. Mr. Softee.

    So, was that a lie too?

  • A sense of losing track of time is not uncommon in hypnosis – though Natalie may well have exaggerated and dramatized it.

    Smoking cessation is one of the things that hypnosis is regarded as effective for, though again it wouldn’t necessarily have worked dramatically in a single session as Natalie claims.

    It’s also possible that at this point Natalie actually has told others and even herself the story so often that she has come to believe such things, even if they didn’t really happen that way. One of the unsettling findings of much modern research is just how malleable memory really is, and in the case of someone like her it might be especially so.

    • There is no way Rusty would have sat there for 2 1/2 hours, absolutely no way. Toni is willing to change herself into whatever she needs to be in order catch that next fish. If that meant making up this grandiose garbage about 2 1/2 hours while her husband sat by waiting patiently, then that’s the story now. The details are what blows her stories wide open.

      I’ll be back.

      • I wrote “exaggerated” but maybe I should have put “vastly” in front of it – I agree, it may not have been anywhere near the amount of time she claims. And if it was right around sunset, perhaps the light could have changed dramatically, but in just a short period of time.

        If you have more information about anything, I look forward to hearing it.

      • I don’t think Raniere was into quickies, although in Natalie’s case, being so pretty, maybe he made an exception.

    • Anony, I think your point about Toni telling the story so often that she believes it rings very true. I also think this is true of most people who spin a tale over and over. Toni, seemingly, tells lies to cast herself in a better light or to elicit sympathy or to deflect her bad deeds to others. She may have convinced herself she’s the heroine of this NXIVM tale. There are those people who are constantly looking for an enemy to fight. It keeps them from looking inside themselves and recognizing their own cold, black hearts.

      • That could have some truth to it, but it’s far more likely that the boring truth would not sell as many books as something a little more scandalous would. As they say – sex sells.

        Though I think the funniest comment is when Toni compares Keith to a Concord…..maybe she was referring to the grape?

        • Flowers…as a woman, does VanTard strike you as the type of man who knows how to pleasure a woman sexually? The physical qualities of
          the man: short, fat, stubby, squarish.

          The man ain’t built for motion…on land, or in the ocean.

          Add to that, court testimony that states he couldn’t even keep Mr. Happy at full-attention for a brief session, let alone several rounds.

          If THAT was Toni Natalie’s ‘Hero in the bedroom’, then she’s probably dead wood herself.

          • Velvet, that’s why I thought she meant the concord grape, and not the Concorde jet. Grapes are round, soft and squishy, so it seems a little more appropriate as a description for Keith.

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His work to expose and take down NXIVM is featured in books like “Captive” by Catherine Oxenberg, “Scarred” by Sarah Edmonson, “The Program” by Toni Natalie, and “NXIVM. La Secta Que Sedujo al Poder en México” by Juan Alberto Vasquez.

Parlato has been prominently featured on HBO’s docuseries “The Vow” and was the lead investigator and coordinating producer for Investigation Discovery’s “The Lost Women of NXIVM.” Parlato was also credited in the Starz docuseries "Seduced" for saving 'slave' women from being branded and escaping the sex-slave cult known as DOS.

Additionally, Parlato’s coverage of the group OneTaste, starting in 2018, helped spark an FBI investigation, which led to indictments of two of its leaders in 2023.

Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

Parlato is a consulting producer and appears in TNT's The Heiress and the Sex Cult, which premiered on May 22, 2022. Most recently, he consulted and appeared on Tubi's "Branded and Brainwashed: Inside NXIVM," which aired January, 2023.

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