Catherine Supporter: Separating Fact from Fiction Amid the Messy Fallout of the Kassenoff Custody Case

Catherine’s friend analyzes the story: Shocking Revelations: Allan Kassenoff’s Supporter Alleges Catherine’s Dark Secrets.

In that story, a supporter of Allan Kassenoff’s, ‘Hannah Friedman,’ makes 17 points where the public missed the boat on Allan and in his defense.

Now ‘Lizabeth Thompson,’ a friend of Catherine, weighs in to rebut the 17 points.

By ‘Liz Thompson’

1. The Boyfriend Video

The Boyfriend Video shows Allan accusing Catherine of having a boyfriend in front of the children.

Both partners cheated. It has no bearing on whether they can be good parents. Allan should not have aired this dirty laundry in front of the children. Adultery is not uncommon or a reason to take children from mothers.

2. A Nanny’s View:

One of the Kassenoff nannies signed an affidavit describing how Catherine would abuse the adopted daughter, but treat her biological children differently.

Although I will give some credit to the nanny’s account that Catherine treated the adopted daughter differently than the two other girls, she had well-documented accounts of lying and stealing.

Catherine was more of a disciplinarian, while Allan was mainly an absentee parent. The bed frame was removed specifically because the oldest daughter liked to jump on the bed, and Catherine didn’t want her to get hurt.

Ally's room

3. Plans to Lie:

Although I haven’t read the emails, there was no reason to lie. Catherine had already documented Allan’s abusive behavior. Perhaps she tried to persuade the child to tell the truth.

4. The Fingernail Audio:

During this audio recording Catherine mentions “feeding the baby” so likely Allan recorded it in 2013 – 14. She is clearly sleep deprived, likely postpartum, raising 3 children with little help from her spouse, and also working full time.

They had been arguing for many, many hours and she sounds distraught. They discussed divorce throughout their entire relationship. This was never a peaceful union. Capricorn/Gemini.

5. Chocolate Bar Madness:

Then there is the chocolate bar audio.

When a chocolate bar is symbolic of much more. Again, the oldest child had a history of lying and stealing, specifically with sweets. It was well known she would consume anything she could find containing sugar and then lie about it. Catherine could have handled it better, but she was at her wit’s end and being undermined by Allan in the video.

6. French Nanny Calls Catherine a Psychopath:

The nannies are a mixed bag – some loyal to Allan some to Catherine. There’s a long bad history here.

7. The Plan to Use the Daughter:

See #3. Allan filed for divorce in 2019 after CPS and police reports were filed against him.

The Boyfriend Video was filmed in 2017 – 18 so Allan had read the texts several years earlier.

Allan Kassenoff in a video accuses his wife of having a boyfriend.

8. Catherine Removed from House for Good Cause:

Allan filed an ex-parte order and Catherine did not have the opportunity to defend herself at this time.

9. Mental Illness:

Dr. Marc Abrams was disqualified from this case. His “opinion” of Catherine’s mental health, which was not a diagnosis, should have been stricken from the record.

Dr. Marc Abrams

10. Parental Alienation:

See #9. Judge Everett based his ruling on Abrams’ biased report.

11. Judge Koba Finds Same Results:

See #9. Judge Nancy Quinn Koba based her ruling on Dr. Abrams’ biased and later debunked report.

Judge Nancy Quinn Koba

12. Vengeance:

Everyone mentioned here was removed from the case for bias except for Dr. McKay. There was NEVER a diagnosis from a treating therapist or psychiatrist of Catherine’s mental illness.

PTSD, extreme stress, some depression perhaps, but an actual mental illness or personality disorder, no. Allan and Catherine had a toxic relationship, and the abuse was clear, not a lie.

It’s called defending yourself, not vengeance.

14. Visits Were Unpleasant:

Who in their right mind would find a “supervised” visit fun? How horrible and unnatural for everyone involved to be watched like a zoo animal. Of course, the kids hated going.

15. No False Arrest:

There were several attempts to arrest Catherine, not just the one mentioned, all were dismissed.

16. Double Standard:

There is plenty of damning evidence against both of them in the DropBox – neither looks great. No real double standard.

17. Mother’s Day Contrivance:

Catherine addressed Mother’s Day directly. She was hoping for a protective order that didn’t come through in time. Allan had attempted to falsely arrest her just a few months before.

18. Some Points to Ponder: see #12.

19. Allan’s Email Reinterpreted:

There is no reinterpretation of Allan’s email.

Allan and the court had already ruined her relationship with the children. I’m sorry, but Allan completely failed to own his part in creating this fiasco. He could have shared custody and saved himself a lot of money, time, and heartache.

Catherine was in therapy the ENTIRE time. What other help should she have gotten?

20. Suicide is Painful:

Yes, it is.

21. Allan’s Legacy:

Maybe he is a better parent now that his behavior is subject to intense public scrutiny. The same could have been true of Catherine had she been given the opportunity.

I feel sorry for everyone involved in this mess – Allan, who was ultimately manipulated by the courts for his money, the girls who deserved two parents, and Catherine who lost everything.

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  • I agree wholeheartedly with this analysis, the family court system is most at fault, thank you. RIP Catherine Youssef Kassenoff, thinking of you.

  • Is she dead or not? This seems so bizarre. You only tell your children your planned suicide on Facebook and it’s still not clear? So sad.

    • Having watched this all unfold on fb even prior to it going viral, it seems that one of two scenarios are possible 1) she faked her death because it was the ultimate way she could think of to put the screws to her ex husband. If that’s the case, well then, checkmate, mission accomplished etc. 2) her suicide was real and this was a kind of final “fuck you” to her ex husband. People can be vindictive and suicidal at the same time (in fact I’ve had direct experiences with this). It is unknown if she tried to communicate with her girls to let them know what was going on with her health and if you ask about that (and also why her death has never been acknowledged by her family, why her mother didn’t attend her public memorial ceremony) it gets glazed over. What always came across in her posts was someone who was far more consumed with winning the PR battle against her ex husband and with her constant victimization than the impact this was having on her daughters. There was an all or nothing concept with her and how she chose to handle the situation. Anyone who questioned the impact that her postings might have been having on her kids was a “victim shamer” and completley blind to the abuses of the court system. There was no nuance. What also came across was that some of the instances or her “persecution” were manufactured. Like the whole “living out of her car” and “forced evictions”. The woman had enough money to wage lawsuits and also had plenty of affluent friends and family. She kept moving to locations that were in violation of court orders purposefully because again it set up a situation that would reinforce her narrative of persecution. This was spun as him “wielding his power” to try and sabotage her when the reality of what came across from her videos was that her husband just wanted her to go away. Now this is not to suggest that Alan was some sort of saint. I think He was just as much of a narcissist but one that had enough sense to portray himself with more emotional stability and as such was winning the PR battle despite the fact that he could be vicious towards Catherine. That was the other problem though. When you watch those videos, his contempt, derision etc. is always directed at her and she seemed to conflate it with “abusing their children”. It wasn’t clear that he was abusive to his kids. Does he lose his temper? Sure but you never see him get violent or even particularly verbally abusive towards his kids just perhaps lose his patience. His crime was not shielding his daughters from the fact that he had gotten to the point where he absolutely despised Catherine. Is that right? No but they didn’t seem particularly “afraid” of him. In fact in one of her “smoking gun” videos the girls are jumping up and down on the bed and playing with a violin. As someone who grew up in the 70s/80s when it was still okay to spank your children, if you’re afraid of your father, that’s not how you act. She would further post videos of him scrolling through dating services which was likely happening while they were separated. Sorry, that doesn’t make him an abuser; that makes him a guy who wants a divorce, who was checked out of his marriage and was open to dating other women while separated. That hurts to be sure, but it ain’t a crime. All of what she said about the court system may have been true but what came across was the “Woman scorned” and she did nothing but play into that narrative sad to say.

  • Having been in to Family Court (nor as a dependent or plaintiff) I witnessed many shocking rulings , statements from the Judge . But then I reminded myself I’m only viewing a piece of a larger picture. Same as in Criminal Court , & Civil Court : we only see part of what goes on. There’s a lot we are not privy to in family & criminal court . At times I left disgust thinking shit this needs to change , I get into my car, close the door, drive away leaving my thoughts behind . I have work to get to, kids to tend to & a million other things! I went online this morning to see what’s out there in Family reform & I was surprised to see new laws & procedures have been implemented (unfortunately too late for the Kassenoff family) . There’s listings of services to contact , join to join in the fight even how , where , & the proper way to file a grievance . It’s not full proof but definitely a start ! You wouldn’t know any of that based on what’s been posted on social media! We wouldn’t know that because all that people wanted to accomplish was character assignation of the involved parties . Family Court Reform was just an excuse, a cover up to dabble in such actions! Precious months have gone by & all I have seen are old videos, Dropbox , kids medical records … Robbie Harvey & his many misleading videos the only direction given for helping in Family Court Reform was to relentlessly attack the Kasenoof case , tell you to call the DA office which is a harrowing task since it’s automated , but I didn’t see any advice or lists of organizations to contact to help with change , & new laws to protect families & their children ! That wasn’t the true agenda ! Let’s rule people up & the more I show videos the greater my profit . JusticeforCatherine wasn’t about Family Court Reform it was a platform on a mission to carry out revenge & then slowly morphing into a platform to tell your own story to vent or maybe one of the media outlets will take on your plight ! Nothing , not from this group #justiceforcatherine will achieve any change , just a lot of noice !

    • Justice for Catherine is about seeking the truth about family court. It’s not about revenge. People’s comments were diverted. The comments show how people fight back and forth about the situation. In the United States there is a war on women. Alienatiors/ gatekeeper. Take a spin around the internet. The painting of women. Toxic feminist. Trying to be their own person. Not Forced to stay in an unhealthy oppressive marriage. Children are being held hostage and ransom. Both parents found of imperfection. Yet the mother was targeted. This case is one of thousands forced into expensive litigation. The court professionals caught engaging in uneithical practice. Judges psychologist.

      • So … in Catherine’s plea for Justice aside from character assignations what steps have been taken towards court reform ?

        • Is sorry you are so upset that the details were made public. Allen and his gang have been exposed in public. The most important thing was the attorney, psychologist, and judge. The Kassonff case is not done yet. I’m sure we will see more on the matter. People are waking up about the family court system.

          • I’m just sorry her children’s medical info is floating out in the internet forever. Every friend they meet, every date they will ever have, their in-laws, future children and employers, with a few stokes on a keyboard, will know all of this horrible information. How dare she do this to her children? But big surprise, since this woman is obviously still alive and has allowed her children to suffer. Yes, it is very obvious. Anyone with the ability to read all this info on the FR, her drop box and has half a brain, knows it doesn’t take months to produce a death certificate. Poor girls and yes, poor husband who is left to deal with all the destruction and pain these children have experienced and will experience. Definitely warrior mother of the year award material.

  • Ms. Kassenoff had exchanged with her friend Cynthia Monaco to demonstrate that Ms. Kassenoff “has planned for divorce, and her bid for full custody of the children for quite some time, and plans to use [the parties’ oldest child’s] need for her approval, and her lying issues, as a weapon against [Mr. Kassenoff].” (Ex. 6 at ¶ 15)). Mr. Kassenoff further explained that “[b]ecause Catherine’s Apple ID was associated with our laptop for years, [he] was able to see her text messages. . . . It turns out that since October 2018, and perhaps earlier, she and her friend Cynthia Monaco have been planning this divorce.” (Id. at ¶¶ 15-16). Before the Court ruled on Mr. Kassenoff’s June 5, 2019 motion, the parties entered into a joint stipulation regarding interim custody of the children, which required, inter alia, that Ms. Kassenoff would be supervised whenever she was around the children. (Ex. 7).4
    Unhappy with how the text messages portrayed her, on

      • Trying to understand from what I read & not what I thought it meant. Parent Alienation as described online sounds so ridiculous & doesn’t make sense! The courts know it too why would anyone implement this? I’m not saying it applied here .. decisions should be based on facts AND evidence, & not predetermined based on a complaint!

        Gets even better: there are many elements in Family Court that gives the evaluators, forensic reports, and therapy for children that because there are no set regulations & the parents foot the bill it could bankrupt either party! Trust me, if the courts had to pay (or even the children’s lawyer the court should be paying for that like they do when people need legal aid) there would be restrictions on rates, time, what you can & can’t bill for; otherwise, it becomes a bottomless pit! Wow, just when I thought we couldn’t be any stupider … it’s all common sense!

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      The links “R” and “Regina George” posted might not be legit.

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  • file:///var/mobile/Library/SMS/Attachments/0c/12/D9DCFB57-D479-49C5-8A0D-339AEED1A0A1/IMG_1937.png

  • More lies …
    Catherine chested first that means she brought it into the house (she asked him to set up her lover – that’s sick ! Yes he should have divorced then . Maybe both being previously divorced didn’t want to feel like failures !
    Where is proof of the nanny aside from “Catherine said so?” Based on the date their first child would have just been adopted! The nanny feared Catherine & Catherine fired her instantly when she saw an email the nanny sent Allan stating she’s worried about the newborn because of certain parent techniques she found to be not consistent with child rearing !

    Regarding his current girlfriend “you can all dish it but can’t take it !” The girlfriend is not allowed to post anywhere nor read the Frank Report because this is all bullshit & just character assassination! Her extended family except for maybe one sister who is protecting her sister & if she’s reading the court documents not just what Catherine left in her Dropbox !
    Catherine & her Facebook followers brought her into this mess! False posts were spread ! The MO of attacking a person’s physical appearance & trying to get her fired while mocking her job that was all ok by everyone! Terrorizing her daughter was fair game . Unfortunately Catherine chose assisted suicide but her death doesn’t absolve of the role she played in delaying her divorce from going to trial (have any of you read her documents in her Google box) – the longer the process she would punish Allan & keep filing motions he’d be on the brink of bankruptcy! She knew she’d be ok financially as the corrupt court was often awarding her monies . She still had marital assets & Allan as the documents state was paying all the expenses, never enforced that she was required to pay child support !
    What an abusive person – or what a shmuck !
    I have gone through mounds of transcripts & there’s no evidence of cover up or corruption! Allan didn’t know Dr Abrams , Catherine chose him archer attorneys recommendation ! So many court officers bent over backwards for her! Read the documents he was trying to guide her because he wanted her reunited with her children . She’s an officer of the court & text /emails the judge in the middle of an ongoing conference ! She sent numerous emails ex parte to everyone on the case! She cries no money , doesn’t show up to get her clothes doesn’t call anyone as a common courtesy to say she wasn’t keeping the schedule court appointment instead she might have been off playing tennis tennis in Mexico . Read the dropbox documents Catherine doesn’t want the school to receive a certain report regarding the oldest daughter , she felt the school can’t control if it would stay private . That’s fair ! That’s maternal ! But then the person who violates the confidentiality of her children was their mother ! I know, as do others the personal therapeutic notes of the children because their mother unleashed them violating the order it should remain confidential worse violating her daughters !

    • No one cares. It’s over,she’s dead. You’re just hurting Allan and the girls with all this endless posting back and forth

    • I’ve read the Dropbox documents. I think many following along here, including myself, have read them and have a very different interpretation of the contents. Fair enough though that she should have done a better job protecting the girls identities.

      • You can’t just go by the Dropbox – there are many transcripts from court not included – bottom line she lost her kids bec she abused her adopted daughter & manipulated all of them ! It doesn’t really matter everyone is afraid of the truth

        • No one is afraid of the truth – there just hasn’t been any evidence presented publicly to convince me and many others that Catherine and her children should have been separated forever. Both parents were deeply flawed, neither innocent. It does not mean Allan should have been awarded sole custody. The courts took advantage of the situation because of his wealth and prolonged this for 4 years.

          • Read post above why she lost sole custody & she agreed to supervised visits bec she got caught plotting w/ her friend to use the older daughter & get her to lie about Allan abusing them ! Look in the Dropbox or court documents the adopted child says “mommy has been mean to me my entire life “ now that’s heartbreaking . She lost custody bec she posted her children’s private medical records which is illegal to begin w/
            She violated many court orders & she’s an attorney w/ the governors office she knows better

            This is from court transcripts-
            She saw nothing wrong with what she was planning to do! No one ever said she could never see her kids again

            Ms. Kassenoff had exchanged with her friend Cynthia Monaco to demonstrate that Ms. Kassenoff “has planned for divorce, and her bid for full custody of the children for quite some time, and plans to use [the parties’ oldest child’s] need for her approval, and her lying issues, as a weapon against [Mr. Kassenoff].” (Ex. 6 at ¶ 15)). Mr. Kassenoff further explained that “[b]ecause Catherine’s Apple ID was associated with our laptop for years, [he] was able to see her text messages. . . . It turns out that since October 2018, and perhaps earlier, she and her friend Cynthia Monaco have been planning this divorce.” (Id. at ¶¶ 15-16). Before the Court ruled on Mr. Kassenoff’s June 5, 2019 motion, the parties entered into a joint stipulation regarding interim custody of the children, which required, inter alia, that Ms. Kassenoff would be supervised whenever she was around the children. (Ex. 7).4
            Unhappy with how the text messages portrayed her, on

          • The courts didn’t award Allan anything bec he had more money .In fact they kept awarding her money & forcing Allan to pay everything .

            Notes from court transcripts

            Ms. Kassenoff had exchanged with her friend Cynthia Monaco to demonstrate that Ms. Kassenoff “has planned for divorce, and her bid for full custody of the children for quite some time, and plans to use [the parties’ oldest child’s] need for her approval, and her lying issues, as a weapon against [Mr. Kassenoff].” (Ex. 6 at ¶ 15)). Mr. Kassenoff further explained that “[b]ecause Catherine’s Apple ID was associated with our laptop for years, [he] was able to see her text messages. . . . It turns out that since October 2018, and perhaps earlier, she and her friend Cynthia Monaco have been planning this divorce.” (Id. at ¶¶ 15-16). Before the Court ruled on Mr. Kassenoff’s June 5, 2019 motion, the parties entered into a joint stipulation regarding interim custody of the children, which required, inter alia, that Ms. Kassenoff would be supervised whenever she was around the children. (Ex. 7).4
            Unhappy with how the text messages portrayed her, on

        • So I understand why she “literally” lost custody – the courts believed she manipulated them and was abusive to the adopted daughter. I respectfully disagree that Catherine’s alleged abuse and manipulation exceeded Allan’s own abusive behavior. Catherine fully believed Allan was abusive so there was no reason to lie about it. This was an unhappy couple – both lashing out at each other and the kids so it’s not shocking that she planned a divorce and strategized. And Catherine was distraught and likely behaved erratically at times, who wouldn’t if your whole life just came crashing down.

          Also, it’s not about whether Allan gave Catherine money but rather that the courts took advantage of the family’s wealth to keep them in fighting mode. If they were constantly at each others throats, it was just more opportunity for the friends and colleagues of the court to profit off of the Kassenoffs misery. More therapy, more lawyers, more motions, more court dates, more evaluations, etc. meant more jobs and $ for everyone. A better solution would have been mediation and therapy for everyone in the beginning. Instead we have a dead mother, three motherless children and an unemployed father. This was a big fat fail in Westchester.

    • Catherine filed divorce in 2010 along with the “proof” of infidelity. Maybe ask Allan if you can read the original paperwork. Or perhaps it’s still online somewhere.

      • OMG Who cares! They were both apparently bad at marriage, both previously divorced, both apparently screwed around, both treated their kids poorly at some points ( videotaped), and both willingly fought a war of roses in the courts. But now its over – get a life already!

        • It’s about the the court system. People want answers. If they both cheated and were bad parents at some point. Why did Allan get custody and the house? Why did the custody evaluators go after Catherine? Allan brought the other women in the house around the kids. Catherine didn’t do that. That’s the point. The judges let the flying monkey 🐒 get involved. Making the entire situation worse.

          • Because Catherine both physically and mentally abused the older daughter and Allan did not. Period.

  • Allan should have filed for divorce after he found out Catherine was cheating. He apparently never got over it. As a result infected the entire household. Allan sleeping around with the nanny directly affected the entire family. Including the kids. He moved on to using the current girlfriend and her extended family members in his war against Catherine. Catherine didn’t bring the affair into the household, Allan did. The judges ignored it. One doesn’t justify the other. These custody evaluators are employed by the court to cover shit like this up. Custody is for sale in our nations family court system.

  • What is the article suppose to be saying? Once again no proof of anything. Who cares who cheated on whom. These poor girls are suffering. If I was a child treated like the oldest girl I would have problems also. Where is proof of death? It is pretty much easily deducted from all the info here on the FR that this woman is alive somewhere. I find it very interesting that one particular “anonymous” commenter jumps right in with some really detailed info on this case. Same style of writing and same vitriol. Go figure?

  • Just checking back in after another week. Still no death certificate, huh? LMAO. I’d love to know how many online sock puppet accounts Cathy is currently using.

    • If you’re following the duck crumbs, it is as if she is communicating with us. I’m still not believing she’s dead until FR publishes a death certificate.

  • Excellent rebuttal to the slanted commentary of prior article.

    Bottom line is our family courts are money making, for profit machines where the GAL scam of best interest rules and drags families through years of tortured litigation.

    The court criminals are often given immunity to protect the trafficking racket.

    Catherine brought to the public what most refuse to consider.

    Our children are being abused for money. And power hungry people in the midst of a divorce fall prey to the scam. Their worst impulses lure them to the promise to eliminate their partner and live in peace – the state is set and the trafficking executed.

    Allan agreed to this strategy. Make no mistake. Everyone except the targeted parent is in the know. The targeted parent is up against an army who abducts their children, leaves them homeless, destroys their past and leaves no hope for a future.

  • This Catherine woman she cheated on Allan. This makes her zero and she deserve lose her kids. She betrayed his seed and he and his progeny. She is cursed.

    Allan did oust this beast from his home.
    She is gd forsaken.
    Her suicide was rightful. she did the honorable thing. But she did not even kill her beastly self honorable. She disgraced the best man she ever knew. Allan is the truest man. She is better off in hell where she shall be among her own evil.

    • Are people really that evil that they are saying suicide is right-full in these comments . Dear God what is this world coming to. Suicide is not the right answer for anyone.

      • Someone posted that the children are evil deserve to be homeless and have blood on their hands & no one seemed horrified 🙁 Yet the vile post above (which I DON’T believe anyone wrote) probably because it’s anti Catherine, draws a reaction! I’ve seen a lot posted , nothing to this degree. I wonder if both posts are planted?

  • What everybody forgets is Catherine cucked Allan. He had the right by God’s law to take the kids.

    God knows better than you do. She cheated giving her cunt to cuck Allan. He had the right to take the kids and the right to kick her dirty ass out without a dime.

      • Is it really necessary to repeat an idiots comment ? Don’t stoop to their level ! I didn’t understand the original comment & don’t care to understand yours ! The Frank Report should remove both comments

          • The vulgar post above is probably planted to rile people up & make pro Catherine followers look vicious & unstable . This platform is not a study on the mentality of posters rather how to create family court reform! ! Posts like this accomplish nothing just the opposite! We get tangled in bullshit instead of the core! You sound mental as you delight in such a comment! If you’re not interested in facts & helping keep your primitive thoughts to yourself!

    • When post start attacking the children we hit a real low

      Vulgar comments below is inappropriate & adds no value
      It only shows the longer this plays out in social media we will be sinking to new levels

      I personally think if comments are being monitored , this comment serves no purpose & should be removed !

  • Thank you for writing this piece. This whole family was destroyed – legally. We have an absolute crisis in the American Family Court system. Our children are being destroyed. It would be refreshing if one judge would actually put the children first. Pedophiles are treated better in our American legal system. They are given a lawyer (for free) and evidence must be viewed and taking into consideration when a judge or jury decides their fate. Pedophiles and all criminals get to court within 12-18 months. But divorce can last forever! Our only crime – falling out of love.,, and for that we are terrorized and tortured daily by divorce attorneys – stripped of our 14th Amendment rights “equal protection under the law.”

    Dr. Alfred Kinsey went to all 50 states in the United States and convinced all 50 senators that Family Court should decide crimes within the family. Family court does not follow the constitution of the United States of America, while conducting big business…. a 50 billion dollar a year business in the United States of America.

    • “Dr. Alfred Kinsey went to all 50 states in the United States and convinced all 50 senators that Family Court should decide crimes within the family.“

      Did he actually go to all 50 states to speak with each senator (about 100 federal or the state senators) — or was that just a figure of speech? Can you please cite your source if you’re saying Kinsey really did that?

  • These explanations make sense and seem to better reflect the complexity of the matters at hand here. There is at least some concession here that this you have two flawed individuals (as we are all “flawed”) and it’s not this neat clean oppressor vs. victim narrative. In my post about knowing Catherine and her brothers as a child the intent was for it to be a response not an independent article (although I get why it might have offered another angle to this story and I was okay with it being posted anonymously). For the record, when I suggested that there seemed to be “mental health issues”, please note that PTSD, depression, post partum depression etc. also fall under fall under that umbrella. I can imagine being a victim of verbal/domestic abuse can in fact have an effect on your “mental health” and I’m not diagnosing her nor am I suggesting that the assessment of her by Marc Abrams or Carol Most or any of the other members of this “coordinated Cabal” was in fact a fair or accurate one. But here’s the other part of this that strikes me as illogical, if this system is so corrupt and armed against mothers, how would anyone not understand how posting videos of your children without their identities concealed and attacking and hurling accusations at his girlfriend publicly online could NOT have been spun in a way that wasn’t in her favor? Really? That doesn’t mean is that I don’t have sympathy, that I can’t understand and it doesn’t even mean I wouldn’t potentially do the same thing if I were in Catherine’s shoes, I don’t know that. Never the less, you could tell what may have come across. What also came across was that her legion of female warriors who would resort of petty insults about someone’s appearance, whether they were “childless” and or even their pets weren’t exactly helping her either and were lending the furthest thing from credibility to this issue. What is without dispute is that while she was alive, the circumstances of her case didn’t seem to be improving and her ability to interact with her children was getting restricted even further. Is it really beyond the pale given this nefarious organized system where the cards are stacked against loving mothers to understand that spin? It doesn’t have to be “right”, “right” has nothing to do with it. I’m also going to take a stab in the dark and suggest that in this system that is so notorious for this corruption, there are attorneys (male or female) who have dedicated their careers to fighting for mothers (or parents) and that perhaps their guidance was that posting these videos on social media wasn’t the way to go. I don’t know, perhaps that’s why by other’s accounts she went through so many of them. There’s a lot of all or nothing (you’re 100% with me or against me) thinking that seems to surround this case.

    As to “who am I” to have an opinion on this and to offer myself up as someone who might have an important point of view, my response is…..“and you are?”…..Who are any of you? Did you know her intimately? Were you omniscient and privy to all the back and forth? Or were you someone who only knows what you saw on Tik Tok or the New York Post and watched videos of Allan acting like a complete monster with no other context. I don’t mention this as a vindication in any way of Allan – quite the contrary – stressed father or not there was ZERO excuse for him to speak to Catherine the way he did. His abuse was vicious. Who are any of us but people who witnessed a course of events and formed an impression? Who I am is someone who has seen this all unfold online prior to it gaining national coverage and who may be paying more attention because oh I don’t know, I used to sit next to her brother in class. Is that weird? When something rises to this level and you knew the parties at some point, it tends to grab your attention. I’m also someone who while I have not had children has been a child and one that was a product of a contentious divorce. Where some of my viewpoints come from is knowing the pain and embarrassment of having details of your parents divorce played out publicly as a child. I’m someone who knows that as a child you probably wouldn’t want to be called “weird’ and reminded over and over that your father called you a “fucking retard” nor would it have been particularly good for your mental health were there cell phones around during that time and your parents seemed consumed with recording each other at their worst moments. I don’t claim that my opinion is of consequence, rather it’s one that doesn’t tow this razor thin lined narrative of her most ardent “supporters”. They seem to view any dissent as a complete annihilation of her character and or detracting from the notion that there’s a corrupted family court system. Not all concepts are mutually exclusive.

    • Why should her attacking his girlfriend be a factor in custody ? Nothing in my opinion .Doesn’t mean she can’t be a good parent . Ridiculous . HIs girlfriend and her sister have been attacking Catherine on social media . Why didn’t Allan tell them to stop . ?

      • The girlfriend is a flying monkey 🐒. She got herself involved. She should have stayed out of it.

          • Just following along like everyone else. Calling it out cause it unfortunately helped get the case to were it went. Maybe the monkey 🐒 should have remorse. There are not your children. You should have kept out of the middle of it.

      • It wasn’t the attacks against his girlfriend that was the problem . It was part of her need to not alienate the father . However, it stated somewhere that their visits were always trying to get them to bad mouth their father . Catherine posted on Facebook that the girlfriend moved in when the children told her it was not true . Same with stating the girlfriend was wearing her clothes ! So I guess asking your kids questions to alienate them from their father & posting false claims comes across in court that your visits with your children was about extracting information about their father to use against him in court !
        People will think what they want ! Anytime there’s an anti Catherine post or pro Allan people ridicule & post Hi Allan , is this the girlfriend , some people are now starting to post Hi Robbie Harvey stop posting to try to deflect all eyes on you for your deceit . Wouldn’t shock me if her sister would attack Catherine . She’s protecting her sister from libel. It’s not ok to attack Catherine who set the stage for no rules or boundaries ! If it were my sister or family member I probably would punch back harder

        • If either pro Allan or pro Catherine posters had any decency at all they’d consider that there are innocent children involved and at this point stop endlessly going back and forth and just give this family some privacy to recover. And that applies double to Robbie Harvey and Frank Report. What happened to family court reform? not enough clicks in that?

        • Now blame the girlfriend is to blame . The girlfriend who met Allan when custody was already decided! We I haven’t seen anyone hold Catherine accountable for ANYTHING ! Allan wasn’t perfect & has a lot of self reflecting to do . & I’m sure it will be hard navigating his children to mourn their mother while they are being Scrutinize . His choice not ours! But we all know better ! We who read 3,000 motions to the hearings & some are sealed ! We who believe everything Catherine picked through to leave in her drop box ! Some documents of the girls proved nothing & was an act trying to smear Allan at the cost of now having her daughters whose life as all us of have gone through were one young & faced many social peer challenges! , gd willing they will
          go onto high school , sleeping away camps, go to college , date & even marry ! Many changes except the internet where anyone can read up on them! I read many , it’s a long reading more than 47 pages Robbie Harvey complains how it was such hard work – 47 pages of not even being able to report events in chronological order! How is that possible . Bec that would’ve taken time & weeks of digging through files ! He wanted the quick buck & Catherine’s followers were lazy & depended on Robbie Harvey , the Frank Report , & Ms Magazine for information, never once giving both the benefit of the doubt ! They were told only Allan was wrong & let’s set out to destroy him! This case was & is not black & white. Many claims Robbie Harvey posts are blatantly false & court filings don’t back them up! MAYBE WE ALL NEED TO REFLECT

          • How was Catherine never held accountable? She had her children stolen from her for years! How long do you think a women should be punished for being imperfect? How long do you think a parents god given parental rights should be stomped bc she fought with her ex? The issue isn’t that each was imperfect. The issue is that only the mother was punished severely in the form of having her children ripped out of her life. That’s the kind of horror faced in wartime and it’s happened to parents in family court daily. that is the story.

          • Losing your children is terrible – I had foster children ! And sometimes you think you make the right decision & it turn out wrong ! We fought for the mother to regain custody of her children ! The baby died & we all felt guilty for a long time . She lost her kids again bec she violated court orders, scheduled appointments .
            Catherine unfortunately lost custody of her children bec as an officer of the court she violated many orders & some for no reason. She sent exparte communications to the judge & others , but it didn’t stop there . Her emails became threatening ! If you read the transcripts the Judge was so nice to her , telling he wants to reunite her w/ her girls so stop denigrating him to the girls (parent alienation) – I wonder had she faced consequences & wasn’t able to keep delaying the courts by not showing up to scheduled visits & that means the court needs to reconvene & a new court order had to be issued . Maybe if there was a cap on how many motions you can file… I’m not an advocate of the courts ! The kids medical records don’t belong online ! Court transcripts discussing them do not belong online . The children begged to have her take them down & the Judge told her if you don’t remove them don’t think it won’t play a role in custody ! But she was willing to sacrifice her girls knowing these medical records hurt them & she knew it was wrong . When you’re done on a recorded Zoom call & are aware it’s recorded -do you not think they are going to translate whatever you said to the children in French ! She told them to run to the police station & report their father abuses them ! Everyone was afraid of her even her kids . Everyone got what they wanted she claims she can’t go through terminal cancer again , now she’s at peace , Allan lost his livelihood which is what everyone not involved in the case wanted . It will be a tremendous impact on the girls, the girls who everyone worried about ! Those tapes were over 7 years old .- why isn’t that noted ! I now care about the girls & everyone else can go fuck themselves (many no disrespect to you ) . Facebook is scary & the bullies came out in full force ! They’re no better than Allan

          • Posting Amanda’s comments with the hope that all will reflect on her comments twice.

            “Amanda Clouser
            July 20, 2023 at 3:17 pm

            How was Catherine never held accountable? She had her children stolen from her for years! How long do you think a women should be punished for being imperfect? How long do you think a parents god given parental rights should be stomped bc she fought with her ex? The issue isn’t that each was imperfect. The issue is that only the mother was punished severely in the form of having her children ripped out of her life. That’s the kind of horror faced in wartime and it’s happened to parents in family court daily. that is the story.“

      • Okay, again, I am NOT agreeing with the courts and I am also not suggesting anything other than if you have this toxic court system that is hell bent on discrediting women and you’re already at a disadvantage, that’s not a good look. Allan’s angle with those posts was likely “a woman scorned” where she’s presented as emotionally unstable, playing these things out publicly on social media probably etc. I did not see the public statements of his girlfriend about Catherine but I did see her cheerleading posts towards a guy who was captured on camera calling his wife “a fat loser”. Never the less, I believe you. How a woman doesn’t recognize that if a man is capable of talking to a woman like that in front of her children that that is entirely within his repetoire of behavior (and he will do it to you) is beyond me. He probably didn’t say anything to her because he’s a narcissistic manipulative man child that let’s women do his bidding for him. At no point have I ever suggested that this man was a fit parent or a good human being.

        • Facts? Regina Regina do have court documents to back up your statement that the so called “toxic court” was discriminating against women, or in this case “the mother”
          Do you have facts or proof that Allan was the only one to make disparaging comments to Allan – I think all the videos are disparaging to both. She let some go viral after her death so she wouldn’t have to face the consequences she caused or face documents proving time & again, the judge tried to bend over backwards towards her while Allan’s cries to the judge “you’re killing me your honor, you’re bankrupting me “went unheard! Doesn’t sound like to me this Judge was bought neither corrupt. Catherine, as an officer of the court, a litigator knew the system & how to play it. She got too comfortable defying court orders, getting caught in lies, her house of cards started to fall on her! What do you think happens when you defy each order thinking you’re smarter than everyone & that your girls were young & would crack & tell the truth!

          The Zoom calls were recorded, she probably thought talking at one point to the girls in French nobody would understand what she said! What she didn’t expect that the recording would be translated to English & show she’s the one encouraging her daughters to go to the police & complain about their father abusing them! Once again CPS called & abuse is unfounded & no marks are on the children!

          Not justifying Allan’s actions, I would be more inclined to judge him had there been daily videos. These videos she calmly sets him up in her passive aggressive language knowing it’s a toxic situation & what his trigger points are! She did a nice job! No one ever said she wasn’t smart! I see women posting mounds of videos against their spouses & guess what all yelling in front of their kids, all are using their kids as pawns! How many fight behind closed doors thinking they’re hiding anything from their kids?!?

          Now, if a man can be judged calling his wife a fat loser (when she’s thin) & mother can state her daughter has no empathy, & tell them their father is a loser & grill them for information that she reports falsely what was told to her & she has no answer when confronted! There were no boundaries on either side. After reading many motions, this divorce went on for 4 years because that’s how Catherine steered it! She filed motion after motion, didn’t always adhere to an order so the courts had to convene again each time to discuss a new order. Her supporter writes about Ex Parte, she’s an attorney, she has an attorney, the judge was mortified when during a hearing she emailed him! Did she not think that would upset the Judge? Aside from the fact she emailed him daily ex parte communications! And this judge was doing everything to help her regain more visitations, more unsupervised visits, & she didn’t care! The court instead of allowing this to keep on going & of her suing and filing grievances against everyone & threatening them, even Allan & his attorneys were sued for grievances. The court should have told her you can sue after the divorce! But that would defeat her cause of wanting disparage Allan & bankrupt him! The longer this went on she knew she was bankrupting him. She had to pay very little out of pocket, she lived rent free in the home they were selling in New Rochelle. The tenant conveniently vacated. He was such a bad guy he never went after her for child support, which she was required to pay. The courts awarded her numerous times large sums of money, she’s working, as the judge stated had she wanted to, she could have rented an apartment, she chose not to (the living out of the car never happened maybe one night! She, by the corrupt judge was awarded the right to live in their beautiful home in New Rochelle, there’s no longer money coming in from a tenant and the judge rules Allan must continue to pay the mortgage on both homes, the taxes , expenses – that doesn’t sound like a corrupt judge against Catherine & if Allan was paying off the judge (w/ what money) he would have sided w/ Allan . & if he didn’t, then Allan wasted his money buying him off because it NEVER happened

          • So the thing is, I don’t necessarily disagree with you and I think my overall point is because I have never been through the family court system, I have don’t have any reason to doubt her claims. But I’m also vindicating no one in this. I think I stated in my original post that things seemed “off” with her postings and that there was a certain amount of minipulation that left me unsettled. But I also concede that I don’t know what it’s like to have my children taken away from me. As for Allan, as I said in my article, I hope he is contrite. In the videos I have seen while you could gather some of Catherine’s manipulation you also saw a tempermenatl man child who resorted to verbal abuse of his spouse in front of his chldren. There really is no excuse for him to have said the things that he did to her in front of those girls. Does that make him an irredeemable human? Only if he is incapable of seeing how wrong that behavior was.

        • What she didn’t release were tapes of her calling him a loser in front of her kids – look at the video where she sends them in to bother him while he’s taking a shower ! Of course he got annoyed . She do didn’t deserve custody she was ordered by the court to stop posting her kids begged her to stop she had to air everything out publicly even her own children’s medical records! Read the transcripts in the Dropbox she manipulated her children to go to the police saying the father abuses them she pays for a cab to have her eldest who is adopted & it stated in the transcripts her say mommy has been mean to me my whole life!- she has her runaway from school to come to her & says she came here bec she wants to live w/ me ! Too many stories to tell . From a 7 year old video people followed the herd mentality destroyed his life . Meanwhile the past three years the girls chose to live w/ him ! He does everything for them they love him they didn’t fear him rather their mother . It’s sad to say that bec she allegedly passed away -the truth can hurt as does finding out your mothers is planning on assisted suicide through Facebook no personal good bye nothing ! They found out the same way strangers did

  • Thanks, Liz.

    Would you happen to know if and when any feds anywhere plan to investigate Marc Abrams’ fraud on the court?

    Also, do any FR readers happen to know whether or not Marc Abrams is related in some way to former New York Attorney General Robert Abrams?

    Bob’s a good guy and was the first AG who went after Keith Raniere’s first multi-level marketing project called, “Consumers’ Buyline, Inc.” He must have been horrified to see the monster “The Vanguard” eventually became after the other AG’s who followed after Bob let Raniere run wild.

    If former AG Abrams isn’t relate to the Marc Abrams exploiting families and children in Westchester County family courts, maybe Bob would be willing to help tackle the corruption in Westchester County family courts the same way he helped tackle crimes when he was New York State AG.

  • I would write my name but I see how out of control people can become & they don’t just don’t have tantrums they spew death threats says:

    I guess we are still not working towards Family Court child reform. We (myself included) all feel the need to get the last word in . So to address your bullet points , which his hard because facts are pulled out of sequence.
    1: Allan & Catherine if you listen to other audios both aired their dirty laundry in front of their children . Unfortunately, many parents do , so I wool assume it’s worse while the marriage is breaking down .
    Emails shared between Wayne Baxter (Catherine’s friend & now estate attorney) & Allan (he thought as her good friend Wayne could help him figure out what was going) showing him emails (I won’t get into their content) bet Catherine & an ex married lover . Wayne responded she probably did that to hurt you ! And something to the effect your a better man than I would’ve been . The year dated was 2009 three or four years after they were married . So Allan telling Catherine to go back to her boyfriend was much later! Makes you wonder why so many years later us he’s yelling this – you can draw your own conclusions

    2 & 5 the Nannie’s View
    Your response exposed a lot of the underlying problems & why people can’t comprehend how/why Allan was given sole custody of the girls . You make a statement
    Although I will give some credit to the nanny’s account that Catherine treated the adopted daughter differently than the two other girls, she had well documented accounts of lying and stealing.
    Everyone seems so flippant on the fact (regardless of the circumstances) that “hey Catherine treated her differently because she lied & steals sweets (my niece steels sweets I still wouldn’t wake her up late at night to discuss it , which it wasn’t being discussed she was raging at her ! A person wrote
    crazy things excusing Catherine’s behavior bec she is never wrong how Christians raise their voices to discipline kids ! That was in the days when my father was going to school & the teacher smacked the ruler on a child’s hand as discipline . This was proven to accomplish nothing but resentment! I have watched how many Russian’s speak to their children it’s a soft whisper . I thought that was crazy until I put my son in a program before school started so he can release his energy there instead of at school! I was amazed how the instructor as kids running all over, in an instance was able to get them to stop & stand in their place . He didn’t yell , shout , or blow a whistle- He WHISPERED & they heard him . These were all children with discipline problems ! Did anyone ever ask/wonder why the oldest lied stole (snuck) chocolate & sweets to fill her emotional needs ? Maybe the lying & stealing was a child’s cry for help to be loved like her two younger siblings . This wasn’t an isolated incident, it was constant ! It was Catherine & through encouragement the younger girls to follow suit it was the three of them vs her . From Catherine picking them up from school & taking them out , to the Nanny picking up the oldest & driving her straight home! I feel sick knowing certain things & how she was punished to just blame it on the child , absolving the mother ! Having the younger two sleep w/ her in bed while leaving the oldest out to then come in the morning to make a bed she didn’t sleep him! She needs chores after all she’s a child like many other kids who when feeling threatened lie. This was a child screaming for help & yes the corrupt court (I am not saying by far that they are perfect) heard her screams & removed the mother from the house bec had this continued the damage to the child would be beyond repair ! When she documented the oldest child’s behavior did she also document the outrageous ways she punished this child . On another note why would Catherine post her children private medical records private dr sessions? Aside from it being illegal she was a non consenting minor . All 3 of them asked Catherine to rid her Facebook page (that she was advised from the courts to stop posting about the children, she was Catherine & cont to post bec she could do no wrong & spin the story to have pple believe that at the expense of her children the end justifies the means ! And now everyone knows the oldest private matters & the mother wonders why she acts out ? I was someplace at a party the oldest girl was there wearing a cool sweatshirt ! Another girl said “ wow did you get that for Christmas for & she responded “Catherine bought it for me for Christmas . I know she’s using me hoping to get me to do stuff for her , I’m using her the same ! I went to her a bit on Christmas knowing if I came she had the sweatshirt & I now have this sweatshirt that everyone else has !” Maybe she was a liar , maybe not but she was one intuitive kid . If you listen carefully to the video , that we shouldn’t be privy to , when Allan sticks up for the oldest Catherine shuns him in front of the child stating what are you now her BFF & that’s where she really goes off course & her abhorrent she had for Allan trying to calm the situation & the child she starts coming after the two of them ! I don’t believe he was trying to undermine her bec I think he said we can discuss it in the morning . It was late , the child is hysterical she’s the one who was sleep deprived . It wasn’t the first time the child was woken up to do something for Catherine . And Catherine knew the oldest child seeks attention from her & used that need & her tendency to lie to tell her friend Cynthia she will be able to get her to lie about the father abusing her ! Why are you involving your already damaged child . Well hey according to your theory she lied stole let’s make her the sacrificing lamb!

    3: Define abusive ? CPS stated accusations of abuse against the father was unfounded . The videos they both were verbally out of control that is bad behavior on both parties & bad parenting skills but it doesn’t fall under abuse in the eyes of the court (start screaming corruption – remember both parties were guilty, even Catherine

    4: She had little help from her spouse she had Nanny’s housekeepers & yes maybe she was post parting which was not as understood as it is today ! Allan says to her you’re always saying you want a divorce if that’s what you want but don’t want to file I will file ! No I didn’t say I wanted a divorce but I will give in whatever you want ! I gather nothing was filed bec in the videos the youngest is no longer an infant! Maybe in 2009 when Catherine sent her emails , they had no children maybe divorcing should have been considered

    6: The Nannie’s accounts were both damaging to Catherine . They lived it

    7 & 8 Ex parte is an emergency hearing when something needs to be dealt w/ immediately. The judge only makes a temporary decision & there is a hearing . They had a 10 day hearing both presenting their evidence ! I believe Catherine agreed to supervised visits bec she knew the evidence against her was damming . It was only supposed to be a limited time , but Catherine displaying actions to alienate the father from their lives , having her children lie . She used Charley’s email account more than once & one time was really bad ! And that’s when the judge saw how she might care about her kids but her actions show she cares more to seek revenge on her husband & it causes her to manipulate her children & not even understand the consequences. She abused any time she had with her kids . They even started to feel something wasn’t right & the resentment began to build

    9 Ironically , Catherine chose Dr Abrams bec he was buddies with her attorney ! I believe the decision of custody in the end wasn’t based on reports rather where would the oldest child be safe ! Their obligation was to her & the other children

    10: I read the court ruling by both judges . They might have related Dr Abrams observations , but the rulings seemed based on evidence presented nothing to do w/ Dr Abrams rather the treatment of the oldest as priority & the 2 youngest

    11: Judge Koba states that this lawsuit in front of her was already filed & motion was dismissed . The law is the law & it didn’t look like she presented any new evidence . Which might have been something her lawyer should have advised her to do! But I don’t believe you are correct here

    Not every motion filed in court only went Allan’s way . The notion he bought off officers of the court is ridiculous bec he was ordered to pay her over a half a million dollars to aid her w/ her lawyers fee . He was ordered in the beginning to pay more for the evaluators or supervisors but then people were saying he was getting his way bec he paid more so it was agreed to then become 50:59 split

    Katherine had supervised visits in her place & at one point the supervisor said she couldn’t control Catherine’s behavior from constantly making disparaging remarks about the father . She no longer wanted to be the supervisor. It was agreed that Catherine would find the next supervisor, it took her 10 months I find that odd . She chose someone where the drive was far (I’m sure she felt this supervisor would be on her side Which in the beginning she was & I believe Allan was shocked at the final report! If you make your kids drive far each direction to see you they will be cranky annoyed & rather be with their friends . These visits weren’t about the children rather it was inquiring about their father & hoping to gather information to use against him . The audio of the middle child sums it up ! She had enough she knows she didn’t write those emails ! The supervisor tried to sway her saying you don’t really feel that way about your mother

    15 : Catherine was an attorney she knew how to avoid service . Her arrest that was thrown out was based on a technicality of service not merit . How many times did Catherine have CPS called on Allan only for it to be unfounded ! How many times did she call or email his place of work to have him fired ?

    15 until the end
    Might not be in order
    Suicide is painful & knowing that why did Catherine not prepare her daughters or have them told by a grief counselor afterwards & post her suicide on Facebook (bec that’s where she felt loved, supported, & I. Control . Why would any mother leave their children w/ a man they felt was abusive , and why would any mother post her suicide on Facebook for her children to find out just like everyone else & then be under tremendous scrutiny . I have friends men & female who lost their kids are frustrated one hasn’t seen his kids for over 18 years and the entire time was still required to pay child support , he still pines for the day he will see them . I don’t buy her excuse for her public display of her suicide – all she accomplished was for Allan to lose his job , everyone isn’t talking or meeting about court report rather they get off Watchung the videos & posting their opinions as if they are the law . First they attacked Allan , his supporters
    Now what’s horrifying they are attacking the girls , so much for all those posts we worry about the girls or influencers crying when speaking & worried for them – to post that the girls are evil , have blood on their hands , referring to one as bonkers then mocking her where did any energies go into court reform? They didn’t! Instead it became a platform for many to share their stories hoping the Robbie Harvey’s will come & post their story, it’s not only about JusticeforCatherine and court reform screw that shit I rather put my 2 cents in on a family I never met had nothing to do with .
    What’s even scarier is that nobody as they call it Pro Catherine was outrage by these comments targeted at young children ! And these are the people who want court reform . Catherine you did good you placed their story out there including medical history now everyone’s the perfect mother to place judgement & viciously attack her daughters . No this is not love this is sickness ! And thank gd she didn’t like many do to punish their ex take her kids w/ her .

    Allan did not bec a better parent from the videos posted ! In the years that the girls lived w/ him it was chaotic in the beginning , but bec like the nanny stated the house was calm peaceful , the dynamics bet the girls changed . They were able to make friends & they began to thrive. Their only set backs were after visits w/ Catherine or after zoom calls bec any time they were w/ her she made it about the father , when it should have been about them ! Once again blame others around you instead of having Catherine take accountability ! The courts did t ruin her relationship with her daughters she did , when she took her eye off the prize – bec that’s not what she really wanted & her whole public display of wanting to be a martyr for the cause cost her everything !

    My heart aches for her that everyone was her echo & now her parrot instead of giving her better guidance
    And her children who were not able to mourn their mother on their terms bec the Court of Public Opinion attacked them & their mourning wasn’t as important as destroying their father !

  • There is and continues to be a financial vested interest from the government in family law cases. The fatherhood initiative. It’s funding several of not all the agencies involved in court. Including domestic violence agencies. The term material gatekeeper is a less aggressive term tossed out by the advertising branch of the government supported billion dollar project. Aimed at the country. The term maternal gatekeeper is specially targeted at women. Mother’s who are protective over their children. The statements are targeted at all women spinning a negative aspect on a motherly instinct and a right to have a say in the well being of their children. Men’s rights groups also tossing billions of dollars into the arena through legal contributions stacking the deck. A majority of the court training is almost exclusively targeted at parental alienation. A more aggressive term. Which is not supported by any credible leading organization governing the mental health industry. Being the question as why the entire court system is built around it. Billions of dollars invested in waging the war on women predominantly. Father’s rights attorney yelling and screaming toxic feminist. Women trying to gain independence from the government focus on marriage to establish financial strength for the country. The institution of marriage is an old school notion that is something worth promoting. However, people in todays society don’t appear to be capable of doing the work. Infidelity is absolutely a cancer in many marriages. Is often at the heart of the fracture of a marriage. A breach of most agreements of the vows. It alone is not grounds for child custody. When you bring your affair partner or no love interest in quickly it’s not in the best interest of children. The AFCC has jumped on the financial bandwagon of the fatherhood initiative. Using parental alienation to extort large amounts of money from the parents. Turning the court system into a giant mess. Weather you are team Catherine or team Allan the billion dollar government funded fatherhood initiative is creating gender bias in the court. Is prioritizing fatherhood over motherhood. Is creating a real mess in family court. Leading to the abuse of children and in some cases harms way. There is absolutely no focus on cleaning up parenting for either gender. The reunification therapy is ordered to change the child perspective on poor parenting way to often. Turning the children against the other parent. Curdisy of the AFCC. Our court system is broken and needs a complete over haul. Driven by money. Creating gender bias in family court. This case is a prime example.

    • Melissa Issac. Licensed family law attorney in Alabama and Florida. Florida has been a safe state for DV victims with children to get divorced in. Recently 21.1 million dollars has been given to Florida for the fatherhood initiative. Melissa Issac has served in the military. The fatherhood initiative has a specific program for military fathers. Melissa has many very unprofessional posts on her law firms FB web site. She is all over the internet yelling about toxic feminist. She has the right to freedom of speech. However many posts are unprofessional. Neither the bar associations or military seem to be bothered by the deflimation of character targeted at women. Just an observation and more facts to question about what is really happening in America with the family court system. A look at the players in the game.

      • Make women great again. For $1999. Or $999. Early bird special. Melissa Issac can explain how to keep your wife under control. Seperate bank accounts . Keeping her dependent on you for money. To hide assests. If anyone is domestic abuse survivor they are a bad woman. Some how she deserved to be treated that way. The list goes on and on. Watch the videos for your self. Guys, Melissa is profiting greatly off the divorce industry. Don’t let her fool you. If she is not billing you enough for her legal services. You can also get raped even further in the “make women great again seminar”. Cashing in on the industry.

        • A healthy start. Father’s rights groups have invaded the state of Florida. Bias federal funding to flip the family court system.

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