Reportedly Ailing Nancy Salzman to Leave Prison on September 7; Judge Garaufis to Monitor Health for Possible Immediate Release – Depending on MRI Results

Nancy Salzman prior to her sentencing in 2021

Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis held a hearing today on the status of Nancy Salzman’s health – in response to her lawyer’s motion for a sentence reduction to accommodate Salzman’s emergent health matters.

Salzman’s attorneys asked the judge to shorten her sentence to provide for her immediate release from prison.

Salzman, 68, appeared by telephone from FCI Hazelton in West Virginia.

An assistant US Attorney for the Eastern District of New York and Salzman’s attorney, believed to be Robert A. Soloway of  Rothman Schneider Soloway and Stern LLP was present in the courtroom.

Appearing remotely by telephone or video conference were Giancarlo Martinez, an attorney for the Bureau of Prisons (BOP); Phillip Boch Jr., the Acting Director of Health Services Administration at Hazelton, and Dr. Gregory S. Mims II, the Clinical Director at Hazelton.

Martinez told Judge Garaufis that Salzman is scheduled for an MRI within the next 30 days.

An MRI [Magnetic Resonance Imaging] aids physicians to diagnose and monitor various medical conditions, including tumors, injuries, infections, and diseases affecting the brain, spine, joints, and other parts of the body.

Salzman had breast cancer, first diagnosed in 2017. She announced her diagnosis at the final Vanguard Week in August 2017.

Nancy Salzman with Sara Bronfman at V-Week 2017….

The DOJ filed an indictment against her in July 2018. Several months later, during her prosecution, she was excused from status conferences due to illness.

In the fall of 2018, Salzman reportedly had a double radical mastectomy.

Salzman, the president of NXIVM, and known to followers as the Prefect, was the first to take a plea deal among the six defendants charged in the NXIVM case.

At her sentencing. she repudiated Keith Raniere, and Judge Garaufis sentenced her to 42 months. She entered FCI Hazelton on February 21, 2022.

The BOP currently lists her release date as July 17, 2024 – one year from today.

In May, Salzman’s lawyers requested the judge release Salzman due to illness, and claimed the BOP denied her “necessary medical care.”

They provided the judge with a “description and analysis of Ms. Salzman’s prior medical history, current medical status, medical records, and expert opinions, including exhibits,” which were filed under seal.

In the hearing today, the BOP told Judge Garaufis that Salzman is scheduled for release on September 7, 2023, to either a Residential Reentry Center [halfway house] or home confinement under the federal First Step Act.

The BOP admitted the September 7 date may change.

Uncomfortable with that answer, Judge Garaufis directed the US Attorney or the BOP to provide him with a “definitive statement” whether Salzman will be released on September 7 and whether she will be sent to home confinement or a Residential Reentry Center.

Showing concern for Salzman’s proper medical treatment, and to help him determine if he should intervene by reducing her sentence, Judge Garaufis directed the BOP or the DOJ to inform him if the BOP does not arrange for Salzman to get an MRI within 30 days.

Typically, when MRIs are indicated, especially in cases of suspected serious and life-threatening illness, they are scheduled and performed without delay.

In addition, Judge Garaufis directed the BOP or the DOJ to advise him of the MRI results as soon as the results have been read and reported to the BOP.

Judge Garaufis has the authority to reduce her sentence and consequently authorize her immediate release.

He scheduled a status conference on Salzman’s health on September 6, 2023 at 3:30 p.m. in his courtroom.

What this appears to mean is as follows:

Salzman is, or reported she is, ill to the prison doctor. She may have a return of cancer.

The BOP physician at Hazelton prescribed an MRI. The prison approved her leave from prison – under guard, handcuffed and shackled – to get an MRI, on a date uncertain, but, as they told the judge, sometime in the next 30 days.

The judge has not decided to shorten her sentence, since the BOP has indicated she may be released in 52 days. His decision might be influenced by the results of the MRI and whether Salzman will be allowed to go home or to a halfway house.

In short, Judge Garaufis is monitoring Salzman’s health condition and appears ready to intervene if he feels it necessary to expedite her release to get proper medical care.

His order directing the BOP to inform him if Salzman does not get an MRI within 30 days suggests he will intervene if there is a delay.

Whether Salzman goes to a halfway house – as would be likely if she was not ill – or home confinement – may depend on the results of her MRI.

The six NXIVM defendants, Upper Row: Kathy Russell, Keith Raniere, Nancy Salzman, LowerAllison Mack, Lauren Salzman, Clare Bronfman…..

Judge Garaufis sentenced six NXIVM defendants – five of whom took plea deals. He sentenced Kathy Russell and Lauren Salzman to probation. He sentenced Allison Mack to 36 months – she served 22 months. The BOP released her from FCI Dublin on July 3.

The judge, citing her continued loyalty to Keith Raniere, sentenced Clare Bronfman to 81 months – triple the sentencing guidelines for her offenses. The BOP assigned her to the Philadelphia Detention Center. Bronfman is scheduled for release June 29, 2025 – slightly less than two years from now.

The judge sentenced Keith Raniere to 120 years. His release date is June 27, 2120. The former Vanguard of NXIVM will be 160 years, 4 months, and 5 days old if he serves his entire term.

Following his release, Judge Garaufis sentenced Raniere to five years probation, during which he may not associate with any of his NXIVM acolytes or devotees.

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    • Many criminals in jail have chronic or life threatening diseases and illnesses. If you let Nancy out, you have to let thousands of others out too. And if not, and I was incarcerated with an illness, I would appeal to get out of jail too!!! This will set a very bad precedent.

      • It’s not a prevent setting scenario. The BOP can be found to be negligent in holding someone from lifesaving treatment. Many people have stable and chronic conditions and cancers that do not require further diagnosis or treatment. There are laws to protect us when a life is reasonably found to be in danger of death without prompt and effective treatment. As the judge said, she wasn’t given a death sentence. Every situation is different and the article also says there were expert opinion reports that evaluated the case and records. It’s not a one size fits all. This may actually be a much worse punishment so no need to be disappointed.

  • On top of all the other suspicios details in HBO’s The Vow how could Nancy Salzman work beside both of them and still not know her daughter was having sex with ‘Vanguard’ for FIVE (5) years?

  • Imagine having this woman as your ethical “mentor”. You’d likely turn into an excuse-making, time-wasting moral imbecile.

  • She’s an old gal.
    She’s paid her dues.
    Let her out. Let her be with her family.
    They’ve got their pound of flesh from her.

    • Two years for 20 years of brainwashing and destroying people at Keith’s request? Do you honestly think she’s had enough? I hope every single day she spent in that cell, she thought of Daniella who served 2 years imprisoned in a room for kissing a boy. I hope every time a guard brings her food, she sees her daughter’s face, as Daniella did when her guard, Lauren, brought her food and water. At least Nancy was allowed phone calls and visits. Daniella wasn’t.

      At least Nancy was given a real trial and deserves to be there–and she knows that. In addition to Daniella, what about the hundreds of women and men Nancy tore to shreds every time they started questioning what was happening around them? Nancy still has a LOT to atone for. When she gets out of prison, both she and her daughter Lauren need to rip the lid off all the rot Keith created and was involved in.

        • You have her surnames confused. Myers is her married name. She’s Michelle Salzman Myers. And what exactly did she do that she should have been hauled in also? Seriously, inquiring minds want to know

  • Hola, soy un periodista local en México. Mi nombre es Liborio Méndez, actualmente vivo y desempeño mi labor en la zona sur del estado mexicano Tamaulipas. Mi empresa informativa El Citadino se dedica a investigar casos que tienen que ver con nuestro entorno.

    He llegado a su sitio web y página de Facebook después de leer el libro “NXIUM : LA SECTA QUE SEDUJO AL PODER EN MÉXICO” de Juan Alberto Vázquez y me ha parecido revelador, sobre todo porque hay mexicanas involucradas, algunas de ellas actualmente funcionarias del actual gobierno estatal y que han negado su participación en NXIVM.

    Es plausible su ardua investigación para lograr detener, enjuiciar y sentenciar a Rainere.

    Mi humilde reconocimiento y espero ahondar en su contenido para tratar de identificar y corroborar la participación de esos personajes de la política mexicana y en su caso exhibirlos.

    Cordialmente :
    Liborio Méndez

    • This Mexican journalist is looking to investigate Nxivm’s presence/involvement in Mexico, and Mexican members of Nxivm. Can someone get him in touch with any Spanish speaking sources? I’m assuming he doesn’t write English since he wrote his request in Spanish.

    • Just tell us all which family member has all the money now since you hid and muled away. Then give back to your victims and then I’d vote for early release.

    • Nancy is playing the denial game.

      Having watched HBOThe Vow 2 she blames her Vanguard for everything.

      Those that knew her, know she knew everything he was up too.

      There is money missing that the DOJ never found. Nancy knows where it is.

      Maybe ask her sister & brother in law. Maybe the Feds/IRS should do an investigation on them.

      • I bet the money was moved by now. It’s been a few years. Her sister and brother in law can’t be that stupid to still be hiding it for her. They probably put it in life insurances by now.

        • Don’t assume anything. Tofutti-fruity-cake bro in law is both arrogantly stupid and without morals. Everyone he works with knows what he has stolen and who has mowed down to get what he wants. Word is someone will be knocking at his door soon with a warrant and lots of questions they already know the answers to. Hrs a Nancy hater. How funny it will be when the bats slam behind next after she is free

  • Nancy doesn’t need a halfway house. Wasted money and resources when others do need that placement.

    Either keep her in prison (where she belongs) or put her on home confinement as punishment.

  • Keith will be old when he gets out. I don’t think it’s fair to bad him from seeing his old friends and followed from Nxivm. It seems unduly punitive.

    • Of the Nxivm Six, all guilty, two got no prison time at all. Mack served just over half of her extremely light sentence before being released, now it looks like Nancy Salzman will get away with serving a year and a half of a 31/2 yr. prison term.

      That means only two of the six will actually pay for their crimes. Two people. In a wide-ranging, long term criminal conspiracy that spanned continents. Racketeering, conspiracy, extortion, sex trafficking, forced labor, wire fraud.

      Only two people held responsible. As if it was all their doing.

      Just a reminder, Nancy Salzman planned this criminal fraud jointly with Raniere. Right from the beginning.

      • Thank you. Been trying to think of a reply to those who are minimizing the crimes here. Without getting too much hate. These people broke 💔 people’s minds, folks! We start letting them get in touch and stuff, you risk just the right one grabbing the curriculum and running with it.Now is the time for our country to start cracking down on people who use coercive control to commit crimes. Other countries have realized this is a real threat. Bout time we do too. Look at Scientology…

      • You always know the right thing to say Mr sausage. I can hear Nancy in my minds eye saying to Lauren, just lay low, clean the kitties and mommy will be home soon, then we can go shopping in Mexico

        • I don’t think that’s necessarily the case.

          Per the First Step Act, the Bureau of Prisons (BOP) can release elderly prisoners to a halfway house or home confinement well before their “Release Date.” That’s because the BOP retains custody of such prisoners in both of those settings (After the applicable “Release Date,” the prisoner is no longer in BOP’s custody – and moves on to probation).

          • Wow. I just turned 60 and never considered myself ‘elderly’. Guess I am! 😆

        • MRIs are not conclusive for cancer. It can provide more sensitive screening for tumors than can mammogram or ultrasound. combined with a biopsy, malignancy and stage can be verified. The BOP is not set up to facilitate that level of diagnostic care within acceptable timelines. They need her out so she can take responsibility for her own medical care. Home confinement with medical access as needed would do exactly that. It’s a CYA move on the BOOs and judge’s part.

    • Agree. Punitive and overkill. Not to mention, by the time Keith gets out, most of his old NXIVM devotees will be dead. Might as well let him have free rein to mingle with the remaining Espians.

  • I had read that she claimed she cured herself of cancer once before with NXIUM. Why not this time and the last time? Or are these different cult members starting to realize they are full of shit?

  • How does Clare get 81 months for being loyal to Keith when Nancy actually RAN Executive Success Programs / NXIVM as it’s President????

  • How was Nancy going to take care of her sick mother? Nancy is a liar and a fraud. Her whole family uses excuses to get out of things. Fraudsters and manipulators. Release her and tell her sister Carole not to give Nancy the money they hid for her. Nancy is a piece of shit liar and scam artist. Now she got one over the BOP and Judge.

  • To Everyone:

    After careful consideration – I believe it would be “unethical” for Nancy Salzman to be released from prison unless she is made to shelter with Dr. Damon Brink.

    As Nancy chastised and admonished Sally Brink….

    • Nice Guy,

      Oh shit!?!?? Phewww. Sally barely survived that ordeal.

      Should Nancy take her own advice, decline treatment and bequeath her life-savings to Vanturd’s defense fund?

      • Why isn’t Nancy able to cure her cancer this time? It’s so sad. Just like all the Scientologists who die trying to cure their own cancer….

          • Yeah c’mon Nancy….use your tech to cure your cancer. And to all those who still believe in ESP/Nxivm and still believe their “tech” works….and solved tourettes syndrome…lets see how your idol’s tech now works. Effective huh? It’s because Executive Success Programs / Nxivm was and is a MLM scam!! No different than Landmark and other “coaching” bullshit cults. You were all scammed people. Wake up already. I’d sue them asking for a refund on falsely advertised products/services. False endorsements and false results.

  • Frank
    Disgusting 🤢 article, via the fact that, Nancy is in the middle of MY sister, Kris’ death. She does NOT deserve “any” early release consideration

  • We don’t need an MRI to know there’s something wrong with Nancy. She didn’t care when other women had cancer. If she gets out early than she’s likely about to die.

  • Does Vanturd’s sperm cause cancer? So many women he stuck it into developed cancer. Though I’m leaning more towards Keith poisoning them with carcinogens.

    I don’t wish cancer on anyone, even if they willingly let the worst cancer of all–Vanturd–to slowly devour and destroy their lives, leaving them with nothing but a legacy of shame.

    Nancy, if you want to redeem yourself before it’s too late, then please tell ALL that you know about the monster who destroyed you and your daughter. I think you know a lot more than you’ve revealed, and Keith Raniere needs to be exposed for every disgusting, deplorable act he committed. What came out in the trial was only the tip of the iceberg. Too many women (and men) who were about to squeal on that pig have suspiciously lost their lives.

    The time has come for you to come clean with everything you know.

    • Why would Keith try to reduce the size of his harem? If anyone was poisoning anyone, it was one of the women in the harem, taking out her competition.

      • Inheritance. And, to make way for the younger ones. Keith was barely paying attention to his aging slaves after 15 to 20 yrs, and was focusing more and more on the younger ones. Or as Nancy described it, “the next generation”. Before the Bronfman sisters came along, Pam was Keith’s major cash cow. After she made him sole beneficiary (or he believed she did) she developed cancer and was promptly replaced after her death.

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