Kim Snyder Tries to Refute Toni Natalie’s Claim That She Is Retarded – ‘It’s Important to Me’!

Kim Snyder makes bracelets for veterans - which she says tends to disprove Toni Natalie's claim that she is mentally retarded.
Kim Snyder is not happy.
In fact, one could describe her as angry. It was bad enough, hard enough, to have lost her sister to the Nxivm cult some 16 years ago.
Her sister, Kristin Marie Snyder, disappeared on February 6, 2003 after being thrown out of a Nxivm class in Anchorage, Alaska – and is listed as a “presumptive suicide.” Her body was never found – and the criminal leader of the Nxivm cult, Keith Raniere, had ample motive to murder her.
But what Kim is angry about now is not about her sister – that makes her sad and pensive. Instead, her anger is directed to a woman who has inserted herself into her family’s story and, by all accounts, lied about it as well.
In her book, Toni Natalie tells the story of Kristin Snyder with some embellishments that were quite hurtful to the family.

The Lies of Toni Natalie

Toni – in order to be the one who gets to tell the Snyder story to the media, on talk shows, and in her book, “The Program Inside the Mind of Keith Raniere and the Rise and Fall of Nxivm,” – has told people she is the Snyder family spokesperson.
She told the family she was doing this because she cared about them and sought to protect them. She promised she would tell the story in her book.
In her book, Toni wrote that the Snyder family knew Kristin was unstable and possibly suicidal before she disappeared.  Toni published this dreadful lie: that Kristin Snyder called her parents and told them crazy things like that she, Kristin, was responsible for the implosion of the space shuttle Columbia, and her parents did nothing.
When Kim and her mother read the book, they were shocked. They cut off connection with Toni. They blocked her from contacting them by phone.
That rebellion against Toni led to Kim making calls to Nxivm-related people and she found out something even more shocking. For the first time, Kim learned some of the things that Toni had told other people about her.
What she found out was almost as hurtful as the lie Toni put in her book about how her parents had got the suicidal warning signals from Kristin – but did nothing to help her.
What Kim found out was that Toni told people that Kristin Snyder’s mother was aged and infirm and that Kristin’s sister, Kim, was ‘mentally retarded” and/or had the intellect and maturity of an 8-year-old.

It worked too

I personally witnessed it.
Time and time again, I was contacted by media members about the Snyder story – and asked what I knew about it since I was first to report that Kristin Snyder was claiming to be pregnant with Keith Raniere’s child before she disappeared. Those media members who had spoken to Toni first – before they contacted me – told me they knew they could not speak to the family – for after all – Kim Snyder is mentally disabled and but a child emotionally and the mother is almost senile – as Toni seems to have told them.
I remember a few of them expressed disdain at the thought of attempting to reach Kim and interview her.  “She can’t be allowed on camera. That would be unethical,” they said, virtually parroting Toni.
I was busy with other stories – more current – about Raniere – his arrest – his trial, etc.  I let it pass for two years. Then, after Raniere’s conviction, I wanted to return to the subject of the disappearance of Kristin Snyder.  I contacted Toni – who said she represented the Snyders – and asked her to ask them to let me speak with them.
She said, “No. Frank, you know Kim is retarded and the mother is old. They don’t want to hear from you or anyone.”
“But I have new information,” I said. “I have evidence that Kristin Snyder may not have committed suicide but was possibly murdered.”
“Kim is not competent to even understand and the mother is old,” Toni said.
I had to accept Toni’s judgment. She represented the family, she said. She was close to them.  And initially, my calls to Kim were not returned. In fact, Kim sent me a text and referred me to Toni.

Then things changed

As mentioned above, Toni published her book and the Snyder’s read it – and there was the despicable lie – in Toni’s book – something Toni chose to put in there without checking with the Snyder family:  That Kristin Snyder called her family in South Carolina – she up in Alaska – and gave them the necessary warning sign – the cry for help – that she was “raving maniacally” as Toni wrote it – blaming herself for an explosion in space of the Columbia – and the parents ignored it. Just sat back and did nothing.
Kristin Snyder
At least that’s what Toni wrote.
In reality, Kim and her parents say they never got such a call. The last time they had seen or heard from Kristin, she was stable and cheerful. She was pleased with her new Nxivm classes  – and she exhibited no signs of instability.
As Kim told Frank Report, “If she had made that call, they would have taken the next plane to Alaska.”
What was Toni’s motive then for telling the lie about Kristin calling home and revealing she was disturbed – to apathetic parents?
We may never know.
Toni now admits it was false, but blames it on her “researchers” at Grand Central Publishing and her assistant, Chet Hardin, who co-wrote the book.
And Toni has offered to make it right by correcting the lie – that Chet and Grand Central Publishing made – in the second edition of her book.
But that is not enough for Kim.  After all, there may never be a second edition.

Kim also wants to know why Toni told everyone she is retarded

Kim gets it – that Toni wanted to “own” the Kristin Snyder story – but she doesn’t understand why Toni would tell people that Kim is retarded. Kim says she was very hurt when she learned about that.
Perhaps it was a way of marginalizing Kim to people before they spoke with her – so, if she called – they would distance themselves – they would understand she is not incompetent.
And perhaps Toni wanted to own the story herself and get the family exclusively on camera or audio for her podcast. She could do the best job of telling the story, no doubt.
But for the fact that Toni wanted herself and her assistant, Chet, to stay in the same guest bedroom in the Snyder house, Kim says – which her mother could not condone because they are not married  – Toni would have already been down to South Carolina and would have already recorded Kim and her mother for her podcast.

Which Lie Is Worse?

I think that Toni’s twin lies are what makes Kim so unhappy.
Lie #1: That Kristin reached out to her family while she highly agitated and unstable – and they ignored her.
Lie #2: That Toni – to safeguard the story for herself – told many people that Kim is retarded and has the mental capacity of an 8-year-old.

Toni Is Like a Stolen Valor Vulture

In a sense, Toni is the equivalent of those people who put on military medals they did not earn – the term for this is “stolen valor”. Toni is the stolen valor vulture of Nxivm. But that is another story for another day: How Toni conflated her heroism and lied about her fight and the extent of her victimhood by Raniere and company, etc..
For purposes of this story, Kim has asked me to clear the air about her NOT being retarded.
She is insistent I publish details about her and help her put an end, if I can, to Toni’s narrative that Kim is retarded.
So here goes:

High School Diploma

First of all, Kim has something Toni does not have: Kim has a high school diploma.
What Kim and Toni have in common is that they both have a son.
Toni gave up her son – when he was 9. She claims she gave him up to his father because of the horrors and tortures of Keith Raniere. Most mothers would not give up their son – but would give up the boyfriend.  But Toni stayed with Keith after she abandoned her son.  And even after Toni left Keith, she never went back to being part of her son’s life.  His father raised him solely.
Toni describes this in her book as her huge sacrifice.
Kim also has a son – and unlike Toni – she raised him alone – without the father.  She never got child support and never abandoned him for any man.
Toni Natalie told the Snyder family she wanted to look out for them.

Kim Reads and Writes – Toni Can’t

Kim has another advantage over Toni. She can read – and write as well.
Toni admits she cannot read – she blames it on what she describes as severe dyslexia. “The words just swim off the pages,” Toni says.
But Kim has good reading comprehension – and in conversation uses words like “appalling”, “disdain”, and “pithing” [I had to look up pithing  –  it means to break the spinal cord – and Kim meant it in a figurative sense – that that is what Toni does with people].

So how do you disprove a lie?

Maybe the best way to help Kim get rid of Toni’s defamation is to let her tell her own story.  I will share, with Kim’s permission, some of her texts to me.
For those of you who think this is much ado about nothing, try to remember that this is a woman who has been hurt – hurt by the loss of her sister, hurt by the fact that her sister’s body was never found, hurt by lies – told by Raniere – about her father – and later lies by Natalie [two peas in a pod].
She is perhaps a little too eager to explain she is not, as Toni told people, “retarded” and that she is not the equivalent of an 8-year-old.
But I will give her the benefit of the doubt and publish her texts as she sent them- in order.
So here are Kim’s texts to me. [From here on in, when I make a comment it will be in brackets and bold.]

Kim’s Texts:

There are SO many issues that have to be clarified – but the name-calling [by Toni] and NOT telling me she called me “retarded?” Gee! How low can you stoop????
[After reading my story,  Snyder Family Condemns Toni Natalie for Lie She Told in Her Book About Kristin Snyder,  Kim texted] “Thank you for all that you are doing! Man! I love it!!!!!   This is what I have wanted the whole time!!!!  Thank you for giving mom & me our voices – and for giving Kris a voice from the grave!! !!!!!!!!! I, now, feel vindicated!!!!!!! This will refute her whole story!!!!!”

Yes!!!!!!  People need to know that her story on us is bogus!!!!!  Wow! I am NOT retarded – now, people know that!…. I am NOT a retarded 8 year old!!!!!!

I would like for the lawyers and our entire team to see ALL of these lies!!!!!  They are very hurtful.

Kim Snyder has had a struggle in life but she disputes she is retarded. Toni Natalie says otherwise.

[Kim works with veterans and makes veterans’ flag bracelets. She has done this for years. Her bracelets have been shipped around the world. Kim goes on in her texts:]

The lies that Toni has told on me – she can’t repair! She has done SO much damage, but fortunately, the VA, Judge, Golden Corral [who helps sponsor her charity], and the other Veterans, are NOT going to allow – Toni to hurt me!!!   The pain is done!

The name-calling – is childish – and she never said to me that I was retarded! That was all done behind my back.  Long story short – her story is NOT worth armadillo crap!

I have done parties for my parents, done military celebrations, that I have on DVD!!!!!  Gee!!!!  She can’t win this story!!!!!

My story is very much worth doing a story on …. I have even done a newscast in Washington, DC. All of these reports are on paper.

[Continuing to try to dispute Toni, Kim explains she is competent to do the work needed to promote her veterans’ flag bracelet project – and help at military funerals. Sure, Kim is pressing hard to defend herself. Perhaps this is caused by the freshness of the hurt.]   

I have military music from country music artists…..3 book fulls!!!!!  My files are full of veteran charts, celebrations… work hours, etc.
I have SO many things that I continue to do.  I carry a military briefcase everywhere that I go, and a roller bag, full of work stuff, when we go on vacation. I don’t relax!!!!!  LOL- I do need a new briefcase!!!!!

I have hotels that work with me – at the beach, with the flag Bracelet Project – but, bottom line, there are 15-20,000 flag bracelets out there – all over the world!!!!!!

Pearl Harbor has my bracelets….and they put up a photo of dad – gee- I’m retarded??????

I did everything for my sister’s funeral, and for my dad’s. How dare she call me names……and not have any evidence!!!!!!!

How can she have any room to refute my story?????  She can’t!!!!!!

[Kim was told by Toni that she was going to appear on Dr. Oz, Dr. Phil, Dateline and elsewhere to tell the story and Toni, saying she wanted to protect the Snyder family, said she would handle the victim impact statement that the Snyder family wanted to send to Raniere’s sentencing judge.]

Dr. Oz? The lawyers????? Who else? Dateline?????  Gee – I want to see those programs.

I wrote ALL of the NFL teams, told them about my father, and the flag bracelet project, and they sent jerseys and team items. We have 25 NFL jerseys!!!!!

Andy [her son] has his PAPA’s [Kim’s father’s] items [medals etc.] ……so, you can’t refute any of this!!!!!!!

[Again and again, Kim texted. I could see how much this was upsetting her. She was obsessing over it – and before you side with Toni on this – perhaps you might consider what you would do – if you lost your sister – and a woman came into your life – saying she was your new sister – that she cared about you – and was the only one who did not want to profit off the story – that she would protect you from the vultures of Nxivm – and the opportunists in the media who want to exploit you – then she exploits you – and in order to keep others away – tells everyone you are retarded.

[And you hear this from numerous people – not just one or two – after you make inquiries – they all say the same thing: ‘Toni told me you were retarded’ – and maybe – maybe, if you had challenges in your life – and fought to be alive even – maybe you too would overreact – and obsess yourself.

[So Kim continued to text – and text – and the texts – as well as her phone conversations – did not reveal to me a mentally retarded person.] 

It’s funny that I am SO retarded – that I am known to the Wedding Salon in New York, Kleinfeld’s! The lady that handles my flag bracelets, her name is Dorothy. I have an autographed photo and a beautiful headband from them.

I am also known to NASA – Reagan Library.  I have an autographed book – from Michael Reagan.  SO – I’m Retarded? These issues refute Toni’s story about me.

[Kim also felt she had to explain she is a competent mother.]

I make sure my son gets up in the A.M. – gets ready for school, then mom & I take him to & from the Presbyterian/Baptist school – we run the dog with the 4 wheeler – we come in, homework time, VA work time-  supper, and bed time.

When Andy is at school, it is VA time and flag Bracelet time. 8-9 hours. When Andy goes to bed- then, I can work on anything that I need to finish.

I am a full-time mom & VA volunteer. I do what needs to be done for the VA ceremonies, and try to take the work off of people.  I stand with the team – during the ceremonies, and make sure, the clean up is done after.

I go to Florence, SC – and hand out 3-500 flag bracelets to our Veterans there – and that is the Nov. 11th free meals for them.  We return to Dillon- and attend the “Salute to Our Veterans” Ceremony.

By the 3rd week in November, and the beginning weeks in December, things are shutting down for the holidays – December 15 – January 3rd.  Andy is out ALL that time – so, it is shopping time, closing charts time.  I turn in my Chart – as to how many hours that I have worked- and then, it is my time!!!!!!

We do the grocery shopping – when needed – when we pick Andy up, and we come home.  We attend Andy’s soccer games – during that season, but I still do all of the other things that are above!!!!!!

Toni can’t refute any of my story now. None of it!!!!!!!!

I have built dad a full military corner in the computer room – all of his things – I have built him a shrine in my room – he was a Marine – not a US Air Force soldier!!!!!!  I honor him every day!!!!!   So – do you have enough to work with????  To refute her story???????

Thank you!

[A little later Kim texted again.]

I left out – I am Dillon County’s Volunteer beauty queen.

The other thing – I have fought Aggressive Breast Cancer – stage 3- had a double mastectomy – 2 major breast surgeries – and 48 rounds of chemo. NO – I don’t have a chest – so what?- I am alive.

Toni didn’t know any of this stuff – I want to squash any thoughts of me being retarded!!!!!!  Is this enough?

[A little later]

I, after having chemo- got infection in my mouth, had to have all of my teeth pulled, and now, I have implants and snap-in dentures. I don’t have facial hair, because of the chemo. I am alive!!!!!!!  I beat Cancer!!!!!!!!!!

Do we have enough to stop her???????

[And again]

I am a Jefferson Award winner – for the state of South Carolina – for 2017: Outstanding Community Service.  I have letters from Queen Elizabeth – everyone on TV supports me – The Little Couple, Dr. Pimple Popper, etc. SO- are we able to refute her lies at all?

[And again]

To let you know – If I am SO retarded – I cook for my family, and clean up – I volunteer with the DCS schools, our church, etc.

I take my own showers, decide what I am going to wear. I also go to my own doctor’s appointments- take the meds that I am assigned to.
Retarded? Ha!

I wanted you to know- there have been times, that, I have wondered why I was on the earth – yes, times of complete desperation – but I know now – I am here for: mom, Andy, Justice for Kris, and our Veterans.

There have been times, in cooking – that a memory may flood through, and I have cried – but I want Keith Raniere to feel all of this. He needs to own it.

The feelings of being completely alone – washes over me – all the time!!!!!!!

I work 24/7- the volunteer job for the Veterans is ALL the time!!!!! As I said, I even take work with me, on vacation.

My appetite – little to none. My mom is very concerned about me. I like iced tea – I have to have caffeine ALL the time.

Am I depressed? Yes!!!!!!  Am I putting on a fake smile? Yes!!!!!  Will I ever be happy again?????  No!!!!!

My father went to his grave, wondering what happened to his baby [Kristin] – and with the false allegation [made by Keith] in his heart.

Guess what? My Heroes are gone!!!!!  One was taken from me, for NO reason, and the other – because it was God’s timing!!!!! The pain never goes away. To be called a retarded citizen is cruel, and I now understand what my father felt.

Everyone that I have ever gotten close to, has died suddenly. I have had a rough life. Will I quit? NO!!!!!!  I want this murder [of her sister] solved!!!!!!

My father was my hero — I am at a loss as to how to keep going. With family, and God’s Grace – but I know my sister was murdered!!!!!
How do we prove this??

The pain in my heart- I will NOT allow it to destroy me- but there has to be some consequence for Toni’s behavior. She is destroying a lot of lives. The lies —not telling me about the book tour, the lies about [her dog] Raymona [Toni told Kim a completely different story than the one Toni relates in her book];  the boyfriends [and husbands, Toni lies about] – the false excuse as to why she couldn’t come. The big thing of [Toni] wanting to do a book signing in Florence, SC. That will never happen!!!!!!!

I did graduate from Dillon High School——yes, I went back an extra year, to get my diploma——- but, I still got it!!!!!!

My bracelets are at ACE Hardware in Dillon….  The other place that has my bracelets: Designs by Marlene – in Dillon…. Cooper funeral home in Dillon has the flag bracelets…  Now, I will have my bracelets at Norton’s Barbecue, of Latta, SC. That is a million-dollar operation….

Our new parish is in Florence, SC- Fr. Noel P. Tria. I have yet to talk to him about my project, and the deacon as well. I have to do that before Veterans Day. Am sure it will work!!!!!!!!

I do for people what has to be done- I make brownies and food for families, for funerals, and for fundraisers.

We travel with my project – as it affords. I work hard at everything I try to do.

I think I have refuted Toni’s stories!!!!!!   I have more to tell you later. I have sent you a lot today.

[The next day Kim continued to text and, by this time, perhaps some readers find them tedious. I did not. I felt she needed to express herself fully. This was not just Toni’s lies about her – that she was retarded and an incompetent child mentally – who did not deserve the respect of being treated like an adult with worth and value – but it was also the pent up grief of losing her sister 16 years ago to a monstrous cult – never finding her body or knowing what happened – and then how Keith Raniere spread lies about her father – to discredit him – and then the long years of struggle with health – while clinging to her son – never abandoning him.

[I realized, as I read her texts, that the monster was not really Toni – she is just an interloper – the monster is Raniere. And that Kim Snyder has to get this said and in print – at least once in her life.] 

I Love Teddy bears – but the one that means so much to me – is dad’s Marine Corps Bear. I took it to the funeral. I miss my HERO!!!!!!

Toni reached mom this evening, using a blocked number, and told her to use a tea block, to go on your web site, so, you wouldn’t know that she had been there, reading the article that you wrote on us today. [Frank Report has had more than 5 million views this year and I never try to find out who views the website, nor have I the time.]

I listened very intently, on how destructive she is of you.

She also told mom – she didn’t want to call & hurt me. Gee – she is telling that she never said, I was retarded. Wow! People are just going to make things up? NOT!!!!!!!  [Quite a few people told Kim what Toni said], She told mom it was a horrific day today, reading all the untrue things that were written about her.

She used an unlisted number to call mom – but she said she was so shocked at all the terrible things that have been said about her….. She is trying to act innocent!!!!!!

The other thing we need to hear is what you found in Anchorage. Please!!!!!!   Let’s discuss that!!!!!….  I will see this investigation to the end!!!!!!!  I will NOT walk away!!!!!!

I hate Toni for what she has tried to make me keep quiet.  Thank you for all of your work!!!!!! I will keep working with you!!!!!!!

I need Heidi here, [Heidi Hutchinson volunteered to visit her in SC. – not for any media purpose or to make money off of her story – but because they have something in common – they both lost sisters to Nxivm]….  [Toni] was heard to say [to her mother], She didn’t want to upset me. Gee – that has already been done!!!!!!!

Mom said we will NOT continue communication with her!!!!!! She has an axe to grind!!!! ….

Left a message for Tanya Hajjar- [the Assistant US Attorney who was one of the prosecutors in the case against Raniere] … and told her she needs to get our victim’s impact statements [away] from Toni – and that Toni has told everyone that I am retarded. I am sick of this! This is very hurtful!!!!!!

[Once – and this happened to me as well – once a person realizes that Toni is likely a pathological liar – a woman who probably really needs mental help – you start to check everything she says. Kim began to feel this way now too.  She texted me, evidently doing a little research about Toni and her yarn about her brother’s death – which Toni claims was a suicide caused by Keith Raniere]. 

Very interesting! I have Toni’s brother’s obituary in front of me – I printed it out.  Memorials can be sent to the American Heart Association. Gee – says her brother died suddenly – gee, then – memorials – to go to the American Heart Association.

Doesn’t that tell people something? His heart gave out. Keith had nothing to do with this. Wow! That is really a story!!!!!

I have talked to [Albany Times Union reporter] Brendan Lyons – the obituary for Toni’s brother – Keith wasn’t in her life then – 2009 – the obit – says she was with Scott. No heroin overdose! He had heart problems!!!!!!!….  Why blame it on Keith? She was with Scott Foley according to the obit!!!!!!

[As further and perhaps final proof that Kim is not retarded and is not like an eight-year-old, Kim sent me more than 130 photos and letters from people she met or exchanged greetings with – with her veterans flag bracelet program. I do not have space to put all the letters and photos in – but here is a sampling.]




So, readers who have come this far with me, I hope you will not be too displeased for my choice to give this space to Kim Snyder.

I think she deserves to have a voice in the Nxivm story.

Despite Toni and a few others who like to claim they are the greatest victims of Nxivm – I submit that Kim – having actually lost a sister trumps Toni any day of the year – not only in being a victim – but trumps her in intelligence, honest, and class.

I leave it to readers to judge the rightness of my decision to publish this story at Kim’s request.

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  • “What was Toni’s motive then for telling the lie about Kristin calling home and revealing she was disturbed – to apathetic parents?
    We may never know.” Isn’t it obvious? Natalie likes to manipulate others and lie about others to ensure she is the center of attention. Her wish came true, on the Frank Report. Plus, she wants everyone to know that she’s pretty, just ask her rapidly aging face.

  • I’m going to defend Toni on this. Errrr obviously, I’m not going to defend the indefensible. This Toni drip campaign keeps getting more and more crazy. I’m sure everyone is reexamining their interactions with her and looking for incongruities.

    To Kim – You are very brave and honorable. While all of this is going on, it must feel painful. However, it’s helping the attention be refocused on Kristin and Gina. Something positive will hopefully arise. It’s great that Frank is on the case and his diligence is an awesome thing. We’re all fighting with you and are here to help in any way. Stay strong, and let’s hold Raniere accountable for what he has done.

  • Kim, you are all asset, as a person obviously, but especially with your elegant, effective bracelet idea. Whereas Toni Natalie is all liability – and unlikely to have one single wholesome idea in her entire life – let alone one as marvelous as yours!
    It’s great to know of you and your impressive work.

  • It’s not Chet’s fault he didn’t do his job. I heard he and the nipple sucking lier shared lots of vino together late into the night while toking on marijuana to get her book done.

  • Here it is again, NOTHING is Toni’s fault. This time it’s Chet Hardin’s fault and the publishers.
    So what is it. Is Toni the liar? Is Chet a hack? Are the publishers in the business of just putting all sorts of fabrications in their books?

    We have Toni’s story. I’d love to know what Chet and the publisher have to say in regard to it being their fault this lie has been published.

    “As Kim told Frank Report, “If she had made that call, they would have taken the next plane to Alaska.”
    What was Toni’s motive then for telling the lie about Kristin calling home and revealing she was disturbed – to apathetic parents?
    We may never know.

    Toni now admits it was false, but blames it on her “researchers” at Grand Central Publishing and her assistant, Chet Hardin, who co-wrote the book.

    And Toni has offered to make it right by correcting the lie – that Chet and Grand Central Publishing made – in the second edition of her book.
    But that is not enough for Kim. After all, there may never be a second edition.

  • I am growing deeply upset at the insults to Toni. I don’t think Chet slept with her. At least I hope not. I think I know a little how Sultan feels. I feel the urge to protect Toni from these blasphemous attacks on her gorgeous person. Sure I love her from afar and she don’t even know of my existence. I see her as sort of a Diana -virginal pure and strong. Unlike Sultan, however, I give my true full name. And unlike him, also I have a chance at one day meeting and wooing Toni and winning her. Sultan needs to do the same with Kristin Kreuk.

    • Gaston Hiram Porter M.D.

      If your rich and somewhat of a looker I’m sure Toni will let you part your JET in her hanger. Just know she is only after your money and a lifestyle you can provide her with your daddy bucks. Just like her mama Joan taught her to do when she ran out of options.

      If you’re smart, sign a prenup because if you have kids, she will make sure to take everything away from them if you go before she does. Just like she did her step-daddy’s money away from his bio-kids. She got all his money and they got jack shit.

      Toni will do everything in her power to separate you from your family so she can have you all to herself. Hope the ugly inside and weather, rode hard, come fuck me, herpes, vg falling out, hag is worth it dude. She has already ruined many of the men’s lives. But hey, it’s your jet, your wallet, and your life.

      I’m sure she has already Google you dude and is lickin her lips on how to get her claws into you. We all know her book and podcast are going nowhere.

  • Kim, if you’re reading this, it’s clear that you are a nice, normal person. Good luck to you and I’m sorry about your losses.

  • Chet, you’re a liar also. You could have prevented this by doing your job. Loser. I bet you and your lying mistress had all types of sexy fun. How’re your nipples, Chet? Or are they still between Natalie’s teeth? Toni please give Chet his balls back or did you swallow them? You dirty pig. You swallowed Raniere’s balls. Might as well swallow Chet’s balls. Your mouth is so big you can swallow all the balls.

  • If I could, I would propose to Toni and it might sound funny proposing to her on the Frank Report, her enemy. But I will defend her. For some reason, I just know Toni is innocent and pure and super hot. I know it sounds foolish. I’m obsessed with her. But it doesn’t cloud my judgment. Toni is the victim and the hero of NXIVM. I’m a legit doctor and practice in Wichita and Omaha.

  • Stop lying about Toni’s motives. She was trying to protect the Snyder family. The media is worse than Toni. Toni is the heroine of the Nxivm story. Without her – there would still be NXIVM. You are on her ass (a gorgeous one too) for nothing. It’s getting me pissed. I may be in love with Toni but I am not blind to your hatred.

  • When Toni first told me about Kim being “retarded”, I asked her how she could possibly know that (Having worked in the field of special education for almost 15 years, I was well aware of the scientific definition of people who actually are retarded). Toni told me that she got that information from Kim’s mother – which sounded plausible to me.

    Over the course of the past few months, I have come to realize that Toni lied to me – and others – about many things. Some of those things were important – others were not. Sometimes, I understand what Toni was trying to accomplish with her lie – other times I do not.

    Thus far, Toni’s lying about Kim’s mental status is the most egregious of her lies. But I will not be at all surprised if something even worse comes out tomorrow.

    • Hello Pea OnYou Brother
      Bahahahahahahahaha wants to marry Toni, I’m sure she will have you if you have money. If your ugly you might have to wear a bag and pay for sex but hey that doesn’t make her any different than any other relationship. Her ex’s have always paid for sex.

  • Every time I think I’ve heard the worst thing possible about Toni, another story emerges to prove me wrong. Clearly, there is no “bottom” when your looking at the depths this woman will go to in order to push her own agenda.

    I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that she attends wakes and funerals of people she doesn’t know just so she can tell the family members how important the deceased person was in her life. What a fucking scam artist.

  • Wow.
    I hope Toni reads this and finally realizes how much hurt she has caused.
    Will she apologize to Kim and her mother? I hope she does.

    Kim, I can see that you are a hard-working, honest person, and I’m sure everyone who knows you knows the truth. No one would believe Toni’s lies about you.

    • Flowers, what makes you think Toni is going to show any more self awareness than you exhibit? Is Toni going to apologize to Kim and her mother? Have you apologized for any of your lies? Have you apologized to Frank for suggesting he used the name Violet to get to you? Have you apologized to Heidi? No. You haven’t. You just double down and keep telling the same lies over and over and, I suspect, you tell them to as many people as you can.

      You expect Toni to read this and have a great epiphany. She’s suddenly going to realize the errors of her ways? It hasn’t happened for you and the two of you are cut from the same cloth.

    • Agenda
      Clearly, you re an extremely angry person, who is obsessed with me. You also take every opportunity to not only attack me for imaginary grievances that have nothing to do with you, you are also a hypocrite

      I can only guess that you’re one of the people who tried to intimidate me with a fake lawsuit, and who keeps employing other people to try to scare me….such a passive aggressive coward.

      • Oh Flowers you have it all wrong yet again and are trying to project all the characteristics true about yourself into someone else. I’m not an angry person, I’m not obsessed with you, I’m no hypocrite and I’m not passive aggressive but you embody all of those traits.

        I’m a curious person and I’ve always wondered what exactly constitutes a fake lawsuit.

        • Agenda, not sure if my previous post went thru, as it seemed to not work….
          So, I will add one more thing- how in the world did you decide that I “embody all of these traits?”
          You don’t even know me.

          What’s really hilarious are your comments comparing me to Toni Natalie. I have nothing ,at all, in common with her, if what I’ve read about her is true.
          Toni, allegedly has had multiple marriages, abandoned her child, belonged to a cult, been charged with crimes, caused other people to be charged with crimes, physically attacked her cheating husband, published a book full of lies……

          I’ve never done anything even remotely similar to any of these things. You just sound ridiculous for making such claims.

          • And since my earlier comment didnt post, I’ll answer your question again.
            By a fake lawsuit I mean intimidation….having me served with a threatened lawsuit that they have no chance of winning, and so, in fact, never filed. So basically its a way to terrorize someone.
            Understand it now?

          • You should at least admit the “Violet” accusation is false, just search for the word using the magnifying glass at the top of the page and you’ll find “Violet” was posting here before you were. LOL

      • That is interesting Scott, especially since all three old 2016 articles generated only one comment between them. I guess no one read the Frank Report in 2016. …
        But my complaint regarding the use of that name was made AFTER Frank allowed comments to be posted that claimed I must be this Violet woman. So, if Frank didnt allow those type of insulting and misogynistic comments, I would not have mentioned the name.

          • Honesty equals self- righteousness? Hmmmm

            The facts are this- that particular story is about 3.5 years old, and was reposted recently, oddly with no mention of that fact. Why?
            I didn’t mention anything about the name until Frank’s trolls thought it would be hilarious to claim I was this person. Frank saw the claims and he chose to post them.

          • Once again Flowers has trouble with reading comprehension. No one said she was Violet. That’s just how she read it so she could claim she was being insulted. It’s always about her.

          • Read the old comments, Agenda. First Bangkok decided I must be similar to this Violet person, then Niceguy claimed I was Violet. Yes, I do realize he was joking, but that’s the type of remark that just inspires more trolling and speculation, so why post it?

            Plus, there is a person using the name Violet on another SM site, and she was attempting to drag me into what I believe to be a manufactured drama. The person she is apparently “fighting” with has Toni Natalie on her friends list….could be coincidence, but probably is not.

          • Slick, Flowers. Hasn’t it been confirmed that you are Toni Natalie? You are the one on the friends list.

          • Obviously I’m not Natalie. But I can see that “Nutjob” is well-versed in trolling tactics. That’s one of Roger Stones favourite tactics,- to post something as though it was the confirmed truth.
            Then when you’re asked where you read it, you’ll claim you were just joking….meanwhile the disinfo has already been spread and the rumor started.

  • Kim, you are obviously not in the condition Toni has tried to make people believe. You sound extremely busy and organized and quite capable of handling yourself if you chose to with the media. I hope you can find someone who is trustworthy, honest and that actually has no ulterior motives to read your impact statement. I think removing Toni from having anything to do with what has happened is the smartest move you could make. I’m very sorry for the pain and upset she has caused you. It appears it’s just her MO at this point and it has finally caught up to her.

    To Toni, you WITCH! Leave these people alone, Stop denying what you did and said. You’re a liar. Go ahead, keep calling people saying Frank is lying. We’re all enjoying the laugh at you FINALLY being caught and exposed.

  • It’s starting to look more and more like Toni Natalie is less a victim and more of a perpetrator.
    She insisted on attacking rival books on NXIVM from Catherine Oxenberg and Sarah Edmondson.
    As if Toni Natalie is the only victim of this criminal gang.

    The Frank Report has documented numerous lies from Toni Natalie about her relationship with Keith Raniere, her marriage to Scott Foley and her involvement with Consumer Buyline, NXIVM and other MLM frauds.
    All I can say about those stories is that Toni Natalie seems like the perfect girlfriend for Keith Raniere.
    They both have a troubled relationship with the truth.

    I wish Kim Snyder and her family all of the best in the future.

    As for Toni Natalie, she is just another “Misfit Toy” in Keith Raniere’s sizable Harem of Misfit Toys.

  • Kim,

    My heart goes out to you and your family. I hope you find the truth and recieve some amount of closure.

    You, like so many other people before you, unfortunately crossed paths with the succubus Toni Natalie.

    I am glad you came to Frank Parlato to get the word out.

    You clearly are a good person, and do not deserve to be defamed by the likes of somone like Toni Natalie.

    I wish you and your family the best!

  • I think Toni is another psychopath/narcissist.
    A normal person would not create this type of lie. I think that Kim needs to read about smear campaigns from psychopaths.
    The best thing to do is to go with your allies and focus on people who have your back: like Frank.

    I think for TV shows it could b super-interesting to hear from Kim. Kim should try to contact them. I think Toni should be presented as someone who is trying to hide the murder of Kim’s sister. That is why she presented that she was suicidal in her book. Maybe Toni is still working for Keith and is trying to create doubt about the murder charges that Keith could receive. I bet the TV shows would love to hear that and would give Kim air time. Toni is likely trying to help that murderer Keith

  • Another Greatest Hits Collection from Toni ‘Never Lies’ Natalie.

    We should start a Top 50 List of all the lies Toni has told.

  • Kim, I would like you to know I find you to be very well-spoken and you should be so proud of all you’ve accomplished. I am so sorry you’ve been taken advantage of by someone who pretended to be your friend. You are raising a child, supporting your mother and honouring the memories of both your dad and sister. I think you are a strong woman.

  • Frank, you are absolutely right to publish Kim’s truth. Admirable that you would use your platform to restore the Snyders’ dignity.

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