Snyder Family Condemns Toni Natalie for Lie She Told in Her Book About Kristin Snyder

Kristin Snyder

For years, Toni Natalie has tried to “own” the Kristin Snyder story.

It’s a sad story, a tragic story, and no one ought to own it. Or capitalize on it.

But Toni is a different kind of person.

The Kristin Snyder Story

Kristin Marie Snyder disappeared on February 6, 2003. She was last seen after being ejected from an Executive Success Programs [Nxivm] class at the Westmark Hotel in Anchorage, Alaska.  The following evening, her Toyota pickup truck was found in Seward, Alaska, parked on Beach Drive about 100 feet from the shore of Resurrection Bay. The truck had a suicide note inside it.

Police discovered that a kayak was missing from Miller’s Landing – where the truck had been parked – and concluded that Kristin took the kayak, paddled out into Resurrection Bay, flipped it over and drowned in the cold February waters.

Despite a search by rescue workers, state and municipal police, the Coast Guard and the Civil Air Patrol – neither her body nor the kayak was found.

It is possible that Kristin died as police concluded – and it’s possible something else happened – something that might have involved the monster of Nxivm, Keith Alan Raniere.


Kristin Snyder was an avid kayaker.


I was first to report that Kristin might have been pregnant – with Keith’s child and, for those who know the history of Raniere – that could have been a motive for murder.

At the time, Raniere was going through great pains to pretend to the outside world that he was celibate – as part of the mystique of his life – as the world’s smartest man – and a great spiritual teacher. All of his inner circle, who he was having sex with at the time, were participating in deceiving students with that lie.

As one Nxivm coach told me, who was deeply damaged by the years he lost to Nxivm, “Had I known he was not celibate…my life would have been much different. I did not know about DOS until you wrote about it. And so many things. I was a supporter of him, wrongly sympathizing that he was the one under attack from many. I gave up that.”

In 2003, however, the liars were doing well – with Executive Success Programs booming – recruiting wealthy and attractive people. Customers paid from $2,000 – $10,000 for ESP courses.

This was before the Forbes story came out calling the group in effect “a cult.”


At the time of Kristin Snyder’s disappearance, the Bronfman sisters had just joined the group and the liars of Nxivm told the two wealthy heiresses that Keith was a genius monk.

When any of his inner circle got pregnant – they were ordered to have abortions.  They all kept it secret – that Keith was a sex addict – and instead told the very opposite lie – that he was a monk.

The Bronfmans were deeply enamored with the teachings and had brought in their father – the billionaire, Edgar Bronfman Sr.

The wealth of the world was almost at Raniere’s doorstep.

Now here was Kristin Snyder, not keeping it secret, telling people she was pregnant with Raniere’s child and possibly unwilling to have an abortion.  Telling everyone in the class that the exalted monk, the Vanguard, got her pregnant.

Esther Chiappone Carlson

Esther Chiappone Carlson arranged for Kristin to leave the Nxivm class.

Keith’s faithful follower, Esther Chiappone [who was part of Raniere’s harem], was running the class.  An attempt was made to marginalize Kristin – to make her seem nutty. Chiappone told the class that Kristin was confused and imagining things.

Nancy Salzman called from Albany and said that Kristin was just seeking attention.

Nxivm members Ed Kinnum, [Name Redacted] and Karen Abney also helped isolate her.  But Kristin kept insisting she was pregnant.

Finally, they “arranged” to have her thrown out of class – someone came to get her – and she disappeared – forever.

Image result for westmark hotel anchorage alaska conference room
Kristin Snyder was last seen at the Westmark Hotel in Anchorage.

Could Keith – who has said on video – “I’ve had people killed for my beliefs – and for theirs”– have arranged for the murder – or perhaps the very much assisted suicide of Kristin Snyder?

Keith Raniere from a 2009 video where he admitted he had “people killed for his beliefs and for theirs.”

I am investigating.

The shores of Resurrection Bay.

I have been to Anchorage and Seward to interview people who were around at the time and to do more research.  Later, I will share those findings. But let me say this, what I have uncovered so far strongly suggests that the official version may not be true.

That is a story for a later day. The story today is not as much about Kristin Snyder – but of her family – her mother and her sister, Kim.

And a woman named Toni Natalie – who has nothing to do with the disappearance of Kristin Snyder.

She was not with Keith when Kristin disappeared. She had been gone out of the Raniere orbit for more than three years when that happened.

Keith Raniere and Toni Natalie, when they worked together [and stole from and cheated on each other] in the 1990s.
At the time Kristin Snyder disappeared, Toni was living in Rochester, New York, busy running her own failed businesses with 4th husband Scott Foley, and her brother, John, running up debts and stiffing creditors and blaming it on Keith.

Toni’s new book.

In 2019, Toni published a book – “The Program: Inside the Mind of Keith Raniere and the Rise and Fall of Nxivm”.

The book describes a number of events – many of which are provable lies and others of which are laughable embellishments – about her relationship with Keith some 20-plus years ago and an account of how Keith destroyed everything in her life ever afterward – despite ample evidence pointing to her being mainly responsible for her failures.

Toni also writes about Nxivm – during the 20-years she was not there – largely relying on what others told her or based on published accounts – of which she had no firsthand knowledge.

Along the way, she makes herself the heroine of every story – and does not hesitate to make people who knew her look bad – with gratuitous stories about them – which also may not be true.

And, in her book, she saw fit to include the story of Kristin Snyder – which is her right of course. But it is not her right to get facts wrong.

And she got one fact very wrong – and that was hurtful to the family.

Before we get to that, let me explain that I spoke to Kristin’s younger sister, Kim Snyder, long before Toni did.  Kim and I spoke a few times when I first began my investigation. At the time, I was on good terms with Toni.

I was seeking to take down a monster named Raniere – and I was the only one writing about him – and his branding of women – on the Frank Report – during the summer of 2017.

After speaking with Kim a few times, I introduced her to Toni via phone.  Afterward, I barely heard from Kim again. This did not seem particularly noteworthy especially since I was busy with the branding story – and finding out where Keith was hiding in Mexico and what he was doing in the present and not concerned much with what happened in the past.

After Keith’s arrest, trial and conviction, I returned to investigate the disappearance of Kristin Snyder.  I tried to reach Kim. She did not seem to want to talk to me.

I called Toni and asked if she had spoken with Kim or her mother. Toni said she had – but that I should know that Kim is retarded – and the mother does not want to speak to anyone.  They wanted that chapter of their life closed, Toni said. No media interviews. No cooperation with any investigation into what might have happened.

I told Toni I believe I had new information about Kristin Snyder’s disappearance.

Toni said “Don’t talk to Kim – she is like an 8-year-old. To do that would be morally wrong.  Besides, it’s done and over and that’s how the family wants it.”

I told Toni I would pursue my investigation anyway.

Toni added, “The family does not want to talk to you or anyone in the media. I wish I could help you.”

Later, I found that Toni could have helped me. And, in fact, the reason the family did not want to talk to me was because of her.

Toni was planning to tape the family for her podcast

In fact, Toni contacted the Snyder family and asked if she and Chet Hardin could go down to Dillon, SC where they lived and record them and stay as a guest in their house.

The family said yes, but, because Chet and Toni are not married, it was not proper that they share the same room in their house. [The Snyder’s are devout Catholics].  They told Toni that she and Chet – or at least Chet – would have to get a hotel in nearby Florence, SC.

Toni said she believed her publisher would pay for their hotel room. But things were delayed a few days.

Meantime, Toni said she was going on Dr. Oz and thinking about going on Dr. Phil to tell the Snyder story.

Toni Natalie often said, speaking of herself in the third person, “Not everyone in Nxivm speaks to each other, but everyone talks to Toni Natalie.” That’s cute – especially since Toni goes out of her way to ensure others don’t talk to each other by bringing division between them through lies.

Kim Snyder Calls Me

In any event, the other day I got a call – from out of the blue – from Kim Snyder and we had our first serious chat in quite some time.

As Kim spoke, I began to realize she was not – as Toni told me – retarded.  She seemed well-spoken, thoughtful and had high-level communication and comprehension skills.

She called to tell me that she was disturbed about a lie Toni put in her book about her sister, Kristin.

Kim was also angry that – as she had learned from others – that Toni said she was retarded. Kim also revealed that Toni consistently bad-mouthed me to her and her mother.

A full-time mother, who does volunteer work with veterans at the VA in Dillon, South Carolina, Kim told me that Toni recently all but demanded that Kim take down her Facebook page because the media might find a way to contact her.

Toni advocated that the family not only not talk to me – but also not talk to anyone in the media. Toni claimed she was trying to protect the Snyder family.

I also learned that, when Kim and her mother indictaed that they wanted to submit a victim’s impact statement to the judge, Toni instructed them to send it to her, for she was well connected to the DOJ’s Tanya Hajjar and that she, Toni, would read it in court.


While Toni did not want Kim to have a Facebook page – on Toni’s Facebook [and Twitter], she constantly uses hashtags like #JusticeForKristin Snyder and #TruthForKristinSnyder [See above] as if Kristin’s disappearance were her special cause.
This prompted Kim to say to me, “This is not about justice or profit for Toni Natalie – this is about my sister, Kristin. What really counts is telling a true story and Toni told an untruthful, hurtful story – in her book.”

Unnecessary Mistake

Unlike others – Toni had access to the Snyder family. She was the only one who did.

Kim said, “Why didn’t she call us before the book came out?”

Here is Toni’s narrative from her book about Kristin Snyder.  After you read it, I will tell you the big mistake.

Kristin Snyder was an environmental consultant living in Anchorage with her domestic partner, Heidi Clifford. She took an ESP class in November 2002, a sixteen-day intensive taught by Prefect herself, Nancy Salzman. Snyder took to it immediately. She sung its praises to Clifford and to her parents, whom she visited in South Carolina that Christmas. Before heading back to Alaska, she visited ESP headquarters in Albany, where she met Vanguard, who offered to be her “mentor.” To Keith, “mentor” and “lover” are synonyms, and this was concealed for years by his inner circle.

Excited about her meeting with Vanguard, Snyder returned to Alaska in January 2003 and convinced Clifford to take the next ESP class with her. This intensive was held at the Westmark Hotel in Anchorage and taught in part by Esther Chiappone, the schoolteacher turned ESP proctor. The training ran from late January to early February, and as it progressed, Snyder began to behave erratically. She interrupted the class to make deluded pronouncements. She called her parents and raved maniacally, telling them she was responsible for the space shuttle Columbia blowing up. She stopped sleeping, or tried to stop, because she believed that Keith needed no sleep and wanted to emulate her mentor. (There were also reports that Snyder claimed that she was carrying Keith’s child, although there is no way to know if this is true.)

On February 6, Snyder was ordered to leave the intensive by Esther Chiappone because she was being disruptive. When Clifford asked if she should go with her and bring her to a hospital, Chiappone instructed her not to do so. That was the last time Clifford would see her partner.

The next day, Snyder’s pickup truck was discovered in the remote town of Seward, an hour and a half outside of Anchorage, at a park site on Resurrection Bay. The Alaska State Police would later conclude that Snyder had broken into a shed, taken an old wooden kayak, paddled it out into the vast and deep bay, and drowned. She was thirty-five years old.

Her body was never located, but police did find a suicide note:

I attended a course called Executive Success Programs (a.k.a. Nexivm) based out of Anchorage, AK, and Albany, NY. I was brainwashed and my emotional center of the brain was killed/turned off. I still have feeling in my external skin, but my internal organs are rotting. Please contact my parents… if you find me or this note. I am sorry life, I didn’t know I was already dead. May we persist into the future.

The problem with Toni’s story

Toni wrote, Kristin Snyder “called her parents and raved maniacally, telling them she was responsible for the space shuttle Columbia blowing up.”

Kim and her mother categorically deny Toni’s embellishment.  The mother said that Kristin never called and said any such thing to her. And added that, if her daughter had called and said such delusional things, she and her husband would have been on the next plane to Alaska to ensure she was hospitalized and cared for.

This – I submit – is what any good parent would do.

In one little sentence, Toni made Kristin Snyder’s mother and father look like neglectful, uncaring parents.

Who among you would have let their child “rave maniacally” and not done everything in your power to rescue your child?

Well, perhaps one person might not have.

As Joe O’Hara pointed out to me when we were discussing this matter, “Toni maybe didn’t realize how bad that sounded when she wrote that lie. Don’t forget, Toni abandoned her own son –  when he was nine – so she doesn’t have normal parental instincts.”

Setting the Record Straight

Let us set the record straight.

Kim Snyder is definitely not retarded and I don’t believe Kristin Snyder called her mother and acted delusional – saying she was responsible for the implosion of the Space Shuttle Columbia.

I do believe her mother [and father, who was alive at the time] would have been on the next flight to Anchorage if that had happened.

Isn’t it sad enough to lose a child – without having someone who has inserted herself into the story, tell it dreadfully and hurtfully wrong?

When the family told Toni about it, she had an excuse.

She said she did not do the research on the story. The publishers had researchers who did the work and were responsible for the mistake.

“What?”  Kim said, “You had our phone numbers for over two years. Whenever you wanted something in the past, you called us. Couldn’t you have called us just to make sure you got the story right?”

Yes, the researchers were at fault, Toni said, seemingly deflecting. But the problem is solved.


“In the second edition of the book, I will personally make sure they correct it,” Toni assured them.

The family’s reaction to this callousness was to block Toni’s phone number and cut off all connection with her.

Kim said “This whole time Toni was trying to put a light on herself. Trying to carry the story alone. We are not trying to tell a story. We just want to know the truth. This isn’t about her. It’s about Kristin.

“The slander about me being retarded and not competent to talk to anyone seems to have gotten around to people.  But I am able to raise my son. [Something Toni was unable – or unwilling – to do.] Every year, I tutor my son in his curriculum. He goes to Catholic School.  I volunteer at the VA.  I get to touch a lot of lives, to reach out to a lot of veterans.”

Then getting more defensive – for it hurts to be called stupid or worse, “retarded” – and emotionally immature, Kim added this in a text to me while I was writing the story:

“I buy my own clothing – and I purchase all things that go with my Veterans Flag Bracelet Project. I have pocketbooks, shoes, earrings, etc. that I wear daily – but I buy them!!  I had my dad’s military chart challenged and came to find out – he got 19 medals for his service in the military.

“The other person – who works with me – with military projects – Rodney Berry – also works with Congressman Tom Rice’s office in Florence, SC. Yes! Congressman Rice’s office.  And Senator Lindsey Graham’s Office, in Columbia, SC/Washington, DC, has worked with me, and helped us in our trip to Washington, DC!  Gee – I’m retarded?????  Wow! NOT!!!!!”

Sure it sounds reactive.

But how would you feel if someone was pretending to be your friend and looking out for you – but was going around behind your back making you seem incompetent – just in case anyone tried to contact you?

I’d bet you’d be defensive too.

Beloved daughter and sister, Kristin Snyder disappeared in 2003 – and Toni Natalie chose to try to own the story in 2019.



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  • I know in this PC age we’re not supposed to use certain words but what word other than CUNT can be used to describe Toni Natalie. What the fuck is wrong with her? Why would she bother a family that has already been beset by such tragedy? What possible gain does she get out of doing that?

    The reason the prosecution didn’t call her as a witness at Raniere’s trial is now quite obvious. They did some fact checking on her story and figured that Agnifilo would absolutely destroy her on cross-examination. Or else they checked back on those bank fraud charges that were dropped and realized that was just another fuck-up by that crack legal staff in the NDNY.

    Second edition? Not going to happen…

    Researchers? You mean like Chet Hard-on?


  • This is sickening. First, implanting herself into Rhiannon’s story and now doing this. It occurs to me that the space shuttle Columbia addition to this story could be likened to the story of Nancy apparently blaming herself for 9/11. Where did that story originate? Where, also, did the stories of Nancy being told that she was Hitler in her previous life come from? And other NXIVM members who were told that they had previous incarnations of Nazis?

  • This, along with other reports, seem to pretty clearly paint Natalie as someone who seeks control by sucking people into her orbit with promises and lures, and then trying to isolate them however necessary, including manipulation and lying. It actually strikes me as similar to how Raniere isolated the women in his inner circle; Natalie could have been a cult leader herself under different circumstances.

  • Enough is enough.

    Frank, will you please write to the publisher of Toni’s book and advise them of all the misrepresentations, exaggerations, and outright lies that are in that piece of trash? Once they’re on notice, they will have to either pull the book from bookstores or officially relabel it as fiction.

    Also, can you please make sure that the prosecutors are made aware of all of Toni’s bullshit? They need to know that they’re dealing with a grifter who is seeking to profit off the scorched flesh and ruined minds of Raniere’s victims.

    Time for Toni to get married again so she start using a new name…

  • Toni “Trailer Trash” Natalie is the embodiment of everything I despise in society, if even half of this article is the whole truth. I’d probably kick her teeth in if I saw her in person.

    Hear that , Toni? Stay outta Velvet’s hood, lest I unleash the Pimp Slap of Justice upside your head, ho!

    • That dead body is Muammar Ghaddafi.
      Sara’s husband Baset Igtet was part of the Islamist gang that conspired to overthrow and murder Gaddaffi.
      Hillary Clinton cackled with glee when learning how Ghaddafi was sodomized with a bayonet.
      “We Came, We Saw, He Died! HA HA HA” Hillary Clinton.
      Since 2011 Libya has turned into a hell hole.

    • The Tangled Web of NXIVM on Pinterest

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      Who follows Nancy Salzman on Pinterest?

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      (Roommate of Nicki Clyne and Michelle Hatchette)

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  • Toni Natalie told me Kim Synder was a retard.

    If Kim Synder decides to file a lawsuit, against Toni Natalie I will testify to that fact.

    All Frank has to do is post to the fact that Kim is going to file a lawsuit and I will call Frank and give him my information.

    Toni Natalie thinks she can gain a sense of self-worth by rising to the top of all the crap she has said about other people.

    Here’s the bad news Toni. Your self-esteem is and always has been built on a foundation of bullshit.

    You’re never going to be anything but a piece of shit.

    You can’t even count on your good looks anymore because your inner ugliness is pouring out through every pour.

    Might as well go pour yourself another glass of booze. Your lies have caught up with you now.


    You’re a loser

  • The Alaska State Police investigated and concluded this was suicide. I’ll assume they are correct until there is proof, or even reasonable doubt, otherwise.

    First, is there anything suspicious about this death? Nope. I did a quick online search and Resurrection Bay is large, it faces the open ocean, and it was February. In Alaska. This was no protected bay in some lake. Ocean kayaking is nothing to fool around with; I know, I’ve done it. In the nice warm friendly Caribbean.

    Here’s what an AK Parks PDF says about Resurrection Bay: “To access the park by kayak one will need to possess advanced paddling and rescue skills. There is a 13 mile stretch with no kayak landings and exposed seas along with ocean swell. Paddling around Cape Resurrection should be done by expert kayakers only and dry suits are recommended. It is also recommended to paddle offshore 1⁄2 mile as there are submerged and exposed rock along the entire shoreline.

    Kayaks flip easily. Without a dry suit, a person becomes incapacitated by the cold in a few minutes, then drowns. Kayak and paddle drift out to the ocean, the body sinks. It’s not only possible but likely that no remains would ever be found.

    Drowning is easy. Murdering someone and making it look like suicide is hard. The Alaska State Police, I’m sure, have had experience with that being tried. They’re not idiots; I can’t say the same for the fools of Nxivm.

    Raniere is a fraudster, a braggart, and all-round despicable. He’s also a weenie. A killer? Don’t make me laugh.

    • Good points.

      It also sounds as if there are reliable reports that Snyder was experiencing severe mental distress including delusional behavior, if not even having a full-blown psychotic incident, corroborated in a certain way if her partner was so concerned that she thought perhaps Snyder should be taken to a hospital. The sort of intense messing with the mind that groups such as NXIVM engage in, can result in mental instability and breakdowns in some cases – Scientology is infamous for it, including quite a few cases that have lead to suicide and even murder, some of them very bizarre.

      It’s even possible that Raniere did have sex with her, or at least tried to, and might even have given her his apparently typical sort of seduction line about her possibly having his avatar baby – but that doesn’t mean that she was actually pregnant.

    • Acteon,

      Jesuz H. Christ…. think about all the money Frank Parlato would have saved on airfare and lodging … if only…you had just simply told him he was wasting his time traveling to Alaska…..Because you….with your awesome detective skills figured everything out…..”it was suicide after all”, thank you so much Einstein!!!

      Shame on you for not telling Mr. Parlato.

      You may now go back to sucking on your own c***k. 😉

  • Another thing Toni Natalie the liar got wrong is Heidi took the first five days of Kristen’s first intensive with her.

    Nancy Salzman only taught the first five days of the first intensive Kristen Synder took, not all 16 days.

    There are more but that enough for now. Only goes to show you Toni Natalie doesn’t know shit from shinola about a lot that happened inside NXIVM.

  • The Snyder family has been through way too much for the piece of shit Toni Natalie to put them through even one more moment of any pain.

    Toni Natalie is the female version of Keith Raniere. Instead of fucking women, Toni Natalie fucks people over emotionally and financially to get her jolly rocks off.

    Natalie is just as evil as the Vanturd. Her new name should be NatShit.

    Her little award winning journalist Hardin is a tool himself. WTF, he must of got his award from crackerjack box.

    Toni had a sister who was retarded, for real.

    I’m glad the Snyder family has blocked her number and if they recorded for NatShit’s podcast, they should revoke their permission.

  • Toni Natalie is completely shameless. She will do or say anything to make a buck.

    She and Keith were definitely soul mates. A match made in Hades.

  • I clearly remember Toni saying that Kim Snyder was retarded. I would have never imagined she would write this in her book. And then to find out she was lying is absolutely disgusting.

  • The death of Kirsten Snyder is definitely suspicious. I looked at a couple old articles that were posted here, and noticed this quote:

    “Mr. Raniere’s attorneys claimed in a 2009 lawsuit against the newspaper Metrolandthat Miss Snyder’s 2003 suicide note was a fake since it mentioned NXIVM.  NXIVM, they said,  was not even incorporated until 2004, a year after the alleged suicide.

    However, Mr. Raniere neglected to mention that in 2002, he directed Miss Bouchey to present a proposal to the planning board at Half Moon to create a “NXIVM Center” four months before the alleged suicide.”

    I wonder what lawsuit that quote refers to. I also think it is a bit weird that the suicide note mentions NXIVM since it wasn’t yet called by that name.

  • The mistake in this is minor. Toni is out there for truth for Kirstin Snyder. No one else is. I stand with Toni. She proved herself to be brave. And beautiful too.

  • This is just sad from the get-go. What is it with Toni having to be the center, the controller, the omnipotent one, the VanGuard! Damn, she’s reminding me of someone.

    Is it ego related, a grandiose opinion of herself or the need to be seen as the one in charge, the one who makes the rules? Would that account for the numerous renditions now of people saying Toni insisted they only contact her and not Frank? The bad-mouthing and lying about people to have others cut contact with them and create herself as the center.

    Toni only considers Toni and her feelings. She holds no empathy for others. She embarrasses, insults, demeans, mocks and denigrates others all while trying to build her own pedestal higher and higher. How many people has she hurt with the book under the guise of being patient zero? She’s a zero, for sure. And she should also be a patient in a psychiatric ward.

    Or, is it all to be able to try and cash in on the Nexivm story that she has told, second-hand, with huge embellishments and lies. The almighty dollar is certainly a huge motivating factor in her life and history.

    Is there anyone that has been involved with or somehow impacted by Nxivm or Raniere and his gaggle of idiots that doesn’t challenge a thing Toni says and has said in that book. I haven’t seen one yet. If you’re out there and will go by your real name, please give a shout out and explain why.

    To the Snyder family, my sincerest condolences and prayers. I’m so sorry Toni did this to you and the memory of your dear sister and daughter.

  • I love it when this site has real journalism! As an avid kayaker myself, I know that it is very, very difficult to sink a kayak – even a wooden one. You’re right that this story stinks all around. I look forward to reading more of your investigation into it. My sympathies with the Snyder family. I can’t image how hard this has been on them – especially now that salt is being poured into their wounds. Keep on, Frank.

  • How many more of these “embellishments” are going to come to light? This one is so callous and shows no respect for Kristin’s memory or her family. You, Frank, along with Joe and Heidi, are doing an excellent job in showing the readers Ms. Natalie’s true character and her complete and total disregard for anyone but herself. What is most amazing is she seems to think she is never going to be caught out in her lies but when she is all she does is compound one lie with another.

    The fact she kept the Snyders away from you is also telling and she did the same thing at the courthouse when she didn’t pass along a phone number. To be betrayed by someone you thought was a good ally in a fight with a common enemy is disappointing but you all must wonder what lies she’s been spreading about all of you.

    If she said such things about Kim Snyder then you, Joe and Heidi must know she’s been lying about all of you. That’s how these people operate. She’s the liar but she is telling anyone who will listen that you are the bad guys. I hope you can close the circle on her hurtful and damaging lies.

    • There are many in every chapter.

      Hang on to your hat.

      Chances are there isn’t going to be a second printing by the time every lie is exposed.

      This women is a loon

  • There are records of phone calls. It would have been easy to verify if Kristin has made that phone call. Why didn’t the police — or someone — do that?

  • Anytime a young woman dies under mysterious circumstances when her body is recovered the autopsy is supposed to determine if she was pregnant at the time of death.
    An unwanted pregnancy can be a motive for a woman to be killed.
    The fact that Kristin Snyder’s body was never recovered is highly suspicious.

    One of the most famous novels in American Literature is “An American Tragedy” by Theodore Dreiser.
    It is based on a true story which occurred in Upstate New York where a pregnant woman was deliberately drowned by her boyfriend.

    “An American Tragedy”
    “Dreiser based the book on a notorious criminal case. On July 11, 1906, resort owners found an overturned boat and the body of Grace Brown at Big Moose Lake in the Adirondack Mountains of Upstate New York. Chester Gillette was put on trial, and convicted of killing Brown, though he claimed that her death was a suicide. Gillette was executed by electric chair on March 30, 1908.”

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Frank Parlato is an investigative journalist.

His work has been cited in hundreds of news outlets, like The New York Times, The Daily Mail, VICE News, CBS News, Fox News, New York Post, New York Daily News, Oxygen, Rolling Stone, People Magazine, The Sun, The Times of London, CBS Inside Edition, among many others in all five continents.

His work to expose and take down NXIVM is featured in books like “Captive” by Catherine Oxenberg, “Scarred” by Sarah Edmonson, “The Program” by Toni Natalie, and “NXIVM. La Secta Que Sedujo al Poder en México” by Juan Alberto Vasquez.

Parlato has been prominently featured on HBO’s docuseries “The Vow” and was the lead investigator and coordinating producer for Investigation Discovery’s “The Lost Women of NXIVM.” He also appeared in "Branded and Brainwashed: Inside NXIVM, and was credited in the Starz docuseries "Seduced" for saving 'slave' women from being branded and escaping the sex-slave cult known as DOS.

Additionally, Parlato’s coverage of the group OneTaste, starting in 2018, helped spark an FBI investigation, which led to indictments of two of its leaders in 2023.

Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

Parlato is a consulting producer and appears in TNT's The Heiress and the Sex Cult, which premieres on May 22, 2022.

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