Toni Natalie’s Publishers Remove ‘Single Mother’ From Description of Her New Book

Toni Natalie

It is peculiar – but back in July the second paragraph of the online advertising description of Toni Natalie’s new book, ‘The Program: Inside the Mind of Keith Raniere and the Rise and Fall of NXIVM.’  began, “Enter single mother, Toni Natalie, Keith’s Patient Zero, the first one indoctrinated into Raniere’s methodology and the first one to escape.”

It now reads “Enter Toni Natalie, Keith’s Patient Zero, the first one indoctrinated into Raniere’s methodology and the first one to escape.”

Two little words “single mother” disappeared from the Amazon description between July 28 and today.

The book will be available on September 24.

Before we look into this further, let us hear from one of our favorite commenters, Bangkok [AKA The Retard].

He rather nicely sums up her persona – in his blunt way – and helps explain why, perhaps, the publishers, or her publicist, or Toni herself, saw fit to remove the words ‘single mother’ when describing her and her noteworthy accomplishments.

Here is Bangkok [in bold]:


In my own humble opinion, Toni Natalie is a disgraceful opportunist who has a habit of using others to further her own agenda.

Let’s look at what FrankReport has reported so far.

The following is based upon information taken from articles written by Joe O’Hara and Frank Parlato:

1) Toni allegedly lied to Joe O’Hara and John Tighe (about having permission to use a NXIVM password) in order to encourage them to access a computer without permission. She allegedly did this to help cover her own tracks or to at least diffuse responsibility among several people, rather than just having her on the hook.

2) Toni allegedly participated in a leasing scheme which sought to gain money through bogus/phantom restaurant equipment that was never bought. Instead, the money was pocketed rather than buying the equipment.

3) Toni was a top salesperson for Consumers Buyline, a pyramid sham that was shut down by pressure from NY authorities. Toni even made a TV infomercial appearance to encourage helpless victims to invest into that sham (a sham that the NY attorney general deemed an illegal pyramid scheme).

4) After CBI was shut down, Toni allegedly started two more MLM companies which many people here have described as pyramid schemes similar to CBI. Both of those firms also failed. Does that sound like a woman who learned her lesson and changed her ways?

5) Toni allegedly bailed as a parent by sending her own adopted son back to live with his father — so that she could run away with a new man named Scott Foley, first to Florida then to NY. In my opinion, that’s akin to ditching your son for a man and it’s DISGRACEFUL since there’s no excuse for not wanting to raise your own child. Does that sound like an ethical woman?

6) Toni was allegedly in charge of two restaurants at different times, both of which failed just like her MLM businesses.

7) Toni allegedly called herself “Queen of the Comp” for making bogus complaints to hotel staff in order to get her room comped or upgraded. She was apparently PROUD of this behavior since she’s the one who gave herself that nickname according to Frank Parlato.

8) Toni allegedly ditched her own husband (Rusty) to shack up with a smelly conman named Keith Raniere. Does that sound like an ethical woman? Sounds like an opportunistic woman to me. Sounds like a woman who’ll do anything if she thinks it’ll benefit her, IMO.

How can her defenders not acknowledge these things?

Overall, I’d say that Toni’s entire life has been one big OPPORTUNISTIC disgrace.

She’s now become a woman who hides behind attorneys who visit this forum and give implied threats of legal action — while IRONICALLY using the same tactics that NXIVM used to silence their own critics. Talk about hypocrisy. LOL.

She is now a public figure (in the eyes of the law) in the context of NXIVM, ESP and Raniere related topics. She has injected herself into this public conversation by appearing on TV, doing media interviews and writing a book.

When her book comes out, I’d love to see a chapter by chapter analysis of how truthful it is.

I don’t consider it ‘normal’ to ship your adopted son away just because you wanna fool around with a new man. That’s disgraceful IMO. What kind of loving mom does that?


Yes, it is true, Toni abandoned her son in order to run off with Scott Foley. It is understandable. Scott is 12 years younger than Toni, who at the time was around 40. He was 28.

She had, after all, persuaded him to leave his wife and abandon his own daughter – so how could Toni expect to take a little boy along – as they traveled south in her cozy motor home to the Florida Keys?

The intimacy of their whole honeymoon would be spoiled if it became crowded with children.

As it turned out, the honeymoon with Scott lasted some 10 years before they broke up. By that time, her son was an adult and Toni did indeed meet up with him again.

Now that he did not need any care, and she was sans a husband, and the son had a good-paying job – what earthly reason would there be for not seeing him again?

He was not in the way anymore – and Toni could explain to him – as she explained away all her failures and grifting over the years – that Keith Raniere forced her to leave him. She had to flee to Florida and leave him with his father and then, even after she returned to Rochester [her son and his father lived together in Rochester] and she still did not see him – she could say that she was so worried about Keith doing something bad to him that she sacrificed her keen desire to see him and kept herself away – for his sake.

It is my opinion – and I say this without malice – and even with some slight admiration – just as one would have for anyone good at her craft – that Toni has made Keith her entire living [and her excuse for every failure] since 1990 when she first came to work for him.

An interlude with some fine artwork

MK10ART’s painting of Emiliano Salinas and Toni Natalie.

There was an alleged plot that Salinas and Keith Alan Raniere tried to lure Toni Natalie and other women to Mexico and once there they would be falsely imprisoned and raped.

Toni has made much of this plot over the years to show just how much danger she was in.

According to several accounts – including hers – she knew the whole time that Keith was behind the supposed plot and she had no intention of ever going to Mexico. The old saying “you can’t con a con artist” or ‘bullshit a bullshitter” seems to be true here.

Toni was not afraid – nor almost lured to Mexico – though she certainly used this story many times to increase her stock as the ultimate victim of Raniere.

The Mexican plot seems to be little more than Keith trying to fuck around with her – much like she was fucking around with him – by going into his computer system and stealing his customer list, then passing out the password that she seems to have stolen to others – and claiming it was given to her.

The two – Keith and Toni – are so similar that at times it is quite striking.


Image result for toni natalie scott foley

MK10ART painting of Toni Natalie and Keith Raniere.

Some have written that Toni didn’t do anything wrong by abandoning her son, claiming INCORRECTLY that it was only her ‘stepson’ and that it was normal to ship him back to his dad when she wanted to run off with Scott Foley.

He was not her stepson  – she was his adopted son. [She and husband number 3, Rusty DeCook, adopted the child].

It was, however, in keeping with her character.

After all, she ran away from her husband, Rusty, after starting an adulterous affair with Raniere.

Then, when she started an adulterous affair with Scott [he was married], it was natural for her to run away from Keith.

The only problem was her adopted son. She could hardly sport about with Scott – who is 12 years younger – and lug around an inconvenient child.

Allegedly, she left with money she stole from the business she ran with Keith. This hardly makes Keith a victim because Toni allegedly stole from him.

Keith and Toni had evidently stolen the money to start their new business in the first place – stolen mostly from members of Consumer’s Buyline who never got what they purchased and never got a refund.

Toni knew this. She was around during the rise and fall of Consumer’s Buyline and knew full well that the money to start their new business [a similar type MLM called National Health Network] came from hundreds, perhaps thousands of swindled members of their failed pyramid scheme.

Funny, Toni’s new book is about the Rise and Fall of Nxivm – which she had little to do with and knows very little about.

But she could have written a most excellent book about the Rise and Fall of Consumer’s Buyline – for she was an integral part of both the rise and the fall of that scam.

L-R: Dr. Oz, Susan Dones, Toni Natalie, Rick Ross, and Melissa Moore.

Toni Natalie has portrayed herself as the heroine of Nxivm – a sort of Joan of Arc.

But those who know her say she exaggerates her role.

In fact, some say that she, more than anyone, has profited from Nxivm.

Sources say she is on Social Security Disability and collects money [more than $2,000 per month] based on her alleged PTSD [Post Traumatic Stress Disorder]- which she claims was caused by Keith Raniere.

She has not been with Keith in 20 years, yet she has somehow persuaded the government to go on paying her monthly payments based on her decades-old association with Keith. [Of course, as long as Keith keeps doing things to her, real or imagined, the trauma continues and she can keep persuading her therapist that she is deeply traumatized].

For that reason alone, she needs to keep Keith as a menace.

Now that he is in prison and she is writing a book and speaking at forums and giving interviews and making a podcast – it is not clear how much longer she can keep claiming she suffers from PTSD because of Keith.

But with Toni’s acting ability and her wondrous charm, she might be able to stay on disability for years to come.

Maybe even after Raniere passes away. Who knows?


To help demonstrate how really unafraid of Keith, Toni Natalie has always been, consider this: Toni was sued in 2017 by  Raniere over a patent he put in her name more than 20 years ago when they were together.

It was Raniere’s invention, but just after the Consumer Buyline debacle, he decided to put nothing in his name. So, he put the patent in the name of a shell company and made Toni the president of the company. The patent lay dormant for decades –  and then, in 2017, Raniere initiated a lawsuit against Microsoft and AT&T claiming they infringed on his patent.

He claimed they were using his patent for their teleconferencing technology. In short, he claimed he invented teleconferencing.

Without getting into the merits of the patent at all, Microsoft and AT&T simply argued that Natalie owned the patent, not Raniere. The lawsuit was about to be thrown out of court when Toni saw an opportunity.

She attempted to sell the patent, held in her name, to Raniere for $1 million (She actually called him personally to discuss the matter). She figured Clare Bronfman would cough up the money easily. Toni would have enabled Raniere to pursue his fraud against Microsoft and AT&T if the price was right.

This was in 2018, just before Raniere was arrested.  So, how’s that for being traumatized by Raniere?

When Raniere refused to pay Natalie, she tried to sell the patent to AT&T and Microsoft. They offered her $50,000 – mere nuisance value.  She turned it down and Keith was arrested days later and the case ended.

Toni later admitted she was foolish to turn down the $50,000 offer. After Raniere’s arrest, Microsoft and AT&T had no interest in paying anything for the patent.

Perhaps no one should condemn Natalie for wanting to get a quick million off of Raniere [courtesy of Clare Bronfman] but it does suggest that she was far less fearful of Raniere than she claims.

It also suggests she was willing to do business with him – at any time – if the price was right.

Toni’s claimed fear of Raniere is part of her shtick. Via taxpayers who pay for her disability payments – it has also been her living for years.

Let’s Get Back to the Book

Toni takes down two little words from her current Amazon description.

Here is the entire description of the book.

A jaw-dropping insider look into the world of the so-called “Hollywood Sex Cult” NXIVM chronicling the rise of enigmatic cult leader, Keith Raniere, from its “Patient Zero,” his former girlfriend and test subject for his coercive control techniques.

Many have heard of NXIVM and its creator, Keith Raniere, the unassuming Albany man now prosecuted for ensnaring tens of thousands of people in the US, Mexico, Canada and elsewhere, to do his bidding and pay millions of dollars to participate in his self-improvement methodology. But where did Keith Raniere begin?
Enter single mother Toni Natalie, Keith’s Patient Zero, the first one indoctrinated into Raniere’s methodology and the first one to escape. THE PROGRAM begins with the origin story of NXIVM, follows its rise to international prominence, and takes the reader into the downfall of Raniere through Toni’s eyes. During this time she bore witness to the evolution of his methodology, including his use of sex, blackmail, and employment of psychological tools such as neuro-linguistic programming to control and punish those who would not heed his wishes. She uniquely details the fortunes lost and the lives left in disarray that she witnessed contemporaneously, including members of DOS, a group of women coerced into sexual acts under the guise of a “women’s empowerment” inner circle, whom Raniere exercised extreme control over directly and through his lieutenants.
But far from being a victim’s story, in the spirit of Erin Brockovich, Toni’s is a nuanced narrative of a multi-dimensional woman saving herself, and then working tirelessly to help other women do the same for themselves. Today, Toni is happy, reunited with her son, and surrounded by friends and family – it is this perspective that makes her such a unique storyteller.


Aside from this being almost an entirely false narrative – Toni had nothing to do with saving other women.

She did not save herself – she made her living off of fighting with Keith.

She also knew little to nothing of DOS and she certainly did not help any DOS slaves escape.

She did not witness blackmail, or even sex – according to her previous accounts. She claims she thought she was in a monogamous relationship with Keith.

Going to back to the removal of two words

“Single mother” has been removed from Toni’s description.

This may be because Frank Report pointed out that Toni abandoned her son after she began an adulterous relationship with Scott Foley. It is kind of raw to brazenly state you were a single mother – when you, in fact, abandoned your child.

At the end of the advertising description – it does state that “Today, Toni is happy, reunited with her son, and surrounded by friends and family.”

She is reunited with her son – after she literally shucked him off to his father. Her son is now an adult man.  It is not like she is still caring for him or that they live together.

As for being surrounded by her family, this is not quite true either. Her parents are dead. Her brother and sister are dead. She has no living siblings.

She is not married and has no other children other than the one she abandoned.  So, how is she surrounded by family? What family?  She has no living family.

By the way, Toni created what seems to be another fictitious story  – that Keith persuaded her brother, John, to commit suicide.

Her brother was, in fact, a drug user and alleged dealer – and a bankrupt guy who almost bankrupted his parents. He was chronically depressed and he had little to nothing to do with Keith.

Toni’s brother lived in Rochester and Keith lived in Albany.

In fact, there is the suggestion that John was not adverse to Keith at all. The story is told that several years before he died, John pitched Keith about investing in one of his many business ventures.  [Toni did not object – for she was not really afraid of Keith].

John had not seen and barely spoke to Keith for years before he committed suicide. It would be fair to say that even though Keith is a bad guy, he cannot be blamed for John’s death.

But Toni saw that her brother’s death – if caused by Keith – would not only be deeply traumatizing – but also one hell of a story.

And here’s another one. Toni claims that Keith ordered a hit on her dog – because he was such a good watchdog.

This, too, seems very dubious in light of what we now know about Toni.  We know of no record of her making a complaint to the police or of any autopsy she ordered to show the dog was poisoned.

We are not making light of a dog dying but it does seem doubtful that Keith had anything to do with it – or even that the dog was poisoned.

But perhaps Toni can show some evidence that it is true.

Toni and the Mafia

Toni always liked to brag about her so-called Mafia connections.  She used to actually intimidate Keith sometime with her veiled threats of arranging a hit on him – through her family.

And Keith is far from a physically brave man.

Toni used to say that her father was a mafiosi and well connected. Actually, he was a low-level thief and bookmaker in the Rochester area by all accounts.

According to women who knew Toni during her days with Keith, Toni often said that her first marriage [she has had four] was a gala mafia style wedding.  She would later claim that the movie ‘Married to the Mob’ was based on her life story and the wedding she had to a son of a Mafia leader.

Image result for married to the mob
Toni claimed that the 1988 movie Married to the Mob was based on her wedding. Michelle Pfeiffer played Toni.

Yes, Toni is one hell of a storyteller and like the description on Amazon says, “Toni is happy, reunited with her son, and surrounded by friends and family – it is this perspective that makes her such a unique storyteller.”

And why shouldn’t she be happy? She seems to have bullshitted her way into a book deal with a bullshit story and chances are there will be many people who believe what’s in her book to be true.

Evidently, her publisher and editors do because they mis-labeled it as “non-fiction”.






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  • We all now know Toni Natalie is willing to tell a bald-faced lie about being a single mom.

    It would appear it was the other way around. Toni’s ex, Rusty, was the single dad most of the time.

    Toni Natalie was too busy having her wild romps in the sack with Keith Raniere and living the high life of bringing in millions a month in CBI to take care of her son.

    Before her sheets were even cold from Raniere, Toni had an affair with a much younger married man, Scott Foley.

    Not only did she move farther away from her own son, she runs off to Florida with Scott who also abandons his children in Albany NY.

    Scott Foley’s kids lose their dad to “the other women” and they don’t even have weekends with dad.

    Toni Natalie is a totally a homewrecker.

    The question to ask?

    What else is Toni Natalie willing to bend the truth or boldly lie about to make her book and her life with and after Keith Raniere a sensational story?

    It appears anything. She lied about her own child and was willing to drag a father away from his own children for her own selfish reasons – which is about as low as one can get.

  • One final thought for this thread…

    Just wondering if Frank can confirm or deny if Toni Natalie has had plastic surgery on her face recently, during the last couple years?

    I’m not saying this to be mean. I’d like you to compare some recent courthouse photos (of Toni) to the ABC interview photo from a couple years ago.

    I will point out certain things from these photos.

    Here’s 3 recent HORRIBLE photos of her face, showing a very weird SKIN TEXTURE which kinda makes it seem like she’s had BAD plastic surgery. IMO she looks horribly old & weird here:×1064.jpg

    *Okay, now please view the below photo from the ABC interview (I think it was from 2017 but I’m not sure).

    She looks MUCH younger and better in that ABC photo. That weird ‘skin texture’ didn’t exist (in my opinion) during her ABC interview. She actually looked pretty good IMO.

    In the ABC interview from 2017, she actually looks mildly attractive (she looks like a mildly attractive 50-55 year old). Her facial skin isn’t ‘weird’ in that photo. She looks natural and good.

    **However, in those courthouse photos (from 2019) she looks horrible & old with a ‘weird’ skin texture.

    IMO she kinda looks like a 65-70 year old woman in those 2019 photos, even though I realize she’s not 65-70 yet.

    I have no idea if she’s had plastic surgery or not, that’s why I’m asking if Frank can confirm. If she did, she sure as heck didn’t get her money’s worth IMO. 🙂

  • I created a poem in honor of Ms. Toni Natalie.

    It’s called: A Partridge in a Pear Tree


    When Toni the ‘Comp Queen’ goes to sleep at night, what does she see?

    4 failed marriages

    3 failed MLM businesses

    2 failed restaurants

    1 failed parenthood

    …and a Partridge in a Pear Tree.

    Sorry it doesn’t rhyme, it’s the best I could do in 30 seconds. 🙂

    Maybe ‘Nutjob’ can point out something that Toni’s actually STUCK WITH and SUCCEEDED at in life, since it kinda looks to me as if everything this woman touches fails miserably or turns to shit, or she simply bails on it fast and moves on to another losing venture. 🙂

    I challenge Nutjob to respond. Has Toni ever stuck with anything or succeeded at anything?

  • So if i break down and buy the book, which I most llikely won’t, can I leave a review on Amazon about how much she lies?

  • The lies Toni Natalie tells are endless.

    Toni F Natalie 61 years old
    ALSO KNOWN AS Toni Natalie Decook, Toni F Foley, Toni T Decooknatalie, Toni F Nataliedecookdecook, Toni F
    Foleynatalie, Toni Forley, Toni F Nataliedecook, Toni Natalie, Tony T Natalie
    Why would someone need so many names – you can decide.

    Toni Natalie filled her bankruptcy 10/27/ 1999, and her bankruptcy discharged on 1/7/2003. How many have heard the “he dragged me through eight years of bankruptcy hell” story? My math says that is three years, two months plus a few days. No one is that bad at math, not even Keith Raniere.

    Patient Zero, WTF does that even mean? I think there were a lot of people that Keith Raniere and Nancy Salzman experimented on long before Toni Natalie came around.

    Karen U and Pam C knew and slept with Keith Raniere long before Toni came on into his life. Does she think he didn’t use his ways mind-bending on them before she went between his sheets?

    Barbara Bouchey (was a client of Salzman) Nancy ex-husbands wife, her daughters (one we know was Keith Raniere’s lover later on in NXIVM) all knew Nancy Salzman long before Ton Natalie ever met Salzman. Is Toni saying Salzman had nothing to do with how they thought and saw the world?

    Where does Natalie come off saying she was Patient Zero? It’s all fabrication and stretching her facts to make her look like she was Raninere’s first victims.
    Such bullshit and she and Chet Hardin should be ashamed to even write such crap and blending fiction into facts.

    Toni sent her son to live with his father long before she skipped town with much younger stud Scott Foley. She sent her son away while she was still playing “between the sheets” with Keith Raniere. Michael, her adopted son, was in the way of Toni’s lifestyle but now Toni claims she feared for Michael. If she was so afraid why not leave with her son?

    The good news is what was inconvenient for Toni ended up being good for her son. He was raised by his father who had nothing to do with Raniere and the cult and Toni’s grifter ways.

    There is no way Toni Natalie can still be suffering from PTSD from her time with Keith Raniere.

    How can one make such a claim? Toni would not have been able to have gone every court hearing and spent six weeks in the same courtroom with Keith Raniere during his trial suffering from PTSD. Her symptoms would have made it impossible for her to be able to stay in the courtroom.

    I witnessed people who could not sit in the courtroom due to their PTSD issues from the NXIVM cult. Some could not be in the same courtroom for more than an hour, some not more than a couple, some not more than 1/2 of a day. Toni Natalie made every single hearing and every day of the trial with no signs of PTSD coming up.

    This is not a woman who is suffering from PTSD. Natalie good actor, better than Allision Mack for sure and a con artist sucking off the system.

    After Natalie kicked her boy toy Scott Foley out of their house he paid all their bills because she guilt-tripped him for what she and he had done, he had an affair.

    Natalie then went through her parent’s trust fund they left her. When that was all gone, Toni didn’t want to work at a real job. She lost her final gravy train. Scott was gone; her parents had passed on and had no money to give her.

    So after almost twenty years after leaving Keith Raniere Toni Natalie is so disabled with PTSD and has no more gravy trains she gets her life long doctor to sign off on her disability package, and she draws on the taxpayers and draws on the SSD system.

  • Hoping Shadow can tell me where to find a local bookstore. SInce FR will undoubtedly be a bloodpath of people calling every word of the book a lie, I’m going to preemptively back Toni (if that is her real name) up by giving my thoughts on some things I hope will be in the book. I am not defending her on everything. I don’t know anything about restaurant equpment leases – so I’m not touching that or other stuff I’m clueless about.

    – Toni loved her son greatly and talked about him often. She wanted him to live with her, but she also wanted to do what was best for him. When a child is of school age, it isn’t fun to move them from school to school and avoiding that was ideal. Toni dumping Keith and getting married to Scott was done after her son had moved back with his father. Toni was working 80 hr weeks leading up to splitting with Keith. Living with Dad was logical – and not anything new or out of the ordinary. I’d guess he started that 1998 school yr with Dad, but I could be wrong.

    – Scott’s marriage was all but over for at least 4-5 months before he had any sort of relationship with TONI. Saying Toni was to blame for Scott’s marriage ending is flat out wrong. Scott may have officially pulled the trigger when he RVd off with Toni, but his feet were out the door well before Toni entered the picture.

    – Toni was scared of Keith. Her brother was scared of Keith’s mind control tactics. John thought Keith used “voodoo” and wanted Keith to stop any and all contact with Toni. John tried to help Toni get away from Keith and acted as a sorta bodyguard for her.

    – My take on CBI – Toni was late to the CBI game. It was Keith’s business. She was a top salesperson. She didn’t know jack about the illegal activity. She knew what Keith told her – which is what he told everyone else. That the attorney generals coming after him was The Man holding him down. CBI was becoming too much of a threat to big business and they wanted to end it. Poor Keith was a victim. Not only that, Keith said he used every dime of the money from CBI to fight the charges in court so that he didn’t need to admit any wrongdoing. Knowing what we know about Keith, does anyone (other than Bangcock pretending to) honestly think that Keith opened up to Toni and told her about anything illegal or shady with CBI?

    – People saying Toni opened up 2 more illegal pyramid schemes after CBI is a joke. Her skincare line was sold through CBI. After CBI ended, it was sold retail.

    – NHN had outlets (NHOs) to sell healthcare items retail. If you were a member (for $25 per month) you’d get a big discount on the healthfood and vitamins you purchased. There was a member price and a non-member price for everything. You could have the stuff shipped to you or you could go into the store to buy. Yes, it was an MLM. If we have an expert on MLMs that contributes to this site, maybe he could chime in as to if he thinks NHN was illegal.

    – Toni wouldn’t have been “Queen of Comp” if Keith didn’t want her to be that. Keith wanted people to believe she stole and was shady. Then, it would be easier to blame her for things later – like when she left him for Scott, or if he had to explain why he needed to lock her in a room for 2 years.

    – The restaurant business is easy. Virtually every new venture is successfull. Toni failing TWICE shows what an unethical idiot she is.

    – Kristin Keeffe supposedly told Toni that her dog was poisoned. This seems like something that can be verified. Can we add this to the list of things to ask Kristin the next time she talks to anyone?

    – Kristin is on tape saying that a Mexican judge was bribed as part of the prison/rape plot. Whether the women fell for the plot or not, shouldn’t change the fact that Keith was a danger to these women and they SHOULD have been scared of him.

    – To me, Toni approaching Keith over the years and not being afraid to try to hustle the Bronfmans out of a million dollars is more funny than alarming. She never was willing to totally back down to him. He kept suing her – it’s not like she could get him out of her life. Why not punch back?

    – I firmly believe that the narrative about Toni leaving with money from the NHN business is incorrect. That business was bankrupt. As was the “A Place of Creations” cafe (failed restaurant #1) that Toni hastily opened as a way to try saving the failing NHN. If Toni left with money, it was from her Mom. Keith having his minions tell everybody that Toni left with money from the business is a 100% guarantee. Just a lie. In fact, can we add this to the Kristin Keeffe question list? The inner inner inner circle knew have much money Toni/NHN had left – almost to the dollar.

    Again, I’m hoping these things will be addressed in the book. I’m sure it will be fun calling out the lies in the book, but I’m backing Toni up on these things out of the gate.

    Where there’s smoke there’s fire – and I’m not saying all of this new narrative put out by Joe and Frank is false. However, as you can see by what I’ve typed, some of this is over-the-top and some of it is just not correct.

    • Fortunately, you not only have AN MLM expert on this website, you have THE MLM expert. In fact, I schooled the lead FTC attorney at the time for the Herbalife lawsuit a few years ago. She couldn’t explain WHY retail sales to non-distributors are required to show why an MLM isn’t an illegal pyramid. Her only response was a very lawyerly “precedent.” A full explanation can be found here:

      It should be noted there is no federal law that defines an illegal pyramid, so it is kind of murky. The FTC’s position is that being non-specific provides them with flexibility, which is total hogwash. The FTC, the lead regulator for MLMs, instead uses Section 5 of the CFR (Code of Federal Regulations) to regulate “unfair and deceptive” business practices.

      The 1979 Amway decision resulted in Amway being declared NOT to be an illegal pyramid, but only because they claimed to enforce their 10 customer rule, without providing evidence to prove this claim, which is also hogwash, because during my approximately 150 month involvement with Amway, they never failed to pay me the downline volume bonus even though I rarely, if ever, met the 10 customer/50 PV requirement. The more recent settlements in 2016 with Vemma and Herbalife resulted in not only massive fines ($200 million for Herbalife) but also changes to their pay plans to basically pay out downline volume bonuses only if specific retail sales level are met, generally about 50% of the total personal volume on a monthly basis. In other words, if you don’t sell as much as you buy for yourself, no bonus check. Herbalife also has to pay an auditor for 7 years to verify the retail sales are being made to real customers, and not someone’s downline, child, or pet.

      The $25/month fee to buy the products at a discount is a huge red flag, which is why it is rarely used by MLMs any longer. For example, you can be a customer with Amway for zero cost and pay the same as a distributor. The U.S. distributors pay about $50 to join and about $50 ANNUALLY, which also gives them the ability to sponsor others and benefit from their volume. In the UK, it’s free to be a distributor, as Amway had to kiss the UK regulator’s backside to keep from getting kickout of the country in the 2008 timeframe.

      The overriding principle is that any distributor AND the company should be making the clear majority of their gross profit from retail sales, not internal sales and joining/annual fees in order to be considered to be a legitimate MLM and not an illegal pyramid.

      For Mr. Shadow’s edification, the “endless chain” and “saturation” theories are not only debunked by simple logic, but also by the courts that applied that simple logic. The FTC tried that false theory and went down in flames with the Ger-Ro-Mar case in the mid 1970s, and tried it again with Amway and failed again. Search for Ger-Ro-Mar here:

      My belief is that nearly all MLMs are illegal pyramids because of the lack of retail sales, and that’s only the second largest problem, the largest being the tool scam, which you can research to your heart’s content on my websites and

      • Thanks. The book explains a little how the CBI illegal pyramid stuff went down. Who knows with Keith, but he’d have had to be really stupid to make the same mistakes with NHN that led to the CBI downfall.

        IMO, the reason NHN failed is because not enough people were selling the memberships and doing it as a business. Most of the clients were not actively working the business – just paying the $25 each month. Based on what you typed, I’d guess NHN would/could have been an illegal MLM if it had grown enough to be successful.

        • Natalie’s book? I wouldn’t believe a word in it unless/until it is verified by a sane person. Here’s the FTC’s position, which has held up in several court cases and out of court settlements: “If the money you make is based on your sales to the public, it may be a legitimate multilevel marketing plan. If the money you make is based on the number of people you recruit and your sales to them, it’s probably not. It could be a pyramid scheme. Pyramid schemes are illegal, and the vast majority of participants lose money.” Most MLM scam artists don’t care about retail sales, because they know their products are overpriced and few customers will be the result – they know the government ignores most of them, so they take their chances. Sort of like a herd of gazelle, only one of them gets caught by a lion every once in a while, so they take their chances. Besides, what else is a gazelle (or MLM scam artist) going to do? Raniere’s problem is that CBI grew too fast and attracted the government’s attention, probably with the help of some of the other MLM scam companies that didn’t want too much attention focused on the MLM scam industry. Raniere isn’t any smarter or dumber than any other MLM scam artist. NHN was probably an illegal pyramid all along, big or small.

  • I can’t imagine how the publisher would have been clued into Natalie’s questionable claims, except that someone was reading the Frank Report. There’s almost certainly has to be some other possibility, but that seems the most obvious and likely.

    Nice work, Frank. It shows that getting the facts and truths out here, can still have a broader impact.

  • Wow! Awesome article, Frank.

    You give the details that no other media outlet would have access to.

    I totally agree 100% that she’s a rotten apple.

    Just as you said, Toni uses everything as an ‘excuse’ to make selfish decisions which benefit her and hurt other people, such as Rusty and her son.

    She then ‘justifies’ her disgraceful behavior, which is something that selfish people do.

    …And despite Heidi’s claims that Toni was afraid of Keith, her attempt to play hardball and get $1 million from Keith (for the patent) is proof that she’s not the least bit afraid of him.

    She was trying to sucker him and Microsoft into paying a ridiculous fee by playing hardball. That type of behavior indicates a willingness to aggravate Keith, which isn’t something she could do if she was deathly afraid of him.

    Heidi is just too biased to see these facts.

    Also, you made good points about her family situation now.

    She selfishly claims to be ‘reunited’ with her son (implying to her readers that she’s a great and loving mom now) but, in reality, she only reunited with her son AFTER he grew up and became independent with a good job, and no longer needed her to support or raise him.

    In my opinion, that sounds like a reunion of ‘convenience’ for her, not a loving mother wishing to make up for previous bad deeds.

    IMO Toni is a disgrace and anybody defending her is equally disgraceful. 🙂

  • Thank you for removing references about me sticking up for Toni on the maternal front from Bangkok’s original rant.

    I mistakenly believed her son was Rusty’s biological offspring, didn’t realize he was adopted by both Toni and Rusty. That’s different.

    I also had the impression Toni suffers with fiber myalgia and collects disability for that reason not PTSD from Keith. T or F?

    Disagree that Toni’s never been afraid of Keith. I’ve seen her scared and with damn good reason.

    • Just wanted to say that after pondering your odd defensiveness regarding Ms. Natalie (whom you lovingly call “Tones”), I now understand what your motivation may possibly be.

      Quote from Heidi:

      “Where Toni Natalie is concerned, it hurts that she would falsely claim I am exaggerating my role in NXIVM when I honestly never have done that. In fact, there are those who ARE exaggerating their roles in the takedown and Toni may be one such person. … Thanks, Tones. I appreciate it” -Heidi Hutchinson

      Another Quote from Heidi:

      “Oh, and by the way, I’ll never tell anyone about that equipment lease kiting scam Keith came up with for both CBI/ESP and you and your brother’s Mr. Shoes Pizza business, or how far you maybe went along with it (?) no matter how much they torture me” -Heidi Hutchinson

      Ms. Hutchinson,

      What you wrote above is known as SPONTANEOUS SINCERITY (you told the truth spontaneously without thinking, cuz you felt enough anger ‘in the moment’ to respond with the uncensored truth).

      However, since writing those honest and spontaneous paragraphs — you’ve now done a full 180 degree turn, by implying that Toni is wholesome, nice and not ‘savvy’ enough to do various bad deeds. LOL.

      Guess what, Ms Hutchinson?

      I now realize WHY you’ve likely done this 180. 🙂

      I’m just guessing here (and I could be wrong) but it sounds to me as though Toni (whom you lovingly call “Tones”, how cute) probably has a lot of knowledge about your own life over the last 20 years and could probably embarrass you IF you begin a public feud with her.

      Am I right? 🙂

      That’s the only thing that makes sense to me.

      You’re the one who wrote those SPONTANEOUSLY TRUTHFUL statements above. You chose to voluntarily share that information with this blog. That makes it fair to comment about it.

      That’s it. I’m done with you for now. 🙂

      • Hey Bangcock -where did your interest in NXIVM/FR come from? Pretty much every commenter on this site has given the answer to this question. You chicken to answer?

      • Bangkok,

        Aren’t you insightful…..

        Coming from a young man with Daddy issues……

        That’s why your always seeking affirmation from Frank and now even Joe O’Hara… so sad……

        ……….Heidi must be like your mom love/hate?

        …..Which parent refers to you Banknkok as retard mom or dad or both?
        I wonder……

        You are a sad and lonely young man in need of any attention you can get….good or bad….. positive or negative.

        Bangkok I do pitty you. Life can be hard.

        Hang in there!!!’ Life can be tough.

        I understand why you like to torture everyone. Your unhappy.

        Bangkok life can be cruel. I promise you it can get better and will eventually.

        Have a nice night you little dipshit 😉

  • Disability? Then how did she afford the plastic surgery? Does this mean she’s also on food stamps? By the looks of that victory picture, she is not only cured of kleptomania but also her fears of Raniere. To collect disability she would have to have at least two psychological issues. I wonder what it is that makes her disabled and unable to work? Is it possible she cut a deal with her doctor to sign off on an altered condition enough to fool the disability judge? And, lastly, is she claiming her k9 or Chet Harding as a dependent?

  • Pow! Zang! Safe to conclude that Frank is no fan of Toni. Btw: is Toni Natalie her real name? Seems made up (like the rest of it?)

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