Did Toni Natalie Commit Perjury Concerning Her Art Collection in Bankruptcy Court – Just as Raniere Alleged?

Toni Natalie with the valuable Ramon Santiago painting of her son Michael.
Sometime before Toni Natalie and husband #4, Scott Foley, put their house up for sale at 13 Santa Circle, in Pittsford, NY, pictures were taken to show off the loveliness of the home.
According to public records, the home sold in September 2014.
On the walls of most of the rooms is beautiful artwork – paintings of the late Rochester area artist, Ramon Santiago, who was a friend of Toni’s husband #3, Rusty DeCook.
Ramon died in 2001 and his paintings have gone up in value substantially since he died. Even when he was living, they were worth a lot of money. In fact, Rusty had a collection of them. And had appraisals made of them too.
Somehow, after Rusty and Toni broke up [she left Rusty after she started an adulterous affair with Keith Raniere] – in 1991 – Toni wound up with many of the paintings.
She held on to them over the years since they worth a lot of money and Santiago’s fame is increasing.  As you can see from the pictures of Toni’s home, there are paintings in every room – and these paintings are the works of Ramon Santiago.
Toni likes to claim that Ramon Santiago painted many of his most famous paintings of beautiful women – based on her likeness – that she was his inspiration for his paintings. Like this painting in Toni’s bedroom. But other sources say Ramon used another woman as his inspiration for this and other paintings, his longtime girlfriend, Diane Walsh.


In the last photograph, we see the painting entitled “Michael”, which the artist painted of Rusty and Toni’s son Michael [whom she abandoned when he was 9 years old. Michael lived with his father, Rusty].
Somehow, Toni wound up with the Michael painting and, as the pictures show, quite a few others.  She had them in 2014 –  which is when all these photographs were taken.
Indeed, she still has them – and the most valuable of them all – “Michael”, a painting estimated to be worth more than $50,000 – is seen in the background of a picture of her that was taken by – and published in the Democrat and Chronicle newspaper – earlier this year.
“Michael’ is a painting of her son Michael dressed in a lion costume, painted by Santiago when the boy was about 4 – prior to Toni leaving her son and her husband to become a business and sexual partner of Keith Raniere.
This picture appeared in the Democrat and Chronicle and was taken inside Toni’s home in Pittsford NY. I have been inside that home myself.
So Toni has this valuable painting of Michael and other paintings of Santiago – who died on December 16, 2001 – [which just happened to be right in the middle of her bankruptcy by the way].
So why is this important?
Because in her bankruptcy – which she filed in 1999 and which was discharged in 2003 – she claimed she did not own any Santiago paintings.
It came up in bankruptcy court because Raniere knew she owned plenty of paintings by Santiago – yet in her bankruptcy, Nata-LIE claimed she did not.
She claimed she sold the collection – which she said was worth $500 – to her mother for $10,000 – prior to filing bankruptcy.
The $10,000, she said, was used to fix a faulty boob job – and to help her struggling business.
Is it possible that Natalie committed perjury in federal bankruptcy court – just like Raniere claimed she did? [These two are peas in a pod.]
Let’s look at US Bankruptcy Judge Robert Littlefield Jr.’s memorandum and order – as it relates to the paintings [with some comments I will make in brackets and bold] and then take another look at the pictures – especially the painting of Michael.
The date is January 7, 2003 – when Toni got her bankruptcy discharged – along with Judge Littlefield’s memorandum.
Memorandum-Decision Order

ROBERT E. LITTLEFIELD, Jr., United States Bankruptcy Judge

The matter before the court is the objection to discharge filed by Creditor Keith Raniere (“Plaintiff”)…

[Toni had a lot of debts and wanted to discharge them for her and her company, National Health Network, through bankruptcy. Raniere objected to her discharge, claiming she owed him $2,000. His real motive was not to get his $2,000 back – he spent tens of thousands in legal fees to fight this – but to expose Natalie as a liar and fraud. He was probably right, but he overplayed his hand. His claims of Toni’s fraud were numerous, and went well beyond the artwork – but, for today, we will focus on the Ramon Santiago artwork that Toni may have lied about owning.

[As we shall see, Toni told at least three different stories to the court about the paintings. At first, she claimed she owned no paintings. Then, she amended this to say she owned $1,100 worth of paintings. Then, she later swore in an affidavit that the paintings were worth $500 and that she had sold them to her mother in 1998 – a year before the bankruptcy was filed. 

[The Judge wrote]

In response to Schedule B… question 5, the question which asks what books, pictures, art objects, etc. a debtor owns, the Debtor [Toni Natalie] checked the box labeled “NONE.” On the amended Schedule B she filed on April 21, 2000, however, she states she owns “Paintings, Prints, Posters” worth $1,100. She later testified at one of her depositions that the $1,100 value included her son’s painting [the painting “Michael”] and posters and prints and that the frames were worth more than the actual graphics themselves.

During her depositions, Michael Rudin, Esq., the Debtor’s former bankruptcy attorney, often commented about her Schedule B amendment, particularly her belief that the artist presented the portrait to her son as a gift….. However, at trial the Debtor [Natalie] denied that she had previously testified the painting belonged to her son….. In an affidavit the Debtor signed on January 28, 2000 and later filed with the court, the Debtor stated, “All the artwork I had consisted of art worth no more than Five Hundred and 00/100 Dollars ($500.00), all of which were sold in 1998 to pay my medical expenses.” Whenever asked under oath if she ever had an appraisal of the artwork done, she answered she had not….

According to [Toni’s mother Joan] Schneier’s testimony and a promissory note dated June 30, 1998, on or around June 30, 1998, more than one year prior to filing, she [Joan] received artwork from the Debtor [Toni] after paying her approximately $10,000….. The document itself is confusing. Although it purports [via Joan and Toni’s testimony] to be Ms. Schneier’s written promise to pay the Debtor $10,000 for artwork, pictures and paintings, the Debtor [Natalie] signed the document as a guarantor.

[A guarantor signs for a loan, not a sale.]

Confusing the artwork sale matter more is a transcript of the Debtor’s [Toni] November 15, 2000 deposition. She testified she intended to sell her the artwork, then analogizes [makes a comparison of] the transaction to the second mortgage her mother had obtained on the Debtor’s house.

[This suggests Toni lied – that her mother gave her $10,000 as a second mortgage on her house and not for the paintings. This is why Natalie signed as guarantor – not as a seller of paintings. She was guaranteeing repayment of money – and this document that Joan and Toni said was the proof of the sale of her artwork to her mother – was not a receipt for the sale of paintings. It looks like fraud upon the court. Toni used the promissory note she had given to her mother – when she borrowed money against her house – to fix her faulty breast implants – to, it seems, pretend that it was for the sale of her artwork so she could conceal she still owned the artwork.

[The Judge continues:]

Later on she testified that if the payments provided for in the agreement had been made, her mother would not have had any right to the artwork because the Debtor would not have owed her any money, but then stated she did not know if the artwork was the security for the payment of her debt to her mother…..

[Toni was playing stupid here – she did not know if it was a sale or a loan – and it worked to a degree with the judge. She admitted that if she had paid back the $10,000 to her mother that her mother would not own the paintings. But when asked, she said she did not know if the artwork, as opposed to her house, was security for the payment of the $10,000.]


Toni Natalie’s mother Joan Schnier. She claimed she bought the Santiago paintings from Toni for $10,000. But somehow Toni wound up with them after all.

[Toni’s Mother Joan] Schneier testified the Debtor used the $10,000 to pay for surgery the Debtor needed to lessen the harmful physical effects resulting from a damaged silicon implant and to keep her business afloat during her recovery. She also testified she did not have sufficient room in her home initially to take possession of the artwork.

[In other words, Toni kept the paintings in her home at first because the mother – who supposedly owned them – did not have room for them.]

Prior to moving to Rochester and after her husband recovered from a heart attack, Schneier had the artwork removed from the Debtor’s residence with the help of family and friends. Once she took possession of it, she retained it.

[OK – so the mother said she had the artwork – which may have been true. She may have been keeping it for Toni, now that Raniere was challenging the bankruptcy. In other words, Toni seems to have kept the artwork until she was challenged about it in bankruptcy and then had her mom take it – and then had her mom give it back to Toni – probably because Toni owned them all along. This seems to have been a fraud on the court.

[The judge continues:]

… In his opening brief, the Plaintiff [Raniere] contends the Debtor should be denied a discharge … for knowingly and fraudulently making a false oath or account regarding the existence, ownership, possession and value of artwork [plus other reasons which we will get to in another post]… and the oil painting called “Michael.” He asserts she did not list the art as a secured debt on the bankruptcy petition so she could remove the collection from the court’s purview and purchase it back at any time.

[Raniere seems to be telling the truth for once.]

…. The Plaintiff [Raniere] also asserts the Debtor should not receive a discharge based on 11 U.S.C. § 727(a)(3) for concealing information or failing to preserve recorded information regarding her financial condition or business transactions, particularly the value of her art collection….

In her response …. the Debtor [Natalie] asserts the Plaintiff has not met his burden of proof …. According to her, she did not provide the Plaintiff with an appraisal of the artwork because she had no such appraisal, thus, she had no “recorded information.”….

She contends there is no evidence of a secret deal between her and her mother which shows she retained a legal or beneficial right to the artwork…. the Debtor sold the artwork more than a year prior to filing her petition and did not possess it when she did file.

Regarding the “Michael” painting, the Debtor asserts her amended schedule was a defensive move by her so that if she had any rights in the painting [which she claimed she did not – Santiago gave the painting to Michael so she did not own it, she said], those rights were disclosed…

…. the Plaintiff … lists 19 areas where the Debtor “misrepresents, deletes or provides directly contradicting testimony,” [but] overall he focuses on the Debtor’s transfer and concealment of her artwork…. [and two other lies which we will discuss later]

[In the end, Raniere overplayed it. And Toni outsmarted him by playing the innocent dumb, but let’s not forget “pretty” high school dropout. The judge sided with Natalie – largely because of testimony Natalie and her mother gave about how Raniere was harassing them and because Raniere overdid it – he was pursuing $2,000 and he spent much more than that in legal fees. On top of that, Toni testified she was unsophisticated, saying falsely she had only graduated 9th grade and was never in business before except to sell fruit baskets. See those lies deconstructed in Another Day, Another Lie – From Toni Natalie – This Time About Business Experience]

[The judge ruled famously against Raniere:]

The individual challenging the Debtor’s discharge is her former boyfriend [Raniere]. Although he is a creditor of the Debtor, compared to the similar creditor bodies in the two cases, his claim is very small. Moreover, unlike the more typical scenario of the Chapter 7 estate’s fiduciary objecting to a debtor’s discharge, this matter smacks of a jilted fellow’s attempt at revenge or retaliation against his former girlfriend, with many attempts at tripping her up along the way. After careful consideration of the entire record, with particular attention paid to the Plaintiff’s post trial briefs and appendices, the court concludes the Plaintiff did not meet his burden of proving, by a preponderance of the evidence, that the Debtor should not receive a discharge…..

Of course, sophisticated debtors are held to a higher level of accountability. In re Sethi, 250 B.R. 831 (Bankr.E.D.N.Y. 2000). In the instant case, however, the Debtor has a ninth grade education and, prior to her involvement with the Plaintiff, the extent of her business practice was selling fruit baskets from her home…..  Although the Debtor did not provide the Plaintiff or the Trustee with an appraisal of the artwork, she did not do so because she did not have one…..

The Plaintiff asserts the Debtor did not disclose the transfer of artwork at her … [meeting with creditors]… There is no evidence the Debtor made any unusual transaction or deliberately covered her tracks, no evidence of a secret deal between her and her mother where she retained a legal or beneficial right to the artwork and no evidence her mother gave the Debtor anything but fair value for the artwork…

As for the proceeds …. the Debtor used them for her surgery and … business expenses. The Debtor’s confusion, nervous state or misunderstanding of the [questions] …. does not support a determination that a fraudulent misrepresentation occurred. …  Here, the Debtor was not asked straightforward questions like “do/did you own paintings?” and “where are they now?” Rather, the series of questions asked involved broad, legally-worded queries which required the Debtor to recall “transactions” involving art and numerous other assets she allegedly owned during the six years prior to filing. The line of questioning prompted her attorney to ask clarifying questions. Given the context, especially Rudin’s interruptions and involvement, the court does not infer fraudulent intent by the Debtor…

[This was a simple case of Raniere going too far and his lawyers being too cute. They did not ask straightforward questions but, instead, tried to trip up Natalie who they knew was lying. It backfired. The judge sympathized with Natalie partly because he thought Toni – who acted nervous and played stupid – was unsophisticated and being attacked by a vengeful ex-boyfriend with a lot of money.]

[The judge continues:]

…. The Debtor did not disclose the existence of any artwork until she filed her Amended Schedule B, however, her credible testimony regarding the amendment is that she filed it to reflect the existence of the “Michael” painting, i.e., art belonging to her son. Furthermore, the Plaintiff has failed to prove, by a preponderance of the evidence, that she actually owned artwork when she filed….

….  In her affidavit she swears the artwork she sold in 1998 was only worth $500. However, Exhibit B, the promissory note between herself and her mother, and the testimony of the Debtor and her mother indicate she might have received as much as $10,000 for it.

…. the court views the promissory note as evidence that the Debtor’s mother paid approximately $9,500 too much for the artwork, in effect, gifting the Debtor that money so she could pay for her surgery. Due to the lack of any evidence in the record evidencing the various paintings and lithographs had a higher value when the Debtor transferred it to her in exchange for money for her medical and business expenses, the court does not find she lied in that affidavit….

[Again Raniere and his team of imbeciles blew it. They could have gotten evidence that the paintings were worth far more than $500, but they did not. So Toni got her discharge and got to keep her paintings too – which otherwise would have been sold to pay off her debts.]


Now for some final comments 

When Toni Natalie filed for bankruptcy, she had a lot of debts.

Here is a partial list of creditors:

10 Lake Corporation

Advanta Leasing Services

American Express Centurion Bank

Fleet Leasing Corp. (Sanwa)

GE Capital

GE Capital Colonial Pacific Corp.

PC Information Leasing Corp.

Southeastern Leasing Equipment Corporation

Copelco Capital, Inc.

IFC Information Leasing Corp.

Preferred Capital Corporations

Note that all of these are equipment leasing companies As we shall show in a later post, they were quite likely scammed by Toni in a large-scale scheme she perpetrated by claiming she [and her brother and her mother] wanted to buy restaurant equipment – then borrowing the money from leasing companies for new equipment, then not really buying the new equipment but putting used equipment in the restaurants instead, then pocketing the cash difference, then stiffing the leasing company on the payments, and, ultimately, discharging the debts through bankruptcy. Her mother and brother also filed for bankruptcy.

How she fooled the judge that she had no business experience and was an unsophisticated little nobody who only went to 9th grade and made fruit baskets in her basement is one for the books – and one we shall explore in more detail later.

By the way, for those who say that Toni inherited the paintings after her mother’s death, which is why she has them, keep in mind that her mother died in October 2014. Toni had the paintings on her walls long before September 2014.

Indeed, it is believed she got them back from her mother right after her bankruptcy discharge in 2003. And since then, she has had them consistently.

It is funny too, in her bankruptcy, she claims the most valuable painting, “Micheal”, belongs to her son, Michael, but there it is in her house.

Michael should go over and get that painting before he moves to Florida this year.  After all, Toni said under oath it was gifted to him by the painter, Ramon Santiago, himself.

That painting could be sold to help the young man get his college education.

I think it would be fair too – especially since Toni may have already gobbled up her son’s inheritance – with the aid and assistance of her close, very personal and married friend, her “angel”, Ron Von P—.

But that is a matter for another post – on how Ron Von became the executor of Toni’s stepfather’s estate and how Michael – who was supposed to be the executor  – and who was supposed  to have inherited money for his college tuition – got nothing.

The least Toni could do is to give her son [who she abandoned when he was 9] back the painting she claims the artist gave him when he painted it.

Toni on her Instagram promotes the evil of Keith Raniere. In this picture, she published she is sitting with her soulmate Raniere back in the 1990s.

Finally, I think Toni and Keith are so similar that I believe they are soulmates – and if demons have souls then their soulmate would have to be the one who punishes them most.

How similar they are. Keith had it all – until he decided to brand women.
And Toni had it all – until she decided to write a book of gross exaggerations, blatant misrepresentations, and outright lies.
They both took it one step too far. If Keith had not branded women as slaves – he could have kept on grifting the rest of his days.
If Toni had not chosen to lie about others in her book – not just Raniere but other totally innocent people like her ex-husbands and son – it might have been a stellar success and she would have kept her “stolen valor” [like men who put phony military medals on their chest, Toni has written a book giving herself credit for things she did not do to take down Nxivm].
If she had stuck to just lying about Raniere, maybe nobody would have disputed her lies.
Tough luck, kid.
[A woman who Toni Natalie called mentally retarded – Kim Snyder – contributed valuable information and research for this story – which tends to prove she is not mentally retarded at all [Thanks, Kim – I’m sorry Toni hurt you with her vicious lie about you] In addition, several sources who know Toni said they saw the Santiago paintings in her house at various times throughout the years, thereby tending to prove that Toni has always had them since right after her bankruptcy discharge.]

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  • Toni Natalie is full of bullshit

    She is a mean bitch that uses people against each other to get what she wants

    She lies when she could tell the truth in the same situation and the result would have a better outcome for everyone

    She’s a master manipulator

    Toni has screwed up her son’s life and justifies her actions through lying to herself

  • To the blasphemer who wrote “Be careful what you wish for. If you are successful in winning Toni over, take it from someone that knows. The only difference between Toni and a plate of spaghetti is that a plate of spaghetti moves when you eat it.”

    Let me say this: if I ever have the privilege of worshiping at Goddess Toni’s hymenal altar I shall make the oral offering to awaken the Goddess of Love and I shall be her devotee.

    Toni do not read these blasphemers. I will be your Concorde Jet and your Boeing 747. And make you forget even Keith Raniere.

    And keep your painting. Ramon Santiago painted so many of his famed paintings of you. You were the feminine inspiration of life and made him famous. So many pictures. He even did that so priceless one of you as a blonde.

    Your liege GHP

    • Hopefully you have very hairy nipples to suck, we hear she is up for that, as well as your Concorde/Boeing but she is also known to get bored very quickly particularly if a space shuttle comes along.

  • Frank, I heard that Toni is still being asked to appear on various talk shows like Dr. Oz and Dr. Phil to talk about her book. If that’s true, you and Claviger need to get in touch with those shows and make them aware of all the documented lies that have been exposed about Toni. Wouldn’t it be fun if they ambushed her by asking her questions about all her lies while she was appearing live on their shows?

  • Since Toni didn’t pay for the paintings (Rusty her ex-husband #3 paid for them) and since Toni then lied in her bankruptcy about having them, they should go to her son.
    Toni already cheated him out of his college education fund that was to go to him from his grandparents’ will. (Yes Toni took it all for herself, the selfish bitch). She could at least let Michael have the paintings that Toni lied about to the courts and use the money from the sale of them to finally go to school.

  • The Doctor is just a troll – most likely Toni Natalie herself trying to distract from the story. Go love yourself somewhere else Toni. We all hate your lying ass.

  • My lovely, Toni, do not give that painting away. It’s yours. It’s your son. He was baby when it was done. It belongs to you. You kept it safe all these years and fought so hard brave lady. I will defend you my queen. Frank Perlato is raving maniacally to hurt you. He is blasphemer. Keep that painting. I believe you adorable and inestimable beauty. You light up my life. Please don’t get too close to this Ron Von P—- he is no pearl if he is married. Drop him and Chet you are too gorgeous to play second fiddle to married men. You are the prime woman in this universe and need a man who worships you as you deserve. Keep that painting.
    Your liege, Dr. G H P
    And Shadow Shut your mouth I do not care to hear your smarty pant answers.

    • “And Shadow Shut your mouth I do not care to hear your smarty pant answers.”

      Thank you for the invitation to comment.
      I was looking at the pictures of the interior of the house that Toni had to give up in the bankruptcy.
      It looks like a nice and roomy house.
      Perfect for Allison Mack, Lauren Salzman and Nicki Clyne to brand sex slaves with hot irons.

      So now you are Gastone Hiram Porter M.D. of Omaha, Nebraska.
      What is your medical specialty?
      Whenever my brother travels out West he often takes I-80 through Omaha.
      Maybe he could drop in and see your medical practice.
      But I was unable to find any address or telephone number for Dr. Gastone H. Porter of Omaha.
      I hope your medical practice is doing OK and you will soon be able to afford an office and telephone.
      Or do, you practice medicine out of the trunk of your car?

      And Dr. Porter, why do you talk like you just dropped in from Elizabethan England?

      “I will defend you my queen.”
      “Frank Perlato is raving maniacally to hurt you. He is blasphemer. ”
      “Your liege, Dr. G H P”

      Is that how people talk in Vancouver, British Columbia?

    • Go kiss your lying ass somewhere else Toni Natalie. Pretending to be a doctor madly in live with yourself, how low can get get?

  • I was just thinking. How messed up it is she’s lives a life of crime and has really never been caught. We’ve got John rotting away in prison because of her big nose messing around in nxivm. And Frank an upstanding American who almost goes to prison under false charges. How the hell can she even look at herself? She really is a soulessnes bitch. I hope Kim takes Toni’s Raniere nipple sucking retarded face to court.

  • Toni lied in her bankruptcy and got away with it regarding the paintings. She committed perjury.

    Toni also told everyone Keith Raniere kept her in bankruptcy hell for eight years. More like three and a few months. What the heck is a few more years of embellishment?

    Toni has stolen from her son. Not only in the paintings but also in his college education his grandfather promised would be his when he passed away. Toni decided to keep that money for herself instead of giving it to her son to go to college.

    So if she is willing to commit perjury, lie about how long her bankruptcy took, steal from her own son, what else she will lie about and do.

  • Wait a minute…This is the house she was owned AFTER her bankruptcy? I call bullshit!

  • It’s obvious that Toni Natalie is a lying bitch who only cares about herself. But what the fuck is up with this Judge Littlefield who bent over backwards to ignore her lies and then came up with his own creative explanation “…the court views the promissory note as evidence that the Debtor’s mother paid approximately $9,500 too much for the artwork, in effect, gifting the Debtor that money so she could pay for her surgery.” Seriously, that’s total fucking bullshit. Sounds to me like the judge may have a few private meetings with Toni in his chambers. No other way to explain that kind of shit.

  • Living proof that eduation does not equal intelligence. Raniere is a college graduate triple major, Natalie apparently stopped at somewhere between 9-12th grade and didn’t even graduate from high school because of dyslexia, yet beat Raniere like a drum in court. Of course, unlike Natalie, Raniere never acquired any street smarts, he was a pampered fool his entire life. LOL

  • It is only fair that she gives her son the painting that is rightfully his. Whether it was a gift from Ramone or his father, Rusty, who raised him without any help from Toni and who paid for it to begin with. It should go to Michael. Just my opinion.

  • Frank, seriously, her plastic surgery doc should be sued. I think she should go on the show, Botched to fix her face. Its so disturbing looking at her face straight on like this. I can see the cartilage missing from the tip of her nose. And is she wearing cheap dentures?

  • Toni tells whatever lie she has to benefit herself. She did it before the book, as shown in her perjurious testimony and filings and she continues to do it in her interviews.

    Just as they say, if you see one rat there are hundreds more, it appears the lies are outnumbering any facts that come out her fat yap.

    Toni, might i recommend a trip to a country with no extradition agreement with the USA. Unless you’d like to wait and see if you’re going to be sued for what you’ve done to and said about people.

    Enjoy your paintings and GIVE YOUR SON HIS PICTURE!!! YOU LYING POS!!

    • “Toni, might i recommend a trip to a country with no extradition agreement with the USA. ”

      There are very few such countries.




      North Korea

      and a slew of other rotten little countries.

      France protects Roman Polanski because he is a French citizen and the French think raping a girl is no big deal.

  • In the last pic, Toni Baloney looks rather like a vulture eying up it’s next meal.
    Didn’t KAR react pretty badly to being lied to? Perhaps he ended up with a complex because he had been lied to so many times by a certain someone? Not that it would excuse his crimes.

  • This craziness must stop. Frank Perlato should not be allowed to publish this hurtful lies about Toni, my angelic delight. 🍎. I will pay the legal costs to lodge a formal complaint for Perlato to lose his journalist license with the state of New York and California. Then they will shut down the Frank Report. that’s what I will do for my adorable delight. Sweet enchantress and moon of my delight. Losers like Shadow cannot even fathom how my love is pure. His love for Allison Mack is filled with hateful jealous thoughts. I know my Toni is more beautiful than Allison and 10000000 men want her. Being married to her would be like being Married to Marilyn Monroe. Every man wants her. You have to be a real man to handle it. But I can and will if Toni gives me the chance.
    Meantime I will fight for my princess the charm of my whole soul Toni Natalie. God bless you. My love. And #StopPerlatoNow

    • Marilyn was a pill-popping alcoholic just like Toni. The difference between the two is Marylin worked for her money. Toni steals it. Doc, whoever you are, you crack me up. #stop Perlato.

    • My My, he’s just like the sultan with Kreuk, but Gastone doesn’t hide behind a big bowl of word salad as the sultan does. He lays it straight out !

    • ” I will pay the legal costs to lodge a formal complaint for Perlato to lose his journalist license with the state of New York and California.”

      There is no such thing as a license to practice journalism.
      Under the First Amendment to the US Constitution, anyone can be a journalist.

      “Being married to her would be like being married to Marilyn Monroe.”

      Yes, Both Toni and Marilyn were insane.

    • Gastone Hiram Porter MD DDS DD PhD.. Be careful what you wish for. If you are successful in winning Toni over, take it from someone that knows. The only difference between Toni and a plate of spaghetti is that a plate of spaghetti moves when you eat it.

  • “Gastone Porter
    October 30, 2019 at 11:11 am
    This is a good case to spend time on Frank Report not on my precious Toni Nataiie. Please stop persecuting Toni our queen of the anti Nxivm movement and find out for God’s sake what happened to Erin Valenti and not hurt Toni the beautiful Natalie !!!!”

    Say, Nicki Clyne, aka Dr. Gastone Hiram Porter, M.D.:
    Before you and your Precious Toni Natalie run off to Puerto Vallarta for your Honeymoon, financed by Clare Bronfman of course, perhaps you should look at all of these debts racked up by Toni Natalie in her apparent restaurant equipment scam.

    By the way, Nicki, concealing assets from a bankruptcy court can be considered a form of bankruptcy fraud, a crime under Federal law.
    Even if the Statute of Limitations has expired, it is a clear warning of what kind of person Toni is.
    Before you fall head over heels in love with Toni Natalie, you should consider that.

    But Nicki, looking at Toni’s face, I think you could make some money if you made a latex Halloween mask of her features.

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