Another Day, Another Lie – From Toni Natalie – This Time About Business Experience

Toni Natalie 2018

Oh, no.  We seem to have caught Toni Natalie in another lie.

This is one she told in US Bankruptcy Court.

It touches on a familiar topic: When Toni dropped out of high school.

When was that by the way?

She wrote in her book, The Program: Inside the Mind of Keith Raniere and the Rise and Fall of Nxivm – that it was 10th grade, which does not seem to be the truth.

We wrote about this before: Toni Natalie Provably Lied in Her Book About Dropping Out of High School in the 10th Grade – Why Did She Lie About It?


Really, they never seem to end. Her lies, that is. So some say, “Why do you keep publishing her lies?”

Only because Toni wants it this way.

Please consider, she asked the public to trust her.

In her book, Toni wants readers to understand what a rascal Keith Raniere is – how dishonest he is. And she provided us with the gold standard for judging trust.

She wrote, about Raniere, after she claims she caught him in a lie, “And if he was willing to lie about something provable… how could he be trusted with anything else?” 

So I have written about several of Toni’s provable lies – even small ones, like what grade she was in when she dropped out of high school.

So, before we move on to her next lie – which she told in Bankruptcy Court – let’s recap what we have on the question of when she dropped out of high school.

Toni writes in her book that she dropped out in 10th grade.

Here are some examples from her book:

The problem was that I was not a good student. I now know that I suffer from severe dyslexia. When I read, the words swim off the page. But when I was in high school, dyslexia was not understood or diagnosed and was generally confused with lack of intelligence.

“After failing out of Mr. Harris’s class freshman year, I enrolled again in tenth grade. I was determined to succeed…

“Two weeks into the first marking period, Mr. Harris called me over at the end of class. ‘Toni,’ he asked, ‘why are you taking this class?’

“I explained that I liked him, I was interested in the subject, and I really wanted to go abroad. He smiled and patted me paternally on the hand. ‘It’s good that you work hard,’ he said, with a note of finality in his voice, ‘and that you’re pretty.’

“…. What he was saying, it seemed to me, was that I had no business in a classroom. My purpose on this earth was to work hard and be pretty.

“So, I took his advice. I dropped out and went to beauty school. I made a living as a cosmetologist and an aesthetician, doing sculpture nails and makeup, giving facials. A few years later, my background in beauty provided an opportunity to invest in a day spa—a new concept at the time. I could see that day spas were the wave of the future, and I was right. The business did extremely well.”


Later in the book, she writes about her surprise that a genius like Raniere found her interesting.

Toni writes, “On its face, this didn’t make any sense. He was an honors college graduate, CEO of a million-dollar company, a mega-genius acknowledged by freaking Guinness World Records. I didn’t even finish tenth grade.”

And still later, she quotes Keith chiding her for only having a 10th-grade education.

She writes, “He did not hesitate to hit me where it hurt: ‘What will you do, with your tenth-grade education? Go back to Rochester and make gift baskets?’


According to her book, it is well established that Toni dropped out of school in the 10th grade.

But Toni’s yearbook – she went to Greece Athena High School – is online.  It shows Toni did not drop out of high school in 10th grade. In the 1975 yearbook for Greece Athena High School – Toni’s senior year – she is pictured along with other seniors.

Here is the cover of Toni Natalie’s senior yearbook.
Here is Toni Natalie [middle column, far left] with other seniors on her page and adjoining page.
Here is Toni – bottom left. Her senior picture.
Toni Natalie’s senior picture.

I checked with someone who went to high school with Toni and she told me Toni made it to 12th grade but dropped out a couple of months before graduation.

So why lie about it?

As I wrote before, a person who drops out of 10th grade seems more hard-luck.  She was learning disabled. That’s part of her yarn.

A person who drops out in 12th grade seems more like a fool – like “Why didn’t you stay three more months and graduate?”

That may be the reason for her provable lie – vanity.

Then again, she told the same story to the bankruptcy court.  She told the court, under penalty of perjury, that she dropped out of high school after 9th grade.

Telling this gave her a distinct advantage. Raniere was challenging her on her hidden and undervalued assets.

This is from the United States Bankruptcy Court, Northern District of New York – January 7, 2003 – Case No. 99-16195, Adv. Proc. No. 01-90027 (Bankr. N.D.N.Y. Jan. 7, 2003). It is from US Bankruptcy Judge Robert E. Littlefield Jr.’s Memorandum-Decision Order:

“The matter before the court is the objection to discharge filed by Creditor Keith Raniere (‘Plaintiff’). The court has jurisdiction over this core proceeding pursuant to 28 U.S.C. § 157(a), 157(b)(1), 157(b)(2)(J) and 1334(b).

“Of course, sophisticated debtors are held to a higher level of accountability. In re Sethi, 250 B.R. 831 (Bankr.E.D.N.Y. 2000). In the instant case, however, the Debtor has a ninth-grade education and, prior to her involvement with the Plaintiff, the extent of her business practice was selling fruit baskets from her home.”

So I guess it might be fair to say that a 10th-grade dropout has a 9th-grade education [yet somehow appeared as a senior in her yearbook], but here is the troubling part. I don’t know if you caught it. The date is January 7, 2003. Four years after she left Raniere.

She told the court that, “the extent of her business practice was selling fruit baskets from her home”, thus proving she was unsophisticated in business and should be held to a lower standard about such things as the value of her artwork and other secreted assets that Raniere was challenging her on.

All she did was sell fruit baskets in her home prior to meeting Raniere?


Then how come she wrote in her book, “I dropped out [of high school in 10th grade] and went to beauty school. I made a living as a cosmetologist and an aesthetician, doing sculpture nails and makeup, giving facials. A few years later, my background in beauty provided an opportunity to invest in a day spa—a new concept at the time. I could see that day spas were the wave of the future, and I was right. The business did extremely well.”

She told Judge Littlefield she was almost an Orphan Annie or Mary the Matchstick Girl – making fruit baskets at home – prior to Raniere.

But in her book, she writes [of the period before Raniere] that she invested in a “day spa” and “the business did extremely well.”

I understand why she lied to the judge. She wanted the judge to think she was an unsophisticated little girl up against the worldly-wise Raniere and his group.

It was a pleasant lie – lied to get an advantage. Just like the 9th-grade education lie. [Nobody was going to check.]

And I understand why maybe she lied in her book – that she invested in a day spa and did very well from that investment – which makes her look kind of smart and ambitious. Not a total loser. More than just a pretty face.

But the problem is both can’t be true.

She cannot have only a 9th-grade education and have her senior picture taken. She had to have graduate from  11th grade at least.

And the extent of her business experience was not merely selling fruit baskets at her home  – not f she invested in a day spa and turned it into a very successful business.

By the way, I spoke with someone extremely familiar with her so-called “fruit basket” business. It was not as Toni characterized it in bankruptcy court.

It was actually a sophisticated business and they packaged and sold much more than fruit baskets. It was a premier custom gift baskets business with made-to-order gift baskets for well to do clients – and these included much more than fruit – but designer clothing, expensive gifts – and they had corporate and personal clients.

Not exactly just a little, poor, inexperienced girl putting together an apple, a pear, an orange, and banana and wrapping it in a little basket from her home.

These gift baskets went for upwards of $1,000.  They had 3,000 square feet of space for the business.

Ah, Toni.  If she is willing to lie about something provable… how can she be trusted with anything else?

We will be exploring many more such lies – in the coming days and weeks.

All of it has a point. This woman has been very destructive to a lot of people. She was a true force of divisiveness. In the fight to take down Raniere, it could be argued that she did more harm than good.

Now she has written a book making herself the heroine of the Nxivm story – and lying about a number of people  – to make them look bad  and for her to look better than she is.  She vastly exaggerates her role both as a victim and a heroine.

I don’t see why I should just allow her lies to go unchallenged. That is not my idea of investigative journalism.

For those who do not want to read about her – it’s easy. I always put her name in the headline – so just skip the story if you are uninterested in how a stone-cold liar can get a book deal with a major publisher and label it nonfiction when it is filled with lies.

A liar writing about another liar – Raniere.

I am beginning to wonder, I really am – who is the bigger liar. No doubt Raniere was more destructive – because he is smarter and had more wealth at his disposal – but the difference between Toni Natalie and Keith Raniere is only a difference in degree, not in kind.

They are so much alike that it’s no wonder they were attracted to each other and why, as when all thieves and liars fall out, they hated each other so fiercely.

Never think that only Keith hated Toni and wanted vengeance. Toni, as much or more than Keith, wanted vengeance too. These two are so alike that they could not help but be attracted and repulsed by each other in sequence.

Raniere has been exposed. Natalie, thanks to her book of lies, is up for her turn now.

Toni Natalie has a tattoo on her back which reads – “‘In War, Truth is the First Casualty. . . But Not This Time”.


Toni Natalie has told so many lies [some call them little white ones] that some people are pronouncing her name as Toni Nata-LIE.
[A woman who Toni Natalie has called mentally retarded, Kim Snyder, contributed research and input for this story. The fact that she can offer insight and do internet research suggests to me that Toni has slandered this woman.]

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  • Wow, she wasn’t pretty as a teen either. And now she has skin like a grapefruit, and some seriously jacked up lips. Just gross.

  • No lie has ever been proven against Toni the ever sweet and noble one. She took down Nxivm and was patient zero. I love ❤️ her and am not ashamed to admit my love is the most gorgeous hunk of woman in the world. I will protect her. #stopPerlatoNow

    • Bahahahahahaha
      Proof is in the contradictions of her own writings you internet troll.

      Proof is what she says and what the facts really are. She said she was 58 in 2018. If you do the math, she was clearly 60.

      People have come forward to refute what Toni Natalie has said about them. Since it’s been proven she’s a liar, who has more creditably?

      Of course, she could say you have a 2-inch limp dick Troll Dr and you’d agree on’s she an honest Angel because that’s your role being the troll you have taken on. Defend Toni, defend Keith. It’s ok, someone has to defend the evil ones.

    • “Toni the ever sweet and noble one.” Dr. G. H. Porter

      G. H. Porter M. D.:
      Didn’t your Vanguard always use the word “noble” in his lectures on ethics?
      Are you a current or former member of NXIVM?
      Are you a current or former worshiper of Keith Raniere?

      “I love ❤️ her and am not ashamed to admit my love is the most gorgeous hunk of woman in the world. I will protect her. #stopPerlatoNow” Dr. G. H. Porter

      Dr. Porter,
      I think you need a stronger prescription for your glasses.
      In slang that your equestrian patron Clare Bronfman would understand, Toni Natalie looks like she was “rode hard and put away wet.”
      And how will your wife Allison Mack feel about the words of love and devotion you speak for Toni Natalie, not to mention your current girl friend “Michelle”?

  • Do you ever wonder if Toni Natalie is addicted to lying?
    She seems to get something out of one lie after another doesn’t she?
    *Toni Natalie lied to her publisher about being a single mother

    * Toni Natalie lied to everyone about living with Raniere for eight years. Now we learn it was only for a few months they “lived together”.

    *Toni Natalie lied about being in a sexless marriage to husband #3.

    *Toni Natalie lied in court about what kind of jobs she’s had

    *Toni Natalie told a reporter she was 58 when she was really 60. WTF

    * Toni Natalie has told different stories of when she quit school.

    * Toni Natalie has lied about someone being mentally retarded and someone else getting senile. What’s the motivation behind this?

    This list goes on. It’s exhausting. I think we need to start a Chart of Lies we can post and update every week besides the stories that go into the meat of the lies.

  • If you look on the reviews of the book on Amazon you would see glowing praise on how strong and brave TN is. I tried to post a one star review calling the book a big fat lie and I think my review got deleted. In Amazon’s defense though I never actually read the book just Frank’s report on it so……

    • “If you look on the reviews of the book on Amazon you would see glowing praise”

      Amazon wants to sell books.
      The company just lost out to Microsoft on a big Cloud Computing contract for the Defense Department.
      A ten billion dollar contract for the next ten years.
      Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, who also just went through an expensive divorce, needs to find some way to pay for his caviar.

    • Can Amazon,

      The CEO of Amazon and owner of the Washington Post would never trample on an individual’s right to express themselves. (SARCASM)

      Seriously……..Did you leave a
      “confirmed purchase” review?

  • What difference does it make what year Toni drooped out of high school. Isn’t it enough that Keith ruined her life and she is a survivor?

  • This has to stop!!! Period. I will not allow it to continue. I am prepared to take legal action against Frank Perlato to stop him publishing these hurtful posts about the most wonderful person in the world. Don’t you understand that Frank works for Keith and Marc Agnifilo. He is trying to harm the most beautiful woman in the world? (I prefer like most sophisticated men the sexy mature woman). I love Toni and want to see the hurting stop. Frank Perlato is doing what Keith did to her. Why? Because he works for Keith. This website is being paid for by Keith. Toni has said so and I choose to Believe Toni who has her own book and not some blogger. The record shows Toni is the truthful one. Join me in #stoppingPerlato!

    • So true doc this “Perlato” blogger sounds horrible. Toni’s gargantuan nose and wild eye should be protected by you at all cost. She is prettiest in her polka dot dress and blue swade shoes. It reminds me of those wonderful Dr Seuss books about the Grinch.

    • Any advice for a strained eyeball? I suffered the strain due to the gargantuan eye roll that followed my reading your nonsense. #GoPeralto

    • So good to hear from you again Dr. Gastone H. Porter
      (Gravatar Code: abfnt1)

      “Frank works for Keith and Marc Agnifilo.”
      I’m sure that Frank Parlato would be shocked to learn that not to mention Keith Raniere and Marc Agnifilo.

      I’m curious Dr. Gastone Porter.
      Why do you refer to Keith Raniere as “Keith”?
      Why don’t you use his full name?
      Why don’t you use his full title “Vanguard”?
      Or does NXIVM have a new Vanguard?

      ” He is trying to harm the most beautiful woman in the world?”
      Dr. Gastone Porter, I did not realize that Toni Natalie won a beauty contest.

      ” (I prefer like most sophisticated men the sexy mature woman).”
      Dr. Gastone Porter,
      Mature is not quite the word to use to describe Toni Natalie.
      Toni looks like she has been trotted around the Saratoga racetrack a few times.

      “This website is being paid for by Keith.”
      Dr. Gastone Porter, Keith Raniere has no money to pay for anything more than a candy bar.
      And again why are you referring to him as “Keith”?
      Do you have a personal relationship with “Keith”?

    • How can you stop perlato? Have you ever tried to stop a freight train? It’s like Toni trying to stop cock to her face. It ain’t happening.

    • Ya right Dr Pee On You
      He works for Raniere and exposed DOS because Raniere wanted to go to jail you stupid ass.
      You and Toni Natalie belong together. Delusional and sick in the head

  • Why would a person filing for bankruptcy lie about their education or assets?
    To conceal assets from creditors.
    If , If , If that is what happened, then we are talking about possible bankruptcy fraud.

  • Frank,

    You need to file a “missing person report” as soon as possible so that the police can begin searching for Neil Glazer, the lawyer who threatened to bring legal actions against anyone who accused Toni of doing anything wrong. Either that or Neil needs to come back and post an apology for making that threat.

  • So many of Toni’s lies are just plain stupid. Who really cares whether she dropped out of school in 9th grade, 10th grade, 11th grade or 12th grade? Apparently, each of those means something different to Toni – which is why the story keeps shifting.

    The “day spa” lie is more problematic because it sounds like she may have committed perjury in her testimony in her bankruptcy case. Even though she’s past the statute of limitation on that, it still underscores that she is willing to do anything in order to do what she thinks is in her best interest.

    • While Toni was going through the neverending bankruptcy, Keith was breathing down her neck and supposedly at war with her. Why would she risk lying during this process? And lie about things that could fairly easily be disproven? I’d have had my damn toes on the line, gone the speed limit, and donated to every police charity phone call. Toni apparently lied to the judge and did it right in front of Keith’s beady, psychotic, eyes? Kinda like sneaking onto the NXIVM website when she knew Keith was trying to concoct a way to take her down?
      Seems like we may have a pattern – has her life been one dice roll after the other?

  • From a Rolling Stone article, How NXIVM Was The Ultimate Wellness Scam.

    “She’d left high school to get married for the first time at 17, and she was deeply self-conscious about her lack of formal education.”

    As I’m a Brit, I’m unfamiliar with the US education sytem but according to Wikipedia, Toni Baloney’s age would have placed her in 11th or 12th grade at the age of 17.

    • Pyriel:

      In the US education system even a person who drops out of high school can get a GED certificate which is the equivalent of a high school degree.
      GED means General Equivalency Degree.
      GEDs are treated the same as a high school diploma.

          • No, you missed the point. It could be true that anyone could get a GED, but that wasn’t the topic being discussed. Someone with severe dyslexia would have to work very hard to get a piece of paper that has little meaning if they are otherwise capable of being productive. It would be akin to mental torture. I know that is shocking to you, because for you education and the number of degrees someone has is everything, but it simply isn’t true. For example, I can run circles around anybody when it comes to MLM scams, regardless of the number/type of degrees they have. Experience and knowledge trumps theory every single time. Dyslexia also can affect memory, something that Natalie could use as her excuse for all of the inaccurate statements in her book.

          • “Someone with severe dyslexia would have to work very hard to get a piece of paper that has little meaning if they are otherwise capable of being productive.”
            From Scott Johnson.

            Are you aware that Jay Leno the comedian has dyslexia?
            Nevertheless through hard work he was able to graduate from Emerson College in Boston and become a top comedian and talk show host.

            “Leno is dyslexic.”

            One of the top TV screen writers is Stephen J. Cannell.
            Cannell is dyslexic but through hard work is a prolific screenwriter.

            “Cannell struggled with dyslexia in school, but did graduate from the University of Oregon in 1964 with a bachelor of science degree in journalism.”

            The astronaut Pete Conrad, commander of Apollo 12 and the third man to walk on the moon, was dyslexic.
            “Conrad was considered a bright, intelligent boy, but he continually struggled with his schoolwork. He suffered from dyslexia, a condition little understood at the time.”

            The only reason Toni Natalie can not get a GED is because she is, like most members of NXIVM, lazy.

      • Face it Scott your MLM rants are like Toni saying she’s pretty. I don’t think anyone is interested. Toni clearly is brain damaged do to blunt force trauma by multiple cocks to the face. Her lack of memory is from smoking pot and endless bottles of veno while taking anti depressants. She was clearly drunk while writing the sentence, the words swam off the page.

        • The difference is that my MLM scam “rants” are true. I don’t think you speak for everybody. I care much less about Natalie compared to millions of new people being scammed by MLM scams every year, so live with that factoid. You are also clearly brain damaged, the word is “due” and not “do,” as well as “vino,” not veno.” What drugs were you doing while writing that sentence, or are you just plain stupid? At least Natalie has an excuse, dyslexia. LOL

  • I think Toni rushed to write this eyewitness saga to beat out any other NXIVM members – in reality, most are not interested in that and are still putting their lives back together post-NXIVM.

    Toni is a very aggressive woman and she doesn’t think about the long-term consequence of her actions. Plus, she really is not very smart. I’m sure someone approached her to write this book, maybe even hinted she would be able to move it into the realm of film.

    In this case, she just wanted to be the first one with a book, which she knew would sell – what’s really sad though is that when you go to her Twitter, the temporary interest in her and her story has dwindled to nothing. And, if social media acceptance is measured and based on the dopamine high that “likes” gives (and it is and it does), then Toni’s time as a minor e-celeb is over.

    In spite of the exaggerations and lies, no one is interested in Toni anymore.

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