Meet the Nxivm-5: Marc Elliot: ‘Your Blog Participated in Taking Down a Whole Community’

For the introduction to this series, see Meet the Nxivm-5: Suneel Chakravorty – ‘I am Not a Disciple of Keith Raniere’

As readers know, I agreed to speak with the Nxivm-5 on the topic of prosecutorial misconduct.

See BREAKING: Audio: Keith Raniere Contacts Frank Parlato From Prison – Seeks Help to Show Prosecutorial Misconduct!

I am not saying prosecutorial misconduct occurred in the federal criminal case of Keith Raniere.  The Nxivm-5 say it happened.

I asked for evidence. The Nxivm-5 agreed to provide it. That doesn’t mean I am going to agree with their conclusions.

One of the Nxivm-5 is Marc Elliot. I believe he believes Keith Raniere is innocent. I do not share that belief.

That does not mean there wasn’t prosecutorial misconduct.  A guilty man, or an innocent man, might experience prosecutorial misconduct. In neither case is it right.

Prosecutorial misconduct is “an illegal act or failing to act, on the part of a prosecutor.”

Nancy Salzman with Marc Elliot [center] in the documentary My Tourette’s. According to the  Make Justice Blind website, “Marc Elliot is an award-winning inspirational speaker on compassion and tolerance who lived with Tourettes Syndrome for 20 years. He ended up beating it completely, mind-over-body, with tools from NXIVM. Marc is no stranger to prejudice, both from living with Tourettes and then being a proud supporter of NXIVM. These experiences have inspired him to join these initiatives in the fight against hate.”

I have written about Marc before and he told me he lost opportunities as a paid inspirational speaker and was forced to take on other work because of the internet record created by the Frank Report.

There are some who would say it was the deeds of Keith Raniere – combined with the reporting of the Frank Report – that caused those problems for Marc.

Here are some Frank Report articles concerning Marc.

Marc Elliott to Defend Nxivm in Lecture ‘Who’s Next?’ 

Is Marc Elliot still recruiting for Vanguard?

Chris Burbs: Will not let Marc Elliot get away with anything false or deceptive!

Decision time: Marc Elliott recruits for Raniere in Brooklyn 

The Nxivm-5 Go on CBS Morning to Defend Raniere; Vicente Responds to Clyne on Twitter

Here is a clip of Marc speaking to me on Zoom on October 12, 2020.

Here is the transcript of what he said.

MARC: Yeah, I don’t think you’re aware of the ripple effects of your blog. Even if it was the case that you were trying to, you know, take down one man specifically, Keith Raniere or a few people,. Unfortunately, your blog participated in helping destroy and taking down an entire community of people. And that’s been very difficult.

FRANK: All right….

MARC: But I think because of the dynamic that has existed between you and our community, I think it makes it that much more incredible the fact that we can try to come together on a common purpose. Exposing what the government and these prosecutors have done, that is corrupt, and we are, I know, excited with the possibility that you’re gonna look into this. And help bring these types of injustices to the world.

[End of transcript]


Keith Raniere

Don’t be misled, frightened, or angry. Keith is not going to magically walk out of prison. But if there was prosecutorial misconduct – as the Nxivm-5 claim – wouldn’t any honest person want to know that?

And if it is not true, there is no harm in looking at evidence and putting the allegations to rest.

Either way, I am not advocating for Raniere or abandoning victims. I was first to report the branding story in a series of stories starting with Part 1: Branded Slaves and Master Raniere; Sources: Human branding part of Raniere-inspired women’s group.

That led to numerous women escaping the cult. It led to the cancelation of branding sessions. It led to women getting the courage to leave.  See what media reported on my role in exposing Keith Raniere. Or the sheer number of sources that mentioned my efforts to expose Raniere. Read what worthy people said about what I did to help stop Raniere and help women escape DOS and Nxivm.

It’s too late in the game for anyone to accuse me of trying to help Raniere. It’s nonsense. I am his opponent. But I am also the opponent of prosecutorial misconduct.  As I said before, I would fight for due process for the devil himself.

I am in a good position, with the help of engaged and intelligent readers, to analyze this. Let’s look at the evidence, openly and honestly, without bias, without hatred, and see if there is any merit to what Marc Elliot and the others have to say about prosecutorial misconduct in the case of Keith Alan Raniere.



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  • Look at these guys sitting there like guilty schoolboys. Seriously, what kind of protectors could these losers have been?

  • I actually feel a bit sorry for these guys. They all seem smart enough to be successful, and don’t need a sociopathic dbag like Raniere who really cares about no one other than himself in their lives to drag them down. They should just go see a cult deprogrammer, get deprogrammed, close the chapter on NXIVM in their lives, and never look back. They’ll live much better lives for it.

  • Okay, looking at Marc E – that is not what you do if you want someone to help you; same with Suneel. If you criticise the other person (FP), why would that person help you? Instead, you say – your blog opened my eyes to wrongdoing and I am so pleased you have stopped women being branded – you are a hero – but I did find KR’s programmes useful for me as a person

    The way those 2 of the 5 have been shown on the clip shows to me they are still very convinced of their positions and views of KR

    If the programme helped cure Tourettes, that is fine – you can get good out of bad and let more doctors take it on. I have a sibling who is a psychiatrist. They are open to anything that helps people with these awful conditions. We don’t need to throw away the baby with the bathwater as they say but that does not mean KR only did good. ]

    Also, Marc E was damaged by being associated with someone who engaged in criminal activity, not because of FP.

  • How come only 5 we’re charged?

    How did Sarah and Nippy escape charges – or Mark and Bonnie, how did they escape charges – and Barbara and India, how did they escape charges?

    It baffles the mind Keith Raniere did not and could not build this cesspool called Nxivm alone; they all had their grubby little fingers in that Nxivm pie. I’m not talking for months or maybe a year, but for 10 /15 years

    We might as well rank them all right up there with Charles Mason and his lot of looney tunes. Charlie said jump, they asked how high? Keith said jump, they asked how high?

    I’ve seen The Lost Women of Nxivm; I’ve seen 8 episodes of The Vow; I’ve read everything you have written on Nxivm, Frank; and I’ve watched everything I could find on YouTube. I about lost my cookies when on episode 8 on The Vow when in that class Keith was degrading women talking about how women we’re dirt under his feet, watching the men treating the women in that class like garbage and what did Mark say “I wasn’t as hard on the women as most of the other men we’re.”

    OMG, seriously, are you kidding me, what a piece of work. The only reason any of these people spoke up is Catherine Oxenburg started making noises about her daughter. That’s when they all figured they’d better head for the hills because shits about to go down, save their own asses, when, in reality, they all need to go to prison for a very long long time.

    You may not agree but when they are all standing so close to Keith Raniere, it’s hard not to paint them all with the same brush.

  • Everything Keith does serves 2 purposes:

    1. Keith’s best interests and no one else’s
    2. Torment, ruin, and humiliate anyone he can

    I think this is his way of screwing with those guys to make it even more public of what they are doing and ruin their lives. They won’t be able to get another decent job ever. The more they tie themselves to him, the more screwed they are, and he is in prison laughing his ass off about it. It’s too bad they don’t realize that. And, of course, he hopes he’s getting out, but he knows he isn’t.

  • Frank, I want to tell you that I sincerely admire your integrity in seeking justice over vengeance. Not many will see this.

    • Thanks. It is much appreciated. It is hard for people to distinguish that I am not advocating for Keith Raniere. I am advocating for due process. And I have only agreed to look at the alleged evidence of prosecutorial misconduct – not on Keith Raniere’s guilt or innocence. Thanks for understanding that.

  • Re Breaking up a Community(Nxivm):

    The NXIVM 5 still fail to ascertain that the blackmailing and coercing of women in DOS into having sexual relations with Keith Raniere is grossly immoral and illegal.

    Frank, at the end of the day, alerted the public at large which forced the government to take action.

    Frank was not the judge, jury, or prosecutor. He is simply the journalist who brought the criminality to light.

    Vanguard destroyed Nxivm via his immoral and criminal behavior.

  • Oh poor them, I see how “sad” and worry they were when they ridiculized woman in their stupid SOP courses. Next step is saying that Allison Mack never branded anyone. This people are sick. They are doing everything to help this sadist, rapist and misoginist narcissist, and they are manipulating you. Wake up Frank, they were trained to do this.

  • I wonder if anyone in Nxivm realizes just how close they came to the grape Kool-aid.
    I also wonder if any of them looked in to the super max, that looks to be where Keith will be going , our super max here in Colorado is the best if the best , for his first 3 years Keith will have no privileges , no phone calls ( except his attorney) no Mail either sending or receiving , no human contact he will eat in his cell , shower in his cell , use the restroom in his cell , 1 hour every day the door on the back of his cell will open he will be required to walk out into his yard ( which is more or less a empty swimming pool) .Guards will bring his meals , the outer door will open the guard will leave Keith’s tray on the table , the guard will back away the outer door will close the inner door will open Keith will have 30 seconds to grab his food tray , if not the door will shut automatically and Vanguard will skip that meal. These cells are very special for those first 3 years Keith won’t even know who is in the cell next to him.If he’s a good boy and he follows the rules after the 3 years have past he may be allowed 1 ) 15 minute phone call a month , he may be able to mail out 1) letter a month he may also be able to receive 1 letter a month, if he continues to be good he can as for a tv ( prison controlled programming) education and religious programs only , he may also ask for a radio ( again prison controlled programming) he will not be able to see if anyone is outside dancing for their vanguard the cells have special windows in them so they can only see the sky , let’s in natural light but the can’t see any roads, oh and one other tidbit the prisoners are only brought out to Colorado’s super max under the cloak of darkness so they can’t get a lay of the land .There are so many more super neat that our super max offers look it up read all about your Vanguard’s home .

  • American justice did a great job with this case. I hope the criminals who are pushing their false narratives with their shady projects don’t interfere and if they do, I hope they are prosecuted.

  • Have you listened to Mark Vicente’s 2 part interview with cult therapist Rachel Bernstein (Indoctrination)? He breaks apart how Raniere has the knack for finding the 1 thing everyone wants and using that to manipulate them. Offering women a baby, to be his successor etc. Mark talks about how Raniere made the big mistake of offering him something he didn’t want as a hail Mary to get him to stay in Nxivm (to be his successor). Apparently, that sealed the deal on him leaving. The point here is, tread lightly, sir. I see red flags all over this ploy of asking for your help (Finding that place he knows you’re passionate about). Best to you.

    • One thing I don’t like about Mark or Sarah in this whole NXIVM fiasco and The Vow series that is portraying their experience in part of it from their own perspective, is they simply are being dishonest with themselves and their viewers concerning the idea that they were part of a cult, since the idea is introduced in the first, or one of the first modules, that participants take part in. All of those who joined knew this, and they didn’t mind it. They chose to be a part of the group and exclude relationships with others, took part in the mind-bending practices that they were warned about and used on others for so long, and so they can’t simply wash their hands free of the stink that they waded into its danger based on ignorance. Every choice for something is against something else.

  • Well, this must be difficult for the KR followers, particularly the ‘go-betweeny’ Suneel. They all consider KR to be some sort of off the scale genius. Whereas we all know KR is just a little above special needs, and no, that does not automatically imply that he’s a ‘Savant’ (That’s just more of the same Nxivm style wishful thinking/undefined terms schtick).

    Now on this Zoom, they are in the presence of someone who is an actual critical thinking heavyweight (I’d have said intellectual, but I don’t want to scare the Zoombies off). You can see the discomfort in their eyes even in the brief still above. Hopefully, this might help to wake them up, help them to understand how misled, or how intellectually and emotionally lazy they have been.

    • There are several things people need to recognized here. (1) Marc truly believes NXIVM cured his particularly difficult case of Tourette’s. If someone truly believes that NXIVM has the power to cure this—something they know firsthand how painful it can be to live with—it’s not surprising that they’d be a true believer and devastated to see the community broken. This isn’t to say that he’s right, just that it’s understandable how he might feel. (2) Remember Raniere told them to work with Keith. The video makes it clear they didn’t exactly come to this idea independently. They are under his control, whether they want to admit that or not. (3) A lot of folks here are worried Frank is walking into a trap. Bear in mind Raniere was able to get into people’s heads because they were indoctrinated by the teachings first. As noted here by many here, Raniere is not, in fact, the smartest man alive. He’s probably a genius when it comes to manipulation, but you can only manipulate someone if you have something you want that they don’t have. In this scenario, it’s actually the other way around. Raniere desperately wants to get out of jail. Media (or maybe the ‘right’ media) are not taking their calls. Where is the podcast? The challenge? Where is the outpouring of indignation? He’s being sentenced in just days now. So Raniere glommed onto this idea that Frank can be this great crusader for truth which will get media attention because Frank is also his opponent. The problem here is prosecutorial misconduct is independent of guilt or innocence. Take just one piece of evidence into consideration. He can claim prosecutors planted the Naked photos of his girlfriends on the hard drive, or that he never put the photos on the hard drive, and heck, maybe either or both of those things are true, which could be strong evidence of misconduct. Raniere *should* be convicted based on evidence that is not tampered with. But the fact of the matter remains that someone took all those photos of his girlfriends, including an underaged Cami. It’s an established fact that he took nudes of women after sex and it’s an established fact he forbade these women from having sex with other men. So who is he going to claim took these photos? Raniere’s own jailhouse call about working with Frank suggests that he has a delusion that evidence of prosecutorial misconduct will result in an outpouring of calls for his innocence, when the evidence is still pretty consistent with the fact that he’s a giant asshole. (4) At the end of the day, the crusade for ‘justice’ just obfuscates the truth, that in addition to creating something that might have helped Marc with his Tourette’s, Raniere was also—and this is established by testimony—manipulating women for his own sexual gratification. Both of those facts can be simultaneously true. Many (most) members of the NXIVM were not aware of the extent at which Raniere was sleeping with numerous women in the community, and manipulating them to hide it, and manipulating them to not have sex with anyone else, and in a few cases even having sex with minors. When a lot of people in the community learned this, they left. So in actuality it was the transparency of Raniere’s behavior that brought down the community. Don’t blame the person who made it transparent (Frank). All the prosecutorial misconduct in the world doesn’t eliminate the facts that are established: that he created DOS, that women in DOS felt highly manipulated and blackmailed, and that Women were branded against their will, and there were women ‘assigned’ to have sex with him. I’m all for exposing prosecutorial misconduct in this case. But the NXIVM 5 should bear in mind that this is not going to result in an outpouring of public indignation about Raniere’s plight.

  • I look and listen to these men and I feel sad for them. I don’t know what it is. They seem sad. They are living in a toxic world surrounding themselves with toxic people and it’s easy to say Frank brought down an entire community. That way it is someone else’s fault and there is no chance they have to look inside themselves. It’s the easy way. So sad, people with so much potential and they chose this life.

  • Frank – The minute these whining babies lose control over their twisted narrative, they’ll turn on you quicker than lager turns to piss. You’ll handle it, I know, but I hope you will equally scorch these ball-less, turd worshipping wimps. Thank you.

  • Certainly, everyone deserves a fair trial, and justice should be blind, as in impartial and without prejudice. So let’s hear what these people have to say.

    It ought to be amusing.

  • What community is Marc talking about? The community of cretins? I am too embarrassed for him and his absent-minded imbeciles to watch their clips to the end.

    It’s ghastly…

  • Based on their repeated dancing ass shakings acts, I’d say their powers of discernment won’t exactly provide some evidence of any credibility.

    If I was attempting to convince an audience of anything, I would not freely engage in acts of idiocy prior to making that submission.

    By default, I’d create a massive stumbling block for myself before even starting that presentation.

    But Suneel’s going to get it done. His face exudes shining intelligence.

  • American “justice” is rotten. In the past dozen years, state and local judges have repeatedly escaped public accountability for misdeeds that have victimized thousands. Nine of 10 kept their jobs, a Reuters investigation found – including an Alabama judge who unlawfully jailed hundreds of poor people over traffic fines. In the first comprehensive accounting of judicial misconduct nationally, Reuters identified and reviewed 1,509 cases from the last dozen years – 2008 through 2019 – in which judges resigned, retired or were publicly disciplined following accusations of misconduct. In addition, reporters identified another 3,613 cases from 2008 through 2018 in which states disciplined wayward judges but kept hidden from the public key details of their offenses – including the identities of the judges themselves.

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