Chris Burbs: Will not let Marc Elliot get away with anything false or deceptive!

By Chris Burbs:

A few weeks ago, I set up goals for myself on how I plan to devote my energy to the fight to bring down Keith Raniere.

These  are my goals….
1) reach and educate those who might be recruited through education and awareness… right now they are focused on people with Tourette’s; they have a great speaker who claims the group’s practices removed his tics.
2) put pressure on their entities and business relationships, so that people who do business with them are aware. Their attorneys. Politicians. Bankers.
3) provide emotional support and friendship to those affected and that have left.
4) try to assist in helping get individuals out. I’ve found mutual connections to those still in.
i.e. One friend of mine was the 6th grade teacher of one member….
Another a high school friend who played rugby in college with another member
5) ultimately see the incarceration and/or demise of their Vanguard, Keith Raniere.
As part of these goals, one of my targets is Marc Elliott. I started by posting on Marc’s Facebook page, Twitter, and Instagram accounts: a rebuttal warning to his followers.
Shortly afterwards, he deleted my comments and blocked me from viewing him.  Silly Marc, it’s quite easy to create a new account to check your public profile.
I then reached out to anyone who showed interest in attending the event and ‘liked’ Marc’s postings. Over 60 people in all, including school districts that Marc presented to a few years ago in the greater NYC area.



It gave me much “joy” to hear the responses by those who had no idea, and were dissuaded from attending his disguised recruitment session. It was bittersweet to educate those who looked up to Marc all these years to learn that his “mentor” Raniere – is a narcissistic sociopath.

It also gives me much “joy” to know that a man who takes great pleasure being in control, is hiding in Mexico feeling totally out of control.

It’s been a great ending to a year I’ll never forget.

Cheers 🥂Keith…. Happy New Year’s!!! Hope Everyone enjoys the bubbly at Apropos tomorrow!

Keith Raniere is said to be in hiding in Mexico and will not be with his followers in Clifton Park as they ring in the New Year – except in spirit.

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  • Thank you ALL for the love and support.

    I am not fearful of Keith. He is that little boy that use to get bullied and that I use to stand up for; somewhere along the way, he decided to become the bully and now it’s he I stand against.

    I welcome him coming after me as I will absorb his energy and resources while the true heroes seek justice.

    I am a bit grateful for Keith and NXIVM; without them, I would have not made so many new and great friends… almost like we are a bunch of kindred spirits from past lives who reunited to bring down a force of evil.

    With a marvelous end to 2017, here is to 2018!!

  • I met him in the early 90s during the CBI days. He was living in a house with two or more women and conducting business meetings after 1AM Had people following him like puppy dogs. If he had all these great gifts, why was he running an MLM and not helping people with cancer or something? A con man, pure and simple.

  • According to my brief research it sounds like Tourette’s syndrome is already treated with cognitive behavior therapy and hypnosis. Guess what Nexium is great at? Hypnosis! Again they are trying to reinvent the wheel and trying to find people who haven’t heard of it yet. Keep up the good work Chris. People should know that there already are some treatments for Tourette Syndrome that are hopefully available to them without having to join a cult.

  • Thank you so much Chris! You are a brave man, and I hope that you will continue your efforts to tell everyone you feel is in danger of coming into contact with Keith and his cult companions. Please take good care of yourself and your friends and fam. I suspect Keith will begin to play his game even harder now that the stakes for him have risen even higher. He will begin to rage sooner rather than later once he’s fully digested what’s happening to his cult and I imagine him becoming more violent, if possible, toward dissenters and and people such as yourself and Frank. For Keith it’s not about loss of income, he’s always been confident about turning a dollar and making money, it’s about losing power. Keith will not let that go without going to war with those he perceives as enemies to his having power.

  • This is what actual CHARACTER looks like. Willing to stand for what you believe without fear. This is what it means to actually stand for a PRINCIPLE. The DISCIPLINE it takes to continually keep on task to stand for ETHICS. I applaud your courage and bravery to put yourself out there Chris. Thanks for setting the example of what a true HUMANITARIAN is.

  • Great job Chris,
    Reach out to organizations to warn them to spread the word of what Marc and his buddies are up to. It should be easy enough to find them on the Internet.
    This guy is the scum of the earth. It might of helped him with his tic, but he isn’t looking at the bigger picture of the damage and major con games happening.
    Your on of the super hero’s taking on the evil ones

  • We all need to fight back against evil people, but be careful Chris, make sure they can’t come after you legally, as they are known to do that.
    Unfortunately it seems the criminals are the ones who will sue…even if they can’t win the case, they don’t care since they have unlimited funds to use.

  • Well done Chris. Thank you! I too had a couple successes stopping two people from joining back when it all first came first came out. That feels good. Fighting the good fight on the right side of this history. Keep it up Chris. 👍🏻

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