Pt 1: Six year old comment on Saratoga in Decline rings true today

Here is a post from Saratoga in Decline posted back on March 1, 2012.

Much of it rings true today.

By Anonymous:

I tried on NXIVM theories but truth wins out.

A lot of people seem to cave or leave or melt their ethics and morals to match the group. I just had a purpose. I saw a lot. I think Keith is a creepy mutha.

Every time I interacted with him, my entire body would shake… No good for me. He wasn’t a restful person nor was he trustworthy.

I truly think he has an intelligence about him. IQ blah blah, I think that he is actually very troubled person, insatiable.

Why they think he is a god is because he tells them so and they believe. He has charisma for sure. But a wolf in sheep’s clothing nonetheless. I never liked that part of the worship of him or Nancy.

Yet, I respected what they created. Nancy, on the other hand, at one point at least, I thought she meant well. But she knows she signed her soul to the devil. A woman scorned and knows it. She allowed her daughter Lauren to be seduced by him for higher good. Shame on you..Your sacrifice for the greater good.

You know better; you were once a spiritual person. No hocus-pocus. Well, we know that is a lie.

As for the other women, well: If women want to share a man, fine. If you think that he is the only one you can have sex with but he is allowed to have sex with others, and none of you can go outside of the club.

What is that? Him not talking to you until you loose weight or deny your intuition and agree with his way! Hello! Ladies. Does it actually feel right? Or just good to have headboard banging sex with an addict?

Watch what you actually believe in ladies: JNESS what!? Something for women by women created by a man? DUH! I think it is gross.

I think that people truly forfeit their morals for the fear of leaving the community. Barbara Bouchey is the supreme example of what happens when you leave the inner circle. Let us not forget Toni Natalie and her years of lawsuits.  I heard stories of her when I fist entered the org. Then I finally met her: just a normal gal trying to free herself and family from his coo-coo. She is a woman scorned. He is tireless for destruction when he doesn’t get his way. He is coo-coo and will hunt you down with the funds of one of his harem…. Seagrams fortune concubines.

Yet at the same time, they all have vested interest: a belief that with him the cosmos will rule through their union. Just like the Bronfman girls.

They are in deep. Sara Bronfman is getting married and in the UK. Stay away little girl.

As for Clare; geez, she had horses and $$$$ and a lonely but sweet life on her road to Olympics. Now she has manipulative liars and a court testimonial audio bite that makes her sound like a brainwashed succkA!

Disturbing for sure! Hopefully, soon to be a woman scorned. Watch out for that rage when it comes through. She’s got the means to do some damage to the mutha. I would be humiliated if I was her. I would get the hell out and go back to Australia to get your simpler life back.

But, I suppose if this makes you feel powerful to keep giving millions to manipulative liars and a pedophile that you are probably screwing too. If that makes you feel right in the world then so be it.



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About Frank Parlato

About Frank Parlato

Frank Parlato is an investigative journalist.

His work has been cited in major publications all over the world, including The New York Times, The Daily Mail, VICE News, CNN, Fox News, Rolling Stone, People Magazine, and more.

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