Joe Biden leads the race for the Democratic Nomination but which leading lady will win a seat next to Biden in the 2020 US Elections?

With no one officially left standing against former vice president Joe Biden in the race for the Democratic nomination, it stands to reason that he would be the logical, presumptive favourite to get the nod from the Democratic National Congress,

Sports betting platforms install Biden as the runaway favourite to win the Democratic nomination, tipping the geriatric politician at 1/10. As well, they tip Biden as 5/4 to win the keys to the White House, just shy of incumbent President Donald Trump, who is favoured at 10/11.

However, seeing as the nomination isn’t actually ‘in hand’ yet and that there are still several months to go before the elections get underway in November, bookmakers have allowed their imagination to run wild. A whole slew of other potential candidates for the 2020 US Elections, albeit unofficial ones, are currently on offer.

After the established pair of Trump and Biden, the most prominent option that the public could lust for is New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. Merely in his 60s, the governor cuts an attractive figure on the odds board at 33/1 odds to win the U.S Presidential election.

Of course, Cuomo, who rose to fame against the dire backdrop of the coronavirus outbreak, hasn’t announced any intention to run for President in this election. In fact, he’s been at pains to deny any such intention whenever asked, including during an interview with his brother, CNN reporter Chris Cuomo.


Nevertheless, the governor is a regular instalment on morning television across North America, providing daily press briefings that are being televised with most major networks on the situation of the public health crisis in the most recognisable city. Heck, the NY governor’s morning slot on CNN nowadays is longer than Chris Cuomo’s and his brother is employed by CNN,

Of course, Cuomo isn’t the only unofficial candidate political pundits are settling their sites on. A few other names feature prominently with sports betting outlets, including Hilary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren and Michelle Obama, amongst several others. Whether the United States is finally ready to welcome a female president into the White House remains to be seen, but so far it hasn’t happened, which is an extraordinary case for a western democracy that prides itself as a beacon for freedom, liberty and equality.  Consider that many countries around the world, including emerging democracies and developing countries, have seen a woman into the highest office in the country.

A role where a woman could make strides in the 2020 U.S. elections is widely held to be in the vice president role as if to epitomise the maxim ‘Behind every great man is an even greater woman.’

In fact, to look at the political betting menu on offer with most leading Vegas bookmakers and sportsbooks is to see a list of prominent female politicians short-listed to run as Biden’s running mate. Who Biden chooses for his vice president it will be the key A potentially winning campaign and a female vice president is thought to best boost his chances against Donald Trump. Biden seemingly recognised that fact himself when he made the promise to select a female running mate in March.

Senator Kamala Harris, who is the odds-on favourite to run for vice president, just augmented her stock value by taking the plight of racial disparity in the coronavirus pandemic as a personal cause. The senator announced Thursday she is introducing legislation to create a task force that would address the disproportionate impact of the virus on communities of colour.

Senator Elizabeth Warren, who bowed out of the 2020 Democratic nomination race a few months ago, is the second best bet to get the nod from Joe Biden. However, at twice the odds of Harris, bookmakers imply it would be a bit of a surprise because there is a distinct pushback against the Massachusetts senator.

Naturally, just as Michelle Obama appears in the overarching elections to run for president, odds on Michelle Obama to assume the role of Biden’s vice president are also prevalent. Understandably, a Biden-Obama reunion is seen as the “winningest ticket” because Michelle Obama has the “it-factor” and would raise Biden’s profile. The likelihood of it happening is slim to none though, as evinced by Obama’s longshot odds in both markets.

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  • Real Americans [the white ones], get their votes cast out by all the ‘colords’ who have taken over the country they leach off, while having zero ‘diversity’ at home… where they belong. Democunts use these colords for a secure voting bloc. They all vote against whites because they are jealous and hateful of whites, while wanting to live in white countries only. Stop letting these cunts in the country. Armed guards every 100m across the border. Throw them all out. Only white European immigration. Anyone who takes offence to this can fuck off. Better yet, go to a place with a lot of Chinese Virus deaths and hang around until…

    And Michelle Obama is a worthless cunt leaching off her cunt husband, who was voted in by all the above mentioned colords, who have been allowed to cast out real Americans votes.

    No need to teach Koko the Gorilla sign language. Just get her second cousin, Big Mama Michelle to translate. Don’t cry.

    • A lot of whiteys voted for Barry as well. Scott overheard two of them over in Prague, Czech Republic while getting ready to lambaste Amway over the ATS (Amway Tool Scam) in the spring of 2008. They were going ga-ga over Barry and one of them said something to effect, “I love his smile.” PUKE! Ghost out.

      • In America, if only men, irregardless of race, were allowed to vote, every state but Washington would be a Red state. If only white men were allowed to vote, every state would be a Red state. Get rid of the privileged colored parasites and society will get better. Finish off the treacherous, self righteousness, self loathing, white liberals and all the politicians who give them everything evil and America would be a nice place to live. The toxicity of the white left, feminism, faggotry and all the colored parasites, has spoilt Western Civilisation.

  • Isn’t Joe Biden famous for his slips? Biden is too old and would be 78 when he took office. Biden is already overwhelmed and he is not up to the task, considering that he will not get younger in the next 4 years but older and less capable.

  • Okay folks. These are your two presidential choices, the pussy grabber or the pussy groper. And if you don’t like it, go fuck yourself. There’s not a lot else to do anyhow. So whoopie!

    • One of them gets the job done, the other fumbles around. I know which one I’m voting for. LOL

  • There’s a good chance Sleepy Joe won’t make it to the election. If he does, you won’t be voting for him, you’ll be voting for the VP, because IF he wins, and that’s a huge IF, he won’t last very long and the VP will take over. LOL

    • Scott
      Your comment is not funny, it’s true.
      There is nothing to LOL about.
      And the Democratic Party is packed with political hacks and Marxists who will run amuck if they ever get their hands on the levers of power.

      • I’m not Scott, I’m one of many of the ghosts of Scott. So are you. The comment is both funny and true. LOL

    • According to currently available data from 2017, US life expectancy is 78.6 years. After that, Joe Biden, should he be elected president, should not enjoy his presidency for long. By the middle of next year, he would be statistically dead. Not a good outlook for the next four years as president. But the vice president could look forward to the presidency.

      • Life expectancy rises the older you get. He may be alive for several more years, the problem is he can’t think, doesn’t know what state he’s in, and can’t put together a decent sentence. LOL

  • I officially nominate Scott Johnson as the soon to be President Biden’s VP. After all, Scott Johnson was actually more Trump-like before Trump was Trump. LOL

        • Scotty Johnson,

          Re Scotty Amway’s Unofficial Whore:

          Tell Girl Scout Cookies how the man(Scott) who brought down Amway can no longer use his own name…

          Be sure to explain how Amway filed cease and desist papers with the court.

          I’m sure Girl Scout Cookies would love to read your explanation of how you, Scott lost your First Amendment right.

          Maybe you should explain to Frank and all the readers; how you sold out your First Amendment rights for a few hundred dollars. Isn’t that right?

          Common big guy explain how in reality you are just a coward….

          You coward!!!!

          • NiceGuy 666, you can hear Scott slam Amway and other MLM scams on his radio/podcast, as well as other social media sites. LOL

          • Scotty,

            Why not use your real name?

            Oh wait….”as per the settlement clause”.

            Whatever, tool bag.

  • My belief on who might be the front runner in the Veepstakes at this time.

    Biden appointed LA Mayor Eric Garcetti to be on the Veep selection committee about a week ago.
    A California politician would likely choose another California politician as Veep.

    “Mayor Garcetti Tapped for Joe Biden’s Veep-Selection Committee”

    “California Senator Kamala Harris has previously been reported as being on top of Biden’s list of potentials, with Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar in second place. Other likely picks include Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, and Nevada Senator Catherine Cortez Masto.”

    Will Kamala Harris Be Joe Biden’s VP Pick?
    The California Senator and former presidential candidate is said to top Team Biden’s list

    “At Wednesday’s fundraiser, Biden told Harris, “I’m so lucky to have you be a part of this partnership going forward. Working together, we can make a great deal of progress.” He then added, “I’m coming for you, kid.”

    • Did they get the quote right? Didn’t Biden say to Harris, “I’m cumming for you, kid?” As if he can get it up any more. LOL

      • Scott,
        If you know Harris’ background she rose up in California politics because she had a very, very close relationship with a powerful politician named Willie Brown.
        Brown was Mayor of San Francisco and Speaker of the California House of Representatives.
        As California House Speaker, Brown was more powerful than the California Governor.
        Brown is now in his eighties and Harris is in her fifties.
        Harris will not complain about Biden’s “fondness” for touching women and flirting with girls.

        Willie Brown (politician)
        He practiced criminal defense law, representing pimps, prostitutes . . .

        From 1975 to 1978, Brown supported the Peoples Temple, led by Jim Jones, while it was being investigated for alleged criminal wrongdoing. Brown attended the Temple perhaps a dozen times and served as Master of Ceremonies at a testimonial dinner for Jones where he stated in his introduction “[l]et me present to you a combination of Martin King, Angela Davis, Albert Einstein … Chairman Mao.”

        Brown’s relationship with Alamada County deputy district attorney Kamala Harris preceded his appointment of Harris to two California state commissions in the early 1990s. The positions on the Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board and the California Medical Assistance Commission were described by local newspaper the San Francisco Chronicle as patronage positions. When the appointments became a political issue in Harris’s 2003 race for District Attorney, she responded: “Whether you agree or disagree with the system, I did the work”. Brown’s past relationship with Harris gained renewed attention in early 2019 after she had become a U.S. senator and launched a presidential bid. The Washington Free Beacon, Fox News and Business Insider, among others, published pieces relating to the relationship. Brown addressed the questions by publishing a piece in the San
        Francisco Chronicle entitled “Sure, I dated Kamala Harris. So what?”

        • Mr. Shadow, you are really “good” (i.e., fake good) about reporting the news that everybody already knows about. However, the Frank Report is known for reporting the news that nobody/hardly anybody else is reporting. Scott knows all about Brown/Harris. Harris was also the CA AG during the 2012-2018 anti-Herbalife scam campaign by Bill Ackman, when she ignored numerous complaints and even shut down her own organization’s effort against Herbalife in San Diego: Harris obviously didn’t want to disrupt the MLM scam political contributions gravy train. It’s not a crime to be a creep who supports cults and f*ck each other for favors, but it is a crime to suppress a needed legal investigation. Harris is married to a lawyer who represented Herbalife. Scott’s ghosts suggest you get a clue, Mr. Shadow. LOL

    • Shadow,

      It’s either going to be Harris, Klobuchar, or Whitmer. Harris will help pull in the black vote and Whitmer or Klobuchar are safe choices with the least baggage.

      “Real progressives” hate Warren because they foolishly believe Warren cost Bernie Boy the election.

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