Guest View: The Real NXIVM, The Real Allison Mack

Guest View By Shadow State 1958
I hope to explain what the NXIVM harem was and what it has become over time.
When NXIVM’s harem first started, it was designed to serve the perverted fetishes of the cult’s Vanguard, Keith Raniere. Over time Raniere’s libido subsided and the initial harem keeper, Pam Cafritz, grew ill and passed away from cancer.
Former actress, Allison Mack took over the management of the harem and changes were made. Changes not for the better.
NXIVM’s slave component received a formal name “DOS,” Dominant Over Submissive, or the Vow.
Then the ritual of branding slaves was introduced. A ritual that is used by inner city pimps, not suburban women.
Is Allison Mack right up to her pelvis in the branding idea? She admits it was her idea. How zealous was she in the overall coercion of DOS?
Oddly enough, the DOS leader, Allison Mack, may not have been branded.  And I would wager that if this is true than her wife, Nicki Clyne, also is not branded.
The formal collection of blackmail was started with pictures, videos and confessions used to control the slaves.  These changes converted a voluntary group of women into a stable of slaves.  Allison Mack was the slave master.
But, as slave master, Allison Mack seems to have availed herself of the privilege of all masters and may have compelled her female slaves to have sex with her.  A harem that started out as a vehicle for pleasing the perversions of Keith Raniere became a means of pleasing the perversions of Allison Mack.
In the branding ritual, the initiates would scream in pain because no anesthetics were used.  Instead of telling the branding Doctor, Danielle Roberts to stop the procedure, the sadistic Mack urged Roberts on with burning the women’s flesh.
Mack seems to have received pleasure from controlling these women and inflicting pain and torture on them.  This is the mark of a sadist.  A woman who derives pleasure hurting others.
Reportedly, Ms. Mack used her control over her slaves to compel these women to sexually service her.  Slaves were not likely allowed to say “no” to the demands of Mistress Ally.
As the head of a harem of many women, Mack could have her pick of concubines to fulfill her carnal desires.  Allison Mack was living the dream of every lesbian gym teacher.
There is even an uncorroborated report that Allison Mack molested an eight year old girl who was practicing gymnastics.
[Transcript of interview with neighbor who claims Allison Mack molested 8 year old girl
Allison Mack is quite open in espousing the philosophy of the notorious French Sadist, the Marquis de Sade, posting a quote and picture from the man whom sadism got its name from.
The quote is:  “Your body is the church where nature asks to be reverenced.”  If you look in the lower left hand corner Ms. Mack has copyrighted the de Sade quote and the accompanying picture.
Is it any wonder that Allison Mack would find the torture and enslavement of women to be proper?
Ms. Mack also posts the philosophy of the late actress Katherine Hepburn, widely rumored to be lesbian.  “If you obey all the rules you miss all the fun.”
Ms. Mack did not hesitate to disobey the rules.  That’s why she now stands under indictment.  How much fun did Ms. Mack enjoy while branding her female slaves?
This set of circumstances may explain the case of Jane Doe #1 in the initial indictment.  Allison Mack ordered Jane Doe in Clifton Park to be forced to obey Raniere who in turn ordered Jane Doe to receive oral sex from an unknown person while blindfolded.
During the process, Raniere walked around giving instructions.  Who was performing oral sex on the blindfolded Jane Doe?  Was it Allison Mack?
Was Raniere, whose specialty was cunnilingus, giving pointers to Ms. Mack on how to orally please a female slave?
This case may also explains the overwhelming hatred of Kristen Kreuk in the comments. Kreuk strikes me as an innocent woman who has been smeared as a child molester by people wishing to divert attention away from Allison Mack’s crimes and perversions.
As a sadistic lesbian, Ms. Mack has a large following among the Greenwich Village crowd which is tolerant of such lifestyles.  Ms. Mack may even be a lesbian icon among the lavender crowd.  Would some of these people stop at nothing to defend their icon?
It does not surprise me that the day after bisexual Clare Bronfman visits Clifton Park, we see a concerted effort to resurrect the image of Allison Mack as a “good girl.”
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  • I am rather certain that the story of your rather obvious OBSESSION with this alleged criminal, sado-masochistic lesbian, going back to the heady Smallville days, is much more compelling than 80% of the stories appearing here on the Frank.

    Did it involve cyber-stalking? Creepy Comic Con appearances? A small shrine to Ms. Mack (complete with a candle ever burning) somewhere in the Shadow household? A Henry Higgins fantasy? Or long sessions of Chloe driven self amuse?

    None of the activities mentioned above even border on criminality. The amateur psychologist in me says you had a stern and serious childhood, hence the attachment to s younger actress in a TV show with a predominantly teenage audience.

    Repeating, the story of Shadow’s OBSESSION with this criminal sado-masochistic B-actress is a story which needs to be told, and will be.

  • Last year or earlier this year, someone on Reddit claiming to be a friend of AM’s sister said that the mom and sister joined around summer 2009 and that the sister cut all ties with the friend Jan. of 2010. Anyone know if AM’s sister ended up in DOS or did she get out of the cult. The friend didn’t think the mom and sister were in as deep.

    • The sister stopped posting to social media right after Halloween 2017.
      About 5 months before Allison stopped posting to social media.
      I suppose the sister knew the fit was going to hit the shan.

      As far as I can tell the sister is not NXIVM.
      She is a vegan and is quite openly gay.
      Because the sister is not a public person and not involved in the cult or criminal activities, I will not mention her name.

      Pea Onyu has said that the mother was practically part of the cult.
      And Catherine Oxenberg found the mother hanging out in Brooklyn Heights with Allison after
      Ranoiere’s arrest but before Allison’s.

    • Pimp Mack’s parents were supportive and accepting of her devoting her life to NXIVM and I’ve read in the past that her mother had taken some of their intensives. I can totally see A.M. trying to recruit her family members.

  • If it’s true Kruek arranged intervention to Mack out after Kruek suddenly left, she must’ve known something was amiss and that Mack was in serious trouble.

    Kruek could speak out powerfully and honestly on behalf of them both and other victims.

    It’s clear IMO there was a GBD – NXIVM connection — it was a recruitment tool along with Accapella, JNESS, RCG — but doesn’t mean Kruek knew or believed Keith to be a pedophile or the underage sex trafficking conspiracy, initially.

    • Kristin Kreuk did not stage any “interventions”. Why would she when she still supported the cult as recently as 2015? Therefore, she did not care about all the information out there, including the fate of your sister Gina. I wonder who these people are claiming that she staged interventions. Either silly fans or Kreuk’s friends. One of them claimed she tried over many years! Total bullshit. Kreuk never officially left the cult and certainly did not care about all that is known about. Kreuk was named in that same Feb 2012 Times Union expose that revealed VanCunt was a pedophile. She did not leave. She did not turn.

    • Heidi, that scenario works against Mack.
      If Kreuk tried to intervene with her and get her out of the cult then that shows Mack is a true believer in NXIVM and Raniere.
      Mack accepts NXIVM teachings regardless of the criminal behavior and the pedophilia.

      • Based on the sources, I’m assuming the “Intervention” stories are true — Kristin believed Allison had been cult programmed to the point an intervention was needed. If so, Kristin knew at that point.

        Whether that’s “for” or “against” Allison depends where you stand on mind conditioning or programming vs. free will, I suppose.

        Very strange if Allison doesn’t have a brand herself. Wouldn’t she have readily agreed to do that for Keith if he wanted?
        Why not?

        Keith et. al. might have thought easier to pin the blame more completely, solely on Allison if she has no brand herself. More despicable. Good story, thanks.

        • What are these sources you speak of? Kreuk claims she left in 2013 yet she was still a supporter of NXIVM in 2015. She was with the Vancouver branch in 2015 right before going back to Toronto to film the fourth and final season of BATB, which finished late 2015. Just one year four months later, Sarah Edmondson was branded and three months later, Frank broke the story. It is ridiculous to suggest Kreuk turned against the cult and tried to get Mack out in that time frame. She didn’t.

          • — Kreuk claims she left in 2013 yet she was still a supporter of NXIVM in 2015. She was with the Vancouver branch in 2015 right before going back to Toronto to film the fourth and final season of BATB, which finished late 2015.

            What is YOUR source for evidencing the notion that Kristin lied and that she was still in it in 2015? YOU’VE PROVIDED NOTHING. You only constantly repeat this claim broached in almost every comment you’ve made about Kristin Kreuk in an obvious attempt to link her to the time period around the formation of DOS.

            No one is buying it no matter how many times you repeat it.

        • All I know is what Allison’s slave Jane told Frank.
          Allison has no brand but might have a small tattoo.
          I assume that money bags Clare has no brand and neither does Allison’s wife Nicki.
          Both of them have been in the cult so long that a brand would be redundant.

    • If Kruek did any “intervention(s)” perhaps it was more along the lines of what Catherine Oxenberg initially described trying to do with India after she became disillusioned with the cult back in 2013. Ultimately since India was an adult, she left her to make her own decisions. Although we don’t know about Kruek, we Do know for sure from CO’s own words that she did know about the Times Union article and the rape and pedophilia allegations against Keith. So by Frank’s criteria and some of the other crazies on here, I guess that means Catherine Oxenberg supports rape and pedophilia and had no problem with her daughter working for and recruiting for an organization headed by one. Or maybe, like many she and Kruek both thought that if something as serious as that were true, Raniere would have been arrested but they didn’t want associate with him anymore.

    • Heidi, since you haven’t replied to my comment on an earlier thread, I’ll repeat it (yet again) here: No need to write a Nerium story, I’ve seen the Nerium lawsuit stories, they are numerous and wide-ranging:

      As far as coming on the show, you are welcome to do so. Let’s talk sometime this week prior to the show. I’ll be in the Pacific time zone, and available generally from 4-7 am and after 6 pm. We can use Skype or a number I have, and if you dial *67 first, you don’t have to give up your own phone number. Either way, you’re protected, so just tell me which you prefer and I’ll get you the details. The show is at 8:30 pm Eastern time on Saturdays. If you prefer, you can also email me at stoptheamwaytoolscam (at) yahoo (dot) com to exchange information.

      By the way, I’m always nice, sometimes it just doesn’t shine through my dry humor.

      I’m not aware of any reason for getting arrested, so I think we’re okay there.

    • “Should Ms. Mack and the “Vanguard” be found guilty, wouldn’t branding be an appropriate punishment?”

      If Allison Mack’s slave Jane is to be believed Mack herself wasn’t branded.
      But she still expected the other slaves to get the brand.
      (I imagine Clare and Nicki Clyne weren’t branded.)

      So it would be Mack and Raniere’s first branding.

  • Back in 2011, Allison had reportedly auditioned for The Girls or some other HBO series. I wonder if she would be in such trouble now if she had gotten that gig or some of the other things she auditioned for. Once outside of the Smallville bubble and getting rejected back in the real acting world, did she become more vulnerable? Maybe she was doomed once she decided to move out to Albany, but Bonnie Piesse lived out there too and apparently didn’t fall under Raniere’s spell. According to Cat O’s book, Bonnie only went so far as to lick the puddle but wasn’t willing to run into the tree or starve herself. Did Raniere, Salzman and the Bronfmans identify back in 2007 that AM was the type to run into the tree or did they turn her into a tree runner.

    • Every actress reaches the point where her age affects her ability to obtain roles.
      Tom Cruise, who is 56, can still get action roles and is considered quite the sex symbol.
      George Clooney is still considered a sex symbol.
      A modern day Cary Grant.
      An actress of a similar age is more limited in which roles are open to her.
      That was a fate that Ms. Mack and all actresses face.
      All the same that does not justify Ms. Mack’s cruelty to younger and prettier women.

      Did Raniere, Salzman and the Bronfmans identify back in 2007 that AM was the type to run into the tree or did they turn her into a tree
      NXIVM was very adept at psychologically identifying who would be a “good soldier” and obey orders.
      But even good soldiers are not allowed to violate the law.
      Good Soldiers who break the law can be brought up under the Uniform Code of Military Justice and be charged with crimes.

      It is not enough for Ms.Mack to claim she was just following orders.

      • She was in her early 20’s when she fell under their spell. That’s not exactly old in Hollywood. I can see by her mid thirties that age would be a factor not just for acting but for having your own family, children and choices.
        Whatever is wrong with Allison Mack has always been in her, an evil most can’t aspire to no matter how hard they tried.

        • “Whatever is wrong with Allison Mack has always been in her, an evil most can’t aspire to no matter how hard they tried.”

          I agree..
          And the NXIVM elite understood from the beginning Allison Mack has that evil and the evil has her.

  • Since Frank failed to add the comment, “this is the fictionalized perspective posted for entertainment use only” I will…in case the prose lifted directly from the May 1968 issue of True Confessions (“Acting School Scandal”) didn’t tip you off:
    “As a sadistic lesbian, Ms. Mack has a large following among the Greenwich Village crowd which is tolerant of such lifestyles. Ms. Mack may even be a lesbian icon among the lavender crowd.”

  • Thanks frank. More bullshit for bubba’s. It isn’t enough to have Johnson and flower’s juvenility now the creeper and his ad nausea.

      • Allison Mack strikes me as quite dumb. She probably doesn’t even know who Marquis De Sade is, much less the details of his philosophy.

        Its similar to the pranksters who recite Hitler’s speeches at college leftist gatherings and record all the cheering from the crowd. Yeah, they’re cheering some sketchy speeches, but they’re also dumb and clueless.

        Another example would be the Bible. Just because a person may like one verse in the Old Testament, it doesn’t mean they support all the torture, murder, and rape done at God’s instruction in the rest of the Old Testament. Most people aren’t even aware of all that nasty content.

        Your statement that Mack admires the philosophy of the Marquis De Sade is a straw-man argument if you’re basing it off of one low effort, virtue signaling Instagram post.

        I agree with you that she needs to go to prison for a long time, but I do not agree with most of the Allison Mack illusions your vivid imagination as conjured up. Although I do enjoy reading them. They’ve made the speculation about the upcoming trial more interesting because we’ll find out if you’re right or not. My bet is that you’re wrong, but we won’t know for sure until the trial.

        My take is that Mack is a useful idiot, nothing more, nothing less.

        BTW: I’m an occasional lurker who enjoys your comments even though I don’t agree with some of your conclusions. That Scott guy is a complete waste of time, but you’re comments are a net positive to the blog. Don’t let your naysayers stop you.

  • Oh Shadow i often wonder why you aren’t fired since you have this unhealthy obsession with Allison.

    So fuck off and get another job, stop stalking Allison Mack before i kick your ass you fat piece of shit.

    Everytime you post shit about Allison or her friends ill troll yout ass till you stop.


    • Where to start with your articulate comment?

      “Everytime you post shit about Allison or her friends ill troll yout ass till you stop.”

      If I were you I would worry about the formal charges filed against Ms. Mack by the US DOJ.
      I would worry about how the US DOJ has indicted Allison Mack and her friends for Conspiracy to commit wire fraud.
      (Wire Fraud Conspiracy)
      36- In or about and between September 2015 and June 2017, both dates
      being approximate and inclusive, within the Eastern District of New York and elsewhere, the
      defendants K-EITH RANIERE, also known as “Vanguard,” ALLISON MACK and LAUREN
      SALZMAN, together with others, did knowingly and intentionally conspire to devise a
      scheme and artifice to defraud one or more persons, to wit: lower-ranking DOS members,
      and to obtain money and property, including rights to assets, credit card authorizations and
      seiually explicit photographs and videos, Iiom them by means of materially false and
      fraudulent pretenses, representations and promises, and for the purpose of executing zuch
      scheme and artifice, to tmnsmit and cause to be transmitted by means of wire communication
      in interstate and foreign commerce writings, signs, signals, pictures and sounds, to wit:
      electronic messages, telephone text messages and Telegram messages, contrary to Title 18,

      You should really read the US government’s indictment.
      Allison Mack has also been accused of stealing jewelry from her slave Jane Doe # 5.

      Allison was using her job as slave master to loot swag from her victims/slaves.

      And now thanks to my post the US government knows that Allison Mack is an admirer of the Marquis de Sade.
      Oh what did the Marquis de Sade invent?
      Could it be sado-masochism?
      Now is it any wonder that Ms. Mack would find branding women to be acceptable conduct?

      Be sure to tell the FBI what I said about Allison Mack being a sado-masochist.
      They will find it most interesting.

      • Of course you are. Between you and shadow man you are going to bring this evil cult to it’s knees. You both are such strong manly men………..on the internet of course.

        • I’m sorry if I gave the impression but I wasn’t saying that shadowstate1958 is strong.

          I was refering to “Shadowstate58 sucks balls big time,” who clearly is very strong, I quote the strong man directly “i kick your ass you fat piece of shit” and “SO GET USED TO IT MOTHERFUCKER.”

          Are those not the words of a strong man on the internet? If I wasn’t so strong myself, I would be intimidated.

          • None of you seem too strong .Internet is full of tough guys and NXIVM was full of fools. Most of ya come across as fools

        • The real strong men are in the FBI, particularly the organized crime unit from Virginia that came up to New York to aid the ED NY in investigating NXIVM.
          And with access to NXIVM’s digital files, they will destroy NXIVM and its leadership.

          • Yes, that’s what we’re waiting on. Nxivm thinks their smart, just wait til the FBI shows them what they’ve got.

          • Yep J edgar…if those criminal assholes had been doing their fucking jobs instead spying on President Trump this NXIVM bullshit may have been halted years ago.

    • Raniere claimed he could turn gay women straight.
      I guess his disciple Allison has accomplished that feat.

      I do know normal decent lesbians who would never think of branding and enslaving other women.

  • Somewhere, a bus feels sad, confused about all these people being thrown under it.

    The mental image of AM engrossed in the torture of her victims while egging on the good doctor is the stuff of nightmares. Thanks for posting this so late, Frank.

  • “This case may also explains the overwhelming hatred of Kristen Kreuk in the comments. Kreuk strikes me as an innocent woman who has been smeared as a child molester by people wishing to divert attention away from Allison Mack’s crimes and perversions.”

    Wrong. It is YOU who wants all the heat on Allison Mack for whatever reason and not diverted to Kreuk even a little bit because you are obsessed with Mack. Mack will go down, that does not mean Kreuk’s role doesn’t need scrutinising too. Allison Mack did not just turn bad after DOS was formed in 2015. There are other NXIVM people old boy.

    • KK should at least acknowledge her role in getting Alison Mack and others involved in Nxivm. Until she does that she is not guilt free in my eyes. As for Alison Mack – she needs to be held accountable for her crimes, which will happen in her hearing. The judge will need to decide upon her punishment, until that time I don’t see the point in degrading her any further. You can point out the proven facts, you don’t need to sensationalize it with your gross add-ons ShadowState1958.

      • “I don’t see the point in degrading her any further.”

        Allison Mack degraded herself by her criminal conduct.
        And Cruella Bronfman is desperately trying to resurrect her image.

        We just had Jane, a slave of Allison Mack’s, claim that she had never seen Mack commit a crime.

        Branding women is a crime.
        It is part and parcel of what pimps do to enslave women.

        Collecting blackmail to control women is a crime.
        It is part and parcel of enslaving women.

        Jane stated that Allison was a “good girl” who was just following orders.
        The reality is far more sinister.
        Allison Mack falsely accused her family of molesting her nephews.
        The FBI has the documents to prove Allison made the false accusatioon.
        Good Girls don’t make false allegations about child molestation.
        And Good Girls don’t admire philosophers like the Marquis De Sade who derived pleasure from inflicting pain on others.
        What I have presented is a more balanced view on Allison Mack.
        A more realistic view of Allison Mack.

    • By all means investigate everyone with anything to do with NXIVM.
      If crimes are found, especially serious crimes, then prosecute them.

      But so far all that has been exposed about Kreuk is her eagerness to get out of the cult and leave the insanity behind her.

      Should Mark Vicente and Bonnie Impresse be condemned because they were once part of NXIVM?

      In fact Vicente has become one of the harshest critics of the cult and he says “Never Again.”

      • clear but at the time was silent accomplice, also you keep saying that it is not you who degrades allison if it is she who made it, that is true and also a lie since your statements are based on what has already been published by frank including the writing of the accusation but this only speaks of a limited amount of information that in no case determines that allison was evil in comparison with the other slaves.
        We could argue that I had feelings of jealousy of other slaves, but according to the sources of frank ranier I would like this in all of them and therefore any leadership could show the same traits, I repeat are the sources of frank including women of DOS who they gave information to frank of the brand in the first place who showed the behavior of the group and until now there is no evidence that allison is more cruel or evil as you draw it in your fictional stories that any of the other women asked you if many women already decided because there are no more people supporting your vision of her, because Sarah Edmondson not initially accused of all that evil as you dises but if I accuse Lauren even though I do not even treat Lauren as you treat allison and finally you I say this is about you who else shows when you talk about another person and your way of directing your poison towards her, forgetting others that were silent accomplices of ranier or facilitating many of her works that is what makes you look like someone obsecionado.

        • “I do not even treat Lauren as you treat allison and finally you I say this is about you who else shows when you talk about another person and your way of directing your poison towards her, ”

          #1.Lauren was not head of the DOS slave unit.
          Allison was.
          #2. Allison was in charge of the branding of the slaves, even over the Doctor Danielle Roberts.
          Allison ordered the Doctor to continue with the branding even as the women were screaming in pain.
          #3. It is important for Lauren and her mother Nancy Salzman to cooperate with the FBI in opening up all of the digital files, even the encrypted ones.
          As long as it looks like the Salzmans might cooperate, I will hold my fire on them.

          All I am doing is quoting the US government indictment and the media reports of the inner workings of NXIVM.
          If those accounts somehow paint Ms. Mack in a bad light, that is because Ms. Mack committed evil acts.
          The problem with today’s generation is that it has lost the ability to describe evil behavior as evil.
          That is why groups like NXIVM can flourish.

          If Allison quotes the Marquis De Sade’s philosophy with approval, then that means that Allison Mack is either profoundly stupid or is evil herself.
          Almost every educated adult in America understands De Sade’s role in promoting the torture of people as a form of sexual expression.

          • # 1.Lauren was not the boss of the DOS slave unit.
            Allison was there.

            A: but if it is superior to allison in ESP and -nxivm, she is green stripe and allison is yellow, also lauren is known as the 2 best trainer after her mother Nancy is desir that is 3 after keith apparently when trying to build your story of fiction forget the details the fran himself said many times the role that lauren meets in nxivm and his level of importance and leadership of allison does not change that in anything in the same way that the leadership of nancy in nxivm not avoid that keith would make her dependent on the financial control of clear, nor did she care for the position of pam in the haren to give power to nancy, clear, sarah, lauren or camila, because then the position of allison that remains a yellow strip or leader of DOS it will take away Lauren’s power.

            # 2. Allison was in charge of the slave brand, including Dr. Danielle Roberts.

            A: Robertson’s position has never been very strong in the inner circle.

            Allison ordered the doctor to continue with the brand even when the women were screaming in pain.
            A: and that shows if all those who took the brand end up accepting even when they had talked to women who already had the brand and would have told them what the ceremony was like here that no one believes was created by allison and that many women seem that they tolerated when they did not know that they kept the initials of keith or of allison and others that in spite of knowing it later they still stayed and only stayed after the story was published by frank

            All I am doing is citing the accusation of the US government. UU And the media reports on the internal functioning of NXIVM.
            If those accounts somehow paint Mrs. Mack in a bad opinion, it’s because Mrs. Mack committed evil acts.

            A: You are also falsely feeding a narrative that fits your point of view in which allison turns out to be more evil than all the other women. According to your point of view, things would be better if the woman leading TWO were the other. haren maybe there would be no brand or collateral is what you want to say that without it these things would not have happened despite all know who is the mastermind behind everything.

            and here is a sample of how you handle the narrative at your whim this is the original version of the phrases you used in your publication referring to allison’s treatment towards siobhan-hotalings Siobhan Hotaling is an EMP. She is also Allison Mack’s punching bag.

            Allison takes her “meanness and bitchiness” on her just like Lauren Salzman takes her “bitchiness and meanness” out on Allison.
            Even though you published the link of that publication you chose to be biased to support your narrative in the original verion both allison and lauren release their frustration and rage against someone below them lauren treats allison as her boxing bag and allison does it with Siobhan which shows a sick behavior in all women there is no doubt that in leadership position the majority would behave the same.

          • To Citizen in the Light

            Point Number 1

            By seniority Lauren should have taken over the harem when Pam Cafritz died.
            Raniere’s promotion of Allison over Lauren was a serious mistake.
            As Abraham Lincoln said, “If you want to know someone’s character give them some power.”
            Allison abused her power and her slaves.
            Cafritz was able to manage the slaves without too much trouble.
            Mack was power hungry and ruthless.

            Point Number 2.

            If Allison is in a criminal gang and the boss tells her to commit a crime and she obeys the boss, ALLISON IS GUILTY.
            The prisons are packed with people who followed illegal orders.
            Who created the branding was irrelevant.
            The act of branding the slave women is an act of a pimp and that is precisely what Allison Mack is.
            Allison Pimp Mack.
            Allison enthusiastically carried it out because she is evil.
            On top of that Allison Mack also eagerly collected blackmail material to hold against the slaves.
            Allison Mack is an evil vile woman.

            As for not focusing on Lauren’s use of Allison as a punching bag, it is important for the government to secure the cooperation of both Nancy and Lauren Salzman as cooperating witnesses.
            If Allison Mack gets thrown under the bus, too damned bad.
            Let Allison get punched a few more times by Lauren Salzman.
            Allison’s public profile will be a warning to other actresses not to join criminal conspiracies.
            The Salzmans can explain 20 years of criminal activity at NXIVM and Allison Mack is merely an ignorant actress to provide a friendly face to lure young women into the sex cult.
            That’s how governments prosecute criminal conspiracies.
            That’s why I will focus on Mack’s crimes while passing over the Salzmans’ acts lightly.

            The Salzmans have something to give the government.
            Allison Mack does not.

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His work to expose and take down NXIVM is featured in books like “Captive” by Catherine Oxenberg, “Scarred” by Sarah Edmonson, “The Program” by Toni Natalie, and “NXIVM. La Secta Que Sedujo al Poder en México” by Juan Alberto Vasquez.

Parlato has been prominently featured on HBO’s docuseries “The Vow” and was the lead investigator and coordinating producer for Investigation Discovery’s “The Lost Women of NXIVM.” Parlato was also credited in the Starz docuseries "Seduced" for saving 'slave' women from being branded and escaping the sex-slave cult known as DOS.

Additionally, Parlato’s coverage of the group OneTaste, starting in 2018, helped spark an FBI investigation, which led to indictments of two of its leaders in 2023.

Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

Parlato is a consulting producer and appears in TNT's The Heiress and the Sex Cult, which premiered on May 22, 2022. Most recently, he consulted and appeared on Tubi's "Branded and Brainwashed: Inside NXIVM," which aired January, 2023.

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