What Types of Jurors Will Both Sides Be Seeking Today?

MK10Art's splendid portrayal of Keith Raniere - right after hearing the jury's verdict in his trial.

Today is when 12 jurors – and 6 alternates – will be selected to hear the case of the U.S. v. Raniere Et Al (Actually, since all five of Keith Raniere’s co-defendants have already pleaded guilty to various charges, I guess we can just drop the Et Al at this point).

They will be selected from the pool of 55 or so potential jurors that have already passed the initial scrutiny of the presiding judge, U.S. District Court Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis – and the attorneys for the prosecution and the defense.

Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis

In this final stage of the jury selection process, Raniere’s attorneys will have 10 peremptory challenges that they can utilize to exclude specific individuals from the final lists of jurors and alternates.

The prosecution will have 6 peremptory challenges to do the same thing.

How each side uses – or doesn’t use – its peremptory challenges may go a long way in determining whether Raniere spends the rest of his life in federal prison – or walks out of court a free man (at least pending a decision from the U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of New York as to whether Raniere will face other charges there).

So, how do both sides decide which people they want on – and which people they don’t want on – the jury?

Let’s take a look at some aspects of the jury selection process…


To begin with, it’s quite likely that the Raniere’s defense team has utilized one or more jury consultants to vet all the potential jurors and to develop a profile of the “ideal juror” from the standpoint of the defendant.

Depending on how much of a retainer fee Marc Agnifilo was paid, he may even have conducted a mock trial in order to get a better idea of what type of juror would likely be receptive to Raniere’s side of the case.

MK10ART depicts defense lawyer Marc Agnifilo explaining DOS as people just having idyllic and guilt-free sex.

It’s possible – but much less likely – that the prosecution team has also utilized a jury consultant.

But regardless of whether they’re relying on outside expertise – or simply on their own experience and gut feelings – the attorneys for both sides will already have developed a profile of what an “ideal juror” looks like from their perspective.

There are lots of self-proclaimed “experts” with respect to the selection of jurors – and each has her/his own “rules” for how to go about the process.

But the biggest factor today will likely be how Judge Garaufis handles the final selection process.

Will he bring in the potential jurors one at a time – which is how he handled the initial part of the voir direprocess?

Will he ask all the questions to the potential jurors or will he allow the attorneys for each side to ask questions directly?

Will he have each potential juror probed in detail about their views on a variety of issues or will he limit the probing to issues that are directly related to the upcoming trial?

Regardless of the process and procedures that Judge Garaufis chooses to follow, at some point, each side will have to decide whether to utilize a peremptory challenge to exclude a potential juror.

In making those decisions, each side will evaluate that potential juror against the profiles they have developed for their “ideal juror”.

From the defense’s standpoint, the profile of the “ideal juror” may include some/all of the following characteristics:
– Younger rather than older (Someone in their 20s would be great, 30s would be OK, and anyone older than that is increasingly iffy)
– Male – but not the parent of a daughter
– Member of a fraternity or sorority while in college
– Politically progressive – but not a feminist or pro-feminist
– Independent thinker
– No religious affiliation
– No family or close friends connected to law enforcement
– Has had some personal issues with law enforcement
– Never heard of NXIVM/ESP or Keith Raniere
– Not Hispanic
– Visible tattoos
– Anti-government
– Non-conformist or contrarian
– Member of one or more groups and/or organizations
– Modern values

From the prosecution’s standpoint, the profile of the “ideal juror” may include some/all of the following characteristics:
– Older rather than younger (Someone in their 60s would be ideal, 50s would be OK, and anyone younger than that is increasingly iffy)
– Mother or father with one or more teenage daughters
– Not a member of a fraternity or sorority while in college
– Politically conservative
– Member of a mainstream religion
– Has family or close friends connected to law enforcement
– Has never had any personal issues with law enforcement
– Has read about NXIVM/ESP or Keith Raniere
– Hispanic
– No visible tattoos
– Pro-government
– Conformist
– Not a member of any groups and/or organizations
– Traditional values

For those who want to read more about various opinions on the jury selection process:
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– https://www.litigationinsights.com/ideal-juror-during-voir-dire/

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– https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scientific_jury_selection

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  • Krclaviger,

    Will Frank Parlato be taking pictures with fans before or after court tomorrow- Will there be any autograph signing-

  • I’d be surprised to see any chubby gals on the jury.

    Unless used as a strategy to give Vanguard those fearsome, fat lady vibes. …Is that an appeal issue-

      • I’m not shaming. I’m being facetious about the fat shaming that went on in Nx. That’s what KAR did. The DOS slaves were shamed skinny. Body Shamed into starving themselves into “picture perfect”
        condition. Camera lens always puts weight on, you know-

        Keith even claimed a fat girl was like Kryptonite to his magic energy field —the very sight weakened him so that he lost his potency (I.E. his dick shriveled up).

        Believe it or not, men in India use the same “you’ll hurt my vibes” line on girls and women — even complete strangers — to pick them up and control, possess them all the time. I heard it all over the place while visiting there with Gina. KAR learned it from the local Albany Ashram guru who banned Keith from the Ashram for scamming on girls there — his own harem hopefuls I suppose. Kid-you-not.

          • Keith Raniere was banned from an Ashram-

            That is interesting. Raniere seems to have pilfered ideas from every shyster and scam artist he came in contact with.

  • Someone has stolen my name. I am the real Yolanda Cortez. I will now be using the name Loreta Davila going forward

    • Kreuk photo prices:

      DAYS APPEARING: Sat, Sun

      AUTOGRAPH PRICE: $60.00

      TABLE PHOTO PRICE: $60.00

      PHOTO OP PRICE: $70.00

      • BTW:

        The exbo organizers purposely leave out the meet&greet face time prices because that is all cash only and not reported to the IRS.

        Some SciFi stars make hundreds of dollars for 5min of interaction.

  • I learned from a friend today that Keith does have disintegrations and the very bad kind, the worst. I have changed my mind. Nothing can save him.

  • I’m sure we’ll see more here soon, but reports are starting to come about jury selection:

    NXIVM jury impaneled, openings to start Tuesday

    They’re saying four women and eight men but without any details.

    Hopefully, the prosecution was able to get a reasonable jury, and not allow the defense to, for instance, slip in any fellow sociopaths and sexual deviants who don’t think that the sort of things he did were wrong at all.

  • The jury members that will lean Raniere’s way will be libertarians, basically people from Idaho.

    The free will and no government crowd…..basically the people that used to be called anarchists.

  • The whole designer jury thing is kind of a groupthink cult business in itself. A wipeout, invasively arranging to have a jury of controllable “peers”, jury selection could do with being challenged as a process. And by the way, many of the original, existential hippie freaks are in their late sixties and even their seventies now. A good many older folks have already seen the likes of Raniere, coming and going. Getting up in years is not an indicator of one’s nature. It just means someone hasn’t died yet. Where to find peers for Raniere- In the Special Housing Unit of a prison! But “oh well” to that unworkable concept.

  • Rather than comparing each juror to an “ideal” juror, each side must rank each candidate and use their limited automatic rejection votes to those who rank the furthest away from their ideal. This means the sequencing will be an important factor, as each side doesn’t want to “shoot their wad” too early, or not take out some jurors while saving some of their votes for later. In a nutshell, the defense is looking for a gullible collection of jurors.

  • The jury will see that Keith is a true vanguard, with no disintegrations. And they will see that Allison and the other women who have turned against him are traitors to the cause.

    I know things about Allison that no one else does, but the great vanguard teaches us the value of secrecy. He will be exonerated!

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